‘Batman vs. Superman’ Finds its Wonder Woman in ‘Fast & Furious’ Actress Gal Gadot

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Gal Gadot in Fast and Furious 6 Batman vs. Superman Finds its Wonder Woman in Fast & Furious Actress Gal Gadot

Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman might be introducing a brand new Bruce Wayne in Ben Affleck and setting him up against Henry Cavill’s Superman, but with the main cast sorted out interest soon moved on to the supporting players.

Of these the most prominent is Wonder Woman, who may not have been in her own big-screen adventure yet but could be launched as part of Warner Bros. cinematic DC universe in preparation for a standalone film. Multiple actresses have auditioned for the role, and it seems like everyone has their ideal fan casting.

The time for rumors (these ones, at least) has now come to an end as Deadline reports that newcomer Gal Gadot has been cast in the iconic role. Gadot is best known for her appearances as Gisele in the Fast and Furious franchise, and also starred in James Mangold’s action comedy Knight and Day. Director Zack Snyder made the following statement about the casting choice:

“Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character.”

New 52 Superman Wonder Woman Batman vs. Superman Finds its Wonder Woman in Fast & Furious Actress Gal Gadot

Other actresses who have previously been in talks to play Wonder Woman include Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Jaimie Alexander (Thor), but casting a relatively unknown actor is in line with what Warner Bros. has done before; Cavill himself wasn’t particularly well-known until he became Superman.

Gadot was born and raised in Israel and began her career as a model, serving two years in the Israeli army and even competing in the Miss Universe pageant before eventually moving to Hollywood to become an actress. Speaking in an interview about playing a tough female character like Gisele, Gadot said:

“In real life women are strong, and it should be the same on film. I think that because the men we have in this movie are so strong, tough, clever, intelligent, big – physically really big – I think that it’s a good balance to have us girls in the movie. Girls have a different flavor.”

Tell us in the comments if you think Gal Gadot could be the ideal choice to don Wonder Woman’s outfit, and what role you think she will play in Batman and Superman’s feud.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. This wonder woman needs some wonder bread and a wonderbra.

  2. I guess I am one of the few who are just over here like “woo-hoo!”

    I wouold not have picked this chick, but I would not have picked MOST of the actors Snyder has used in his movies and he makes me feel stupid for doubting every time. A little bit-o gym, a little bit-o Hollywood magic, a little bit-o “Thank god they didnt cast Carano” and away we go.

    Bring it.

    Is it 2015 yet?

    • Nope I’m right there with you. And 2015 will be the year of the movie loan. So many movies to see so little time and money.

      • Funny you say that Cyborg, because I am hoping to see YOU in this movie.

        Couple the Henry Cavill drop about wanting Cyborg in the DCCU (like he droped the name Batman before the announcment) with the Dwayne Johnson meeting with the head of WB and…


        Perfect way to turn a lesser known character into a big deal same as Marvel did with Iron Man.

        • great idea!

        • Wow I didn’t hear about the rock meeting but the cyborg name drop and what not, it would be sweet if the rock is cyborg. Wow craziness all around. And it won’t end until we see it.

  3. From what I gther from this Movie:It is clear that the Superheroes are lready etablished by the Time o the Alien Ivasion hich in Consequense made Cark/Superman come out of Hiding… Wich will bring other UNfit meaning Other Superheroes out ofthe Shadows. IMO, Bruce/Bat is already aFriend to Diana/Wonder Woman. Of Course I maybe Wrong. :)

  4. “Wotta Woman”; what a “Gal”!

  5. I’d love to read about her audition. You know, to make sense of it all.

  6. Here’s what I don’t understand.

    You have a woman who’s proven herself to be legit tough and skilled in hand to hand fighting (the most effective technique in the world no less) and could be stronger physically than most of us here but people complain that she’s “too skinny”.

    If she was a woman who merely looked the part because of the size of her chest, there’d be complaints that Wonder Woman is only being cast because of her breasts and how WB are being sexist pigs for choosing titillation over acting ability.

    I honestly think this article has exposed those who genuinely want these films to succeed and those who just want to pay the price of a 3D ticket just to ogle because they’re too immature to think of a woman as being anything other than an object to be stared at.

    • Nice try. She’s a former glamour model.

      • Emphasis on the word “former”.

        Nice try.

    • Yep…sadly.

    • Well said Dazz.

      I’ll admit I wouldnt have chosen her, but I will also admit I dont know S*** about casting a movie.

      Snyders track record speaks volumes IMO.

    • Thank you!

  7. Considering the the actress which were competing for the role Olga Kurylenko and Jaimie Alexander,.. I would have expected Jaimie to be the studio choice since her role in Thor resemble the qualities needed for WW, addition to that her acting skills seem better than that of Gal Gadot from looking at her IMDB resumee.

