‘Batman vs. Superman’ Costume Designer Talks ‘Relevant’ Wonder Woman

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Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman may have been pushed back to a 2016 release, but that doesn’t mean we’re about to stop talking about it. The most recent updates have been mainly rumors: Will traditional Justice League member Cyborg appear? Could the Batsuit reveal be coming soon?

The various rumors surrounding the new look of Ben Affleck’s Batman include the possibility of at least two suits, with the design’s inspiration said to be based on any number of different incarnations of the Dark Knight. We also know that Superman’s suit is being re-designed, but we haven’t heard about the look of our new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot.

The film’s costume designer, Michael Wilkinson (Academy Award nominee for American Hustle) spoke to The Wrap (via CBM) at their pre-Oscar party about his approach to the new looks for DC’s Big Three superheroes. You can watch the full video above.

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story Batman vs. Superman Costume Designer Talks Relevant Wonder Woman

Wilkinson confirmed that he designed the new Batsuit, along with Superman and Wonder Woman’s outfits – and when told about the positive early responses, he said:

“I’m designing the new Wonder Woman costume, I’m tweaking the Superman suit. So yeah – I’m glad [to be hearing] good buzz about it.”

Wilkinson was asked about his approach to such an iconic character, and said:

“It’s a thrilling and slightly scary prospect of course. It’s so important to get her right. She really deserves to be presented onscreen in her full glory, so what I do is look at the history of the character has been presented on the big screen, small screen, comic books, and graphic novels; we process it all. Then we kind of put that aside and work out what is right for our film, for the cinematic universe that our director Zack Snyder is putting together. We try to create a Wonder Woman relevant for today’s audiences.”

A “relevant” Wonder Woman presumably means a character somehow in tune with more modern sensibilities about who the character is and what her motivations are, along with what she wears. Given the explainable, functional nature of Superman’s costume in Man of Steel, it stands to reason that the same approach has been applied to Wonder Woman.

Still, when asked if the Amazonian’s traditional armor design was still a practical choice, he replied “Absolutely!” Wilkinson elaborated:

“I mean, you just have to look at the Gladiators from ancient Rome, they did their thing… with the shield and everything. Yes, it works for ‘Thor’ and ’300,’ so let’s see what happens.”

Various Wonder Woman Costumes Batman vs. Superman Costume Designer Talks Relevant Wonder Woman

The notion of putting Gal Gadot in a breastplate and skimpy unitard seems antithetical to providing fans with an updated Princess Diana, one of the very few prominent female comic book superheroes, who is finally coming to the big screen. The ongoing comic book movie boom itself has a dearth of women heroes, so many fans were hoping to see Wonder Woman as the badass she is, perhaps even a version close to the vengeful, bloodthirsty Queen of Themyscira who goes to war against Aquaman in the Flashpoint series.

We can only hope that Wilkinson and Snyder do their best give us a Wonder Woman the modern world needs and deserves, and move away from the pandering and somewhat exploitative approach which Wilkinson might be alluding to here. We’ll know for sure when the first look at Wonder Woman’s design hits the web.


Batman vs. Superman hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: The Wrap [via CBM]

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  1. The current Wonder Woman comic book is Wonder Woman 52 and the look is the silver double W and two stars pants…dark red top…this is what the current designer should be doing.

    Golden Age is the Eagle and Wonder Woman CBS is the Eagle…not sure what age it would fit in…outdated.

    • Again, I was talking about using the exact same suit, but the same concept as the Wonder Woman costume of the 1970′s, as with Super Friends, etc.

      Also, a big movie like this is not going to be made just for comic book fans. It has to please the general public as a whole, and more are probably familiar with the classic costume, which is still similar to what is was used in the Keri Russell animation from 2008,

      • Keri Russell’s Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 52 combination…would also be a good idea.

        As for the 1970s’ what would it be?

        • Well yeah, both of those are still the one piece strapless swimsuit look. The ABC costume was the same as Super Friends and most of the comics from the 1960s and 70s, and some 80s too. The CBS costume was also the eagle but a little more elegant with thinner lines of the belt and eagle wings (instead of being solid breast cups). Also the tiara was slimmed down slightly and the bracelets went from the lead-colored “Feminum” to a gold matching the rest of her costume. Finally, the stars were no longer all different sizes covering her bottoms completely, but were all a standard, smaller size along the top half of them only.

