Check Out Aaron Eckhart in Battle: Los Angeles

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battle los angeles movie Check Out Aaron Eckhart in Battle: Los Angeles

I like Aaron Eckhart and I’m actually looking forward to his next movie where he leads a platoon of Marines against… aliens! How can that not be good? The film is called Battle: Los Angeles and the title says it all (except the aliens part).

Ekchart was cast as the lead back in November of 2008, following the success of The Dark Knight and this summer, it was announced that Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Pena and Bridget Moynahan would be joining the fight as well, alongside Ramon Rodriguez (TF2: Revenge of the Fallen) and R&B singer–songwriter/record producer/actor, Ne-Yo.

Two new photos surfaced over the holidays for the sci-fi action flick; one depicting Eckhart in battle attire and the other of an explosion.

battle los angeles set explosion alien attack Check Out Aaron Eckhart in Battle: Los Angeles

When hostile aliens invade, they go straight to blowing up LA

battle los angeles aaron eckhart Check Out Aaron Eckhart in Battle: Los Angeles

Aaron Eckhart in uniform with his troops

If you’re curious as to what expect from this movie, Eckhart described that Battle: Los Angeles will be shot as a combination “Black Hawk Down meets Alien” in a very doc-style manner, a cool concept for this story that works for me.

As for the synopsis,

“When unknown forces put the City of Angels under attack, it’s up to a Marine staff sergeant (Aaron Eckhart) and his new platoon to come to the rescue. As the invasion hits the streets of L.A., the Marines become our first and last line of defense against a highly powerful enemy.”

I can’t deny that I’m excited for this movie. I need to wait until I see what these aliens and their vehicles (UFOs?) will look like along with the style for which it will be shot, but for now I’m hopeful.

What do you think?

Battle: Los Angeles is directed by Jonathan Liebesman and is scheduled to open February 18, 2011.

Sources: manwithscaryspouse (via i09), Jonathan Hoff (via /Film)

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  1. is this in 3d lol

  2. “where he leads an army platoon against”

    Looks like Marines to me…

    And I always thought New York City always got destroyed first?? lol

  3. ““When unknown forces put the City of Angels under attack, it’s up to a Marine staff sergeant (Aaron Eckhart)…”

    Oh ok, guess the synopsis says it.

  4. So do you think their’s any chance the aliens landed here by mistake or are the peace keeping force that gets shot down by us mad human aliens? Because that would be a little different take than human military forces get shot down behind alien enemy lines in a general war with humankind and the humans have to fight their way out. The second way sounds a little like the subplot from “Starship Troopers” or a subplot for a remake of “Earth V.S. the Flying Saucers” if you think about it.

  5. I give you…. Captain America!

  6. You don’t think he’s a bit too old for the role? I think Tom Jane looks like a younger version of Aaron Eckhart, so I think he looks alright for the role??

  7. He might be too old for the role, but age is relative isnt it? Isnt Cap supposed to command respect from everyone around him, him being too young would take away from the believability of that surely?

    But I agree, Tom Jane would also be excellent in the role. He is always good value whatever he does.

  8. Well yah, I didn’t suggest someone drastically younger, Tom Jane is also old enough to be considered wise and mature.

    But people will bring up that he’s played another Marvel character in Punisher, but come on, nobody remembers that stinker… lol

  9. i actually didnt hate the Punisher movie, there are far worse comic book movies out there.

    I think as someone else has already played the Punisher, Tom Jane is far enough removed to play Cap now.

    He is easily the best choice I have heard yet. Worthington is not right for Cap.

  10. I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.

  11. I had no idea about this movie, now im excited for it haha

  12. @ Ken J,

    The first synopsis I put in said “Army platoon,” the one I replaced it with says “Marines.”

  13. Aaron ekhart looks like a more believable and possibly a better actor than Jane. Plus, if RDJ is the only big name when the avengers cast roles around, then who whould belive Cap to be a leader. Now Ekhart is experienced and would be solid on-screen with RDJ in the avengers movie, and this movie would give Aaron even more experience with the role of cap, as cap does fight of aliens as well, so it adds up, Aaron Ekhart=Captain America.

    And Sam Worthington should play Batman/Bruce Wayne if Nolan and/or Bale don’t sign onto the next Batman 3 film.

  14. @FRED

    Nice to see someone esle agreeing about Eckhart, but you cant be serious about Worthington being Batman? Please tell me that’s a joke!

  15. @Rob, actually, your first sentence still says Army platoon. 😛 That’s what I quoted because I read that first.


    I REALLY disliked Tom Jane’s Punisher. I found it too boring, it really got side-tracked a lot, and John Travolta as the villain was really quite bad. Punisher Warzone was a very poorly made movie, but somehow it was more “fun” to watch than Jane’s Punisher. Both of them suck in my opinion though, but Ray Stevenson nailed the role though in my opinion. I am actually quite sad that they f-ed up Warzone, because I would have loved to see a franchise out of Stevenson’s Punisher…

  16. @SamBeckett

    I wouldn’t have picked Worthington for Batman either, but to be honest, the way Bale is “performing” his roles as of late, Worthington would be better as Batman than Bale…

  17. @ Ken J

    I secretly know the Punisher was awful, but I cannot resist Travolta doing his crazy stuff. Its a guilty pleasure.

    And as for Bale, I want him off Batman 3 as soon as possible. Clive Owen for Batman!!!

  18. I know Ken, that’s why I used those words, lol.

    IMDB descrip now says “Marine Platoon”

  19. @Rob

    😀 Most people won’t even know the difference anyhow, haha.


    So I take it you are just itching to watch From Paris With Love right?? lol

  20. first punisher was good. Punisher war zone was a load of middle schooler crap.

  21. @ Ken. It’s true, even for those writing the descriptions 😉

    I adjusted it to match the latest synopsis just for you!

  22. @ Ken J

    I am indeed looking forward to it. The poster screams old school Bond to me!

  23. @Rob

    Yay! lol. 😛


    And therein lies another example of our differences in taste. To me that movie looks so retardedly stupid, that I couldn’t be forced to watch it, well, unless this woman wants to, but luckily for me, she saw the trailer in front of a movie we were watching and she thought it looked… retardedly stupid… lol 😀

  24. I wonder if this will follow the recent trend of the humans being the bad guys. Again.


  25. Aaron Ekhart can’t play the bad guy… oh wait… lol

    Yah, the Aliens came to try to save our planet from our destruction, but our greedy government and corporation wanted to stop them so we attacked first. Oh, and they must have some resource or weapons we want so they can throw in the line “they are sitting on something we want, so we make them our enemy!” somewhere in the movie, lol.

  26. @ Ken J

    Thing about movies is, I have the widest variety of DVDs sitting on my shelf, I dont like just one genre. But sometimes I like to shut my brain off and watch John Travolta act like a loon!

  27. @DrSamBeckett

    Okay so that was a bad call about Worthington and not very well thoughtout ,but Nolan will likely keep Bale on if he comes back to make Batman 3 cause bale has been in many of Nolan’s non-Batman films. its liek a director-actor relationship unfortunately.

  28. Rob, this sounds more like Cloverfield (substitute the monster for aliens) then Black Hawk Down.
    Knowing what I know about OUR military an alien force attacking LA would be dealt with quickly and then spun in the news as a terror attack from North Korea.

    This film is more of a pro military film then anything sci fi,,,

  29. @ Fred

    I have no problem with Bale being Batman, if he can remember how to act! Setriously the guy used to be amazing, Rescue Dawn, The Prestige, even Batman Begins.

    Now he is just a light trashing over actor who growls in all of his roles.