‘Batman vs. Superman’: Adam Driver Being Considered for ‘Nightwing’ Role

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Adam Driver Nightwing Batman vs Superman Batman vs. Superman: Adam Driver Being Considered for Nightwing Role

It looks like Bruce Wayne will be getting a sidekick in Batman vs. Superman after all. Hot on the heels of this week’s report that the Man of Steel sequel might feature Dick Grayson, news has come out that Warner Bros. is already considering actors for the part.

Our friends at Latino Review were the first to break the scoop that the character of Nightwing might appear in the film, describing a “young John Hawkes” type for the role – and  it turns out they were right on the money.

According to The Wrap, Girls actor Adam Driver is being eyed for the part. In addition to his recurring role on the hit HBO show, the 29-year-old Driver has appeared in several high-profile films, including Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, and the Coen brothers’ upcoming Inside Llewyn Davis.

While Driver may not exactly match the lantern-jawed Nightwing from the comics, the actor is actually a good physical fit for the role. Standing at an impressive 6’3″, Driver would more than hold his own against the 6’1″ Henry Cavill and the 6’4″ Ben Affleck. And if there’s one thing that Hollywood trainers are good at, it’s helping actors pack on muscle.

Nightwing in Batman vs Superman Batman vs. Superman: Adam Driver Being Considered for Nightwing Role

The real question is whether Driver can pull his weight dramatically in what might actually be a fairly tricky part. As we learned in the initial report, the Nightwing that will be featured in Batman vs. Superman isn’t on good terms with Batman. If the plot rumors are to be believed, the two characters haven’t spoken in years after some unknown falling out.

Whomever takes over the role will have to make the audience believe that Nightwing and Batman once had a close relationship. In a big-budget superhero movie that’s jam-packed with action (and an abundance of possible new characters), getting that kind of character development across can be a challenge. Based on his resume, however, Driver could deliver.

The Wrap also reports that there are two other actors in consideration for the part, so stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, let us know what you think about Driver in the comments. Could the actor pull off the role, or should Warner Bros. pick somebody else for the part?


Batman vs. Superman hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. I’m sorry, don’t see Adam as nightwing, at all. When Ben as Bat was revealed my immediate reaction was noo, then it seconds after became maybe, cause I can enjoy watching Ban Affleck on screen. Whereas some actors you just don’t like, and whenever they show up, you can’t wait for the scene to finish. And that’s how I feel with Adam, I’m sure he’s a stand up guy, and a decent actor, but I don’t want to feel like I’m getting punished every time Grayson is at bat, cause I like the original Robin. But who know if he is chosen, I might be pleasantly surprised, I doubt it though.
    Some people said Bomer or Milo, I agree, I totally agree, Bomer would’ve been perfect Bats, could be cool to see him as nightwing too, Milo could be an awesome nightwing as well.

    Casting isn’t finished yet, let’s see what they end up doing

  2. Brandon T. Jackson for Nightwing!!!!! Just kidding.

  3. I’m ok with this actually using no names are sometimes a good thing and a street fighter in GOTHAM wouldn’t exactly be beautiful ok people? You can’t say no to someone who doesn’t look like a DRAWING in a comic book you just have to lower expectations in the looks dpt we all need work eh?

  4. Not even close. I would be happy with any of the picks from the related story, but not this guy!

  5. My point exactly. That’s why we have a Batfleck and not a Batman. We will have an OK Bruce Wayne but a not so cool Bats. I know, I know, Nightwing should be Matt Damon and in some flashbacks he should be allowed to wear the Robin Costume. How lovely!

  6. Brandon t Jackson would have made a great sidekick

    • Brandon T Jackson as Static if they decide to go that route.

    • Or they can cheat as they do in most movies to put them at eye level with each other.

      • Yeah, like they did with Bane and Batman in the last movie since Hardy is 5’9 and Bale is 6’1.

  7. Sorry but Mr. Ears and nose there is not a good match imho to play Nightwing.

    All these recent rumors of possible casting choices have just been horrible.

  8. I am really concerned about this movie. First they miscast Batman, then they are trying to overload it with superheroes when they have created no universe to provide it with any context.

    To me it is looking shakier and shakier.

    • Miscast Batman how? By casting an actor who loves comic books, has played Bruce Wayne types before and is a respected actor and director that could really help them out behind the scenes?

      I also find it hilarious you say they’re trying to overload it with superheroes then say they haven’t created a universe yet. That’s what they’re trying to do, isn’t it? Create a universe populated with vigilantes and super-powered beings in small but significant roles to then expand on that in future movies?

