‘Batman v Superman’ Set Video Features Wayne Industries Sign & More Destruction

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The biggest reveal at this year’s Comic-Con was probably the teaser footage for the highly-anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which not only hinted at the (expected) antagonistic nature of Bats and Supes’ first onscreen pairing, but also clearly highlighted the influence of Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns.

Production for the film has been underway for quite some time by this point, with the city of Detroit, Michigan standing in for our heroes’ home cities. Fans have been eager for any glimpse from the production they can get, and we’ve seen some images already: new Wonder Woman Gal Gadot on set in street clothes, the LexCorp building, and the Superman statue.

In the wake of an official image of Wonder Woman and a new picture of Ben Affleck’s Batman, local Detroit station WXYZ has aired a new look at the set of Batman v Superman. You can watch the minute-long video above.

bvs Batman v Superman Set Video Features Wayne Industries Sign & More Destruction

The main takeaway from this glimpse of the Detroit production is that Batman v Superman will definitely not skimp on the large-scale destruction. While the movie’s predecessor Man of Steel was heavily criticized for its explosion happy final act, a great deal of additional collateral damage is to be expected when the World’s Finest go head to head.

Still, there’s nothing in these images which implicitly suggests that this damage came from a brawl between Batman and Superman. The smashed Metropolis police car clearly identifies that locale, but what of the rubble of what appears to be a Wayne Financial building? Does this mean a significant portion of the film is set in Gotham City, or is this a Wayne Enterprises office in Metropolis?

And what exactly caused all this mayhem? While Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is likely the central villain of the film, he is (usually) not a physical match for Superman or even Batman. The rumors that Superman’s arch-foe Doomsday will play a central role refuse to die, fueling the theory that perhaps Luthor unleashes the genetically engineered chaos machine (or an army of them, courtesy of  Darkseid), which mobilizes our heroes into the proto-Justice League.

Beyond Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, we also know a version of Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) will be joining the party, as well. It is feasible that Batman v Superman could take a cue from Joss Whedon’s The Avengers and feature several hero-on-hero battles before the expected team-up in the last act – but expect such fan-catnip to show up in a way we want, but won’t quite see coming.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on May 6th, 2016.

Source: WXYZ

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  1. Wow. More major catastrophic collateral damage…Again. *yawn*
    Well, since Metropolis was pretty much laid waste in the first MOS, it stands to reason the last Wrecking-Ball-of-Krypton has his sights set on Gotham.
    This movie’s just gonna suck a$$.

    • I see the trolls never miss an article!

      • It’s not trolling when it’s the truth, buddy.

        • Troll or someone who never picked up a comic hell even in the comics they have insurence for meta human damages lol no lie.

        • It is trolling buddy, you are also a troll.

      • And I see DC fanboys still on denial.

        • You are a troll too, so many trolls in this world, so sad.

          • If so I should compare you then to our dog who leak other dogs a$$.

          • Yes your right and dont forget the d@uches in this world who thinks they never trolled ever.

            • What was that? I am sorry I don’t understand you, I don’t speak troll.

              • the first reply was is not suppose to be there.

    • …except that the police car says “Metropolis” printed on the side. So it looks like it’s still just the same city taking it where the sun doesn’t shine at this point.

    • I don’t see why people complain about the wreckage? Its a classic superman thing to go in a power bout with another meta human which will leave a reasonable destruction trail behind it. Sure there was alot of destruction in Metropolis but majority of the damage was done by the terra forming machine and supes was on the other side of the planet trying to stop that said machine. His fight with Zod barely had any collateral damage as they punched each other through already evacuated buildings. If your logic for this movie to suck is that Supes causes too much destruction then your logic is flawed. I loved Avengers but how many people do u think died during the invasion of New York when numerous huge giant floating alien machines weaved their way though the streets of New York. Are you gonna tell me that there were no Casualties or Destruction? Not to mention HULK bursting through OCCUPIED buildings to attack the giant alien machine. Atleast Supes went through an already evacuated building. Just my 2cents

      • Best defense on the destruction of Metropolis. There was similar destruction in Avengers movie but no outcry on that. Gimme a break. Just enjoy the movies for what they are. I look forward to Batman v Superman. Bring it on….

