Wonder Woman Will NOT Be Kryptonian in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Wonder Woman Not Kryptonian in Batman vs Superman Wonder Woman Will NOT Be Kryptonian in Batman vs. Superman

In the time since Batman vs. Superman was announced at SDCC 2013, there have been all manner of inane rumors about the film and only a small number of actual studio announcements (e.g. Ben Affleck is Batman, Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman).

Most recently, a number of blogs reported on rumors regarding which superheroes/villains may or may not show up in the sequel to Man of Steel, along with speculation that Wonder Woman herself (and the Amazons) might be descended from Kryptonians that settled Earth thousands of years ago. Because the “speculation” was sandwiched between the “rumors,” many mistook the latter for the former.

Well, good news, everyone – Wonder Woman will almost certainly not be Kryptonian. (She will, on the other hand, be wearing armor.)

According to Badass Digest:

“Yesterday a rumor blazed across the internet, and it turns out it was the first bullshit movie rumor of 2014 – that Wonder Woman in ‘Batman vs Superman’ would be Kryptonian. Everybody got mildly irritated. But it turns out they didn’t have to be – multiple sources are telling me that this concept for Wonder Woman’s origin is not going to be used in the film.”

For what it’s worth, Bill Ramey of Batman on Film – who supplied the rumors/speculation – wrote this today:

“Apparently, several outlets picked up on what I wrote in the mailbag below – especially my take on how Amazons might be explained in ‘Batman vs. Superman’ – and claimed that I was reporting it as fact and/or that it was a ‘rumor’ I had heard.  They. Are. All. WRONG.

“It’s nothing more than me guessing how Goyer and Snyder might characterize Wonder Woman and the origin of the Amazons. Carry on…”

Obviously, anytime it’s explicitly stated that the first big screen version of Wonder Woman won’t be a lesser version of Superman – with genetic ties and everything – it’s a good thing. So let’s all cheer and high-five and stuff.

Wonder Woman vs Supergirl Wonder Woman Will NOT Be Kryptonian in Batman vs. Superman

Of course, even if Amazons=Kryptonians is a terrible idea (in this writer’s opinion), it’s not a terrible theory – it’s easy to see why filmmakers looking for a more realistic take on a very unrealistic character like Wonder Woman (clay baby origins aside) might want to tie her to the already established otherworldly origins of their lone superpowered superhero who’s ever been a hit at the box office. Not that that makes it right – it’s just easy to understand.

This whole thing reiterates how tenuous all these superhero movie rumors are. We went through a similar swath of nonsense during the Christopher Nolan days (Johnny Depp/The Riddler, Angelina Jolie/Catwoman, Bob Hoskins/Penguin, Robin Williams/Hugo Strange, et cetera). Nearly every single crazy rumor turned out to be false. The official announcements provided the real information, and the biggest scoops came from set photos well after production began.

While speculation and the discussion of these rumors is always interesting, entertaining, and worthwhile – again, in this writer’s opinion – it’s important to do so with a massive, moon-sized grain of salt in-hand. After all, the biggest reveal about Batman vs. Superman so far – Batfleck! – had zero rumors to go with it.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you happy to know that Wonder Woman will not be a pseudo-Kryptonian in Batman vs. Superman? Drop us a line in the comments.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman hits theaters July 17th, 2015.

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Sources: Badass Digest, Batman on Film

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  1. So a non-official site can officially debunk a non-official site?


    • Okay I am VERY happy that Wonder Woman will not be Kryptonian. I don’t mean any offense…but this whole idea, in my opinion, is stupid. And would ruin the character for next generations.
      I don’t care what any producer, script writer, film company big wigs, etc say. Doing this would be so dumb! Wonder WOman, if people would take the damn time to read her origins(which I know that you are aware of) knows that she is an AMAZON. And that she, Diana, is more gifted than the other Amazons on her island. She is stronger, faster, smarter, etc. than the others. That is the whole reason why her mother did not want her to participate in the tournament to become Wonder Woman. She was gifted by the Gods. Why is that such a off the wall concept for people to accept?
      I didn’t catch this but a friend told me that in the Marvel movies Thor is an alien…WTF? I am sorry but totally recreating the origin of the first female super hero just because couldn’t handle it is wrong. Leave WW along and give her the respect that DC and movie producers obviously do not have for her!

