‘Batman vs. Superman’: New Wonder Woman & Doomsday Rumors Surface [Updated]

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Batman vs. Superman movie Doomsday Batman vs. Superman: New Wonder Woman & Doomsday Rumors Surface [Updated]

UPDATE: Gal Gadot has been officially cast as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman!

As Batman vs. Superman continues its way through production, so continue the swirl of rumors surrounding the film. All we know is that Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill) and the supporting players from Man of Steel (Lois, Perry, Martha Kent) have been confirmed for the film, leaving the rumor mill to churn out claims about how just about everyone from the Justice League could be part of the film.

One rumor has persisted longer and stronger than most – even longer than those Lex Luthor and/or Dick Grayson rumors - and that rumor is that Wonder Woman could be making her DC Movie Universe debut in Batman vs. Superman. However, today we have new rumors about a possible iconic villain being part of the film as well – and that’s a rumor we really have NOT heard before.

A recent rumor about Batman vs. Superman pointed to a setup in which Batman is semi-retired and estranged from Dick Grayson, enforcing order in Gotham from the confines of his Batcave, via a squadron of drones. The man who let that rumor fly was Daniel Alter, a producer at Warner Bros. who is NOT attached to Batman vs. Superman, but could indeed have inside knowledge about the production.

Well, Alter is at it again, dropping the following big teases via his Twitter account:

In recent months, Warner Bros. executives have addressed the need for Wonder Woman to be featured onscreen in some fashion – with some pretty suggestive implications being dropped. That’s not to say anything about the confirmed casting talks with actresses like Jaimie Alexander or Olga Kurylenko - both of whom would be viable for a major Wonder Woman role.

Frankly, at this point, the idea of a Wonder Woman appearance in Batman vs. Superman is so heavily implied that it would be more surprising if it DOESN’T happen.


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While the Wonder Woman rumor is somewhat aged, Alter’s other big claim du jour is something fresh – and potentially explosive:

If you were alive in the mid-1990s (or have ever touched a comic book from that era) then you know of the unstoppable monster who brought about “The Death of Superman” story arc. Doomsday is a foe that fanboys have long been wishing for in a major motion picture, so could those Doomsday fans finally be getting what they want?

The first thing to be wary of (besides everything that Alter has said, in general) is the wording of the tweet. Alter’s claim that he has to talk to someone about the character in Batman vs. Superman could mean he’s not certain that it’s happening, or that he doesn’t know the full details of it – or even that it’s wishful thinking he wants to lobby for. No way to be sure at this point.

Batman vs. Superman Wonder Woman vs Doomsday 570x330 Batman vs. Superman: New Wonder Woman & Doomsday Rumors Surface [Updated]


While fans have long wanted to see Doomsday in a movie, there is big question as to how he would best be implemented. Doomsday isn’t exactly a deep or compelling villain – pretty much just a Terminator-style force of destruction – so he can’t necessarily carry an entire film. At the same time, the Superman vs. Doomsday matchup isn’t something you want rushed or crammed into a third act – it does require breathing room and (more importantly) sufficient buildup of the Superman character to truly make the risk and impact of the battle felt. It’s safe to say that, at this point, many fans would be of the opinion that we’re not quite there yet.

Then again, with rumors that Lex Luthor will be making his debut in the film, and no real indication that kryptonite will be introduced into the mix, Doomsday could in fact be a viable option for a physical deterrent to Superman – a deterrent that someone like Luthor could manufacture and control. It would also set up an interesting dynamic: Batman/Bruce Wayne in a battle of wits against Luthor, while Superman tackles the physical threat of Doomsday.

But would a third act use of Doomsday as a generic “boss battle”  be the sort of sacrilege we saw happen to Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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  1. as great as it sounds it should wait

    this is how it should go according to me

    Batman vs Superman – titled as World’s Finest with Lex luthor, Joker and Harley Quinn as villains

    Man of Steel 2 – Conduit, Mongul

    Batman reboot – Penguin (Philip Seymore Hoffman)

    Wonder Woman movie (Scarlett Johansson or Rachel McAdams)

    Batman/Superman 2 – Public Enemies – Lex Luthor buys his way out of Jail and into the presidency, Metallo

    Green Lantern reboot (Brad Cooper)

    Man of Steel 3 – Doomsday (Death of Superman), Cyborg/Hank Henshaw (Willem Dafoe)

    Batman 2 – Riddler (Jude Law) along with Cluemaster (Joseph Gordon Levitt or Ben Stiller) and Calendar Man (Brad Pitt)

    Wonder Woman 2

    Aquaman (Liam Hemsworth)

