Will Wonder Woman Appear in ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

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Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

It took weeks for DC fans to process the fact that Batman would be rebooted as the antagonist of Man of Steel 2 – tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman – only to have their expectations blown out of the water when Ben Affleck landed the part. Considering just how divisive Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel remains, we had assumed that Warner Bros. was through courting controversy after those bombshells.

But since the sequel has been officially announced, more and more rumors have continued to appear. The most explosive of which concerns the possibility of seeing the DC universe’s most famous female cameo – or even play a major role – alongside Batman and Superman. We have to ask: will Wonder Woman actually appear in Batman vs. Superman?

It seemed a safe assumption that with both the dark knight and the big blue Boy Scout sharing the screen (with rumors of a Lex Luthor casting refusing to die), Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder had their hands full. So when word came out that the filmmakers were apparently looking to cast a female lead as Bruce Wayne’s love interest, little was thought of it. But as time passed, the casting call seeking out women who were both “tall” and “possessing physicality” got the rumor mill working overtime.

Now it seems those rumors are turning into… more rumors. The main question being speculated upon: is Zack Snyder secretly casting the DC movie universe’s Wonder Woman? It’s an easy question to ask, and an easy rumor to be excited by, but before anyone gets ahead of themselves, allow us to weigh in with our thoughts on the matter.


Why It Could Be True

Justice League Movie Launch DC Universe Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

There’s a case to be made for the old adage that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” and if the studio was actually looking for potential Wonder Woman actresses, opening up casting for an unnamed character who is tall, strong, physically fit and of just about any ethnicity is a good way to do it quietly. But as Bruce Wayne’s love interest? There’s certainly evidence in the history of DC Comics for a bit of romance between Bruce and Diana.

Taking things a step farther, we’ve already stated our belief that a modern Wonder Woman movie would be groundbreaking for several reasons - one of which is a strong parallel between Diana’s likely entry into the modern world and that of Kal-El in Man of Steel. With Zack Snyder’s insistence on telling a realistic Superman story, it seems logical that Warner Bros. would prefer a Wonder Woman film where Diana doesn’t arrive in Times Square, sporting a golden lasso and an eagle spread across her bust.

If Diana is going to investigate the world of man, placing herself close to Bruce Wayne/Batman would make perfect sense (and is it any coincidence that Superman would also be in close proximity?). Who knows: with the older, wiser and more experienced Batman Affleck will apparently be playing, his teaming up with Wonder Woman to bring a green, inexperienced Superman into their budding super-team would tell a completely new story, while staying true to the essence of each character (and pack serious potential for action sequences).

New 52 Superman Wonder Woman Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

At this point, it’s hard to be surprised at any announcement made by Snyder or Warner Bros. – a fact that seems to be occurring to casting agencies already. According to BleedingCool, the latest casting calls are seeking out a woman who is between 25 and 33 (or at least “gives the impression” of that age range), and must be physically strong. While Warner Bros. won’t confirm any more details, some agencies are playing it safe and assuming that they’re sending Wonder Woman candidates.

It’s impossible to tell if any of the actresses we’ve nominated to play Wonder Woman are among the group, but at this point the assumptions are based on speculation, so this is far from a smoking gun. And if we’re honest, may end up being a serious case of wishful thinking.


Why It’s Hard To Believe

Wonder Woman 1 Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

For starters, the leap from a “tall, younger, physically strong actress” to “we’re casting Wonder Woman” is a pretty massive one – this is a superhero film, after all. And if screenwriter David S. Goyer’s comments claiming that production on the film is much farther along than people realize are accurate, Snyder and co. don’t exactly have time for a thin actress to hit the gym, pack on muscle, and go through fight training. Unless, of course, they were actually casting a character as iconic as Wonder Woman.

Is it possible that the plan is to cast Diana before people even realize it, introduce her in the film in some small capacity, and save her full reveal for the third film, be it Justice League or a standalone adventure? It’s possible. But besides the fact that Warner Bros. has been quite open about their unwillingness to formulate a rigid road map years in advance, we can’t help but think that if that were the case, the actress’ height and build wouldn’t be the top of their list. It also wouldn’t qualify as the “leading role” currently being reported.

