‘Batman vs. Superman': WB Producer Reveals Robin & Batman Drones

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Batman vs. Superman Batman Drones and Robin Confirmed Batman vs. Superman: WB Producer Reveals Robin & Batman Drones

The Interwebs continue to sweep-up whatever Batman vs. Superman bits are trickling out of DC/Warner Bros.’ air-tight lockdown around the film, resulting in a whole lot of possibilities, but few confirmed facts.

However, that trend may be changing as of today, which brings much more solid evidence than ever that certain aspects of the film – which  have been the subject of rumor for the last few weeks – could indeed be true. But as tends to be the case, new answers lead to more questions….

A tweet from producer Daniel Alter (HitmanKane & Lynch) has seemingly confirmed the longstanding speculation that Batman will have an estranged sidekick (presumably Dick Grayson) in the sequel. But that’s not all:

Bat-drones, you say?

Ever since this movie’s announcement, we’ve known that director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer would be drawing inspiration from some Batman/Superman comic book storylines – the most notable being Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns finale, which saw the two titans go at it. (Snyder even used a quote from that battle to announce the film at the Comic-Con 2013). However, if the scenario Alter referred to is indeed part of the Batman vs. Superman storyline, it seems that the film will be borrowing from some additional sources as well – such as Mark Waid and Alex Ross’s seminal storyline, Kingdom Come.

In that iconic miniseries, we’re given a vision of an alternate future where the original Justice League has (for the most part) retired, due to the rise of a whole new generation of superhumans. Getting to the point: in the story, an elderly Bruce Wayne maintains control of Gotham City using an army of robotic Bat-sentries that he controls from the reclusive confines of his cave (a similar idea was more recently explored in the Batman Incorporated comic book). When superhuman battles begin to cause mass destruction across the globe, Wayne partners with Lex Luthor to form a coalition of non-powered humans to keep “Superman and his ilk” in check.

(See gallery above for Kingdom Come and Batman Incorporated concepts of the Bat-drones and Batman’s exoskeleton armor.)

Interestingly enough, that same storyline saw Wayne eventually don the sort of exoskeletal Batman armor designed for combat against Superman – could that be the costume that Kevin Smith recently gushed over?. Meanwhile in the Kingdom Come continuity, Dick Grayson had broken away from the militant Bruce Wayne and adopted a whole new superhero guise: that of Red Robin.


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  1. All I can think about right now: after Mark Waid’s hilarious negative overreaction to Man of Steel, using more of his work as material for the sequel sure sounds like a kick in the groin…

    • What was that? I didn’t hear about it.

        • Thanks for the link.

  2. Seems to me that a lot of people moaned and groaned over another super rich non-super powered heroes use over “drones” in his last movie.

    While I like the idea behind the new Batman in this upcoming movie, I would also like to say, rip-off.

    Seriously? DC just can’t handle comic book adaptation movies. Superman is overpowered. The last Batman had barely any Batman in it. Greenlantern was never allowed to shine and Wonder Woman is “Tricky”.

    I don’t see DC catching up with that other universe anytime soon.

    • Rip off?

      You do know these characters existed before movies were made of them. As the article stated, the Batman drones are from a Batman comic.
      So who ripped off who? Not saying it IS the other way around, but comics have been borrowing plot points from other comics since their creation. There will be yet more overlap to come. So what?

      And if by catching up, you mean going all cutesy kidsy, no thanks.
      I look forward to having two big screen comic book universes that differ in tone.

      • example: Thanos is a rip-off of Darkseid, but you know if DC decided to use him for JL, everyone will be complaining! )

        • +1000

          • Agreed. DawnTreader seems to have completely missed the part where DC did it in their comics before Marvel did it in this year’s movie and no doubt it’s been done countless times before that.

            • This is why I love Marvel, but STRONLY dis-like Marvel MOVIE fans.

              They seem to think that when it goes on the silver screen its THE FIRST TIME it has ever been seen.

              • DC fans are just as partial.

                • There are DC fans? Do they not have an Internet connection then?

                  Jokes aside, even though WB really started the whole CBM thing, all I seem to read is all the different ways DC “ripped off” Marvel.

                  Which if they were talking about the comics they would have some valid points to make. It’s usually a ‘since 2008 and on the big screen only’ kinda point though.

                  For instance, see Dawntreader above,

                  That said, if the tables were turned, I am sure it would be the DC MOVIE fans driving me nuts right now.

                  • Any of them on either side willing to perpetuate this so-called war just bugs me big time. Like Dr Mindbender, for example, who never misses an opportunity to denigrate Marvel.

                    The reality of things is that though DC did create the very first superheroes, after that, both companies have constantly ripped off each other – in the comics at least – but also have retained their creative differences and occasionally worked hand in hand on crossovers. They’re not the mortal enemies their own fans make them out to be, just two competitors who have no interest whatsoever in destroying each other.

                    That being said, to elaborate on your post from yesterday, Marvel did start the whole shared cinematic universe thing some 5 years ago. DC’s only catching up now and it seems Fox is about to follow suit. Poor Sony who only have Spidey to toy with…

                    • The Doc may just suffer from the same thing I do. Usually anyway.
                      An unwillingness to praise the parts of Marvels game we like just because is has become so fashionable to ride their bandwagon while throwing stones at DC.

                      I agree with you though, for the most part this exists in the minds of the fans alone. A side effect of our fractured society that seems to crave division.

                    • I think I just hit by a 20 ton truck of irony…

                      Am I the only one who still knows how to use the gray matter located between the ears?

                    • Really Doc? With your neverending bashing of Marvel, you don’t exactly strike me as knowing how to use your grey matter.

                    • Sorry bfg666, I’m inclined to agree with the Doc.
                      You come off as anti-DC more than he comes off as anti-Marvel.
                      Not saying this is true, only giving the perception of an outside observer. Don’t bother disagreeing, I have only stated my opinion, which means you don’t get to correct me. That IS what I HAVE SEEN. Whether I saw it correctly or not.