    Justice League – Vandal Savage

    Green Lantern 2

    Superman/Batman 3 – Apocalypse (Darkseid, Supergirl, Doomsday as a minor villain)

    Man of Steel 4 – Lex luthor, Bizarro, Parasite, Lobo (helps superman fight Parasite, played by Hugh Jackman)

    Batman 3 – The Mad Hatter (Ewan McGregor), Killer Moth (Johnny Depp)

    Wonder Woman 3

    Aquaman 2

    Green Lantern 3 – War of the Green Lanterns

    Justice League 2

    Man of Steel 5 – Brainiac (the real one like the Brainiac comic, played by Benedict Cumberbatch)

    Batman 4 – Bane (Dwayne Johnson)

    Aquaman 3

    Batman 5 – Mr. Freeze (Kevin Spacey)

    Justice League 3

    Man of Steel 6 – Imperiex allies with Darkseid and Doomsday but dies

    Batman 6 – Hush (Matt Damon)

    now granted it may not happen that way but it would be cool

    • Ummm you forgot the Al Ghuls…. >.< Seriously it's people like this that NEGLECT the Al Ghuls that they NEVER see any PROPER treatment… Nolan's take was complete Bullcrap to Talia.. I WANT her in a movie and done right!

      • Bullcrap to talia? I wouldn’t say so. Sure she didn’t get as good as her comic book counter part but she was decent, and was weaved well with bane. However Liam neeson’s Ras Al Ghul was awesome.

    • Don’t get me wrong, Hugh Jackman and Scarlet Johannsen are well established actors but they have become leading faces of Marvel and I don’t think it would be wise for D.C. to give them a face in the D.C. I know they would do justice to the characters but it might not be a great move. Also, with the economic and popular success of The Dark Knight Returns it might be awkward to take JGL and place him in a recognizable character.

      True, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans have crossed into different universes/characters (Green Lantern and CA, respectively) but, IMO those actors played in roles (Deadpool, Hannibal King, and Human Torch, respectively) that didn’t have as big of an impact on cinema and are forgettable.

      I love your choices for Hush, Bane, Aquaman, and Penguin, but I would place Depp as the Riddler and for Cyborg I would do Terry Crews.

    • no

    • I’d suggest either Johnny Lee Miller or Hugh Laurie for Riddler. I’d prefer to see Chris Pine or Ryan Reynolds as GL, and who would you cast as Joker and Quinn?
      But Batman films 4, 5 and 6 looks awesome.

    • I have one problem with your line up,there is no mention of a Flash movie.

      • +1,000,000. My problem is the batman rogues being suggested in that list. I think there should be a mob centered movie with penguin and black mask in a turf war, i also want more two face some assassins like deadshot and shiva kinda like Origins. ive always wanted to have clayface and mr freeze. maybe take another crack at poison ivy. ive always liked flash and just now starting to read some comics of his and he has some awesome rogues like cold and professor zoom. in my opinion at least

  2. Its been confirmed that Gal Gadot, the chick from the Fast movies, is indeed casted as Wonder Woman.


    This movie needs to be 3 hours long, and then have Doomsday just defeated, not killed, in order to return for #3 as Darkseid’s Minion.

  4. I am really starting to dislike this Daniel Alter guy for some reason.

  5. Is it true Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman for Batman vs Superman?

  6. Gal Gadot just needs to beef up a bit. Shes too skinny.

    • She’ll most likely beef up. If Antje Traue beefed up for Faora, it’s a no brainer Gadot will for Wonder Woman.

      • Speaking of, I hope they bring back Faora so she can fight Wonder Woman. That’d be sick.

        • Please.

  7. Doomsday would be an awesome villain in the movie. They have to find a way to upstage Zod. I just hope Nightwing and Arrow have an appearance.

  8. The Doomsday/Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen was a terrible story arc. It (along with Knightfall) stand as two of the worst ideas in comic book history. Since WB got Knightfall on screen with the Dark Knight Rises, it only stands to reason they’re going to ruin the Superman reboot as well.

    • What ruin? TDKR was brilliant. I believe, from everything I’ve seen about so far, that THIS sequel also has wonderful potential.

  9. I’m starting to think ScreenRant should drop the “effing nerds” poll option, it stopped being funny quite a while ago…

  10. No No No to doomsday i liked man of steel i was fine with the destruction because it was superman’s first day on the job but no to doing the same in the sequel it would be to much doomsday is known for how much destruction he causes he is dc’s version of the hulk

  11. Gadot is too skinny to play wonder woman, wonder woman is curvaceous and athletic and gadot is not,

    • True, its not like there are these places called gyms where people can work out and bulk up.