          Super Friends started before the series but was running concurrently still throughout and thereafter. I even think they used the “spin transformation” in one episode to mimic Carter’s (I think brilliant) idea for the change from Diana to WW.

          I wouldn’t mind using the “WW” instead of the eagle breastplate or altering the stars configuration, but I’m against them completely changing the costume. I also tend to prefer the tiara pointing upward like most tiaras do, instead of in both directions in a diamond shape, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t like it covering her entire forehead. They can keep the basic look but just make the material more thick, sturdy and real as they did in Man of Steel.

          • All CBS costume is own by Donfeld or bought by CBS…or Donfeld had a relative wh9 inherit the rights to physical Wonder Woman costumes…Warner Brothers may also own Donfeld’s costume on both ABC and CBS….

            The current designer should considered the physical appearance of Gal Gadot…she is now current actress to play Wonder Woman with the approval of DC comics and Warner Brothers…I wish her the best of luck…the designer must consider what will make her look beautiful.

            ABC and CBS Costume from 1970s’ is 40 years past…it is time a updated Wonder Woman look and maybe other costumes for Winter Wear, Fall Wear, Rain Wear…hot Summer Wear she could wear a bikini…instead on piece costume.

          • I agree with your comments about the eagle wings and the tiara. But there is one factor about the Wonder Woman costume that I hope no one ever changes, and that is her pants.

            A couple of years ago, there was talk of “updating” her look in a new series starring Adrienne Palicki. Now, of course Adrienne is beautiful, but she was shown sporting the WW costume wearing LONG PANTS instead of her original star-spangled shorts. That would, I submit, ruin the overall Wonder Woman look.

            I realize that the original Wonder Woman comic strip introduced her with her red white and blue costume, but with a short skirt instead of pants or shorts. After a few episodes of her in this getup, WW reverted to wearing the patriotic shorts for the rest of her comic book incarnation. And I believe that when Lynda Carter played WW on her ABC show, she wore the star-spangled shorts throughout the series.

            To unleash a “new” Wonder Woman wearing long pants would, in my opinion, be a mistake. Part of WW’s appeal has always been the dichotomy between her super strength and her feminine appeal.

            • Long Pants maybe the requirement for any actress to wear it..on the set or outside based on the cold weather or filming must be done in the studio…..Diana Prince is gone in current comic book Wonder Woman 52….her character is wearing pants, shorts, thong, coat.

              With Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, she did wear white Mexican style pants and long sleeves…it not because of Roy Rogers who had not work since 1959 as an actor..that his last motion picture…the weather was the reason it was 59 to 65 degrees film in January in Texas at Roy Rogers’ Ranch….when they were riding horses.

              ABC and CBS Wonder Woman….film inside the studio on ABC..there was no real outside scenes….on CBS it was film in Los Angeles when it was 70 to 80 degrees.

              No actresses is real Greek Amazon and has the ability to not feel cold weather…therefore the Wonder Woman should be based on the season or a real winter scene…Wonder Woman should be wearing sweat pants, sweat top and heavy coat.

              NBC Wonder Woman was rejected by NBC Executives not because of actress wearing pants…it was rejected for her use of Sodium Pentothal…the truth serum.. She was using it incorrectly. the victim must be present with medical doctor just in case the victim has terrible reaction and most of time the Sodium Pentothal may get talking about nothing or believe in fantasy and it all based on what the victim believes if the victim believes in lie then victim is telling a lie and not reliable in court…she is not licensed with CIA and FBI..Director should have used the golden lasso of truth..NBC Wonder Woman may have had a spot for a TV series.

              • I don’t get you on the climate issue. Gal Gadot is not a real Amazon and while winters in Israel are cold, it’s not Siberia, but so what? They can use a movie set with fake snow if needed.

            • Wonder Woman in comic book, she can the costume in all kinds of weather….she is not real.

              An Actress must have Wonder Woman costume based on the season…If it raining outside, then she should have an umbrella, raincoat.

              If it super hot outside…the actress should have the right to wear red, white and blue bikini.

