‘Batman vs. Superman’ Producer Talks Batfleck & Wonder Woman

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Batman vs Superman Interview Batman vs. Superman Producer Talks Batfleck & Wonder Woman

With production set to begin in 2014, there has been quite a bit of news about Batman vs. Superman over the last several months. Recently, Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious) joined the cast as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa is reportedly being considered for a role in the film, and Joaquin Phoenix has even been rumored to be up for Lex Luthor.  It’s enough to make your head spin.

One can only imagine what it must feel like for Zack Snyder and the rest of his team behind the camera, who are under pressure to deliver one of the biggest comic book movies in history. In a recent interview, Man of Steel producer Wesley Coller talked about the film and the expectations surrounding it.

Speaking with MLive.com while in town to deliver the commencement speech at his alma mater Eastern Michigan University, Coller was asked about the firestorm that erupted when Ben Affleck was first cast as the Dark Knight. Coller said his experience working on other Snyder films prepared him for the inevitable backlash that came with Affleck’s casting, explaining it’s actually a good thing that people are so worked up about the movie.

“Anything you do that’s culturally significant, or any time you deal with an iconic character or story, you’re going to hear responses from every possible perspective. So nothing surprises me anymore. If anything, that gauges the relevance of a property or character, and it’s invigorating to know people care that much. It inspires you to make the coolest version of the movie that you can. Ben is the perfect fit for Zack’s vision for this story.”

Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman Batman vs. Superman Producer Talks Batfleck & Wonder Woman

Another piece of news that has fans in a frenzy is the addition of Wonder Woman in the film. So far, reaction has been mixed, with many fans wondering why such an important character is being seemingly shoehorned into the film instead of getting her own movie. For his part, Coller simply said he was excited to see the iconic female superhero on the big screen, particularly as a father to a young daughter.

“[My daughter’s] favorite book is this little Wonder Woman flip book. It has the lasso, the invisible plane, the bracelets – every page has an image she’s just in awe with. And something that’s become a reality, being a dad with a new daughter, is that I have a special place in my heart for the idea of a strong, empowered female superhero being out there.”

On the subject of future Wonder Woman solo films, Coller was smartly noncommittal.

“We’re super excited to have her in the film. It will be a ton of fun. But at the same time, we’ve got to stay focused on the film we’re working on now.”

While it may be premature to talk about Wonder Woman solo films until Batman vs. Superman (or whatever it’s eventually called) comes out, you can bet that Warner Bros. has some major plans for the warrior princess if reaction to the character is favorable. As a Wonder Woman fan myself, I know that I’m hoping to see more of Diana Prince in action.

To learn more about Coller’s longstanding relationship with Zack Snyder and why they decided to film in Michigan, you can check out the whole article. In the meantime, let us know what you’re most excited about for Batman vs. Superman in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 hits theaters July 17th, 2015.

Source: MLive.com

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  1. Stil dont know how Diana gonna connect with a Batman/Superman movie, why not get her own solo movie, a cameo would be good but she having much screen time might switch d prime focus of the movie… I’m just gonna sit back, cross my fingers as more info unfolds :)

  2. Please….please don’t let there be an invisible plane. Ever.

    • Yeah I’m not much of a fan of an invisible plane. I don’t really know how they’d do it to be honest.

      • Yeah just give her natural flight and super strength, have her use swords and sheilds and a bow, and now made from sand just have her be the daughter of zues

        • lol @ natural flight!

      • The same way the did the Hellicarrier, with reflective plates and such; IDK how they did it.

      • see thor 2 for invisible ship methodology.

    • Yeah, the invisible jet is waaay to out cartoonish for me but you never know they could make it look awesome like the helicarrier in Avengers.

  3. Only someone completely clueless would think a negative reaction to two casting choices this bad, is a positive. This is why film is in the sad state of affairs it is.

  4. They’ll both do great and this movie will be fantastic.

    • Thats a good one Deadpool! Deadpool always has the best jokes..

      • I’m writing a story about three characters. Do you think it’s a good story?

      • Nah, John…He’s simply stating an honest (and I think very accurate) opinion.

        YOU, however, are funny…in a cute way. :)

        • Yes and optimism is sorely lacking on the internet and I tend to be one of the few who preserve it. And I will maintain it.

          • Glad there are still people like you :). Pessimism is getting way too annoying!

            • Yep…exactly…and unfortunately. :/

            • You say pessimism, I say being a realist.

              • I just call it depressing.

