Marvel vs. DC: Who Will Surrender Their May 2016 Release Date?

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Superman vs Thor Marvel vs. DC: Who Will Surrender Their May 2016 Release Date?

Ever since Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man opened in theaters in 2002, breaking box office records around the world and mainstreaming the superhero genre, Marvel and the various studios holding rights to its characters have successfully reigned over the month of May when it comes to launching blockbusters. Fox and Sony traded years, alternating between X-Men and Spider-Man sequels in the mid-2000s until young Marvel Studios came along in 2008 with an unexpected megahit known as Iron Man which launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it.

After The Avengers continued upping the success by becoming the third highest grossing film of all-time in 2012, and after Iron Man 3 continued the success last summer, Disney and Marvel Studios were quick to lock down the opening May weekends for 2016 and 2017 with release dates for unannounced feature films. With Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment delaying Batman vs. Superman, it now shares one of those very same weekends and we have an epic fight on our hands.

Over the last decade or so, Marvel has traditionally owned May and owned it well, and they plan to continue the trend (up until 2021 according to Marvel Studios’ boss). See for yourself:

  • May 3, 2002 – Spider-Man
  • May 2, 2003 – X-Men 2
  • May 26, 2006 – X-Men: The Last Stand
  • May 4, 2007 – Spider-Man 3
  • May 2, 2008 – Iron Man
  • May 1, 2009 – X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • May 7, 2010 – Iron Man 2
  • May 6, 2011 – Thor
  • May 4, 2012 – The Avengers
  • May 3, 2013 – Iron Man 3
  • May 2, 2014 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • May 23, 2014 – X-Men: Days of Future Past
  • May 1, 2015 – The Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • May 6 2016 – Unannounced Marvel Film
  • May 27, 2016 – X-Men: Apocalypse
  • May 5 2017 – Unannounced Marvel Film
  • May 4, 2018 – The Amazing Spider-Man 4

Marvel Movie Crossovers Spider Man Wolverine Avengers Marvel vs. DC: Who Will Surrender Their May 2016 Release Date?

The Hulks, Fantastic Fours and the first Captain America took later summer dates while Daredevil, Elektra, the Blades and Punishers took other dates throughout the year.

On the DC side, the Batman and Superman films (even Green Lantern) have all taken June and July dates, two of which (The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises) earned over a billion dollars. It’s for that reason that Batman vs. Superman (Man of Steel 2) had to delay a whole 10 months since it was originally scheduled for July 17th, 2015, the same weekend where DC saw incredible success previously:

  • July 18, 2008 – The Dark Knight
  • July 20, 2012 – The Dark Knight Rises
  • July 17, 2015 – Batman vs. Superman

While WB and DC would normally love that July 2015 date, if they needed even just a few more weeks of production time, that would mean the film would need a massive delay and that’s what it got. Here’s why: There’s no way the studio would push such a high ticket blockbuster into August where its earnings could practically be cut in half and it’d be financial suicide to go for an otherwise-strong fall date with Disney hosting the return of Star Wars with Episode VII that December, not to mention Lionsgate’s finale of The Hunger Games franchise in November. Do we even need to list the next James Bond and Mission: Impossible installments? How about the sure-to-be-huge animated features Kung Fu Panda 3 and Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur? All of these release late 2015.

2015 is too crowded with big-brand megahits and there’s no room later in the year for Superman and friends. So, looking to 2016, DC took the aggressive approach in planting its Kryptonian feet in the first blockbuster weekend slot – the opening weekend in May where records are meant to be broken. Thing is, Marvel Studios was already planning on putting their second Phase 3 feature film there (the first being Ant-Man in July 2015). While we won’t know that that film is until Marvel Studios hosts a panel at San Diego Comic-Con this July we do know it’s a followup to an established property. According to Marvel boss Kevin Feige, the strategy going forward is to continue releasing two films per year with the first of each pair being a sequel and the second being a new IP.

Superman Batman Cavill Affleck Fan Art Marvel vs. DC: Who Will Surrender Their May 2016 Release Date?

