What to Expect From ‘Batman V Superman’s Wonder Woman & Man of Steel Costumes

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Wonder Woman Movie Costume Discussion What to Expect From Batman V Supermans Wonder Woman & Man of Steel Costumes

A superhero costume doesn’t necessarily make or break a blockbuster movie, but that doesn’t mean it can’t turn fans away – or even win skeptics over to the filmmakers’ side. That’s clearly what the minds behind Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice are counting on, having recently revealed the brand new Batsuit years ahead of the film’s opening. But when it comes to the costume conceived to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen, the stakes are even higher.

There was never a question that Batman was a potent enough brand to bring audiences to theaters – even if Ben Affleck’s casting earned mixed reactions – so the decision to bring his comic book look to life more faithfully than in previous films was never a make-or-break proposition. Yet, when it comes to the princess of the Amazons, the feat isn’t so easy. But we think we have a sense of what fans should expect to see; both from Wonder Woman’s duds, and the apparent “tweaks” to Superman’s suit, as well. NONE OF THIS CONFIRMED, it’s just our prediction based on what we know at this point. Take it or leave it.


The Wonder Woman Costume

It seems like just yesterday that fans were debating whether we would see Wonder Woman in the Man of Steel sequel (although Warner Bros. apparently doesn’t view it as a such anymore), but now the facts are undisputed: Wonder Woman will appear in BVS:DOJ and beyond, and has been given a costume that the filmmakers deem “relevant for today’s audiences.” In other words: if it wasn’t clear already, short-shorts and a tube top aren’t what we’re likely to see.

jaimie alexander batman superman wonder woman What to Expect From Batman V Supermans Wonder Woman & Man of Steel Costumes

Thor: The Dark World actress Jaimie Alexander (herself a former fan-favorite and rumored contender for the role of Wonder Woman) said it best when explaining that for the women – and hopefully, men – of the comic book world, interesting female superheroes have more to offer than their physique.

Her character in Marvel’s films is a prime example, as ‘Lady Sif’ managed to be portrayed onscreen covered from neck to knees without sacrificing any of her significance. It’s true that some will never be pleased unless DC Comics’ most iconic heroine appeared alongside Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck almost spilling out of her top, but Zack Snyder has shown enough for us to know that’s likely not what we’ll be getting.

Another damning piece of evidence came a year ago, when a Wonder Woman short film brought the heroine to life with her original costume mostly intact; it was plain to see that a faithful translation to live-action was a recipe for disaster. We noted then that the best course of action for Warner Bros. would be to take a closer look at some alternative, updated designs from the past decade – be it in comics, or elsewhere (such as the Injustice video game design).

Wonder Woman Injustice Trailer What to Expect From Batman V Supermans Wonder Woman & Man of Steel Costumes

It’s safe to say that even devoted fans would be willing to concede that granting Diana actual leather bracers (as opposed to bullet-deflecting metal bracelets) fits well with the Amazonian mythology expected to shape her backstory – now that we know the Kryptonian origin story was just a rumor. But the easy decisions stop there.

It doesn’t take more than a passing glance to realize that while the swimsuit bottoms and corset may have flown just fine fifty years ago, the same just isn’t true now. Within the pages of the comic books, Wonder Woman may still be portrayed with plenty of skin, but the public image of the character has drastically changed. For example, observe the images below, taken from the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, DC’s New 52 relaunch promotional artwork, and the most recent animated feature, Justice League War.

Wonder Woman Costume Updates What to Expect From Batman V Supermans Wonder Woman & Man of Steel Costumes

It’s true that comic book enthusiasts have had half a century to realize that skimpy outfits are par for the course in regards to comic book women, but to market their products to non-traditional (read: mainstream) consumers, Warner Bros. and DC seem to have realized that a half-naked Wonder Woman is no longer a suitable treatment.

In the case of animated features, the decision to clothe Diana is an obvious one (after all, Warner Bros. wants to sell Wonder Woman Halloween costumes to young girls without shocking their parents). But there’s no such obvious explanation for why a violent video game featured a Wonder Woman dressing conservatively, compared to the ‘classic’ costume.

