Wonder Woman Will NOT Be Kryptonian in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Wonder Woman Not Kryptonian in Batman vs Superman Wonder Woman Will NOT Be Kryptonian in Batman vs. Superman

In the time since Batman vs. Superman was announced at SDCC 2013, there have been all manner of inane rumors about the film and only a small number of actual studio announcements (e.g. Ben Affleck is Batman, Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman).

Most recently, a number of blogs reported on rumors regarding which superheroes/villains may or may not show up in the sequel to Man of Steel, along with speculation that Wonder Woman herself (and the Amazons) might be descended from Kryptonians that settled Earth thousands of years ago. Because the “speculation” was sandwiched between the “rumors,” many mistook the latter for the former.

Well, good news, everyone – Wonder Woman will almost certainly not be Kryptonian. (She will, on the other hand, be wearing armor.)

According to Badass Digest:

“Yesterday a rumor blazed across the internet, and it turns out it was the first bullshit movie rumor of 2014 – that Wonder Woman in ‘Batman vs Superman’ would be Kryptonian. Everybody got mildly irritated. But it turns out they didn’t have to be – multiple sources are telling me that this concept for Wonder Woman’s origin is not going to be used in the film.”

For what it’s worth, Bill Ramey of Batman on Film – who supplied the rumors/speculation – wrote this today:

“Apparently, several outlets picked up on what I wrote in the mailbag below – especially my take on how Amazons might be explained in ‘Batman vs. Superman’ – and claimed that I was reporting it as fact and/or that it was a ‘rumor’ I had heard.  They. Are. All. WRONG.

“It’s nothing more than me guessing how Goyer and Snyder might characterize Wonder Woman and the origin of the Amazons. Carry on…”

Obviously, anytime it’s explicitly stated that the first big screen version of Wonder Woman won’t be a lesser version of Superman – with genetic ties and everything – it’s a good thing. So let’s all cheer and high-five and stuff.

Wonder Woman vs Supergirl Wonder Woman Will NOT Be Kryptonian in Batman vs. Superman

Of course, even if Amazons=Kryptonians is a terrible idea (in this writer’s opinion), it’s not a terrible theory – it’s easy to see why filmmakers looking for a more realistic take on a very unrealistic character like Wonder Woman (clay baby origins aside) might want to tie her to the already established otherworldly origins of their lone superpowered superhero who’s ever been a hit at the box office. Not that that makes it right – it’s just easy to understand.

This whole thing reiterates how tenuous all these superhero movie rumors are. We went through a similar swath of nonsense during the Christopher Nolan days (Johnny Depp/The Riddler, Angelina Jolie/Catwoman, Bob Hoskins/Penguin, Robin Williams/Hugo Strange, et cetera). Nearly every single crazy rumor turned out to be false. The official announcements provided the real information, and the biggest scoops came from set photos well after production began.

While speculation and the discussion of these rumors is always interesting, entertaining, and worthwhile – again, in this writer’s opinion – it’s important to do so with a massive, moon-sized grain of salt in-hand. After all, the biggest reveal about Batman vs. Superman so far – Batfleck! – had zero rumors to go with it.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you happy to know that Wonder Woman will not be a pseudo-Kryptonian in Batman vs. Superman? Drop us a line in the comments.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman hits theaters July 17th, 2015.

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Sources: Badass Digest, Batman on Film

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  1. glad that it’s just a rumor.
    it would be equivalent to making superman a daxamite instead of kryptonian

    • BOOM! This right here.

    • No, it is more interesting than having her formed from clay. It is also far better than trying to bring Greek mythology into the film universe to explain a single characters origin, WW’s origin as an ancient kryptonian would be different and could be amazing. MOS set it up, if DC backs off then it will be to dumb down ideas and cave to fanboy pressure, imo.

      Red Sun, yellow sun, the sun is white. Superman/MOS should double down on the SCI, in sic-fi.

      • I totally disagree @Bat-Mite. I think making her actual comic origins work onscreen would be much better than opting for a pseudo-Kryptonian explanation.

      • bringing in greek mythology brings another element to the cinematic universe, making the amazons descendants of kryptonians is just plain lazy and unimaginative, then what next atlanteans are descendants of kryptonians as well? cyborg is a product of kryptonian tech?
        the guardians (GL) are ancient kryptonians and that the corp is formed by them? i could go on…

        anyway like i said, “it would be equivalent to making superman a daxamite instead of kryptonian” imagine if MOS made superman a daxamite instead of kryptonian



    Thank You Ben!!!

