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battle los angeles trailer 2 New Battle: Los Angeles Trailer

A surprise hit at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, Jonathan Liebesman’s Battle: Los Angeles earned itself some well-deserved positive buzz and continued to do so across larger audiences with its first official trailer a few weeks back. Another installment to the recent onslaught of alien invasion films, Battle: Los Angeles is based on famous historical UFO sightings and events such as the 1942 LA incident where an unidentified aircraft entered military airspace and was subject to artillery fire.

A second Battle: Los Angeles trailer has been released by Columbia Pictures and it begins with an explanation of these events, followed by a powerful teaser for the upcoming film which focuses on the worldwide consequences of the alien attack.

The movie also goes by the title of World Invasion: Battle LA internationally and stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Michael Peña and Lucas Till.  Here’s the latest teaser:

Head over to Apple for the HD version.

Battle: Los Angeles’ early 2011 release date positions it before competing alien invasion films such as the comedy Paul (if that even counts), Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens, Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 and the August release of The Darkest Hour. This of course, is after this year’s recent alien movies which include Monsters and Skyline, the latter of which was involved in legal disputes with Battle: Los Angeles.

Battle: Los Angeles follows a platoon of Marines fighting for the strategic LA battleground and is being touted as a realistic and gritty modern take on the alien invasion theme and can be compared to Black Hawk Down meets District 9,  all of which indicate that it’s offering something that moviegoers need to check out.

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Battle: Los Angeles invades theaters on March 11, 2011.

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  1. Nice. And these guys were worried about Skyline stealing their thunder?



    • Well, with the negative press Skyline has gotten, perhaps they were worried people might get bored with alien invasions and not want to blow any more money on another one.

      Besides, even though it “technically” is, you can’t call Transformers an alien invasion movie. It’s in a different genre: alien rivals come to duke it out on Earth instead of on their own planet. You know, like AVP.

      • Just got done watching skyline, and, wow… this looks so much better. If the brains behind this had any fear of skyline stealing thunder, then they shoud rest easy. From the minute skyline started I was wanting to leave.

      • Stephen,

        I think the concern was there prior to the release because the trailers made Skyline look a lot more similar. This is going to be a lot different, and I’m betting, better. 8)


    • Don’t be thick, Vic.
      Coz nothing else sdoes the trick, the trick, the trick, Vic.
      Don’t be thick, Vic.
      Just let those juices pour…

  2. I just hope they explain why, with an entire planet full of strategic military and command outposts on six different continents, they simply “can’t lose Los Angeles”.

    • my thoughts exact.

      • Well seeing how cali is one of the most economical regions in the world, I don’t see how it couldn’t.

    • It says before that they have already lost contact with New York, Rio and Tokyo. L.A. might be the last city standing or a fallback point. It adds to the desperation of the situation. Or they are trying to avoid being shut-out like in a football game.

      • Yay, there is hope in the world, someone with some brains! :-D

    • Um, because they ALREADY lost those other places, Los Angeles appears to be a “last stand” of sorts. I really thought the trailer made that pretty clear even the international trailer released with the original teaser… But I guess it still hasn’t sank in…

    • Have you seen the T&A in LA?
      I wouldn’t want to lose it either…

  3. World Invasion?? Where did that come from? Does that imply there will be Battle: Another City?

    • The trailer shows news reports from attacks around the globe and the international title of the film indicates that the entire world is under attack but that this story simply focuses on the battle in LA.

      I suppose if this becomes a franchise, they could show other battles.

      • I can see it now:

        Battle: Poughkeepsie

        “We’ve lost pretty much every city of major or even minor importance in this country… we CAN’T lose Poughkeepsie too!!!!”


  4. I nknow it’s how the international title will be, but still…

  5. what’s this garbage going to be rated anyways ?

  6. ! How could you call this garbage!?
    It looks to be up there with Inception, possibly even better.

