Hans Zimmer Talks ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Music & Ben Affleck Casting

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Batman Vs Superman Logoish Hans Zimmer Talks Batman vs. Superman Music & Ben Affleck Casting

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel may not have been universally beloved by critics, by fan reaction to the newest incarnation of Superman was mostly positive, as many audiences praised the film for its exhilarating action sequences, solid performances and Hans Zimmer’s awe-inspiring score.

Even while working in the shadow of the great John Williams – who composed one of the most memorable and forever-hummed movie themes in history with the original Superman (1978) – Zimmer managed to appropriately serve Man of Steel‘s emotional core and elevate the already soaring action scenes with his uplifting and dramatic orchestral arrangements. However, even after his successful collaboration with Snyder, Zimmer is still not confirmed to return to score the director’s highly-anticipated Man of Steel sequel, tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman.

In an interview with Collider this week (the same interview in which he also discussed beginning work on The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Zimmer talked about the possibility of taking on the Man of Steel follow-up and the challenges it would present – mainly creating a new Batman theme that would differ from the tone he crafted for the Dark Knight trilogy.

Said Zimmer:

“It’s creating a bit of a problem in my head right now. Quite honestly, I’ve gotta sit down with Zack and have a chat with him about what he’s trying to do because what I don’t want to do is go back to that well. It’s a different Batman; Christian Bale and what I did with Chris [Nolan], that needs to have its autonomous life.  I don’t want to go and now appropriate that and put that into the other Batman.”

The issue of revisiting the Batman character is something Zimmer has grappled with for a while now. About a month back, he expressed reservations about developing a theme for a character he thought he was finished with, but the prospect of working with Snyder again and breaking new ground in the DC universe has him excited.

Said Zimmer:

“Of course I can see myself doing it, first of all because I love working with Zack. I think you can tell from that score we had a lot of fun, and I think it was inventive. Once I got over the whole ‘Oh my God I’m not as good as John Williams’ thing which, I’m different! And it’s different times.”

Ben Affleck Batman Superman movie Hans Zimmer Talks Batman vs. Superman Music & Ben Affleck Casting

While Zimmer is still undecided about his own involvement, he’s still very supportive of the project and of Snyder’s casting choices – namely the most controversial one: Ben Affleck as Batman. Zimmer said he was shocked by the public outrage over the decision and remains on the side of Batfleck.

“He’ll be a really good Batman. It’s really quite simple, the man isn’t a fool and he’s not gonna set himself up for a fall. He’s a great filmmaker in his own right, he really is… I think he’s become a much more astute actor and I think he’ll make a great Batman, I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. So do I think it’s a good idea? Yes, I think it’s a good idea.  I think he’s great casting.”

Zimmer will likely remain unsure of his return to the DC Comics filmverse until he meets with Snyder to discuss ideas and a concept, but with his experience in creating unique themes for both Batman and Superman, he seems to be the perfect man for the job. Zimmer also noted that Snyder has a way of engaging people and getting them excited about a project, and with this one, it would seem Snyder would have an even easier time convincing Zimmer to climb on board.

Would you like to see Zimmer score Batman vs. Superman? Let us know in the comments.


Superman vs. Batman will hit theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Collider

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  1. Hope this movie does well. I am anxious for Man of Steel to come out on DVD, and I will buy it then. Have not seen it yet in full, tho, only trailers. I would rather see a Flash & Green Lantern team-up flick, tho.

    • The story can be a bit scattered but I think you will like it.I loved it But i’m a big Superman fan so I’m biased. I can’t wait to get the blu ray

      • The first half was indeed a bit choppy but overall pretty good. Cannot wait to get the blu ray either!

        • it was a great re imagining of the character i loved the film the blu-ray is going to look amazing

    • I think perhaps the only thing you may miss in MOS is a nostalgic/romantic version of Superman and the John Williams score. The parts with Jor-El and Krypton are really great. Proper sci-fi, which has been missing from all the Superman films so far (IMO).

      • I honestly thought the Krypton section could’ve been easily trimmed down by half the time. That and the final fight really seemed to drag on for me.

        • I think the Krypton stuff was so good that it kinda left the rest of the Superman story having to catch up. Hence the action being a bit OTT towards the end.

          • OTT and Superman are two things that go hand and hand.

            I think MoS was awesome,(not perfect, but still damn cool) and the last thing I’m going to complain about in a Superman movie is a ton of action.

            I’m never going to understand that one- complaints about too much action in a Superman movie… the world truly saddens me.

            • Lol exactly. Looking back at the movie the only thing i can think of how the final fight was executed. Felt as a whole the Smallville battle was better shot/edited. The final fight with zod, was a little too chaotic visualy, too much dynamic camera/cg work and could have benefited from some longer pulled back shots to give the viewer a breather from the constant arial in your face fighting they chose to highlight. Thats all i can thinkoff, people state that the fight drags on but its really not that long, just seems so do to not having alot of shot diversity or opportunities for the auduence to catch a “mental breather”, a little more variety to break it up would have big good.. But this is coming from the peanut gallery lol can’t really that it would have actually been better, I’m not a hollywood director (sadly).