  2. Just pit balling here but, this is why Wonder Woman should be Kryptonian:

    #1 She will not be Kryptonian per se, she will be the descendant of ancient Kryptonians, perhaps even a rebel faction that choose natural births and intermarried with humans. Anyone else remember the stories of Zeus from Greek Mythology? This would also set-up more backstory. Was a rebellion on Earth or Apokolips the reason for Krypton to withdraw for it’s galactic empire?

    #2 It makes the new film universe more sci-fi and less fantasy. It also removes the capitol G from the Greek gods. The myths become a form of sci-fi pre-history of Earth.

    #3 It will give a universal mcguffin for super powers that otherwise will be lacking. Not all the JLA will be Kryptonian powered, but several could be in various ways and it would add depth to that shared lore. For example, Darksied and the ruling elite of Apokolips could be another divergent evolution of ancient Kryptonians, one which evolved over countless millennia on a harsh unforgiving world filled with terrifying technology designed to repress and subdue a slave empire. A place where cloning and manipulating genetics are taken to a horrifying facist reality. A version of what Krypton could have become if it choose a different path.

    #4 Atlantis and Paradise Island would have backstorys which synch-up with everything else and provide, more backstory to explore. Aquaman could be updated and still have the majority of his origin intact, no power changes would be necessary. There are several ways to explain his powers and uniqueness.

    #5 Leaves more room for plot and characters to be developed if the backstorys have a shared continuity.

    #6 Darkseid invading Earth becomes inevitable and makes perfect sense.

    #7 Lex Luthor could become a pro-human villain/terrorist mastermind. It would give him a motivation and more importantly it would give those willing to join him motivation aside from money or power. Once Darkseid invades, then you can do team up to fight greater evil and go on from there.

    #8 WW= Artemis or Athena, Aquaman= Poseidon, Flash=Hermes, Superman=Zeus and/or Apollo, Darkseid=Hades, Cyborg= Hephaestus if he is Kryptonian tech cyborg or end if not, making Kryptonian ancestry tied with Greek myths just works with the JLA.

    • And thus center the entirety of the DCU around Kryptonians, essentially robbing most of the characters of their individuality. I would go point by point and poke holes into all of these but frankly I don’t have the time. I will just say that having a portion of the DCU characters trace their roots to Krypton would be like painting a massive canvas with different shades of red. It might look cool in a certain light, show the depth of the color, but I think we all know that paintings are better with a larger palette. The same goes for these combined universes. Making them Kryptonian would make a lot of the a story one dimensional and would be just another humans vs. aliens story that we’ve all seen dozens of times. The beauty of these comic book universes is that they are not limited to sci fi. They incorporate elements of fantasy, sci fi, history, and a plethora of other story telling mediums. Your idea would limit the DCU to sci fi and that’s rather narrow sighted. I hope they don’t go with anything close to your idea because I’d like to see a DCU as rich as the comics. It is fiction after all. It’s ok if things are unbelievable. They’re not real to begin with.

      • I agree, it is fiction. I am stating my support for a SCI-FI themed MOS sequel. These films will all be tied to Superman and Krypton, that is clear. Superman is the keystone.

        The comics and the cartoons are far better mediums to do explore every backstory. The films are not suited for it. Comics are different than films, different restrictions.

        • Well that just illustrates your lack of ability to imagine beyond the sci fi angle. Not ALL the films will be tied to Superman. He’s part of an EXPANDED universe and just so happens to have been the first film. There will be (hopefully) other solo films of which he will not be a part and writers and directors should not be forced to limit those other characters and their stories to a single Superman facet. Audiences will get bored with the same “because Superman…” line in every DCU movie to explain whatever is going on and it will become increasing difficult to come up with unique stories. Enjoy your sci fi movies, I want something more than that.

          • I am not limiting my scope due to lack of imagination. I am limiting my scope to the medium at hand. DC needs to enhance contrast with Marvel on screen imo.

            How many films do you think will be made with this core cast and creative vision? 3 more, 5 more, 7 more?

