5 Actors Who Could Play ‘Nightwing’ in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Nightwing Batman vs Superman Actors ListThere's no question that Batman is going to be crashing Superman's big screen party in Batman vs. Superman - and it seems he won't be coming alone. Claims that Wonder Woman will round out the trio (and that there's already a casting shortlist) persist, but the latest rumors promise a surprise appearance by Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin a.k.a. Nightwing as well.Whether these character will appear in their superhero personas in this film or Warner Bros. is simply laying the groundwork for future standalone franchises isn't yet clear. But with a frontrunner for the role of Grayson apparently emerging, our minds are already racing.Here are our picks for 5 Actors Who Could Play Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman.

Matt Long

Matt Long Nightwing Batman vs SupermanMatt Long has already made an appearance in a comic book adaptation (playing a young Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider), but we're as happy to forget that as he surely is. Since then, he's made frequent appearances as a journeyman TV actor. From Private Practice to Lucky 7, Long has found plenty of female fans along the way.How well the actor would fit Snyder's planned take on an older Robin/Nightwing depends on the overall tone sought for Ben Affleck's Batman. We know this dark knight will be older and more battle-hardened, and if that's the case, a Dick Grayson who's happy to lighten the mood from time to time makes perfect sense.Long's signature aloof personality would cover those bases well, without straying too far into a 'jokester.' Comic book fans know that Dick Grayson is a complicated character - being raised under Bruce Wayne's wing, but certainly not in his image - but we're confident Long could pull it off.

Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett Nightwing Batman vs SupermanIt's been more than a few years since Josh Hartnett was headlining a romantic comedy, and his heartthrob days are sure to have earned him some critics, especially among a male audience (we could've said the same about Heath Ledger, it's worth mentioning). That being said, his talents were enough to make a cameo role in one of the more memorable and stylish story threads in Sin City.Without a single role or genre that's easily applicable to Hartnett, a major franchise role would make more sense than other actors at the top of their game. And having starred alongside Harrison Ford (Hollywood Homicide), Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsley (Lucky Number Slevin), we're confident he would seem comfortable sharing the screen with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.Since that's one of the larger challenges awaiting whoever lands the role, we'd give him a serious edge.

Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin Nightwing Batman vs SupermanAfter splashing onto the Hollywood scene in his co-starring role as Tom Hanks' son in Road to Perdition, Tyler Hoechlin's career has likely been missed by many blockbuster movie fans. But with looks that are admittedly hard to forget, and one of the anchors of MTV's surprisingly good Teen Wolf, Hoechlin's name was one of the most supported when a new Batman was being cast.Snyder turned out be looking for a much older Wayne, but while that eliminated Hoechlin from the running, it also means he's a much better fit for Dick Grayson. He's got the size and build required (put on regular display in his ongoing werewolf role), and at 26, straddles the line between a younger or older Grayson.If Snyder intends to use Grayson as a foil to Wayne, then casting an actor who seems cut from Affleck's cloth would be unwise. Hoechlin has the fans, the looks, and awaits mainstream 'name' status. We'll see if WB feels the same.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer Nightwing Batman vs SupermanYes, we once again throw Matt Bomer's name into the ring. But can you blame us? Bomer was a frontrunner for Superman before Henry Cavill landed the coveted role, and his clean-cut good looks made him a fit for the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne as well. But his shorter height (5'11") and stature when compared to Cavill was hard to overlook.But as Dick Grayson - using acrobatics and speed over brute strength - Bomer seems to possess the physicality needed (Magic Mike proved he's in top shape), while still possessing the looks expected of Bruce Wayne's second-in-command. And lest we forget: he had the good sense to take himself out of the running for Fifty Shades of Grey.Bomer has proven his versatility and screen presence starring in Chuck and White Collar, so his age is the only real question mark. If it isn't, then consider Bomer and Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder in a dead heat.

Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki Nightwing Batman vs SupermanHis Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles may have gotten the bulk of the attention when word came of a new Batman being cast (or when discussing any DC hero), but Jared Padalecki's own attributes shouldn't be overlooked. For starters, the actor is about as close to Grayson as physically possible - and no, we don't just mean his famous physique.With a career built on playing one part of a two-part detective team, and walking the line between hero and terrifying monster fairly frequently, Supernatural fans don't need to be told why he's already proven to possess what's needed for a live-action Grayson. The fact that he's one of Warner Bros.' most reliable fan-favorites shouldn't be understated either.Normally, we'd think that the TV schedule would make a big screen appearance unlikely. But given that the role may be a small one to start, and Padalecki's enthusiasm for the Comic-Con crowd, we wouldn't count him out.


