Will Wonder Woman Appear in ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

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Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

It took weeks for DC fans to process the fact that Batman would be rebooted as the antagonist of Man of Steel 2 – tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman – only to have their expectations blown out of the water when Ben Affleck landed the part. Considering just how divisive Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel remains, we had assumed that Warner Bros. was through courting controversy after those bombshells.

But since the sequel has been officially announced, more and more rumors have continued to appear. The most explosive of which concerns the possibility of seeing the DC universe’s most famous female cameo – or even play a major role – alongside Batman and Superman. We have to ask: will Wonder Woman actually appear in Batman vs. Superman?

It seemed a safe assumption that with both the dark knight and the big blue Boy Scout sharing the screen (with rumors of a Lex Luthor casting refusing to die), Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder had their hands full. So when word came out that the filmmakers were apparently looking to cast a female lead as Bruce Wayne’s love interest, little was thought of it. But as time passed, the casting call seeking out women who were both “tall” and “possessing physicality” got the rumor mill working overtime.

Now it seems those rumors are turning into… more rumors. The main question being speculated upon: is Zack Snyder secretly casting the DC movie universe’s Wonder Woman? It’s an easy question to ask, and an easy rumor to be excited by, but before anyone gets ahead of themselves, allow us to weigh in with our thoughts on the matter.


Why It Could Be True

Justice League Movie Launch DC Universe Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

There’s a case to be made for the old adage that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” and if the studio was actually looking for potential Wonder Woman actresses, opening up casting for an unnamed character who is tall, strong, physically fit and of just about any ethnicity is a good way to do it quietly. But as Bruce Wayne’s love interest? There’s certainly evidence in the history of DC Comics for a bit of romance between Bruce and Diana.

Taking things a step farther, we’ve already stated our belief that a modern Wonder Woman movie would be groundbreaking for several reasons - one of which is a strong parallel between Diana’s likely entry into the modern world and that of Kal-El in Man of Steel. With Zack Snyder’s insistence on telling a realistic Superman story, it seems logical that Warner Bros. would prefer a Wonder Woman film where Diana doesn’t arrive in Times Square, sporting a golden lasso and an eagle spread across her bust.

If Diana is going to investigate the world of man, placing herself close to Bruce Wayne/Batman would make perfect sense (and is it any coincidence that Superman would also be in close proximity?). Who knows: with the older, wiser and more experienced Batman Affleck will apparently be playing, his teaming up with Wonder Woman to bring a green, inexperienced Superman into their budding super-team would tell a completely new story, while staying true to the essence of each character (and pack serious potential for action sequences).

New 52 Superman Wonder Woman Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

At this point, it’s hard to be surprised at any announcement made by Snyder or Warner Bros. – a fact that seems to be occurring to casting agencies already. According to BleedingCool, the latest casting calls are seeking out a woman who is between 25 and 33 (or at least “gives the impression” of that age range), and must be physically strong. While Warner Bros. won’t confirm any more details, some agencies are playing it safe and assuming that they’re sending Wonder Woman candidates.

It’s impossible to tell if any of the actresses we’ve nominated to play Wonder Woman are among the group, but at this point the assumptions are based on speculation, so this is far from a smoking gun. And if we’re honest, may end up being a serious case of wishful thinking.


Why It’s Hard To Believe

Wonder Woman 1 Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

For starters, the leap from a “tall, younger, physically strong actress” to “we’re casting Wonder Woman” is a pretty massive one – this is a superhero film, after all. And if screenwriter David S. Goyer’s comments claiming that production on the film is much farther along than people realize are accurate, Snyder and co. don’t exactly have time for a thin actress to hit the gym, pack on muscle, and go through fight training. Unless, of course, they were actually casting a character as iconic as Wonder Woman.

Is it possible that the plan is to cast Diana before people even realize it, introduce her in the film in some small capacity, and save her full reveal for the third film, be it Justice League or a standalone adventure? It’s possible. But besides the fact that Warner Bros. has been quite open about their unwillingness to formulate a rigid road map years in advance, we can’t help but think that if that were the case, the actress’ height and build wouldn’t be the top of their list. It also wouldn’t qualify as the “leading role” currently being reported.

