‘Batman vs. Superman’ Costume Designer Talks ‘Relevant’ Wonder Woman

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Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman may have been pushed back to a 2016 release, but that doesn’t mean we’re about to stop talking about it. The most recent updates have been mainly rumors: Will traditional Justice League member Cyborg appear? Could the Batsuit reveal be coming soon?

The various rumors surrounding the new look of Ben Affleck’s Batman include the possibility of at least two suits, with the design’s inspiration said to be based on any number of different incarnations of the Dark Knight. We also know that Superman’s suit is being re-designed, but we haven’t heard about the look of our new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot.

The film’s costume designer, Michael Wilkinson (Academy Award nominee for American Hustle) spoke to The Wrap (via CBM) at their pre-Oscar party about his approach to the new looks for DC’s Big Three superheroes. You can watch the full video above.

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story Batman vs. Superman Costume Designer Talks Relevant Wonder Woman

Wilkinson confirmed that he designed the new Batsuit, along with Superman and Wonder Woman’s outfits – and when told about the positive early responses, he said:

“I’m designing the new Wonder Woman costume, I’m tweaking the Superman suit. So yeah – I’m glad [to be hearing] good buzz about it.”

Wilkinson was asked about his approach to such an iconic character, and said:

“It’s a thrilling and slightly scary prospect of course. It’s so important to get her right. She really deserves to be presented onscreen in her full glory, so what I do is look at the history of the character has been presented on the big screen, small screen, comic books, and graphic novels; we process it all. Then we kind of put that aside and work out what is right for our film, for the cinematic universe that our director Zack Snyder is putting together. We try to create a Wonder Woman relevant for today’s audiences.”

A “relevant” Wonder Woman presumably means a character somehow in tune with more modern sensibilities about who the character is and what her motivations are, along with what she wears. Given the explainable, functional nature of Superman’s costume in Man of Steel, it stands to reason that the same approach has been applied to Wonder Woman.

Still, when asked if the Amazonian’s traditional armor design was still a practical choice, he replied “Absolutely!” Wilkinson elaborated:

“I mean, you just have to look at the Gladiators from ancient Rome, they did their thing… with the shield and everything. Yes, it works for ‘Thor’ and ‘300,’ so let’s see what happens.”

Various Wonder Woman Costumes Batman vs. Superman Costume Designer Talks Relevant Wonder Woman

The notion of putting Gal Gadot in a breastplate and skimpy unitard seems antithetical to providing fans with an updated Princess Diana, one of the very few prominent female comic book superheroes, who is finally coming to the big screen. The ongoing comic book movie boom itself has a dearth of women heroes, so many fans were hoping to see Wonder Woman as the badass she is, perhaps even a version close to the vengeful, bloodthirsty Queen of Themyscira who goes to war against Aquaman in the Flashpoint series.

We can only hope that Wilkinson and Snyder do their best give us a Wonder Woman the modern world needs and deserves, and move away from the pandering and somewhat exploitative approach which Wilkinson might be alluding to here. We’ll know for sure when the first look at Wonder Woman’s design hits the web.


Batman vs. Superman hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: The Wrap [via CBM]

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  1. I honestly hope that they don’t put her in something skimpy…There are too many movies and cartoons with women dressed skimpily…I don’t mind skin-tight, but if Superman can finally wear his underpants on the inside of the suit, maybe it’s time Wonder Woman got some pants…

    • I’m hoping they DO go skimpy so that when she finally sees the world outside Themyscira (which is female dominated and where skimpy clothing is seen as ok) and has men ogle her while she’s trying to save the world, they can introduce the long tights and a more conservative design for her next appearance.

      Sort of like she’s discovered misogyny for the first time and then does something about that, perhaps addressing a similar theme for the audience to think about as they watch.

      • VERY interesting, I had a thought similar to that a while back but you made it sound better typed than it ever did in my head, I really don’t want skimpy without purpose, that’s what power girl is for (I’m kidding).

      • In Themsyscira, I am doubting they would dress very “skimpy” as the norm. It was a male dominated world that created that look WW has.

        • Have you never been in a women’s sports locker room then?

          They’re extremely comfortable walking around in next to nothing or lounging in nothing at all when it’s just them in there with no males around. I know this from several women telling me so.

