‘Batman vs. Superman’ Finds its Wonder Woman in ‘Fast & Furious’ Actress Gal Gadot

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Gal Gadot in Fast and Furious 6 Batman vs. Superman Finds its Wonder Woman in Fast & Furious Actress Gal Gadot

Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman might be introducing a brand new Bruce Wayne in Ben Affleck and setting him up against Henry Cavill’s Superman, but with the main cast sorted out interest soon moved on to the supporting players.

Of these the most prominent is Wonder Woman, who may not have been in her own big-screen adventure yet but could be launched as part of Warner Bros. cinematic DC universe in preparation for a standalone film. Multiple actresses have auditioned for the role, and it seems like everyone has their ideal fan casting.

The time for rumors (these ones, at least) has now come to an end as Deadline reports that newcomer Gal Gadot has been cast in the iconic role. Gadot is best known for her appearances as Gisele in the Fast and Furious franchise, and also starred in James Mangold’s action comedy Knight and Day. Director Zack Snyder made the following statement about the casting choice:

“Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character.”

New 52 Superman Wonder Woman Batman vs. Superman Finds its Wonder Woman in Fast & Furious Actress Gal Gadot

Other actresses who have previously been in talks to play Wonder Woman include Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Jaimie Alexander (Thor), but casting a relatively unknown actor is in line with what Warner Bros. has done before; Cavill himself wasn’t particularly well-known until he became Superman.

Gadot was born and raised in Israel and began her career as a model, serving two years in the Israeli army and even competing in the Miss Universe pageant before eventually moving to Hollywood to become an actress. Speaking in an interview about playing a tough female character like Gisele, Gadot said:

“In real life women are strong, and it should be the same on film. I think that because the men we have in this movie are so strong, tough, clever, intelligent, big – physically really big – I think that it’s a good balance to have us girls in the movie. Girls have a different flavor.”

Tell us in the comments if you think Gal Gadot could be the ideal choice to don Wonder Woman’s outfit, and what role you think she will play in Batman and Superman’s feud.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I disagree with this immensely. Attractive, but ridiculously skinny. Jaimie Alexander, they will regret this.

    • Dude,, they will make her go to the gym like Atnje Trau had to for MoS.
      Also it’s confirmed Flash will appear, and Callan Mulvey is being looked at for a villain role.

      • Yeah, I agree that she’s super skinny but send her to the gym, she’ll bulk up and be good. She’s certainly attractive enough.

        • I’m really only surprised because of…you know…that chest WW has. I guess it’s nice that they aren’t casting based on that 😛

        • She’s naturally tall too. Also add the fact that she spent two years in the Israeli Army so any kind of physical combat scenes with her should be pretty impressive, as opposed to glossed over and contrived.

          There are more than enough ways to naturally bulk up, and keep in mind you can always have camera tricks do there thing.

          One thing is for certain: don’t interpret her fashion shots as EXACTLY the way she is going to appear in the film. That’s just silly.

          • Definitely. Yeah she’ll be good.

            Personally I would have gone with Jaime Alexander just cuz she’s awesome as Sif and looks like a perfect choice, but this Gal (pun intended) should do well. Just has to bulk up a bit and have a bada** costume.

          • The whole Israeli Military training thing really means nothing. It’s not like she spent time fighting on the Gaza Strip. Elvis was in the military, but I don’t think I would want him on my six in a firefight.

            • Military training does not mean nothing. Ever.

              They needed someone who could handle the physicality that this role is going to require, dismissing her military background is considerably foolish.

              • Did Tom Hanks have prior military experience for his role in Saving Private Ryan? Or the plethora of other actors who have a plaid an actual military role on screen as opposed to a militarized role, which would fall in line with WW? No. They are actors, and they acted like they had. So yes her military experience means nothing when it comes to her acting ability, actually less than nothing, her military experience counts negative.

                • So we are going to compare the demands of Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan to the demands of playing Wonder Woman huh?

                  An astute observation, professor.

                  The real difference is being able to convey that she can handle herself. Batman himself described Wonder Woman as being “the best melee artist on the planet.” That is extremely hard to fake.

                  So again, dismissing military background (Israeli Krav Maga at that) in regards to Wonder Woman is absurd.

