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Review of Batman Year One on Bluray Batman: Year One Review

Batman: Year One is a DC Universe animated feature based on the classic Frank Miller comics that re-imagined Batman’s origins in a darker, grittier fashion, and would go on to become the seminal tale of who Batman is, and how he came to be.

The “Year One” story has spawned some classic Batman comics set in Miller’s universe (see: “The Long Halloween,” “Dark Victory,” and “Prey”) and is also one of the seeds that Chris Nolan harvested to create Batman Begins. So, the question is: Does DCU successfully translate one of the most famous Batman stories of all time into an exciting animated feature?

Answer: While there are certainly some good things about it, the Year One animated feature isn’t that impressive, overall.

The legend has penetrated deep into the cultural zeitgeist at this point: After years on the road learning crime fighting tactics, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City, which has become a cesspool of crime and corruption, run by mobster Carmine Falcone. At the same time that Wayne returns, a noble policeman named Jim Gordon moves to the city with his pregnant wife, hoping to make a difference where it’s most needed. On their own, each man takes steps (and missteps) forward in their respective battles to save Gotham’s soul, ultimately setting a new precedence wherein criminals have something the fear, the citizens of Gotham can hope again, and a prostitute named Selina Kyle is inspired to change her life by donning a slinky cat suit.

What worked so well for the “Year One” comic book is exactly what DOESN’T work for the Year One animated feature. Miller’s series brought together the worlds of Batman comics and hard-boiled Noir detective stories in a way that hadn’t been seen before – a marriage that essentially put the “dark” in “Dark Knight.” Like many Frank Miller noir tales, the “Year One” comic featured brooding narration from its two protagonists (Wayne and Gordon) and a dark, gritty urban world created through the dreary visuals of artist David Mazzucchelli.

Batman Year One Movie Jim Gordon Bryan Cranston Batman: Year One Review

The Year One animated feature is loyal to its source material to a fault. First-person narration is a great tool in literature, as it helps to bring the reader deeper into the mind of the character(s) they are following. This was the entire point of Miller’s comic: bringing readers into the minds of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon to show the thoughts and motivations that led each man down the path to becoming the character we know today.

In movie form, however, first-person narration goes by a different moniker: voice-over narration, and it often comes across as a cheap storytelling tactic (little action or symbolism in favor of big exposition dumps). The plot of the Year One movie unfolds as a semi-interesting series of ‘stuff that happens’ within a calendar year, but misses out on truly immersing viewers in the minds of the principal characters. Beyond the intense character study, there’s actually very little meat (read: action) in Miller’s “Year One” storyline; this animated version offers about 1.5 action sequences –  the biggest of which has actually been showcased before (in bigger, better fashion) in Batman Begins. The animators respectfully try to emulate David Mazzucchelli’s unique visual style, but their visuals are also crisp, clean and modern, which totally contradicts the washed-out palette of bleak colors and rough sketches that made Mazzucchelli’s Gotham City such a gritty Babylon.

Batman Year One Movie Bruce Wayne Batman: Year One Review

Generally speaking, Batman: Year One also has some of the worst voice casting in DCU history. Southland star Ben McKenzie gets handed the big job of voicing a younger Bruce Wayne; his delivery sounds like an imitation of Kevin Conroy’s iconic Batman voice, but isn’t nearly as good as the real thing. To put it bluntly: he’s just wrong for the role. Gordon, on the other hand, is voiced by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, who manages to actually add gravitas and subtlety to his delivery, and is therefore able to keep Frank Miller’s heavy-handed dialogue from sounding too dramatic or cheesy. Actresses Eliza Dushku and Katee Sackhoff  voice Catwoman and Gordon’s mistress Detective Sarah Essen, respectively, but the star power is wasted, since both characters only have a peripheral presence in the story, and very little dialogue, to boot.

In the end, this film will be a bit of nostalgia for those who have read and loved the “Year One” comic. For those who aren’t yet familiar with Miller’s version of how Batman got his start, do yourself a favor: read the comic or watch Christopher Nolan’s re-working of Batman’s origin story. In either case, you’ll get a better experience than you would watching this underwhelming animated adaptation.