      Isn’t this what everyone wanted? For WB/DC to start with a team of some kind rather than go the Marvel Studios route of solo, solo, solo, team up?

      • Dazz I like you you say what you want and don’t give a hot monkeys ass what anyway says other whys and your one of the most sane people on this ratchet ass board.

  9. Sniff Sniff I smell b******* , Why don’t you stop with these random ass rumors screen rant it’s not cute and it’s not funny.

  10. Night wing needs class & some hot boy appeal & an amazing physical aesthetic this guy looks like someone stuck prince Charles’s ears on a goofy hobbit head……wrong look, wrong aesthetic & will not have any appeal at all !!! the 5 other actors picked are way better choices !!!!

  11. I fear they are putting to much things, in one movie. DON’T MAKE IT A MESS.

    This movie is about Superman getting introduced to Batman, don’t over complicate things like Man of steel. Even though I liked the movie it had to many characters to give any of them depth, Keep this movie simple and hard hitting.

  12. I have watched Girls and I adore this choice to the disagreement to others.

  13. This really is just going to be a reinvention of the 60′s tv show batman after all.

  14. Superman where are you?

  15. I think this guy is too tall to play Nightwing. They need someone who is around 5’10″ – 6′ tall. I believe that proportions are important in order to show that Batman and Superman both look more imposing and grander.

  16. He looks like Napolean Dynamite’s latino distance cousin…….

  17. No I hope this guy being nightwing is straight up rumor my pick for nightwing has to be garrett hedlund or penn Bentley

  18. This movie’s focus should revolve around Superman’s and Batman’s complicated aggravation/respect/companionship with each other. Throwing in Nightwing is definitely unnecessary (as cool as he is), and it draws attention to HIS story with Batman — instead of Superman’s story with Batman.

    I’m all for MAYBE having a short cameo by Wonder Woman — referencing her has “Diana”, but the buck stops there. If they want to put Green Arrow in, they should save him for Justice League or another movie.

    I think that the overabundance of character possibilities could be this film’s downfall. Or maybe I’m wrong. Hope this movie turns out great!

    • I believe Nightwing is the perfect tool for providing exposition (considering we don’t know this Batman’s backstory) in a natural way. I mean, Batman isn’t one who feels the need to explain his background. That’s where little Grayson comes in.

  19. In no way is Adam Driver right for Nightwing. No way. I sincerely hope they do the right thing and cast someone else.

  20. tyler hoechlin for nightwing

    • I actually agree with that idea. Hoechlin was rumored to have been one of the frontrunners to play Batman (had WB decided to go with a younger one). If he wasn’t going to play Batman, he would have been my choice for an onscreen iteration of Dick Grayson as Nightwing.

  21. Penn Badgley would be an awesome choice look-wise, age-wise etc in my book, and is a solid actor that could provide for some comedy as well. At 5’9″ some might say he’s too short, but Nightwing is only 1″ taller in the comics.

    A lot of people mention Ian Somerhalder, but I kind of feel he’s too old, he’s lost his boyish looks, which I personally feel Nightwing should have traces of at the very least. Same height as Badgley

    Ben Barnes definitely looks the part, at stands at 6’1″ if they wan’t someone who’s around the same height as Supes and Bats.

    I’ll give my vote to Badgley.

  22. people dont like him cause thwey think he’s ugly?…don’t worry about his acting as long as he’s hot he can stumble through a couple lines

    i love society

  23. another article that makes me feel like their gonna ruin this, Nightwing better be a badass

  24. They need to stop trying to set up a shared universe with one movie.

    • Again, this is what everyone wanted earlier this year, for WB/DC to start with a team movie rather than follow the Marvel formula.

      Now it looks like they’re doing just that and people still complain.

      • Well I am not one of those people, I wanted them to take their time and create a great franchise.

  25. I’ve never seen this guy act but yeah, I can picture him with slightly longer hair and the domino mask.

    People complain that he’s not a known actor but honestly, it’ll keep costs down plus just like Cavill, people will associate him with Nightwing if he is cast in the role.

    Win/win I think. People are too quick to complain.

    • Yeah, no one knew who Tom Hiddleston was before he was cast as Loki.

  26. This actor looks like Gilligan more than Nightwing. Let’s go back to some of the suggestions in today’s earlier article about 5 speculative actors who could play Nightwing.

  27. Is this about superman anymore?

    • Nope it’s not even about Superman anymore. It’s become Batman, Superman has been sidelined in his own movie. Typical really.

      • Oh well I just know that this movie won’t be great …sad really