                      Also, I’ve never seen him mention you by name in a conversation you weren’t involved in. He was not partaking in this little “rip off” conversation, yet you felt inclined to mention him by name for the sake of making an antagonistic comment.

                    • And before you say it, yes I have seen him make derogatory statements about Marvel.
                      The difference is he is usually only doing it when responding to somebody who was, as I said earlier, throwing stones at DC.

                    • After reading more, I change my mind on this one.
                      I’m going with equal parts on both siides,

                      I’m thinking the two of you should just ignore one another

                    • Did your change of mind include the bit where I “come off as anti-DC?” Because I really would like you to point me to wherever I did so.

        • +1000

          I cant wait (sarcasm) to face palm while I roll my eyes when the Marvel Movie Fanboys/girls come out in droves to edumacate us all about DC “ripping off” Thanos.

          Why do we have to pick sides at all? I love em both, and look forward to YEARS AND YEARS of great movies from both camps.

        • Wait, wait… I have an even better example.

          The Avengers themselves are well known to be created to compete with the Justice League. I believe Fantastic 4 was Marvels first attempt to copy the success of JL, and Avengers came after. I may have that order confused though. Either way, Justice League was first.

          Just to be clear, I don’t, and never did, care. I love both sets of characters. If you allow yourself to get caught up in who copied who your head might explode because BOTH companies did it. Quite a bit.

          • You’re right the fantastic four was marvel’s answer to the jla and then the avengers.

          • Now a couple examples of DC ripping Marvel off would be nice. Just for good measure.

            • Of the top of my head I believe Aquaman is a Namor copy.

              But I quite clearly stated both companies do it, trying to follow it is difficult because it was done so much.

              My point wasn’t to reverse DC rips off Marvel to Marvel rips of DC, it was: who cares, enjoy the damn stories and stop with the constant comparisons.

              • Yeah, my point exactly too.

      • HA,that’s funny. Some of my friends think ALL comicbook movies are kiddy movies 😀

        • Cool, I would like a person who would take their children to see Blade, Dredd, 300, Sin City, Road to Perdition, or a History of Violence.

          • Don’t forget V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Fritz the Cat, Heavy Metal, 2 Guns, and Bullet to the Head.

            • How could I?

              although… I have never watched Fritz the Cat, any good?

              • Don’t know about the movie. The books are VERY caustic and s3xual. It’s not pr0n but Fritz has a dirty mind!

                • ^^^ Whoops

                  Switching back and forth between who we are posting as too quickly, eh?

                  • ?

                  • Ok Doc, I just got done defending you saying you don’t seem to go looking for a fight with bfg666 and here you are doing it.

                    All he did was answer a question I had happened to ask somebody else. Doesn’t mean he HAS to be both posters.

                    • I think you misunderstand what I am pointing out here.

                    • Fair enough.
                      I think I need to butt out of the arguments the two of you have anyway.
                      I’m starting to think the two of you just love to hate on one another! :)

                    • @Doc: Oh, because that intervention was supposed to make sense? Enlighten me then…

                      @Dragon: I don’t hate him. I just find his anti-Marvel stance irritating.

      • Rip-off like this: I in all of my in-and-out history with Batman and DC comics have NEVER heard of Batman using drones. When I read Batman having drones in the movie I was like “wtf? this isn’t Batman, why are they using drones-?” There are plenty – PLENTY – of Bat-gadgets to use and plenty of real-life tech that is perfectly relevant for Batman to use. And yet…

        And yet.

        And yet, they choose this time, the summer after Ironman went Iron-nuts and deployed an entire army of armored autonomous fireworks spectacle, Batman in Man Of Steel: Batman is suddenly doing the *exact same thing*. Ugh really? OF ALL THINGS.

        That plus the X-men DoFP having their own drones as well, which this whole thing reminds me of (but at least they have a very distinct storyline where the robots were featured very prominently)

        DawnTreader is really justified in his argument. This is far too specific, random and recent to be just a coincidence. I just hope it’s only a small part that made big news. And please jesus don’t make them look like the cartoon bots like in the pictures. ugh.

    • I respectively disagree with this.

      Just teaming up w/ MOS and DK is already sure way to go past 1 billion easy WW.

      • From an icon point of view, Batman and Superman have more stature than all the Avengers combined. Hulk and Captain America are quite well known worldwide, but you would have to throw Spider-Man into the mix to even attempt to even it out.

        Example: I have lived in China and now Thailand for many years, I see Superman shirts and Batman decals on cars on a DAILY basis here. Whether they have a current movie out or not. The only Avenger I see paraphernalia for is Captain America, but it’s a rare occurrence.

        • See, it’s different here in England from the perspective of looking around for the entire 29 years I’ve been alive so far.

          I’ve always seen Batman, Superman, Hulk and Spider-Man merch and logos. That’s it. Nobody else, they were the only known superheroes here until the movies blew up huge and hype and media made them global events where audiences just HAD to go watch them.

          • Yup. Those are the four I would have chosen from back home in the US as well. I only would have added that you see Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man at least twice as much as Hulk.

            The difference is I am talking about poor rice farmers who live in shacks with dirt floors and don’t even own TV’s. Yet they will be wearing a Superman shirt and even be able to say his name, even though they don’t speak English. Think about that, these people maybe know 10-20 English words and one of them is “Superman.”

            There is not even a comparison in this department from my experience living in under developed countries. Marvel will have to keep this pace up for decades to reach that level.

            This isn’t meant as a knock on Marvel or even a statement that one is better than the other. Its really more about longevity, no superhero’s are as ubiquitous as Superman and to a lesser extent Batman.

            • All the turkish and other indian Superman counterfeits might have had a hand in that. Besides, no superhero name is more universal than Superman. In many languages, “super” translates into… “super.”

              • But that jazz further proves the point, what other superheroes have Turkish and Indian rip-off’s?
                Not that I have ever seen this, but I’ll take your word for it.

