5 Actors Who Could Play ‘Nightwing’ in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Nightwing Batman vs Superman Actors ListThere's no question that Batman is going to be crashing Superman's big screen party in Batman vs. Superman - and it seems he won't be coming alone. Claims that Wonder Woman will round out the trio (and that there's already a casting shortlist) persist, but the latest rumors promise a surprise appearance by Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin a.k.a. Nightwing as well.Whether these character will appear in their superhero personas in this film or Warner Bros. is simply laying the groundwork for future standalone franchises isn't yet clear. But with a frontrunner for the role of Grayson apparently emerging, our minds are already racing.Here are our picks for 5 Actors Who Could Play Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman.

Matt Long

Matt Long Nightwing Batman vs SupermanMatt Long has already made an appearance in a comic book adaptation (playing a young Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider), but we're as happy to forget that as he surely is. Since then, he's made frequent appearances as a journeyman TV actor. From Private Practice to Lucky 7, Long has found plenty of female fans along the way.How well the actor would fit Snyder's planned take on an older Robin/Nightwing depends on the overall tone sought for Ben Affleck's Batman. We know this dark knight will be older and more battle-hardened, and if that's the case, a Dick Grayson who's happy to lighten the mood from time to time makes perfect sense.Long's signature aloof personality would cover those bases well, without straying too far into a 'jokester.' Comic book fans know that Dick Grayson is a complicated character - being raised under Bruce Wayne's wing, but certainly not in his image - but we're confident Long could pull it off.

Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett Nightwing Batman vs SupermanIt's been more than a few years since Josh Hartnett was headlining a romantic comedy, and his heartthrob days are sure to have earned him some critics, especially among a male audience (we could've said the same about Heath Ledger, it's worth mentioning). That being said, his talents were enough to make a cameo role in one of the more memorable and stylish story threads in Sin City.Without a single role or genre that's easily applicable to Hartnett, a major franchise role would make more sense than other actors at the top of their game. And having starred alongside Harrison Ford (Hollywood Homicide), Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsley (Lucky Number Slevin), we're confident he would seem comfortable sharing the screen with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.Since that's one of the larger challenges awaiting whoever lands the role, we'd give him a serious edge.

Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin Nightwing Batman vs SupermanAfter splashing onto the Hollywood scene in his co-starring role as Tom Hanks' son in Road to Perdition, Tyler Hoechlin's career has likely been missed by many blockbuster movie fans. But with looks that are admittedly hard to forget, and one of the anchors of MTV's surprisingly good Teen Wolf, Hoechlin's name was one of the most supported when a new Batman was being cast.Snyder turned out be looking for a much older Wayne, but while that eliminated Hoechlin from the running, it also means he's a much better fit for Dick Grayson. He's got the size and build required (put on regular display in his ongoing werewolf role), and at 26, straddles the line between a younger or older Grayson.If Snyder intends to use Grayson as a foil to Wayne, then casting an actor who seems cut from Affleck's cloth would be unwise. Hoechlin has the fans, the looks, and awaits mainstream 'name' status. We'll see if WB feels the same.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer Nightwing Batman vs SupermanYes, we once again throw Matt Bomer's name into the ring. But can you blame us? Bomer was a frontrunner for Superman before Henry Cavill landed the coveted role, and his clean-cut good looks made him a fit for the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne as well. But his shorter height (5'11") and stature when compared to Cavill was hard to overlook.But as Dick Grayson - using acrobatics and speed over brute strength - Bomer seems to possess the physicality needed (Magic Mike proved he's in top shape), while still possessing the looks expected of Bruce Wayne's second-in-command. And lest we forget: he had the good sense to take himself out of the running for Fifty Shades of Grey.Bomer has proven his versatility and screen presence starring in Chuck and White Collar, so his age is the only real question mark. If it isn't, then consider Bomer and Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder in a dead heat.

Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki Nightwing Batman vs SupermanHis Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles may have gotten the bulk of the attention when word came of a new Batman being cast (or when discussing any DC hero), but Jared Padalecki's own attributes shouldn't be overlooked. For starters, the actor is about as close to Grayson as physically possible - and no, we don't just mean his famous physique.With a career built on playing one part of a two-part detective team, and walking the line between hero and terrifying monster fairly frequently, Supernatural fans don't need to be told why he's already proven to possess what's needed for a live-action Grayson. The fact that he's one of Warner Bros.' most reliable fan-favorites shouldn't be understated either.Normally, we'd think that the TV schedule would make a big screen appearance unlikely. But given that the role may be a small one to start, and Padalecki's enthusiasm for the Comic-Con crowd, we wouldn't count him out.


Robin Batman vs Superman ListThat concludes our list of actors that we feel could play the youthful, acrobatic, and humorous sidekick to Ben Affleck's Batman. As past superhero films have proven, any actor can by made to look the part with an intense fitness plan. And with several incarnations of Grayson to choose from, the possibilities seem  more varied than usual.What are your hopes for a live-action take on Robin/Nightwing? Do you agree with our picks, or have you been hoping to see another actor in the part?Leave your thoughts in the comments.-Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. Matt Bomer or Josh Hartnett get my vote

  2. Matt Bomer or nobody.

  3. Ian Somerhalder as Nightwing/Richard Grayson

    Logan Lerman as Robin/Tim Drake

    • Great pick on Logan Lerman for Robin

    • +1

  4. Logan Lerman as Tim Drake would be god awful.

  5. Meatloaf as Deathstroke.

    • i see what you did there xD

  6. I really enjoyed Man of Steel, but the more characters they add to the sequel (according to internet rumors), the less excited I’m getting for it…

    • Grain of salt. It’s all speculation and conjecture at this point so why not jump in and let your two pennies be known? As long as expectations are managed I see no problem with the rumors. MOS is about to drop in stores and the WB machine is creating hype for it. The only thing that has been confirmed is Ben Affleck and the return of the MOS cast. So far, nothing to worry about in my opinion.

      • I wonder if the rumors about Tyler Hoechlin being Batman were slightly wrong and he was auditioning for Nightwing instead. I’m betting they already have their Nightwing if the rumors are true. Kinda like what happened with Batman, all these actors were rumored to be screen testing yet Affleck was cast earlier in the year already.

        • Not supposed to be a reply.

  7. Could be someone new with Gymnastic skills, like jeff hardy or someone like that

    • Jeff Hardy? No…

  8. I kind of think Jared Padalecki is too big lol but I prefer Nightwing to be in his 20′s I don’t want him to completely lose the Robin aspect of him where teenagers can relate (in the smallest way)

  9. I don’t even know the actor from anything I think, but I don’t want to see Matt Bomer in anything, solely because I’m so sick of seeing him being recommended for freakin everything.

    I don’t know Adam Driver as an actor either, but I think he looks the part more than any of these 5.

    Although I, and later on apparently Nolan himself, wanted Wes Bentley as Batman, maybe he’s actually more suited for Nightwing, if he’s up for it physically.

    • I just wish I could get Bentley’s Ghost Rider role out of my mind…

  10. No Josh, No Jared. If I get a vote.

  11. tyler hoechlin would be brilliant but i’m surprised there’s been no mention of jgl

    • I guess they are trying to distance themselves from TDK trilogy but since they are done there really is no reason he couldn’t play the part.

      • You don’t think that would send a bit of a mixed message? Plus that’s assuming Marvel doesn’t lock JGL down for any number of their upcoming superhero flicks.

  12. Joseph Gordon Levitt. Let him finish what he started.

    • That sounds great. The same thing I was thinking. It only makes sense since this is all a complete (reboot). The actors for the 1978 Superman never changed until after Christopher Reeves got injured.

      • @ Ken: don’t your two points completely contradict one another?

    • exactly!

  13. Out of that list I can see Matt Long or Matt Bomer playing the part.

    The problem with Josh Hartnett and Jared Padalecki is they are both too damn tall, standing 6’3″ and 6’4″ respectively. Nightwing needs to be smaller and shorter so these 2 do NOT fit the bill as a physical match.