Warner Bros. has even supported that assumption, with DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson explaining that nobody knows how important it is to launch Wonder Woman successfully better than they do:

“We have to get her right, we have to. She is such an icon for both genders and all ages and for people who love the original TV show and people who read the comics now. I think one of the biggest challenges at the company is getting that right on any size screen.

“She has been, since I started, one of the top three priorities for DC and for Warner Bros. We are still trying right now, but she’s tricky.”

Wonder Woman Fan Made Short Film Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

Fans don’t need any refreshers on just how badly a Wonder Woman project can go off the rails. David E. Kelley’s defunct NBC pilot aside, Warner Bros. seems to be playing it safe, delaying the proposed Amazon origin series for The CW until it could be re-written, re-tooled, and hopefully done right. With all that in mind, it’s hard to imagine they’re also in the midst of casting by holding open auditions for just about any young actress.

We might have believed that was possible after Cavill was chosen above more established North American actors, but with Affleck now in the bag, it seems less likely they’re willing to take a risk on an unknown. That being said, there are a LOT of other female characters that could be playing a leading love interest in the sequel, with serious ramifications for not only the plot of Batman vs. Superman, but the larger DC universe beyond.


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  1. I thought wonder woman’s symbol was one for whataburger!

    • That’s what I expierenced about Whataburger ?

  2. I would guess that it’s for Mercy, Lex’s body guard.

  3. Still think DC could make a really awesome bold and refreshing move by making a dual-Wonder Woman/Aquaman origin film taking up cues from Flashpoint Paradox. Whether to make it a somewhat JLA origin film by bringing in the world’s finest to settle the matter, I’m not sure, but I can see both working really well.

    In any case, I think Themyscira vs Atlantis would be a fantastic setup for both characters, making a hard statement to the audience just how fantastical DC can actually be. (I was of this opinion since before the announcement of the Superman vs Batman).

    Maybe it’s me, but I see so many possibilities for DC to BREAK THROUGH the already formulaic ‘hero origin solo film’. Rebooting Batman within a Superman film was already imo a great move (granted we still need a great execution of said move), I’d be so stoked if DC dared to take it one step further. People who think a champion hero can only get their due if they get a solo origin film are imo unnecessarily narrow minded with regard to how iconic storytelling can be achieved.

    • Great ideas. Warner Brothers really needs to think outside of the box on this one. I love the pair up of Bats vs. Sups for starter. Bring in other heroes as a means of setting up the whole JLA future. And that can help keep the interest, the Buzz between films…Works for me

      • I just really hope DC is NOT gonna follow marvel’s formula, because it is exactly that, formulaic. That’s why I’m really happy about Batman popping up in what they still refer to as Man of Steel 2. That actually DOES really setup up a cinematic universe, where the lead in one film can be a supporting cast member in another. That organic feel is so much more cooler imo than the Origin 1, origin 2, origin 3, team film, sequel 1, sequel 2, origin 4, team film, origin 5, sequel 3 etc. It’s so freaking stale to keep thinking in those terms.

        I really hope WB/DC is not gonna try to copy that. There are so many great refreshing things to do when you have all these franchises in hand. The source material itself proves it. I really hope they do not think in terms of superman-film, batman-film, wonder woman-film, but just think “film”, what would be a great story for these characters, and do whatever makes for iconic well constructed cinema.

        I think introducing themyscira and Atlantis in the same film would work really well.

        • @ Silrian

          Very well said sir.

        • A big +1 from me.

          I’m hoping instead of the traditional ‘solo’ films, they sort of do something grander with it. Instead of just a ‘Green Lantern’ film, how about a ‘Green Lantern Corps’ film, making several of the characters as important and integral to the story as Hal Jordan or John Stewart. Same goes for Wonder Woman and like you said, maybe introduce Atlantis and Aquaman in the film.

          • Yeah, I think GL would only work now if it’s a relatively late film and it’s an all out space opera. Having a lot of massive DC guys in there, but like Flash took the lead in Flashpoint Paradox, GL would in that film/story.

            The DCU is just so rich and MoS really opened my eyes to how well it lends itself to a true cinematic universe: where everything is actually always present, and can pop up in different ways. Films where Batman will call in favors with Lois Lane etc. Films where Superman can’t fight a villain who threatens the earth without getting a call from Aquaman saying “It might be your earth, but it’s my seas god damnit.” Films that actually involve characters beyond the stale boundaries of franchise A, franchise B, franchise C. WB/DC are in a unique position to do this, having all their lore in their own hands.