    • or it’s the aftermath of the same city (beginning of the movie maybe)

    • What a weak a$$ attack on this movie. Here is an idea don’t go see the movie, no one is going to force you to. I am going to see it and probably love it. A lot of other people will too and you will not be missed Chadster.

    • Another baseless Supes destroyed Metropolis attack. Oh how original.

    • Just another troll showing his ignorance…obviously never read a Superman comic book in your life and have no idea what your talking about…that’s what Superman does he throws down!

  2. Really hoping that other villain is Metallo

    • If there is another villain.

      • You don’t think it’s safe to assume there’ll be another villain?

        • I don’t know what to think.

    • I would want Amazo over any other bad guy (for the first movie), the combination of the powers of Superman and Wonder Woman (Batman has no powers) will really show the three what they can do if they team up and form the Justice League.

  3. Im disappointed in you chad.

  4. Chad you do realise it was a Superman film don’t you? Carnage is what happens, I don’t get the people who hated all the destruction, I loved it, MOS was how Superman films should be made, not saving cats out of a tree lol, and if you thought Zod coming to earth caused some damage, it will be a picnic compared to the carnage Doomsday will bring, now that’s going to be epic!

    • Exactly! I dont understand people complaining about too much collateral damage in a Superman movie!? The other complaints im seeing is that “Why would Superman allow this type of damage to happen in the first place?” People, Im not sure which movie you have been watching, but in all the Superman movies I’ve seen, I can’t recall Clark Kent ever going a single ROTC program, joining the military, or heck, even taking a Buisness Management training course where he would gain skils that your complaining he lacks. He is just a simpleton farm boy with a big heart, raised in the middle of no where USA, with zero training in hand to hand combat, little to no concept of war strategy, and probaly a naive understanding of the world’s issues and politics. Oh and btw, just so happens he is the single most dangerous and strongest entity on the planet (speaking from a non superhuman perspective). So in his first fight, going up against villians that match his own powers, I think the movie captured what would happen pretty well. The ability to divert a fight away from casualties, and to be able to multitask and lead under stress is something that is learned. Something I think we will watch develope in the following movies. And other than that, as a comic fan, its awesome to watch live on the big screen!

      • Actually superman did try to prevent some of the damage.He fought zod in space and destroyed the wayne satellite but Zod brought the fight back to earth.

        • Hmmn… not really. with his super strength he could have thrown zod to space and continue the fight there if he really wants to prevent the damage but instead he threw him in the building where obviously there’s a lot of people. So I dont totally agree on what your saying.

          • He couldn’t really stop Zod.Zod was just as powerful as he was,maybe even stronger since he had military training and didn’t care for earth.at that point he was destroying whatever he could to hurt superman.Thats why he had to die because he couldn’t be stopped and wouldn’t.

            • I really have no problem him killing zod because i thought its necessary to the movie. My only complain was the overkill fight scene i thought i was watching dragonball. They could have differently you know. It would have been acceptable if zod is doing all the damage but hell no his also doing the damage.

              • *done

              • Ok i see what your saying you didn’t like superman himself causing some destruction when he could avoid it like him dragging zod through a buildings windows.Yeah i didnt like that much either even though he did little compared to zod it didn’t seem right to me but i have to imagine he was barely thinking during the fight since it was his first day.

    • “if you thought Zod coming to earth caused some damage, it will be a picnic compared to the carnage Doomsday will bring, now that’s going to be epic!”

      Well Zod ahd WE to level up and down nice chunk of Metropolis, Doomsday is just a brawler(unless they will use New 52 version ofcourse). He will do smaller damage but in more places with a slight possibility to do more damage if the fight will happen in more than one city )

    • lol doomsday..waht a noob villain lol is that what DC have best to offer ? lol

      can name at least 10 villains who can beat that thing with a hand only

      dc sucks @ss deal with it already and if u think BvS will pass the avengers or GoTg then u better keep dreaming lol

      marvel—>f@g supes and dc

      • Hahahahahahahahahahaha
        You’re not funny. Take your $hity opinion somewhere else, no one wants to hear it.