              Cathy Lee Crosby’s Wonder Woman 1974, 40 years ago…it was film outside..it was 60 degrees..this is the reason she is wearing pro tennis outfit…all in red, white, blue…ABC was in hurrying or was forced on schedule, filmed in November..they had real outside scenes. If ABC had the chance to film it in the Summer, Cathy Lee Crosby was planning to wear a red, white, blue bikini and her traditional Eagle Wonder Woman costume..she would have darken her hair..a rich deep black with Clairol Hair Coloring. Warner Brothers told Cathy Lee Crosby we have to film it in November, not to bother about darkening the hair, leave it natural and blonde..ABC and Warners Brothers were in conflict..ABC wanted Lynda Carter with tradition DC Comic Wonder Woman…Warner Brothers wanted Cathy Lee Crosby a James Bond Blonde Bombshell…she was 40 D, 24, 36 hips. warner Brothers had the money over ABC. It was number 8 out of top 10 of April 1974 and in August 1974..this open doors for Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman ABC TV Movie which was shown in November of 1975…39 years ago. It was number 5 out of the top ten.

            • I agree with you completely Dan. Much of the outcry was about Palecki’s pants, although the fact she seemed more sexualized like an “exotic dancer” or escort cheapened it too. I am all for keeping the Wonder Woman most of America knows and loves, just like with Superman, Spider-man, Batman, etc. They modified those costumes slightly, but never drastically. Why should Wonder Woman be any different.

              As to the other comments, only once did she were the white pants when riding horses, which was fine for that, but it was only one episode in the first season of three years. Otherwise she always had her traditional outfit in each episode, although at times she’d use her motorbike outfit or diving outfit, which again was cool, but were specialty cases or exceptions.

              Also, Cathy Lee Crosby’s Wonder Woman was largely panned for not resembling the comic Wonder Woman whatsoever. Lynda’s was a breath of fresh air and just what people wanted after that. And, FYI, the pilot of the Carter series did have her first wearing the skirt when her mother presents her the costume (a nod to the original costume design), and she explicitly says it can be removed if cumbersome, at which point she reveals the traditional shorts underneath.

              • Cathy Lee Crosby’s Wonder Woman by viewing audience rating number 8 out 10 show on ABC twice…April and August…there was not complains to ABC.

                The TV audience is the reason for Cathy Lee Crosby’s Wonder Woman…tennis pro outfit…she had no choice bloody cold outside….or ABC would had to wait to film it…April 1975…April 1974. Remember 40 years ago…women might not been allowed to wear heart shape top and bikini bottoms….ABC still had to follow what was considered Rated G.

                Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman had an opportunity comes from Cathy Lee Crosby’s Wonder Woman without her high rating number 8, she would be still be what. World War 2 storyline help Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman is film inside the studio temperature control 72 degrees..she is wearing World War 2 swimsuit..

                • Cathy Lee Crosby’s Wonder Woman by viewing audience rating number 8 out 10 show on ABC twice…April and August…there was not complains to ABC.

                  The TV audience love it is the reason for Cathy Lee Crosby’s Wonder Woman…tennis pro outfit…she had no choice bloody cold outside…Lynda Carter did audition for this tv movie…she would had wear the same costume tennis pro outfit..because it was cold outside.

                  This why I say Wonder Woman costume needs go seasonal…weather is the reason.

                  • Cathy Lee Crosby’s Wonder Woman is on DVD and released in 2012…from ABC and Warner Brothers.

                    • LetBeReality, where are you getting your facts from? Could you please post or send a link? I was around when the show first aired and have even met Lynda Carter. Crosby was signed to do a pilot for a TV series, meaning she made that movie agreeing to launch a series. Lynda Carter never threatened to quit playing Wonder Woman nor asked for the Wonder Woman costume to include long pants. And it was always filmed in Los Angeles, all three seasons.

                  • There is a reason after that 1974 movie that they decided not to pick it up as a series and go with an actress who wore the traditional costume with the traditional hair & overall look that everyone knew. Crosby looked more like a super sleuth than a superhero.

                    • Cathy Lee Crosby did not want to make series out of Wonder Woman..she liked doing movies and guest appearances on other tv shows such as KoJak the Night Stalker.

                    • ABC asked Cathy Lee Crosby to be Wonder Woman in the ABC tv movie Wonder Woman in World War 2 for 1975…she said No.