The decision to put Diana in pants – and then return to the bare legs of old – caused some controversy at DC (that is a discussion for another day); but one fact is clear: the publisher is making efforts to get fans focusing on Diana’s character, not the amount of skin her costume reveals.

Wonder Woman Costumes New vs Classic What to Expect From Batman V Supermans Wonder Woman & Man of Steel Costumes

In the case of the Justice League: War re-design of the character, the subtext seems to be a desire to give Wonder Woman a suit more similar to the likes of Superman’s Kryptonian garb and Batman’s technical outfit. If Zack Snyder simply adopted the bare-armed uniform into the same world of mysterious fabrics that seem to be used for both the new Man of Steel and older Dark Knight, Batman V Superman would be sporting three designs that are as cohesive on their own as they would be existing in a single universe (and the pants would cease to be an issue).

Of course, Diana’s backstory must enter into the equation at some point, and as much as fans have already debated the film’s likelihood of success, absolutely nothing is known about the origin story David S. Goyer, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder have crafted for her. Some artistic liberties are to be expected, but if the classical mythology, architecture, and dress of the Amazons are going to be preserved, then it would seem leather and bronze are more likely than space-age fabrics.

Luckily, not all fan-films help to highlight the problems with adapting a character like Wonder Woman. Yet another film which made the rounds featured a version of Diana seemingly pulled from the surreal Greece of Zack Snyder’s 300. And if Snyder does choose to embrace ancient armor, he’s got plenty of designs to choose from.

Wonder Woman Amazons Armor Art 620x370 What to Expect From Batman V Supermans Wonder Woman & Man of Steel CostumesImage Credit: Penichet on Deviant Art

Although the Batsuit crafted for Dawn of Justice is clearly the most faithful live-action adaptation of the comic book costume to date, it seems inevitable that Wonder Woman’s outfit will have to be re-imagined on some level. But as mentioned before, a more accurate prediction won’t be possible until some part of her character’s backstory is at least hinted at.


The New Superman Costume

 What to Expect From Batman V Supermans Wonder Woman & Man of Steel Costumes

As for Superman, the admission that Henry Cavill’s suit will be “tweaked” for the upcoming sequel took many by surprise. While the film’s critics saw the statement as a sign that Snyder would give up the darker, more subdued and alien design of the Kryptonian underclothes, we’re not so easily convinced. Some small improvements in costume are the norm for superhero sequels, and if Kal-El is going to be sharing screen time with both Wonder Woman and Batman (and Cyborg in the coming years), it’s just as likely that the suit’s CG cape has been ruled obsolete.

Of course, there is also the possibility that the changes to the Super-suit bear a deeper significance than on-set logistics. Few comic book stories influenced Man of Steel‘s updating more than Mark Waid and Leinil Yu’s “Superman Birthright,” even adopting its idea of the signature ‘S’ embodying hope for all of Krypton. And in Waid’s origin story, the superhero’s costume was no accident, either.

The decision to wear bright colors and a cape means subtlety is not the goal, and for “Birthright”s Kal-El, that was the entire point. As Waid put it, the main problem for Clark Kent wasn’t keeping his powers a secret, but how terrified people would become once he revealed them. How could the public trust him if they came to realize he had been hiding among them, hearing their whispers, and seeing through them – literally?

Man of Steel Henry Cavill in Suit What to Expect From Batman V Supermans Wonder Woman & Man of Steel Costumes

There was only one real solution, and that was to sport a suit that screamed anything but secrecy; with a caped suit of red, blue, and yellow, nobody could ever accuse him of trying to stay hidden. Since Kal-El managed to save the entire human race (at the cost of a city) in Man of Steel, that might not be as much of an issue in Snyder’s movie universe. However, Batman has been rumored to wear multiple suits in Dawn of Justice, so it’s possible Superman could sport a bright, bolder look by the film’s conclusion. Strange images of a new Superman suit/mold/statue are already appearing online, so Snyder’s plans are clearly still a mystery.

