‘Batman vs. Superman’ Rumor: Wonder Woman To Have Different Armor

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Wonder Woman Injustice Trailer Batman vs. Superman Rumor: Wonder Woman To Have Different Armor

Movie and comic book fans have been given time to accept that Batman vs. Superman will not only add Batman to the Man of Steel universe, but bring Wonder Woman along as well. Yet even as fans hotly debate Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck being cast in their respective roles, the fact remains: the story being concocted is a total mystery.

Some have speculated that the iconic caped duo will shoulder a bulk of the action, with Wonder Woman introduced in little more than a background role. But the latest rumor suggests that the Amazonian princess won’t just be seen in costume, but will be sporting a new take on her signature armor.

Before any confirmation of Wonder Woman’s appearance in this or any other WB/DC film, the reins to the studio’s budding cinematic universe being handed over to director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer implied that their tone and style would be a sign of things to come. In other words, if Diana was going to be appearing in her own film, she could count on a more modern, tasteful depiction than fans had seen in the past.


That would mean, above all, doing away with the spandex, short-shorts and provocative outfits that have been seen to date in favor of something more befitting a warrior princess. And according to El Mayimbe’s latest scoop, that’s what fans can expect come Batman vs. Superman:

Again, the fact that Gal Gadot won’t be wearing next to nothing in her role is anything but a revelation – Snyder made it clear he wasn’t only interested in looks by casting Gadot in the first place – but the implications for the Man of Steel sequel are hard to ignore. Gadot’s ongoing martial arts training promises a Wonder Woman who will be in the thick of battle and, as such, will need more than cotton to defend her, but if the costume change is legitimate, then DC Comics’ ‘big three’ heroes will all be suiting up for action come 2015.

If that is the case, then it seems less and less likely that Batman will represent the sole opposition to Superman, as compelling a piece of character drama that may be. And if the fight awaiting the pair is big enough to pull Wonder Woman into the fray, a charismatic corporate villain like Lex Luthor seems to come up short (even if Bryan Cranston has the role). Could we really be looking at Doomsday already?

Batman vs. Superman Wonder Woman vs Doomsday 570x330 Batman vs. Superman Rumor: Wonder Woman To Have Different Armor

It’s far too early to tell just how much of the film’s story will feature Gadot’s Diana – or Affleck’s Batman for that matter. This is, after all, a sequel to Man of Steel. And both Snyder and Goyer claimed from the very outset that the top priority for the next film would be further developing their new take on Kal-El. Comic book fans know that few people can bring about change in the hero than his most trusted colleagues, but it looks like they’ll be challenging his skills in combat just as much as his morals.

What do you think of the possibility of seeing Wonder Woman suit up in 2015? Could that help convince skeptics that the character is strong enough to stand on her own, or is it too much, too soon? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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  1. WW will be in the movie for about under 30 sec.. NOthing is gonna upstage the dark knight in this movie.. Not even the Man of steel himself.

    • Could very well be true. Lead characters have a tendency to be overtaken in bad-assery by more mysterious side characters, and this is the first time ever Batman’s been able to be in that position.

    • I certainly hope that isn’t the case. Wonder Woman deserves a lot more than 30 seconds, and why should Batman upstage Superman in Superman’s own sequel?

  2. She may not be suiting up for an actual battle. It could be for a flashback helping to aid in her back-story.

  3. I was actually hoping she’d have some sort battle armor instead of tights. Hoping this is true!

  4. Judging by man of steel, WW will be portrayed as cool, tough yet sexy(not stupid or silly) hero.

    Faora was awesome.

    • Yeah Faora stole the show. Would love for her to comeback in the DCCU and have an EPIC fight with Wonder Woman

      • Faora vs Ww ? wow..

        and yes, I also thought Faora completely stole the show.. Superman is awesome but Faora was the terminator on this movie. I could not wait for her to get back on the screen. It was awesome.

        • +1,000

  5. What about the lasso and the jet? It’s a Kryptonian starfighter right? It HAS to be.

    • There are many clever ways to incorporate lasso into the movie.

      My version: Lasso of truth does really exist. But with a kick. Because the way it sucks certain energy out of person(or uses whatever body parts or component), if you use that on someone, they will die. And you can just imagine what a agony Ww goes through when one of her loved one is asking her to use that on them(for whatever reason).