Logic would then dictate that May 2016 is when they want to release Thor 3. Why? Thor 1 launched May 2011 before Captain America: The First Avenger and the character is now their most bankable solo hero since the Iron Man series is over for the time being. Thor 3 would also come before Captain America 3 according to their release schedule thus far.

So now we have a fight on our hands.


Next Page: Batman vs. Superman vs. Thor. Let It Begin.


Batman vs. Superman is scheduled for May 6, 2016.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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    • Ah, interesting. A lot of that I covered in the piece as well. Aug doesn’t work, Fall doesn’t work, so it had to be a big delay.

      • I think a better poll question would be ” if thor 3 and batman vs superman open on the same date an you could only see one , witch one would you see. Mos was the third best super hero movie that came out last year. I still think that most ppl are going to be like wtf? When finally it come out to the masses that Ben is playing bats. I have yet to meet a real person ( not a screen rant DC fan boy) who likes that . Every one I told was either like wtf, why the heck did they cast him or who cares? I’m hoping to all hope that bvs does good enough to spin off a DC universe . There are too many DC sups that haven’t made it to the big screen that need a movie before a new batman or even this next superman movie. Too bad DC didn’t start it out with a lesser known super hero like marvel did with iron uman. We might of been talking about a cyborg vs iron man as to who is the most popular super hero. If you would of told me in 1990 that in 24 years iron man would of been the most popular super hero on earth I would of laughed in your face as a 10 year old boy. In the avengers arcade game iron man was my least favorite super hero in that game. I remember when I first played that game I was like ” why is iron man in this game? I can think of a lot of other avengers that should of been in it” but with cap vision and hawk eye in it I was happy until only the iron man slot was left

        • Personally i would rather see Batman of Steel before i see Thor 3.

          Also, as far as Superheroes in 2013 go, My list was

          1) Mos
          2) Thor 2
          3) IM3

          • This is the absolutely correct order for these movies!

        • Did you forget Nolan’s Batman trilogy? Much more popular than Ironman trilogy.

  1. WB’s going to blink first. Not because they are afraid of Marvel, unless it’s Iron Man 4 then they should be afraid, but simply because they won’t be ready by that date I don’t think. I think the final and rash decision WB has left to make will be at Comic-Con 2014 when they announce that BvsS is secretly JL. I think they’ll do something stupid like this simply because of how much Marvel will outshine and out-do them with Avengers 2 footage, and Ant-Man footage, and probably a Phase 3 announcement. In order to “stay relevant” for that year and generate buzz, they’ll probably make another mistake. Announcing BvsS was a mistake in the first place, now they only have one left (JL) before they either kill their cinematic franchise or get their act together, because they certainly haven’t.

    Whatever…I still have my Dark Knight Trilogy, so I’ll be okay until someone buys the rights of DC movies from WB (I’m hoping at some point they’ll just give up).

      • Yeah, Batman and Superman will always make money, that’s a given, but there not truly showing faith in the pantheon of properties they have, if Bats and Supes are the only characters they can do right. Plus, everyone will always compare them to Avengers, and truly criticize WB if we get to the point where there has be like 3-4 Avengers movies, 20+ MCU films, not counting the other Marvel movies from other studios, and all WB has to offer is Bats and Supes. Don’t get me wrong, Batman and Superman will always make money but Iron Man 3 made 1.2B, Avengers 1 made 1.5, while the last 2 Batman films made 1B each. That sys a lot about where the two studios are, Batman and Superman aren’t the biggest names anymore, they share that with the likes of Iron Man, Spider-Man (another billion dollar property), and the Avengers.

        • +10000

  2. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful kicker if someone else, some other studio, threw their hat in the ring against Marvel and DC (both of whom I like), with an announcement that they had bought the rights to and were doing a T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents movie?! Oh, please let it happen!!!

  3. In other words : DC/WB execs are afraid of Avengers : age of ultron Box office power.

    • Pass me the stuff your smoking, must be good if you think a movie that releases TWO MONTHS before another would have any effect on it’s profit.
      And if they are truly afraid, as you say, why would they move the release date to the SAME FRIGGIN DATE as a planned Marvel movie.