    • this looks far from inception. but maybe thats because i dont fancy alien invasion that much. but it does look good yes. if it gets positive reviews i might see this :)

  7. This looks to be what ‘Skyline’ SHOULD have been.

  8. The trailers always look like fun, of course.

    I actually have (despite my better judgment) high hopes for this one… at least as a fun summer popcorn movie.


    that line has GOT to go: “we cannot lose Los Angeles”….. WHY?!?!?!?!?
    What is it about Los Angeles that makes it so crucial?
    While the trailer looks like so much fun, every time I get to that line, it just makes me snicker. It sounds so self-serving. Hollywood types make a movie, and they are preserving their own self-interests – make Hollywood sound like it is the bastion of culture, or the repository of knowledge – whatever you do, make it sound IMPORTANT.


    It certainly has that “look” showing that the Strause brothers worked on it.

    I know others didn’t seem to like Skyline at all. I enjoyed it, with the simple caveat that I wasn’t expecting much from it, and saw it as a pure popcorn movie – more for the effects than anything else. It was rather “light” on the story, and while others didn’t seem to like the characters at all, I liked them. They were “functional” in the minimal sense required by the minimal story presented.

    • Ditto on your last paragraph, Mike. I can’t wait for Part 2.

    • Use your brain and LISTEN carefully to the dialog. Or better yet, use other people’s brains:

      Zipper Stevens wrote: “It says before that they have already lost contact with New York, Rio and Tokyo. L.A. might be the last city standing or a fallback point. It adds to the desperation of the situation. Or they are trying to avoid being shut-out like in a football game.”

      Live and learn…

    • Mike E.

      Shocker: I agree with you on that “cannot lose Los Angeles” line. :-P

      When I first heard that when I saw the initial trailer for this, I literally laughed out loud.

      Hopefully, as others have commented here, it has some meaning within the context of the film – otherwise, yeah, it sounds like a self-serving, self-important line for sure.


      • Maybe if they were to INCLUDE the rest of the quote:
        “We cannot lose Los Angeles!” (insert) “Until we’re done shooting next summer’s movies! Dig in you Devil Dogs!!!”

        • unless… could it mean “we (literally) can not lose Los Angeles” since the “Church” of Scientology is headquartered there?

  9. Los Angeles is a very important city in terms of strategy. The L.A. area is home to many ports and military bases, also the John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group, the war machine of the Pacific. I’m sure it has nothing to do with our culture or Hollywood, but from a stand point to wage a total war against a relentless enemy, especially with losing contact from cities such as New York and Tokyo, it is a central hub for the hope of mankind.

  10. Excuse me, before some of you slate Skyline and glorify B:LA, please do not be fooled by another advertising gimmick. I for one was entertained by Skyline. Hopefully, the trailer is as good as what it seems. You MAY eat your own words when you find out about the ending, about how the aliens lost the war or left.

    • Well, seeing as how the armed forces are involved in this one (B:LA), it certainly leaves room for a “hurah! We kicked their alien a$$es!” ending.

      And of course, the ever clichéd “yes, the world was saved, not by the mightiest armies, but by a lone computer nerd and his iMac virus”.

      Or, they may (and that’s a HUUUUGE “may”) surprise us with an actual surprise ending that is neither clichéd, nor predictable, nor “lame”.

      • ROFLMAO.. I just realized, this film title’s acronym is “BLA”. hmmmmm…. an omen?

      • i hope it ends with the aliens winning.. destroying the world

        • you mean Skyline?

  11. Of course they “can’t lose Los Angeles”! If they did, where will we find other forms of movie entertainment? What else will Rob and Vic be writing besides “alien invasion and human lives suffering and nearing extinction”? Will the rest of us still login to Screen Rant? Hmm…

  12. Funny, they didn’t mention about London. Maybe they fared better! Maybe they managed to DETECT the approaching aliens before the Americans did.
    Remind you of Pearl Harbour? How they let the Japs entered their air space without any initial aerial intervention…

    • Actually, the first casualty of the Pearl Harbor incident was a Japanese submarine by an American submarine crew…

      • Ack, or by an anti-submarine boat, I forgot, gotta re-read about that…

  13. Hmm, why would losing one of the major hubs of the west coast be of any importance…….once we lost New York we should all just convert to alieanism. Try to convince the rest of the world to join us, heck we’ve already lost! Lets just give up, that would make a great movie. Jack Black could win an Oscar with a role like that!