          Your opinion is valid in a sense but lacks a lot of knowledge to really come close to being valid in light of my comment. It’d be like me trying to talk about the inner workings of a car despite knowing nothing about cars.

          • But Dazz, you’re talking about female locker room experiences despite not being a female…

            • +1

            • I agree with him though (as a female) If you’re comfortable with the other girls you don’t worry as much about the skimpiness, but maybe that’s a generational and cultural thing. But, I feel like from what I know about Wonder Woman and where she’s from I think they’d go for that. And isn’t she supposed to be an amazon, I thought it was a matriarchal society? Anyways I like the idea of her having to add tights and stuff from misogyny but i feel like that’s counterproductive wouldn’t that suggest she’s just giving in. Shouldn’t she be proud to wear the skimpy costume if she’s not ashamed and doesn’t see the need to give into the misogyny.

      • That’s sociologically interesting, for sure, but seems like it might be a bit of a tangent from the story. But who knows – that’s certainly not a bad idea.

      • That would actually be a great way to approach the outfit. It is even arguably feminist because she wouldn’t see her body as a sexual object but a weapon.

      • That sounds like a bad comedy sketch. A woman runs around in a gaudy bustier that mashes her breasts up, high-heeled boots and a bikini bottom. And when people inevitably stare at her in her ludicrous attention-grabbing outfit she complains that they’re being “sexist pervs” and insists that she’s only wearing the bustier and thigh-highs for her own “personal comfort”.

        • In 1940 when Wonder Woman was created the heart shape top was hottest fashion for the summer. the parents did not viewed Wonder Woman as an adult comic book but for children…believe it or not. Nor was it a a bustier.

          Rumors Warner Brothers is planning to make Batman vs Superman a comedy…Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

    • Yes, she can have some pants…made of black fishnet like she thinks she’s Black Canary or somebody! Whirl that magic lasso, baby!

      • 😐


      • william Moulton Marston the created did not Wonder Woman to wear obvious fishnet stockings or heavy stockings…why did not want the readers view her as an dancer…but a Athlete, a Gymnast.

        The Actress who is Gal Gadot will wear stockings to protect her legs if she were to fall on hard pavement….stockings are so heavy made that she will not feel the burn or tear the stockings or bruise her legs…Lynda Carter had to wear them also in ABC and CBS TV Wonder Woman series.

    • That’s what they tried to do with the NBC tv show and when the pictures came out the internet screamed in horror saying , pants ? Wonder Woman wears no pants or there is only one Wonder Woman Linda Carter …smh sigh

      • it wasn’t the pants it was the children’s halloween costume quality of it that people were horrified at

      • It is film outside it is 30 degrees the actress is going to wear pants or be film inside and make appear to be outside..

        Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman did wear pants with the late Roy Rogers…reason it was unexpectedly cold outside 47 to 55 degrees…this is why she is wearing long sleeves also..They were film outside of Roger Roger’s Ranch.The Bushwhackers (29 January. 1977). It was producer and directors decision for Lynda Carter to wear long sleeves and pants not Roy Rogers…Roy Rogers was retired from acting…he had very little say even about his part…Reason he was on the show in the first place he was huge fan of Wonder Woman and huge fan of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman…he would buy Wonder Woman comic books 5000 to be distributed to various children’s hospitals so it would be free for children to read them and to take them home.

        Roy Rogers did not demand Lynda Carter is wear long sleeves and pants nor was he offended by her appearance…He worked with Jane Russell in the movie Son of Paleface in 1952 her heart shape top was much lower than Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. Jane Russel and Roy Rogers were both Christians and they would have a Bible study together.

      • Lynda Carter did wear pants and long sleeves in The Bushwackers on ABC Wonder Woman. It was not because of Roy Rogers….it was because it was chilly and cold outside…55 degrees January 29 1977. Director and Producers insisted she wear long sleeves and pants..red top and white pants to be exact.

  2. Well, I’ve always said that the one positive thing you can say about Zack Snyder movies is that he’s pretty good with costumes, visually speaking, much like Bay and Emmerich are with massive disasters.

  3. even though I do like her new52 costume very much I have to admit I was hoping for pants in this incarnation of the character. I am just hoping that the no pants looks good on screen and more importantly on Gadot she’s going to have to work those legs hard.

    Please don’t mess this up Michael!