  4. Plot twist: BvS goes up against the Black Panther movie that everyone is always clamoring for.

    • Don’t forget: The first movie each year out of every two going forward will be a sequel to an established property – according to Feige.

      • Yeah, this isn’t even going to be a battle. Marvel will just open whatever unannounced movie a month earlier, just like Cap 2 is opening this year.
        And as a huge comic fan, Black Panther would get it’s @$$ handed to it and Marvel knows that.
        You can’t put out an obscure property that hardly anyone knows other than comic fans and expect it to compete with huge worldwide property names of Batman and Superman. It would be the equivalent of motion picture suicide.

        • Hey soldier, it’s not Marvel’s fault DC decided to push their Batman/Superman date to ( MARVEL MAY )

    • By everyone you mean the very small number of comic book fans who actually know who he is? That kinda everyone?

      Or did you mean the “Chinese rice farmer living on 5 cents a day yet has a Superman shirt, and can even say his name even though he only speaks five words of English” kinda everyone?

  5. Hey, it’s really easy guys. Most everyone in this section has got it right. But firstly, let me explain the move by Marvel. They realize the potential record breaking blockbuster they have in BvS. This movie will blow anything away including the marvel film. So they had to buy time to refigure scripts and production costs on not one but 2 back to back movies(perhaps). This will save them millions in production costs and allow the stars to adjust their schedules for those dates. Also, it’s a bonus because they get to polish off the scripts and produce better material for the films. Now will the studios negotiate on dates, well of course. And DC will have their choice. Because as a big fan, not only of comic book adaption films, but of all films in general. I will tell you (IMO) that nothing will withstand the wave of people that will show up for Batman vs Superman. It wouldn’t be logical for any big movie to open anywhere near BvS. And let’s not forget that Marvel was given the 2015 slot for Avengers 2. Meaning more opportunity for gross w/o Batman vs Superman. As you all have already mentioned above, yes there will be some moving of dates. But that movie gets top choice, no matter where DC wants it. It’s just a matter of time now.

    • yeah… um… what?

      • Kids section is three aisles to your right!

  6. You guys are pumping this up more than it need to.

    • All it is is speculation. I mean it’s a relevant and necessary topic to talk about, and to inform people who may not know the details. I don’t see any indication of blowing this out of proportion, it’s just stating the facts. It may seem like a lot to take in but that’s rumors and speculating for ya

    • You don’t like commercials and advanced advertising for multimillion dollar movie studio products ?

  7. I voted for WB/DC to move, but not because of the reason given in the vote. I want them to move cause I don’t give a crap about BatVsSupes

    • +1

  8. This back down thing is BS – I recall someone saying on the podcast that – it’s DC who backed down from Disney by moving away from Avengers and Star Wars.

    I also think it’s in the interest of Marvel at this point to stick and make it a battle. Whichever movie opens that weekend will benefit from the competition.

    But also, they have the option to do a movie with 3 of the Avengers maybe?

    • It’s a possibility. I still think the unmade Superman vs Batman will break records no matter when it’s released. People ( fans and the general public) are curious to see how this film will turn out. I have a feeling it will be a good film. Maybe no masterpiece; but a good film nonetheless.
      I love both DC and Marvel. Just glad we are getting these films at all.

    • You’re delusional if you think it is in the best interests of Marvel to place any film short of Avengers 3 or Iron Man 4 in direct competition with the first on screen live action pairing of Superman and Batman.

    • “Whichever movie opens that weekend will benefit from the competition.”

      YES! The same way a McDonalds owner benefits when somebody opens a Burger King right next door. Which is the type of benefit that isn’t actually beneficial. If nobody moves, BOTH movies will lose out on at least a little money.

      If Marvel doesn’t move, and offers only Cap, Thor, or a new property… they are lambs to the slaughter. Unless Bvs ABSOLUTELY SUCKS, like more than Elektra or Catwoman kinda sucks.

      • You guys forget another variable in the Equation of the Marvel vs. DC clash date!

        -Try to imagine the momentum that Age of Ultron WILL create for the next Marvel Film!