  14. I hope that this movie has us all hating the aliens, but in the end, the aliens kill us all with some super death ray…

    what if after seven harry potter movies, voldermort kills harry… not only would that be totally epic, but no one would see that coming, i think that b:la, should have 30 movies, and in the last movie, where the humans take the fight to the aliens, in the big final battle, the aliens kill them all…

    it would be alot like if the one ring returns to its owner and all of middle earth burns…

    it may just be me, but that would be a relief… seeing that the bad guys can win…

    or im just crazy…

    • Just watch a bunch of movies from the 1970′s.
      It was the era of Hollywoodian pessimism.
      I’d say 9 out of every 10 films had a bleak and unhappy ending.

    • I’ve always said they should remake The Forbin Project; the terminator wins. :-)

  15. So…that’s the complaint, that somebody says “We can’t lose LA?”

    Isn’t that maybe just nitpicking just a little bit :-)

    California’s middle to lower regions are big ports and sites for military bases. There’s also major technological resources that would be accessed and/or protected from that hub of LA.

    I doubt it means “We can’t lose Hollywood” or anything like that :-D.

    • no, no, it was just a comment in passing.
      it was me who remarked on that particular line. it just strikes me as funny, every time I see the trailer. it could be because of how melodramatic the voice-over is for that line.

  16. LA seems to have all the problems. Britney Spears, gangs, and now aliens.

    • don’t forget Me Gibson

      • Even worse than aliens. lol.

        • Good one ;)

  17. I bet if the movie was called “Battle: Paris” and featured the line: “We cannot lose Paris” that these same people who can’t seem to put the quote in context won’t be saying a peep. Or insert any non-American city for that matter. Too bad we can’t put my theory to test, would love to laugh at the irony…

    • let it go.

      I said I find that line funny. It’s probably because of the melodramatic way in which the narrator says it. And honestly, Paris contains a great deal more that I’d want to save than Los Angeles does, but I’d probably STILL find the phrase funny if it was said in that heavily melodramatic manner.

      • Wow, the point still hasn’t sank in… It really has nothing to do with the actual city or place. In the context of the narration, you can replace LA with any city and it’ll make just as much sense. The point is not that LA is “more” important than any other except for the fact that they’ve ALREADY lost the other major cities around the world. Should it have been “we’ve lost every major city, but we can lose LA too.”?? Come on, not that hard to figure it out. And no, Paris really has no significance in our ability to fight back against the threat, I’m positive California has military assets far greater than Paris…

        • And again, the point has not sunk in. (“sunk” is the proper tense)
          It is irrelevant which city is named.
          It is the MANNER in which it is stated in the trailer that is funny.
          It’s a clunky line of dialogue to start with, and it’s said in an overly melodramatic tone.
          That makes me laugh.
          That is my ONLY finick (would that be the noun version of “finicky”?) about the trailer. Let it rest.

          So a few people found the line funny, but other than that are excited about seeing the film.

          The ONLY people creating drama right now, are those who for some strange reason, object to other people finding that line mildly humorous.

          • @Mike E

            Dude, I’m sure in your own little world everything revolves around you, but have you considered the completely off chance that I wasn’t initially referring to just your statement? That maybe my comment was directed at the many people who have nit-picked at that line trying to suggest how Americans are so self-absorbed or whatever other reason they have stated for not liking that line?? Nah, not possible! Lol

            • You guys bicker a lot here…I love it.

              • Hey, stop hogging the popcorn! :-P

  18. It kinda looks to me like we lose. And damn that first trailer with that creepy song freaks me out.

  19. Now this movie is going to be bad ass! Iam very excited :D

  20. skyline was not as bad as people make it out to be, it just forced people to figure out what the heck was going on instead of having some dish or science guy give you a report avery few minutes. It’s not perfect, but it’s still watchable.

  21. IS It Me Or does it look like the Reavers (from FireFly) are invading

    • heh. You wish (so do I).

  22. “Los Angeles, a central hub for the hope of mankind.”

    I’m looking around I don’t see that hope for mankind your talking about.

    Maybe these homeless ppl know where it is? :/

  23. Why can’t they lose LA? It has no manufacturing, a pale shadow of the defense/aerospace companies it had 20 years ago, little research and development and no natural resources. Maybe the aliens are allergic to lawyers, film school graduates and undocumented Mexicans?