                  • Dude, I don’t haven’t been feeling well for the last week or so.
                    You can’t make me laugh that hard, it hurts!

                    On the real though, you just made my night, that was too funny!

                    Everybody here should watch the last vid to see that Marvel and DC REALLY can get along!

                    • :) Glad you enjoyed! Get well soon.

    • I’m not sure it’s a Rip-off, but I do agree that DC can’t do these films as well as they should!

  3. 4 point. Device doesn’t let me comment as of late.

    1) Kryptonite weakens Superman over a certain amount of time, not immediately. He’d finish Nolan’s Batman before he goes ‘crybaby’.

    2) Iroman 3 was the s***. I loved how the writers swung their ideas between one another & produced that. Oh… & those comments Buzzing. I can imagine them having so much fun while filming.

    3)I doubt Superman is over powered. Villains like General Zod are pretty average compared to the rest of Superman’s rogue gallery. Doomsday would give Sups a hell of a fight.

    4) What with this ‘catching up to Marvel’ business. So now they have to make as many films as Marvel. I can totally see RDJ rocking the suit at 60 years of age. That’s what I suspect the big bosses are trying to accomplish.

    • No one is saying that DC/WB needs to make as many movies as Marvel. What they’re saying is that DC/WB wants to jump right into JLA and have a fleshed out DC Cinematic Universe without working toward it.

      Look at the state of the DC universe now. They introduced Superman with an origin story. Lois found out Superman was Clark before she found out Superman was Superman. There was no kryptonite in the movie and no mention of anything resembling kryptonite anywhere in the movie.

      Now, in the second appearance of this Superman for their cinematic Universe, we’re going to have a Batman who’s been around long enough to be semi-retired. We’ll likely have Wonder Woman without an origin. Still no mention of Kryptonite. Robin is confirmed as well, and he’s apparently old enough to have had a crime fighting career and become Nightwing.

      They’re rushing it. They want the payday of the DC version of Avengers Assembled now. Green Lantern bombing at the box office shook whatever confidence they had in this plan. Want Affleck to be the new acceptable Batman in a universe not connected to Bale’s rendition? Then don’t make Affleck a retired Batman. Let Superman have another crack at murdering his badguys in a stand-alone movie.

      Marvel gave us a hint at Thanos in 2012. The guy won’t even be the villain until Avengers 3, and that’s not until 2017/2018 maybe. Marvel gave us superheroes and made us want to see them unite. DC is giving us a group and hoping we like the characters individually.

      • “Look at the state of the DC universe now. They introduced Superman with an origin story. Lois found out Superman was Clark before she found out Superman was Superman. There was no kryptonite in the movie and no mention of anything resembling kryptonite anywhere in the movie.”

        Exactly… DC taking things seriously and getting it right. If Lois is as smart as she is made out to be, then this finally got handled the right way. Kryptonite has always been a cop out. Not having Kryptonite shows that WB/DC is taking this seriously and letting us all know that they plan on being inventive and breaking the mold.

        “Now, in the second appearance of this Superman for their cinematic Universe, we’re going to have a Batman who’s been around long enough to be semi-retired. We’ll likely have Wonder Woman without an origin. Still no mention of Kryptonite. Robin is confirmed as well, and he’s apparently old enough to have had a crime fighting career and become Nightwing.”

        Everything from Robin to Wonder Woman is complete conjecture. The only thing that is confirmed is Batman. An established Batman. GOOD. Established Batman is ALWAYS how Batman has been presented. “Still no mention of Kryptonite” GOOD.

        “They’re rushing it. They want the payday of the DC version of Avengers Assembled now.”

        No. This is how you want to view things. That’s your right to do so. Go right ahead, just understand how foolish you sound.

        “Marvel gave us superheroes and made us want to see them unite.”

        Yeah, in Phase 1. So far Phase 2 BLOWS. Not everyone here is keen on chasing that Avengers dragon.

        “DC is giving us a group and hoping we like the characters individually.”

        Uh-huh, and this is according to what exactly?

        My point to all of this: DC isn’t behind in ANYTHING. If you want to stand on-top of “Marvel made a team up first” go right ahead. There are plenty of us that want to be surprised with something new and exciting as opposed to having a formula laid out where you go into a movie already knowing all the things you will and won’t see.

        • Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • “DC isn’t behind in ANYTHING.”

          They are behind in two measures: quantity and quality. Marvel Studios alone (let alone Fox & Sony) releases more movies, that make more money and are objectively better received. People might complain about Iron Man 3 in some corners, but it got way better reviews than MoS and made a ton more at the Box Office.

          The problem isn’t that people think DC ought to follow Marvel; it is just manifest that they are following, and not well.

          • “They are behind in two measures: quantity and quality.”


            I’ll point out that DC actually has more movies than Marvel, and that’s when you will point out that the movies I list don’t count.

            Better reviews and Box Office revenue are not what people talk about years after the fact.

            Is Armageddon a better movie than Fight Club? Is Grown Ups 2 a better movie than Pacific Rim?

            That’s the point I’m making. Neither company is ahead or behind. Framing it the way you are trying to is for fools.

            • Damn you, Doc! Now you’ve got my brain going “which movies would he list that some people would object to?” Sneaky lil G.I. Joe villain aren’t you?

              I’m guessing the Vertigo stuff?

              • Yeah, that and Road to Perdition, A History of Violence, V for Vendetta…

                • the Vertigo stuff… indeed.

                  • Those are not DCverse movies. Notwithstanding the fact these comics were not published in DC’s main line, they don’t even belong in the same universe. Counting them is therefore a little hypocritical of you.

                    Of course, in absolute terms, DC have made substantially more movies and started making them way before Marvel – although that’s not exactly true since they don’t make them themselves but instead have a partnership with Warner, but I’m willing to grant you that.

                    When people say DC have some catching up to do, it’s usually (except for Parmandur and a few other fools) in terms of development of a shared universe like it exists in comics form. Marvel have been doing this since 2008 with 8 films as of now while DC are only currently making their second one. This is not a judgment on the companies themselves or their policies, just an observation. Please stop jumping at our throats for saying so.