        I know it’s easy to dismiss that point, BUT if AoU is done even better than the first and people go completely nuts over it! Then all that Marvel has to do is play chicken and wait till DC is done with puberty.

    • Cry me a river…then build a bridge and get over it.

    • Don’t forget that very lame Ironman 3 movie!
      What a joke!!!

      • Says the 2.5% of DC fan boys who saw the movie. It was way better then the boy of metal and yet im3 wasn’t the best comic movie of the year. Hands down Thor 2 .

    • That weak Thor movie you talk about was way more enjoyable to watch then the man of steel. I love it how the writers on this site makes up all these stupid BS reasons that mos was the best super movie not to watch or enjoy but by all these stupit stipulations the writers on this site made up. Here is a reality check for you guys. 5% or less are hard core comic book fans. Half of those are hardcore DC fans. So like 2.5% of the ppl that watched man of steel iron man 3 and Thor 2 think mos was the best movie. Lmfao my parents who are in their 60’s saw iron man 3 multiple times. My grandparents who are in their 80’s saw the iron man 3 and liked it way better the mos. Out of the 30 some ppl I know that watched mos no one said it was a good or great movie . They all think it was OK. 100% of the ppl on this site would of loved iron man 3 if it wasn’t for their prior knowledge of who the manderian . That part of im3 I only didn’t like. Thor 2 was a great movie to watch . I love how the people on here cry about that movie. Well every one knew that Thor was going to be in the next avengers movie. So the idea of Thor dieing or what ever was stupid. They set stuff up perfectly for Thor 3 being the big Thor movie. The whole bvs movie seems to be taking one step toward and two steps back at the same time. DC should focus on making great movies and copying marvels movie universe instead of competing with marvel. The same ppl that will see the next avengers movie will more_then likely see the jla. That is if they weren’t turned off by mos 1 like a lot of ppl were.

  9. Still a possibility Marvel could shift, I mean they are serious about their movies being out there but as of now they just have the date, we don’t know whats coming. Also Feige seems like a reasonable guy. Or BvsS gets moved back to july, we’ll see for now just enjoy the excitement since we’re gonna be having alot more when filming starts.

  10. 2014 amazing spiderman 2, 2018 amazing spiderman 4? when is no. 3?

    • “A third film is scheduled to be released on June 10, 2016.” So it won’t be part of the May release of movies.

  11. I think DC WANTS to clash with Marvel on purpose. They are basicaly saying, all right lets compete with Marvel, next thing you know, Marvel changes the release date of AoS on the same day as BvS. Now that competition! But, according to me, if this happens, I’ll just see them back to back LOL! I pretty sure ALL movie goers will see both in the same week…I know a lot of people that do that. I saw the Book Theif, Walter Mitty, and 47 Ronin within 6 days…sooo yeah competition will be with the ratings imo, not the box office. I am sure they will power house the box office and bust a record. I’m sure of it.

  12. WB/DC has far more to lose by going head to head with Marvel. Their entire DCCU depends on BvS being good & sucessful. They cannot afford to tangle with even a weak Marvel property at this point.
    NO movie with as much hype as BvS is getting can EVER live up to it. Look at what a let down MoS was after all the hype.
    Plus, with all the reports of very serious in fighting at WB about this movie, it will have to move…again.
    BvS will move to July 2016, fans will groan, WB/DC will be embarrassed…again, BvS will bomb like Green Lantern & the entire DCCU will be directionless once again. WB/DC will never get it right, they just don’t know how as has already been proven time & time again.


    • Absolutely laughable (not to mention wreaking of wishful thinking). You Marvel stans need to give it rest. If it isn’t Avengers 3 or Iron Man 4 it’s not competing with BvsS. Period.

  13. I can see Fox moving X-men, but not Marvel. Worst case for them is that they come in second to the two biggest most popular superheroes of all time. The more their movie can make it competitive the better they will look. They probably can’t win the first weekend, but if they can win the overall box office or even make it close, it will be good for them and bad for DC. At worst the Marvel movie just does average BO, but it’s a chance worth taking. And it’s not as if they are plunking some new, independent franchise in there. Everyone knows these Marvel movies are all connected (the less they play that up the better). Ideally, Marvel will put something new in that slot, like Dr. Strange, Black Panther, or even a solo Hulk movie. If it can seem lopsided, they have more to win, again, merely by making it somewhat competitive.