DC Showcase: Catwoman

DC Showcase Catwoman Batman: Year One Review

Included with the Year One DVD/Blu-ray is an animated short from the “DC Showcase” line, this time featuring Catwoman (who is once again voiced by Eliza Dushku). The story of the animated short carries over from the “Year One” animated feature, focusing on Catwoman’s hunt for a notorious Gotham City gangster whose smuggling ring has branched into some not-so-savory areas. Catwoman catches up with the gangster at a seedy Gotham strip club (where else?) and soon after, all hell breaks loose.

The Catwoman animated short is fairly risque (definitely NOT for kids) given that a good portion of it takes place in a strip club, and that it features an overly-extended sequence of Catwoman doing a very PG-13 striptease on stage. That sexually-suggestive sequence aside, the rest of the animated short is pretty exciting and features the best Catwoman action I’ve personally ever seen. Watching Catwoman leap, punch, kick, flip and sling her bullwhip, you’ll come away knowing why she’s often considered Batman’s equal. I would definitely watch a full-length Catwoman animated feature after seeing this.

Special Features

The following special features are available on the Batman: Year One Blu-ray:

Batman Year One Blu ray Cover Batman: Year One Review

  • Sneak Peek at Justice League: Doom, the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie
  • DC Showcase Animated Original Short – “Catwoman”: This all-new entry to the growing canon of DC Universe animated shorts features the first first solo tale centered around Catwoman. The felonious feline’s adventure takes her through the seedy streets of Gotham City.
  • Featurette –”Heart of Vengeance: Returning Batman to His Roots”: The Dark Knight Returns provided the denouement of Batman’s life. Frank Miller’s next seminal work would provide his near-mythic origin in Batman: Year One. This documentary uncovers the contemporary genius of Miller and the audience that was poised to appreciate the depths of his work.
  • Featurette –”Conversations with DC Comics”: The Batman creative team at DC Entertainment discusses the personal influence of Batman: Year One on their careers. Batman producer Michael Uslan leads the chat amongst well-known writers, editors and artists of the Batman lore, focusing their dialogue on the darker, realistic interpretation of Batman’s origins by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli
  • Audio Commentary with Alan Burnett, Sam Liu, Mike Carlin and Andrea Romano
  • Batman: Year One, Chapter 1 Digital Comic Book
  • Two bonus episodes from Batman: The Animated Series hand-picked by Bruce Timm
  • Digital copy on disc of the feature film compatible with iTunes and Windows

Batman: Year One will be available on DVD/Blu-ray on October 18, 2011.

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  1. I want it.

  2. I may get a lot of flack for this, but I think Year One is soo overrated IMHO! The Dark Knight Returns was the greatest Batman story ever told! I hope they do justice to it when it comes out.

    • Darkhorse I’m just the opposite of you. I thought Year One was an amazing comic, but Dark Knight Returns was for me the most overrated comic in history. I actually hate it. The art is ugly and it’s chalked full of campy cheesy garbage so I really just didn’t enjoy it.

      • Never liked TDKR or its sequel. I read it twice and could never get into it. Year One was cool but I think The Long Halloween is the best Batman story IMO.

        • I personally hated the sequel, The Dark Knight Strikes Again. But i very much enjoyed TDKR and was blown away by it.

          I felt Year One was boring and that not much happened in it. It may have been that I went into it expecting too much from it cause I had heard great things about it that got me overhyped, but it just didnt do it for me… It was just okay for me.

        • My thoughts exactly.

        • Ignur for the most part I’m with you. I hate TDKR it was just kind of ugly and really cheesy. The sequel was much worse.

          I also agree year one was great, but not the best. I would put Year one in my top 5, but i put Knight fall and Long Halloween and Hush all ahead of it. Long Halloween is probably my third fave just behind Knight fall and Hush.

          • Long Halloween as the best is definately arguable but it is my favorite. I prefer the Batman stories that focus on him dealing with the Mob mostyle and emergence of “freaks”.

            I never officially read all of KnightFall, so i need to do that, especially if TDKR(film) is taking notes from it. But I know the basic story. Bane is dope. I liked Hush more for its art than story but it’s def top tier material.

            How you feel about the Man Who Laughs? “Joker” graphic novel by Brian Azzerello(?) is my favorite Joker based story. Art was dope. Liked the re-imagining of classic characters. And i like how Batman is drawn so you can see his eyes. Makes him a lot more scary.