  5. And now presenting the ending scene to bvs:
    Batman: Superman, the way you kicked Lex’s ass was awesome!
    ( WW and the rest of the league jump out of nowhere)
    WW: Hi! I’m Wonder Woman and these are my friends. Let’s form a superhero team!
    Superman: Lady, I can fight crime just fine by my self so you should..
    ( WW takes her top off and performs an epic lap dance.)
    Superman: HELL YEAH LETS DO THIS!!!
    ( cut to title card)
    Justice League : Justice will be served coming may 2018.
    Roll credits (thank you, I’ll be here all week.Feel fine to respond

    • You were missing the part where after the lap-dance Batman approaches WW and goes “wanna know my secret identity?”.

    • LOL!!!!

    • That’ll get an R rating. Don’t think WB would want that.

      • Good point. How about she keeps her clothes on but still performs the dance? That should pass for pg 13 right?

  6. I get we’re watching a Batman vs Superman movie, but I honestly have no interest in a Batman film where the main attraction is more cities being destroyed (especially if the narrative and characterization is as lifeless as that in Man of Steel). I didn’t think an entire city’s demise could be so boring, but obviously Michael Bay and Zack Snyder has proven me wrong.

  7. Everyone needs to calm down, I remember in Superman TAS some of the fights smashed bits and pieces of Metropolis even in the comics this happens.

  8. I’ll be more focused on the fight than any destruction who cares its not real.

    I didn’t hear any complaints when the Hulk was running through occupied buildings to make those giant alien things crash into building.

    Its a CMB theirs gonna be destruction. Who focuses on the destruction more than the fight?

    I don’t watch Superman being thrown through a building and think man those windows will be expensive to replace.

    • Wait. Are you comparing the destruction made by the Hulk to the destruction made in MOS? Are you freak’n serious? If you add all the mess the Hulk made in The Incredible Hulk and THe Avengers its obviously nothing compared to what Superman made. And yeah, you cant even see the people inside the building in MOS because MOS is PG13 imagine if they let us saw people being fallen by buildings that could have been very disturbing to some, kids especially.

      • I see you like to exaggerate quite a bit.

      • You need to sit down and watch both movies because I have them both on DVD. Most of the destruction in MOS was caused by the World Engine the Zod and Supes fight was done in an empty building and a construction site.

        There was only one building that might have had people in it and Zod threw Superman through the building in one window and threw another. Clearly you haven’t seen the movie more than once. watch it and you will see what I’m saying is true.

        Now when the Hulk ran through a building with people in it , walls crashing down and glass flying everywhere people weren’t on their desks screaming get him Hulk they were being flew across the floor screaming aghh and oh sh..tt. Then he jumps on the creature and makes him crash into two building with people in them. Because it showed the people getting hit with flying glass.

        So yes the Hulk caused more damage to civilians look at the movies again.

        • Exactly what i’ve been.saying but it seem some people will live in denial. I’ve watched both movies twice now and can clearly tell that the avengers had more casualties but i dont.complain.and i still love the movie cause i understand its meant to be that way. jo2sef cant seem to get past that fact. Watch MoS again cause clearly you’ve forgotten the fight scenes. Evdn during the fight in smallville he urged civillians to take cover and.go somewhere safe. Hard as he may try he cant stop.the bad guys from throwing hima round which in turn.causes him.to.indirectly damage stuff.. its.not like he smashed buikdings and stuff for.fun

        • I think people refer to the fact that once the other Kryptonians were sent back to the Phantom Zone, Metropolis was little more than a crater (at least a large portion of it). It had DBZ written all over it and I kinda love it for that. There WAS destruction-porn throughout MoS, and to assume that it wouldn’t bother people is wrong. Avengers had far less city-wide damage by comparison.

          But hey, I think DARK KNIGHT RISES had just as much city-wide damage thanks to Bane.

          Does it bother me though? Nope. Because at the end of the day, these are all about the anxiety of our urban homes being invaded by war and destruction. Very Greek.

        • I enjoyed the hell out of both movies but Im glad I wasn’t the only one who realized this lol.

  9. Well as a cbm fan i hope this movie holds true to really what it is which is an epic movie between the two heavyweight superheroes. I just hope this wont go down ala TASM2 where it became a kickoff movie for sinister six because I have feeling this will be the same making a movie so they have a reason to bring in the justice league.

