‘Batman vs. Superman’: New Wonder Woman & Doomsday Rumors Surface [Updated]

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Batman vs. Superman movie Doomsday Batman vs. Superman: New Wonder Woman & Doomsday Rumors Surface [Updated]

UPDATE: Gal Gadot has been officially cast as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman!

As Batman vs. Superman continues its way through production, so continue the swirl of rumors surrounding the film. All we know is that Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill) and the supporting players from Man of Steel (Lois, Perry, Martha Kent) have been confirmed for the film, leaving the rumor mill to churn out claims about how just about everyone from the Justice League could be part of the film.

One rumor has persisted longer and stronger than most – even longer than those Lex Luthor and/or Dick Grayson rumors - and that rumor is that Wonder Woman could be making her DC Movie Universe debut in Batman vs. Superman. However, today we have new rumors about a possible iconic villain being part of the film as well – and that’s a rumor we really have NOT heard before.

A recent rumor about Batman vs. Superman pointed to a setup in which Batman is semi-retired and estranged from Dick Grayson, enforcing order in Gotham from the confines of his Batcave, via a squadron of drones. The man who let that rumor fly was Daniel Alter, a producer at Warner Bros. who is NOT attached to Batman vs. Superman, but could indeed have inside knowledge about the production.

Well, Alter is at it again, dropping the following big teases via his Twitter account:

In recent months, Warner Bros. executives have addressed the need for Wonder Woman to be featured onscreen in some fashion – with some pretty suggestive implications being dropped. That’s not to say anything about the confirmed casting talks with actresses like Jaimie Alexander or Olga Kurylenko - both of whom would be viable for a major Wonder Woman role.

Frankly, at this point, the idea of a Wonder Woman appearance in Batman vs. Superman is so heavily implied that it would be more surprising if it DOESN’T happen.


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While the Wonder Woman rumor is somewhat aged, Alter’s other big claim du jour is something fresh – and potentially explosive:

If you were alive in the mid-1990s (or have ever touched a comic book from that era) then you know of the unstoppable monster who brought about “The Death of Superman” story arc. Doomsday is a foe that fanboys have long been wishing for in a major motion picture, so could those Doomsday fans finally be getting what they want?

The first thing to be wary of (besides everything that Alter has said, in general) is the wording of the tweet. Alter’s claim that he has to talk to someone about the character in Batman vs. Superman could mean he’s not certain that it’s happening, or that he doesn’t know the full details of it – or even that it’s wishful thinking he wants to lobby for. No way to be sure at this point.

Batman vs. Superman Wonder Woman vs Doomsday 570x330 Batman vs. Superman: New Wonder Woman & Doomsday Rumors Surface [Updated]


While fans have long wanted to see Doomsday in a movie, there is big question as to how he would best be implemented. Doomsday isn’t exactly a deep or compelling villain – pretty much just a Terminator-style force of destruction – so he can’t necessarily carry an entire film. At the same time, the Superman vs. Doomsday matchup isn’t something you want rushed or crammed into a third act – it does require breathing room and (more importantly) sufficient buildup of the Superman character to truly make the risk and impact of the battle felt. It’s safe to say that, at this point, many fans would be of the opinion that we’re not quite there yet.

Then again, with rumors that Lex Luthor will be making his debut in the film, and no real indication that kryptonite will be introduced into the mix, Doomsday could in fact be a viable option for a physical deterrent to Superman – a deterrent that someone like Luthor could manufacture and control. It would also set up an interesting dynamic: Batman/Bruce Wayne in a battle of wits against Luthor, while Superman tackles the physical threat of Doomsday.

But would a third act use of Doomsday as a generic “boss battle”  be the sort of sacrilege we saw happen to Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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  1. As awesome as this sounds…. NOT YET! Atleast do the Lex angle right, then maybe Doomsday in the third or Brainiac… Not Doomsday along side Lex sure that’s where he comes from but… Not Yet! *Facepalm* Way too much stuffing in this spread it out WB/DC.

  2. This guy isn’t even a major producer, let alone for this movie. He’d be fired immediately for spilling all of this “news” I call b*******. And if by some magical way its true id only want a cameo from her and a credit scene with him.

  3. I mean honestly guys..Deborah Snyder an actual producer on the movie wouldn’t even let Zach give TEASES or anyone else. This guy doesn’t know crap.

    • and WTF are you?? LOL

      “…this guy doesn’t know crap.”

      I’m sure that guy and everyone else is happy not to know you.

  4. If anything, Doomsday makes a Cameo at the end of the film. No way in Hell, they let the duo of Superman and Batman (as capable as they may be,) take Doomsday alone. This is the kind of threat that the entire League should handle.

    • i have to disagree with you it should be a vilain for sup only but for the justice league bring DARKSEID!!!!!

  5. Mid credit scene or cameo.. Plez don’t overcrowd this like amazing spider man 2

  6. Are they gonna have him kill Supermana dn then Superman gets to come back in the third movie as Superman Red/ Superman Blue??? Someone has been reading my dream journal!!

  7. I want to see Philip Seymour Hoffman as Penguin in a film before he gets too old! A penguin and lex luthor pairing could be really cool, but I doubt it’ll ever happen.

  8. If its true and done right I would love it. Because they need more villains than Lex Luthor in this movie. I thought they would go with Metallo or Bizarro because Doomsday would crush Batman. Metallo or Bizarro are villain that wouldn’t be too much for Batman to help fight.