            • Ignur

              I like Man Who Laughs, but it falls short of my fave Joker story. I prefer the Killing Joke over it, but my two fave Joker stories are Brian Azzello’s story simply titled Joker and also The Death and The Madness which is an alternate take on his origins. The simply titled Joker story is interesting Batman hardly appears in it more than a few seconds and the story is told from the perspective of a random henchmen it’s very Noire styled and it’s fantastic. Death and Madness is an alternate origin to Joker where instead of a desperate husband/father he is an actual contract hitman who is bored with his job until he meets Batman. He then embraces theatrics.

              As far as Knightfall goes it’s a fantastic story, but I suggest reading the Novelization of it instead of the actual comic. The novelization version of any story is almost always better IMO. The story is usually much tighter and a lot of things in retrospect that didn’t work are cut. I’d also suggest No Man’s Land which was a good enough story that sagged in the middle, but the novel version is fantastic and one of my fave batman stories. It all depends on how you read it though. The comic version has a lot of silly side stories and weird things.

    • Well I said “greatest Batman story ever.” Not comic… But I do agree it’s a matter of opinion. Not everyone will agree with what I like think is the best comic and that’s fine. If everyone liked the same comics there wouldn’t be as many diverse series out there to read…

  3. I called that this was going to be bad in the beginning. Like I said before the comic was great Batman Begins covered similar territory no way this animated movie was gonna be anywhere near as good. We also already have Mask of the Phantasm which kind of touches on it as well. Then the voice cast was good and none of it was very worthy of the title other than Brian Cranston who would make a great live action gordon even.

    Only think that I wouldn’t be able to agree with Kofi on is that I like the Art style. As bad as this may be for me it would of been worse had they left it as bland and dirty as the comic. It works for the comic, but I won’t watch an animated film that looked like that. The art in this is fantastic and far above most animated tv shows or films these days. it’s not anime and it’s not cheap bland art so I’m happy to see it like this.

    • Watch the movie, and say that again. This reviewer is [A Handsome wise man], and you are too.

      [Edited by Moderator]

  4. They lost my interest when they didn’t get Kevin Conroy for the voice of Batman.

  5. I liked Year One but with Batman Begin done I thought it was pointless. I thought Dark Victory with a deeper Robin origin story would have been a better idea or a The Long Halloween. Still will watch this at some point.

    • Maybe they’re doing Batman Year One so that they can do a Batman: The Long Halloween Movie after it.

      • That be cool.

      • I haven’t heard of Long Halloween being made into an animated feature, but I know they are working on The Dark Knight Returns animated movie that will be split into two parts…

        • Eh. Can’t really say im overtly excited. The Batman: TAS episode Legends of the Knight(?) had all the TDKR I needed. I be more interested in an original story or combine elements of other batman stories to create a dope blend.

    • But Batman Begins butchered Year One. This film was intended to stay more true to the original story than Nolan’s film.

      • @Ghost

        Butchered? More like finely filleted several dope Batman stories to tell one great cinematic story. Something that many (if not all) comic book movies do. Dont be such a debbie downer.

        • Not be a “debbie downer”, just calling it as it is.

        • Go and compare the Year One comics, then look at BB. Very little is still there. Hence why I said Nolan butchered the story. But I forget that negative comments against Nolan aren’t tolerated here.

          • It would only be considered “butchered” had the Nolan’s decided to completely adapt a single story. Batman Begins was influenced by Year One, The Long Halloween, The Man Who Falls and you could even say Legacy to a lesser extent because of Ras Al Ghul’s plan to poision Gotham. Batman Begins was never intended to be a direct translation of Year One but only capture the feeling and focus of it — which it did. BB was it’s own story.

            If you want to properly use the term “butchered” than direct your aim towards Wolverine: Origins, which actually tried to (and failed) recreate the Wolverine: Origins series. Or perhaps The Punisher: War Zone, attempted to cinematically recreate the Punisher Max series and failed.

            I don’t care if you insult Nolan or his brother. But you were wrong and your perpetually need to bash Nolan (along with others) only fuels this Cult of Nolan vs Cultist Against Nolan debacle. You could have said all you wanted about a direct Year One adaption w/o taking potshots at Nolan & Co. But you’r a man and I don’t tell grown men what to do. Do as you please.

            • Sorry, but I wasn’t wrong as I’m stating my opinion (you know, a personal belief that CAN’T be proven wrong). Besides, your original arguemant was this film is “pointless” b/c of Batman Begins, but the intention of this movie was to adapt the comic to a animated film, unlike Nolan’s film. Thus making this film not pointless.