    The will need to put in alot of work to transform Gal Gadot into an ideal wonder woman that everyone would be satisfied with, meaning weight gain and work out to get her into that athletic shape. The issue of weight gain for women isn’t as easy as for men, in Hollywood its only be done successfully by Renée Zellweger (for the role of Bridget Jones). So It’s not Impossible but it not an easy task

    The only reasons I could think of that might have drove the studio to such decision (choosing Gal Gadot) over such bigger and better actress is Budget. Olga is already bigger star having appeared in major big film already, Jaimie as we know is already involved in Thor which is currently making some major cash on box office, So I guess having to choose any of the two would have to come with great budget cost.

  8. honestly I never heard of her so cant say besides that she is skinny. Which Fast and Furious was she in? Ive only seen Fast Five (I never watched the movies growing up

    I was always rooting for Scarlett Johansson but I will give her a chance

    • She was in Fast 4, 5, and 6. She played Han’s girlfriend.

  9. I am aslo guessing I am the only one (or one of the few) who wants the title of this movie to be…

    Justice League.

      • HOLY…no..it can;t be…it’s impossible…IT’S BRILLIANT!!!

      • Please!
        I always wanted them to do the same as Marvel.
        But this… This is better…

      • why make a Batman/Superman logo just make everybody think the movie isn’t what it is? Why go through the trouble of releasing possible titles that are all “Man of Steel:…” when they’re just gonna call it Justice League? Asinine.

        • It’s the TRINITY!!!!!!!

        • I dont know. Its just a theory.

          Its not like the slow release of information and the secrecy has created any hype or anything. ;-)

          • Also, WB has a history of misdirection when it comes to big movies.

  10. lynn collins from john carter would make a perfect wonder woman.

  11. I think a good example of a woman getting curvier for a movie is Jessica Chastain in The Help. she isn’t curvy at all in any other movie, but in The Help she is very much. If they are looking for a curvy woman I’m sure Gadot can do it.

  12. lynn collins from john carter would make a perfect wonder woman. :)

  13. I am definitely worried about the character overload. OK, Batman is a known entity to 99.9% of movie-goers and won’t need a ton of introduction. Wonder-Woman… less so. Yes, most people know who she is, but she has never been great on film. Wonder-Woman needs to be tough without being manly, sexy without being a tit-fest, and feminist without being preachy or alienating the predominantly male fan-base… It’s going to be hard to walk that line. The actress choice, however, seems fine, not really too familiar with her.

    I hope they go with the revamped suit and don’t put her in a bikini… Hard to take the character seriously as a warrior (or at all) when she’s going into a battle wearing metallic swimwear.

    • Maybe something like from “Injustice: Gods Among Us”

    • Wonder Woman has never been great on film? how would you know this unless you have secretly seen an unreleased Wonder Woman movie because she has never had a live adaptation aside from tv 30 years ago. I trust the people in charge of the movies for DC, am I the only one excited about this?

    • I totally agree with you there! She’s super cheesy, not sure how they’re going to present a serious character in this movie, head gear, metal bands etc. And yes, she has never presented well in front of the camera! A lot of challenges but I look forward to seeing what they’ll do with her and the movie in general.

      • Captain America was and is “super cheesy” and he works incredibly well in the Marvel movies.

  14. even her real name sounds like a superhero/villian

    • Of note: her name is pronounced “gall god-oat” (there is no ‘short a’ sound in Hebrew), so slightly less super sounding. She does sound awesome for the role, though!

      • i was thinking more along the lines of Peter Parker etc…but thanks for that explanation

  15. 437 comments in 8 hours.

    One thing I have to credit to WB for right now is creating Buzz without even having to create content. People, love it or hate it, are eating up anything they can get their hands on in regards to this movie.

    • My thoughts exactly.

  16. Guys and Gals…can we all just stop complaining about their choice for Wonder Woman, even though I myself have doubts, and wait for the actual movie to judge please? If they cast her then there must have been a reason.

    • Agreed

    • Sorry but common sense is frowned upon on the internet.

    • someone posted almost this exact same comment on comingsoon.net a few times!!

    • She a stick! no butt, boobs, anything. I think Minka Kelly would’ve been great in this role. This girl is hott, but not Wonder Woman to me.

      • a tad bit on the sexist side but I get your point. I’m she’ll undergo an intense workout regimen to put on some muscle. not really concerned about her “boobs” or “butt”

  17. I think she has a good face for the role and her voice sounds like a WW voice too. WW isn’t from America so idc about her light accent (plus it’s hot).

    I think she definitely needs to beef up though or else all the above means nothing and WW will be a letdown. Thankfully, as someone stated previously, she has the time to get in shape for the part. Pretty exciting that we know who our WW is now nonetheless. Can’t wait to see how it goes.

    • Well said

  18. Is it me or everytime SC updates on this franchise, i see reference of comic images of Supes getting owened…give the guy a break hahah

    • Really? I’ve seen a lot of articles where it has pictures of Superman kicking ass. o_O

    • I agree

  19. Whew!!!
    That was a lot to get through. 6 pages pointing out that she’s skinny & someone else should have scored the role. There’s really no point in complaining now anyway.