More and more rumors are sure to surface over the coming months, but if the Ben Affleck Batsuit has taught us anything, it’s that reports of comic book influences and hints are easier to make than some might assume. At one time, the costume from “Batman: Noel” was said to be a touchstone for the new costume; now that the suit has been revealed, it seems that the “Elseworlds” version of the suit is as recognizable in the design as just about any other – with Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” the biggest influence, as stated.

Just how close our predictions end up keeping to the actual re-designs, well… we’ll just have to wait and see.


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Batman vs. Superman is scheduled for May 6, 2016.

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  1. She an Amazon, I’d be very surprised if they put her in pants, especially after the costume designer Michael Wilkinson hinted that if the armoured outfits worked for the gladiators in ancient Rome and cinematically the Spartans in ’300′ and the warriors in ‘Thor’, there is no reason it can’t work for Wonder Woman, especially when she traditionally wears a skirt or less. People were outraged when the costume design with her in pants came out for that failed TV pilot and they quickly abandoned the pants look in the comics, so again, I’d be surprised.

    • I can’t stand when she’s wearing pants instead of her normal clothing. lol There is nothing at all wrong with a woman using her body the way it naturally works. Less restricting clothing/armor means she can run and jump and do all the things that make her a seriously dangerous combatant.

  2. @Liam

    “Batman has a credit card. Why? Who is gonna bill him? Who or where does the charge go to?!”

    When I read this, all I could think of was YES! You sir are awesome for pointing that out. I remember seeing that movie in 97 with a cousin. Even as a kid, I knew that movie was bad. About the credit card, Clooney’s “Never leave the cave without it” didn’t help, either.

    As far as Wonder woman’s costume, I hope they go in the New 52 direction. However, what I really liked was Smallville’s (The comic series) look for WW. If they make her outfit even remotely like that, that’ll be cool.

  3. personally, I like the injustice attire. wouldn’t surprise me if they go with a number of outfits, say for cold weather scenes as to protect the actress, maybe the injustice wardrobe with sleeves.

    question, I’m not that familiar with Wonder Woman’s overall strengths and weaknesses. this bit with the bracelets and high speed projectiles piercing her, so if say joe chill or a falcone henchman shoots the female god of war, the Amazonian warrior, daughter of legend, with a Saturday night special. would she end up dead? she, the rumored physical equal to superman? tell me this isn’t the case?

    • I don’t know what they’re doing with her powers/abilities for this film, but in all the comics she’s highly durable and strong, although not up to Superman’s level. A bullet wouldn’t do much damage if any.

  4. The visual will be ruined for me by having an Amazonian warrior who does not appear physically Amazonian.

    • Well given actual amazonians of greek myth chopped off one of their breasts, I doubt they’ll ever do something like that!

    • that’s better than looking like an amazon but doesn’t physically look like a woman

  5. There needs to be something special about Wonder Woman to make people want to see her. Since males make up the majority of comic book fan base and movie ticket buyers, she’s not getting her own movie until men openly cheer on T&A.

    I feel the massive “meh” reaction already from critics and moviegoers alike on Wonder Woman after she finally appears. Of course there will be a small slice of nerds battling eachother over salient things as colors, hair, and lasso – but men will be unimpressed. Predicting it now.

    • Why?
      Is there something really special about Batman that makes you want to see him? Oh, you want to see because he’s Batman.

      Well this is Wonder Woman. I want to see Wonder Woman. I won’t paint the town red if she shows up in leather pants, just as I didn’t when Superman finally put his underwear on in the right order.

    • @Vanguard

      I think if DC puts out a Wonder Woman cartoon or Animated piece highlighting the New 52 Wonder Woman you’ll see a good push of people flocking to her. So far her run in the New 52 has been pretty well received. Although I haven’t read any of them yet–I have been told by many that her and Aquaman are the two breakout well like comics in the new 52.

      Having said that I still think another Wonder Woman animated feature is what she needs. I am talking about in New Frontier Wonder Woman and the captive Woman’s camp. The one where it’s implied that she fostered the gruesome murder of the men soldiers. Yea give me that Wonder Woman she seems kick ass.