              • lol ok so ghost, youre telling ignur rant hes wrong? when you just said stating your opinion means youre not wrong…another words his opinion isnt wrong either, lol dont be a hypocrite…also you took ignur rants statement out of context because the first thing he said was, i liked year one…when he said it was pointless, it was only meant as in it didnt need to be made because of the bb… then he said the movie was filtered from other comics only because you said bb butchered year one…next he jokingly said dont be a debbie downer and you were apparently not happy because with your next reply and getting upset you were bringing up the whole nolan crap yourself like ignur rant was to blame, that was childish … and if you want to actually pay attention to what people say heres what he said to clarify, batman begins was never intended to be a direct translation of year one but only capture the feeling and focus of it — which it did. bb was it’s own story…another words it had enough year one style to where they could of made a different story line of an animated batman…he never brought up nolan nor said he liked or disliked him, but he is right in the fact the only reason why people fight about nolan is because people like you.. you were the first person to even say his name and make it clear you disliked him… you continued to bring up nolan just like ignur rant mentioned from your first post, so of course someone who does like him will fire back about how hes good …so you are wrong because you do bash him and do fuel the fire to start a topic of debate…anyone can use common sense and see you brought the topic up first and can tell you dont like him…so where exactly are you right

      • Ghost Begins didn’t at all butcher it. It changed things but it was never intended it to be an exact translation it merely borrowed things. That’s not what butchering something is. Butchering would be if it took it and destroyed it making it horrible.

        IMO Year One was a great comic, but I’ve read better. IMO Batman Begins was just as good if not better.

        It borrowed things from year One as well as several other comics. There was no butchering. This is more of a butcher job than Begins ever was. Begins wasn’t meant as an interpretation, but this was and it ruined it. That’s what butchering is.

  6. Im gettin this.

  7. There!! pre-ordered it :D.. I think this is one of the best comics of Batman origin have read :)

  8. Pre-ordered months ago. Can’t wait for it to come woth Arkham City.

    I’m still waiting on them to do a Batman: Hush animated feature. THAT would be an amazing animation. I would hope they have the sense to get Conroy for that one.

    • Hush would make a bad animated feature, which is terrible. The scope of the story and lenth of the arc (12 issues) make it a poor candidate for an animated feature.

      Viewers who’ve never read it would love it. We’d probably think too much was trimmed and cut in order to hit the 75-90 minute run time these movies generally have.

      However, DC & WB could go for broke and make it two hours -or however long it needed to be in order to tell the story – and hope it sells well enough to cover the production cost. It’d have to outsell every title they’ve ever done.

      • I was thinking more along the lines of a 2 part full-length feature animations. I think the potential is there to draw a lot of newcomers in. To date it’s my favorite Batman story.

        In regards, to cutting parts of it…I’m all for that. There were some things in Hush I’m willing to shorten/cut or redo rather. Definitely cut Krypto.

  9. I really love the animated flicks DC has been coming out with. I truly wish that the next story they take on could be “Batman: No Man’s Land.” (Personally I lean more towards the novel than the comics simply because of the character insight) I feel that it would probably have to be the greatest story arc they could possibly do, plus I’ve just finished reading the book for the 8th time and its only increased my desire to see it as an animated film.

    • I would love No Man’s Land. I didn’t read the comic, I read the novel, but it was awesome.

  10. I will take this off my things to buy then. My amazon wish list is long enough as is lol

    • Don’t do that.

  11. i alredy saw it the movie is only one our thats pritty shame

  12. i’m collecting animated and feature film movies from marvel and dc so i have to get it, no matter how bad it is lol. hopefully i’ll disagree with this review.

  13. I felt that this movie along with New Frontier was done wonderfully as in comic to anime feature. I watched with almost the same thoughts that this is boring but all together a fun movie that would not be worth buying. I do hope the next feature will be awesome as the voice cast rings of past years of enjoyment. I am not too happy with the animation in the tv shows they are putting out but i will glady watch a animated movie of thers’s.

    Young Justice is the only tv show i am watching right now, do not think Gl or the new Batman show will meet my standards at all…really really disappointed for i am such a GL fan.

  14. Boring, Bad Animation and Voices are terrible, except Cranston.

  15. Disagree with this review. With the exception of it maybe being too short and Ben McKenzie’s acting, this was a top notch film.

