‘Batman vs. Superman’ Starts Filming in February; Amy Adams Talks Wonder Woman

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Ben Affleck Batman vs Superman1 Batman vs. Superman Starts Filming in February; Amy Adams Talks Wonder Woman

Fans who have long clamored for a big-screen version of DC’s Justice League may be on the verge of getting their wish. While no official announcements about the long-awaited project have been released, the upcoming Man of Steel sequel – or Batman vs. Superman, if you prefer – promises to flesh out the DC Cinematic Universe in more ways than many previously expected it to.

First came the news that Oscar winner Ben Affleck will don the cowl as the Dark Knight himself, and then – amidst rumors that a variety of heroes may appear – director Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. announced that Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot will appear in the 2015 release as Wonder Woman. There’s no indication yet exactly how much Gadot will have to do in the film (or if her role is merely a setup for the inevitable big-screen Justice League).

Regardless, Collider caught up with Man of Steel star Amy Adams – who’s returning to portray Lois Lane in the sequel – and the Wonder Woman casting news came up. Here’s what Adams had to say:

“Oh, did they [announce Wonder Woman]? I don’t even know, see? So clearly I’m not the person to talk to… Now I know. But that’s awesome. I hope I get a scene with her… I think we start in February.”

A February 2014 start date makes perfect sense for a film of this scale (and may mean more casting announcements are imminent). After all, with all those heroes involved, Batman vs. Superman will surely need a lengthy post-production window to perfect all its effects shots.

man steel sequel superman lois lane Batman vs. Superman Starts Filming in February; Amy Adams Talks Wonder Woman

As for Adams’ response to the Wonder Woman news, there are two ways to look at it. On the one hand, Adams could be playing coy with her knowledge (or lack thereof) regarding the project. At this point, it’s fairly commonplace for the cast and crew of a much-anticipated project to do their part to perpetuate the mysteries of its production (see: Star Trek Into Darkness). However, the other (perhaps more likely?) possibility is that the character of Wonder Woman was a fairly late addition to the script and/or amounts to little more than a cameo.

Given the amount of story the Man of Steel follow-up promises to cover (including the burgeoning romance between Superman and Lois Lane), it makes sense that Wonder Woman (and perhaps other Justice League members) are featured in very minor appearances or even during a mid-credits or post-credits teaser for their team-up film.

Still, there’s every possibility that Batman vs. Superman will find a way to perfectly balance a number of superhero characters. In that case, is there any chance for sparks to fly between Superman and Wonder Woman, as they do in the comic books?

Superhero Hype ran the possibility of such a love triangle by Adams:

“Am I interested [in a Lois-Superman-Wonder Woman love triangle]? I don’t know. I mean, we’ll see. I hope that I can be involved with a woman on screen where we’re not in a love triangle. That would be fun. Maybe where we team up together and we work as teammates instead of adversaries.”

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Man of Steel Batman vs. Superman Starts Filming in February; Amy Adams Talks Wonder Woman

Adams makes an excellent point here. Not only would a love triangle this early in Superman and Lois’s relationship seem premature, but it undermines all the effort Man of Steel put into modernizing Lois Lane from her traditional love interest/damsel in distress role. The first film portrayed her as a savvy journalist who ultimately proves herself a valuable ally to Superman, even keeping his identity secret. To follow that development by using the character primarily as part of a love triangle could be seen as a step backwards and undermine the strength the character showed in the first film.

What do you hope Batman vs. Superman has in store for the relationship between Superman and Lois, and how do you think Wonder Woman will factor into the film? Sound off in the comments section below.


The untitled Man of Steel sequel (a.k.a. Batman vs. Superman) hits theaters July 17, 2015.

Sources: Collider, Superhero Hype

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  1. On the topic of casting, i havent read or heard much about who could play Green Lantern if they dont bring Ryan Reynolds back? I was thinking about it while looking at my NetFlix and came across “Dexter”(loved this show) and thought, “what about Michael C. Hall for the role?” Hes got a good build, some fighting exp. from the show, and is a pretty decent actor. Do you agree or am i way out in left field on this one?