      • I actually find the story, while good and entertaining, very slow paced, which probably won’t be a problem for you since most of the issues are already in trade paperback. It’s Cliff Chiang’s art that’s really good.

  6. No pants/tights.

  7. The Pic under Jamie and the other pic with the middle one in a skirt like atire are the best costumes imo.

  8. Wonder Woman has to be as sexy as hell. Sure she has to also be more than that but that is part of how she is drawn in the comics and it deserves a worthy translation on the big screen.

    • I guess it depends if you mean sexy or slutty? a women can look sexy with her cloths on, I prefer the look in Odyssey (along with the backstory). If I’m honest, I would rather see supergirl in batman v superman (at least she has been hinted at!)

  9. I think that we’re all forgetting something very important

    We will finally see a live action version of Themyscira in the next five years.
    A literal island full of “bad b*tches” as my friends would say.

    I’d love to see if a bunch of actresses we know get to walk around in Greek inspired tunics and wrestle in the beginning.

    Jamie Alexander cameo? It would never happen, but it’d be hilarious fan service since Lady Sif is more or less cut from the same cloth as the Amazonians.

  10. As a fan of Diana, even I have struggled with how I’d like to see her presented on screen. I have no doubt Warner Bros/DC are suffering from the same anxiety of getting her character right. Despite what costume they ultimately decide on, I’ll just have to accept their vision for now in order to see this Demi-god onscreen for the first time ever!

    Aside from her costume, I’m really curious to see how her origins will be portrayed. Unfortunately, I doubt her olympian God mythos will be explored because the writers are either too lazy, or they don’t see her back story fitting into this MOS Universe. For all we know, she may not have any powers at all. She may be a DC version of Black Widow. Highly skilled martial arts fighter and trained spy.

    Whatever her presentation looks like, get ready to be disappointed, because it will never be perfect enough for us fan boys.

  11. So long as she doesn’t have an invisible jet I’ll be fine with her. Batman, on the other hand, I still have a problem with. I just don’t understand why Snyder decided to go old with it, especially since WB only puts out one movie every five years, at most. Batman will be geriatric by the time justice league rolls around, let alone any new solo adventures.

    • I get that an “older” Batman may sound as if he will be rolling around in his batmowheelchair but I think they are eluding to a more mature and experienced version. I think he will still be able to handle most any threat that is before him using the skills we are accustomed to seeing. I could be wrong but we will eventually find out.

      • Agreed he’s probably closer to 40′s as aposed to later 50′s. Also batman is basically in the condition of cap. America with out having to take super serum. Meaning that he achieved his physical gifts strictly threw incredibly hard work so it’s not like at an older age his body is going to react like a normal aging person

    • Affleck is 41, and it’s extremely likely he’ll just be playing his current age, not some broken down retiree. Sometimes people talk like it will be a late 50s batman when there’s no evidence or indication as such. If he started when he was 25-30, then 11+ years of fighting hard battles would have worn on him and taught him a lot of lessons. The character doesn’t have to be older than 41 for that state to be true for him.

  12. Personally i’d go with the new Wonder Woman #600, it’s modern and more bada$$.red top, golden trims,navy blue pants and leather jacket, and maybe tribal markings across the belt line.

  13. Just seeing the picture of Jamie Alexander, makes me wonder what Snyder or the casting directors were thinking bring Gal. I mean word is Jamie auditioned for the role and Gadot still came out top? There are plenty of actresses who could do better Taylor Cole is one, Gina Carrano( Cavill’s girlfriend btw) is another .If Zack was going for people he trusts why not Malin Akerman from Watchmen all they’d have to do is dye the hair and bulk her up just a bit, she’d still be better than Gadot…

    I wish the film well though.

    • I respect your insight but how do you know any of the actresses would make a better WW when none have even been see playing the character? You are right that others may look more like the Traditional WW but this could be a reinvention of the character just like Daniel Craig who was not the bond,” look wise” but he still was badass in the role. You could be right and we will find out whenever this movie comes out.

  14. Gadot on top of Jamie…..my, my!

  15. If I had “Wonder Women” like Lynda Carter and Jamie Alexander coming to rescue me, I would be in trouble all the time!!!