    On the other side, what is DC really going to prove by trouncing any competition? It’s Superman and Batman. But if they lose, or if it’s closer than it should be, they look bad. Bad move DC.

    Remember the first Rocky movie? Rocky lost the fight, but went 15 rounds. This is more like Rocky fighting Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang at the same time. The longer he goes, the better he looks and the worse they look.

    Marvel has no reason to flinch at all. DC has to deliver big time.

  14. unless its a “planet hulk” movie, i think a normal hulk movie will fail against DC.

  15. If Marvel got RDJ to even show up for even part of either a Cap sequel or a Thor sequel on May 6th, Bats vs Supes would be destroyed. If Iron Man 4 did come out, even with a new Tony Stark, Bats vs Supes wouldn’t even make 300 million.
    I really don’t think bats vs Supes is going to be very good. A movie is more than a new Batman costume, it needs good writing & directing, neither of which were found in Man of Steel. WB’s decision to turn their movie universe iover to Goyer/Snyder was a huge mistake, as they are about to find out.

    I love Batman & Superman & DC, but there is no denying Marvel is the reigning king right now and sadly WB/DC isn’t even a contender.

    • First of all, WB as a whole is consistently one of the top 3 grossing studios every year, so they’re not just “a contender” they would be considered one of the elite in the industry. So yes, Marvel might be the “reigning king” of comic book movies now, but WB is in a position to focus on their DC properties to try and find their next billion dollar franchise. Secondly, your assertion that BvS doesn’t have “good writing & directing”, based on you not liking MoS, is silly. The movie was positively reviewed by the MAJORITY of critics and the general audience (meaning most people liked, if not loved, the movie), and they just brought in Oscar winning Argo writer Chris Terrio to work on the script, not to mention the Oscar winning writer playing Batman. From now until 2016 we’ll see if any of the other “Avengers” get the bump that Iron Man 3 did. So far Thor didn’t get it, and I doubt Cap gets it, and if that’s the case then I think it’s safe to say that only an Avengers or Iron Man movie could come compete with the BvS movie in 2016. Disney has a better chance pushing Star Wars back and pitting it against BvS than anything Marvel not named Avengers or Iron Man.

  16. I’ve taken some time to really think about the senario.

    We are told the plan is to see a marvel movie may 6 2016. The issue is regarding what movie. As we have yet to hear about rdj contract extension…and we would….I think we won’t see iron man 4. As AoU is out a year before I don’t see avengers 3. If this is thor 3 idk as we have heard snipets about the movie but no start or release date. As captain america 2 has yet to release I can’t say it will be ready by then. As to the idea of a solo…we have heard bits of a hulk movie…but seeing as they want to make the hulk a herono planethulk. Icant say a solo hulk will fail but compared to thor or cap its harder to compete. Now we are hearing rumblings about strange but nothing concrete. No info on panther so no idea. May be inhumans or gotg 2… but idk as gotg has yet to come out.

    This is the issue with claiming dates years in advance. Without the movie in pre production or even announced how can we say it will still be ready come may 6. Also bvs may not require the full 10 months and come comic con 2014 or 2015 they move the movie to either april or need moretime and push to july.

    We can speculate all year butit will be al long fewmonths till we know.

    • I think that unannounced 2016 film will be one of their new properties. Maybe Black Panther or Dr. Strange. I feel like they’ll wanna get those out as soon as possible so they can include them in the next Avengers film.

  17. Marvel will move if its not the Avengers, their movie will get crushed and doesn’t have have a chance against Bvs.

  18. I know Marvel has an edge in terms of prep for their material and number of movies and such, but nobody can deny the draw of a movie that has the 2 most iconic superheros headlining. Even if Marvel put up cap 3 or Thor 3 or whatever up against BvS, Marvel would lose every time. With the general audience, an Avengers movie would probably beat it out, but among fans BvS will win every time.

