Warner Bros. Registers Potential ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Titles

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Batman Superman Movie Logo Warner Bros. Registers Potential Batman vs. Superman Titles

When the Superman movie franchise reboot was officially dubbed Man of Steel, it was generally acknowledged that the title for director Zack Snyder’s movie was in the same vein as The Dark Knight - the second chapter in Man of Steel producer Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie trilogy – with regard to how the title has artistic implications for the film.

Pretty much all other superhero films that have been released to date have featured their protagonist’s name in the title (or protagonists’ names), but the degree of public awareness surrounding Kal-El and Bruce Wayne allows filmmakers room to be more creative with the titles for movies about them (i.e. deviate from the numeral and/or subtitle tradition). However, it was screenwriter David S. Goyer who originally suggested that the Man of Steel sequel will probably have a straightforward title such as Batman vs. Superman (or maybe Superman vs. Batman).

Fusible has broken the news that Warner Bros. went ahead and quietly registered several possible titles for the Man of Steel sequel this week, through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor. The list includes:

  • Man of Steel: Battle the Knight
  • Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness
  • Man of Steel: Black of Knight
  • Man of Steel: Darkness Falls
  • Man of Steel: Knight Falls
  • Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night
  • Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour
  • Man of Steel: The Darkness Within

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill1 570x294 Warner Bros. Registers Potential Batman vs. Superman Titles

We should mention that MarkMonitor is also the registrar for both the Superman vs. Batman and Batman vs. Superman domains that WB owns. As such, this news isn’t at all tantamount to a confirmation that the Man of Steel sequel – featuring Henry Cavill as Kal-El and Ben Affleck playing an older/more experienced Bruce Wayne – is going to have a subtitle, rather than the Batman vs. Superman title that has started to look more and more like the real thing for a while now.

Possibly though, the actual title will be one of the 10 options presented here (until more options are registered, anyway), which probably comes as disappointing news for those who’re hoping that the film could be called World’s Finest (after the Superman/Batman animated feature).

Then again, Snyder and Goyer’s new Superman movie appears to be taking inspiration from comic books such as Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and/or Alex Ross and Mark Weid’s Kingdom Come, which both feature seasoned iterations of Bruce Wayne, who has grown increasingly unstable and seemingly lost his moral compass in his old(er) age. If so, then one of the more ominous titles registered by WB might be more befitting of Snyder’s film, much in the same way that the Batman vs. Superman title alludes to the philosophical/physical skirmish between the two superhero titans (better than a more positive title like World’s Finest does, anyway).

Superman Movie Trilogy Batman Reboot Justice League Header Warner Bros. Registers Potential Batman vs. Superman Titles

Marvel Studios has favored the subtitle option with its “Phase 2″ sequels (save for Iron Man 3), which is something that 20th Century Fox has – for the most part – also done with sequel installments in the Marvel franchises that it owns (X-Men and Fantastic Four). Meanwhile, Sony may be going in that direction with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (as it’s currently known), with rumors now pointing to The Amazing Spider-Man: Rise of Electro being a possibility (as opposed to The Spectacular Spider-Man, which had been floated earlier on).

However, there are significant differences between the Marvel and DC universes, which (arguably) ought to be further reflected in everything from the tone to titles of their respective comic book movies. Indeed, if the Man of Steel sequel is going to focus on how a more physically/emotionally-hardened Batman’s views on superheroism don’t align with a younger and more vulnerable Superman, then it’s going to be quite serious.

And frankly, a title like Man of Steel: The Darkness Within (along with the other new possibilities) might be a little too close to more light-hearted (read: cartoony) superhero fare like Thor: The Dark World, to be an appropriate title for a clash of the (superhero) titans.

How about it – what do you think the Man of Steel sequel should/will be called?


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 will open in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Fusible

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  1. lol
    many good ones to pick from

  2. Every single one of those is hilariously bad. I really hope this is a joke. If not, I hope they choose “Darkness Falls” as it would be the funniest.

    • Domain registrations at MarkMonitor aren’t cheap. I know they are a billion dollar company, but still.

    • They should call it “Into The Darkness” and cast Charlie Murphy as the villain, and use lots of lens flares.

      • DAWKNESS!

  3. Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night
    I like that One :)

    • “Man of Steel: Shadow of the Knight” can be Cool as Well…

    • I wouldve gone with
      Man of Steel: Shadow of the Bat.