Warner Bros. has even supported that assumption, with DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson explaining that nobody knows how important it is to launch Wonder Woman successfully better than they do:

“We have to get her right, we have to. She is such an icon for both genders and all ages and for people who love the original TV show and people who read the comics now. I think one of the biggest challenges at the company is getting that right on any size screen.

“She has been, since I started, one of the top three priorities for DC and for Warner Bros. We are still trying right now, but she’s tricky.”

Wonder Woman Fan Made Short Film Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

Fans don’t need any refreshers on just how badly a Wonder Woman project can go off the rails. David E. Kelley’s defunct NBC pilot aside, Warner Bros. seems to be playing it safe, delaying the proposed Amazon origin series for The CW until it could be re-written, re-tooled, and hopefully done right. With all that in mind, it’s hard to imagine they’re also in the midst of casting by holding open auditions for just about any young actress.

We might have believed that was possible after Cavill was chosen above more established North American actors, but with Affleck now in the bag, it seems less likely they’re willing to take a risk on an unknown. That being said, there are a LOT of other female characters that could be playing a leading love interest in the sequel, with serious ramifications for not only the plot of Batman vs. Superman, but the larger DC universe beyond.


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  1. Alexandra Dadario she is 26 … Gorgeous blue eyes and the assets ;)

    • I second Alexandra Dadarrio!!!

    • If this was for Amazon or another TV version of Wonder Woman, I’d agree. I can’t see her measuring up next to Affleck and Cavill, however. I do like her, though.

    • She looks like she’d fit better on the disney channel. IMO

  2. Will be tricky to do.

  3. I would like to see WW, even if just as a cameo or credits appearance.

    Then make the 3rd movie BvSvW (that would irritate MoS fans).

    • A Trinity film would be pretty cool, I find.

  4. its got to be supergirl from the empty pod on the ship

    • I don’t think it’ll be either Wonder Woman, Batgirl or Supergirl. Wonder Woman is too huge of a character to just chuck into a Superman film that’s already introducing a new Batman. Maybe as a cameo at the end of the film is my guess. Batgirl also seems somewhat unlikely for me, Jim Gordon will already be a pretty big leap to be included in the film. Not that it’s unwelcome but I don’t see it happening. As for Supergirl, wouldn’t she end up being 1000 years old or something? Plus, having her in the series would most likely devote the whole film to a ‘new Krytponian’ kinda storyline, which I’m not too enthusiastic about. In the end, if the casting call is strictly the the physicality, age and no mention of being a love interest, my guess is Mercy Graves.

      • Sorry, that wasn’t suppose to be a reply.

    • Thank you!

      I hope they don’t totally botch that detail and omit it till movie 14

  5. Wanna see Zack’s version of a superhuman who can actually fight. Better action than MoS. Am glad that Nolan isn’t involved cause Sups just isn’t his game.

  6. easy to do if they start her out in some strange Amazon land and some city people crash there while she has to protect them from dangers all around including her main villain Cheetah, then for the sequel she ends up in the city it would be something totally different from the first film and just as good. a great way to show two different movies and change element from film to film. also would be nice to see her have to adapt to a change in environment and someone else have to kinda protect her and show her around.

  7. I’ll go with the “Open pod Supergirl theory”. Too soon for WW, she will be introduced in the batman stand alone movie IMO.

  8. Wonder Woman merits a film all her own.

    Gemma Arterton.

    But I’m beginning to “wonder.”

    There’s been so much talk about Batman. Now, Wonder Woman. Is this a “quasi” sequel to MAN OF STEEL?

    Everyone is being talked about EXCEPT Superman.


    • So true! People keep forgetting this is a SUPERMAN movie!

      • Actually, I’m starting to get the impression that this isn’t necessarily a Superman movie either, rather a DC UNIVERSE movie.

      • You mean they WISH they could forget.

        As for Lex.. just shave Clancy Browns head.. job done, that’s the only thing that could save this franchise now… and the only reason I would dive in this late after giving MoS a firm miss.

        • Didn’t miss anything here, and I’m certainly not missing Man of Steel when it hits stores Nov. 12 on Blu-Ray. ;)

    • Gemma is my choice as well

    • Gemma doesn’t look anything like Wonder Woman and she was terrible in Hansel and Gretel.