      • Homer Simpson seeing a gym- “Gime? What’s a gime?”

  12. Should stasrt the film immediately with Doomsday kickin Sup’s ass..him dying, shot to Batman, sees death: BOOM! Cape back on…sup rises from the dead: Justice League

  13. Very interesting.

    Also, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

  14. Wait…Doomsday??? Really?? Please hold my drink while I cackle uncontrollably.

  15. they really should now call this MAN OF STEEL: RETURN OF THE OLD BATMAN and RISE OF
    THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. you can tell warners is really straining to beat avengers old record
    and the new one that will be set. instead of being patient and roll out the characters
    in their own movies first, what a bad formula and a desperate hail mary. i would prefer
    being patient and taking out one of james camerons top two films over beating avengers anyway.

  16. Now i have no real idea where theyre going with it.

  17. I would like to see Man of Steel II.

    I do not want to see Batman vrs. Superman.

    I think DC got too greedy and impatient.

  18. Im getting tired of people trying to pull actors from marvels recent movies. They should be kept out. Doomsday could be a little much for the second film in the DCCU but it does depend on the setup and use of the monster. So many rumors that seem viable it’s making my head spin with the possibilities.

  19. Movement in WB me like! But save Doomsday for later

  20. this movie is seriously laughable, snyder’s career will be over after this one

    • Wow. You really MUST hate life. Sad.

      • Very good to know that my film opinions directly correlate and influence my emotions on LIFE! Thank for you such introspection, you must LOVE life trolling on my colored commentary (you know, for which this site was built for?).

        • Your opinion was stupid.

      • Wow. You must have no life whatsoever if you spend all day harassing people who have a different opinion than you. Sad.

  21. I think Snyder is going to direct 2 movies back to back…

  22. They could probably loosley follow the Flashpoint storyline and use Doomsday as some kind of government controlled defence against superman

  23. I hope it’s not true, they’re putting too much stuff into this movie as is. They’d have to make this movie 12 hours long to give everything enough development.

  24. Typical Hollywood excess when it comes to trying to adapt a mainstream comic.

  25. In the Justice League cartoon Doomsday was a clone of Superman, dumb I know, but if they used that in the movie, Lex Luthor could get a hold of a sample of Superman’s blood and try to clone him, and because of the codex in his blood it could cause the clone to mutate into Doomsday.

    • yeah but if your going with Lex & Superman clone, you get Bizzaro. Who needs Doomsday and his lovely biker shorts

  26. How about Brainiac as a villain at some point?

  27. I know the probably the smart thing to do is wait, but I can’t, I’ve been wanting to see Doomsday on the big screen for years, it would be so epic, complete total carnage, I love Doomsday, I want him in MOS2!!!

  28. Can already tell this movie is going to be a dog’s breakfast.

    Big and noisy, with an over-reliance on hyper kinetic VFX…and superficial.

  29. I’m starting to get some serious wobbles about this thing.

    Introducing Bats, fine, happy with that.

    Affleck as Bats, up can handle that

    Bats and Sups in “conflict” (quotes because conflict doesn’t HAVE TOO mean knocking six shades of sh1t out of each other), Oh yes definitely up for that

    Gadot cast as Wonder Woman, casting fine, competent actress, no munter. However cast as Wonder Woman instead of Diana, you feel it’s going to be more than a 5-10min cameo at the end as a lead in to the next MoS: Justice League.

    You’ve got two of the three biggest superheroes on the go, what we REALLY REALLY don’t want is a Spidy 3 overload. DC/WB be patient, build a sustainable MU, trust in the lure of the characters, you don’t need to chuck it all in.

    And now they might add Doomsday…. pfff, he’s a cr@p character. Yes he killed Supes in the comics…. but he didn’t did he so what’s the point, you want a physical threat then have Lex create Bizzaro in the next film, or even give Sups a standalone film next with Lex (in the background) and Bizzaro if you want to keep on with the Dragonball Z aerial fighting.

    You can do the next justice league cameo/introduction in a Bats movie

    • To clarify, news articles are saying she’s Wonder Woman but the original rumor was that “you’re going to see Diana.” I don’t think we’re gonna see her in costume.

      As for Doomsday, he was created by using Superman’s blood, of which there was plenty sprayed around Metropolis while he was fighting Zod. Doomsday may be a small cameo/reference along with CADMUS or something. I can see some general talking to Amanda Waller about the Doomsday project and then panning the camera over to some big test tube with Doomsday growing in it.