      • @ Cody
        Man of Steel: Shadow of the Bat is pretty cool too! :)

  4. Man Of Steel : Shadow of the Bat
    Man Of Steel : Gotham night/Knight
    Man Of Steel : Batman Strikes
    Man of Steel : Superman VS Batman(this will make impact on General Peoples and they can get excited for this.)

    • Batman strikes is so bad, lol.

  5. Most of them sound so cheesy that it doesn’t fit for me.

    Man of Steel: World’s Finest seems perfectly fine for me.

    • Worlds finest is kinda cheesy though,
      I think we’re just used to it.

    • I think the should call it just “World’s Finest”. It dosn’t matter if the tone is dark. Everyone is using some form of “Dark” in their subtitles in an attempt to sound cooland gritty. I think, if you want to go to hell in this movie, fine, just have Superman and Batman unite at the end in a victory hat makes the audience go “YES!” and the title mkes sense. I mean no matter what you thought the tone of the first one was, the posters and the trailers tried to give a sene of awe and majesty to the character. If they show the two going against each other, suffering greatly and then uniting in triumph then I don’t think it’s cheesy at all.

  6. So they are still following Nolan to the dark side.
    Damn those titles are bad.

    • It makes sense though because we are talking about, well, Batman, after all. The Dark Knight, you know?

  7. I like Shadow of the Knight.
    Knightfalls? Isn’t Knightfall the “Bane breaks bats back” storyline, can’t use that.

  8. World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest World’s Finest

    What the hell is wrong with you WB? It’s a perfect subtitle.

    • they already used it on the animated one.

    • I’m so with you on this.

    • What’s wrong with it? How about: That would sound completely unexciting, non-descriptive, and confusing to anyone who isn’t well versed in comics and comic book history? Seriously, that title will require every nerd to educate general audiences, and not in any sort of interesting way, like having to explain who Thanos is. “You see, they used to publish a Batman Superman team-up comic book called ‘World’s Finest.’”

      • Why not Superman: Knightfall?

        You can lose “Man of Steel” now that he’s been named “Superman” and Knightfall can imply here the exact same thing that it implied with the Batman comic…. only this time it’s directed at Supes.

        “But Knightfall was the title of the Batman comic where Bane breaks his back.”

        Yes. I know. The general audience does not, and even the one’s that do should be able to recognize the correlation.

        Just my two cents. In all honesty, I seriously doubt the title is going to make much difference.

        • “Superman: Knightfall” wouldn’t be great IMO, but I think audiences would easily grasp it, simply because of the popular “Dark Knight” movies.

          I remember that “the Dark Knight” required some explanation. These days, what with the inner-net and all, it’s not a big deal to that a title needs a bit of explanation. In fact, it’s kind of a good thing; free buzz and advertising.

          My point is that “World’s Finest” would also require explanation, but really there’s nothing at all exciting about it. Nothing like “The Dark Knight,” “Winter Soldier,” or “Age of Ultron.”

          “World’s Finest” sounds like something you’d hear in a commercial describing ingredients in beer or some other food product. Believe me, I read my share of WF comics, and I always liked the title and logo. I bought the Steve Rude comics in the nineties. The title got me buying high-grade comics. But I don’t think it will work at all for general audiences.

          • Man of Steel: Dark Justice

  9. How about Man of Steel Into Darkness?

    • Lol, that’s what came to my mind. *shudders*

  10. I really like a lot of them, so far my pick has to be Knight Falls.

    • I find Sandy brings up a good point about ‘World’s Finest’ bringing too much positivity to the title when both heroes will most likely be fighting it out. I don’t really think it lends to the idea of the movie very well to be honest.

      • I can see them hating each other all the way to the end…but I doubt it. I think they will unite to fight against a common foe so I think “World’s Finest” is the perfect title to describe that moment. Plus, Dark or Darkness is in every other sci-fi/comic book movie out now. It’s getting old.

      • It would be the most sarcastic title ever. lol

  11. I guess Superman Vs. Batman isn’t such a bad title after all.

  12. Man of Steel: The Batman Strikes Back
    Man of Steel: Raiders of the Lost Batcave
    Man of Steel: Desperately Seeking Batman
    Man of Steel: The Bold and the Brave
    Man of Steel: The Sequel
    Man of Steel: What? You mean I am not the only star this time?