                    PS: In what respect does Phase 2 blow, exactly? IM3 and Thor 2 were better than their predecessors. So far so good.

                    • I’m not trying to start a war, but I’m also not going to sit here and say that I liked Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 when ultimately, both movies were set on cruise control with no real reason for either of them to exist.

                    • @bfg666

                      “Those are not DCverse movies. Notwithstanding the fact these comics were not published in DC’s main line, they don’t even belong in the same universe. Counting them is therefore a little hypocritical of you.”

                      No, it’s not hypocritical at all. THEY ARE DC COMICS. What’s hypocritical is taking the approach that they don’t count because they are not the shared DC verse movies. It’s still the DC brand regardless. That’s why I say DC doesn’t have to catch up to anything. As of right now, they are the more diverse brand with much more to choose from.

                      Now, if you take the narrow-minded “start from 2008 and only count the super-hero stuff approach” then yeah, duh… compared to Marvel’s shared movie verse all DC presently has is one movie.

                    • Like I said, the catching up is usually meant in the shared universe perspective. How is that narrow-minded? On the contrary, we’re glad both companies are finally embracing a more ambitious, inclusive approach than their previous “one property at a time, separate from each other” stance. That doesn’t mean we’re dismissing what doesn’t fall in the shared universe category. We just don’t get ahead of ourselves and only compare what’s comparable. Don’t pretend you don’t understand that.

                    • I understand it just fine. When you say DC has to catch up to Marvel what you are REALLY saying is “a specific aspect of DC needs to catch up to the only thing Marvel can produce.”
                      I call that being narrow minded by acting like the superhero stuff is the only stuff that matters.

                    • Why are you so relentlessly trying to downplay Marvel? It’s not “the only thing they can produce,” rather “the only thing they DO produce.” So what? Trying to fit everything they do in one continuity is no small feat by any means. Ask Tolkien. If I had your attitude against DC, I’d be going like: “Meh, DC are dispersing themselves with so many imprints, they suck.” Well I don’t, no matter how hard you’re trying to claim that I do. Unlike you, I’m not in an antagonistic posture. By the way, Thor 2 and IM3 were certainly not on cruise control, they do have a reason to exist in their own right and you’ll see they have further reason once we know how they fit in the greater scheme of the MCU. Stop showing such contempt for all things Marvel, they’re neither better nor worse than the Distinguished Competition.

                    • Don’t ask for my opinion and then fuss and b**** over what I have to say.

                    • I fuss and b****?! I?! Dude, I’m not the one with a bias here. It’s not my fault if you’re unable to have a semblance of objectivity and keep on antagonizing while hypocritically claiming you’re “not trying to start a war.” All you’re doing is constantly putting out a fire with gasoline. Sure, I fuss and b****. Right.

                    • Yes. You are doing it right now. You asked for answers. I gave them. You complained about it.
                      This isn’t about starting a war or denigrating Marvel. It’s giving credit to DC WHERE THEY DESERVE IT instead of constantly propelling the “Marvel is sooooo far out in front idea” which is an idea NOT SHARED by everyone. I provided an argument to back up this claim… and all you did was fuss and b*tch over it.

                      Yes. Fuss and B*tch. Your doing it all over this thread by constantly referring to me by name and dismissing what I have to say and reiterating what you have to say.

                    • “Your (sic) doing it all over this thread by (…) dismissing what I have to say and reiterating what you have to say.”

                      Funny, that’s exactly what I could say about you. Ever heard of the speck and the log? Maybe you should take a cue from that parable. And if opposing measure and reason to your excess is your idea of fussing and b*tching, fine, have it that way but don’t expect me to take you even remotely seriously. Now if you can stop projecting your own shortcomings on me, maybe we can have a grown-ups discussion. Otherwise, I think it’s best we leave it there. Your call.

                    • Ok Doc, I don’t want to jump to conclusions so I am just going to ask.

                      Please tell me you don’t think I am the same person as bfg666.
                      I have been responding to him a good bit because, well, he responds back.

                      I like to converse about this stuff, whether I agree with the person I am talking to or not is irrelevant.
                      As long as they present their arguments in a civil manner. Many posters make good points but never reply to what anybody else has to say. That’s just no fun.

                    • I can confirm we’re not the same person: I’m french while Dragon is american. Also, if we were one, I’d be rather schizophrenic since we’ve had our share of disagreements. But unlike you Doc, we’ve managed to discuss our disagreements without becoming aggressive.

            • $$$ aren’t subjective (though they are relative; Christopher Reeves Superman is still the most successful Superhero movie, once inflation is taken into account).

              Since 2008, Marevl has released 8 movies (not including X-Men or Spider-Man), while DC has 6. Those 8 Marvel movies on average made way more than the DC ones, and were on average better received.

              Next year, 5 different theatrical films based on Marvel properties are being released, while no DC films are being released. The year after, there is one DC movie, and three Marvel films.

              I want DC to do well, which is why their current efforts disapoint me.

              • I respect that, because I wish Marvel movies weren’t what they are becoming… because what I’ve seen since Avengers has done nothing but disappoint me.

                Your narrowing your argument into specifics going the “since 2008″ route.

                And $$$$ are not subjective, but at the same time they also don’t determine quality… which is subjective.

                What I don’t understand is why so many so called “fans” use BO dollars as an argument point, as if they are recipients to that money. All you are left with at the end of the day is the product.

                You say DC is disappointing. I disagree. I’m more stoked to see the next DC product than I am the next Marvel installment.

                (which is funny, because in 2012 I felt the opposite way when comparing the Avengers to TDKR)

                That’s the cool thing about opinions. They all differ for different reasons.

        • AMEN BROTHER!!
          Nothing I want to add! Well said!

