‘Batman vs. Superman’ Finds its Wonder Woman in ‘Fast & Furious’ Actress Gal Gadot

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Gal Gadot in Fast and Furious 6 Batman vs. Superman Finds its Wonder Woman in Fast & Furious Actress Gal Gadot

Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman might be introducing a brand new Bruce Wayne in Ben Affleck and setting him up against Henry Cavill’s Superman, but with the main cast sorted out interest soon moved on to the supporting players.

Of these the most prominent is Wonder Woman, who may not have been in her own big-screen adventure yet but could be launched as part of Warner Bros. cinematic DC universe in preparation for a standalone film. Multiple actresses have auditioned for the role, and it seems like everyone has their ideal fan casting.

The time for rumors (these ones, at least) has now come to an end as Deadline reports that newcomer Gal Gadot has been cast in the iconic role. Gadot is best known for her appearances as Gisele in the Fast and Furious franchise, and also starred in James Mangold’s action comedy Knight and Day. Director Zack Snyder made the following statement about the casting choice:

“Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character.”

New 52 Superman Wonder Woman Batman vs. Superman Finds its Wonder Woman in Fast & Furious Actress Gal Gadot

Other actresses who have previously been in talks to play Wonder Woman include Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Jaimie Alexander (Thor), but casting a relatively unknown actor is in line with what Warner Bros. has done before; Cavill himself wasn’t particularly well-known until he became Superman.

Gadot was born and raised in Israel and began her career as a model, serving two years in the Israeli army and even competing in the Miss Universe pageant before eventually moving to Hollywood to become an actress. Speaking in an interview about playing a tough female character like Gisele, Gadot said:

“In real life women are strong, and it should be the same on film. I think that because the men we have in this movie are so strong, tough, clever, intelligent, big – physically really big – I think that it’s a good balance to have us girls in the movie. Girls have a different flavor.”

Tell us in the comments if you think Gal Gadot could be the ideal choice to don Wonder Woman’s outfit, and what role you think she will play in Batman and Superman’s feud.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. C’mon people, if you are going to knock Gal because she is too skinny, you cant then say you wish they would have cast (insert name of OTHER skinny actress here)

    As far as I could see when all the casting rumors were going around, only 1 woman had the right proportions to play Wonder Woman: Gina Carano.

    But she just… cant… act.

    There WAS NO clear cut right choice. All I care about is they made one, and Wonder Woman is FINALLY coming to the big screen. Woo-hoo!

    • Woo-hoo! No clear choice??? You need to cut down on your medication DragonBall z

  2. This movie needs to be called “Justice League” right now. Calling it “Batman/Superman” won’t feel right.

    • It would be great if they really did start referring it sarcastic-earnestly as Justice League from now on.

      Screenrant: “And there’s Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman and maybe that dead fish in the background is a realistic Aquaman”


      Screenrant: “…yeah so it looks like the only thing our little Justice League here is missing is some emerald bracelet to bait Green Lantern to come scampering around the corner.”

      DC/WB: “Y U NO BE QUIET”

  3. With this annoucement I bet Marvel will announce a Ms.Marvel film or appearence in another film

  4. So from this message board I’ve learned that we have a Wonder Woman and that Acheon will no let anyone else have an opinion that differs from his own.

    I’m getting flashbacks to the MOS boars where even the smallest constructive criticism is met with annoying non-stop replies from know-it-alls like Acheon who don’t see how desperate the seem when all of their posts are replies and they have about 30 in two hours. Either you work for WB or you need to leave people alone and try to get out more.

    Anyways, good luck Gal, gal you’re going to need it with these animals.

    • Ooops almost forgot Robert W another bully/troll of the message boards. Almost 500 comments so….

      166.67 real comments

      166.67 replies for Archeaon claiming the poster is dumb because he doesn’t think like Archeaon.

      166.67 replies from Robert W as a virtual high five to say “we agree, we most be smarter than this poster. Isn’t it fun to pretend to be witty when we have all the time in the world to think of a reply?”

      You guys may seem cool to yourselves but to the average comment reader you seem quite butt hurt and pathetic. Yeah it’s just my opinion and that’s all it is but you two are annoying trolls who would fit in more on Rotten Tomatoes where other posters can be internet cool cats.

      • That’s about right.

        • Tall One…

          You STILL haven’t earned that “Cool” part of your screen-name.

          Oh, well…keep working on it. :)

          • You are not right and they are wrong. They just have a different opinion about things than you. Calling people stupid and making instulting jibes does not make you right.