                      Lynda Carter was second or third choice.

                    • Lynda Carter told ABC and CBS Wonder Woman, she would quit her job as Wonder Woman if she has to wear the outfit in cold weather..she must be able wear pants and long sleeves and coat.

                      Or film it in Los Angeles or Hawaii..where it warm all year long.

                    • Warner Brothers of 1974 wanted Cathy Lee Crosby to wear the warmer clothing of long sleeves..this has nothing to do with the traditiona ww costume..it because film outside it was cold outside..55 degree..look at the other actors they were wearing long sleeves.

                      ABC fought for tradition World War 2 Wonder Woman. It was all film i the set…no true outside for Lynda Carter.

                      Cathy Lee Crosby was asked to be in the World War 2 Wonder Woman movie. She would have wore the traditional golden age Wonder Woman costume…Lynda Carter would not have been hired if she had said yes.

  2. LetBeReality, where are you getting your facts from? Could you please post or send a link? I was around when the show first aired and have even met Lynda Carter. Crosby was signed to do a pilot for a TV series, meaning she made that movie agreeing to launch a series. Lynda Carter never threatened to quit playing Wonder Woman nor asked for the Wonder Woman costume to include long pants. And it was always filmed in Los Angeles, all three seasons.

    Cathy Lee Crosby did not sign up to do a series at all but to do 8:00 pm tv movie Wonder Woman 1974…appeared twice in April of 1974 and August of 1974. ratings were 8 our of 10 beating out Mannix, Police Woman…maybe. I remember the advertisement back then I thought it was spy spoof…I did not watch…I saw it later in 1979 on Turner Classics…she move on to series Thats Incredible.

    Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, The World War 2 Wonder Woman movie was shown November 1975….It show as a Holiday Movie for tv during Thanksgiving weekend. The Wonder Woman tv series was fall of 1976…fans asked for it to return to become series to ABC…it was nothing more the world war 2 Wonder Woman movie 8:00pm movie.

    It was same team from ABC and Warner Brothers on both movies. I do not have show you link..I can tell you the high ratings…number 8 our of 10 for both films…both movies..

    Cathy Lee Crosby was asked to return in the role as Wonder Woman, Princess Diana in the World War 2 Wonder Woman tv Movie of November 1975…she said NO…she had other parts she wanted to do…Kolchak the Night Stalker was made appear in 1975. She played Helen of Troy.

    • Lynda Carter did demand pants, long sleeves and coat and mittens if she had to a scene as Wonder Woman..the weather was 30 degrees or 60 degrees…she threaten to quit ABC and CBS. She said she would only wear the costume in warm to hot weather or be film in the studio where the temperature in control 72 degrees.

      Wonder Woman costume is too revealing and could cause a woman to have pneumonia or bronchitis or she could die if an actress wore this in cold weather…snow scenes…be real. No actress can play her..no such thing as an magical Greek Amazon.

  3. WW is a Warrior not a swimming suit model. She needs to be dressed for Battle not walking down a runway. Diana is a Greek Amazon and needs to be dressed for the occasion. The swimming suit needs to go.

    • William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman to wear the swimsuit or culottes, the pants comes to knees because it was common look for women who active in sports in 1941. He was very much aware how Greek Amazon dressed. He wanted Wonder Woman to carry Steve Trevor out of her invisible plane to nearest hospital without being NOTICE and STATE AT.

      In 1941 Jeans were not commonly wore by women…for activewear unless she was farm hand. Sandals were wore by women who were in activewear..Tennis shoes were not yet created for women to wear at department stores..Boots was created for Wonder Woman so she looked like a Texas Girl….she was wearing Texas Boots.

      Today be Sweat pants and Jeans and tshirt…shorts.

    • Wonder Woman is not pretty to be swimming suit model…Carlton????? I think Wonder Woman is a knock out babe.

  4. this guy is full of it… they always get superman wrong.

    case in point superman returns, man of steel,real life.
    all the animated series. except superman:unbound, brave and the bold.

    even kirk allyn’s superman had his s on the front and cape…

  5. Not sure about the hooker boots, and I wish the costume was a little brighter in color, otherwise I like it.

    • In 1941 Wonder Woman’s boots was not viewed as Hooker Boots..Hooker Boots must come to the thigh…In 1941 Wonder Woman’s boots was ordinary Boots from time period of pre-World War 2..common house wife look in part of culottes and shorts and boots coming to the knee.