  2. Hope movie strengthens relationship between Superman and Lois but not in the old way. I love the new relationship MOS started with them and want it to grow along these lines. I think adding Wonder Woman will be great! Would be a good way to put the top 3 of DC together finally. I hope that she would be in more than just a cameo, perhaps using her as a way to stop Superman and Batman killing each other or helping to create a better understanding between the two. Well, I will be looking forward to her being in it.

  3. I think you guys are all fools if you think Wonder Woman should have a spark with any of the Justice Leaguers especially Batman or Superman. That would make this movie so damn corny.

    • Ricky, corny? How would it be corny for two attractive people to have feelings for each other? Wonder woman and Superman would be a bad idea, but they should follow the Justice League animated series and have her and Batman be interested in each other. That relationship worked so well in the animated series.

  4. she doesn’t look aything like louis lane. that miss whatever doesn’t look anything like wonderwoman. gina carano is the only one who should be playing as wonderwoman. ben affleck as batman i just don’t get. this is the most horribly casted movie.

    • bob, you can’t compare anyone to a drawing. Wonder Woman isn’t real, and on top of that her look changes constantly. No human being will ever look exactly like a comic book character. Man of Steel was cast perfectly. I did not have a single problem with any actors in the film. I’m incredibly excited for Ben Affleck because he is a great actor and a great director. Gal Gadot is beautiful, which is the only trait of Wonder Woman that can be carried by a human. We don’t know what version of Wonder Woman Zack Snyder has planned, but I have 100% faith in him to make a great movie with great actors. If you are just going to complain about it then you aren’t a comic book fan. A true comic fan is excited to see the heroes that they love on the big screen, whether the movie is bad or excellent it’s still exhilarating to watch.

      Green Lantern is my favorite superhero. The movie is watchable, but it’s not great. It could have been so much more and I’m upset that it isn’t, but I can still watch Green Lantern whenever it’s on TV because I love to see comics coming to life. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. We all know that everyone who hates on the movie is going to see it anyway, so don’t waste your breath.

  5. When you find out a huge movie is going to be filmed right next to your home your suposed to be excited and telling all your friends. You will be drooling over all the big movie stars who will be eatting dinner in the same places you do, sitting at the same traffic lights, visiting the same coffee houses, you find yourself sitting under the stars hoping to get a glimps of someone famous, maybe even an autograph.


    Then one morning you wake up and realize your life has tottally been turned upside down. This is how my fall started and according to the set manager dave kriegar from S and M, they are not going anywhere soon so I better get used to it. How come big time companies are allowed to move in, destroy our small communities and disrupt lives and not care?


    I guess I should go back to the beginning. Fall 2013 I am awaken by noises of large trucks which are so close to my home It sounds like they are plowing thru my livingroom. Are you kidding me its 5am. After a few days of this I decided to call my township office where I am notified they are filming a movie and its hush hush I cant tell anyone. Cool a big movie. Actually the new batman vs superman movie. How cool. My kids are so excited, my husband is in awe, this is going to be great we thought. Then the noise continued. The constant backing up noise of huge trucks. Chainsaws, bulldozers, constant yelling of contractors thru walkie talkies it was crazy. 5am everyday we were woken up by these horrible distractions. Then one morning I wake up to get the kids off to school and my trucks out of gas…how can this be I just put gas into it. I go to the garage where I keep a large can filled and guess what no can. Where did it go? So I start thinking im not even safe in my own neighborhood now we have a thief. Yes this would be the norm if I lived in flint, Pontiac,detroit, or any big city…but no im in metamora. The most peacefull place ever. And my beautiful neighborhood is all summer cottages surounded by thousands of acres of state land, and a beautiful lake. We have so much wildlife, thick woods, and amazing views its the most amazing place to raise a family. We feel so peacefull and safe we never lock our doors, even when we go on vacation. If I forget my purse in my car its no big deal. My kids often run and play and I dont have to worry about anything. Well my reality of living in such a safe place was quickly being proven wrong.

