5 Actors Who Could Play ‘Nightwing’ in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Nightwing Batman vs Superman Actors ListThere's no question that Batman is going to be crashing Superman's big screen party in Batman vs. Superman - and it seems he won't be coming alone. Claims that Wonder Woman will round out the trio (and that there's already a casting shortlist) persist, but the latest rumors promise a surprise appearance by Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin a.k.a. Nightwing as well.Whether these character will appear in their superhero personas in this film or Warner Bros. is simply laying the groundwork for future standalone franchises isn't yet clear. But with a frontrunner for the role of Grayson apparently emerging, our minds are already racing.Here are our picks for 5 Actors Who Could Play Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman.

Matt Long

Matt Long Nightwing Batman vs SupermanMatt Long has already made an appearance in a comic book adaptation (playing a young Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider), but we're as happy to forget that as he surely is. Since then, he's made frequent appearances as a journeyman TV actor. From Private Practice to Lucky 7, Long has found plenty of female fans along the way.How well the actor would fit Snyder's planned take on an older Robin/Nightwing depends on the overall tone sought for Ben Affleck's Batman. We know this dark knight will be older and more battle-hardened, and if that's the case, a Dick Grayson who's happy to lighten the mood from time to time makes perfect sense.Long's signature aloof personality would cover those bases well, without straying too far into a 'jokester.' Comic book fans know that Dick Grayson is a complicated character - being raised under Bruce Wayne's wing, but certainly not in his image - but we're confident Long could pull it off.

Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett Nightwing Batman vs SupermanIt's been more than a few years since Josh Hartnett was headlining a romantic comedy, and his heartthrob days are sure to have earned him some critics, especially among a male audience (we could've said the same about Heath Ledger, it's worth mentioning). That being said, his talents were enough to make a cameo role in one of the more memorable and stylish story threads in Sin City.Without a single role or genre that's easily applicable to Hartnett, a major franchise role would make more sense than other actors at the top of their game. And having starred alongside Harrison Ford (Hollywood Homicide), Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsley (Lucky Number Slevin), we're confident he would seem comfortable sharing the screen with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.Since that's one of the larger challenges awaiting whoever lands the role, we'd give him a serious edge.

Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin Nightwing Batman vs SupermanAfter splashing onto the Hollywood scene in his co-starring role as Tom Hanks' son in Road to Perdition, Tyler Hoechlin's career has likely been missed by many blockbuster movie fans. But with looks that are admittedly hard to forget, and one of the anchors of MTV's surprisingly good Teen Wolf, Hoechlin's name was one of the most supported when a new Batman was being cast.Snyder turned out be looking for a much older Wayne, but while that eliminated Hoechlin from the running, it also means he's a much better fit for Dick Grayson. He's got the size and build required (put on regular display in his ongoing werewolf role), and at 26, straddles the line between a younger or older Grayson.If Snyder intends to use Grayson as a foil to Wayne, then casting an actor who seems cut from Affleck's cloth would be unwise. Hoechlin has the fans, the looks, and awaits mainstream 'name' status. We'll see if WB feels the same.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer Nightwing Batman vs SupermanYes, we once again throw Matt Bomer's name into the ring. But can you blame us? Bomer was a frontrunner for Superman before Henry Cavill landed the coveted role, and his clean-cut good looks made him a fit for the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne as well. But his shorter height (5'11") and stature when compared to Cavill was hard to overlook.But as Dick Grayson - using acrobatics and speed over brute strength - Bomer seems to possess the physicality needed (Magic Mike proved he's in top shape), while still possessing the looks expected of Bruce Wayne's second-in-command. And lest we forget: he had the good sense to take himself out of the running for Fifty Shades of Grey.Bomer has proven his versatility and screen presence starring in Chuck and White Collar, so his age is the only real question mark. If it isn't, then consider Bomer and Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder in a dead heat.

Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki Nightwing Batman vs SupermanHis Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles may have gotten the bulk of the attention when word came of a new Batman being cast (or when discussing any DC hero), but Jared Padalecki's own attributes shouldn't be overlooked. For starters, the actor is about as close to Grayson as physically possible - and no, we don't just mean his famous physique.With a career built on playing one part of a two-part detective team, and walking the line between hero and terrifying monster fairly frequently, Supernatural fans don't need to be told why he's already proven to possess what's needed for a live-action Grayson. The fact that he's one of Warner Bros.' most reliable fan-favorites shouldn't be understated either.Normally, we'd think that the TV schedule would make a big screen appearance unlikely. But given that the role may be a small one to start, and Padalecki's enthusiasm for the Comic-Con crowd, we wouldn't count him out.