  3. I remember how Snyder had dissed Smallvile for disrespecting the Superman emblem by placing it on leather jackets and what not. He respects comic book characters. I’m pretty sure he won’t allow a Kryptonian Wonder Woman to happen.

    • Curious more then anything….as I have never watched Smallville.

      How is placing the Superman logo on leather jackets and what not disrespecting? Superboy had it on a leather jacket and T-Shirt.

      • It’s pretty much the same thing as in Superboy, except Clark hasn’t worn the full costume yet. It never really bothered me.

        • A man that “respects comic books” doesn’t cast Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Sorry.

          • A man that “respects comic books” doesn’t cast Aaron Taylor-John as Quiksilver and Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlett Witch. Sorry.

            • @jp and Red Rider….

              A man that respects comics doesn’t judge the movie about comics until the movie is released. That is when comic fans can judge validity of casting, story, etc.

              Also, don’t themes of comics generally deal with teaching us lessons and morals about accepting others who are different and how we shouldn’t judge others by appearance (X-men, clark kent being bullied, etc.)

              It is a little disheartening when people rush to judge people’s looks yet we, the comic nerds, are the ones reading the comics and sympathizing with its characters.

              • Clay, ANYONE that has ever read a Batman or WW comic has ever said themselves “gee, you know who would be an awesome Batman? Ben Affleck! And when I look at WW, I can’t help but think Gal Gadot!” Anyone that says otherwise is so full of their own BS that we can smell it through the computer screen.

                • that should be *never said to themselves…”

                • I think Affleck is a good casting. So far, IMO, he is the only actor that has had the Bruce Wayne and Batman look. Now, does that mean his acting will be good? We will see. He has done great acting and has done poor acting.

                  As far as Gadot… I find it funny that everyone raves about the villain Faora and how awesome she was at kicking booty. She isn’t a big strong looking lady.

                  With Gadot, she wont be huge but she will kick some booty. Face wise, Gadot looks a lot like WW in some versions of the character.

                • So when you were reading a Batman comic, you thought to yourself “Hmm, Christian Bale would make a great Batman!” Fact is, no, you didn’t. No one thinks about these things until the idea comes into their heads (Inception!), and then they let their prejudices take ahold based on past accords. Hypothetically speaking, that is a good tactic, but as history as shown us it isn’t. People didn’t think Keaton would be good, yet he turned out great. Same with Heath Ledger and Tobey Maguire.

              • So you’re saying that we should wait until AFTER we’ve wasted our money to determine whether a movie followed a comic or not?

                Yeah, no. Remember how the script for TMNT was leaked and everyone immediately jumped on board to hate it? What if the Iron Man 3 script had been leaked beforehand? You think $1.2 billion worth of people would’ve seen it still?

                There was a time when we could’ve trusted studios to handle the characters properly. Now, as Disney has shown us with its yearly crap, we can’t.

            • @Red Rider…am I supposed to disagree with you or something? Because I don’t.

              • Oh, most Marvel fanboys tend to jump on the train attacking this casting when they don’t even notice the horrible casting for their own 2015 movie.

          • Snyder doesnt respect comic books? Have you seen “Watchmen”??
            Go watch that and get back to me.

    • Snyder loved Smallville check your facts because he used Smallville as one of his many inspirations for MOS.

  4. Why is SR reporting a site that “debunks” a speculation from a Q and A mailbag between a site and it’s fans? This shouldn’t even be news and all the debunking sh*t is like telling people you can’t have your own thoughts and theories,even if you explicitly stated its a theory.

    SR these days basically reports a bunch of rumors, and how can you make the title “WW is not Kryptonian?” where is your source? BAD? Your own speculation?

    • Wait! You mean BadAss digest and Batman on film aren’t like Entertainment Weekly? Lol.

      I did some SR type reporting and found this quote on Batman on Film.

      “”The guy at Batman on Film is a notorious prick who only gently floats ideas about upcoming films so that he can’t be contradicted later on. No doubt once this film comes out and Wonder Woman is NOT a Kryptonian will we hear from BOF “it was only an idea early on in the script, before Chris Terrio came in.””