      • The boots they propose in the photo just released are solid black and up to the thigh. That looks a little silly (Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”). I like the traditional red boots with white stripe down the center that hit just below the knee, as Lynda Carter had. You could see more leg with Lynda.

        • Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman was wearing 1941 style red and white stripe boots..

          Current brown boots is what the Greek Amazons wore…is boots were created by them nor was then viewed as a hooker boots but for harsh winter in combat.

          • Which is why they are inappropriate. The DC Amazons are not the Amazons from myth.

            • Queen Hippolyta is from the Greek Amazon Myth written Homer in 400 BC…Greek gods, goddesses are from Greek Amazon Mythology.

              No Long boots is not inappropriate the boots come little pass her knee..hooker boots come to the middle of her thigh or higher to her panty lines..you need glasses.

              • That Hippolyta was killed by the Greek strongman. This is not the same woman, they just used the same name.

                It was you who used the term “hooker boots,” not me, so actually read what wrote. I said that the boots aren’t appropriate because WW is not purely straight of Greek mythology.

                • It is the same Greek Hippolyta stated so by William Moulton Marston. He used Queen Hippolyta and Greek and Roman gods, goddesses straight from Homer Iliad which was written 400 BC. William Moulton Marston is the creator of Wonder Woman 1941..73 Years ago.

                  • I know who William Moulton Marston is and its only the same name. Hippolyta and Penthisilea were both killed and those Amazons are not the same as the DC Amazons. The Amazons of myth were brutal, vicious warriors. The DC Amazons are an enlightened society with science and technology that makes contemporary Man’s World look like it’s still in the Middle Ages.

                    • William Moulton Marston chosen Queen Hippolyta for Wonder Woman’s mother, he respected the Greeks.

                      Yes I know all about Iliad written by Homer.It is the oldest literature of Western civilization. Hippolyta was killed by Penthisilea during a hunting a stag or deer….Penthisilea was killed by Achilles…He gives her a proper funeral and wish he could have made love to her instead..this book also states Ares the god of war of the father of all Greek Amazons..He was the one give Queen Hippolyta is belt so she could have his strength his eternal youth, his eternal life.

                      This is why Turks celebrate the Greek Amazons in Giresun…which was called Aretias…capital was Themyscira. Greek Amazons fought for Troy..Trojan are modern Turks today. Turks state the Greek Amazons were beautiful warriors and noble and heterosexual and virgins.

                    • The DC Amazons are an enlightened society with science and technology that makes contemporary Man’s World this was only in the Golden Age when it was written William Moulton Marston and the Greek Amazons were for Peace, Love and hate Nazis…through most 2010 before Wonder Woman 52 made her savage barbarian…Zeus is her great grandfather and father.

                    • Greek Amazons written by Homer 400 BC….it is not part of the Middle Ages. Only during this time a woman was allowed to a warrior..Queen Hippolyta what does her name mean..it means Horse in Pontic Greek.. this where the Greek Amazons live..until they move to Aretias.which is an Island…the capital becomes Themyscira.

                      Women in Greece in the Middle Ages were not allowed to handle a sword.

          • No, in the original 1940′s Wonder Woman comics she had a skirt and sandals.

            • Sandals were from 1947 after William Moulton Marston had died which Wonder Woman had wore.

  6. You need to take another look at the Gadot pic then. The boots come way past her knee. I’m talking about the ones that come just about to the knee.

    • the boots come little pass the knee…I do not need your command or your judgemental attitude about beauty.

      • I hope you’re not talking to me buddy. You’ve been the only obnoxious user I’ve encountered here who thinks he knows everything. Traditionally, Wonder Woman and most classic superheroes do not have boots up their thigh, otherwise known as “hooker boots”. So yes, I was right about the photo so I don’t need to read any more pissy little comebacks from you. But hey, thanks for playing! : )P

    • Hooker Boots come to the thigh to the panty line.

      I think you are very judgemental man who hates women..women who should wear a Muslim gown from head to toe…right?

      • LOL, yeah whatever buddy. Keep being obnoxious and laughable as all your past responses have been.