            • I don’t recall saying anyone was wrong in their opinion…except, POSSIBLY, with a smirk or as part of a shared joke. I HAVE had MY opinion called wrong many a time…What are you going to say to THOSE people, Tall One? If I refer in any seemingly (or actually) insulting manner to someone who has decided to engage me in an (often needless) argument. it is not because I have called them something (as in NAMING them that term)…They have simply chosen to REVEAL that aspect of their character to everyone. I simply acknowledge that revelation…


              • Really? I

                • Really? I think you just get your kicks by being a d–k

            • What you want, he’s probably a s-xually fustrated fifty year old that still lives with his parents

    • You’re so sweet, MovieB…Thanks for the plug.

      …and no, I don’t work for WB, DC, or any affiliates. I teach and was giving tests most of the day. Funny how so many people (on BOTH sides) managed to give their opinions just fine, even with my apparently forceful responses. Many also managed to show how immature and/or outright dumb they can be…that was without ANY help from me.

      You’re so cute, though… :)

    • It’s weird that you apparently counted up the comments for me and for Robert…trying to fill in some emptiness?


      • You got a fan club now bro.

        Don’t forget us when you are famous. ;)

        • Yeah…NOW, I’ll have to learn how to “go clubbing” and buy a ridiculously overpriced estate with a 52-bathroom (DC discussion, after all) mansion.

          Gosh, the sacrifices we celebutants make for our adoring public…


          • Just what we need. Another Justin Bieber wannabe

  5. I didn’t even know Wonder Woman was going to appear in the MoS sequel. Is it going to be the superhero just jumping out of nowhere, or do we get a backstory? Because that an be confusing for a new viewer. I’d rather have a WW solo origin film before she’s randomly dumped into a new universe.
    As for the actress, to quote Sheldon Cooper, aren’t Amazons supposed to be “beefy gals”? No disrespect to her, but superheroes tend to have meat on their bones.

  6. she is skilled, but isn’t she skinny, i have never seen a skinny wonder woman in roughly 70 years of her history

  7. Dudes, lighen up. Christopher Reeve had no muscle and played a great Superman. I can think of two actreses who I would have liked to play WW: one is Gina Carano and she can’t act, and another is Jamie Alexander but she`s with Marvel (her character from Thor could be developed in future films).

    So this chick is skinny, big deal. She could gain some muscle, the cleavage can be tuned or faked. I would rather see an actress who can play WonderWoman, not one who just looks like her.

    Anyway, I hope they change the outfit, because as much as I would like to see Gal Gadot in a bikini, I couldn`t imagine taking her seriously. No woman can act that good that she can divert your attention away from her exposed legs, ass or breasts.

    • +1 good sir!

    • maybe ww will wear the golden armor, not the red blue suit

  8. Hope she hits the gym that girl is super skinny. She is going to look like a kid playing dress up

  9. Im done. I liked Man of Steel, but this sequel feels like s***. Casting aside, they are throwing too many characters into this movie. I wish WB could sell DC Comics film rights since they aren’t doing any thing good with it.

    • You liked Man of Steel yet they’re not doing anything good with it?

      Did you also not like Nolan’s Batman series?

      Also, this movie thus far: 1. Superman, 2. Batman, 3. Wonder Woman (whose appearance we have absolutely no clue about – very likely background and not in costume), and maybe 4. Lex Luthor or some other villain. That’s it. 4 big characters. And no, Robin is not officially confirmed. Let’s throw him in at 5 anyway.

      But the other movies like…

      The Dark Knight Rises? 1. Batman, 2. Robin, 3. Talia, 4. Bane, 5. Catwoman, 5. Ra’s Al Ghul, 6. Scarecrow, much less all the other important non-superhero characters.

      Avengers? 1. Ironman 2. Hulk 3. Captain America 4. Thor 5. Hawkeye 6. Black Widow 7. Nick Fury 8. Loki 9-500. All the alien bad guys

    • Like you, I’m also done.

      I was willing to give Ben Affleck a shot as Batman, even though I had and continue to have doubts. But I more or less accepted that Ben Afflecks is being pegged to be this franchises Robert Downey Jr.

      However, the casting of Wonder Woman was just like a big F*** you to fans, real fans. Gal Gaddot is pretty and she fits the role for a model, but she’s no Wonder Woman. Whoever is doing casting at Warner Brothers should be fired.

      I’ve lost faith in a film I had been looking forward to since I was in high school. This nerd can only take so much disappointment. And yes, despite the film not being filmed yet, it’s already a failure.