    • Only has to be alien. If Kryptonians found their way to earth, nothing says other aliens can’t also be here, hiding among us. The Amazons could be a lesser-powered race, as compared to the Kryptonians. The fact that we named a forest and river and people after them could be b/c earthlings had interacted with these aliens in the distant past. Just my 20 cents. (B/c 2 cents won’t get you anything these days.)

      • Maybe Wonder Woman and the Amazonians are descended from Kara Zor-El? According to the comic that was released with Man of Steel, it was Kara Zor-El in that pod when the scout ship crashed two thousand years ago. Maybe Kara Zor-El went on to spawn the Amazonian race which is part Human and part Kryptonian?

        • Sure. Why not? There’s all sorts of possibilities now that they’ve established that earth has been visited by ancient aliens. I was just pointing out that most people seem to be trying to tie everything back to krypton, which isn’t necessary. The universe is a big place. Further, introducing a second alien civilization behooves them in their storytelling since many other characters in the DC universe are extra terrestrial. It just opens up doors. Also, it distinguishes Batman and the other earthling heroes down the road.

          • Y’know they already have in the prequel comic, right?


            Not challenging you… just agreeing with every word and adding fuel to the fire.

      • They don’t have to be pureblooded Kryptonians anymore. There could have been some interbreeding over the years that diminished their powers to the point where they’re souped-up humans, but not superhuman.

    • Only Supergirl is Superman’s secret weapon. Not Wonder Woman, Cause she is born on the same planet like her cousin. They are raised on the House of El. Kara is a Kryptonian Starfighter, who is trying to pass the test before she graduates. That was seen in the MOS Prequel.

  6. i pray she looks like a dominatrix

    • No, they will bring in Granny Goodness for the dominatrix scene. It promises to be HOT!

  7. So if Lex is the President in this movie, then I see WW having a pretty big role because it sets up the movie to be a JLA movie. With rumors of GL, The Flash, and Nightwing being in the movie it really makes sense. If not then the movie will kind of look/feel silly with all these characters with nothing to contribute

  8. She’ll play Diana Prince in the main bulk of the movie then we’ll see her in armour as Wonder Woman right at the end when something appears as the next big threat and she prepares to help fight it, ready for the next movie to explore this new threat.

    I see it as being similar to seeing Oliver Queen putting on the domino mask right at the end of the Arrow mid-season finale.

    • +1,000

      Thank you. My thoughts exactly. Her WW reveal, whether it’s built up throughout the film with her as Diana Prince, or not appearing until the last few moments of the film helping Supes and Batman take on whatever threat is proposed, will be awesome and executed perfectly.

      • You would actually be fine with a total cliffhanger like that?

  9. I still think Wonder Woman should have a mythological past (descending from Zeus and Hippolyta) — I don’t like the idea of her being a pseudo-Kryptonian descendant. But whatever.
    Costume sounds cool.

    • WW is not Kryptonian. They need to stick with the source material. The end.

      • Amen.

      • Why? I’m not being immature. I’m legitimately asking.

        • As the source material is extremely rich the movie makers should look at that instead of inventing a completely new background.
          The comics provide a solid character that has a rich history (70+ years of it) the Amazon culture within the DC Universe is also of big importance to several major stories during that time frame so ignoring all that just to make her a Kryptonian or other alien is in my mind stupid.
          Some other poster said using Supergirl as founder to the Amazon is again also stupid as you are again going to ignore a rich and varied history of a long established (50+ years) character in the DC universe.

          I agree that you need to break eggs to make an omelette however by tossing out a combined 120 year history out of the window for the sake of writing a workable script well my response to that would be get a) new writers b) a new director c) producers d) prepare for your movie to suck balls and be flamed to high heaven.

          Am I a fanboy well maybe I am but respect the source material and it will provide for you everything you could want or dream of.

          Look at the animated movies and tv series they respected the source and they are fantastic and people want more of it so why not follow that example in a live action movie.

          Here ended the rant.

      • I agree 1000%.