            I guarantee you, if WB gets just a few more directing talents with vision like Snyder and Nolan on board, and they show some guts, they can break through the entire concept into a place where people won’t wonder what the next hero getting a film will be, they’ll wonder what the next story will be, and who’ll be in it! The only franchise will be “DCU”. Sometimes it’ll restrict itself to one character’s surroundings, sometimes not. Maybe we’ll even get to a point where we won’t KNOW in advance what’s gonna be the case. How awesome would that be!? Where one hero will make a bad call, get outnumbered, get beat up and BOOM without anyone knowing it would happen, another one comes to save the day, because that’s the world you get with multiple superheroes (and villains!).

            My head explodes when I think of the possibilities for refreshing, surprising turn of events. All WB/DC has to do is stop thinking in terms of franchises, stop believing the dissing marvel fanboys who claim WB is “behind” and actually start thinking in terms of stories set within the same universe. Whoever’s involved is involved. MoS2′s inclusion of Batman gives me hope for this to start happening.

            • Noticed a few negatives aimed at both the Marvel Fanboys and the Marvel movies there. DC has been making excellent CBMs for awhile now, but if the goal is a shared universe, than yes, they are behind Marvel. It’s not a risk, putting Batman in a Superman movie. The Avengers was a risk. But since it paid off, and the world is obviously ready for superhero team ups, Bats and Supes, no matter how good it is, is box office gold. It will definitely break even, very likely break a billion.

              Instead of coming down on how bad the Marvel Studios approach has been, how about a big thank you to Marvel? It’s obviously the reason DC has finally made that step into a shared cinematic universe that so many fans, DC and otherwise, have been begging for.

              • It’s not “obviously the reason DC has finally made that step into a shared cinematic universe” when they had a Justice League movie planned (scrapped, but still planned) well before Marvel Studios was purchased by Disney in 2008.

                If by “behind Marvel” you mean Marvel made a hero team up before Justice League then wow what a point. Here is a cookie.

                Marvel should always, always thank DC. No ways around that. Superman and Batman built this city. If it weren’t for the success of those two(and the original Captain Marvel/Shazam) you would never have your favorite Marvel heroes.

                • I didn’t attack fans of Marvel films, at all. I quoted what I see many marvel fanboys (is different from fans of marvel) say and I said WB shouldn’t be thinking of it, because I don’t want them to do what Marvel has done. Which was the entire point of my previous post.

                  Yes, Avengers was a first. Kudos to Whedon, he made the first Marvel film I didn’t find utterly boring. For that I’ll gladly extend a thank you… To Whedon. Because Whedon wrote a funny and successful film. Why would I thank the guys who greenlit Batman Begins, yet not the guys who greenlit Avengers? Because Avengers was a good film DESPITE Marvel’s previous ones and the reason it got greenlit is because anyone after IM1 could see it would bank like a mofo. Letting Whedon, the guy who did toy story, buffy, angel and firefly, write a first ever super hero team up led by Robert “Iron Man” Downey Jr? That’s not a risk, that’s having four of a kind aces and going all in. Iron Man 1 is the only real risk Marvel’s ever taken and it hit big. Thor and Captain America didn’t do jack crap for me, those films are family-safe as hell and they weren’t exactly box office triumphs either. That’s not what I want from CB films. They were formulaic introductions necessary to make prepare for the Avengers, which Marvel had strategised. The guy who dared to greenlit a Batman project and give it to a newcomer who made a few indies, THAT is risk taking, because those people actively strive to take the source material to another level in terms of quality film – make a radical artistic decision out of the abysmal mess left over from the 90s. And that changed hollywood, entirely. Whedon has said it himself, we owe, ALL of this to Nolan and the guys who gave him Batman, because letting an indie director with no credentials except two thrillers take over the biggest CB franchise there is, THAT is risk taking.

                  So no, I feel little need to thank Marvel Studios for doing what was imo common effin business sense. There’s nothing edgy in any way in any Marvel film since IM1. They followed their business strategy, plain and clear. I will thank Whedon for making the Avengers as bankable as it could’ve been. After IM 1, all Marvel Studios has done is surf the wave they could see coming and hire the right people to ride it. I hope Marvel stops being on cashing cruise control and start making films again that strive to drive the medium forward. Heard good things about Cap A 2, so I’m paying attention to phase 2.