  16. I haven’t read the comic but I have just watched this. It should have been called Jim Gordan year one, he’s by far more interesting than batman is in this version.
    No Bruce Wayne training sequences out in the far east or anything, just him ridiculously kicking a tree in half in his mansion garden, ha.
    Also didn’t go into the development of the suit and gadgets etc.
    Batman feels like a secondary character.

    The Gordan stuff was well done though.

  17. What movie did you watch?! After reading your review yesterday, I was terribly disappointed to find out this long, long awaited opus was going to disappoint me. After watching it today, I realized you’re wrong.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but your description was highly inaccurate, and frankly you either didn’t see the same movie i did; or you’re a liar.
    Batman: Year One was AMAZING.
    Yes, McKensie was the weak spot, but he improved dramatically after the initial narration.
    Get another line of work. You don’t belong in this one.

    • @Journalism?

      You said it best when you said “Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

      You can disagree with me, and that’s fine, but if you stoop to personally attacking me or calling ANYONE on this site a derogatory name again, you will be banned for good. As it stands, I took all the offensive words out of your comment.

      Glad you enjoyed the film.

  18. Hey Kofi, you just poked the wrong bear, buddy. Censoring/editing my post when there was no profanity? Utterly Orwellian.
    Ban me? Dude, ban away. You need my hits a WHOLE lot more than I need or want your opinion; especially considering how poor I find your judgement. You said the film had little action, that’s an absolute fabrication. The rest of your review was equally suspect, save for one line.
    As I said, you’re entitled to your opinion, but you ARE NOT entitled to mislead readers with erroneous info. I WILL expose you, and I dont need to pay a hosting fee to do it.
    Btw-you censored the word “idiot,” I didn’t realize this was the mother-goose entertainment site.
    I guess the “rant” only goes one way.
    You are a fraud and a charlatan. PC enough for you?

    • Jouralism quit being immature.

      He censored the word i diot because it’s a personal attack. You can trash a movie as mcuh as you want, but the site has made it very clear that personal attacks are not allowed.

      You can disagree with someone and tell them they are wrong with out insulting them. Seriously it’s not hard. Try debating with him like an adult.

  19. I would have to agree with @’Journalism?’. That was a horrendous assessment. You are completely telling fibs. Why don’t you take that bottle of warm lactate out of your mouth and stop whining like a little girl. He didn’t like your review because it was simply god awful. I was completely bewildered after reading the review and was even more confused of your review after watching the movie.

  20. I know I already said it but… NO MAN’S LAND needs to be the next film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. @Daniel F,
    Are you kidding me. This hypocrite who relies every day on freedom of expression violated the very thing which makes his life possible.
    If he wanted to redact my phraseology and acknowledge his existence on editorial control grounds, that us one thing; but to editorial alter my content is an offense worse than plagiarism.
    If I wanted to say “wrong” I would have chose different words. Better ones.
    As to the question of a personal attack, it doesn’t apply. What I said does not rise to that of an attack, nor does it warrant redaction, let alone draconian, facist, just plain wrong editing of content.
    It was not a personal attack on rhetorical grounds alone, as a personal attack is saying some IS something, not in fact saying I THINK they are. That’s a very important distinction.
    I have also seem the conversations in this site, and MANY a post has been much more aggressive than mine was without nary a word from “Mr. Outlaw”
    Ultimately though, more than anything he betrays the very principal which keeps us free, and that’s repugnant.

    • Well, fortunately for you “Journalism?” Vic has asked me not to alter your posts – we’ll either ban them or not.

      Me? Buddy I’m WORSE than anything George Orwell could’ve imagined. I would change every post you posted on here into the phrase “I LOVE _____ ICE CREAM” and every time I would pick a new flavor to fill in the blank – a flavor you hate.

      I would do this for the sake of random fascism – and of course, just to amuse myself. It’s not like anybody would miss anything important if I were to do so….

      • do you fancy yourself clever? You don’t even know who I am, and make statements based on shortsighted assumptions.
        I’m in the entertainment industry, and people like you are giving it a bad name.

        As to those who question my willingness or ability to engage Kofi in debate…. Bring it on.
        I would relish the opportunity to put you all in your place.
        I’ll just have to take satisfaction in knowing you’ve all likely put money in my pocket without even realizing it, while you attempt in vein to insult me. Do your worst. I deal with Hollywood every day. This is a sand box by comparison.