      over the couse if several weeks the noise was even worse. The items comming up missing were even more frequent. And omg the amount of traffic was crazy. Our quiet peacefull neighborhood was becomming a place to stake out to see a glimpse of the set, actors, photo opportunities.  many morning I was in a rush to get the kids to school because they no longer felt comfortable walking. And on many days I was blocked in by traffic. Mostly just crazy locals trying to see what ever they could see but the final straw was when the crew hired the electric company  to come clear out some old trees and move power from our pole to the set. For 2 days my road was blocked. My husband couldnt go to work, kids couldnt get to school, I was blocked in. then I find out they will be bringing in a generator to place 75 feet from my bedroom window that will be on a trailer. Ok even more noise. When is this going to be enough? So I decide something needs to be done. I call warner brothers and get bumped all over. So I go to google and find a email address. I send them my concerns and the next day I get an email from the guy whos in charge of the set asking what can be done? Hmmm I think briefly before I write back and I told him I will like a little more respect and understanding. No reply. Things continue to get worse and again I reply back with what they can do to make things better. The next day I wake up to mr. Kriegar at my door. I welcome him in. I explain how its effected My family and ask what they can do to make it a little more bearable. Instead of a nice understanding gentleman I am face to face with a cold hearted business man who tells me “absolutly nothing we will be here for several months get used to it because theres nothing you can do” are you serious how dare you come into my home and tell me to deal with it. Your turning my quiet communitly into hell. You have no respect for our community, the neighbors whos lives your disrupting, no care at all. Since then the nonesence continues and some days are worse then others. Numerous emails have gone un answered from warner brothers. Noone cares. Its a huge movie company who is able to buy off who ever they want while we are forced to sit here in total chaos while we pray for the days to fly by so we can once again go back to our normal lives.


      so next time you hear about a movie being filmed in your area, dont think about how cool its going to be. Think about how much your life will be effected and horrible you will be treated by the big time movie companies. After this my family will no longer support any movies warner brothers produces. I will not spend my hard earned money on a company who has no respect for the places where they film, and the families whos lives are turned upside down!


    • Chrissy, my heart goes out to you, I myself, am no stranger to noise pollution and thoughtless people. You might want to consider talking to a lawyer and find out what your neighbors think of all this. If you can get them together you may just be able to build a case against Warner Brothers and sue them.

      True, it’s a longshot, but you might get better results than trying to email a company that doesn’t care about your homelife. These people have no right to do this to you or anyone else and you have every right to fight back. I wish you luck.

      If it’s any comfort at all, I think the film will bomb and many have said they will not waste their money to see it in the theater.

  6. What’s all this nonsense about WW not needing to have a love interest because that would stop her from being a strong female character? Excuse me. Come again. There isn’t a law that says a woman can’t be both desirable and strong at the same time. Some of the most iconic female characters in the history of movies have been both. Wonder Woman should be the same. And if she does have a love interest, it should be either Bruce Wayne or Trevor Barnes. It should NOT be Steve Trevor or god forbid Superman. Wonder woman and superman would be the most cliché romantic pairing in the history of cinema.

  7. What a waste of film this will be

  8. Finally get a live action Wonder Woman film, and they cast someone that looks like Justin Long

  9. well i absolutely love this multi-talented oscar winning actress(i so wish she was)would forever portray lois lane and she was the reason why i watch man of steel(she suits lois lane just like gwyneth paqltrow did in iron man)amy adams stole the show but henry cavill kinda sucked as superman but amy stole every scene .

  10. if amy adams didnt star in man of steel(as well as russell crowe,micheal shannon,diane lane,kevin costner,laurence fishburne who were great)the movie would of been a coimplete flop and i hope to see them all in not only superman movies but all future movies like these.

  11. Recently watched I am Legend again. At around six minutes in there’s a poster on the side of a buidling with the bat logo with superman badge on the front of it… Intentionally or lucky guess?

    • what should i did if i have any powers? should i use them for good or bad?

    • i got bit by a cat and got cat powers what should i do use them for good or bad?