              • Dear Troll of ScreenRant,

                The thing about being a realist, you usually need to have valid reasons for the way you think instead of tossing around irrational and hateful statements for the sole reason that you don’t like a given decision. Leading you to of course and childishly, spam the boards and annoy several readers. There’s always going to be negative and positive views, I welcome them both with open arms. But I don’t welcome those who spam comment sections just because they ‘can’. Go ahead, voice your so called ‘opinion’, but when you actually voice your real opinion, everyone will take it and pass it off for just another spam comment from the troll.

                • Telling it like it is.

                  I may have been the only person commenting on this site who reacted positively to all pieces of news concerning this movie, despite not enjoying MOS that much. Everyone else was either completely negative or reserved in their responses.

                  Kind of shows you who’s hoping for it to fail so they can claim some silly victory for The Avengers (which was also a bad movie that gets overhyped and loved way too much considering how poor it really was but again, hopefully the sequel will be an improvement). Somehow as if box office takings are some sort of quality control assessment (news flash, Meet The Spartans was one of the worst movies of all time but still earned millions of dollars at the US box office and made it one of that year’s big success stories…I rest my case).

                  • There will never be sequels to Meet the Spartans. It did not make 1.5 billion. I’m not sure of the logic in your comment.

                  • Millions is what 99% of all wide releases make. It’s why movies are made.

                    Meet the Spartans a success story? Huh? It only made 38 million in the US and it had a 30 million budget. I get your point but your example is incorrect.

                  • I’m pretty sure Dazz meant Grown Ups 2.

                    “Somehow as if box office takings are some sort of quality control assessment”

                    ^^^ This is spot on, regardless of the example given.

          • Thank You DP. The amount of negativity is totally bumming the mood for the movie. Why can’t people be more like fans, and less like critics?

      • Ahahahaha, I laughed even though I’m looking forward to the movie. Wish we could get a Deadpool movie, that’d be hilarious and blow everyone’s pants off, excluding Deadpool’s cause his would already be off but he’d try to fit in and take off his boxers.

    • Hell yes! Hiring the Argo writer to polish the script will definitely make the film jump ahead in quality.

  5. Ben Affleck recently came out saying he hated Republicans, so that pretty much killed any enthusiasm I had for this actor.

    Link: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/12/09/ben-affleck-republican-actors-i-probably-wouldn-t-person-if-i-met-him

    • Just so you know pretty much all politicians are scum and everyone hates them. Now that you know you can give up on every movie being made by anyone.

      • I am mostly upset with how Ben made the statement.

        • Well they should probably find a new actor now that you’re uncomfortable with someone expressing their views, I mean, really, a film star having an opinion?!

          • why…the very idea!

    • I hate Republicans also, so now I’m even more excited for this movie.

      • How could anyone dislike ALL Republicans, when there have been some good ones, like Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, John Bolton, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Barry Goldwater, Tom Coburn, John Thune, Lindsey Graham, and ***ME***??!!

        Incidently, I bet if comic book characters were affiliated as stated political party members, Republican ranks would include Steve Rodgers, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Scott Summers, Hal Jordan, and Barry Allen!

    • Ummm, Marcus…

      Did you read the last section of that article, the part after all of the quotations from the “Playboy” article? Your statement above DIRECTLY contradicts what the blogger says…Namely, you do not like someone and will not watch him because of his political views, exactly what the blogger does NOT like.

      You are welcome to like or dislike and support or avoid anyone…that is both your right AND no one else’s business. I simply suggest that if you are going to give such an opinion, you do not use as your reference a piece that seems to state the EXACT opposite opinion…

      • Well said Archaeon,

        A troll on another site was saying the same thing. It’s like because this movie is so popular and polarizing, it attracts some of the most unfair criticism to date. Neither a teaser trailer, official trailer, set photo, clips, official synopsis has been released yet. It doesn’t even have an official title! Rational discussion seems to be lost on this movie

        • “Neither a teaser trailer, official trailer, set photo, clips, official synopsis has been released yet.”

          Yet it’s okay for people to think this movie is going to be awesome with no information, but you get harassed for being skeptical, does that make any sense?

          • Skepticism? Is that what you call your spam? Good stuff.

            • If you’ve noticed I haven’t left those kinds of comments in a while.

              • @JustSomeGuy. I think you’re getting unfairly criticized. Since when was it not ok to have an opinion? I would genuinely like to know what’s got you worried about the movie based on the info we DO have so far?

    • Ohh, THAT’S an unbiased and reputable website….

  6. Let me try this again since it seems you can’t point out idiocy here. This guy sounds like a complete moron.

    Only someone with no business making this or any other film would try to spin the contempt over two of the worst casting choices in modern cinema into a positive, and ignore the errors.

    This film will make the Green Lantern look like The Godfather.