                  • Are you saying you want Tom Hanks to play Wonder Woman? Because I’m all for that!

                    • He would have to harken back to his Bosom Buddies days.

                  • Well it is clear you have missed the boat, happy sailing, but the military experience is meaningless nonetheless. Israeli Krav Maga is a martial art. My grandma in Boca takes Krav Maga classes, with a bunch of other old Jewish retirees, so I am not sure if you actually know what Krav Maga is, or if you thought Krav Maga was a branch of the Israeli military or what. My little cousin has been in Kempo for five years, maybe they can get him for the next expendables flick.

                    • So to be clear:

                      Your argument is that military training involving advanced hand to hand techniques for a character who is described as “the best melee artist on the planet” doesn’t make any difference?

                      Cool story bro.

            • i’d rather have Elvis then Jared from Subway

            • She was a personal trainer in the army as well

      • Not to the gym… to the buffet!

      • I mean, do you think I was expecting her to stay skinny?

        Of course she’ll have to hit the gym. She’ll have to hit A LOT more than any other actress would.

      • Sending her to the gym doesn’t mean she will get buff. everyone has their owe unique body style and hers is naturally skinny. if any thing she might get more cut but that’s about it.

      • antje traue was not skinny like Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot does not look like a amazonian women. you got to believe she can take on a man and she does not look like she can fight anyone. bridget regan look more like a amazonian woman compare to gal gadot.

    • Two words, gym and food lol.

      • That was four

        • Isn’t lol 3 words in itself?

          • ah true, make it six

            • ‘Gym, ‘food’.

              • Happy? =)

    • Jaimie Alexander couldn’t have gotten the role. She was under contract with Marvel

    • Jaimie Alexander is a terrible actress, that is why she has 3 lines each thor film.

      • Be that as it may, you can’t deny that she looks a lot more like WW than Gal.

        • im not denying it but acting ability should always be the first on the list as to what makes the character work. I haven’t seen her act so idk but I know for a fact Jaime alexander sucks.

          • I saw her in Fast5 and FF6, she’s wasn’t that great. Then again everything in those movies is pretty campy. Maybe under the right director she could be good.

            While we’re on the subject when did Jaime Alexander suck at acting? She wasn’t incredible in Thor 1 and 2 but she definitely wasn’t bad.

      • what and this girl gets monologues in the FF movies?

        • Does anyone gets a moologue in the FF movies?

    • I agree. Horrible choice. I don’t think Gadot is a bad actress for other roles, but Jamie Alexander would have been MUCH better for this role. I hope the backlash on this is even worse than when they chose Affleck for Batman. That may not have been deserved, but this one is.

  2. PANIC!!! She better hit the gym hard and get on something cause homegirl is way too skinny right now to be considered an Amazon!

    • all of the women except for regan are skinny…and they all have a small cup size!!wtf.
      I’m sorry but WB needs to buy her some implants or something seriously-she may be a bad ass but even the cartoon film version of Wonder Woman has a bigger rack!!

  3. Way….Way to thin. They cast enough women that are too thin in hollywood. It would have been nice to see them cast someone a little more filled out. Hopefully she bulks up and trains hard for the roll, but production does start soon soooo doubtful…I feel like this is going to turn out to be a mock Justice League movie…

  4. But damn she hot…

  5. Wait…So is this actually happening? Is Gal Gadot officially our new Wonder Woman?

    • It’s OFFICIAL.

  6. Was in the Israeli Military and a beauty pageant winner.. she definitely has the looks and the capability of nailing this role

  7. I was rooting for women like Gemma Arterton or Jaimie Alexander but I think Gal will do fine. I cannot believe the amount of people complaining on how skinny she is. There are things called gyms you know, she’s gonna bulk up for the movie same as Antje Trau did for Faora. Chill out people.

    • Same here. But I think most people who choose to note that she’s “too skinny” are probably not going to be playing a major role in serious discussion about the movie over the coming weeks. One comment and done, if you will.

      • *gasps*

      • True.