    • Then what about the giant alien flying machines and the thousands of aliens shooting laser weapons at civilians. It’s totally Avenger’s fault for not preventing that. They were to busy fighting the big guys and didnt try to stop civilian casualties eventhough they obviously have a sense of logic unlike GODZILLA. Come on. You can’t use the destruction in MoS as a reason for the movie to suck. I understand if you don’t like Zack Snyder’s take on Superman but to bash is because of the unreasonable destruction that happened in that movie then you shouldn’t be watching any CBM in general. Avengers, MoS, TASM 1 and 2. Collateral damage happens when BAD PEOPLE are trying to do BAD THINGS. As good of a hero you are, you can never prevent anything from happening. If you hate the amount of destruction that happened in MoS then go to your nearest DVD rentals and rent Superman Returns(2006) because i can guarantee u there were minimal casualties there. In fact, that movie had so little destruction it made alot of money in the box office. Say what you want, about the destruction of cities. At the end of the day, its not real and the film still make lots of $$ and you still troll on a website with less $$ than the film makers.

  10. So is the Wayne Logo 3 towers making somewhat of a W?

  11. I think people really over exaggerate the amount of destruction in MoS. The world engine caused 99% of the damage which was clearly issolated to the Metropolis CBD (the aerial shots prove this). Not only that but the Daily Planet staff who were already pretty close to the epicenter managed to get away on foot. The destruction complaint is a very weak argument against the film, we don’t all have to love it but there’s no need to mention the destruction every 2 seconds like it was a real life event.

    • Yeah… ANd why the f*ck are we complaining about how disappointing a movie is TASM2 like it was a real life event.

      • I enjoyed TASM2… the things other people didn’t like, like the lack of real character development the villains recieved, didn’t really bother me. I liked the mystery surrounding Peter’s parents, I liked the Peter/Gwen relationship and I got enough from Electro and Harry to be satisfied with their actions.

  12. You can really tell who the real hardcore superfriends fans are. Great Scot I Superman must lead Zod into outer space where I will ready an unbreakable net to trap him before an unfortunate citizen is injured on Earth. LOL

  13. If they were smart they’d make this film a two parter–one coming out in consecutive summers.

  14. Did you guys know that the original Superman destroyed walls to catch purse snatchers & wife beaters. In Frank Miller’s TDKR Batman & Superman crash-landed & fought in people’s living rooms & kitchens. Even in today’s New 52 Superman still crashes into multiple buildings.

    MoS is literally the only Superman project that’s been ridiculed for having too much destruction. Godzilla had 5X more destruction-during-fight-scenes yet nobody cried. Clearly the haters & fanboys are trying to give this movie a hard time.

    • So what you’re saying we should also take into consideration the destruction made by Godzilla because the monster has a fully grown sense of logic and knows whats right and wrong?

      • If so I should compare you then to our dog who leak other dogs a$$.

        • That’s my point. You understand when a mindless monster destroys a city but you don’t understand a man who doesn’t yet have full control of his own powers. You don’t need a detailed script to tell you that Kal is still an major amateur.

          • Is that really a problem though? He isn’t called “Superman” until the third act of the film. Heck, even in Batman Begins Bruce identifies himself as Batman during the big reveal when we see Bats for the first time. Man of Steel is essentially the Smallville finale we all wanted to see.

          • Reddy (and Joshua and the COUNTLESS others who have sportingly tried logically to discuss MoS with jo2ef)…

            It’s very kind and fair-minded of you to attempt to explain, in a civilized manner, your thoughts on the film. Unfortunately, jo2ef does not CARE about logic or or civil discussion. He is a troll (and, just IMO, likely not too bright), pure and simple.

            Don’t take my word for it…check out ANY time he has ever commented on this and/or related topics.

            Sadly, you are talking to a dense wall.

      • Hehe. No not at all, but Godzilla still doesn’t receive the same kind of “holy s***” from fans because he’s a monster and somehow despite having the same level of destruction, is never mentioned as an evil monster that took countless lives.