  10. Whoever did the WW fan made movie a couple months ago made a better casting choice for WW than WB/DC did for this role. If they’re going to go with a nobody, why not her? This is a terrible choice.

    • But all you see in that fan movie is just some fight sequence. You don’t know whether she can act or not.

  11. I’m still sticking with Claudia Black from Farscape and SG1. With the new theme of sort of “older” and grittier superheroes, then Claudia IS Wonder Woman! :)


    • Ummm, you DO know she doesn’t look QUITE like this anymore, right?

    • I was going through her pictures…there’s a girl who looks like a new version of her. Maybe you want to stick with Tania Raymonde mate.

    • Hippolyta maybe but not Diana

  12. I’m wondering if DC is actually planning a MOS sequel AND a JL movie for 2015. There has been a lot of pre-production for the George Miller JL movie. It’s not as if they are starting from scratch exactly.

  13. Im really excited to see this movie. Now they need to tell who the villains will be.

  14. I am willing to give Affleck a shot at playing Bats, but c’mon DC…. This chick is too skinny!!! Even Linda Carter looked better as WW.

  15. Over 500 comments… hehe… it’s like they cast Ben Affleck as Wonder Woman.

    If they can cast Keaton and Bale as Bats, why not a thin Wonder Woman?


  16. This movie already has a identity problem. It can’t decide on whether it is a MoS sequel or a light Justice League movie. I do not like this path at all for DC/WB. The formula has been laid out with Marvel. Make solo films, that have crossover characters to connect the stories and culminate with JL. I know they are behind Marvel and they want to cash in on that money but with patience, this movie can be a huge deal. Remember, Avengers is not the cream of the crop, in terms of Marvel heroes. Iron Man was a B-character and now is a full-fledged superstar, along the lines of Spiderman and Wolverine.

    Now imagine telling audiences that Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash will have their own movies and will join together for a Justice League film? People would go nuts. Look how people reacted when Batman was announced in the MoS sequel. If this would be done the right way, we could have a huge blockbuster that people would be on board for. What we have now is a rushed project to fatten the wallets of WB.

    There could be some good elements to all of these characters together but I have have my reservations about this. I hope I’m wrong.

    • I like that DC looks to be going different. The Marvel Way doesn’t have to be the only way (although, to be truthful, I would call it the “Universal Monster Movie Way”). I’m glad it works for you but I want to see where DC is going and how they’ll tell their stories. Everyone has great ideas about movies that are coming out and how they should unfold. When the casting and preproduction choices don’t fit those ideas it’s natural to feel apprehensive. I have reservations about most films that come out but they usually turn out alright.

      • It just seems that there’s a rush to this story. We haven’t even peeled away Superman’s full story, not adding so many elements to it that it could be a problem.

        • I’m not arguing that. I’m with you there. I wasn’t telling you to give up your reservations. Just know that the writer, producer and director have a plan in mind for how they want the story to go. I hope that its a Superman story and Batman and Wonder Woman are like The Penguin and Catwoman from Batman Retuns, they are kind of his adversaries and not his allies until the end. And then they go up against Lex Luthor or Brainiac or someone. This is how I see it working best for me but if they don’t go that route it will sill most likely be good.

        • i totally agree with you.

      • But look man.

        Hypothetically, in a real world, if there’s a huge invasion by super-powered aliens that is stopped by one of the aliens turning on his own people, wouldn’t that arouse the attention of the world’s most empowered people? I mean, these aren’t isolated characters in separate worlds that only crossover every 2-3 years (a la Marvel). The movie after the alien invasion should focus on the repercussions of that event, across the whole world, and I imagine part of that is Batman trying to find out more about this new super-being. I suppose Diana might realize that with her abilities, it is her responsibility to protect the planet instead of blindly following the customs of her people, like how Kal-El did in MoS by stopping Zod. In the real world, people with power (political, supernatural, whatever) aren’t just going to sit by and watch stuff happen. They will react immediately, and therefore, it is justified to have the most powerful DC characters in the movie right after MoS.

        My opinions.

  17. I wonder if we’ll get a DC casting announcement that by consensus will be positive.

    • Maybe re-announcing that Henry Cavill is coming back as Superman might do the trick.