Robin Batman vs Superman ListThat concludes our list of actors that we feel could play the youthful, acrobatic, and humorous sidekick to Ben Affleck's Batman. As past superhero films have proven, any actor can by made to look the part with an intense fitness plan. And with several incarnations of Grayson to choose from, the possibilities seem  more varied than usual.What are your hopes for a live-action take on Robin/Nightwing? Do you agree with our picks, or have you been hoping to see another actor in the part?Leave your thoughts in the comments.-Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. From the list above, I’d definitely go with Matt Long or Bomer… but Jared Padalecki would come second (though he’s pretty much STILL busy with Supernatural).
    The most important thing though, I like the names in this list much much better than the ones already rumored as frontrunners :(

  2. nightwing…. Ben Afleck as Batman… this film will be a disaster

  3. Wahidullah Jebraan

    Josh Hartnett or Tyler hoechlin are perfect for the Role

    • Yep. Despite the fact Josh Hartnett’s older than Henry Cavill. And six years younger than Ben Affleck. Perfect, sure. Silly Screen Rant.

    • I’d agree with that. Hartnett or Hoechlin seem a good fit. I’ve never heard of Hoechlin before, but he has the look. Bomer is far too old for Nightwing. And I love Supernatural (and the actors of course), but I think Padalecki is a poor choice. He’s too gigantic for Nightwing, who’s a smaller build.

    • Agreed.

  4. I have heard Maet Bomer’s name attached to a few superhero themed projects, and I just do not see it. It seem more there is more to playing these characters than a pretty face. Personally Tyler Hoechlin seems the best choice. I love Jared Padelecki in Supernatural, but as nightwing, again just do not see it.

    • Totally agree with every point you made.

      By the way, does anyone else have problems typing on this site? I have to type each letter twice because the letters won’t pop up. And just on this site only.

  5. An to those who continue to decry a film that has to date produced no production stills, clips, or anything related to the actual film itself other than rumors, based solely on casting, I implore you your credibility is 0. I would perhaps give some notion of credence to your assertions if at least even a single picture or clip had to date surfaced. I would wager similarly you know little to nothing of the characters themselves. If you all are so keen on what makes a genuinely good film, then why are you here on screen rant and not cashing multi-million dollar paychecks for the films you’ve produced? Grow up and learn that just because something is not your cup of tea, is not an implication by any means that it is sub-par.

    • Well, first of all: those that have ideas, don’t get paid millions of dollars. That’s executives and actors. Nearly all of the former are born rich, and have connections. They decide what films are made, and they tend to hate new and different ideas.

      Second, pictures and clips aren’t everything. Casting details and plot summaries can be indicators of quality. Sure, the finished product is the best measure by far, but it’s not the only measure. In medicine, we issue tests to determine many facts, but in the meantime (as we wait for results), we use less certain measures such as sight and talking with patients to make a preliminary assessment. Sometimes, those assessments are wrong, but most of the time they’re very helpful. You can’t always wait to take action. Of course, a film’s success is nowhere nearly important as sound medical care. Which itself is another valid reason: liking or not liking films is utterly unimportant – it’s not a sign of maturation at all. It’s all opinion either way.

      Another point, is people should voice concerns. You can’t please everybody, and people will always complain no matter what choice is made. Some people complain about the dumbest details. Some are just absolute lunatics. Some people whine too much. Others are too fanboyish. However, feedback to the filmmakers is wanted. Positive and negative (within reason).

      Compared to the past, people make their opinions made known more frequently and more intensely due to the internet and global communications. Those that produce any widely-consumed media also release more details of movies, games, music, TV, etc. in advance than we did in the past via trailers, pre-media interviews with the cast & crew, etc. . These phenomena perpetuate each other.

      Honestly, I think this movie will suck. Maybe I’m dead wrong. Maybe it’ll great. Who knows? I know they don’t care if I as an individual see it or not, but generally speaking they do want my business. From what I’ve heard, they haven’t convinced me to want the movie. So, in my opinion, they’re failing.

  6. Adam Driver is way too goofy looking and he doesn’t really have the physique to play nightwing, I definitely see Tyler Hoechlin, he shows what he can do in Teen Wolf

    • I agree wholeheartedly that he is a goofy looking dude, and in no way should he play Nightwing, but I must say the guy has a remarkably impressive physique. I caught him on an eps of girls and he is actually ripped; oddly out of place with the rest of the cast. This is coming from a martial arts instructor and former Firefighter, who is currently at 195lbs and less than 10% body fat. But agree, he does not look the part for all other intents and purposes.