      So it seems he’s in the same league as Latino Review.

  5. Greattttttt :) because then Supergirl would be pretty useless, but what are they going to do then? Any theories? They did talk about Thanagarians so we know that there are other aliens, maybe she will be linked to the New Gods of New Genesis?

    • Thanagarians…isn’t that what Hawkman and Hawkgirl are?

  6. Awesome……. Wonderwoman’s Origin is just way too cool for a change like that. Stick with Greek mythology. However I do not expect much origin to be given in Batman Vs Superman. It is probably going to be a short appearance designed to test the appeal of Gal Gadot on screen.

  7. ScreenRant were one of the sites that reported this as a sourced rumour. Funny how the article forgot to mention that…

  8. Thank god. I was worried about that. So I guess that Wonder Woman won’t be powered down. Now I want to see some Greek mythology in her solo movie. Circe or Ares as villains. Though, I’d prefer if they bring in Circe as a villain. So we can have a female protagonist and a female antagonist, we haven’t had a main/major female villain roles in comic book movies.

  9. I’m almost disappointed because I actually thought the Kryptonian ancestry angle was a neat idea to ground the in character in a more “realistic” way. Still, I am eager to see what they come up with.

  10. The great thing about this awful thing is that it turned out to be merely a rumour. I hope that WB will stick to the Greek mythology background that suits this wonderful character so perfectly well.

  11. YESSSS !!!!!!!!!!

    At least this means that Snyder and Goyer aren’t taking a weird and lazy(In my opinion) approach towards such an awesome character. A lot of people here were convinced that this is happening. I was a little dissapointed..but kept ending my comments with its a rumor…
    Wonder Woman is too awesome a character to have their origin completely altered. This restores my faith in this movie. I was on board with Gal frm the beginning, I didnt find Affleck as Batman to be that disturbing, Lex Luthor casting….I was okay with everything except this rumor. Glad its not happening. Now I’m excited to see how they manage to make Wonder Woman’s origin work.

  12. So…. WW is going to be a female Thor…. Great.

    • thor is a male wonder woman to be exact as WW is 20 years older than marvel’s thor

      • Nice.

    • This guy… Smh…

    • What you rather her be? Something other then what the fictional character of WW is? Why call her Wonder Woman?

      Maybe if we strip everything about her from the comics and make up everything we could have a totally new character and not call her Wonder Woman…..

      I understand from a previous post you dont read/like(?)/never read comics.

      I respect that however to ask or even expect people that do to not expect a comic character to be what made that character is ludicrous. Notice I say expect. Obviously somethings have to change. However for the most part there is no reason to muck with a character as said character is portrayed in the books.

      Why even watch a comic book movie if you don’t expect it to be like the comic book? Why even partake in discussion about comic book characters that will appear on the screen if you have no knowledge of the history of said character? Especially if you are just going to say “everything is fine if they don’t follow the history of the character” or “So…. WW is going to be a female Thor…. Great.”, I mean why do you watch (or do you?) Comic Book movies?

      Taken to extreme you would be fine with Superman being a female, from middle earth, using time travel, that has a weakness of carrots, and can only fly backwards….

      Some I say some…. people have been reading comics for years. Some people have followed these characters for their entire life.

      What is wrong with them to expect a character that has been part of their life for so long to be portrayed as such?

  13. Good.

  14. Was it really too far of a stretch that Amazons were descendants of a Kryptonian blood-line? I don’t know, it seemed okay to me. If you think about it, Amazons already have an origin story, a damn fine good one, so why change that?

    • While it was a clever way to tie things together on the surface, it was also ultimately lazy and would have in one fell swoop removed the “real” WW origins (including the new 52 one they just barely revamped again) and also rendered characters like Supergirl irrelevant.

  15. Or they could just use Wonder Woman’s New 52 origin. In the new origin, it was revealed that the clay origin thing was a cover up created by her mother to save her from the wrath of Hera because it turns out that Wonder Woman is Zeus’ daughter.

  16. That’s a weird rumor because Wonder Woman was never kryptonian. She was born at an island full of women. Zack better not change anything of Wonder Woman and get that actress strong to fit in the costume to truly look like Wonder Woman.