        • Journalism I hope you don’t actually consider your self a writer. If so I hope you have a really good editor. You seem to struggle with simple structure. I’m fairly certain I’ve never actually put any money in your pocket if your other endeavors are as poorly structured as your comments.

          By the way great thing about this site is the reply button. It helps keeps your comments as responses to the person that you actually intend to talk to. It’s not that complicated of a feature yet you seem to struggle to grasp simple concepts. Like reply buttons and you know that petty thing called civility.

          Are you this insulting, rude and childish in your regular life or just on the internet where you can use some vague name like ‘journalism’ to hide behind?

          • oh, poor Danny; you don’t consider yourself a critic, do you you?
            I’m rather certain actually, you’ve all seen my work, and frankly; any moral authority you’ve attempted to seize has fallen into the ether as you stoop to the very attacks you rail against.
            You poor, poor, ignorant boy. It never occurred to you that different people use different devices, different formats, and don’t always have access to the “reply” tab.
            It’s quite obvious you and Kofi are in league, and more apparent still you have nothing better to do than “attack” someone who you claim has no worth.
            It would be unfair of me to engage in a battle of wits with someone so tragically unarmed; so be on your way little scout. I haven’t need for your approval, nor desire for your hypocrisy.
            Thank you for your patronage, though.

            • Journalism

              You may want to look over your last post. Few errors in there.

              Not exactly obvious that Kofi and I are in league. As any regular on the site will tell you that he and I don’t at all get along. We clash against each other all the time.

              I’m not as much siding with him as much as rallying against you and your uncalled for behavior.

              1. I have not sunk to your level yet. Sure I still have yet to insult you any where near as drastically as you’ve been insulting Kofi. There are many degrees of insults.

              2. The big difference is I went after you after you had already turned toward rude, uncalled for insulting behavior. You were not provoked at all and simply attacked him. Unless you consider someone not having your opinion provoking horrible behavior. Someone who is a ‘writer’ should be ok with opinion and how everyone has their own.

              As far as an unarmed battle of wits that doesn’t make much sense. I was never gonna ask you to have a battle of wits with your self. So nothing to worry about. Personally I don’t mind fighting someone unarmed. Not sure what you consider wit, but you’ve shown you have none. Name calling isn’t wit. As much as you may think ‘idiot’ is a witty comment I assure you it’s not. In fact it’s the opposite. Unless you consider 5 year olds witty.

              • Don’t you get dizzy going in circles like that?
                I made one comment in one post about a liar; someone who seems to be an idiotic liar.
                Perhaps this is your way to win his favor after your conflicts. Regardless, you’ve picked one word out of hundreds I’ve written, typos and all, and based all your ranting on that, and attempting to insult me. Unfortunately, that’s something you’re not capable of; so you’ll have to get over it.
                Your fixation on me is bordering on obsessive, any; so perhaps it’s best if you just focus your attention elsewhere.

                • You clearly need to look up the word obseassive. You take up roughly one minute of my time. I don’t spend hours thinking about you. I simply saw someone acting like a…. Well word I won’t use and decided to say something. Your attempt to belittle all those who disagree with you is borderline pathetic and I’m done.

                  Please feel free to respond with some new childish inuslt. I know someone you like you can’t resist, but I’m not gonna waste my time on you anymore. I suggest Kofi do the same.

                  I’m sure you’ll have the incredible urge to reply with some insults showing your in ability to walk away and showing who truly is obsessed and who isn’t.

                  Have fun.

                  • Nice try with the double edged sword of a challenge there. You clearly think you’re dealing with an inferior intellect.
                    A simple response to everything you’ve written is…
                    Look in the mirror.

          • snd I don’t consider myself a writer, Dan Dan, I am a writer, and have done quite well doing do for over 20 years.

            You may want to look up the term hypocrite, because that’s you to a T.
            As you were.

            • This is ridiculous.

              Dan F – Thank you for trying to bring some rationality to this issue, but it’s obvious this guy is just going to run his mouth all day.

              Journalism? – I didn’t like ‘Year One’, dude, and I say why in my review. It’s just my view and opinion – get over it. If you don’t agree, then that’s fine – I’m happy you enjoyed the movie. Calling me a “Liar” or an “idiotic liar” because I have a different view of a cartoon than you do? That’s just flat out ridiculous. If you keep taking things to this extreme, you will be banned. You’ve been fairly warned.

              Let’s just let things end here, yes?