      • If Henry’s smart, he’ll walk

  18. First let’s eliminate the nonsense. None of the great action films or CBMs have starred real life action heroes who somehow became great actors. Audie Murphy was far and away the greatest military hero to try acting but was terrible at it. Others with real life, heroic combat experience eventually learned the acting craft, even became good or great actors — Lee Marvin, Jim Garner, Michael Caine, Jimmy Stewart — but its hard to say that it made them any better or worse at particular roles (also, try to find ANY decent actress, present or historical with that kind of experience — in the US women have been excluded from combat positions ). Going through the Israeli or US version of basic training involves only minimal hand to hand training, and unlike our ladies the Israeli women don’t volunteer, they are conscripted out of dire necessity just like the men. If Ms. Godot had had real combat training or experience WB would be press releasing that now, instead of one-liners meaning that she was a model and beauty pageant winner who went back to modeling after having the same basic training and routine, non-combat service as almost every other Israeli these days, including the models and actresses, obviously.

    If anything, the real life heroes seem particularly unsuited to cpnveying that intensity of movie-acted heroism the public seems to like in their CBMs. Growing up in in a small Midwestern town, I was privileged to know not just the on-screen or media versions, but the real thing among neighbors and friends’ parents on practically every block: guys from the first wave on those nasty Pacific fortress-beaches and from the 8th Air Force bomber crews when their fatality rate was even higher, a guy who rode in Patton’s tanks every day when both sides were calling them “Ronson lighters” because they caught fire so easily, and several of the guys who didn’t “bug out” or lose it even when the whole Chinese Army came out of the snow on top of them in Korea (one of them a survivor of the “frozen Chosen”). And to a man they were the most laid-back, quiet, reticent, peace loving (duhh!), unassuming people you could find anywhere. I can’t imagine any of them in any Hollywood-hero role nor would I want to see Hollywood use their real life back stories to sell movie tickets.

    So to see whether Ms. Godot can deliver what you want from a cinematic Wonder Woman, you’re just going to have to wait and see how well she can act. Nothing I saw in her small FF role says much one way or the other but she’ll have plenty of coaching from real life warriors to learn better moves than a basic trainee, as well as the Hollywood-choreography version. Handling the bracelets is a tough sell but the new WW can learn from Lynda Carter, who handled that part pretty well, especially considering the laughably choreographed television fight scenes of her day. She can also watch a very successful recent portrayal of a cinematic warrior princess in Lynn Collins’ Deejah Thoris (just fast forward through the bad performances, especially the aptly-named Taylor “Kitsch”). Collins is, unfortunately, too old now. Godot’s age and scanty resume now, at the beginning of her career, is almost unavoidable for an intended franchise’s lead actress since even a trilogy takes nearly a decade to make as separate films (in contrast to the all-at-once shooting of LOTR) and Hollywood actresses, unfortunately, still have what Scarlett Johansen recently called a “limited shelf life” in speaking of her own career and acclaimed CBM role.

    Equally meaningless is Ms. Godot’s “exotic” or “Mediterranean” or “Israeli” or perhaps Greek-like (?) appearance, which I see in so many comments here. Neither in the comics nor in real life/history have the Amazons or their royalty been any such thing, as I’m sure Snyder is well-enough educated to know. Though I admit the comic books clothed the Amazons in Classical Greek-like fashions and threw in Greek mythological characters, the Amazons themselves were first recorded in a Greek history book by Herodotus because the Greeks, and Herodotus in particular, were the first, and at the time the only, ones writing modern style histories, as opposed to the much older-style king lists and “Chronicles” of Egypt and Asia. Those early Greek histories made perfectly clear that the Amazons were a steppe-warrior tribe from southern Russia, so …

    If the director wanted historical accuracy, there is no shortage of Ashkenazi-background actresses, or other Russian imports, in Hollywood. If Snyder wanted comic book accuracy, there is no shortage of Wonder Woman physical types. As a commenter above noted, Snyder probably had his choice of any even loosely appropriate actress in the world for this, the world’s most iconic female CBM character in an age of CBM ascendancy. Not to mention the financial and career benefits. So the non-iconic choice was obviously very deliberate. WW has always been a pale, voluptuous, blue-eyed, Anglo-looking character, because that’s what practically every female character was in 1930′s and 1940′s America when comics started. WW just happens to be one of the handful of that era successful enough to continue largely unchanged into contemporary American life. And iconic enough to resist revisionism, until now apparently. My own belief is that Snyder is trying to give his cast a little diversity and international market appeal, which is not easy with the 1940s DC characters. Hence the chosen actress’ (mildly) “exotic” or Mediterranean appearance and accent.