            • +100000000000

            • I ain’t complaining. I liked it fine, but you can’t say it is perfect. Many people had an issue with the relenting amount of action at the end. It didn’t bother me, but it was obviously an issue for some people.

              I do however think that the action packed start to the film and relatively slow middle section certainly pushed for all that action to be in the end of the film.

              I imagine the pacing people had a problem with may be more straight forward with BM v SM, but that depends on how difficult it is going to be expalining Batman’s presence in the film. At least Superman’s origin is out of the way.

            • I didn’t mind all that action, but there were some scenes that could have been easily taken out. They should’ve taken out the scene when Superman fights the big tentacle thing or they should have made it much shorter. I wish we got to see a round 2 with Superman and the big dude, I think his name is Nam-ek. The smallville fight scene is the best action scene in the whole film. I wish they had made the fight between Superman and Zod much longer.

              • ^^ This.

                Agreed with every word.

                Those fight scenes were so good they left you wanting more.

                • The Smallville fight was ridiculous. The best fight scene I’ve ever seen.

          • Agreed.

  2. Think it will tough but if there is one man up to the job it’s Zimmer.

  3. As long as that “Arcade” tune is in the sequel, I’ll be happy.


    • Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be. It seemed very alien and specific to Zod and the world engine. And if Zimmer scores the film, the only similarities will be those that pertain to Clark/Superman. Listen to the Dark Knight trilogy scores. Each one was very unique when it came to the villain’s theme.

  4. YEAH!!!! I LOVE Zimmer and his music! He NEEDS to do this because he did the music for all the other movies. He’s a god, and not only that, he is the only one who can make the music for this film.

  5. I believe in Zimmer!

  6. This movie will be amazing. Its got so much rich material to draw from, a great cast, great writer, great director with Zack Snyder. Just can’t wait to see his Batman action, slo mo batarangs and some hardcore fist fights all backed up with a epic Zimmer score. Haters can hate, but this movie is gonna be phenomenal.

    • this movie will blow out Avengers2 without a doubt!!

  7. I’m hoping he does Batman again, his soundtrack was brilliant from The Dark Knight Trilogy. His Man of Steel soundtrack was also great.

  8. No, they should only reuse the man of steel soundtrack for superman but Batman needs a different composer because Zimmer is tapped out of ideas for batman.

    Zimmer can return for a solo Superman film obviously.

    • I agree. I think that each new incarnation of a character like Batman should get a new composer. Not that I do not like Zimmer.

  9. Zimmer zimmer zimmer zimmer zimmer zimmer zimmer zimmer ZIMMERMAN!

    sorry couldn’t help myself


      • *”?”*

      • Ha! I say that all the time and no one I know ever get’s it!

  10. This is why Zimmer is the best in the game. Humility and work ethic. This guy tailor makes his pieces around the stories and characters after chopping it up with the director(s).

  11. Hans will do this. This represents a commitment to more than one film.
    Necessarily, he needs to consider such a commitment for what will
    be the sequels and standalone films of Batman and Superman.

    Originally, before the addition of Batman into the mix, a
    character he has already written for and another hesitation,
    Hans was thinking in terms of the Man Of Steel and its sequels.

    Doing Batman again, as he would here, means doing Batman films.
    At least that is what Warner’s Brothers no doubt would like him to do.

    • Remember when he announced that he was going to retire? I’ve lost count of the number of scores he’s done since then. He hasn’t followed in James Horner’s footsteps of rehashing old themes but there hasn’t been the same freshness or surprise he once offered with his scores either.

      • Right :D That retirement announcement.

        Hans shows no signs of saying no and he
        seems to say yes a little too often, hell he
        even did The Lone Ranger and no one noticed.

        Doing less can help keep the creative juices
        flowing and Zimmer should dial back a bit;
        Superman/Batman yes, others maybe.

        • I enjoyed his Lone Ranger score, but I’m one of the few who enjoyed the movie as well. I agree, he could say no a bit more often if only for the reasons you already mentioned. Steve Jablonsky, though he seems to have sold his soul to Michael Bay, proved he could channel his inner-Zimmer; as heard on the Tears of the Sun track “The Jablonsky Variations on a Theme by HZ” and Ramin Djwandi has certainly proven himself capable as well.

          • Tears of the Sun is one of Zimmer’s very best soundtracks.
            Often not cited, I love the The Jablonsky Variations… you do.

  12. what I respect about hans zimmer and Christopher Nolan is that these guys give a s***. most would just dismiss comic book films or just return to cut the checks. plus considering neither grew up a hardcore comic fan, they can just dismiss both batman and superman as has become popular as of late with the Hollywood establishment.

  13. There’s an entire school of composers who’ve studied and flourished under Mr. Zimmer who could inject something new all the while respecting the work of their predecessor. As much as I enjoy (i.e. listen to way too much) his scores, I’d rather see someone else stepping in to take the reins.

  14. Should have just kept Christian Bale as batman,much better and darker character representation, All I think when I read Affleck being cast was Daredevil to which was questionable to say the least.

  15. Zimmer is awesome…. His music is amazing. It would be a bummer if he doesn’t return in Batman Superman. Other than that, I hope Affleck can do his own Batman, not Bale’s Batman and certainly not Clooney’s Batman.