                  I’d very much wanna see WB keep delivering stories with quality, depth and edge to actually show that CB films can be high level art and social iconography. That’s what I care about, and there’s little I have to thank to Marvel for that. Yaay, Marvel sped up SH crossovers. As if WB hadn’t eventually realised it ‘might be a good idea to put Superman and Batman in the same film…’

                  • Props to you Silrian. You’ve got the right idea

                    • Sirlian that was brilliant.

                  • @ Silrian

                    I respect what you had to say. But I think Bryan Singer/Marvel touched onto the realistic tone & greatness of CBM people enjoy now. Films like Blade & X-Men were made before Nolan brought TDK trilogy. Like his X-Men films, Superman Returns was made the same way & more modern to appeal new audiences. Even Nolan himself praised Singer on his efforts on that film.

                    Thor & Captain America:TFA may been little less serious but imo were not compared to family friendly films like Green Lantern or Schumacher’s Batman films that had more humor in them. Imo The Incredible Hulk was better than Ang Lee’s film but still didn’t perform well.

                    Id like to see WB/DC be little original with stories. With MOS, it was another origin story which didn’t spend too much time on Krypton itself, Young Clark’s journey seen flashbacked similar like Bruce Wayne’s as seen in Batman Begins, most of the great action seemed rushed in the 3rd act, among other things. Im concerned about the Batman vs. Superman film aswell as how other heroes will be introduced whether solo or straight into a team in Justice League. I doubt Marvel is rushing things as fast as people might think they are. Gaurdians Of The Galaxy isn’t out yet, im not sure what to expect from that film or if it will share any connections at all to Earth’s Avengers films.

                    I hope for the best from both DC & Marvel because I want to see a really great Justice League film.

            • I think it’d be great to cameo some characters (Hal Jordan, John Stewart etc) in different movies before bringing them together for a GL Corps movie.

              Do it exactly as you described Silrian, have it as a true, organic world occupied by these heroes rather than “ignore everyone else until they get their own solo adventure”.

            • Yep, this post might have made me cry a bit. This is EXACTLY what I want from a DC Universe. I want to truly believe these characters live in the same world, and not just separate franchises that converge every now and then.

              • Same here mate, same here.

            • i agree that this is a great opportunity to build a larger story rather than just flogging a successful formula until they run out of characters. i am a DC man, myself, though that doesn’t mean i am skeptical of all things marvel, it just means i have a preference for DC. i would like to see them tackle the idea of an actual team/universe multi-movie story arc, rather than just throw characters at us and then team up the ones that we liked enough to watch in theaters. i’m always wary of super team ups (aside from team ups by design like the x-men) because they usually have a superman or thor type character who makes the rest of the team irrelevant, and thus the antagonist or threat of those stories must always be a superman/thor-level threat – dragging my favorites like batman into more cheeseball superman storylines – or i have to suspend my disbelief that superman needs the help of a normal human being when instead he could just turn back time by reversing the rotation of earth, or melt the threat with heat vision, or throw it into the sun, or any number of other super-solutions that ought to limit all supes comics to no more than 3 pages (stop wasting my time and just throw all of our problems into the sun, superman!). the point is, i hope DC takes this opportunity to tell the story of why these characters are involved in each other’s lives, and not just knock out cheap one-offs like “here’s captain america punching hitler in the nose” “here’s thor cracking wise in new mexico for some reason” “here’s iron man sleezing it up with the gals” and then slap together an “all your favorites, together at last!” movie to rake in the box office.

              • My thoughts as well.

            • Agreed with everything you said. Instead of following which characters need movies, I think both WB and DC should follow what the story itself requires, which is pretty much what I see Man of Steel 2 doing.

              I’m hoping they get some talented writers and directors soon too. I don’t think it’ll be too long till a couple of them are announced too. According to the CEO 2 or so weeks, several film announcements are coming our way in the next couple of months.

              • We’ll see. Obviously we’re on the same page.

                I still suspect Ben Affleck is gonna star/write/direct Batman-centric stories. If he successfully took over from Nolan AND Bale, he’d redeem his carrier beyond belief. Yet, he has MoS2 to safely test the waters as just an actor.