      • couldn’t agree more

    • @Sonny: About the kryptonite thing, maybe you should watch the Donner/Synger movies and the Smallville show again. Not sure about Lois & Clark but I think it weakens him immediately as well. Sure, the more he’s exposed the worse he gets, but it does have quite an instant radical effect, at least on TV/film.

      • Why do you seem to base your facts out of TV/Movie first and Comic Book Second?

        These characters are Comic Book characters first and foremost, canon there supersedes movie “canon” in most cases.

        Save maybe for the MCU (and the DCCU if that really happens) based only on the fact that they have to follow the presidents they have now set for their characters. They can’t contradict and earlier movie in order to follow the Comic Book canon.

        Other than that, if you want to talk about how Kryptonite should affect Superman, since there is no current movie example, you should base it out of what the Comics have had to say as opposed to previous movie or TV runs that have long since completed.

        • Which presidents are you referring to?

          • Any storyline in their movies that they have already decided to change from the comic.
            DC example: Lois knows who Superman is.
            Marvel example: Pym did not create Ultron (speculative) or the Mandarin storyline.

            • I might be wrong but methinks Ken was ironizing over the typo. It was pretty funny indeed.

              • 555555555555555
                (I dislike lol, 5 in Thai is pronounced “ha.”)

                The fact that my ipad corrected “precedent” to “president” isn’t all that funny.

                What IS funny is that when I read Ken’s post, even though he very clearly typed president, my brain saw precedent.

                The human brain is a funny machine.

                • 5555555555555

        • Because 1) we’re talking about a movie here 2) to be honest, I don’t know Superman comics that well. I’ve read some but besides Batman, my superhero sensibilities lean towards Marvel. And Invincible (Image Comics).

          • Fair enough, I guess we are on “screen”rant.
            But a movies source material still has to be taken into account.

            • Undoubtedly, but it would be rather hypocritical of me to talk about what I don’t know extensively, wouldn’t it? I just mentioned these because saying kryptonite doesn’t have an immediate effect on Superman isn’t always true, and certainly not on film.

    • Then that means that Nolan’s Batman is a wasted trilogy, but I don’t agree with your assessment.

  4. Daniel Alter hmm I think hes intentions are suspect. Why would WB/Snyder leak information to this guy? He isn’t even a producer for this film. If you were a producer and wanted to raise your profile, for whatever reason, tweeting about plot reveals for Batman vs Superman would be a pretty easy way to go about it.

    If it is true it might be cool, definitely something we haven’t seen before. I wouldn’t worry about Batman being semi-retired, Smith was going bat s*** crazy for the new suit earlier this week so unless he wears it to go shopping or in the gym hes not going to be sat in the Batcave the whole time.

  5. Drones could mean anything from sophisticated crime fighting robots to small bat-like RC helicopters with cameras and other tech. I doubt we’ll know specifics until the film comes out (or maybe trailers) and people going over the deep end or accusing DC of copying Iron Man 3 is unnecessary.

  6. Hmmm… Ben Affleck looks hardly old enough to be semi- retired. Unless they cover him in make- up, I suspect this new Batman will have been forced into retirement. Until he makes an exoskeleton batsuit maybe?

    • I’m guessing you’re taking the “semi-retired” to mean “grey haired, suntanning in Boca Raton,” but if you consider that a real-world Batman would get worn out by the time he was 40, semi-retired is not hard to pull off.

  7. “Drones” – could he mean spy drones, like the small military aircraft Superman took down at the end of MOS or you know, a more sophisticated, “Wayne Industries” take on it?
    I refuse to believe that they’re going to put Bat-bots in to this film; the very suggestion renders ugly images of messy summer blockbusters, which draw good profits and sell lots of toys, but ultimately, are terrible films.
    The Batman of Kingdom Come is much older and worn down than Batfleck, to the point of constantly wearing a hideous exoskeleton in order to keep his broken body together. The comic also takes place some years in to the future, where arguably, robots are more plausible.
    I have no problem with Batfleck using a knuckle duster made out of some sort of kryptonite-composite-alloy-spiel as a means of bloodying Superman up a bit, but this robot talk sounds awfully sketchy to me.

  8. From the tweet, I read it as confirmation that Robin WON’T be in the movie, maybe mentioned or a flashback. It’s the only reasonable way to have him in a Superman movie.

  9. Interesting to say the least. I’m still wondering if this is a Superman movie. Not complaining. Just wondering what the title will be with all these casting additions.

  10. Sounds interesting but i still cant get my head around the VS part of this movie, i wish they would change the name :(

    • There’s no official title yet. I dont like the versus crap either, but I remain hopeful. There’s no official title :]

  11. I think this has as much credence as Simon Pegg tweeting that it is now Khan.

    • *not

  12. Ugh… this is sounding worse with every update. I just want MoS sequel an now sounds like it is turning into crap. I will hope for the best but expect the worst

    • sounds like “Batman The Dark Knight Returns”. Retired, extremly dangerous……

  13. I feel this movie is becoming more about batman then superman, there should at least have been another MOS movie were CK work at the planet & learn to adapt to life as superman & introduction of lex and then maybe at the end bruce wayne is shown and maybe we get a glimpse of the bat suite, Didn’t we have enough batman with TDK series, MOS 1 was like batman begins so why not do MOS 2, also they squeezing in other DC characters i feel this movie is going to be crowded. But im just a random guy so what do i know about doing movies! But the best of luck to snyder and his crew…


    • LOL. Yeah me too.

  15. This excites me. I want to see more stories inspired by the comics.

    • That is the other reason I never understand the “DC is behind” line.
      Not trying to insinuate the opposite is true, the companies are just different.

      With each recent DC movie (other than Green Lantern??) I can see what comics they adapted from, and its usually more than one.

      I find Marvel movies much murkier when trying to figure what, if any, comic book they have adapted plot points from.

      So save myself from any flame, I am not stating which is better or worse. Not even saying I am right, maybe I just dont know the Avenger comic books well enough. Just my own opinion of how the movies come together and which approach I like better.