  4. Perhaps a pant suit…Urgh

  5. gal gadot is a pretty woman no doubt but before i jump on her bandwagon where is the
    beef??? no nice round bottom, no top heavy, no large thighs. you put a skimpy outfit
    on this israeli chic and she will get laughed off the screen.

    • She kinda proves you don’t need all of that to be beautiful.

      I’m sure a lot of other women would love to know your idealistic view of what an attractive woman looks like is something they’d never achieve. Way to sound mysogynistic.

      Unless you’re over the age of 50, in which case, I apologise for your outdated views.

      • Never achieve?

        The look women will never achieve is the stick figure that populates fashion magazines. Women with curves are an entirely natural form that a majority of women achieve quite nicely.

        I don’t have an opinion on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, she’s a byline rather than a headline in Batman and Superman and I’ll go and see it anyway. Being raised on Linda Carter and comic books though, I have to agree that she lacks shape.

        • I wouldn’t mind seeing a buff woman about the size of Lucy Lawless/Xena but battle-scarred 😛

          • Lucy Lawless would have been prime for the role 20 years ago, but she would still make a good Hippolyta

        • And here we go with Linda Carter …smh

          • Well, she DID have two things going for her…

    • Weird. You act like only women who are built like Hulk Hogan are hot. I prefer some curves on my ladies but there are also multiple other body types right along with it. You’ve got to think outside of the single point of view in life.

      Gal Gadot is hot.

      • I don’t think he was saying Gal Godot isn’t hot.

        What he’s saying, is essentially, she doesn’t look the part. It would be like casting Will Smith as Superman. Good looking guy…but he doesn’t look like Superman.

        Not that I agree with him, but I think that’s where he was going with him.

  6. Pants. I think it could look really cool. Also, I heard an armor rumor a few months ago. I’d like to see that.

  7. “Then we kind of put that aside and work out what is right for our film, for the cinematic universe that our director Zack Snyder is putting together”

    That sounds a lot like “We do a few Google Image searches, then mostly ignore it”

    • Pulled that right out of your butt eh?

  8. Just lookin at that image of all the wws makes me shake my head, I hate the star spangly outfit, probably the biggest detriment to the character being taken seriously.
    Im for armor and kilt all the way!

    • Yeah, and the explanation for the stars – isn’t it the “wear the colors of the nation that you are visiting” thing? That element seems very outdated and hokey to me.

  9. 😐 Amazons are a greek mythology thing, Wilkinson, but I’ll let it slide.

    Personally, if we’re talking about the level of “skimpy-ness”, I hope they go with some greek armor thing, with a hoplite skirt and a really awesome breastplate with exposed arms and vambraces.

    But I always adore how wonder woman’s wardrobe invokes attacks from strangers in-universe and showed the stark differences between themyscira and our world; that wonder woman doesn’t give a crap about that and that she doesn’t change because of their negative opinions.

  10. I don’t have a problem with a “revealing” classical Greek armor look. That makes sense, and is functional in context. But the “swimsuit” look is unacceptable at this point, IMO. If she has a form-fitting, modern costume, it should absolutely include long pants/leggings, and no heels.

    If she is connected to ancient Kryptonians, if, then perhaps she can have a suit somewhat related to Superman’s. Or some derivative fusion of that technology with classical armor.

    Whatever she’s wearing, it needs to be functional first, and aesthetically attractive second.

    • ?You mean she can’t wear anything like the leather diapers in 300?

  11. Wonder Woman costume? She needs to sell skin!! BUT Oh wait a minute!…We are talking about Gal Gadot here!

    So, they need to cover her up. I dont wanna see her bones.

    • lmao.

  12. Gail doesn’t have the body to Rock WW traditional uniform….puts some pants on the suit.

    • That’s like saying the guy from the Machinist doesn’t have the body to be Batman hu?

      • Exactly, when Gadot was cast a WW they still had a good 3 months before production began, now that was before they decided to postpone filming. So that added more time for her to bulk up, all she needs to do is get as big as Jennifer Garner did for Electra

        • That is being too easy on her.
          She´ll get some muscles, but not enough.

  13. Perhaps and I think someone already hinted at this earlier.

    Upon leaving themyscira she is wearing the “traditional” skimpy outfit from the golden age after seeing the world around her she realises or perhaps Batman will comment on the fact it isnt practical.