            The way I view the films is that they are like DC Elseworlds, not new canon. Nolan’s Batman did not represent the breadth of what Batman is in the comics and for good reason. It wasn’t perfect, but it is a really good film trilogy and far better than any previous versions.

    • I still think in the long run it would be better to tie the Greek Gods to Darkseid and the other New Gods than it is to Krypton.

    • I totally agree. One of the problems of DC is their inconsistency in their origin universe.

      Also there is the major problem of costumes. Lets face it dressing up in a costume in real life to fight crime is just weird. It works in comics but in the real world it is strange. There could be a reason for Superman and Kryptonians need to wear their apparel no matter what mutated form they take. This would simplify things. And we would need to expalin why each one needs to wear a costume.

  3. What if “Hera” has been a slight mis-translation this whole time and its actually pronounced “Kara.” ;)

    ^^^ That’s a freebie for anyone who wants it!


    • haha. very clever. As much as I don’t like the Kryptonian idea, this deserves props.

    • According to the Man of Steel prequel comic: Kara Zor-El is the ancient relative of Kal-El and the only survivour of the Kryptonian ship that crash landed on Earth thousands of years ago – remember the open stasis pod? Her being the founder of the Amazons seems like a good fit and would explain Wonder Woman’s (her descendent) powers.

  4. Thanks… With this “news” I see no need to respond to any speculation stories going forward. What colossal waste of time it has been for everyone offering opinions about the bags of hot bullsh*t we’ve been reading on this site in the past week. :-(

  5. So this note is official… right?

    • I don’t think anything beyond Wonder Woman being cast is official. It is all just rumor and speculation.

  6. Wonder Woman not kryptonian?? who would’ve thought???

    Whilst many may think that all these rumours are good for maintaining buzz, they may actually hurt this Justice League prequel.

    It seems there’s a different rumour every other day and it’s just getting tiresome , the more ridiculous the story gets.

    Notice how we don’t nearly hear half as much for Age of Ultron. There seems a quiet confidence there. Like there’s no need to create attention through non sense rumours as the movie will gross $2 billion worldwide anyway.

    • Avengers: Age of Ultron will not gross $2 Billion, it’s already found it’s audience. There were tons of rumors about the first Avengers because it was something new and groundbreaking, actually bringing all of these heroes together for this movie, in this case it’s the first Superman/Batman movie so of course rumors will come out a lot and its right around the time filming begins so expect even more. We already know a lot about Avengers: Age of Ultron too so rumors aren’t going to be coming out of the wazoo like this movie.And this is not a JL prequel it’s just a World-Builder for other movies which includes JL

      • @Joshua

        Given the major grosses of Iron Man and Thor last year and the familiarity of the Marvel brand with audiences, plus the goodwill gained from the first movie, i think a $2 billion gross is near enough a sure thing. Audiences know what they’re getting and that they’ll like it which is a great recipe for success.

        Now there isn’t the same build up or anticipation for what DC are trying to deliver. It’s all happening too fast for people any news that comes out is met with negativity mostly.

        And make no mistake, If Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are all in, then it’s a Justice League movie, full stop.

  7. They are probably going to make the ancient Kryptonians be the ancient aliens/gods that created the hybrid species of being known as the Amazons instead of it being the Greek gods. NO big deal. I do like the armor better than tights and makes more sense for an Amazonian warrior.

  8. “Obviously, anytime it’s explicitly stated that the first big screen version of Wonder Woman won’t be a lesser version of Superman – with genetic ties and everything – it’s a good thing.”

    Just because someone is a half-blood does not make him or her a lesser version of a pure blood.

    Eh, it could have been good. But no, having sensible connections between characters within the universe is not gonna fly. Let’s at least hope the whole Olympian pantheon is just another version of Asgardians and not actual deities.

    • So, you object to half-elves? Wonder Woman could be a clone, then she could stay full Kryptonian, still Sci-fi. Less interesting, but safer I suppose.

      As too just doing what Marvel did with the Asgardians, I think that is a mistake. It works for the comics, but it makes no sense on film imo. I think copying Marvel is a mistake, it would be better for the future JLA franchise to look and feel different than the Avengers.