      • Like I keep on explaining to Dr. Mindbender in every possible way, the “DC is behind” line is understood in terms of development of a shared universe. As for the adapted plot points, at least Iron Man’s are pretty obvious. I’m not sufficiently well-versed in their other Avengers characters to tell.

        • …and like I keep explaining to you…

          The “DC is behind” line is a narrow minded way of viewing these properties, because it completely ignores/discredits every else DC has done by insisting all that matters is the superhero shared universe stuff.

          • +1 to the Doc.

            Seriously, you could say that DC went into the horror thing first with Swamp Thing in the early 80s and Marvel caught up in 98 with Blade.

            Or you could say that DC’s Hellblazer and Marvel’s Man-Thing were both turned into movies and released in 2005 and neither was very good (although Man-Thing was Z-movie crap and Constantine was only decent at best) and agree that as long as comic book movies are made to a certain quality we’re now used to, shouldn’t that be all that matters?

              • They are talking about movie adaptations brother.

          • Jeez dude… will you stop already? You’re the one insisting that I dismiss everything else while I’ve already told you I don’t. It’s not because someone talks about music that he doesn’t acknowledge sculpture. The thing is, sculpture has nothing to do in a debate about music. You’re the one reducing this issue to one of narrow-mindedness on my part while you’re stuck in a locked groove. Please keep your delusional self away from me if you don’t intend to listen to what I say.

            @Dazz: Please don’t start playing his antagonistic game, you’re better than that.

            • Refer to me by name all over this thread, further your ideas by dismissing mine…accuse me of sh*t I don’t do, and then and accuse ME of being antagonistic?

              You’ve got some growing up to do, sonny.

              Sorry I’m not a big fan of phase 2. Next time I’ll try wording it in a way to respect your delicate sensibilities.

              This was a pathetic attempt to try to make me look like an aggressor here.


              • BB…Really, tone it down.

                Switch to decaf.

              • “All over?” I referred to you only TWICE as examples of how people shouldn’t behave. “Don’t do?” That’s rich! Every single time you mention Marvel here is to bash them. Yet you dare claim you don’t do it?! Talk about pathetic… Who’s got some serious growing up to do? Don’t answer that, it was purely rhetorical.

                You’re completely missing the point: it’s not about the lack of Marvel gushing, rather about the excess of Marvel flaming. I know it’s the attitude of the typical low-IQ fanboy but someone as intelligent as your elocution level seems to indicate shouldn’t resort to such lowly behavior. This is what I’ve been trying to make you realize all along.

                • Bullsh*t.

                  I come to DC’s aid because of people like you who choose to incessantly flood DC pages with your “Marvel is ahead” nonsense and then claim that isn’t what you are doing.

                  By the way… check over my posts.

                  The one who resorts to name calling and antagonizing with bait posts is you. That’s why you kept posting “like that Dr Mindbender.” Don’t act so innocent by being passively aggressive.

                  And regardless of who you post as next, or who you change your name to and reply to yourself as next… I will continue to come to DC’s aid when it’s appropriate.

                • @bfg666 & Mindbender – Let’s pull it back a little fellas. Please keep it civil. No finger pointing or name calling, OK? Take a deep breath…nice civil discussion. :)

                  Paul Young – Moderator

                  • I’m trying to, Paul, but when someone is such a pile of aggression, I have to respond. OK, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned him but I only did so as an example of how one shouldn’t act.

                    @Doc: DC doesn’t need your “help,” they’re doing just fine by themselves. And anyway, you don’t come to DC’s aid by attacking Marvel. The George Bushes of the world do that and look how it turned out. It doesn’t have to be DC or Marvel, the world is a little less binary than that.

                    Also, I don’t flood anything, I only address the subject when someone else raises it. That’s called discussion. Maybe you should try that instead of going all huffin’ and puffin’ the moment anyone dares to disagree with your Lordship. Passive-agressive, even though that’s not what I’ve been doing, is still better than aggressive-aggressive.

                    As for your assumption in your last paragraph, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking but it was pretty hilarious to say the least! Why the hell would I bother creating an avatar that I use on every site I visit if it was to use different aliases? You’re not making sense.

                    Now will you keep on baring your fangs every time I say something or can we behave like adults?

        • You missed my point completely.
          And I feel it was pretty well explained.
          So I won’t bother trying again, you just wanted to comment in an indirectly related kinda way.
          Cool, whatever floats your boat.

          Only thing I will say is my opinion was from a comic BOOK fan point of view. Which I am inclined to be of the opinion you are not.

          • Huh, what? What other point was there except the identification of the films’ comic sources? Sure, I started by addressing the “DC is behind” line that you didn’t understand, but that’s not the only thing I said.

  16. Hmmm, interesting stuff…

    I’ve got to say that “Nightwing” seems a lot easier to sell as a serious character than “Red Robin,” although admittedly this is the first time that I have heard of the latter. A picture that I pulled up did not look very good costume-wise (kind of a weird spin on Hawkman almost). Nightwing is dark, cool, and streamlined.

    Also, I really hope that WB does go about creating separate TV and film universes. I mean, it just seems like it would be such a waste to have separate continuities running simultaneously. Not that Arrow/etc and the films need to fetishize their coexistence, but I do not wish them to be redundant of each other.

    • It’s possible that they’re going to draw inspiration from the Red Robin from Kingdom Come to create their take on Nightwing, since it’s the same character but with a different persona.

      I would take Nightwing over Red Robin any given day.

      • I’d take Red Robin if it was the Tim Drake version we have now for even more personal stories in the movies.

  17. Why did you have to join the frenzy then by creating a click bait speculation article?

  18. I initially hated the idea of a batman reboot but with Nolan and Bale gone at least now they can create a more fantastical/sci-fi version of Batman who can survive in a super hero filled universe. This batman should be closer to the comics because that is the only batman we never got to see on the big screen.

    The mainstream audience will HATE this reboot but the kids and the comic fans will appreciate still.