        • The “Origin 1, origin 2, origin 3, team film, sequel 1, sequel 2, origin 4, team film” approach has worked pretty damn well for Marvel, and most of the fans have had no complaints.

          • ‘worked pretty damn well’

            by box office? I don’t care. As stories? *Joker voice* “Noo…” They bore the hell outta me.

            ‘fans had no complaints’

            1. try asking people who aren’t fans.
            2 ‘no complaints’ is the WORST creative guideline ever. NO real good art EVER came from the attitude ‘no complaints is good’.
            3. So if fans can’t think of it, then there’s no need for it? Let me correct myself: THIS is the WORST creative guideline ever. (*thinks of recent Goyer interview*) ‘No complaints’ is the silver surfer, and number 3 is Galactus inevitably coming to deteriorate your world into a hollow shell of popcorn entertainment in which not a single shred if mental stimulation is to be found.

            “I huuuungeeeeer.” Yeah, so do I Gal, so do I.

            • I find once films are being driven by just having an origin story placed or one more movie about the character to give the audience, it somewhat cheapens it a bit for me. Whenever a film comes out, I like to see both the story and character development pushed further, giving me the incentive to watch it first day to find out what happens, similar to watching the last episode of a TV show.

              • I think Snyder and Goyer really aim to do that in MoS2. Can’t say if they’ll succeed, but I believe in their genuine artistic and creative intentions and I think they have enough sway at WB to get stuff going.

          • I think it worked well for Marvel but I don’t think studios should follow that format simply because it works. I find that kinda boring. I say take risks and do new things.

  4. Rumor: New MoS 2 in 2015.
    Fans: OMFG finally some Supermen movies in all those years! They will develop Clark, Superman, Lois and there will be proper Lex MF Luthor!
    Rumor: Almost forgot, Batman will be there.
    Fans: Well, a cameo is ok, it will make transition abit more fluid.
    Rumor: Its gonna be Superman vs Batman movie.
    Fans: O_O em
    Rumor: It will be so awesome, we will make another Batman movie with Superman as a guest star!
    Fans: The he…
    Rumor: And there will be another Batman villain!
    Fans: W-w-well, o-ok. Its still possible to make something but it will be hell of a job to pull off a good one.
    Rumor: One more tiny detail, Wonder Woman will appear in Batman vs *who that other guy was again?* oh, whatever, you just wait!
    Fans: -_-

    • I saw it differently.

      Rumor: MOS 2.
      Me: excellent, MOS was my favorite CBM in a long time.
      Confirmed (as in, was never really rumored): New Batman in MOS 2
      Me: HOLY F***ING SH**!! Batman and Superman finally in the same movie! And not the Bale-Man growly voice Batman? Excellent!
      Confirmed (as in…): Ben Affleck to play batman.
      Me pt 1: WTF?
      Me pt 2 (5 minutes later): I see how this COULD work quite well.
      Rumor: Wonder Woman in MOS 2 as well.
      Me: I’ll believe it when it’s confirmed. Is it 2015 yet?

      • Seconded, same for me.

      • “Me pt 1: WTF?
        Me pt 2 (5 minutes later): I see how this COULD work quite well.
        Rumor: Wonder Woman in MOS 2 as well.
        Me: I’ll believe it when it’s confirmed. Is it 2015 yet?”


    • THAT, I enjoyed…very cool.

    • I wish it wasn’t entirely in slowmo. Very cool though. Great costume too.

    • That was seriously Bad Ass. My compliments to Rainfall Films…I likedd the style of the costume also…

  5. Gemma Arterton could do it.

  6. why not introduce wonder woman in batman vs superman flick, even if its a cameo.

    • Like the stingers in the Marvel films?

  7. I really like the Talia al Ghul idea the most, actually.

    Supergirl has always been depicted as being more petite, so I’m skeptical about this casting having to do with Kara.

    • I’m hoping for Talia Al Ghul as well. I was satisfied with the version we got in Dark Knight Rises but I’m hoping next time around, we get the badass martial artist she is.

      • Plus we can possibly get Damian Wayne due to Bruce’s age in this Movie Universe.

        Meaning also that Dick is Nightwing over in Bludhaven and we can have some great chemistry/plot threads from just those four characters alone.