  10. I’m so glad that ppl said Faora stole the show because I completely agree. It’s ashame though, she would’ve been perfect as Wonder Woman

  11. I could see Wonder Woman in a Xena-style armor, with a modern twist.

    • I thought about that too

  12. Whatever they do, I hope they don’t go stupid and make it too modern. They do need to retain some semblance of the ancient Greek origins of Wonder Woman. At most, they should give her armor more reminiscent of what the Greek warriors/soldiers actually wore.

    • Great Idea to see Wonder Woman making a cameo appearance in the BATMAN vs SUPERMAN film. What makes sense she isn’t Kryptonian ? Only Superman’s Cousin Kara is. Cannot wait to see her play Princess Diana (a,k,a Diana Prince) in her own movie. Then Get Supergirl star in her own movie too.

  13. I’m more curious about how Zack Snyder (and company) will incorporate her method of travel? Will she have “natural flight” abilities in this carnation? Or will she have the invisible jet?

    Hmmm, this shall be veddie interesting.

    • I think we’ll see the invisible jet. This more “grounded” DCCU will want to keep things downplayed as much as possible, I think. We’ll have Supes, GL, Martian Hunter, etc all with flying abilities, so I think they might want to put WW in the jet to keep that number down. Just a thought. I don’t care either way.

      • I doubt we’ll see the invisible jet…

        See what I did there?

        • Yes, I see what you did here.
          Very nice :-)

  14. I have an idea!!!! how about now clothes at all! :D :) XD Lol jk. Armor makes sense other wise she’d be Wonder jerky on the floor facing the bad guys.

    • Uhmmm Wonder Woman is very durable, almost as strong as Supes… She really doesn’t need armor for protection. She needs it to stay decent during battle or flying at high speeds… I’m for gesturing armor!

      • G string… Damn auto correct…

    • Yeah, if you think WW would end up jerky after going up against the bad guys, you clearly don’t know anything about her at all.

      • You do realize what jk means right? JUST KIDDING lol.

  15. this is just getting worse by the minute..first they cast affleck as batman,then nolan drops out because of it..then they cast the wrong actress for wonderwoman..now have her in a armor suit?the craps gonna hit the fan..whats next theyll introduce justin beber as knightwing?

    • Ummmm Nolan dropped out because of Affleck? When did this happen?

      • Don’t worry, he’s clueless.

        Nolan was only ever producer for MOS and stepped away once that was done filming to concentrate on his own stuff, happy that he was leaving DC’s world in safe hands.

        Also, Wonder Woman wore armour before, more recently in the Injustice videogame where she has a type of armour and helmet as part of Superman’s dictatorial Regime while Batman leads the Insurgents (including Lex and Harley Quinn) against Superman.

        • She wears armor AND wings in Kingdom Come.

    • Let me help you out with a few things…

      Nolan said he wouldn’t do more than the trilogy he already made, BB, TDK, and TDKR. Bale said he wouldn’t do it without Nolan. So those things automatically meant Warner Bros/DC were looking for a new director and actor since Nolan and Bale didn’t want to do it.

      Snyder got the job and he then cast Ben Affleck as Batman. Gal Gadot is the “wrong actress” in what sense exactly? There’s no argument you can bring that would make any sense.

      Also, Wonder Woman has been in armor countless times in the comics and in animated films, in fact depending on the artist, even her regular costume is a form of armor that just didn’t cover all of her skin. Using armor for this film isn’t very different from how she’s already portrayed, and it would make sense as well.

    • Wait, Nolan left? Oh wow, this movie is truly doomed now. Can’t wait to see all the fans in tears and denial. lol. This film will fail so bad.

      • He probably didn’t want to interfere with their vision of Batman which is why he left.

  16. This is no longer a MoS sequel. This is The Batfleck and company doing whatever they want with the film.

    • The director of a film, who directed the previous film as well, is doing whatever he wants with the plot and story? That’s so weird! How dare he!

      • *slow clap*

    • Yeah, and if Goyer/Snyder said he walked on Mars, and met little green men, you’ll believe that too, right? lol.

  17. Good news about WW’s outfit. I really hope they don’t bring in Doomsday – it’s far too early. I’m hoping for a lex/brainiac team up.

    • rofl…

    • Oh yes, exactly that, only a less more.