    Diana’s hair is easy for a a stylist to duplicate and the blue eyes will probably be sacrificed precisely to get that diversity or international appeal. Not the iconic appearance perhaps, but look how well Jaimie Alexander’s brown-eyed Sif has been accepted (just look at the comments about her above in this string). Marvel didn’t even spend the tiniest fraction of their huge computer art budget to give Sif the classic blue eyes but instead rested everything on the actress’ ability to sell the role, and in a Norse-inspired rather than a Mediterranean-inspired context at that, and it worked. I think the risk is now much less for Snyder’s changes, though I admit the changes are larger and that the flashing baby-blues are more iconic for WW head shots and close-ups. If DC/WB is more desperate to add diversity and international appeal to its stable… well, we all want them to recover their hundreds of millions invested in these movies, right?

    Body type is harder to fake, or even add in a gym — especially for the testosterone-challenged — but I still say that we’re better off with an actress who can sell the role, even a somewhat revised version of the role. None of us really knows yet whether Ms. Godot can do that, but the director has a lot more training and experience making these choices than those of us out here in the peanut gallery, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, which is also doubtless something he’s counting on in selecting a relatively unknown actress to make the role into something new. Bringing a 1940′s character to a 21st century screen, you either have to: 1. keep the character the same, but add enough self-conscious humor to tell the modern audience you’re not trying to turn the clock back, you’re just adding another layer of fun diversity (time-based rather than ethnic or geographic), which worked for Marvel (Cap is the same vintage as Diana), or 2. stay serious, bite the bullet, and sell an openly revised, modernized character. Which seems to be the Snyder choice. I just hope the chosen actress can pull it off.

    • Yours is one of the best comments I’ve ever come across on this Sight.Well done sir.I admit Gadot was not who I wanted for the role (but bear in mind I haven’t actually seen her in anything)-my personal choices would have been either Taylor Cole,Bridget Regan or Alexa Davalos-but I don’t think most complaints about her are sound.

      • See the entire casting list Gi Gi, darling, then get back to us on that

    • Yours is one of the best comments I’ve ever come across on this Sight.Well done sir.I admit Gadot was not who I wanted for the role (but bear in mind I haven’t actually seen her in anything)-my personal choices would have been either Taylor Cole,Bridget Regan or Alexa Davalos-but I don’t think most complaints about her are reasonable.

    • Yours is one of the best comments I’ve ever come across on this Sight.Well done sir.I admit Gadot was not who I wanted for the role (but bear in mind I haven’t actually seen her in anything)-my personal choices would have been either Taylor Cole,Bridget Regan or Alexa Davalos-but I don’t think most of the complaints about her casting are reasonable.

  19. She is a an above average actress for sure.I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but it’s the lack of roundness of her hip that is a bit more concerning than anything else. I don’t know why i said that,sorry if that felt like an insult

  20. I think people look at Gal Gadot and they don’t see her and Wonder Woman because she doesn’t fit into their image of what Wonder Woman, an Amazonian looks like, but if you look at Amazonian women, they look like normal women. Some are big, some are smaller in stature, but like anywhere else, they look like women and so from learning that, I have no problem with her playing Wonder Woman. Yeah it may not fit the image of what I think Wonder Woman should be, but I have no problem with that.

  21. you guys do think she can pull off ww but yet years ago none of you didnt think christian bale would pull off a great batman give her a chance there are alot of people who didnt think RDJ could do iron man and he stunned alot of critics so i say go for it WB

    • Whatever you say, Mr Zack Snyder. Hope your movie does well…

  22. Isn’t wonderwoman supposed to have big…err…you know whats. This one looks sexy in a skimpy bikini in FnF. But a bony wonder woman? Special effects are in order for that movie more so than just in the action scenes i guess.. Gina Carano…Badass chick. If you say she cant act then is this girl a Meryl STreep in acting? No offense but extremely weird casting.

    • No, weird casting was Michael Keaton as Batman, this is just plain stupid!

  23. First Ben Affleck is Batman and now Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman?
    Good god this movie is gonna suck!

  24. This film is a train wreck waiting to happen

  25. Apparently amazon women look like stick figures according to Snyder and Warner Bros

  26. Typical. We finally get Superman right after all these years to have it followed with a piece of crap sequel

  27. Gadot’s a no talent skank that got lucky

  28. Even sarah Silverman would be a better choice!

  29. Come to think of it she would. Maybe get rid of Affleck and cast Hugh Jackman as Batman? He was never the best selection for Wolverine