        • @ Dazz
          Precisely, a love interest for an established Batman should point directly to Talia.

          @ ColdSc

          You and I differ in our satisfaction with Nolan’s Talia, but I’m right there with you wanting to see the uber-ninja that she is displayed properly.

        • That would be great, plus the child can be kept as a secret allowing the league and Thalia to raise Damian without Bruce’s knowing. That would come off as a surprise for Bruce and just throw him off.

        • Its not often (if ever) that a recent or current comic book or graphic novel plot is translated to the big screen. But it would be sweet…

    • A Million + and Likes and all that stuff. Here’s someone who gets it!

  8. For the Supergirl situation, didn’t she leave the pod that was seen open in Man of Steel 1000 years ago when the spaceship landed? I haven’t read the prequel comics Goyer wrote for the movie but that’s what I’ve been hearing around the internet.

    • Agree

      • She wouldn’t be alive though lol unless Kryptonians live for that long.

  9. To be honest going from the reaction to Affleck’s casting alone, it’s going to be tough enough getting people to believe in the next Batman let alone introduce Wonder Woman. No way will they take that risk. That goes double for any potential role for Batgirl or Supergirl.

    If they were going down this route why not just forget Man of Steel 2 and make a Justice League movie instead?? right?

    I just think there are so many things wrong with DC / Warner’s approach that could ultimately end in disaster.

    Still firmly believe we should be getting a standalone Superman sequel with a fresher, powerful villain whose name is not Lex Luthor. Then use Man of Steel 2 eventual success lead into a Wonder Woman and then Flash movie. Then bring Batman back in his own film before going into Justice League finally.

  10. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on my girl Talia…. Bout damn time they figured out the Cat is nothing more then a Prostitute who lacks the sophistication to even lick Bruce’s boots though she might like that kinda stuff. The Time of Talia has come!!! FINALLY!!!! Bring on the Age of Al Ghul!!!!!

  11. I’m thinking Mila Kunis

  12. I would lean towards the ‘Supergirl” angle. There was the whole bit in “Man of Steel” with the empty “cryo-pod” surrounded by other now dead travelers from Krypton. The idea that Goyer and company could be planting the seeds for other hero’s is a good plan to both generate and keep interest “buzz” between films. And I think the idea of a Supergirl & Wonder Woman living quietly among us (Until Ka-El shows up!) then they are coaxed out. Imagine Supergirl finding a link to her home? She would have knowledge and history, that “link” that Ka-El is so clearling longing for. As for WW?? A modern take on the role of a strong, dominate woman in the current world? OH YEAH Bring this on! Talk about grounding in reality…

  13. the last idea is exactly what i wanted in man of steel 2 better if they don’t repeat superman/batman apocalyspse but still i would love to see super girl introduce because that would make a amazing cause to superman and batman to fight and could even introduce fortress of solitude and one more hint is that the goyer and Snyder both said superman will face the consequences of the destruction of man of steel so this could perfect reason for that and kara was kryptonian military might be a pre clone kryptonian they could bring psychotic dev-em to be the main antagonist and joker and luthor should be background but definitly they should bring in joker

  14. Wonder Woman’s so hard…. she’s tricky….

    Get a female director, female writer, and someone who knows the f%^k they’re doing with the mythology. Jesus Christ.

    Marvel’s got a talking raccoon, a walking/talking tree, and you’re saying WW is “tricky”? Give me a BREAKKK.

    • I completely 100% agree with you, doesn’t make any sense why they can’t get they’re act together.

    • Hell Marvel will beat DC with a Solo Female title if they give Miss Marvel her own flick, which thier talking about doing since DC is always floundering over.

      It’s like DC is going “OMG we need to do an Orgins story for her.” Uh DC No you don’t if people don’t know who the hell these superhero’s are these days then thier living under a rock or in a cave. Just tell a damn story already. POOP OR GET OFF THE POT! so to speak! XD

      • @AgentX

        So the majority of the world has been living under a rock for not knowing who a lot of these characters (including WW) are?

        That’s typical of the kind of comic book reader mentality that makes other comic book fans like myself facepalm and feel ashamed. No one knew who Iron Man was until that movie became huge, now he’s one of Marvel’s most popular heroes. You’d be surprised how many people have never heard of Wonder Woman so to think the entire planet knows is just projecting your own knowledge and being selfish of the rest of society.