  16. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but in all the years I have been seeing Batman, never once have I seen him use something from one of the packets on his utility belt. If anyone has seen him use his utility belt, please post the details.

  17. Gal Gadot was a professional model & Jaimie Alexander… well… wasn’t. Just saying.

  18. Jaimie Alexander should have been Wonder Woman. She looks exactly like her.

    • I agree that there are other actresses that look more like WW but I think they need to consider more than just looks and needed someone who will fit with their overall theme and portrial of this modern take on the character. If she was just there for looks then I could see your position but there is more to it than that.

    • Perhaps. But she’s most likely tied to the Sif character and we’re unlikely to have Marvel have her near any DC property anytime soon.

      • Well, she did say that she was talking to Warner Bros before Wonder Woman was cast, even saying that she new the storyline for BvS, so I’d think that that would imply her availability.

        If shooting schedules don’t clash, then I think the possibility of her involvement w/ the DCCU is very real, bc they probably wouldn’t have even had talks if she signed a contract saying that she couldn’t do anything with them

  19. I am pretty sure there will not be a WONDERWOMAN is going to be super girl, the actress being WW has to be tough and sexy as Gina Carano and Gal Gadot I don’t know, she does not look like that.

  20. Oh man, here we go with the Gina Carano silliness again. I thought everyone got straightened out about that. She can kick butt, but her acting is….oof. Not good. I’ve seen some of Gadot’s non-Fast&Furious work, and she can act.

  21. I really like Cliff Chiang’s take on her body armor. Do you guys have a particular favorite? It will be interesting to see which elements they incorporate into her Dawn of Justice costume.

    • I love his take on it too, wouldn’t surprise me though if her costume was the New52 one on the way Chiang draws it with a black gladiator skirt.

  22. this is the moseadt ridic note i ever r

  23. I quite the suit from Justice League:War, seems like it would adapt on screen well with some added pants.

  24. Wouldn’t surprise me if they go Wonder Woman’s New52 costume, especially the way Cliff Chiang drew it with the metal WW on the top thick and barely showing any cleavage, and a gladiator skirt.

  25. The Flash Is needed.

  26. As Lynda Carter proved, without a shadow of a doubt, the classic costume absolutely can make the transition to live-action and be completely believable. I have no problems if they take the classic costume with the classic colors and try to make it look more like Greco-Roman armor (sorta like what they did with Xena). I can live with that as long as the colors and all the parts are there and are the right colors. What we won’t tolerate is a major reconstruction that looks nothing like her true costume. And that includes pants. Or anything that resembles any of the abominations DC has spit out in the last few years.

    Let’s just say I don’t have much hope they’re going to get it right. And even if they do, I can’t imagine that Gal Gadot is going to look much like Wonder Woman no matter what costume they put her in, so the point is probably moot anyway.

    • Unless you can be open mined to a new take on the character and let go of those preconceived notions you have about her. I get she is different but sometimes change can be good but I guess we will find out the answer when the film comes out.

      • Why? If they’re doing a Batman movie I expect to see Batman. If they’re doing Green Lantern I expect to see Green Lantern. If they’re doing Wonder Woman I expect to see Wonder Woman, not some half-baked bastardized version of her. Marvel doesn’t seem to have any trouble properly representing and depicting their characters faithfully. Only DC seems to have that problem. Why is that? And why do we, as fans, have to accept it? We don’t. Warners and Snyder keep talking about “modernizing” and “making them relevant”, which is double speak for “completely changing them into some unrecognizable form in a feeble attempt to make them more realistic and gritty”. Again, Marvel doesn’t seem to have this problem, proving that iconic characters don’t need to be refashioned or “gritty” in order for them to work on the big screen. Until DC learns this lesson (and they show no hint that they have or will) their movies will always be critical flops. I completely expect this one to continue the tradition and be another epic trainwreck of fail.

        • No company is faithful to the characters that come from the comics. If you look at Stark he has a major problem with alcoholism but that is not even mentioned or Hulk being able to control his anger. There are discrepancy all over but if are going to look at this property with such a critical eye you should do the same for others. If you cannot get past change then I respect that and I think that you are right everything does not need to be gritty but on the other hand everything does not need to be funny or light hearted.