      Anyways, it will be interesting to see how it is done.

      • Never go full Kryptonian.

  9. Faora was the first Kryptonian that Jor-El banished her and Zod to the Phantom Zone, then Kara came last and she is a relative to Superman, who survive from the holocaust of Krypton’s core. Can’t tell the difference between the Woman of Steel as Superwoman. I heard a lot of Women don’t understand why Wonder Woman isn’t related to Superman. But she isn’t. But also Power Girl is also the 2nd Cousin of Superman who also survive from the same fate like his cousin ?

    In the DC Universe Superman has 2 cousins 1st was Kara from Argo City and the 2nd she is Kara from the Earth-2 series, She is a lot different than Superman.

    She has the same name Kara Zor-El & Kara Zor-L. In 1985, the Cousins died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, and after Helen Slater starred as Kara Zor-El in the 1984 “SUPERGIRL” movie.

  10. Yes its true, her power levels are quite on par with superman but making her kryptonian undermines the uniqueness of her creation. She comes from an island of women that hate men and she reveres the common trope that women have a better view of the world than men. Plus she has a lasso of truth, which is friggin awesome and turning her into superman’s race defiles everything kool about her right down to the lasso.

    • Defiles? Seriously?

      If you are a comics fan then you know there have been many versions of all major super-heroes. WW in the comics today has very little in common with the original run. Things change and film isn’t the same medium as comics or even serialized tv.

      Kryptonians can clone. There are numerous ways to explain the connections to Krypton and still keep the Amazon lore intact and even add to it.

      • Its simply not happening…
        This will not be a sci-fi movie.
        I’m sure making WW kryptonian would have tied a lot of this together. Making Aquaman Kryptonian…sure..why not?

        But there’s simply no damn need for any of this sci-fi crap.

        Magic is going to be in the DC Movie Universe anyways with JL Dark And Constantine being developed. So if they’re all ready going for the fantastical elements…why change Wonder Woman’s Origins?
        Another problem, it would piss of tons of Wonder Woman fans….Another problem, Superman and Wonder Woman would be genetically related….Another problem, Superman is no longer the Last Son of Krypton…bunch of other Kryptonians to hang out with on Thymescara..Another problem, Its unnecessary…and changes the character.

        I’m glad this rumor was debunked. This shows the writers are willing to take risks in order to stay true to the character. To have the origin story, and to find some way to portray it convincingly. Not to take the most convenient rout…
        So…let go…

        • Those films being developed are also rumors and not even in pre-production. Whatever the next film is or is not is a matter of debate until the facts are established by the filmmakers.

          Tell you what, why don’t you give yourself a time-out and stop ordering people about what they can post. Seriously, calm down this is a comment board.

  11. When will Superman vs. Batman be released ?

    • July 17, 2015

  12. I prefer if the amazonians were extraterrestrials similar to the Kryptonians. Their religion forbids them from intervening in human affairs unless a non-human entity threatens humanity.

    The events of Man of Steel compel WW and her amazonians to come to Earth and attack Superman. But when the Earth’s military engage the amazonians Batman and Lex decide to help Superman fight her. Ultimately Batman will turn on Superman when the opportunity is there.

  13. I’ll be satisfied when I see the costume. If not satisfied overwhelmingly P’D OFF!!!!!!I don’t wanna see pants, neck chokers, and blue/black boots. Just give us our Wonder Woman in the old red, white and blue like she was created. Why is that so much to ask?????? Armour? Fine. Just give us her real look as everyone knows her in at some point in the film. Any point. And can this New 52 crap be flushed down a toilet anytime soon? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Do you like superman’s new look?

  14. Let me say that I HATE what DC has done with WW in the new 52. They completely made the Amazons irrelevant imho. That aspect was so important to her personality development. Plus the whole seducing men and them killing them thing makes them look like total hypocrites. I prefer old school WW.

    I don’t understand why some people feel the Amazons have to be descendants of Krypton. I understand an alien spin on her character would be easier. However, MUST WW be related to Superman to be relevant in the JL universe? I don’t think so. If they want to steal Kara’s storyline they should just go with Supergirl instead of WW.

    Have her with alien roots? Fine.

