‘Batman vs. Superman’ Rumor: Wonder Woman To Have Different Armor

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Wonder Woman Injustice Trailer Batman vs. Superman Rumor: Wonder Woman To Have Different Armor

Movie and comic book fans have been given time to accept that Batman vs. Superman will not only add Batman to the Man of Steel universe, but bring Wonder Woman along as well. Yet even as fans hotly debate Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck being cast in their respective roles, the fact remains: the story being concocted is a total mystery.

Some have speculated that the iconic caped duo will shoulder a bulk of the action, with Wonder Woman introduced in little more than a background role. But the latest rumor suggests that the Amazonian princess won’t just be seen in costume, but will be sporting a new take on her signature armor.

Before any confirmation of Wonder Woman’s appearance in this or any other WB/DC film, the reins to the studio’s budding cinematic universe being handed over to director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer implied that their tone and style would be a sign of things to come. In other words, if Diana was going to be appearing in her own film, she could count on a more modern, tasteful depiction than fans had seen in the past.


That would mean, above all, doing away with the spandex, short-shorts and provocative outfits that have been seen to date in favor of something more befitting a warrior princess. And according to El Mayimbe’s latest scoop, that’s what fans can expect come Batman vs. Superman:

Again, the fact that Gal Gadot won’t be wearing next to nothing in her role is anything but a revelation – Snyder made it clear he wasn’t only interested in looks by casting Gadot in the first place – but the implications for the Man of Steel sequel are hard to ignore. Gadot’s ongoing martial arts training promises a Wonder Woman who will be in the thick of battle and, as such, will need more than cotton to defend her, but if the costume change is legitimate, then DC Comics’ ‘big three’ heroes will all be suiting up for action come 2015.

If that is the case, then it seems less and less likely that Batman will represent the sole opposition to Superman, as compelling a piece of character drama that may be. And if the fight awaiting the pair is big enough to pull Wonder Woman into the fray, a charismatic corporate villain like Lex Luthor seems to come up short (even if Bryan Cranston has the role). Could we really be looking at Doomsday already?

Batman vs. Superman Wonder Woman vs Doomsday 570x330 Batman vs. Superman Rumor: Wonder Woman To Have Different Armor

It’s far too early to tell just how much of the film’s story will feature Gadot’s Diana – or Affleck’s Batman for that matter. This is, after all, a sequel to Man of Steel. And both Snyder and Goyer claimed from the very outset that the top priority for the next film would be further developing their new take on Kal-El. Comic book fans know that few people can bring about change in the hero than his most trusted colleagues, but it looks like they’ll be challenging his skills in combat just as much as his morals.

What do you think of the possibility of seeing Wonder Woman suit up in 2015? Could that help convince skeptics that the character is strong enough to stand on her own, or is it too much, too soon? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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Source: elmayimbe

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  1. WW and her amazonians could be aliens as well and they would play the main enemies of Superman and Batman. They attack Earth because they believe it is being ruled by evil men and that they can restore justice to it(like they did in the past). Batman, Lex and Superman join forces to stop them.

    Near the mid-end of the film Batman and Lex turn on Superman and we get the real battle of the film.

    • So you want the movie to be absolutely horrible?

      • yeah he wants this to be the worst movie ever. I mean horrible

    • let’s have everyone in the film sword fight with turds while we’re at it.

  2. I hope her armor is made up of a fishnet bathing suit!

  3. Whatever happens with this film, I just pray Doomsday is in it, A fight between Supes and Doomsday would be outta control, His fight with Zod levelled a city, its a scary thought what would happen if he takes on Doomsday..

    • I sure hope he’s not. Otherwise, what’s left for the Man of Steel standalone sequel. Darkseid? Doomsday is known as the thing that (almost?) killed Superman. You save that for a standalone.

  4. I give up on whatever this film is, represents, or starts. Clearly WB is making it up as they go.

    Justice League: War comes ot soon. I’ll just watch that and forget WB running after Disney.

    • ^^^Yep. Real people talk like this.

      • Fanboys, what’re you gonna do?

  5. lol @ using El Maybe’s tweets as concert or a rumor. Why does anyone still listen to him?

  6. Yes…. Make it look like the armors from Immortals/Spartacus/Zena with the blue/red/gold accents subdued and we’re good

    • See below.

  7. I fine with this as long as she is easily identifiable as wonder woman, I mean wonder woman is one of the most iconic super heroes of all time, so if another character has to point wonder woman out to us, that would not be ok. But armor is more practically, and they’ll probably do a nice homage to the original suit. :)

        • Watched the whole thing waiting to see a cool version of WW’s armor.