      • Why is that? The physique is a very important element of super heroes, that’s why they all wear those tight and often skimpy clothes in the comics (male and female alike). It’s a visual medium after all. So, the whole appearance should somewhat fit the character, I should think. She may have the acting chops and the physical ability to do what the role demands, but that doesn’t change that she doesn’t quite match the original physically and that her physical build might be such that she isn’t able to bulk up enough. Commenting on her physique is a valid point, even though you could construe it as sexist or misogynistic, if you are so inclined. Which would be ridiculous, by the way. Or was it misandristic when people discussed the builds of Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck?

      • +1 Very true.

      • I’m surprised no one is really talking about the fact that Wonder Woman is actually DEFINITELY in this movie. Did I miss confirmation of that? I’m sure SR will have a nice piece on what this all means story-wise very soon… 😉

        • lmao I’m betting Diana will make a small appearance. Sort of investigating who Superman is, making sure Clark Kent isn’t a threat. To the Amazonians, I’m assuming their mindset is that man’s world now has the most powerful being present.

          • That’s a good angle, actually. Plays to the metaideas about women in big action movies. The Amazonians happen to have their secret weapon with Wonder Woman, and the women won’t *ahem* take the threat of Superman laying down.

        • true hopefully its just a cameo if she has a role in the story then the villain will have to be someone big or worthy of taking on batman,superman,wonder woman and possibly nightwing if the rumors are true which has me worried we might have a lot of destruction in the movie again which was fine in the first one because it was superman’s first time but you cant have that continually

    • Yeah, that’s fine as long as she actually ends up in the film with an athletic physique. If they cast her and come the films release we have a supermodel thin WW it’ll be a real shame.

    • Fun Fact:She’s ex-Israeli military so she is already badass enough for the role

      • Agreed.

    • +1
      I try not to take their comments seriously. She’s too skinny? I use to weigh 128, skinny as hell. Bulked up to 165 the past year and now not skinny lol. Knowing Gadot has been in the army for 2 years and the studio wanting Antje to bulk up for Faora, it’s a no brainer Gadot will do the same.

  8. Couldn’t we have just kept things simple with only Batman and Superman being featured in this movie? It’s starting to sound like more and more things are being crammed in there just to keep up with the MCU.

  9. She’s gonna need to do some serious bulking up.

    Won’t have a final thought until some footage comes out.

    Interesting choice, though.

  10. It’s tough to find an actress that matches Wonder Woman’s look and physique, but they definitely could’ve done better than this. I mean she doesn’t have to look totally comic book bodacious hottt omg, but she has to look like she can throw a punch, land that punch, and not break her arm in doing so.
    There are so many strong, healthy women out there, dancers and the like who they could’ve mined for this role. Gal Gadot looks like an anorexic model from the 90s. Were they even trying?

  11. I don’t really get why people wanted Jaimie Alexander. She is already in Thor and will continue to be in Thor, so I don’t see how that would work out.

    • Right and it’s been reported on different sites that the rumor of her being a top contender was just that, a rumor due to the fact that Marvel/Disney design their contracts in which there can be no cross overs. Now Marvel/Fox is different but Disney sounds like they like to make sure they keep those people.

    • They why didn’t she deny it when people kept asking her about it? She basically kept quiet like she was still in negotiations or something. If Disney prevented her from ever doing it, why not just come out and say it?

      • Thor 2 had just dropped and MoS was about to hit stores. Jamie Alexander going along with the Wonder Woman rumors was free publicity for everyone. Use your head for more than a hat rack folks.

        • Yeah I doubt it was just that. Plus, is there any official report confirming that her contract prevented her from doing this?

        • She admitted to having “discussions with both companies”, and that “It would definitely be a cool job” (to play WW). If there was no possibility of playing both characters, why would those discussions even happen? A quick phone call to her agent would confirm that the talks couldn’t even happen.

  12. This is sounding less like a Superman sequel and more like a Justice League movie. I hope that Wonder Woman has a very small role in the end that teases the start of a team forming. If she plays a major role, and other Justice League members make appearances, then this film will become too overcrowded with characters. Save all the heroes for an actual Justice League movie, don’t cram them all in and ruin Superman’s sequel.

    • That’s what I thought,not sure how I feel about that,would rather see a Man of Steel 2 or straight forward Supes/Bats film.

      • I’m really thinking she’ll just appear in a minor role. That is my genuine hope, at least.