    • Well, you ARE entitled to your opinion. I am curious why you call him a moron just for expressing an opinion different from yours…? If this film ends up being a success and encourages a solid laudatory reaction from audiences, does that make YOU the m0r0n???

      Just wondering… :)

    • John H…

      You ARE welcome to your opinion (one with which I strongly disagree), but I AM curious about why you called that man a moron simply because his opinion differs completely from yours. If the film DOES succeed and perhaps even encourages laudatory reactions from audiences, does that make YOU the moron???

      Just wondering… :)

  7. After two attempts at leaving intelligent, pithy and honest opinions, both of which have been stifled, I can only assume this function is over seen by a someone who doesn’t like me?

    • - 100000000

    • @John H – I see no other comments pending for you.

      Paul Young – Moderator

      • Paul…

        John H. might be having the same difficulty posting that I have been having for at least an hour. Unfortunately, you should possibly expect at least one or two more postings from me that closely resemble the above two (only one of which is necessary, btw, since they say EXACTLY THE SAME THING). I apologize for the redundancy, but after trying to post initially and getting NO indication that anything had gone through the system or even registered (even after refreshing), I thought it logical to try again…

  8. i’m really looking forward to this movie i think ben affeck is a totally different animal than he was when he made daredevil,he is well polished and alot more confident in his abilities and at times his execution is flawless,i think he’ll play the part perfectly and i really think he is the perfect contrast to henry cvill who i also think is developing into a top notch actor,in my opinion though i would cast eric bana as lex luther if he’d be willing to do it but i’m sure he’s had his fill with the world of superhereos,and about wonder woman’s plane I think they could have they plane and it could have a stealth mode so it could touch on the source material but with an updated feel but i’m sure it will be a less then total depiction of the charachter is this film to gauge the audiences reaction before elaborating more in a solo movie..i’d say she’ll have a similar role to that of anne hathaway in the dark knight rises.

    • Yeah, I would bet they would use her in a similar way to Catwoman in TDKR, I see no reason why they would put a big name character like Wonder Woman into the movie just to put her in a 3 second cameo.

    • I call my girlfriend Attila, because she is such a “Hon” (“Hun”)!

  9. Ahhhh! I so excited for this movie!

  10. I can has Justice League?

  11. Anyone else notice they’re not saying Gal Gadot is “perfect for Zack’s vision of the character,” inthe way they’re saying about Affleck? That makes me suspicious about her role in this film. Perhaps it’s indicative of how small her part is?

  12. I guess no one read it correctly, but it NEVER SAID there was going to be an invisible jet in the movie. Ever. He said it was in his daughters book. The thing that became a reality was that he wanted to see a female heroin on screen. Jeez

    Excited for this movie beyond belief.

  13. Superman is my favorite superhero but honestly I’m way more excited to finally see Wonder Woman on the silver screen, here’s hoping that Gal pulls it off.

  14. The fight scenes in MoS, with the great editing and choreography and I guess, Snyder’s overall vision, was really something special. Something never really attempted on ffilm.I grew up in the DBZ generation and to see Zod and Supes flying around destroying everything…it made me passionate about action and comic movies again. Cant wait for more.

  15. Seadpool

  16. Antje Traue, who played Faora, would have played Wonder Woman amazingly..ya kno

    • Cobie Smulders would’ve been perfect as wonder woman(she played a shield agent in Avengers).

      Google search her name.

  17. Does anyone know, is Afleck contracted for more than just BatsVSupes…?

    • + 100

    • Supposedly he’s been signed on for multiple films, I can’t find how many though.

    • At this stage it’s too late for them to turn back and so they had better have contracted him for several more films.

      Nolan Batman was incredible but he was not a sci-fi Batman; let’s hope that this new Batman is sci-fi and closer to the comics so that we can see a Batman we’ve never seen before in live action film. (I still say they should give him some powers just so he can make more sense in the Snyder universe).

      I’m excited to see the new Batman but no so much for Gal Gadot as WW. I’d prefer Colbie Smulders.

      • honestly, I would have preferred someone else play the Joker other than Heath Ledger….BEFORE I saw how awesome he was for the role!

        I would have preferred someone other than RDJ play Tony Stark….BEFORE I saw how awesome he was for the role.
        I would have preferred someone else to play WW but I will give her the chance she deserves.
        I could go ON AND ON but you get my point, give Gal a chance, she may just blow us away and in 5 years we will not be able to imagine ANYONE else as WW….OR we may end up getting WW recast after BvS because they realized that she was not right for the role! BUT we will not know until the film is released, give it a chance!
        I’m super stoked for this movie, and I hope ppl give the whole film a chance before writing it off as horrible.