    But if Doomsday is in it I will be excited.

  9. What would be wrong with the people that were zipped off into the Phantom Zone creating Doomsday? Doesnt time work differently there?

    Or a Doomsday in one of his earlier forms which would mean he is weaker.

    This amps up the need for a Justice League if/when Doomsday returns.

    Just a thought.

  10. This “producer” is full of BS. Might as well say marvel characters will appear in Batman VS Superman just to get attention. What a silly person.

  11. The problem is we’ve sort of had the battle against Doomsday, bare with me. The whole point is that he’s this unstoppable force that is just obliterating the city around them just, by the presence of the fight. Finally superman has to take the ultimate step and throw everything into beating this monster to death before it kills him.

    I can’t see how that won’t look just exactly like the end man of steel and then as it’s both movies we end up with a Superman who always kills a superhuman opponent. Just always, so then we get to ‘well why does he have these meaningful fights then? if the plan is always murder’.

  12. I’d prefer they tease him and then use him in another film. One thing though, is, Alexandra Daddario should really be considered for Wonder Woman.

    • with you 1000% on Alexandra Daddario. I would’ve liked her better than who they did cast.

    • Gal Gadot is already confirmed for WW

  13. I’m not really paying any attention to anything Alter says. Seems like he just enjoys getting people stirred up and talking about him.

  14. Daniel Alter is secretly the being controlled by Brainiac.

  15. So the studio has a new codename for Ben Affleck now.

  16. The hell? Snyder knows that Doomsday is good when Superman is already established hero and we’ll get used to him more. Relax and wai for the MoS 3 to see Doomsday, not earlier.

  17. Man Of Steel: Batman and his friend ambushing superman also Villain and his friend tag’s in.
    pretty long name.ha.

  18. way too early for this

  19. doomsday is one of my favorite villians but even if i would love for him to be in this moviei still say he needs to wait to the 3rd man of steel. doomsday fights the justice league and beats them before he fights superman so unless they plan on putting alot of characters in this movie than it wont work. i agree with aknot about how doomsday is created cause when i saw them people get thrown into the phantom zone near the end of man of steel i thought to myself that is gonna be how doomsday is created.

  20. Pretty much everybody in the DC universe is rumored for this movie. Doomsday is not happening, guaranteed. I would much rather Brainiac with a Metallo henchman than Doomsday. Many of Superman’s villains are just thuggish, brawn over brain villains and not very compelling. Guys like Doomsday, Metallo, Parasite and Bizarro are not as interesting as guys like Lex Luthor, Brainiac or General Zod. In my opinion anyway.

  21. I won’t believe anything till I see an official statement from the creative heads or see it on the screen. I understand they want to expand and build the DCCU (Are their Movie-verse going by that yet?) but they crippling the story that could by told with Superman and Batman at the helm.

    This movie has the potential to be a great character piece, developing Clark/Superman’s arc into the hero we all know in the comics. I really hope they don’t sour the punch and add all these cameos or shoehorn characters into the story just because they want to expand the DCCU.

  22. Apparently Gal Gadot is wonder woman Zack Snyder stated: “Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character.”

    • I was about to say the same thing. Kofi’s probably typing it up right now.

      • How do you feel about it i personally really dislike the choice

        • I’ve not seen her in anything. I was rooting for Jaimie Alexander or Gemma Arterton. I don’t know really anything about Gal Gadot but she’ll need to bulk up a bit to look like Amazon. Its the same with Henry Cavill, nobody knew who he was and he did fine as Superman.

  23. This guy was right about Wonder Woman…. Gia Gadot has just been cast as her… really, its a done deal…

    • Got beat to it, while I was typing… good for you sir..

  24. Do not use Doomsday till “Man of Steel 3″ or a Justice league 1 or 2. I want Death of Superman to be the end of the series. Be dope!

    And Alexandra Daddario is my choice for WW. Shed look amazing;)

    • Agreed doomsday should be used in a justice league movie under the control of darkseid maybe to defeat superman

  25. I hope they don’t use doomsday yet. Way too early for him. The best route IMO to go with is brainic with luthor in the mix of things.

  26. Luther recovers dead kryptonian, messes with their genetics, creates monstrosity calling it Doomsday. If gets free, goes bananas. Batman/supes come to terms from their scuffle in act 2, supes gains bats trust as he goes one on one with doomsday. Acts as a punching machine for his third act and Snyders special effects. While batman foils luther’s plan.. Or something. Clearly i hope this isnt it buuut sometimes big tentpoles tent to be fairly predictable. Id be interested more is batman has wonder woman in tow as a secret weapon to combat supermans strenght and abilities. Then just toss he into the mix in act 3. Just figure out somehow to have wayne make contact with the amazons etc or dont, can always be expanded on oin other movies. Basically gives u the trinity from which everything else can be build upon for the universe.

  27. Just read that Gal Gadot will be WW in BvsS. I know actors can bulk up, but she is waaaaaayyyy too skinny for the role right now. Take a look at some pictures of her, it would have to be a very, very intense diet and workout to transform her for the role. Not saying it can’t be done… maybe she’ll be working out with Ben Affleck. :-)

  28. Gal Gadot seems to be confirmed as WW and also her cameo in Man of Steel 2. Not as shocked as Ben Affleck casting although i was rooting for jaimie of gemma.

  29. i would like t see him in the second and have lex presence but nt villain but at the end see lex and mettalo for the third part and then a justice league 3 part movie with brainiac and darkseid team up