        • +1
          I’m betting she’ll have a cameo or very minor role. Doubt she’ll have a major role like Batman, the idea of the film would probably change immensely. World’s Finest is very different than Trinity if you ask me.

        • @Andrew @coldsc
          Hopefully that’s about it

          • Ruin Superman’s sequel? ANYTHING will be an improvement over the POS that was ‘Man of Steel’.

  13. Can we as fanboys not enjoy anything? She’s too skinny? Really? That’s our complaint? Gah, I hate us nerds sometimes.

    • *turns off computer, goes to live in the woods somewhere now contented*

      • Andrew’s not answering his phone. Do you think he’s okay? Has he tweeted recently? Has anyone heard from him? 😛

    • +1
      Very sad. Next thing you know, she doesn’t have the right eye color will be a complaint lol.

    • lol speak for your self. i have no qualms till i see the film. these fanboy guys just like complaining about ANYTHING

    • It’s a straw man argument from people who have no idea how to make a film, but think they can. The fact is, that bulking up is easy, especially at her age. All you need is more calories and hit the weights. That’s it. And with the same training team from MOS that will be on this film twight will have her bulky in no time flat. She’ll be fine, unlike the crying babies who wanted someone else in this role.

      • You thinking bulking up is easy you have never trained, i am a personal trainer bulking up is not easy for anyone

        • Yes it is if you have the time and the money to focus on it. And yes I have and do train. And as for you being a personal trainer WHOOPDEE DOOOO. Talk to me after you do some gaining of your own.

          • Dude people bulk up at different rates! No matter how much I eat, how many protein shakes I take, and how much I lift I do not gain weight. I have gotten stronger, but it is impossible for me to gain more muscle mass!

            • I must just be a freak of nature.

  14. Really? I don’t see Wonder Woman when I look at her. Hopefully she’ll prove me wrong, but I’m far too worried about her accent.

    • oh yes, the accent. If you think about it, it makes sense for an amazonian to have an accent, even if that’s never been the case before. I’m quite sure this is how Snyder/Goyer thinks as well.

      • but her english does not sound great to me

  15. Say what you will about her acting chops, but the best fit athletically and physically for the role is Gina Carrano, hands down.

    Jaime Alexander is locked into Marvel, so that probably wasn’t going to happen.

    • I’d understand that thinking if the movie wasn’t hoping to really elevate itself beyond an Ong-Bak or The Raid: Redemption.

      But people who continue to say that acting isn’t the most important part of an actor/actress’s repertoire is still baffling to me :S

  16. Personally I was hoping for Jamie alexander that being said I am interested to see what Gal can bring to this role. I do think that she will she will be great in the action sequences seeing she has been in the Israel army. Zack Snyder has done nothing to have me lose faith in him so far, I was a big fan of the ben afflict casting when it was announced so I am willing to wait and see.

  17. Personally i was rooting for gina carano BUT i will not pass judgement until i see the final product. Who knows….she may nail the part and in 1.5 yrs we all might agree that she was a great choice. Besides, i didnt like RDJ as Ironman when it was announced but now i cant see it any other way.

  18. Hey Screen Rant, I was one of the guys poking fun at you for reporting stuff that would just end up being false rumours. I was wrong you were right.

    Don’t know anything about WW at all so I’m down with the choice of actress but they(WB) are walking a tight rope here if they are planning on giving her a big role in this film. Certainly doesn’t sound like a MOS sequel. At this point you can take Supes out of the movie and it would still be hyped to hills. Crazy.

  19. How many times have we been like WTF About casting choices when it comes to superheroes, or iconic villains, but turn out to be good or even great choices after all. I understand Ben Affleck and Gal might not be ones first choice but until I see the movie I’ll hold my judgment.Im just excited to see these 3 on the same screen even if its just for one sec….I wonder what this means for the official title. Any thoughts?

  20. when i first heard the news i was strongly against it but my opinion has been changing because the more i think about it she seems great for the role and obviously she is going to have to build up for the role so its fine zack snyder always does great with casting the roles so i trust him.

