Warner Bros. Registers Potential ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Titles

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Batman Superman Movie Logo Warner Bros. Registers Potential Batman vs. Superman Titles

When the Superman movie franchise reboot was officially dubbed Man of Steel, it was generally acknowledged that the title for director Zack Snyder’s movie was in the same vein as The Dark Knight – the second chapter in Man of Steel producer Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie trilogy – with regard to how the title has artistic implications for the film.

Pretty much all other superhero films that have been released to date have featured their protagonist’s name in the title (or protagonists’ names), but the degree of public awareness surrounding Kal-El and Bruce Wayne allows filmmakers room to be more creative with the titles for movies about them (i.e. deviate from the numeral and/or subtitle tradition). However, it was screenwriter David S. Goyer who originally suggested that the Man of Steel sequel will probably have a straightforward title such as Batman vs. Superman (or maybe Superman vs. Batman).

Fusible has broken the news that Warner Bros. went ahead and quietly registered several possible titles for the Man of Steel sequel this week, through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor. The list includes:

  • Man of Steel: Battle the Knight
  • Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness
  • Man of Steel: Black of Knight
  • Man of Steel: Darkness Falls
  • Man of Steel: Knight Falls
  • Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night
  • Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour
  • Man of Steel: The Darkness Within

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill1 570x294 Warner Bros. Registers Potential Batman vs. Superman Titles

We should mention that MarkMonitor is also the registrar for both the Superman vs. Batman and Batman vs. Superman domains that WB owns. As such, this news isn’t at all tantamount to a confirmation that the Man of Steel sequel – featuring Henry Cavill as Kal-El and Ben Affleck playing an older/more experienced Bruce Wayne – is going to have a subtitle, rather than the Batman vs. Superman title that has started to look more and more like the real thing for a while now.

Possibly though, the actual title will be one of the 10 options presented here (until more options are registered, anyway), which probably comes as disappointing news for those who’re hoping that the film could be called World’s Finest (after the Superman/Batman animated feature).

Then again, Snyder and Goyer’s new Superman movie appears to be taking inspiration from comic books such as Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and/or Alex Ross and Mark Weid’s Kingdom Come, which both feature seasoned iterations of Bruce Wayne, who has grown increasingly unstable and seemingly lost his moral compass in his old(er) age. If so, then one of the more ominous titles registered by WB might be more befitting of Snyder’s film, much in the same way that the Batman vs. Superman title alludes to the philosophical/physical skirmish between the two superhero titans (better than a more positive title like World’s Finest does, anyway).

Superman Movie Trilogy Batman Reboot Justice League Header Warner Bros. Registers Potential Batman vs. Superman Titles

Marvel Studios has favored the subtitle option with its “Phase 2″ sequels (save for Iron Man 3), which is something that 20th Century Fox has – for the most part – also done with sequel installments in the Marvel franchises that it owns (X-Men and Fantastic Four). Meanwhile, Sony may be going in that direction with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (as it’s currently known), with rumors now pointing to The Amazing Spider-Man: Rise of Electro being a possibility (as opposed to The Spectacular Spider-Man, which had been floated earlier on).

However, there are significant differences between the Marvel and DC universes, which (arguably) ought to be further reflected in everything from the tone to titles of their respective comic book movies. Indeed, if the Man of Steel sequel is going to focus on how a more physically/emotionally-hardened Batman’s views on superheroism don’t align with a younger and more vulnerable Superman, then it’s going to be quite serious.

And frankly, a title like Man of Steel: The Darkness Within (along with the other new possibilities) might be a little too close to more light-hearted (read: cartoony) superhero fare like Thor: The Dark World, to be an appropriate title for a clash of the (superhero) titans.

How about it – what do you think the Man of Steel sequel should/will be called?


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 will open in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Fusible

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  1. Man of Steel: The Darkest Within

    Reason – It could be about him coming to terms with his actions and taking a life, but also finding an equilibrium of what he can do, with having to exist in a world of extremes.

    – or –

    Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour

    Reason – Could lead to future sequel titled Blackest Night, which would bring in green lantern and begin uniting the justice league.

    Cause I’m nerdy like that

    • Blackest Night is a huge/difficult story for a cinematic movie.

      • True. I don’t like the idea, but it’s not impossible. While there are really no other superheroes in this universe that have come to light, Superman becomes the main target as he’s inadvertently responsible for the deaths of who would become The Black Lantern Corps.

        The actual problem is that for this storyline, you still need the Green Lantern corps, and potentially at least some of the others. Too much for now. Possibly after Green Lantern gets established into this new DCMU.