    Have the Olympians be aliens that travelled the galaxy looking for another world to rule after their battle with the Titans. They find Earth before the dawn of man. They usher mankind through evolution and are celebrated as gods. Then, include the story of the Amazons and how they were betrayed by Ares. I’d make the Amazons human though. After the Amazons break free, the gods interfere. In exchange for not killing Ares, they offer the women immortality and god-like powers. They also agree to no longer interfere in man’s affairs and promise the Amazons they will live in peace and seclusion for eternity. The Amazons are given some sort of technology to hide their island from sight. They just have to guard Ares.


    • I see no problem with your idea. But the is most people are against the kyrptonian angle. But I think your angle is off too.

      What I can see is that the greek gods are decendents of some ancient alien culture that granted them there gifts and immortality. In order to replace the god one must kill said god. The amazons raping men is a spin on dominating men. One way many men try to dominate women is sexually…also were you thinking all amazons were emaculate conception? They take the woman and the men are left to die and fend for themselves. Its cold but it is the amazon way. Maybe these gods met these kyrptonians….maybe that meeting inspired the amanzons to rebel against men. It changes little to nothing of her past or her character.

      In fact if we had ares train her in war like in new 52 we could have an interesting love hate relationship between the two. She fights him to protect others and yet is sad to see her mentor acting this way. That is the beauty of ww her character can be swung in different ways and it has in the comics.

      I hope she has a spin off. It will be epic.

      • I understand your point. I just don’t think the Amazon/WW backstory NEEDS to be influenced by Superman’s ancestors in order to be relevant. Maybe the gods inspired them. Why Krpytonians? Kryptonians could work. But why? There are other options.

        As far as immaculate conception goes, I imagine an entire civilization of Amazon women were enslaved. Then, add babies conceived by force. When they were liberated and left to their own devices you’d have hundreds of thousands-if not millions- of women on Themyscira. IMO, they wouldn’t need to replenish their population.

  15. Uh If this rumor was true Warner Bros. certainly dodged the bullet as fans, nerds, and geeks the world over would have revolted had she been anything other than the Amazon Princess. They need to stop messing with the origins of the characters and just flesh them out from the copious amounts of material they already have. If is not broke then it does not need fixin.

    • Dodged a bullet, how so?

      The majority of people who post are people with something negative to say. This is true on most subjects on any board.

      This rumor/non-rumor may be nothing or it may be a hint at what is to come. I can guarantee many will be displeased if they project their favorite version as the only true version.

      Speaking for myself, I am a huge Batman fan comics, tv, film whatever and I have seen all this agony over nothing many times. Batman and Robin was the only real disappointment because it was a truly terrible. If the JLA makes it on the big screen it will be worth watching.

  16. I’m glad this rumor wasn’t true. Making WW and all other heroes related to Krypton is not a good idea.It can be alien if it has to but not Krypton. Don’t put the DC universe in a small box like that.

    The reason you add super heroes to a movie like this so their fans will come out. If you change their origins to much they won’t like it and not show up. This film will have Superman fans, Batman fans, and Wonder Woman fans in the same movie theater. That’s what WB/Dc wants, they don’t want to alienate any of the fans because that’s who will be buying tickets.

    And when they make Justice League you can add Flash, GL ,Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman fans to the list. And even Cyborg. I still want to see who all the villains are Im kind of sure it Lex Luthor and Doomsday. But who knows

    I can’t wait for this movie 2015 can’t come soon enough.

  17. But her costume and armor needs to be specific to amazonisns… She is not an American like so many people forget. And I think the new 52 got the whole seducing men to kill from supernatural

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  19. You know, it’s kind of funny how some people whine and complain about a possible Kryptonian heritage used to explain Wonder Woman’s powers and abilities in this more grounded take in making a DC cinematic universe (which is ironic given the events revealed in the MOS prequel comic). Yet those same complainers offer little to no alternative ideas and are quick to forget that similar changes were made to the character Thor and similar complaints were made about the changes until we were all shown how those changes could be made to work and work well they did for the most part. Given how the film makers are trying to go for a more grounded and approachable take on the DC cinematic universe (and to a lesser extent the Marvel) we should be expecting some changes whether we like it or not. Our focus should concentrate instead on whether or not said changes work within the context of the shared cinematic universe they are creating. Maybe my viewpoints are too rational and sensible for some out there but I hope that helps to calm and reason with those out there who may have issues with changes being made.