  17. How is her origin any more rediculous than thors…. Marvel pulled it off and they have begun cosmic stuff with the stones and gaurdian. That is practically psuedo magic there. They are worried about grounding things too much. There are millions of fans that are still fans even with magic, technology, and cosmic all thrown together. Is it any less believable than say warp speed, jedi powers and time traveling robot assassins…..i think not.

    • Not sure if you noticed but Thor in the movies is a member of an incredibly advanced alien race and not in fact a god. There’s nothing magical about him, Odin or any other Asgardian. Sure, any technology that’s sufficiently advanced will look like magic, but not the the viewer who’s generally privy to all relevant information.

      And quite frankly, warp speed is more believable than Zeus being WW’s dad. We have concepts of FTL travel, but gods might as well be tooth fairies as far as suspension of disbelief is concerned.

  18. Nobody knows the truth about what’s really going on with this movie, including WB.

    All we do know is that it HAS to be better than MoS. That movie was very poor all around, from start to finish.

    • Na, that movie was pretty good.

  19. That’s good news. It seems some people are trying to turn fans against this movie. I don’t get it.

    And I see most of the people who thought WW being Kryptonian was such a good idea haven’t left a comment.

    • I don’t normally think that but with the ammount of rumors fling around and the highly critical eye the fans are looking at this film with it does seem that somebody….i m not gonna accuse anyone…not even a rival organisation that relize they may have messed up moving a relatively unknown movie characters debut to compete with this movie……….of course not.

      My main concern is will I steven trevor be in this film? Will he?

      • I doubt if Steve Trevor will be in MOS2 if WW is Batman love interest. but you never know. In the comics and Batman:Brave and the Bold Batman seemed to be jealous of him and WW.

        And I don’t normally think people try to sabotage movies but it does seem suspicious with all the negative rumors. I will know for sure if they announce Gene Hackman as the new Lex Luthor.

        • They could still use Steve Trevor via flashbacks.

  20. Regardless wether this is false..or true this movie is gonna crap the bed.. bad casting and Nolan not being involved this sequel.Snyder is not a good writer..a very good action maker yes

    • Sorry from all indications (and from some fellow posters) I would rather have Zach then Nolan.

      I believe this is out of Nolan’s realm and he should stay far away from ‘Supers’.

    • Well I think you may need to see some stills….or a trailer……or maybe even try to find out the villian before you judge a film….also didn’t they come out and say that nolan was still considered a producer just in a lesser role than mos?

      • Not I. Nolans view on Supers and his Batman films are quite straight forward. If he were to put that view in any other movie based on Comic Book heroes I would pre judge the film based on what he did and said with Batman.

        While I know he has limited input in this film the assumption is creative control is not one of them and or it is very limited.

        I respect and like him for what he does. Supers are not one of them though. (imo)

    • Nolan is my favorite director, but this style of movie isn’t right for him. I’ll say that Snyder has the creative visuals than Nolan. Superman is in the better hands in Snyder’s direction, Snyder knows action where Nolan lacks that approach when it comes to a character like Superman. Sure, Snyder isn’t that good of a writer, but him and Goyer did the story behind the sequel of MOS, but don’t forget that we have Chris Terrio on board to rewrite the script.

  21. Good. If they do plan to eventually give her a solo film, they’d have diminished her choice of villains. Majority of them are magic- based.

  22. It makes no difference to me what her backstory is: I have zero attachment to the character besides the fact that she’s powerful, beautiful and judgmental towards our society (I think). I wonder what she would think about people lacking the ability to separate fact from speculation? In fact, what would she think of me expressing myself through cyberspace instead of talking to actual flesh and blood people? Damn, I need to find me a Wonder Woman somewhere over the rainbow. Maybe in Ireland…

    • Considering they have probably been using scrying magic long before our archaic bits and bytes she would giggle at you.

      Considering she judges ‘man’ and is fairly judgmental overall herself she also has the inability to separate fact from speculation…. basing on years of bias.


  23. I thought the amazonians being descended from kryptonians wouldve been interesting

  24. Bummer,

    It made sense within the film universe that exists. It could also have lead to a much more interesting story and new takes on not only Wonder Woman, but Darkseid, Aquaman and others.

    If there was ever any truth to the rumor then I think DC got scared of evolution.

    Personally, Lex Luthor as a pro-human “villain” fighting vs aliens would have been great. Looks like DC is going bland as possible.