    She has something new designed for her perhaps even batman has something fashioned for her and before people go NO NO Not a WW in a bat suit thats not what I mean. I am suggesting something that hints at her being the queen of the amazons yet is practical and could be seen in todays world/society without going “ooooooh, dribble B@@Bs”

  14. I like her current, armored look. the spandex bikini thing, while traditional since the 1940’s, is too silly for me

  15. I’d love to see some of their early sketches . Even the stuff that is winding up in the wastebasket. Be interesting just to see what concepts are being discarded.

  16. They managed to figure out workable Amazon costumes on the Xena television show. It does not seem like rocket science…..

    • Xena’s outfit had few advantages.
      #1 Not iconic as it had never existed before the show was created.
      #2 It is set within a time period where it didnt really stand out that much, not as much as WW would today.
      #3 Internet fandom in 2014 vs 1995

      • The term iconic gets thrown around a lot when talking about comic book characters and it might be relative to what audience you are talking about.

        The time period issue is valid, but since they are folding this in with the existing Superman narrative and other characters may be involved it might be safe to assume the society in this film have seen people in strange outfits.

        Internet fandom is a vocal minority, but they are still just a small fraction of people. Trying to cater to that fan base is a no-win situation that I doubt movie studios loose too much sleep worrying about.

        • Iconic in that people have a pre-determined image in their head. Many similarities between the versions of her outfit.

          Agreed, but it still has to exist in the modern world and not look ridiculous.

          Internet fans are whomever has free time to post and cares about a topic. I myself am a person with way too much free-time. My point is that in 1995 the internet wasn’t the same.

  17. People are worried about the way Gal Gadot looks, but my concern is her acting. Gadot was not good in Fast and Furious, she was very bland and unconvincing. I haven’t watched her in anything else so I’m not going to judge her chops completely, but I do hope she can actually convince the audience that she is THE Wonder Woman.

    • The FF movies isn’t exactly the best to show off “acting chops”, heck Henry Cavill was bland as Superman, ditto Chris Evans as Cap’t America and ScarJo as Black Widow and Renner as Hawkeye. You don’t need to have the acting skills of De Niro, DDL to play a superhero

      • In fact I would argue that you need more skills to play villians than Superheroes

      • Everybody you mentioned were at least convincing in their parts, and weren’t totally bland. Gal Gadot, like I said, I’m still skeptical if I can buy her as Wonder Woman. Keri Russell played an animated Wonder Woman, and she was great (a matter of fact she and the film were the best portrayal of Wonder Woman to date). It’s not about being Oscar worthy, but bringing believability to the role. Obviously I haven’t seen Gal Gadot in the role yet, which is why I’m still pondering.

        • Yes but its very different to be a voice actress than to portray the character in live action. For one the look comes in to play and we physically see mannerisms.

  18. Okay, this may be off the comment discussion but when did Cyborg become a mainstream JLA main character.? I may have been out of the scene for a minute. I use to read comics and watch Superfriends. I can’t remember him being anywhere?

    • Ever since the New 52 started back in 2011.

    • Okay, now I think something in form of Sif from Thor would work in some way. In the comics Thor is sleeveless. In the real people he has armor protecting his arms. So look for her gear to be in that wearable range. And with her being a smaller women she will need extra padding here and there.

      • Thor has armored sleeves in some incarnations of his costumes as well

  19. I know everybody is talking about Wonder Woman’s costume in the film, but it’s confirmed that the Superman costume will be tweaked. I wonder what will it look like… Bright blue suit? Red belt? The black Superman logo on the cape? I gots to know!!

    • They mentioned “minor tweaks” so I’m guessing red in the belt area and probably red cuffs and collar.

      These guys nailed the suit before I seriously doubt they’ll take steps backwards in regards to the modifications.

      I gots to know too!

    • Same but less “alien” if I’m not mistaken. Just subtle tweaks of that nature are app early of the order from other past section and interviews.

    • If it were me, I’d add on the Gold superman logo on the cape, similar to the earth 2 superman. Make the suit a little brighter so that it works fine opposite of batman’s suit and add the red belt.

  20. Badass? I likened her more to nothing more than a real ball-buster in Flashpoint. With that said, I think the outfit she rocked in WAR would be a great costume. It wasn’t overly revealing, looked both functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Maybe tone down the oddly patriotic-ness of the whole thing, but the overall design looked good, I think.