  19. I believe ben will be the 2nd best batman we have every seen I believe bales batman was a lil lame he showed he could fight a lil but they never showed how really smart batman is I believe ben will bring both to the table to say I’m excited would be an understatement I’m super hype

  20. The dark knight was the only good batman movie an ledger made that movie js rises was complete b.s the whole story was trash but ppl love nolan for them I really don’t sre why

    • Because Begins was a great origin story, TDK was a good Joker movie and TDKR was a great movie where the villain was genuinely terrifying.

      If you think about it, Nolan’s movies were all about fear.

      Begins – Scarecrow obviously but also Ra’s there to remind Batman of his fear of failing his parents.

      TDK – Joker being anarchic and creating a fear of the unknown, not knowing what his next move might be and how terrified you’d have to be to try and anticipate before he does something else. Plus the failures when he lost the woman he loved and saw a respected DA turn evil under Joker’s influence and madness.

      TDKR – Bane was a physical threat that broke Batman’s spirit as well as his body. Made him fear he’d failed his city (cue Stephen Amell, “You have failed this city!”)

      • Begins was about Fear, namely Bruce overcoming his own, TDK was about chaos, and TDKR came full circle back to fear but this time Bruce needed to find fear again because fear is the most powerful emotion and he needed that to defeat Bane.

      • I must respectfully disagree that Bane was terrifying.

        I was never able to take him serious because of the voice.

        Good theory on the series being about fear though.

        • If he was right in front of you I bet you’d take him pretty seriously no matter how his voice sounded.

          • Well no s***! lol he could have a voice like Kermit the frog and Yoda (instead of Sean Connery and Darth Vader) and I would only be hoping I could run faster!

            That doesn’t mean I have to think he makes a terrifying movie villain. Shoot, the Ladyboys here in Thailand scare me, that doesn’t mean I want to see them play the next Batman villain.

            • XD

              Seriously though, a ruthless mountain of muscles who doesn’t give a sh*t is pretty terrifying to me regardless of his voice. Even the Joker’s chaos followed a certain logic, however twisted it was. Like the saying goes, there’s method in the madness. Bane was a wild animal.

              • Huh?
                Bane’s plan was far more complex than the Jokers. Actually, it wasn’t even his plan, he was a lackey.
                Talia Al Ghul was the actual villain of that movie.

                This may just be another place we shall have to agree to disagree.

                • I’m not talking about his plan, I’m talking about his random acts of violence.

                  • What random acts of violence? Everything he did seemed to be according to a plan.
                    Talia’s plan.
                    I saw nothing random about anything he did.

                    This could be an interesting debate though. Prove me wrong, cite a random act of violence committed by Bane and I will see if I can illustrate how it was somehow part of the plan.

                    “I am not a schemer. I show the schemer how pathetic their attempts to control things really are.” – The Joker.

                    • Well I remember at least one kill that seemed very random to me but I might have to watch the film again before going into specifics. I’ll get back to you.

    • In that case, Christian Bale should have never been cast as Batman, and Michael Keaton should’ve still been playing him.

      • Hurawl!?!?

    • Baleyard?

      Is that you???

      I think these ideas could prove to be amazing, but as of this moment, EVERYTHING except Batman being in the film is pure speculation…and Batman can help in Kal’s evolution into the inspirational hero so many of us know and want.

    • Regardless of whether you think Bale was a good or bad batman, a 4th Baleman wouldn’t have happened. Nolan didn’t want to keep going and Bale wasn’t going to do it without Nolan.

      • Yes, but also you’d be constrained to the world created by Nolan. At least now you can have the comic book batman even though he’ll only be second best.

    • No.

      So happy you are not involved with making this movie.

      I want to see Batman in a movie for the first time ever. Nobody has EVER put the comic book Batman in a movie. I have faith Synder will be the first to do so. His history of aesthetic reproduction as well as his bear hug from Kevin Smith strengthens my faith.

      Bale had to go for that to happen.

      Loved the Dark Knight Dualogy, but it’s time to movie on.

    • Also, the equal of Bruce Wayne/Batman would be TONY STARK/Iron Man.
      Not RDJ.
      If Snyder was looking to do that, he would not have cast Ben Affleck. They are very different actors.

      This Batman will be VERY different from Iron Man, bank on it.

  21. The picture of Supes and Batman actually shows just how wrong M.o.s was.
    No doubt the sequal will be just as poor.

    • …and you wrote that with a straight face? Really?


      • I’m speaking with regards to the dialogue about killing, not about how it should have looked.
        Though the “shaky-cam” didn’t help.

        • I like shaky cam, and the re-focusing. I find it adds a sense of realism. But I do realize that is just my opinion.

          So, it’s not possible that Kal-El had to LEARN why killing, even when you think it’s your only choice, is wrong?

          Has to be full-fledged Superman right from the start huh? Remember this; Snyder had to CONVINCE Nolan to do this. How did he do that? It most likely isn’t with anything we saw in MOS, but rather where the story is going to go from there.
          Meaning I expect it to be a primary plot point of this next flick.

          If it is not, I may join the “Superman shouldn’t have killed Zod” crowd. If it is, and we are STILL in the middle of the Superman “origin”… I think its genius. Again, just my opinion.

          • Great points, and keep in mind, in the movie he isn’t Superman, per se.
            Just look at the movie credits – “Clark Kent/Kal-El”. The name drop is essentially a very obvious an easter egg; at this point its just a movie about an alien invasion where one of the aliens basically decides to turn against his own kind.

        • You were talking about a picture, not some piece of dialogue.

          • I tend to read the dialogue when I read a comic. I know some people like to just look at the pictures, but I guess I’m different like that.

            • Once I found the pic you are talking about (what a blonde moment! lol) I understood what you meant.
              I disagree of your assessment of the film, but I understood your point.