    I personally think they should not make this a Man of Steel sequel but its own movie and just drop the subtitle.

    • @Taychon
      That was hilarious!!!

  13. At this point, I think I’d be ok with “Man of Steel 2.”

  14. Man of Steel: Trek Into Darkness… (Oh wait, that’s been done before) LOL

  15. Not an inspiring list of titles, IMO. Hopefully, this winds up being a mere smokescreen. I REALLY do not think that they should use the word “Knight” if they are hoping to give a fresh spin to Batman.

    Man of Steel 2 is as good as anything that I have seen, as well. It would be cool if they could avoid subtitles…anyway, I would like a future film to be titled Man of Tomorrow (maybe the one that is effectively Mos 3).

    • Man of Tomorrow would be amazing. The final rendition of Superman. ‘Man of Steel’ seems to be the franchise title though, so it would pretty much have to be “Man of Steel: The Man of Tomorrow”. Slightly redundant. I still like it though.

  16. I kinda dig

    Man of Steel: Knight Falls

    It’s a nice play on words of Knightfall. Who cares if that story was centered around Bane.

    The title has to play on the dichotomy of Superman being the Light, and Batman being the Dark. So Knight Falls would be the thing to go with cause Batman is the Dark Knight. So them playing that angle is a good idea.

    • Well said!

    • Only problem with Knight Falls is that it insinuates that Batman will fall, especially with those fans familiar with the Bane epic (i.e. EVERYONE)

      I have to say none of them are great but if I gotta pick one I’d go with Shadow of the Night, but it should be Knight then it would work even better.

  17. Really surprised Darkest Knight isn’t on there considering how many of those titles use the words knight and/or darkness.

  18. Honestly I’m not feeling any of those titles, and ever since Star Trek: Into Darkness I’m getting tired of movie titles having the word Dark or Darkness. I hope they think of something more original, or go with the obvious choice World’s Finest.

  19. Man of Steel: Steelier
    Man of Steel: Gotham Knights
    Man of Steel: My night in Gotham
    Man of Steel: Showdown
    Man of Steel: A difference of opinion between two super heroes

  20. Honestly at some point we all gotta except these superhero movie titles are gonna start getting cheesy as hell.

    • If you embrace it it’s pretty fun. These are COMIC BOOK movies! And there’s a certain amount of fun in having slightly cheesy outside, but a concrete and serious inside. It strikes a kind of balance that can be appropriate for our love of comic book heroes in this age of cynicism.

  21. Why don’t they call it what it is: The Official Commercial for the Video Game.

    • I think it would ruin game sales to be linked to this movie.

    • Wouldn’t that have been used already by a number of previously released films…DC AND Marvel?

  22. These are all awkward and will likely result in horrible acronym abuse. The best route is to keep it simple. “Batman vs. Superman” is suddenly growing on me.

  23. Man of Steel: We can’t hit billion so we add Batman

    yeah its long

    • +1

  24. None of these titles look good for the movie. It should be “Man of Steel:Battle of the Dark Knight”.

  25. Man of Steel: We Are All Sad
    Man of Steel: Nobody Loves Me
    Man of Steel: I Need A Hug
    Man of Steel: Turn That Frown Upside Down
    Man of Steel: I’m Sorry Metropolis

    • I liked the movie but those were funny.

  26. Two words. “Last Son”. It’s simple, meaning it doesn’t suffer from awkward phrasing, it refers to both superman and batman as the sole heirs to Krypton and the Wayne family respectively and it plays off of one of Superman’s other names, “The Last Son of Krypton”. Of course, there is a small problem with it (by small I mean big) and that problem is the fact that without any context to go with it, a lot of people won’t realise what it actually is until we get a trailer.

    • I like that….. to counter the drawback you correctly identified it’ll have to be a subtitle

      Man of Steel : Last Son

    • I’m digging this.

  27. They should just make the title what we know the movie is going to be like.

    Man Of Steel: In The Shadow of Batman, Again.

  28. Man Of Steel 2 – Shadow of the Night That Sounds Awesome :) Please Be That One

    • I’d like to know why they didn’t throw a K onto that night.

      • I think they did and this is a typo. I’ve seen the list on another site and the K was there.

  29. Batman Vs. Superman. Don’t try to hide why people will be filling the seats by getting creative with the title.

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