  7. Well now that we know what the costume looks like it’s clear the designer didn’t pay any attention to the history of Wonder Woman he so claims. This is an awful adaptation. Apparently he had extra Xena costume material left over. Nothing is more exciting than hues of black, grey, and brown.

    • I completely agree Chris! It’s amazing how so many classic graphic drawings and illustrations (including ones here on Screen Rant) portray her in mostly the same colors or appearance, or at least acceptable. Yet for this big screen debut, decades in the making, they just can’t seem to do it in real life. Nope, can’t make her look recognizable whatsoever. If they do, people might recognize her as Wonder Woman. They should just film it all in black and white and change all the costumes then run a contest to see who can guess what superhero they’re supposed to be, LOL.

  8. @Letsbereality
    It’s all irrelevant. Those are not the same Amazons and not the same Hippolyta because as you state yourself, that Hippolyta is dead.

    • William Moulton Marston stated so Queen Hippolyta and the Greek Amazons were model after the Homer’s Iliad in 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, until death from cancer.

      • It doesn’t matter. Look at the evidence.
        1.a. The Amazons of myth were barbaric and ruthless.
        1.b. The DC Amazons are an enlightened, utopian society.

        2.a. The Amazons of myth were aggressive in war
        2.b. The DC Amazons learn the art of war for defensive purposes

        3.a. The Amazons of myth held men captives as slaves.
        3.b. The DC Amazons avoid all contact with men.

        4.a. There is no evidence that the Amazons of myth were more advanced in science and technology than their neighbors.
        4.b. The DC Amazons’ science and technology is beyond contemporary man’s imagination.

        • To Turks who own Themysica they believe Queen Hippolyta and Greek Amazons were real on gold coins they have found with Queen Hippolyta and Theseus name on them they are worth over million in British Sterling.

        • To Turks and the Greeks they own all of Greek Amazon Literature..the use of their names..they can and could sue for incest storylines of DC comics..who own nothing..

    • Turks and Greeks from Turkey and Greece will want DC comics to explain why Queen Hippolyta had sexual intercourse with her grandfather Zeus and need for incest storyline Wonder Woman 52….or they will sue and remove Queen Hippolyta and the Greek Amazons from Dc comic Wonder Woman.

      To the Turks and Greeks Ares is the father of Queen Hippolyta..Ares is the son of Hera and Zeus.

  9. William Shakespeare had written Midnight Summer’s Dream Queen Hippolyta and Theseus married..she was a Greek Amazon. They made love on his ship.

  10. thanks for sharing

  11. why are u trying to put wonder women in pants she is a amazon they didn’t have pants back then. u done fd it up shes a warrior princess and goddess from mnt Olympus and they didn’t wear pants period even the men didn’t wear pants

    • You do not know history of the ancient Greek World nor do you know their fashion Crete created pants for winter use only. Crete is and still is part of Greece..Women wore pants in the Winter BC…

    • Trousers first enter recorded history in the 6th century BC, with the appearance of horse-riding Iranian peoples in Greek ethnography.Trousers are believed to have been worn by both sexes among these early users.The ancient Greeks used the term “ἀναξυρίδες” (anaxyrides) for the trousers worn by Eastern nations.Republican Rome viewed the draped clothing of Greek and Minoan (Cretan) culture as an emblem of civilization and disdained trousers as the mark of barbarians. Crete is Cretan…by the way…they learn from the Persians, designed their own pants..for all sexes..used only in the Winter Months…during the hot summer, Women who were Greek went topless..showed their breast or they went half breast showing and short shirts coming above the knee…all I said was Queen Hippolyta was heterosexual and love with King Theseus of Athens.

    • Trousers first enter recorded history in the 6th century BC, with the appearance of horse-riding Iranian peoples in Greek ethnography Republican Rome viewed the draped clothing of Greek and Minoan (Cretan) culture as an emblem of civilization and disdained trousers as the mark of barbarians.

  12. Republican Rome viewed the draped clothing of Greek and Minoan (Cretan) culture as an emblem of civilization and disdained trousers as the mark of barbarians.

    There is many urns with drawing of the Greek women of Ancient Greece wearing pants used only in the winter months..most of time in host summer they were topless allowed in there society.