‘Batman vs. Superman’: Adam Driver Being Considered for ‘Nightwing’ Role

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Adam Driver Nightwing Batman vs Superman Batman vs. Superman: Adam Driver Being Considered for Nightwing Role

It looks like Bruce Wayne will be getting a sidekick in Batman vs. Superman after all. Hot on the heels of this week’s report that the Man of Steel sequel might feature Dick Grayson, news has come out that Warner Bros. is already considering actors for the part.

Our friends at Latino Review were the first to break the scoop that the character of Nightwing might appear in the film, describing a “young John Hawkes” type for the role – and  it turns out they were right on the money.

According to The Wrap, Girls actor Adam Driver is being eyed for the part. In addition to his recurring role on the hit HBO show, the 29-year-old Driver has appeared in several high-profile films, including Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, and the Coen brothers’ upcoming Inside Llewyn Davis.

While Driver may not exactly match the lantern-jawed Nightwing from the comics, the actor is actually a good physical fit for the role. Standing at an impressive 6’3″, Driver would more than hold his own against the 6’1″ Henry Cavill and the 6’4″ Ben Affleck. And if there’s one thing that Hollywood trainers are good at, it’s helping actors pack on muscle.

Nightwing in Batman vs Superman Batman vs. Superman: Adam Driver Being Considered for Nightwing Role

The real question is whether Driver can pull his weight dramatically in what might actually be a fairly tricky part. As we learned in the initial report, the Nightwing that will be featured in Batman vs. Superman isn’t on good terms with Batman. If the plot rumors are to be believed, the two characters haven’t spoken in years after some unknown falling out.

Whomever takes over the role will have to make the audience believe that Nightwing and Batman once had a close relationship. In a big-budget superhero movie that’s jam-packed with action (and an abundance of possible new characters), getting that kind of character development across can be a challenge. Based on his resume, however, Driver could deliver.

The Wrap also reports that there are two other actors in consideration for the part, so stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, let us know what you think about Driver in the comments. Could the actor pull off the role, or should Warner Bros. pick somebody else for the part?


Batman vs. Superman hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. He is SO hot. . .

  2. Is anyone else worried about that fact that WB is allowing Zach F-ing Snyder create the entire DC Universe? MOS was fine, but not great. They gave him the power to reboot Superman, now they are also letting him reboot their entire Batman franchise. Why? He didnt do that great of a job with MOS. Now before everyone jumps all over me let me clarify: He did good rebooting the character of Superman, but did not do a good job directing the movie. And now Wonder Woman? Nightwing? Thats 3 major heros and one minor hero. Also, what the f*ck is NIghtwing being involved for anyways?that Zack Snyder will have a hand in creating. I dont like it. I am really worried that we are going to get a sub-par mediocre Justice League movie because WB is not taking its time. They are too interested in the money aspect. Thoughts?

    • Is just rumors, think about how it why Nightwing? he isn’t a major character in the Justice League

    • Snyder did a terrible job rebooting Superman. There was nothing super about that movie or Superman. It was mindless disaster porn. Letting Snyder and Goyer create the DC filmverse is a disaster. WB is so money hungry they don’t care about taking the time to do it right like Marvel. They are going to have to rereboot it all after this movie bombs.

      • Yes, I agree totally. Zack Snyder is a cliched and overly-visual filmmaker. Keep cranking that CGI Zack, it sure has A LOT of substance.

      • Says the Batfleck…MoS was an amazing reboot.

    • they need Bruce Timm. and he’s just there with WB. idiots.

  3. I’m not in favor of him being cast as Nightwing.

    • me neither

  4. All aboard the Speculation Station!
    I know nothing about this guy other than what is listed in this article. He doesn’t look like Nightwing, he looks more like he could play Mandark if there was ever a live-action Dexter’s Lab film adaptation.

    • Mandark! Yeah!

    • A-ha-ha! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!

      Loved Mandark’s distinctive laugh.

  5. Have to say, this had better be a rumor or I’m going to be livid! We never even had a proper Batman and Robin movie, now just jump into Nightwing?? I was already kind of mad to see this aged and tired Batman they are introducing but now it’s going too far. Supes just came back into the flow for crying out loud. I think I speak for the majority in saying we want more stand alone, established films instead of this quick expansion. WB/DC take note, Marvel is focused on the marathon while you’re just focused on the race. Think about it, the Marvel heroes of the now are almost done with their run as their current characters and you just started. Why rush all these characters at risk of bottoming out before you even get started? Money talks but it also walks. Think Mcfly, think…..

    • Why do we need a Batman and Robin movie?

      Nightwing is fairly popular and the story potential for having him is great without adding in the other Robins, the al Ghul connection, etc. Hell, we could see Roy Harper as Arsenal working alongside Red Hood like in the comics. Tim Drake showing up as Red Robin. Damian Wayne as the new Robin.

      It means the older Batman already has established villains they can introduce. It also means that if Nightwing appears in a movie, he can then star in his own TV show set in Bludhaven like I said before, mixing his police work in the day with his night time vigilante activity. The fact that someone known for being in a TV show is being considered for the role is a pretty major hint at that possibility.

      You sound pretty defeatist but as a comic book fan, I know I’m excited about the possibilities.

  6. Ohhh great job Zacky you little fanboy you. Classic case of a total unrestrained nerd who just wants to overstuff a movie with EVERYTHING he remembers from his childhood.

    This is why Nolan was better. Nolan never even READ the comics of Batman, but going into it, reviewed the greater stories and mythos with his brother Jonathan. I think this helped him in his objective attempt at the movie, which CLEARLY generated massive success, accolades(well-deserving), and praise.

    Jon Favreau on the other hand, a known comic book fan, served Iron Man very well, in the first movie at least, with a storyline that combined the arrogance and humor of Tony with the great intellect and action. He wasn’t trying to put every side character in.

    The fact that this movie is supposed to be a SEQUEL to Superman is ridiculous. At this point, no one is going to be watching this for Superman. Congrats Hollywood, you’ve royally eff’d up yet ANOTHER great franchise.

    • How has he?

      We had people complaining about WB and DC sitting on the hands watching Marvel move ahead of them with just Superman as their only property.

      Now we have the DC universe moving ahead with cameos and people still complain.

    • Do you think maybe this film will be more of a DCU film of sorts rather than a MoS sequel? That’s a franchise in itself. Was it ever stated that this was going to be a MoS sequel? That can come after. Most of us enjoyed Nolan’s trilogy and most of us enjoy Marvel with their shared cinematic universe. This is Batman vs. Superman. A Batman we’ve never seen before and one hopefully more faithful to the comics (yes, that means sidekicks/supporting characters), as much as I enjoyed Nolan’s crime/war films.

      People complaining about Nightwing/Robin, Nolan swearing to never include Robin in his films – that IS Batman. You can’t have a definitive Batman film/trilogy without one of the most defining aspects of the character and that is his sidekick(s). Probably why Nolan attempted his halfarsed version of a Robin at the VERY end of TDKR.

      The title of the film is Batman vs. Superman.

  7. No offense to his fans or anything, but I really can’t see this guy playing Nightwing.

  8. I thought Nightwing was supposed to be attractive.