  20. I’m so happy WW isn’t kryptonian,The trimuvirate of Dc should be kept as it is, Genetics,Tech and magic.While tying kryptonians to the greek gods sounds coll, it kills off my child hood and the nostalgia.People like blackAdam can’t fit in this kryptonian-greek gods thing because of their entirely magical backstories which makds me wonder if BA and shazam where going ti be forgotten (Horrid thought)

  21. Although that would be cool and would be nice, I’m afraid that it wouldn’t work with what DC is trying to do. Read my above post for details.

  22. And here: http://www.batman-on-film.com/opinion_the-WW-hypothesis-that-caused_byJett_1-10-14.html

    If my previous post above makes too much sense.

  23. In the other hand, Amazons could be half-kryptonian; back in ancient greece, kryptonians (identified as a Greek God) could have had affairs with amazons and then that would explain the existance of half-gods (half-kryptonians) like Hercules. Then several years later, Wonder Woman is born. That could also explained why she hasn’t all Superman powers like heat vision.

    • Thank you! Which is exactly what I and many others were trying to drive at. A lot of people try hard NOT to read and think before going off into fanboy (or girl) tangents.

  24. You could make Wonder Woman a Klingon the movie’s still gonna suck

    • Or you could try to do something different and maybe wait ’till the movie is actually out before passing judgement on it. If not then by all means continue to make uniformed comments.

  25. Thor is an alien. Greyskull isn’t from earth. Hense, the two are Aliens. As for the Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman trio will simply make the movie that much more intriguing. For those of you who plan on comparing Marvel versus D.C. is a poor use of time. Personally all of these hero-type movies are going to be spectacular. Warner Brothers (D.C. Comics) and Marvel (Disney) will spare no expense and so much goes into these exorbitantly funded productions – we will be in awe. Instead of all the ‘trippin” why not relax and enjoy the show. Marvel has exceded expectations with a super hero team production and I expect great things from the Man of Steel 2 production. Obsessed over Wonder Woman and have been for over 35 years, I am giddy for the 3 movies Wonder Woman will appear or be featured on the big screen. Excitement is what I feel because this movie is in the hands of the ideal production team coupled with great financial backing. If it’s not I won’t be so adversely affected that my life and the Universe as I know it won’t even be nearly crushed as some people lead on. Stay Calm and Bring it On!!!

  26. Wonder Woman is pretty much an inferior Superman not as fast or as strong but still powerful so her being Kryptonian decended isnt far fetched im very glad this wont be the case though I’d much rather them stick to the proper mythology does anyone know if she can actually fly btw ? in some incarnations she can in others she cant whats the real deal with that ? lol

  27. I do like the Amazonian’s, and WW, decent-of-Gods origin better than that Kryptonion theory. But that origin story is a hard one to pull of. T not onlyo get it right, but beliviable for a live action film. But hey, I loved Goyer’s take on Supes’ origin, so I am excited to see how they handel it.

  28. Who wants to see Superboy appear in Superman Vs Batman movie? Comment below about this Movie Trailer and your thoughts Here the link of superboy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE5ckRgxbHg

  29. As a Fourty year fan Wonder Woman and dc comic reader Linda Carter portraiture of said icon was and is the truest form of female hero with qualities of care responsibilities moral fortitude and with the guardianship passed on to gal gadot I am sure she will hold those same values to heart and soul of the character the krypton origion to her character could work but it is always best to keep to cannon lore for the reboot care and due diligence is require of modern day script writers not to defame the nuances within the bounds of contempary updating of society and techknowlegy remember to keep true the hounour of the original authors intent and direction keep blance wonderwomans character true non of this political correct lobby groups tie into it for haras sake your goups spoil the simple pleasures in life for every one on the planet I want to sit down to a movie with my husband with my sons and have an escape from the realworld and esape tho a wonder superland of adventure and action and a visual expireance thankyou for the time in reading my comments wishing you all good reading and health S*E*G*A