    • What film universe is that? I was always under the impression that MoS ushered in a new Universe?

      Why wouldn’t a universe that has a super powered alien be able to contain a fictional race of women based on Greek mythology hidden from the general populace for years?

      What would be wrong with Humans vs Supers (it has been done in DC before with Darkseid at the helm) overall?

      Evolution of what?

      Why is/would it bland? Stories as such have survived generations in the comics what makes them so bland during a screen transition?

      • In MOS, the history of Krypton is given It is shown that Krypton had an imperialist phase. That is what I am talking about, go back and watch it.

        Ancient Kryptonians being “gods” on Earth is more plausible, it also lessens th number of lose ends. It was also set up in MOS by Jor-el.

        Superman and Wonder Woman could contrast diverging evolution physically and culturally. More so, if I were writing the script the Darkseid, and the ruling class of Apokolips, would also be the descended from Ancient Kryptonians. Again divergent evolution and many topics/themes to explore.

        This series could become something truly epic and unique or it could also be watered down and trite. I prefer the former.

        • I feel compelled to shoot that down, yes they made colonies on other planets, however, Karas ship going to Earth was an accident, and it crash landed, and nothing came of it. There was no Kryptonian colony on Earth.

          • I don’t remember a date attached to the ancient kryptonian empire. It could have been there thousands of years before the ship from MOS crashed. Perhaps the collapse of the empire was untidy and filled with chaos? Maybe records were lost, could be talking about 20,000+ years of history between ancient Krptonians and Supermans arrival.

        • Fair enough nice twist. I thought you were leaning more towards a ‘Nolanverse’ view my apologies.

          However again I would have to ask what makes it bland if you follow the comics and not add ‘twist’? What is not epic about the history of Amazons in the comics with the Greek mythology? What is not epic about some of the origins of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman? What is not epic about the history of the New Gods/Darkseid? What is not epic about Martian Manhunter and his lineage?

          More plausible got thrown out the window when you had aliens. I find it more plausible that there are other branches of aliens and mythical beings etc. then one created all (or most) when speaking to a comic book movie based on fantasy. It is just now that our eyes (the general public in the movies) are being shown what has probably been going on for years….. (GOVERNMENT COVER UPS!!!!! :D )

          Not to laud Marvel/Disney or even compare but the explanation of the nine realms is fairly decent. While I would not want that same explanation for DC at least they show a separation of some of the more powerful beings (at this time) in the known universe.

          Separation is always key. To tie most of your more powerful entities back to the same lineage is (mongoose) as others have pointed out pretty lazy, cheap and easy.

          Truly epic and unique would be being able to cohesively tie your universe from the books into a world on film. Keeping change to a bare minimum.

          To me that would be epic. Bring me the stories that have evolved these comic book creations to more then just characters in a ‘funny book’. Use what has been successful in the books for generations and put it on the big screen.

          THAT would be epic.

          I always go back to Tommy Lee talking to Will Smith on the bench in the first MiB:

          A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.

          I think of that every time someone wants to bring plausible and real into a comic book movie.

          • The tone that you seem to want is something that isn’t currently being pursued, far as i can tell anyways. The films will never be the comics. Marvel has done a good job, but they had the advantage of having their core mythos drawn up much later than DC. You can see the differences in every origin. DC isn’t Marvel and Marvel isn’t DC.

            Martian Manhunter would be the same. I never said all aliens are kryptonians. I am talking about the remnants/lost colonies/new empires and the aftermath of the a Kryptonian empire. Think of the Fall of Rome. It is silly to think that a Kryptonian empire would not have had an effect on galactic history and development. MOS was Sci-fi, Bats vs Supes is a MOS sequel, why wouldn’t it be Sci-fi?

            There is nothing easy about change, easy is doing nothing new.

        • So you would have WW, Aquaman and Darkseid came from Krypton. So do the Guardians of OA come from Krypton too. What about the Martian manhunter?

          No offence but that’s a bad idea and it would be attacked by critics and the general public wouldn’t accept it IMO. Everything can’t come from Krypton. Then where did the Thangarians come from? Its just lazy writing and it doesn’t really fit. And @Tyler is right they crashed on Earth they didn’t make a colony.