  9. I hope to see Supergirl again in this shared universe aswell as Batgirl in Batman’s solo franchise down the road. I hope WW’s appearance is a cameo in the film or Lois Lane is in between the two men. Id like to see what WW can do in her own solo outing then join up in the Justice League film. I wonder till this day what script treatments Whedon had for a WW film.

  10. It’s for Mercy Graves.

    • I’m thinking that’s possible too, assuming they ARE going to introduce Lex.

  11. Batman needs a trick or two up his sleeve to take on Supes…

    …Diana could be that trick. *ahem*

  12. It would be a waste to go through all the trouble of casting and preparing someone for the role only for a cameo. It’s not like a comic book where someone is simply drawn. This is something they need to put some sustained focus on. I think this is definitely a rumor, but if there is any truth to it (other than in brief dialog or something), then this production has gone off the rails.

  13. “But besides the fact that Warner Bros. has been quite open about their unwillingness to formulate a rigid road map years in advance…”

    Is anyone else worried about this statement? It seems the clearest indication yet that WB are just being reactive in their filmmaking rather than having a clear understanding of the direction they want to take their movie-verse. I loved Nolan’s first 2 bat films but was a little disappointed with DK Rises. As for MOS, there were some moments that were good, but on the whole I didn’t like the movie. Add to this the Batfleck controversy and now the above statement, and I’m rapidly approaching the time where I probably won’t go and see anymore DC movies.

    Back to the topic in question, in terms of casting the most logical person would have to be Talia. However, as she’s already been in the movie (and killed off) I don’t see how they would bring her into it, unless they’re thinking of introducing the lazarus pits, which is unlikely given Synder’s statement about making these movies more realistic (which i personally think will prove to be a mistake in the long run).

  14. Why is no one assuming this female character will tie up the loose end from MoS and the casting is for Kara Zor-El?

    • This makes the most sense to me. Not a reach at all.

    • Because you’re using logic, internet won’t forgive you!

    • …because the height requirement part goes against how Supergirl has been depicted in the past.

      She has always been drawn to be considerably smaller when standing next to any of the other JL members.

  15. either way…seems like a lot to throw in a non JL movie

  16. If it weren’t for this site, I’d consider it a stroke of genius to have Wonder Woman appear in a rather nondescript role of love interest caliber, maybe show here and there that she’s far from a damsel in distress with a pretty face that has some spine to her and can take care of herself (though this should only be hinted at so there’s enough room for Bats and Supes) … come the ‘obligatory’ post-credits scene where she finds herself all alone (without Batman’s protection) in a badly lit alley, assaulted by a bunch of thugs – and, with a grin of pleasant anticipation on her lips, she whips out her skill-set and crushes them almost instantly. I think, that would be enough of an appetizer/set-up for the Trinity movie (that should definitely happen before Justice League to establish these big players sufficiently).

    • Just to preclude any kind of misunderstanding: when I prefaced my entry with “If it weren’t for this site”, I was, of course, talking about SN’s rumor density regarding upcoming blockbusters – which is greatly appreciated on my part.

  17. “But besides the fact that Warner Bros. has been quite open about their unwillingness to formulate a rigid road map years in advance”

    Not true. Tsujihara just said they have 10-12 in the making.

    • Its obviously Katana LOL

      • *sigh* …wrack a diciprine…

  18. I still think that their best option is to use Superman/Batman series Public Enemies and “Supergirl” to tie all of this together. I understand that want of “The Dark Knight Returns”, but I think they are using that more to define the Detective, older side of Batman; not the overall story arc. With Supergirl introduce, then we could get a glimpse of WW….

  19. I don’t care what the hell people say, a Zack Snyder made Wonder Woman movie would amazing. Like 300 and Man of Steel combined! In a good way mind you. Would be a spectacle to behold.

    • I also think that a “300 + MoS” take on WW could be awesome, full throttle.

    • Agreed. He could make Wonder Woman stand out among other comic book films.

  20. “seeking out a woman who is between 25 and 33″ sorry, way to old to be Supergirl. She would be more like 16-22 looking… same for Batgirl more like 18-25, ether way, it’s more likely they are casting for one of the other character speculated.

    • Well, it’s very possible a 25-28 year old could play a 20-24 year old. Happens all of the time. Not sure how old Super Girl is supposed to be but the actress’ age shouldn’t really matter within reason.