            • Touché. Then again, despite what Superman says, both have killed before in the comics. There was a time when Bats carried a gun and didn’t have much care for the villains’ lives and even Supes has had to kill a couple times, so this point is pretty much moot. Furthermore, Kingdom Come is a “what if” type of story set in the future, not a Superman: Year One. He’s still on a learning curve in MoS so you might wanna cut him some slack, especially considering he was not exactly happy about the kill, both before (he refrained from doing it as long as he could) and afterwards.

              By the way, is it me or does Supes look A LOT like John Wayne in that picture?

    • Hm?

      Superman being against killing doesn’t mean the death of Zod in M.O.S. was “wrong.” Batman is against killing, even though he’s killed before. Same goes for Supes.

      • Killing him was the only choice he had. Zod even said he would kill everyone on the planet if he wasn’t stopped. Kill him or keep trying to stop him while killing thousands if not millions more people.

        • Yes.

          What are you getting at?

    • um…
      What picture are you talking about?

      • Nevermind. Just realized I missed half the Article!
        Cool, so glad you commented about the pic!

  22. You don’t need an origin movie for everybody. It bogs everything down and we have seen it all before. Seriously, a 2.5 hour origin about an Amazonian woman who is basically a female Superman? The movie can take place during the pinnacle of her “career” or whatever you want to call it and origin bits can be sprinkled in and referred to when needed or necessary to move the plot along. A strong story, screenplay, and cast is all you need for a compelling superhero movie. It doesn’t take 2 hours to tell the audience that Flash was struck by lightning while messing with chemicals or whatever origin is decided for him.

    • +1

  23. Red Robin, you say?


    • Back again Darryl?

      • Not sure if Daryl is male or female. Regardless, there is absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality and one’s sexual preference. But what you are saying on a movie website is crude, obnoxious, and disgusting. And it would be just as wrong if it were a girl saying it about Cavil or a guy talking about Amy Adams. It has absolutely no relevance in this forum, and I only say this because this is not your first post with this kind content. Kofi, please block this pervert, kids could be reading this stuff.

        • Spesh, I recommend scrolling to the bottom, clicking the “contact us” link, and reporting the offending comment with URL to Vic.

          Screen Rant is very good at taking out bullsh#t posts when they are found or reported.

          • Thank you, I will do just that.

          • @Speshik – Ken is right. If you see something that is inappropriate (such as Daryl in this case) please use the Contact Us link and we’ll get to it ASAP. This guy caught me between comment checks, so he was able to post way more than I would have obviously liked.

            My apologies but it’s been handled now.

            Paul Young – Moderator

      • Inappropriate content.

        Try not to be a dirtbag in public.

        • It has nothing to do with perceived homophobia. Didn’t you read what Speshlk wrote? KIDS COULD BE SURFING THIS SITE, DUMB@$$! If you want to write dirty stuff, go to a pr0n forum.

          • No, REALLY. Get help.

      • I don’t think this is that creepy Daryl cat.

        Not sure where your from Dazz, but Red Robin is a franchise restaurant in the states.

    • Seriously, Daryl…

      Please, stop being a disgusting pig.

    • …W…



      • Daryl…

        Considering the damage you likely do to the public perception of homosexuality with every disgusting, despicable, deranged posting you leave in these forums, I imagine most people (at least those with ANY reasonable level of intellect) would consider YOU to be the homophobe. After all, I can only logically presume you make such outlandish comments because you are not comfortable with who you are (or maybe, for some silly reason, believe you are cursed or inferior). That being said, you STILL have NO right to be so inappropriately, unforgivably crude on the various threads you tarnish with your foul imagery.


        Grow up. Seek help. Good luck.

        • Daryl…

          No, seriously–seek counseling…and heavy medication. There is something seriously wrong with you, and it has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation.

  24. Ok, now that I finally found my way on to page 2 of this article (DUH!!)

    I have to say, from a GA pleasing point of view, Red Robin may be the best way to go, if they are indeed going to include that character. You would have to EXPLAIN that Nightwing once was Robin, and lets face it, this movie shouldnt have very much time to dedicate to a Nightwing back story.

    Where Red Robin contains the name Robin from the iconic phrase “Batman & Robin”
    GA would instanly understand who he is.


  25. After the horribly dismal Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel’s reckless use of his powers against Zod and crew (He couldn’t lead Zod away from the city?!) Annnnd do I need to mention Ben Affleck being cast as Batman?! I am not at all excited for this sequel, though I know most of you are and that’s fine. I just wonder if anyone gets where I’m coming from with this. I do not think Legendary Pics and DC care about the legacies of their films! They claim they want a shared universe, but refuse to tie Nolan’s Dark Knight with Man of Steel?! Even if Christian Bale refused to continue, they could have recast Batman, but held to the Nolan Trilogy as his origin. Given that Bruce was hiding away for 8 long years in TDKR, I don’t think this would hurt the plot of the new film. I truly hope the new film blows my mind, but I don’t see it happening.

    • Why tie a standalone trilogy into the new universe they’re building?

      That’s like Marvel saying “You know that crappy Man-Thing movie we released in 2005? It’s part of our shared universe”.

      Plus the fact the Nolan movies, great as they were, killed off some villains and made others virtually impossible to exist due to their powers and looks (Killer Croc, Mr Freeze, Man-Bat amongst others) and yeah, it’s best to start over with an established Batman who can have those villains in his world.

      Still fail to see how TDKR was “dismal” though. It was certainly miles better than The Avengers and only marginally inferior to the excellent Dredd.

      • Dazz…
        Did you just compare the Dark Knight Trilogy to Man-Thing?

        I get your overall point, and agree with you, but that comparison should NEVER be made! :)

  26. Sounds like a Batman version of Ironman 3.

    • LOL. Yeah I think that was the whole point of this.

      Too funny Bugs Bunny!!!

      • So you think this Alter guy was just trolling?
        Wouldnt that be funny. I have never seen a movie get trolled like this, first Beiber and now this cat!

  27. Thanks to this thread, I have further narrowed down the ongoing “Biggest Twits on Screen Rant” list.