        • but to be fair Iron Man was never as popular as Wonder Woman

    • Because you’ve seen a talking raccoon and a walking tree work on film? Where did you get the advanced copy?

      Also, here is something Marvel DOESN’T have: a female LEADING superhero.

      What were you saying again?

      • I find people also have to keep in mind that the talking Raccoon and all exist in a Universe that is very light hearted and comic booky, hence why it would work perfectly. Wonder Woman in a realistic setting is still kinda difficult to pull off without being cheesy.

      • Yes it does Carol Danvers/Miss Marvel the woman who gave Rogue her powers. Look your stuff up man she’s a member of the Avengers and a long standing character in the MU.

        • He meant on film.

  15. Tall, athletic, love interest… how is this not Catwoman?

    • NO CATWOMAN! OK She’s Over done Time in and Time out she’s always shoved down peoples throats. I’m sick of seeing it really. I’ve read comics for 15 years and have tried with every ounce of my being to like her and I’ll tell you one thing. She’s ONE DIMENTIONAL! Talia would be a FAR BETTER choice as the writer has stated! It’s time to WAKE UP it’s not the Catwhore Show!

      • I love Catwoman, but I agree. They have done her enough, their are plenty of other female characters to use.
        That said, Talia isn’t a much more creative choice either, being that they just did her. Granted they did her very poorly, but the same could be said of the latest Catwoman too.

        • Woah, woah, slow down there.

          Talia and Catwoman were “done poorly”?

          I completely disagree here.

  16. Here’s a thought. The Kryptonian ship was crashed on Earth for thousands of years. The survivor(s) integrated with the humans and that is how the Amazons get created. So while there is some Kryptonian DNA in the Amazons, thousands of years of evolution would have passed. Clark would be a straight up full-blooded alien who needs the sun, but the Amazons don’t because they had time to evolve.

  17. a little off topic but i think ben afflec should be given a chance. When heth ledger was casted as joker everyone i knew was like “the gay guy from broke bake mountain?!?!? thats gunna suck!!” and we all know how that turned out.

    i dont think its talia or catwomen since there not needed for a share universe or a justice league movie to happen. i think its wonder women or supergirl(she was hinted alot by snyder) but id rather it be wonder women

    • Don’t worry, Ben will get his chance. Don’t let most of these fanboys fool you, no matter how much they complain, most of them are not skipping a movie with the two most iconic superheroes ever in it.

    • I BELIEVE in BEN AFFLECK! Sure he’s done a share of Bombers… But then again so has Chistian Bale, and even Heath Ledger.. And they delivered good. I’m not listening to the Fanboys who live in thier mommy’s basements I’m going to wait and see. I know Ben will do great. He’s proven what he can do with The Town, Argo, and other movies so he’s grown since the bombers.


  18. No Gina Carano she can’t act…Alison Brie I just want to see her in spandex. :p she defiantly has to play a super hero!

    • She would make a decent Barbara Gordon, imo

      • Alison Brie, I mean. Not Gina Carano.

  19. I don’t think so, I think it will be a great idea for Wonder Woman to star in her own motion picture

  20. AFAIC, Wonder Woman or Diana Prince showing up for a cameo would not be a bad thing at all. Though the first thoughts to pop into my head when reading this rumor last week was Selina Kyle or Barbara Gordon. Talia Al-Ghul makes sense too.

  21. Well, having Wonder Woman at his side would certainly be one way that Batman could bring Superman to his knees…

  22. If this is true I might just be interested in the movie and wipe away the bad casting of Ben Afleck.

    • You still think Affleck being cast is bad?

      You must be incredibly $tupid.

      • Calling people stupid now dazz… you were in a room with that comment you be first one popped right in the mouth with that nonsense. You dont like ether02′s comment, please get under a rock where you are from, opalocka or any pocka or do us a favor and go to another website where your ignorant comments are welcomed.

  23. Could be a girl Robin like in The Dark Knight Returns?

  24. I swear if they use Wonder Woman as nothing more than a sex object and a romantic ploy, I will punch something.

  25. I could see Alison Brie being either Wonder Woman or Batgirl. Emily Blunt would make a good Talia, IMO. And Yvonne Strahovski would make a good Supergirl.