Robin Batman vs Superman ListThat concludes our list of actors that we feel could play the youthful, acrobatic, and humorous sidekick to Ben Affleck's Batman. As past superhero films have proven, any actor can by made to look the part with an intense fitness plan. And with several incarnations of Grayson to choose from, the possibilities seem  more varied than usual.What are your hopes for a live-action take on Robin/Nightwing? Do you agree with our picks, or have you been hoping to see another actor in the part?Leave your thoughts in the comments.-Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. How about they stay away from that and go with Joseph Gordon levitt as robin or night wing stick to some of the Nolan routes for crying out loud

    • I agree

  2. Its earth 2 batman and superman story. Calling it for sure.

  3. Gustavo Adolfo Ⓥ

    You can have plot holes but the thing is all superheroes have a meta story. It has to fit with the definition of the superhero you are making, people know Superman. I can forgive the fact that Lois had no real reason to be in the helicopter except that Superman could save her. But Superman demolishes Smallville then half of Metropolis I mean there were people living there! Then the army guy turns around and says “yeah he is a friend” it’s like a battered wife saying “I know he loves me” lol and End of the day neither Batman nor Superman kill. I understand Zod. I do. But the huge massacres… That was Team America silly.

    • I know right? It’s like that part in Avengers when the Hulk decides to kill Black Widow and Hawkeye after eating Taco Bell and then re-join the team like nothing happened!

      Hello!!! Plot hole!!!!

  4. You won’t see a Nolan actor in a Snyder film ever me thinks. JGL will be the next ant man or Dr Strange for marvel – and so he should be – he won’t be night wing

  5. It’s a different world today than the 60s and it needs a different superhero. Superman didn’t intentionally kill anyone and as I continue to watch it on multiple viewings honestly get that at the end he doesn’t want to kill Zod – but Zod leaves him no choice as he is about to kill that family…. That’s typical Goyer writing though…slightly sloppy but forgive able in the circumstance. The fact he flattens metropolis and smallville is cool with me – established the real power these guys had from Krypton – that nothing could actually stop them from this planet, and in fact it sets up an amazing circumstance for the next film – how will Batman, a detective with no powers at all try and stop someone like that? Sets up a great kyptonite storyline and will hopefully introduce us to new characters in the DC universe. The obvious ones will be Wonder Woman, batman, superman, robin/night wing and probably Flash…..I’m ok with the Ryan Reynolds green lantern, I think that actually worked as a film so would be happy to have Green Lantern back

    • I agree with everything…only change is I would like to see a John Stewart Green Lantern. Also not sure why we would want another normal-powered hero like Nightwing in there when that dynamic is already covered heavily and precariously enough with Batman.

      • I think its great if they include Nightwing in Justice Leauge. I like seeing some regualr humans on the team, not just ubber power people.

        Wonder Woman
        Green Lantern


  6. if I had to choose from the ones u listed(which I don’t really like any 2 much) I would go with tyler hoechlin simply because he seems like he could handle all aspects of the character fairly well(the acting, physical parts and looks the part)+ he’s 26(kinda looks a lil older but oh well) which is not that bad.now the problem with everyone else is there simply 2 old and they look there age.i mean bomer is 36 and harnett is 35(ben Affleck is 41 nd looks a lil younger so that would be weird)I don’t really know matt long so yeah.jared could play late 20′s but do u really want that I mean henry is 32+ in next film shouldn’t nightwing be in the early 20′s(I don’t read comics or anything so i really don’t know).Adam Driver i neva seen before either,for people saying Brandon t Jackson if they would make him black wouldn’t Michael b Jordan be better.my personal pick woud be ALEX RUSSELL from chronicle

  7. That is WAY too early for him. Isn’t this movie supposed to take place early on in Batman’s “career” as Batman?

    • Where did you get that idea?

      Batman has been an older, more cynical character since the movie was announced back in July. No clue where you’re getting the younger Batman idea from.

  8. i would LOVE to see an emotiona-ish scene where batman and robin,now nightwing, confront each other on a dark rooftop on a stormy night for the first time since dick quit being robin. dick could talk about how batman has changed and has become bitter and emotionless and thats why he chose to no longer work with him, and batman could just stand there brooding and silent and at the end say it was him that chose to not work with robin anymore and then jump off the roof and swing away. then in the batman solo film they could really delve into the history of it all and even have them team up for a bit. idk something like that
    i just think theres alot of batmans story thats never been on film and i dont want these new ones to just rehash the same things. when handled correctly, theres no part of his story that couldnt be amazing to see on screen.

  9. My pick for Nightwing would be Tyler Hoechlin. I could see Padalecki in a Batman movie, not so much as Dick Grayson but for a younger Bruce Wayne in flashbacks for future Batman movies that Ben Affleck stars in.

  10. Glenford Green

    Once again yet more “quest appearance” exactly like they said for mos. Just wait let us wait for the film,and not more hype.