          The fan film was great, but didn’t seem related to the WW Armor discussion.

          • What? You didn’t see it? When she was fighting Doomsday?

            I guess I should’ve provided the time metering for it. Sorry. I’ll go back and get that for you.

            • The link you posted didn’t have any Wonder Woman until the end when she was on the phone with Bruce.

              • Idk if there is a tech issue going on, because I just checked the link above and it is directing to Part 5 of 5 like it should. But it sounds like you’re on Part 4 of 5 (which matches what you are describing).

                Let’s try this another way. Copy and Paste this into YouTube’s search window:

                SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY – JUSTICE (Fan film 5 of 5)

                Hopefully this will give you the right vid.

                • I watched the video you were trying to show me. I know how to find stuff on youtube :)

                  my comment about “no WW armor” just responding to what was in the original clip.

  8. Yep, about 30 sec. Same goes for everyone else sans The Dark Knight (that won’t be so dark anymore). I am sure all SRs commenting here have read DKReturns. It is pretty obvious that one single scene will present a series of superheroes from the DCCU when they accepted a particular take on/by the government.

    The two benefits from the scene, one is yes setting up JLA right away, but also all THESE rumors.

    Now if they could only learn from Marvel (or the DK trilogy) and see that you don’t need big starts but rather amazing storylines, i’d actually be excited. This movie won’t be great [sadly].

    • So all these Marvel(or DK trilogy) movies that they’re supposed to learn from have no issues at all. No plot-holes or issues with character and story development, none of those movies had problems, right?

  9. They need to make her sexy – I’m sad they feel the need to squash the more Lynda Carter and comic book outfit to pacify feminists :(

    • You do realize she can be wearing armor and still be sexy right?

  10. I’m starting to think this will look like Iron Man 2 (which introduces the superheroes War Machine and Black Widow). And even then Rhodey was featured in the first film. I could let it slide for more minor characters, but introducing the Big Three in one smack? Depends on the story, I guess.

  11. What if the story is superman gets a sense of nationalism and listens to the military that he told he wasn’t an enemy. So batman has to fight him then wonder woman steps in with batman to convince superman they are needed then when they come together a mutual threat, doomsday or whoever, obviously someone requiring 3 super hero’s, comes in and they have to fight them and the people helping them

    • I have 2 potential scenarios(based on something said on AMC Movietalk):

      1)Bruce believes (like everyone else who doesn’t know who this “Superman” is) that he is a threat to humanity, and needs to be stopped. He researches to find Supe’s weakness (ie Kryptonite), and thru Waynecorp tracks down a fragment of it. But in the process, it is stolen by Lex via Lexcorp, who has similar but less honorable intentions who then incorporates it into John Corben creating Metallo as a weapon against Sup.

      2)Same scenario, but Lex gets it first, creates Metallo who fights Sup, but then Bruce (and Diana), realizing that Sup is not the bad guy, helps him, but takes the Kryp after Metallo is defeated, just in case.

      I could be way off, but just a couple ideas that could potentially work. What do you think?

  12. Oh here we go again, people jumping to conclusions when they haven’t even started filming! If you’ve seen the film then tell me, was it good?

    • Laura, that’s pretty much what everyone on this site does: Nerd-b**** about every bit of news and just be all-around cynical and pessimistic about everything.

      • That may be true, but that doesn’t justify it. Just like Dr. Ian Malcolm once said, “[They] were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

        It can be almost irresistable to bash everything and everyone, but that doesn’t accomplish anything but resentment and hurt feelings. Alot can happen between now and the film’s release. We all need to keep an open mind, until we have all the facts. Wouldn’t you agree?

  13. Snyderman’s statement in the MoS that the military will never control him is still ringing in my head because of how the line was said. I think Lex will figure out how to control Kil-El for the military’s purposes. Snyderman will be used to round-up other justice leaguers as well as enemies of Lex. Then Batfleck will come out of retirement and beat Snyderman in a fist fight. Still no kryptonite in this movie. Stick Woman will likely kill Lex in the same manor as she did to Max Lord. This will be the biggest moneymaker of 2015, and it will also be a total piece of crap.

    • “O ye of little faith”.