  21. Please say the next news is casting patrick wolson as barry allen. He has already worked with snyder and would be perfect. Then down the road you can kill off barry allen and bring in wally west for the long run. As for this casting im indifrent cause ive never seen her act

  22. Gadot looks like Wonder Woman facially. I have not seen her act, so I cannot comment on that. This announcement surprised me, but I suppose that it is similar to Cavill’s casting as Superman.

    The questions about her physique are indeed relevant, I think. But we have quite a ways to go before this film is released, and assuming that Diana is not playing a huge role this time around, Gadot should have plenty of time to hit the gym.

    More than anything else, praise be for an actual, official announcement! Finally, something real to go on.

  23. Too skinny. And for all you responding with “But she’s going to hit the gym and work out!!”, you’re clearly missing something crucial. Wonder Woman is not stock skinny, nor does she have a body builder’s physique of raw muscle and definition. She is curvy, shapely, voluptuous, full figured, well endowed etc. Basically, she’s got back. That’s part of the whole appeal to her being an Amazonian.

    Not just her, EVERY COMIC BOOK HEROINE OR VILLAINESS: Black Cat, Catwoman, Black Canary, Scarlett Witch, Storm, Sue Storm, Jean Grey, Talia Al Ghul, Poison Ivy, Vicki Vale (shut up I know she’s not ‘technically’ a hero) etc. These are all women who have curvy and full figured bodies.

    Gal is a BEAUTIFUL woman, stunning truthfully and I believe her acting craft can tap into the WW persona. But going on looks and body type alone, nah sorry, too skinny.

    • chris pratt was fat and look at him now,In the machinist you could see christian bales ribs and he got buff for batman,Renée Zellweger gained 20 pounds for the films Bridget Jones’s Diary and the sequel,Natalie Portman lost 20 pounds to play a ballerina in Black Swan she trained for five hours a day, seven days a week for the role.Gal gadot is a former Israeli Solider And Sports Instructor i am pretty sure she can bulk up it’s been done before.

    • She will likely bulk up and present a viable physical form by the time she starts filming. As for any voluptuousness, an Amazon would not have been voluptuous…in fact, were they to go WHOLLY accurate with the historical concept, she would also be minus one breast (for archery). The curvy figure has more to do with cheese factor too long prevalent in comics.

      I’m excited by this choice!

      • +1, glad you referenced the “real” Amazonian women haha. Funny point.

      • I keep seeing people comment, “Eat and hit the gym!”, well I hate to break it to you but naturally skinny people don’t, “bulk up”. They will get some muscle tone to be sure but the bulk has to already be there and she does not have it.

  24. Gal please gain some weight. WB, please make her gain some weight. Gal is attractive, but Wonder Woman has curves. Period. Like others, I wanted Jamie Alexander too in this role. If Gal gains wait, then I fine with her in this role. So I guess the point of my post is, if you have not figured it out is, GAL GADOT NEEDS TO GAIN SOME WEIGHT!! Lol.

    • I misspelled ‘weight’ one time, my bad.

    • Yup nothing says Amazonian like a caucasian woman!

  25. This news is good, at last DC/WB are getting their act together, she needs to get in shape though, a bit on the slim side

  26. yep on send her to the buffet line because she is pretty enough and attractive and if gets a little beefed up like linda carter we will have a much better wonder woman then
    the bony scarlet witch who was casted who would not improve if she went to the steak line.

  27. This comment section is way more positive than the cinemablend comments about this news story. Glad there is some positivity on the internet.

    • Yeah, I like the general vibe here.

  28. I figured they’d cast a skinny woman, and honestly it doesn’t bother me. Movies are already full of skinny woman kicking butt against groups of large men.

    Plus, the actors themselves are skinnier than average in real life. People are always surprised at how small people are. In Haywire I thought Gina Coranro looked like she could snap Michael Fassbender in half. In other words, in relation to her costars she’s going to look somewhat normal.

    And I’m certain she’ll be training. They’ll make her look how they want, and there’s a lot of make-up and lighting too. Actors can look healthy and strong on screen and then like sickly skeletons in a candid photo.

  29. Holy hell, stop complaining about her size. She’s got months (considering she’s a supporting character) to “bulk up” before filming. It won’t be a problem.

    Gal is a wonderful actress and plenty beautiful- I think she will be great!

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