  15. I wish they’d release the comic con footage so the rest of us can see it, even if it’s a short clip.

  16. You gotta love certain people who watch 1 or maybe 2 DC movie/s (without ever setting sights on their comics), then come to SRant, lose their minds over speculated rumors and production teasers, and think they know everything about comics and how to make a better movie. SPOILER ALERT ! THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MASS DESTRUCTION WHEN SUPERMAN IS IN TOWN… or any DC character for that mater. WHAT DO YOU WANT ? A DULL ROMANTIC COMEDY WITH JUST A LITTLE ACTION AND SOME DRAMA. From day 1 I thought the big debate was gonna be “Who is gonna win the fight??!!” (batfans VS Kal-EL fans) But NO ! Its ” I saw a picture from the set … this movies gonna suck” ” I cant go see this …. Gal’s boobs arent big enough” Then in 2016 Dont see it , please, nobody is putting a gun to your head. you’d save time from ranting and crying. Let the TRUE fans rant. Some of you people make me laugh at the stupidity coming from your keyboards…then some of you other haters just make me sick.

    • Okay two things I got a point with a post like this dude. 1) Don’t go full cap-locks when your entire post is about how outrageously people are responding to comments, and 2) In a post like the one you made, you should make it a reply to a specific post that got you riled up, because if you don’t then it seems like you’re trolling the troll. It still makes YOU look like the troll because your entire point is about “how naysayers are driving you nuts.” Take it easy, if you’re saying that people have a choice to go and not see the movie in 2016, then by all means they’ll say that YOU have a choice to not read their posts.

      And I agree with you, the debate SHOULD have been Bats vs Supes, but it still remains, to this day, a DC vs Marvel debate, with boobs thrown in because interwebz.

      • Hahaha. well said bro.

      • Just wait until late 2015- early 2016 when the first trailer comes, then the Bats v Supes mayhem will blow up.
        I think Batman will ultimately take it. His advanced suit & the brain working behind that cowl will be too much for Superman.

        • Exactly, damn this movie is still forever away. That’s disappointing for a Superman fan :(

  17. Say what you will about Zack Snyder, but this is the man who loves his action scenes. Man of Steel, for all the hate it gets (and I still think a lot of it is undeserved) was perhaps the most bad-ass looking high-octane Superman movie to date. And I have no qualms about that in Batman v Superman, it needs to be just as epic and probably will be since we’ll be seeing, for the first time on the big-screen, the two biggest superheroes duking it out. He and Michael Bay come from the same school, literally, so I think some comparison won’t be misplaced. City-wide destructions and catastrophes were the norm in comics anyway.

  18. Comics and Movies are two different kind of medium. If you cant get over on people who rant about the movies dont give us the comics answer. There a whole lot reason why film makers like Snyder changed or did not follow on whats in the comics.

  19. “It is feasible that Batman v Superman could take a cue from Joss Whedon’s The Avengers and feature several hero-on-hero battles before the expected team-up in the last act”

    Em, what? Not only superhero vs superhero with team up happened earlier but the whole thing that Joss did looked like froming JL in New52 rip off. Not saying it was a good story but claiming that Whedon started it is silly. If anything WB would just copy from DC comic not Avengers’ movie.

  20. Honestly these destruction scenes we are seeing could easily be used as back story to fuel the fight between batman and superman. Or could be caused by another yet to be revealled villian. Everyone is assuming that superman causeed this damage we are seeing….why because he was in the last film where he and a villian fought and there was collateral damage? Grow up all go watch all the super hero movies again. Watch iron man 2 with tony and whiplash destroying the race traxk, go watch thor 2 with the dark elves and thor destroying sections of london, go watch the hulk and see him rip up new york city, watch any of the spiderman movies and see new york get a beating, watch avengers and see new york get a beating, watch x men days of futures past to see washinton dc get ripped up, watch winter solider to see dc again get ripped up. Heck watch fantastic four and see new york get ripped up. People we are watching movies based on comic books. In here science is so far ahead of where we really are. Magic is real and can do amazing things. Aliens are real and can and will attack mostly in new york city. People complain about the amount of realism and such in cbm….well endless destruction and people Notcomplaining are part of the magic of comic books…will we see any reaction or feed back on the violence and destruction. Maybe but we have to see the movie to find out.

  21. MOS was a realistic take on an inexperienced Superman, I think it was spot on.

    All we have seen is a 30 second clip of BvS and it sent everyone mental, if they have spent 2 years making this film im sure it will be great….to much riding on it.