              • I didn’t just disagree with you, you spread inaccurate information. I made that distinction in my first post.
                You then also had the audacity to censor and edit my post, rather than redact the rather tame elements you claim to have found so offensive.
                You can ban me, you can flame me, troll me, try to force feed me ice cream I don’t like, you name it, you can try, but you’ll never stifle my free speech. It’s never going to happen.
                If you really think I’m still responding to this dribble over a cartoon, then neither of you have been paying attention.
                You’ve created a little community here, and do someone you apparently are often at odds with is suddenly at your defense. How sweet.
                It doesn’t change the fact that you lied, censored, edited, and then infringed on my rights.
                You’re not looking for a fair exchange of ideas, you’re looking for pandering; and that’s not journalism.
                You’re entitled to your opinion, not lies, and not editing.
                If there was merit to your argument, you would have engaged in discussions the over 1000 year tradition of free speech in the Western world. Instead, you both resorted to the exact same pattern of attacks you claimed to take issue with me for.
                You ” thank” Mr.F for attempting to “bring sanity,” while ignoring his attacks. You are hypocrites. If you actually read the words, and not be so reactionary, you’d see that, but I guess that’s impossible.

  22. BTW saw the movie. I think you will only like it if you like Year One (which I did). They tried to keep the inner monologue apart of the story which was cool but they chopped out major lines. The art style was also off IMO. Would have been cooler if they could have made it grittier (don’t know if its possible). The animation was just too clean IMO.

    Overall, solid animation but I still feel they should have done another Batman story. With TDKR coming out, is Knightfall something you can do in a single animation or is it too big of an arc to fit?

  23. Just watched this, glad I didnt buy it first. Its as pointless and All Star Superman, just jumps around randomly, horrible voice acting and very anti-climatic ending… why do they waste time on these…The first couple DCAU movies were so good. They should have done long Halloween instead.

  24. btw I just read the rest of the comments on these, jeez people on here are being hateful. All I have to say that the people defending this movie as being good are the ones getting angry and acting like fools. Kinda shows the their thought process, no wonder they think its good.

  25. The single biggest problem with this movie is the voice acting. McKenzie in particular. He sounds like a good knock-off of Kevin Conroy, but he sounds like Kevin Conroy reading lines off a page. The delivery of dialogue is completely unconvincing, to the point of distracting.

    The only decent performance came from Cranston, but even then he didn’t get much to work with.

    I want an accurate page-to-screen translation as much as the next guy, but DC needs to understand that written dialogue does not always sound great when said out loud. “Under The Red Hood” suffered the same issue.

  26. @Kofi
    Well that just proves you don’t belong in this business, you ‘outlaw’ you. You can dish it out, but you can’t take it; and you flout the very rights you rely on to make a living.
    At least we you’re not in charge.

    • i have to agree with you… outlaw, really? you edit idiot but people are insulting others, saying so much worse to each other and almost never are addressed but just because you were called something petty you actually decide to change it to something you like just because you get to be a moderator and then act pretty condescending about it…i cant blame the dude for being ticked and you keep replying to him and throwing your authority in his face…he gave his opinion like you do but you change his opinion around instead of just saying something to him first…im sure youd want to knock a guy a good one if he changed what you said and then says he wanted to change your comments around for amusement, is that not an insult itself?

      • @Pat

        He’s not just stating an opinion – by calling me a liar he’s insulting my integrity. I have I right to defend it.

        BTW – Pat, Journalism? – I don’t manage comments. The only reason these are coming to my attention in the first place is that our auto-filter is holding back your comments for manual approval because you are using flagged words in your responses – for example “idiot,” which goes against our personal attacks rule (Which is Vic’s rule, BTW and he IS in charge around here).

        I have approved ALL of your comments in fairness to your right to express them. I tampered with one just to mess around with you a little – not out of malice or ego. It was a joke.

        Calm down.

    • @journalism

      I completely agree with you. This review was rubbish but you have to understand kofi is the worst, most biased and negative reviewer on this site. I stopped reading his trashy reviews and articles after his terrible 1star Green Lantern review(you want to see the backlash he received and the bs of his review from that go ahead and find it on this site). I only read this review because it’s Batman. You shouldnlt expect any less from a reviewer who preferred the stripping/breasts/overrated action short over a decent animation with depth like year one. Just try to avoid his reviews and articles in the future because they’re mostly all garbage like this review.