  2. The second installment of MOS with Batman would story wise almost have to take on a sort of Dark Knight Returns kinda of vibe. After MOS and the destroyed cities (Plural). It would make sense that the Government would want to put a leash on others beings with powers and with keeping Superman on their side and maybe as the USA enforcer. However I could also see either Batman as Wayne working with Lex Corp. Also after the events of Man of Steel trying to get their hands on alien technology. I think the Wonder Woman story would be better enemy for both of them. I think her origin story should be that she and her people are several thousands of years old. She has been all over the earth to learn of man kind over the centuries and help shaped the world secretly. Maybe even a few famous Wars. As she does not age. Each and every time she keeps her Amazon people from going to War with man kind and also keeping Magical powered items away from man secretly. Until the events of MOS and it is decided that Man kind with Alien Technology would be too hard to fight.

    • I think you have Wonder Woman coming off as a bit too cool-headed in that version. Honestly, I think The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight trying to keep the hot-headed Wonder Woman from killing Lex Luther for…trying to destroy Themyscria (know I butchered that spelling,) is a good storyline that could bring both her an Luther into the DCMU.

  3. ‘Man of Steel: Batdance”

    Paging Prince as we speak…

  4. I like Man of Steel: Darkness Falls.I see this title not as like “night falls”, but instead as in darkness itself falls, and light prevails.

    There’s a double meaning – both Batman’s struggle and possibly the fall of his pessimism as he returns to crime-fighting, while for Superman it can mean that the last of his own darkness falls away – he becomes the bright, optimistic boyscout who is confident in his moral values and adheres to only the highest standards now.

  5. They need to put the titles of, “Man of Steel” and, “The Dark Knight” together.

    Man of Steel: Shadow of The Dark Knight.

  6. How about just, “Man of Steel: World’s Finest”.

    • +1

    • Yes, Makes a lot of sense

    • Honestly, I think either just calling it “World’s Finest” could suffice, but my question comes of how aware the populace would be of the title and the significance? You want people to be able to identify this as a Superman/Batman film.

  7. Man of Steel: Knight Is Coming

  8. Wow every single one of them just seems awful. Why can’t we just call it Batman/Superman or like Jaysin said World’s Finest works pretty good.

    • +1

  9. “Man of Steel: united” or unknighted, as technically batman and superman are best of friends, which means thats what will develop by the end of this film, also it is a start point to uniting the rest of the superheroes which will eventually unite to become the justice league. or simply Man of Steel: The Batman, which indicates a different batman, the original detective batman without the Armour and not the dark knight batman, that we already have seen in Armour.

  10. All those titles are clealy saying that Superman will wim. I don’t like any of them. Why not just call it Man of Steel:World’s Finest

  11. Shadow of the knight or blackest hour sound best to me. Maybe even “Man of Steel: The Shadow of The Bat”. Definitely better than any of the titles considered for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  12. Eh, not feeling any of those titles to be honest.

  13. sorry i meant united or uknighted

  14. All those titles are clearly saying that Superman will win. I don’t like any of them. Why not just call it Man of Steel:World’s Finest

  15. Since this article is about lame titles why not have the Superman and Batman symbol with BFF’s imprinted in the middle.

    I can see it now in pink neon lights:
    Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Best Friends Forever! It would be so Fabulouth!!!

  16. Man of Steel: Dark Justice

    • +1

  17. I like Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness or World’s Finest.
    The others sound kind of corny in my opinion.

  18. All of the registered and suggested names are not great; they all sound super cheesy and seem to appeal to 10-year old kids. Also, I think Batman vs. Superman or vice versa has been weak from the beginning.

    Honestly, Man of Steel 2 is better than any suggestion thus far…

  19. it should just be superman and batman. no vs.no subtitle

  20. Man of Steel:In the Heat of the Knight

  21. Batman And Superman in : Man of Steel and The dark Knight – One Crazy Night in Metropolis

  22. Rod of Steel: The Rhythm of the Knight

    Seriously though, I like Shadow of the Knight. Knight Falls too but it’s too close to Knightfall. Shadow conveys both the sense that Batman is now only the shadow of what he used to be and the menace he’ll represent for Superman. Please avoid anything with Dark or Darkness but not for the reasons ScreenRanters have been mentioning, rather because the previous movie had already been deemed too dark for a Superman film and it would imply this sequel will be even darker, possibly drawing a number of viewers away.

  23. Man of Steel: Kingdom Realm – Prince (KalEl), Princess (Diana), Knight (Bruce Wayne)

  24. World’s Finest will be a great idea But those titles are deliriously confusing. I would stick with WORLD’S FINEST:BATMAN vs SUPERMAN

  25. Ten bucks says the title will be Batman Vs Superman.

  26. Man of Steel: Afermath

  27. Steel Shines The Knight

  28. or a noir titl like A Cold Night In Metropolis

  29. Sucker Punch: Batfleck vs Supermurderer