  7. I love Nightwing and I want Josh Hartnett or Ian Somerhalder for sure! Matt Bomer would be cool but I feel like he might be too old.

  8. Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder for Dick. They really have to make Ben look older though (give him a couple slightly grey areas and pronounced forehead wrinkles, Boom!)

    I see it going something along the lines of this.

    [A big dinner party in Metropolis]
    (Dick walks up in a blue sports coat slightly behind and to the right of Bruce.)
    Bruce:(without looking back his smile fades to grim) “What are you doing here?”
    Dick:(smiling looking at the girls walking by) “Did you honestly think I wouldn’t hear about this?…
    Dick:(smile fades to concern) Bruce, you’re going to need my help.” (showing concern putting his hand on the back of Bruce’s shoulder)

    Bruce:(fixes his suit, while walking away without ever looking at Dick) Leave.
    [standing still as Bruce walks away out of frame]
    Dick: (now standing alone) “its not your fault.” (in the same tone of voice and level of concern)
    //Cut to Clark at the party,, the audience finds out its a charity event,, first in person meet of Clark and Wayne:Clark thanks Wayne for throwing the event and donation to help restore metropolis//

    That’s just how I want it to happen if its going to be short lived, to focus on BvS and WW is going to be in it. Nice short thing to set up the events of the follow up Bat-Family movie, where I want BvS to shortly follow Jason’s death, the batfam movie could be a year later or 2 later, chasing down the Joker/ personal confliction/issues with Dick/ and maybe toward the end throwing in Tim. (end credit scene: M-Day or whatever they nickname the battle royal in MoS//Black fades to murky lightly shimmering water when Jason Todd shoots up gasping for air out of the lazarous pitt (sp?) assuming they did at least one flash back showing what happened to Jason.) [hopefully, Jensen Ackles (sp?)]

    • I love how people on comment boards think they’re writers, and have these really detailed dialogue scenes that are over-thought, or too wordy, or totally disconnected from the rest of the narrative.

      Everyone thinks they’re a writer. Not me though: 100% pureblood internet a**hole.

  9. Come on! You didn’t even mention Matt Damon! With Ben Afflect as the Dark Knight no one would make a better Nightwing than Matt Damon! In Dogma they even looked like Batman & Robin! Yea he’s a little older, but the age difference between Bruce and Dick was never really defined. Tyler Hoechlin is way too psychotic looking to be Dick Grayson but he would make a perfect Jason Todd (The Red Hood), the only Robin to become a super villian! Also, that guy from American Beauty seems like he would make a good Nightwing.

  10. What about the cop from the last Batman movie? Wasn’t he supposed to be Dick Greyson?

    • No

  11. Joseph Gordon Levitt’s John Blake represented all 6 Robins Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Carry Kelly and Batman’s son Damien Wayne.

  12. You can’t introduce all these new character with out back ground wonder women ok but u all ready have a robin u can’t have night wing also it will be a twelve hour movie explaining background and is justin goin to be Tim drake robin or the one that died I think it’s to much to be in one movie

  13. Tyler hoechlin would be perfect for the role. I want to see him in more movies

  14. Matt Damon! Come on Ben and Matt together again!

  15. Milo Ventimigila ( peter from heroes) should play nightwing he was in a fan made trailer for nightwing on YouTube a nd seemed to fit the part, but if the casting directors are looking for mainstream actors then he isn’t the choice

  16. All of these guys are waaay too old for Dick Grayson… and too tall. I’d fine with any actor 18-25 who can act well enough and capture his character right(and who is well-built, dark, and handsome for my shallow side).

  17. It’s an older Bruce Wayne so Dick Grayson is going to be older too.

  18. I sure hope Ben aflack don’t ruin Batman

  19. Tyler Posey for Dick Grayson. He’s young and can definitely pull of the role. He looks the part and is pretty good with stunts to!

  20. Calm down everybody! I highly doubt that night wing will be appearing in this movie, probably in Affleck’s trilogy but not this one. I think in the future Joseph Gordon Levitt should play night wing and Josh Hutcherson could be robiin. Just my opinion though.

  21. I would much rather see The Red Hood than Nightwing. Think about a film where Matt Damon goes up against Ben Afflect for the first time. Matt Damon as Jason Todd!

  22. Dave Franco would be great

  23. I feel that an amazing actor that could play night wing is Danny Shepherd he is amazing .