          • There’s a difference between making minor changes to establish a character for the screen and making massive sweeping changes that not only radically changes their look but also their history and their personality. Marvel has not done any of those things. DC has. You really cannot argue the point as the proof is there for everyone to see.

            Stark being an alcoholic is a minor part of who Stark is. A Hulk that can control his anger is again a minor deviation that has been portrayed many times in the comics. A Wonder Woman who is hyper aggressive, wears an outfit that in no way looks like her classic costume or a Greco-Roman derivative, who comes from an island of barbaric warrior women who mate with and then kill sailors and enslave male children is not anything even remotely resembling the Wonder Woman everyone knows and loves — the goddess of truth and ambassador of peace who only uses force when necessary. Even Man of Steel goes to great lengths to make Superman, the grandaddy of all superheroes, nearly unrecognizable, bogged down in his own self-pity and saddled with a ridiculous retooling of his origin that simply wasn’t needed and that no one asked for. Instead of giving us Superman, the super boy scout that always does the right thing, that inspires people to do and be better, and who values every human life, they gave us SuperBatman, who is all emo, and dark (including his costume, that looks like it needs to be dry cleaned), who clearly doesn’t care about people cause they’re dropping like flies all around him, who is completely caught up in his own self wallowing, who kills in his very first outing, and who by all rights no human should ever trust again, let alone be seen as their hero.

            • You make great points and I can see how these changes can upset fans. I must state that you are willing to overlook the adaptations of some characters but not others. I do not want to argue opinions as it is very redundant but I admire yor enthusiasum for these films and I know you want them to get them right. But what you consider out right carelessness for a character their are others who praise them. These movies have to appeal to a wide range of people. They are not made to please you or me individually. I try to keep an open mind as I know not everything will be to my personal liking. I think you make some very intelligent arguments to support your claims! I hope you find the next installments better than the first.

      • Well, unless you can accept that peoples “preconceived notions” in these matters are only because they’re based on the characters established appearance from the source material, trying to rationalize a directors schizophrenic hatchet job with multiple casting choices that have been nothing but crap would seem a bit… Naive. Prime examples: Ben (I killed Daredevil in one movie) Affleck as Batman, & Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Nowhere to go but down from there.
        Fortunately, after the disappointing debacle of the first Man Of Steel & the subsequent warning signs we’ve been seeing that indicate this hatchet job trend is going to be continued on into the sequel, at least viewers know what to expect the 2nd time around.
        I predict a dismal box office return & the dashing of millions of J.L. fans hopes to ever see a live action Justice League movie realized under this kind of abysmal stewardship.
        I still say DC should farm out their characters movies to Marvel Studios to make for them. At least then their characters might actually come out with a decent adaptation to the big screen for a change.

  27. Ok im tired of reading how everybody is worried about Gal getting cast as WW one i thought she was bada$$ in the two fast a furious movies she looks get in street clothes with onset photos released my biggest deal is that alot of artist always made wonder woman to butch jim lee draws her slimmer than what tradtional amazons are but why is everyone so worried about tradtion for. Remember she was a good fighter in F&F. Now as far as Superman’s costume a little brighter colors like in superman returns the sucked but the colors were great and i just hope they style it a little after the new 52 design dont get me wrong i loved the MOS suit. As far as Batman is concerned Affleck looks amazing now if he can act as awesome as he looks they got it made but like Wolverine with Marvel Batman is over used in Dc ANd the movies honestly I’m sick of Batman and he used to be one of my favs but Superman I always liked since I was 5 i”m ready for some fresh heroes and that what i hope this movie delivers

  28. Personally I can do without Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman or any movie. I have no interest in watching a man hating feminist that supposed to be the epitome of women empowerment or whatever. Women go on about how they can do what men can do, but they still don’t even bother having Selective Service laws changed to force them to register for a draft.

  29. ^
    I’m going to warn everyone that is considering responding to the above poster NOT to feed the troll.