‘The Batmobile’ Documentary to Air on The CW

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The Dark Knight Rises Batmobile Tumbler1 The Batmobile Documentary to Air on The CW

Imagine your all-time favorite superhero vehicles. Now think back to how many times you sat in your room (or classroom) fantasizing about one day navigating them. In your mind, you’ve probably been aboard S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Helicarrier or piloted the X-Men’s Blackbird. Maybe you’ve caused havoc on Green Goblin’s Goblin Glider or surfed the galaxy on Silver Surfer’s cosmic board. But more than any vehicle, you’ve probably imagined driving one of the many Batmobiles from either the comics, the TV shows, or the movies. You’re doing it right now, aren’t you?

Next Monday, The CW will air a special documentary on the history of the Batmobile titled The Batmobile. The documenter was directed by Roko Belic, produced by Tara Tremaine and will tell the story of the evolution of the Caped Crusader’s automobiles – from Adam West’s Batmobile to Christian Bale’s Tumbler.

For those of you lucky enough to be attending this week’s Comic-Con, you’ll be among the first to be able check out the documentary as there will be a special advanced screening on July 12. And if that’s not cool enough for you, all six of the Batmobile models from both TV and film will be on display together. Not a bad photo opportunity, eh?

Here’s the official announcement regarding The Batmobile (via Superhero Hype):

The broadcast network premiere of the new half-hour special on the history and evolution of the Batmobile – ‘The Batmobile’ – will air on Monday, July 16, 8:00-8:30pm ET on The CW. An encore of the special will air from 8:30-9:00pm ET.

The special will have its world premiere screening at Comic Con in San Diego on July 12, where all six of the Batmobiles from film and television will also appear for the first time together.

From its inception in the late 1930s, the Batmobile has been a symbol of power, hope and justice, as well as the pinnacle of technology as the most awe-inspiring weapon in Batman’s arsenal. In its contemporary and most robust form as the Tumbler, the Batmobile is a combination of unbridled creativity, advanced technology and the pursuit of “justice on wheels.”

The special uses archival footage, images and illustrations of the Batmobile to document its birth and evolution to the present day. Interviews with filmmakers, key designers, builders, stunt drivers, actors and fans of the Batmobile lead the viewer on an exploration of the true impact of this cultural icon. Personal stories will interweave with historical context to tell the definitive story of the world’s most recognized automobile. Interviews include actors Christian Bale and Adam West, and directors Christopher Nolan, Joel Schumacher and Tim Burton.

Batmobiles at Comic Con The Batmobile Documentary to Air on The CW

The Batmobiles that will be featured at Comic-Con

True Batman fans should be licking their chops for the chance to ‘geek out’ a little and learn the history of the uber-famous vehicle right before the release of the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises.

Which Batmobile is your favorite, Screen Ranters? Let us know in the comments.

As you go back to day dreaming about causing mischief in your all-time favorite superhero vehicle, be sure to set a reminder to check out The Batmobile on July 16th on The CW at 8:00PM. The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

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  1. It’s probably a tie between the Tumbler and the Batmobile from Batman: TAS

  2. I will DEFINITELY try to watch this Monday night…Worst case, I’m certain it will wind up on the TDKR blu-ray

    I can’t wait…ONE WEEK!

  3. The Tumbler far better then the rest!

  4. whenever my friends and i have this debate, im always torn between burtons batmobile and the tumbler. i always go back forth with those two.

  5. I love Tim Burton Batmobile. Armor plating, jet engine, remote control. So many awesome things.

  6. Just set my DVR to record this.
    It should be a fun watch.
    @ Archaeon
    I bet you’re right. This sounds like something that will be included in the Blu-ray special features…

  7. The tumbler, just cuz its pretty cool, not to mention practical.

    That being said, there is just something about the 60′s Batmobile that is so freakin awesome.

  8. It’s all about the Keaton/Burton Batmobile . . . . Hell, i would’ve accepted a Wayan’s Brother as robin if it meant seeing Burton take on another Batman . . . . .at least i’d get to see that batmobile one more time after it was taken apart in Returns.

    • Wayan’s brother huh? That would require Tim Burton to hire a black actor. What I’m saying is…that won’t happen. You’d be more likely to see Johnny Depp in black-face as a Wayan’s brother playing Robin.

      • WHAT?!? Tim Burton hired Michael Clarke Duncan to play an… ape. Okay, bad example.

  9. I have to go with the Tumbler.

  10. Cool. Can’t wait to see that documentary.

    Out of the six at comic con…I’d pick Adam West’s 1955 Lincoln Futura. Can’t beat a classic…it’s BATastic.

  11. The Tim Burton version. I still remember the hype that movie had when it came out. Loved everything about it but when the Batmobile showed up on screen, the crows erupted.