  14. My prediction: Wonder Woman will be Batman’s secret weapon against the Man of Steel.

    We already know from Goyer and Snyder’s announcements that Supes and Bats will fight at some point in this movie. My guess is that Batman isn’t sure whether or not he can trust Kal-El and wants to have a safeguard in case that Kal turns out to be a threat. I think that Bruce will partner his company with Lexcorp to both rebuild metropolis and to reverse-engineer Kryptonian tech (like Zod’s armor and the World Engine) for the military. At the same time, Bats will seek out other superhumans like Wonder Woman in order to help him fight Superman. Wonder Woman and the Amazons could be introduced by having Thymescera decide to reveal its existence to the rest of the world in order to help with the recovery efforts in Metropolis and/or lend their strength in repelling any future alien invasions. Diana would be the U.N. ambassador representing Thymescara, and she could be dating Bruce as a cover for their efforts at finding and recruiting superhumans from around the world.

    • *Themyscira.

      Just think of it like this: The-my-sci-ra. ;)

  15. Personally I think giving wonder woman her wonderfully skimpy comic book outfit would be the way forwards… that way, way more people will watch it!!…. albeit most of them men…. with a box of tissues handy ;)

  16. It will do well at the movies just because it is what it is and people are going to want to check it out but for such a bad joke being played on the fans I pray this skunk BOMBS and all invilved with the terrible joke get pink slips for costing the studio money. I wish for NOTHING but failure of this film if after years of waiting, being given a Wonder Woman that isn’t Wonder Woman in some stupid whole new look. WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you all!

  17. Does anyone thing it’s a bit odd that they are calling this “Batman vs Superman” instead of “Superman vs Batman”? This is a Superman sequel, not a Batman sequel, or a Batman anything for that matter… unless it will be treated as a subtitle (eg Man of Steel 2: Batman vs Superman, or something like that). It just seems like a marketing/merchandising nightmare waiting to happen.

    Marvel almost ran into that problem with Cap when they suggested having “The First Avenger” preceding “Captain America” in the title. Thankfully, they wised up and put it in the right order.

    But I’m wondering if DC can see this potential problem too, and prevent it.

    • You could call it KING KONG VS GODZILLA movie’s still gonna blow chunks!

    • ‘Batman v. Superman’ is NOT the official title of the movie. It’s the “working” or media title.

  18. The personal trainer for Antje Traue(Faora) is working with Gal Gadot(Wonder Woman) so we can expect a skinny Gal to build muscle mass.
    The same guy trained/worked out Henry Cavill.
    Read the dailies on Gal Gadot and her Wonder Woman costume, too.

    • What’re the plans for WW outfit. They planing to have Gal wearing clown shoes and a moose head?

    • Antje just needs a paper bag for her head

  19. I hope that personal trainer gives her acting lessons too.

    Face it people, this movie is going to make Batman & Robin look like Sam Rami’s Spider man 2

    • GASP…
      did you mean spiderman 3 ? Spiderman 2 was the masterpiece of the bunch. Actually, its one of the best comic book movies of all time. It did everything right. Clearly that was a typo !

  20. Zack is making a film he wants not what the fans want(too many different takes to please) He has 300 and to prove he can make a Greek theme heroine, Gal Gadot will amazing people with her transformation and much like Xena Zack’s version of Wonder Woman will kick ass
    Be patient and wait for the pics/movie before jumping to conclusions

    • I agree! In that a film maker should have focus on his/her vision.
      However, it’s not positive for him to rule out the history, lore, and APPEARANCE of these very popular …very profitable characters, in the minds of fans, and expect the film to be a success. If this was an indie flick…sure, but this isn’t an indie flick! It isn’t self funded, it isn’t his movie, its a huge undertaking crafted by many people, including actors. This is THE block-buster/money-maker, and if he fails…hes taking DC down with him.

      Remember what went wrong with all those botched superhero movies in the 80s/early90s? The director’s ego came before respect for the source material. Marvel Studios is getting things right in this regard. Marvel respects the source material (comics), and they take advice from actual writers from the comic industry. The casting from iron man was painstaking and full of heart ache, but in the end, thats what saved that 1st movie.

      Gal gadott is an alright actress, and im sure shell have a personal trainer…but she’s hopelessly MIS-CAST for her role. She is the typical wafer-thin “Hollywood-girl” type taking on a role meant for a stronger more demanding female. It’s like casting Orlando Bloom as superman and saying…”hell buff up”! That’s not the point! Robert Downey junior is iron man. Chris Hemsworth is Thor. Hugh jackman is Wolverine. These are actors that not only take on their roles very well, but also embody their characters persona in & out.

      So am I jumping to conclusions? NO! Ill give him a shot. But Zack is not my favorite director right now. Im not a fan of 300, watchmen, or man of steel…sorry! And as a comic artist, cartoonist, and someone who has even done some film work…your fans are your bread and butter. They are the reason you are getting to do the fun things you get to do in the first place. The very best super-hero movies where made by fans, for fans.

      Nuff said.