    Honesty, this gave me a bit of a scare… She has 6-7 months to bulk up for the role. She doesn’t have to get ‘Vin Diesel’ big but more meat please.

  20. I think she’ll do fine and she has enough time to get in the right physical shape for Wonder Woman. My biggest issue with this is that now it won’t be a Man of Steel Sequel. I understand why they have Batman in it, nobody wants to see another Batman origin story so introducing him as a “seasoned” crime fighter is the best way to go. However we haven’t seen a live action Wonder Woman since the Linda Carter days, so an origin story for her is a must of you want the audience who aren’t familiar with the comics to enjoy the movie. I like DC Comics more than Marvel Comics (just my own opinion) but Marvel did a better job at setting up their universe. DC cannot force this, people need to care enough about the characters to see the Justice League (whenever it may come). My hope is that it will only be an after-credit scene with Wonder Woman and possibly some easter eggs, leading up to a Wonder Woman movie. I hope that’s the case.

  21. “Girls have a different flavor”

    She is SO right about that. And that flavor is T-A-S-T-Y…!!!

    Am I right people? C’mon!

  22. Everybody’s excited about Gadot’s casting as WW. But do they realize that she is basically a blonde and WW’s a brunette. No version of WW has her without black hair. Plus Gadot’s quite slim, while WW got to be a little beefy…
    She’s a good actress, no doubt, but I am not really sure she’ll look the part..

    • I know right? If only there was some kind of… I don’t know… Hollywood magic… that could play a part here.

      Damn. The picture for this article doesn’t look like Wonder Woman. All hope is lost.

    • Maybe they can do what the Spider-Man people did with Emma Stone. Which is take a DNA sample, change just the parts that relate to hair color to match what they wanted, and then clone her using the manipulated DNA.

      What? That was ACTUALLY Emma Stone you say? They just dyed her hair blonde? CRAZY TALK!

      My favorite is so many people playing the “too skinny” bit (which I kinda agree with, but they dont call it movie magic for nothing) then going out and saying “they should have cast Jamie Alexander”

      Go look at pics of Jamie, NOT from the Thor movies, and you will see THAT CHICK IS SKINNY TOO! I’ts not like she is some bodybuilder MMA type.

    • Also, do YOU realize that she is basically nothing close to blonde?

      Forget the picture you see here, look up her image on Google. She is Israeli brother, they dont tend to be very blonde.

    • People are aware that Ante Traue was put through an exercise regimen along with the rest of the cast for MOS right?

  23. MAN I’m happy to hear this. As soon as her name came up a few weeks back and I looked her up, sorta been crushing on her. So effin cute, man. And she seems like a really good fit for Wonder Woman. Right amount of exotic, attractiveness and relatability.

    And of course she can gain a little bit of weight. But hey, even in the comic Wonder Woman’s kind a slender vixen, not all power is in muscle, especially not in comics.And Superman isn’t even strong because of his muscles either. They’re just aesthetic. lol

  24. Is it me or everytime SC updates on this franchise, i see reference of comic images of Supes getting owened…give the guy a break, I agree Robotics

    • It’s a wonder woman article. They wanna show her being tough.

  25. She will be great.

    I do think Jamie Alexander would have been perfect but we need her with Marvel.

    • There’s no reason she couldn’t have done both. She’s just Sif for Marvel. It’s not like it’s a demanding role. I hope Gadot will be good. She doesn’t really have the look in my opinion but maybe she can pull of the attitude well enough that I won’t notice.

      • Actually her contract with Marvel was what took her out of the running for WW.

  26. I don’t think Justice League is going to be as appealing as just Batman Versus Superman. I think it will still be a Batman versus Superman film with other characters making appearances to begin to setup that universe.

    We will then see a handful of solo films in the following two years then a Justice League movie around 2018.

  27. Why, whenever someone in the comments incoherently and childishly complains about something regarding a a CBM everyone’s reaction is automatically something about fanboys suck or they can’t be pleased? I’m probably what most people would consider a fanboy just because I’ve been reading these stories since before these movies got big, but I don’t like to be lumped in with everyone else who are likes dogs with bones about casting decisions. Just because someone isn’t happy with a casting choice doesn’t mean they’re a “stupid fanboy.” For the record, I’m only disappointed in this casting choice because I was hoping she’d be Talia, but other than that I think she could be ok.

    Also, I think people have forgotten that when this was rumor, the character for which these actresses were competing was Diana and the leaks said that Diana would be in the movie. I don’t think we’re gonna see her in the costume. I don’t even think she’s gonna have a big role. She’s probably going to be presented as a diplomat or maybe Batman will be the only who knows she’s superhuman.

    • That was such a stupid fanboy thing to say!!!

      ;-) jk

  28. I give it a week or two before the fan arts start coming out….

  29. i like this actress, but aint she to skinny to play wonder woman? oh well, time to bring out the pizzas and start lifting :).

    personally i was hoping for Alexandra Daddario but then again what the hell do i know.

    • Yup, because Alexandra Daddario isnt skinny at ALL!

    • Rosie O’donnell had other commitments. Sorry.