  18. Just call it Justice League – Genesis and stop pretending it is a sequel to Man of Steel.

    • … but it is, despite the appearance of other superheroes. The story is still centered around Superman with Bats and WW as supporting cast (major and minor respectively – let’s hope it’ll be that way).

      Furthermore, technically speaking, The Avengers is a sequel of all MCU movies preceding it. This movie works that way for Man of Steel should it get too far with other heroes.

      • There’s no script released yet, so it’s quite possible WW could be a major character. Also with all the rumors of all the characters they’re adding such as The Flash, if true I would guess they’re lying about the movie being Batman Vs Superman in style and this actually is the Justice League movie.

    • @ Jeff

      100% spot on. To be honest once Batman’s inclusion was announced , this stopped being a Superman sequel.

      This is a Justice League practice run, plain and simple.

  19. Joaquin Phoenix would make a pretty good Lex Luthor. Not really sold on Ben as Batman, but he’s a solid actor who has come a long way since his Gigli days.

    • He’ll make a good batman, but being Bruce Wayne might pose its difficulties.

  20. I have said in the past that I feel that the idea of a cameo of wonder woman won’t work. What I can see is a movie with batman superman and wonder woman as the main characters. Why people can’t grasp the idea of three main characters and one as a woman. I have high hopes that this movie will not fail.

    Also I don’t get how ones political veiws can dictate ones performance of a character in a movie.

  21. Still think Twig-Girl is one of the worst choices for WW (and before anyone says it, Carano is equally as bad but for the exact opposite reasons)

    • Someone needs to invent time travel, go back twenty years and get the younger Lucy Lawless.

      • I love old school Lucy Lawless but without offense to her, she comes off as too butch for WW….

  22. now that i think about them creating a DC Universe with a older Batman…hoping this goes further then 1 to 2 films Batman would be close to 50 when he gets his own Bat movie…unless they say screw the origin stories and just flush out the characters that are being introduced and Batman gets cameo’s in each 1…hopefully Affleck ages well ha

    • I think he looks pretty young for someone who’s 41. He looks more like he’s 30 – 35 years old if you ask me.

    • I understand the concern and I hope it goes further than a couple of movies as well. Although he wasn’t who I imagined as Batman initially, I think Ben has the potential to give us a very good Batman. One of my larger concerns with an older Batman and a somewhat older actor portraying him is the factor of aging out. He looks good for his age but you can see Father Time creeping in a little and typically Batman and Superman aren’t presented with there being such a large (at least a decade) age gap between them. I will say I don’t imagine him being the only Batman we see in the reboot series. He’ll continue to have the prominent role but eventually I could see a couple of movies showing him (Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne)training and guiding a successor. We’ll probably also get some flashbacks with a younger actor portraying a younger Bruce as well (kind of a Arkham Origins perspective). That kind of progression will be cool to watch should that be what takes place. For the here and now though, I’m just waiting for a picture of Ben in the Batsuit and a trailer, but mainly the pic of the batsuit.

  23. Errrrrrrrrrr…….
    Dont take inspiration from a cartoony flipbook.

    • +1

  24. I’ve been fine with Batfleck from the beginning, but I have to admit that I’ve got my reservations about Gadot. I just wish there was more evidence of her acting ability before this movie. She may surprise me, but right now it looks like WB just found a model to play dress up as Wonder Woman. I’m glad Coller thinks it’s important for his daughter to have a strong female superhero growing up but his sentiment isn’t going to magically give her even B rate acting talent. I’m just convinced that she can sell the warrior attitude. She seems so…feeble.

  25. This movie will be fine. Unzip your vaginas and breathe a little LOL.

  26. Does this actress look like Wonder Woman? I mean, well built and err….with assets that are needed?

  27. Evangeline Lily gets my vote for Wonder Woman.

    I hope we actually to get to see the titular character in the next movie ‘cuz he sure wasn’t in the first one. Also will Cavill actually get some meaningful dialogue in the sequel instead of just posing? Will he be able to go toe to toe with Affleck in any confrontational dramatic scenes? I worry…

    • It’s a shame you missed MOS when it was in theaters…you would have VERY CLEARLY seen the true character of the title. I’m not sure WHAT you saw…oh, well…maybe, on DVD.

  28. I can’t wait until Comic-Con and what they’ll most likely announce!!

  29. Batfleck? Is the movie aimed at ten year olds?

    You expect some silly magazine aimed at bimbo’s to use that kind of language. Given that the studio would like the masses to accept Affleck as a serious option to play batman rather than someone better suited to a camped up version of the character maybe talk like adults instead.