  19. even if BvS is a trainwreck and released on Feb 30th it will still outsell a Thor, Cap or Hulk let alone a Black Panther or Doc Strange

  20. Marvel vs DC. Marvel vs DC. DC affraid of Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Honestly this is really silly and rediculous. Marvel is owned by Disney and DC is owned by Warner Bros, so really if anyone wants to say “competition” it is between Disney and Warner Bros. Besides Warner Bros’ “Harry Potter” franchise is listed as the third highest grossing movie franchise of all time; “James Bond” and “Star Wars” lead the number one and two spots. Warner Bros also has other movie franchises that have been hugely successful. So how or why Warner Bros would be scared of Disney’s “Avengers” is rediculous. Yes Disney is pumping out more of their Marvel properties than Warner Bros’ DC properties, and yes Marvel has been successful in their direction so far. However, Warner Bros has done an excellent job with “Man of Steel”. It was by no means a perfect film, no film is perfect, but “Man of Steel” was an excellent way of reimagening the character of Superman and getting the DC cinematic universe off the ground. Many people are now awaiting the sequel which will feature Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman on screen for the first time in history. As for Disney pumping out their Marvel properties does not mean all of their films are great. “Iron Man” and “The Avengers” were great films and even “Thor” and “Captain America” were surprising. However Disney’s phase two films were not that great and have worried me for the future of their cinematic universe. The over the top humor and the childlike lightheartedness came off very cartoony. Yikes. The weird “Gauardians of The Galaxy” after credits scene at the end of “Thor” was like watching a saturday morning cartoon.

    • @Kevin and @flickguy stop it, you’re making too much sense. This is the internetz, we don’t use logic here.

      • @ JB. Hahaha JB. Yes it is the internet and many no not use logic haha. But I just had to make my statement earlier. I like your comment though.

    • @ Kevin. Thank you Kevin. I agree Disney is doing very good releasing their Marvel properties, but the hate and venom directed towards Warner Bros is so sad. Disney delays Star Wars five months. Nobody bats an eye. Disney delayed the first Avengers a year. Nobody panicks. Warner Bros delays Batman vs Superman a year and everybody loses their minds!

      • Exactly we have no idea why everyone blew a gasket but who knows…like I said we wait and see.

  21. May 2, 2014 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
    May 6, 2016 – Unannounced Marvel Film
    May 4, 2018 – The Amazing Spider-Man 4.

    I wonder what The Unannounced Marvel Film may be..

    • @wormss. There r 3 possibilities :
      1. X-men: Apocalypse
      2. Black Panther
      3. Doctor Strange

      I think Marvel will move it to summer release. They’ll play it safe. The studio want to make money, not suicide.

      • Why do you not think it would be Spiderman 3??? Since I posted Number 2 and 4… (As listed above in the article).. Since the dates were 2 years apart exactly too..

    • May 6, 2016 should be the next Thor. I read that it was to be released in May of 2016. It’s titled Thor: Ragnarök. Hopefully it’s true and not a rumor. I would love to see that movie.

  22. Man Of Steel was good, but not as good as Thor The Dark World. That being said, Ben Affleck as Batman doesn’t work. Given a choice between which movie I would see if Thor 3 goes head to head with Superman / Batman regardless of who plays Batman, I definitely would see Thor 3. I’m not sure if I would make the same choice if Marvel puts up Captain America 3 against Superman / Batman. If that was the case, I just might for both to come out on blu-ray. Again, Thor 3 vs Superman / Batman? My choice is Thor 3.

    • Is me and my girlfriend the only ones who would go see both.. No matter who is playing who? And no matter what film was playing at the same time? If they opened on the first day, then I am afraid we both agree on Marvel, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t see DC the next day.. (As cool as my GF is, she couldn’t handle two films in a day)

      • Exactly. I don’t see the point in picking one movie over the other and not just seeing both. I know my friend will want to see DC and I’ll see that with her and Marvel with my sister. There’s no point in arguing over what will be better if they haven’t even come out yet.