    • Kal was 33 in MOS and Kara is older than Kal, so casting an actress between 25 and 33 sounds about right.

  21. Speaking of 300, as a side comment…Lena Headey would make an awesome Queen Hippolyta ala Queen Gorgo.

    • Oh dude, that would be awesome!!!

    • I have also thought this. I’m kinda hoping for a Lucy Lawless or Lynda Carter cameo for that role. Or even as Hera.

    • Seriously?

      Lena Headly is a pig in knickers.

      • You always say such intelligent things…


  22. I would love to see Wonder Woman however, If she has to play The Bat’s Girlfriend, It will be as Diana Prince and not as Wonder Woman. All along Bruce knew of her identity but did not thik it should be wise to tell Sup and right at the end or the after credit, She is revealed with the Lasso… Quite unlikely however possible. Or if she is Wonder Woman while being the Bat’s Girlfriend, then they will reveal themselves to Sup and by the next Man of Steel movie, They will introduce the Trinity. :)

  23. I think its Wonder Woman. In fact I hope it is if they are striving for a Justice league Movie. I think some aspect from the story line of Superman Batamn Apocalypse with modifications because Wonder Woman and Supergirl are in it. And they can use the excuse of Darkseid taking Supergirl for the explanation of where she has been. But it can be used as a subplot to jump start a Justice league Movie with Darkseid.

    It is starting to feel like everyone else’s movie but Superman. But I try to look at it as a short cut to the Justice League movie. So i guess an appearance in Mos 2 would be a good thing.

  24. First of all, great article Andrew. Really enjoyed it. Second, I think Wonder Woman and Supergirl are most likely. I don’t see Snyder adding Batgirl or Catwoman or something. Wonder Woman may be pitched to casting agencies as a “lead”, not for this movie, but for the next one and just give her a cameo in BvS. On the other hand, Wonder Woman may the reason they stop fighting each other and work together. She may be presented as strong enough to give Superman pause and level headed enough to present Batman with a logical argument as to why he can trust Superman.

    While I wouldn’t want to see the screen crammed with the entire DC Holy Trinity in the second installment of the DCCU, there is a lot that can be accomplished by having all three there. I think one of the reasons The Avengers worked was because no single character had to carry the movie and the audience was allowed to focus on the relationships between all the characters. Perhaps having all three would take some responsibility away from each actor and allow a more dynamic story. If it is Wonder Woman, I hope to see Jaimie Alexander, Gina Carano, or Alexandra Daddario. Each one sort of fits a different presentation of Wonder Woman but I think they’d all do well in the role. Jaimie is beautiful, strong, and could play the level headed WW I was talking about. Gina is also beautiful, strong, but more along the lines of “punch first ask questions later.” Alexandra would be the young, inexperienced WW; just off the island and exploring the world of Man.

    All that being said, Supergirl is a possibility. Just watch Batman Superman: Apocalypse. As cool as that would be, I don’t think it would allow much time for Snyder and crew to address the fallout from MoS like he said they would. I’m goin with Wonder Woman but, all in all, I’m glad we’ll be seeing some kind of strong female lead, even if it’s a villain.

  25. I think Ben Affleck will fit the older wiser seasoned batman perfectly but I think Wonder Woman should only get a cameo as this is still suspose to be a superman movie that had to focus on Clark and lois as well as bats and lex maybe in other words if you start throwing heros in the story becomes packed and not good

  26. A Trinity film could be fun, but I’d also like to see them begin building the Bat family and finally get away from origin stories.

  27. Sorry guys, but my pick i think is the best “Serinda Swan”.

    • She’s got the look but I don’t think she’s an experienced enough actress to pull off Wonder Woman.

  28. I do hope it’s just a small role if they do have her in MoS 2. In general, I am excited for the movie, but I still think it’s too soon. I rather have a full fledged MoS 2 first, then they can introduce Batman in MoS 3. Having a Trinity movie before Justice League will ruin the nerdgasm for me and some. What made The Avengers so neat was that after so many years we finally see the crew assembled in one movie. Having a Trinity movie first will ruin that feeling and experience in my opinion. Regardless, this is just what I feel and I’m sure people are excited for the movie nonetheless.