    As for Tyler Hoechlin, he just doesn’t have the look imho.

    Course the one person everyone seems to be missing is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is the right height and correct physical build to play the part AND he has played the character before (well kinda).

  14. I don’t watch Supernatural, but I think my favorite from this list is Jared Padalecki. Whoever plays the role of Nightwing would have to be really acrobatic, but that can be taught.

  15. We will no some info soon enough, i guess an announcment is beimg made soon at the dbd thimh

  16. This list sucks. It doesn’t have Adam Driver.

    • Driver has the inside track.

    • I hope you’re joking. The guy looks like a young Howard Stern. Tyler Hoechlin would mop the floor with that twig. C’MON MAN!

  17. Is it wise to make too many heroes in Superman sequel ? It can ruin his image, I don’t know.

    I rather to watch Super Man Sequel that fight against Super Villian. Oh boy.

    • See I don’t understand that line of reasoning that a lot of people seem to have, that this should be solely a man of steel trilogy and the movies should be just about Superman.

      If people want the next few movies to be just Superman, that means Batman would not exist in his universe. The reasoning? Because there is no way in hell Batman would ignore the first contact with aliens and the potential threat or ally a Superman would be to fighting injustice around the world. He just wouldn’t idly sit by. All the events that happened in Metropolis would permeate into Gotham, even in a business sense since Wayne Enterprises is a global enterprise.

      I mean these movies are going for realism. So wouldn’t that dictate that a Batman would not ignore such a major event in that universe and the two would have to meet soon.

      If people want a shared universe to be built, Batman would already need to exist. The alternative is an isolated universe where Superman is by himself and basically no Justice League in the future or that Batman hasn’t started up yet, as in Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman yet. But that’d mean Bruce would have to be younger and we’d all have to go through another origin which would be partially dictated by the events in Metropolis. Batman’s origin would sorta have to be shaped by those events. Do people really want the origin to happen again or that Superman is by himself in this new universe or do people want a shared universe that fits better with an already existing Batman that wouldn’t ignore the events that happened in Man of Steel and its effects?

      • I agree but i think Batman would have a file on all metahumans Flash, GL, and all the rest. At least he seemed to in the comics.

  18. I like Tyler Hoechlin for Jason Todd better.

    • +1 I like that idea.

      • My lord do I hope they bring Hush or the Red Hood into a standalone Batman series.

  19. Jensen Ackles should be Red Hood since he was brilliant as the voice in the anime. Hes got the physicality to play the part. As far as Nightwing it should be Gordon Levitt in the role. Not only is he the right height and size but he call pull off the actual attitude and persona of Dick Grayson. Tim Drake should be played by Ben Whishaw.

    • Honestly, Ackles should have been the one who got the part of Batman. He’s just enough out of the mainstream and has the required intensity. Of course that would be for a fairly new Batman, not the well established and grizzled old warrior version.

  20. If Jared Paledecki is Dick Grayson then Jensen Ackles is Jason Todd

    • It’s fate! Affleck…and Damon. Padalecki…and Ackles.

  21. Josh Harnett.

  22. Imo Tyler is the best guy on this list. He could pull of Nightwing or Batman really He has the looks, size and charisma, anybody who has seen Teen Wolf knows what he could bring to the table!

  23. How bout going with Josh Brolin for Batman and Ben Affleck could be Robin/Nightwing.

    That would make far more sense.

  24. This is a Superman film right?

  25. Good picks Dyce. Matt Bomer was average in his voice over work as Superman but I think Emmy nominee Rupert Friend or Liam Hemsworth (Hunger Games) could do well imo.

    • Thanks. Hemsworth is a solid possibility, good call. That would be worth it for the photo opps of him and his brother.

  26. I think Josh Hartnett would be a good Daredevil

  27. All of these guys are too old. No one over 25.

  28. Another list of actors that borders on trolling. Wtf, SR.

    • How do you mean? I think the rest of the comments prove nobody was really trolling or being trolled..

  29. Tyler would make a great Red Hood. Hartnett as Nightwing, but please give hime the blue suit