    Another outfit that looked good, was her Justice Lord costume. Justice Lord Wonder Woman was pretty awesome-looking, I think.

  21. There’s no way you can make her traditional outfit work today. It’s a g****** swimsuit and not a very practical one at that. It might be appropriate at a swimming pool, not when fighting cosmic evils.

    She needs proper full body armour. Anything else and she’ll end up being the laughing stock of the nascent DC filmverse.

    • Wonder Woman is supposed be in shorts and heart shape top it is practical.. unless the Director, producer and costume designer go to females’ gym class to change her costume to what women wear in gym class today in 2014 By the way sweat pants sweats tops were not worn in 1940.This outfit was not available for William Moulton Marston. Women back in the 1940 were wearing heart shape tops and shorts and culottes at gym classes…this is the look he wanted when the hospital staff see Wonder Woman while she is carrying Steve Trevor.

      Remember if Wonder Woman is walking around in heavy Greek Armor this would cause a riot from USA citizens or they thinks she is an actress in a Roman/Greek Movie..If she waving a sword or ax she is arrested for illegal weapons.

  22. I think the costume will be very similar to Sifs from Thor. Just keep the to half of the WW costume and have some kind of skirt and boots and I’m sure it will look awesome

    • Thought the same thing although I hope is not similar

    • The Sif Costume is Norse…not Greek.

  23. I for one hope they get as close to the original costume as possible.Wonder Woman is a character completely comfortable in her looks and confident in her appearance.

    Just wish it was one of Kelly Brook, Gina Carano, Taylor Cole or Olivia Munn instead of Gal Gadot.

    Just watched Fast & Furious 6 again and Carano is far more attractive than Gal for sure.

  24. I wouldn’t mind Wonder Woman having more than one costume. Let her have her armor, her traditional, and her new 52 look.

    I don’t know any females that just have one outfit they wear everyday.

    • as opposed to men who wear only one outfit every day? 😉

  25. I don’t think showing off skin really matters to someone who comes from a culture more ingrained by greek myth. i mean judeo christian values should not matter to her at all and that’s the only real reason out culture is offended by skin is judeo christian values

    • Yeah, because no other culture has ever been offended by naked skin. Never. Ever.

      It’s not about nudity. It’s about having a character not look like she dropped out of a Victoria’s Secret mag. It’s campy and pointless, especially in relation to the very modern designs of recent Superman and Batman costumes.

      • yes, but the Greeks are not that culture. artwork and documentation of the time is peppered with nudity. clothing was revealing, especially in the summer, they didn’t have A/C.

    • Muslims are also offended….

  26. I think there should be a transition of clothing through the movie. Let start out with the hardcore Amazonian Armor (Practically Gladiator wear),then when she makes it off the Island give her armor that is like pays respect to the CLASSIC costume she wore in her first comic, and when it comes down to the final conflict of the film give her a costume that looks like her New 52 outfit (Just making it More armory than tights).

    This way Past and Present Wonder Woman fans won’t kill each other over continuity of character costumes.

    • I really don’t see the difference between the classic and new 52 armor besides the gold trim vs silver trim. Really all they emphasize in New 52 is that heroes aren’t wearing costumes, they’re wearing decorated armor. That should be the story behind WW’s outfit in the film, its Decorated Amor, as the colors and whatnot, pass it off as being a symbol of her greek/Amazonian heritage, in comic lore she was made from clay and then retconned to being Zeus’s daughter, so colorful armor is something she can get away with.

    • Gladiators were male slaves or runaway slaves or murders they were going to fight to the death.Female Gladiators were there but they were runaway slaves or murders…they were going to die for their crimes…Armor was extra heavy and sword was a dull blade.

      Greek Amazons who visited Rome in the Roman Coliseum were nude, competition with the Roman women warriors, they were dressed as a female Roman centurion. Greek Amazons were not Gladiators. The Roman women warriors were not Gladiators. They were to excite and entertain the crowd.

  27. Will love to see an Origin to WW and Aqua-man on the big screen sometime in the future

  28. This is very encouraging. The designer seems to have the respect and enthusiasm for this character that’s greatly needed and much appreciated by fans. Let’s just hope she’s written well for this film.