  12. The Tim Burton version. I still remember the hype that movie had when it came out. Loved everything about it but when the Batmobile showed up on screen, the crowd erupted.

  13. I’d have to pick the tumbler from chris nolans batman’s trylogy its just so antisipating to the tumbler its so epic

  14. I’d have to pick the tumbler from chris nolans batman’s trylogy its just so antisipating to the tumbler its so epic.

  15. I also like the batpod but its not futured on this weeks “the batmobile” documentary.

  16. My dream is to one day build my own version of the Batmobile. But concerding the cost of such A project i’ll just keep on dreaming.

  17. i love the burton batmobile .. the tumbler makes the most “sense though” but everyone would know it was wayne in the tumbler seeing has his company produced it

    • Tumbler was a military prototype that never made it to production. Thus was a secret that one former Wayne Tech employee discovered and tried to blackmail Wayne and CEO for lots of money. After Wayne saved that employee from an attempted murder by Joker as well as strongly suggesting to keep his mouth shut from Bruce and CEO it was never revealed. It would have blown Batman’s identity. I am curious how Bane gets his hands on Tumblers?!? For me its Tumbler, Burton’s Batmobile, then original Batmobile.

  18. That’ll be cool to watch.
    For me it’s Burton’s Batmobile at #1, with the Tumbler in close second.

  19. ’66 for the MILFs, ’89 for the day-to-day, and of course, the Tumbler for style.

  20. Burton’s Batmobile still tops for style and overall aesthetic, definitely my favorite. But the Tumbler is the most practical and gets a strong #2 for me. I actually liked the idea of the neon lights in the 90s for the Batman Forever one, but it does look a little dated nowadays. I still put it as #3.

  21. I’d have to go with Burtons batmobile and the tumbler from Nolans trilogy.

    • Agreed, the TV version comes a close 3rd, the other two are just plain crapola.

  22. A 2 sitter car is always the best.

  23. I remember getting very excited about the tumbler because of all the sense it makes. Nolan has a way of converting elements of the comics into their real-world counterparts without losing specific design traits related to the source material. The tumbler maintains the low, muscular stance of previous Batmobile incarnations, without losing any realism. Its design also suggest physical features of the bat, without making direct visual references (like fins or bat faces). The flaps and panels function as real-world versions of fins. Even the windshields resemble eyes.

    Many of the designs from Nolan’s franchise that people claim are so far from the source material actually bear more of a resemblance than you’d think. Take Bane’s mask, for example. If you broke the mask from the comics into design features, you see that there are tapered, geometrical white shapes around the eyes, with a white hexagonal shape around the mouth area. By removing the eye holes and revealing Hardy’s skin, the Bane mask from TDKR suggests those geometrical patterns without having to cover up his entire face. The metallic tubing around Hardy’s mouth also forms a hexagonal shape. The mask from TDKR looks a while lot more like Bane’s comic counterpart than people give it credit for.

    • “the tumbler because of all the sense it makes”
      Making sense is a good goal, but not a magic phrase that redeems any bad idea to which it’s applied. The rest of your post doesn’t seem to explain all the sense it makes. I mean you say it has the design traits of the source material counterpart(s) but the only real evidence of a bat motif in the movie is the cowl’s ears and maybe the cave. The previous Batmobiles didn’t really have a “low muscular stance” though of course the ’89 car (my favorite btw) had a very low center of gravity, but its armor was retractable. Aside from the BTAS version, none of them were really that heavy. I also don’t see a face in the front of the Tumbler, I assume like the scene in Evil Dead 2 where the front of the cabin takes on a demon’s appearance momentarily to say “Join us.” Then you say Bane’s eyes are hexagons.
      I also like the ’60s version.

      • Hhhhm.

  24. Where does he get those WONDERFUL toys!?

    • Great line, I also love the way Nicholson delivered it to, then again he was a pretty good Joker himself.

      “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

  25. Burtons Batmobile and Burtons Batmissile!

  26. Love the tumbler and Burton’s batmobile. No love for the 90s ravemobiles though

  27. Tumbler because is also can turn Into a bike

    • Uh, Burton’s Batmobile ALSO turned into a bike. Make mine Tim Burton’s Batmobile.

  28. ohhhh cmon, this has to at least be an hour! Burton’s batmobile hands down

  29. Burton/Keaton’s Batmobile still my top #1 favorite with West’s Lincoln Futura coming in 2nd. Now if the Batmobile from Batman:TAS was built into live-action demostrated everything it did on the show, that would take over the #1 spot. Schumacher’s Batman Forever would be 4th & Tumbler comes in 5th. The Batmobile in Batman & Robin looked like crap. I don’t care how big or how fast it went.