          • No Guardians pre-date everyone, they are the Guardians. I assume Sector 2814 includes Earth, Krypton, Apokolips. GL movie to a bad job with scope. Thangarians would be Thangarians, etc. I am saying that the Amazonians, the ruling elite of Apokolips, and possibly the Atlantians would all share a kryptonian heritage that diverged 50,000 to 20,000 years ago. I think that is interesting and I’d like to see it done.

            Yes, I think that a shared history between Superman, WW and Darkseid makes sense and could add something rather than take away.

            • As a story I can see it. As a conversion of characters that have been around for awhile I can not…..

              I mean I see/hear what you are saying and understand the concept I just dont know why that would be a good idea…. (does that make sense?)

              I mean Doomsday is part of Kryptonian history, the last villains Supes fought are from Krypton, to have others be part of the lineage of Krypton seems to over do it. Instead of appearing to expand on the universe it appears it is shrinking.

              I really HOPE they are pursuing my tone (within reason). As stated before (other threads?) you can be unbelievable (magic, aliens, gods, sea creatures, etc.) and still have great down to earth stories that are serious in tone. Characters do not have to be ‘real’ to be great.

              I could sit through a Batman movie with The Riddler and not need to laugh once. There was a story where he had Batman perform a tracheotomy on a baby and a few other things.

              I guess what Im saying is they can be unbelievable but still epic, serious, heart wrenching, etc.

              Of course a Plastic Man movie is another question… :D

  25. Just throwin this out there, but the clay baby origins mentioned in the article that have held true for years were revealed to have been a lie told to everyone by Hippolyta to cover up her affair with Zeus in the new continuity. Now, Greek gods may also be too much for the general audiences to handle. “What? I though this was supposed to realistic. How are Greek gods real?” You’re watching a movie about a flying super strong alien and a guy who fights crime dressed as a bat…tell me, where was your confusion about the word ‘fiction’ exactly? Anyway, it wouldn’t be too “unrealistic” to do the same thing to the Greek gods that Marvel did to the Norse gods in Thor which is to have them exist somewhere between aliens and extra-dimensional beings. General audiences could handle that and it wouldn’t detract from the canon.

    • Best way to explain WW and her lore is to make them Ancient Kryptonians with divergent evolution and culture.

      • I agree.

  26. Snyder has a record of not being able to make hit movies..except for 300 which was good not great.man of steel was a hit because of Snyder’s action scenes and the help of Boland writing..of course synder scraped some of nolans story..and for that it under performed..I still loved the

    • (rolls eyes)
      yeah cuz nolans perfect

  27. In every era most superheroes and villains origin stories have changed through the golden,silver and bronze ages up until now. For all you people who are so cold die hard comic book fans you know nothing. If the Kryptonians have been here for 20,000 years and been advanced super aliens i think they would of come into contact with the greek gods of mythology, so in other words it’s not that bad of an idea is it?!!!

    • Exactly.

      The new 52 didn’t do enough to modernize imo. DC needs to think outside the box.

      What makes more sense for this franchise? Introducing the New Gods and Greek Gods as separate or tying them together through Kryptonian heritage? Heck, it would even improve upon Aquaman.

      • Aquaman is descended from a group of human test subjects of the Ancient Kryptonians. Atlantis was one of their off-world capitols.


        Aquaman is from a ancient kryptonian and humans, that is where his powers come from.

        Either way makes way more sense.

    • @ Ryan E H
      Your argument is invalid because you mistook “would’ve” which is a contraction of “would” and “have” for something that means nothing which is “would of.” I think you’ve shown that you know less than those “cold die hard comic book fans” you chastise.

      • So you understood what I ment!
        I hope you see this because you basically said my comment is invalid because I have bad grammar but the only thing that matters is what I said is fact. So if your argument is the grammar then your comment to me is invalid and I actually laughed when I read your comment, it has nothing to do with the discussion on the film it was just a pointless attack.

        If my grammar or spelling isn’t good enough again I’m sorry.

  28. (1) I do not read any of these quotes as definitive evidence of anything. Maybe this tells us that Wonder Woman’s origins will not be explored in this film, but it does not tell us what they are…or even definitively what they are not.

    (2) I think that the Kryptonian angle on the Amazons is a very good idea, and should be used. That’s just me, though.

  29. Nolan is not perfect. But his history in making films r very good.the batman films…inception..coproduced man of steel..his first movie was a b rated movie. That was nominated for 5 Oscars and was a hit..