  18. For conversations sake what if Doomsday is in the movie.

    Are they going to do the death of Superman in SvB and then have Bats and the others take over for a few movies then do the return of Superman for a JL film?

    So far WB seems to be loving the fanboyism/reactions of all the news the release, so could they be considering going all out and kill Superman in the second outing of his reboot?

  19. Hmmm armor? Hahaha ok I have an idea who momoa will be playing. In new 52 ww she goes to the god hephastus(spelling?) Well the god of the forge for weapons and ARMOR. Could the rumors be for a ww support role and not a lead role? Perhaps?

    Id say let her fly leave the jet for the boytoy trevor.

    Lasso is a NEED TO HAVE!

  20. Wouldn’t it be cool if Wonder Woman was actually the cousin of Superman, who came to earth in the abandoned ship he found in the far north? There was an open pod after all.

    Source material be damned, they’ve already made enough bad decisions. I don’t mind if they go with that one too.

    • The open pod was Kara Zor-El, who was a distant relative to Superman, except that she left the ship like 10,000 years ago. And there’s no evidence that the Kryptonians are immortal in our yellow sun (they could be though!)

      Basically this would all mean she lived out her life and possibly had kids which would introduce some Kryptonian DNA into the human population. That could be a cool way for a powered person to come about (WW or someone else, the options are pretty open)

      It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

      • Yeah and Kara was also blonde so she would have also had to dye her hair or something, but perhaps your (brunette) offspring theory might work too.

    • Or they could stick much closer to Wonder Woman’s own unique origins since there is 70+ years of it. Also, they’ve already said that the open pod belonged to Kara Zor-El.

  21. Yes, thats what I was hopin for.

  22. WW will be used in the same way as Faroa was in MOS. I’m calling for her to be batman’s “secret weapon”. Like batman is the one that made first contact with the amazons and not that pilot guy. Maybe a signal picked up by waynetech from the island when the seed ship sent out the signal that also attracted the kryptonians to earth? Assuming of course amazons will have anything to do with having krypton heritage and tech.

  23. I think this ‘ElMayimbe’ guy is just looking for retweets. He’s been monumentally full of s*** before. I could be wrong, though.

  24. Good god, if there were a Wonder Woman vs Faora fight….

  25. Is everyone aware that the guy jeff remyer or whatever from batman on film retracked what he said? He clarified that all the stuff he tweeted was his own opinion of what he thinks will happen! There is no proff that ww is of kyrptonian.

    Also nolans still a producer. He’s taking a step bck as he is working on intersteller. Wb confirmed that back in september.

    Also…to those saying ww will be batmans secret weapon…why? How would bats even know where to find her? I think she will be introduced in a way we will all be shocked by.

    • Yup, and he’s executive producing. It’s mostly just having his name on the project though lol. Either way, Nolan goes and Affleck comes in. Don’t really see the problem. The more Affleck has control over the script, the better if you ask me. This guy has 3 amazing movies behind his belt, so what’s to complain about?

    • His production would role would be to attract investors to the film and that would be it; he has no role in the story this time.

  26. It all seems to be adding up to the fact that WW could possibly be of Kryptonian heritage….

    The armor…kryptonians definitely had armor. They wore it over their suits and Superman doesn’t wear it. And if Wonder Woman is a decedent of Kara…that would tie up things. In my opinion…not in a good way. WW would kinda be related to supes in a weird way though if she’s a direct decedent from Kara.

    This is all pure speculation though. If we just take this independently of anything…. Wonder Woman having a more fitting look is brilliant…Would love to see it.
    But I hope we see it in flashbacks, otherwise her role is pretty large. Spiderman is introducing a bunch of villains, X-Men DOFP has nearly 2 whole teams of X-Men…
    But to give sizable roles to Superman, Batman AND Wonder Woman…That just…if it works…it’ll be just..special.

  27. Too much, WAY too soon! They need to build a really good storyline, not rush trying to capitalize on Marvel’s success. Marvel took the long road. Once again Dc is looks like they might be making a mistake.

    • Agreed.

      • Have either of you gotten an inside word on what the storyline will be? I don’t really get the overwhelming skepticism that no story could justify these three characters appearing. Even now, we have ZERO idea of what story this film will actually tell.

  28. Everyday this movie gets a new rumor.