  29. I won’t deny that I would love a Diana cameo, but I will only believe that when I see it. Mercy Graves seems a likely inclusion although perhaps not as a lead. Supergirl will probably be referenced at least. I do not really expect any Bat-related characters to appear outside of Bruce and maybe Jim Gordon.

    Lynn Collins is my WW pick. Jaime Alexander is already Sif; that alone makes it highly unlikely for her to be cast as Diana. I’ve thought about Alice Eve as Kara. She seems like a good counterpart to Cavill.

    • Lauren Cohan is my new favorite as far as Wonder Woman’s casting is concerned. I did favor Jaimie Alexander for a while but she’s a Marvel girl and has expressed disinterest in the role the last couple of years.

    • Rumor is that Sif dies in The Dark World. If that turns out to be true, it would free her up for a new contract. Even it weren’t true, she’s a supporting role that appears only in Thor movies. I don’t really think that makes it highly unlikely for her to be cast.

      I don’t really think Lynn Collins has the look. I’d put Gina Carano before her on my list of WW actresses.

      • I wish that Gina Carano would get a role that would ahow if she can carry a movie like WW or not. If she can she would be my number one choice for WW. I feel she was made for this role.

        • I agree. Physically, she is to Wonder Woman what Patrick Stewart is to Professor X. She hasn’t had any roles that would show me she can act well. I’m still pulling for Jaimie Alexander but Gina Carano is my second pick. I think if the script is good enough she could still be great in role.

          • You know, an actress can be elevated by good direction, but the physicality of being a martial artist, that’s not something you learn easily. When I see Gina Carano physically, I can see her being WW because I can see her being a brutal warrior you do not mess with. That’s something a director can’t elevate or teach you. WW might be a feminist icon, but she’s not exactly as feminine as the avarage woman. (Nor is the avarage man as manly as Cavill, so it’s not a gender specific thing.)

            Now I want a descent actress, because I want a descent character, but if I have to take a risk on either physicality or acting talent, I’d rather go for the latter if there’s a good director and script on board. Because I’m tired of seeing thin pretty girl models act as if they can fight. Not saying Carano’s the only one, but I see people mentioning actresses and I’m really like give me a break. I want an actress who can convey a real woman AND a real warrior. Sorry to say, but most actresses imo can’t pull that off in the way necessary for WW imo. Taking into account the physical appearance of WW (white, black hair, if possible blue eyes.) Carano’s the only one I can think of who fits every aspect imo.

            • Yeah Carano definitely gets point for being able to kick my ass IRL. And while some didn’t like Cavill, Snyder and the rest of the cast made him better. And honestly I think stoic Kal-El isbetter better than campy Superman by ‘leaps and bounds’. So if Carano was cast as Diana I wouldn’t have beef with it. I still like Morena for it though.

              • I don’t find him stoic. I find Cavill plays a more introverted Clarke, and I LOVED it. I’ve seen MoS multiple times and I can see the characters thoughts in his eyes. Cavill does really give a performance, he’s very different in interviews, much more open. This Clarke has a cautiousness about him he got from Jon Kent, clearly. It makes it al the more humane when he snaps and can’t control himself, like when Zod attacks his mother. And harm does come from it. And during the film he does open up the character more and more. But I just feel he gave Superman an attitude that truly speaks of a God who grew up in a world that isn’t his by nature, but is his by upbringing. He gave Superman a slight sense of always being a foreigner, there’s something there that makes him (*drumroll*)… alien…

                We’ll see how it stacks up against a man who’s made golden smiles and controlling his anger a perfected weapon.

                • Sorry forget to delete the golden smiles thing, was a reference to Clarke finally smiling at the end of MoS2.

      • I just, personally speaking, believe it highly unlikely that WB would cast Wonder Woman with the very actor who has already played the arguably most similar (looking at least) counterpart Marvel character. They could, but I do not think that they will.

        Carano, I have not seen in a film, so I cannot say. But acting ability is very important if a WW film is going to reach its full potential. Is Carano a legitimate dramatic actress? I dunno…

        • To add, what if Chris Evans seemed like the best choice to play Superman, and his contract with Marvel was expiring? I realize that CA is a much more visible character than Sif, but the idea…