  11. I really am not adequately familiar with any of those five to make a qualified judgement based on their acting abilities. However, I would probably vote for any of the four due simply to looks (ie: do they seem to fit the VISIBLE profile of Nightwing as I know him from the comics, or could the movie profile be fit around their facial/physical bodies, even though that is probably not the best way to choose an actor) except for Tyler Hoechlin…he just looks like a “scowl-owl”. But I would welcome a Nightwing appearance as well as a Wonder Woman appearence in the movie, no objections there.

  12. Lars Weibeck

    Paul Bowles, why can there not be more like you, and less like Gustavo Adolfo Ⓥ?

  13. My pick would be Matt Bomer. I know he is kinda older but he has that innate boyish charm that’s hard to find. At 5 11′ he is just the right height and has the right amount of muscle and athleticism. He even has shown interest in playing nightwin. Enough has been said about how beautiful he is and looks like a disney prince. But more importantly, he is a seriously good actor.

  14. Would love to see Jarad as Nightwing. Would be amazing, plus, then him and Jensen would both have played a Robin :D

  15. Besides Josh Hartnett, I dont know the other 4…
    By the looks, maybe No.3 would do a great job.

    I have another one. How about Justin Timberlake?
    Im just f*** kidding. I dont want Timberlake near any superhero movie.

  16. Well In my opinion the best option is Ian Somerhadler or Logan Lerman,

    • Not Logan Lerman. He is a horrible actor and should never do anything accept children’s movies. But Ian Somerhalder might be a good choice.

  17. My Robins fan cast:
    Nicholas Hoult as Nightwing
    Tyler Hoechlin as Red Hood
    Josh Hutcherson as Red Robin
    Chandler Riggs as Damian Wayne

    The only thing is I have no idea how Hoults contract with Marvel works but I wouldn’t think he is tied down for too many more movies as Beast.

    • Tylar Hoechlin can never convincingly look younger then Nicholas Hoult but they would both be good choices but just not both.

      • That was something else I thought of. I honestly just figured its not like Hoechlin looks that much older than Hoult. I think they could pull off just saying Hoults Grayson was older than Hoechlins Todd. Hell there are people in the world that look 21 that are 30 all over the place. I don’t think its a deal breaker.

  18. I always pictured JGL as Nightwing. Too bad that will not happen

  19. In my opinion, they should go with someone like Evan Peters or Dane Dehaan.

  20. Your choices are all wrong. Adam Driver was mentioned because although he is adult, he still has boyish looks about him. Nightwing can’t look equal to Superman. And Josh Hartnett? Really?

    • Cas? I need help with my shoe

      • *pinky wave*

  21. Dear Screenrant,

    You should seriously consider renaming your articles to:

    5 Actors Who Should Be Considered For __________ But Never Will Be.


  22. All aboard the Speculation Station!
    I know nothing about this guy other than what is listed in this article. He doesn’t look like Nightwing, he looks more like he could play Mandark if there was ever a live-action Dexter’s Lab film adaptation.

    • Disregard the above post; I have 3 articles open and posted in the wrong one :(

  23. For no logical reason that I can think of, I’ve always thought Matt Bomer would make an excellent Ray Palmer/ Atom.

  24. Ricardo Costa

    there is another rumor… “The Whole DC Universe is going to appear in this movie” :P

  25. Brandon T Jackson for Nightwing.

  26. I’m trying to be an actor, and I personally think I would make a good robin/nightwing. I am 18 years old, 152 pounds, and I am an acrobat and aspiring actor and I think this would be cool.

    • Lol shut up

  27. Jared Padalecki as Nightwing and his Supernatural brother Jensen Ackles as Red Hood. That would be perfect.
    I would love it if you would just see an actor play Dick Greyson in the Batman vs. Superman movie but you would never see him in costume until the Batman movie that is sure to follow up. I just imagine a scene in Batman vs. Superman where Clark visits the Wayne Mansion to interview Bruce. He Rings the doorbell and Alfred answers the door and you might see Dick and Tim talking in the other room(maybe Barbara is with them). And during the interview Clark asks if those are his adopted sons and then expresses commiserations for the loss of Jason. And then later on Bruce, Alfred, Dick and Tim are in the Bat-cave talking about the potential threat to Earth that is Superman. Then Bruce gets into the Bat-mobile and just before he takes of Dick asks if he should go with him and Bruce says something like “No, you have to get back to Blüdhaven,,.

  28. Adrien Williams

    If we are dealing with an.older and.grizzeled Bat I’d be down with seeing Bothering, but in their own movie. Not seemingly celebrated into a Man of Steel Sequel.

  29. Josh Hartlett would be good. Worth pointing out he starred along side Ben Afleck in Pearl Harbor…

    • Josh Hartnett is 35 lol