    You cant troll on something you havent seen, nobody knows what the actual story is yet. Also Snyder pointed out its Batman v Superman, not Batman vs Superman…..its a subtle difference that actually effects what the film might be like, typical hysterical Americans complaining prematurely when in actual fact, the only footage seen was fantastic!

    Give the damn thing a chance!

  22. All this noise in the comments yet it’s screenrant
    (&all the other butthurt online publications who had a mental breakdown because superman was portrayed in a REAL world setting for the first time)
    That are the real trolls here
    With the thinly veiled digs.. The backward critique pointless “destruction references” etc
    We get it
    You’re marvel fanboys
    And anti MoS bandwagoners
    It’s ok to like purile juvenile balls to the wall fun
    So do I
    But i also favour balance
    And appreciate a bit of gravity or even solemnity with my CBM’s

    as “electronic journalists” balance is important
    Cause no one cares what you like
    Your job isn’t to influence or shift opinion but elucidate us to the facts and inside stories so we can make up our own juvenile minds

    the bias has to stop.. for your dries integrity atleast
    Besides.. If you guys were any deeper up marvels feige.. Disney’d have to start charging you rent

    • Dude that’s like saying the real evil people are BBC and CNN instead of the political leaders who make the decisions. If you have a problem with the reporting on the site, go elsewhere, I love SR because unlike other superhero/pop-cultural news-sites, SR actually writes out opinion-pieces and doesn’t just report on the news. There are those which only post tidbits of news as they come out with zero opinion, I think you’d prefer them.

    • Hey. Im not a fan boy of Marvel nor DC cos i like both as a cbm but I call it as i think what it is. Im disappointed not just with MOS but also with TASM2, IM3, GL, Xmen3 and most especially Hulk by Ang Lee. Whether you like it or not, that “destruction reference” your saying is what really pulled MOS down for me and with your post im sure its not just me.

      Given that there’s a whole lot of destruction in the superman comics, well comics is different from movies. In comics you cant really sense if everything is blown into proportion because you’re just basically reading and looking at a picture in small box. Unlike in movie its so different.

      Then others will point out that its not a real life event… Okay, if so then why the hell would they make a grounded superman movie? Is it because so that viewers could relate to him growing up here on earth basing it on real life events.

  23. Can’t watch the video :/

    Got a “not a valid stream” alert on three separate devices…

    • Same here. Does it require flash player or something else?

  24. All this discussion lead me to remember the Batman Beggins scene where Alfred (Michael Caine) complaints to Bruce (Christian Bale) about the wreakage and destruction caused by him when driving the Thumbler and crashing police cars. He was saving Rachel, no time to stop at traffic lights.

  25. People are still complaining about the destruction in Man of Steel. Really? Really? Now people are complaining about what seems to be some destruction in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, a film which no one knows what the plot is about and is 2 years away. The destruction I am seeing here looks no worse than the destruction seen in the set photos from the Avengers 2 and no one complained about that. But oh yea this is not a Marvel Studios film. Dumb and rediculous

  26. Not much to glean from the clip, other than the obvious: there will be some collateral damage. Since that was the premise of the Incredibles, terrific flick, it should come as no surprise. Superman fighting someone at a similar power level is going to cause some damage. I have no doubt that the movie will be addressing the destruction caused in MOS. Lex’s hatred of Superman may be motivated in part because of losing a loved one during the fight between Zod and Supes in MOS.

    • The thing is, I don’t see (any version of) Batman willingly causing that much destruction to take down anybody, even a super-powered alien of Kal-El’s calibre. If this is an end battle scene, and not a flashback scene, I predict Superman and Batman taking on something much more destructive than either can take on alone.

      • What part of what i wrote didn’t you understand?

  27. I have absolutely no problem with collateral damage. My problem is when you start to stray into Michael Bay territory and just level buildings every two seconds, it’s just tiring on the brain.

    There was a lot of collateral damage in Pacific Rim, didn’t see many people complaining about that, although that’s probably because no one cared enough about that movie.

  28. My guess is that the damage seen in set photos are “flashbacks” to the Zod and Superman fight.