‘Batman vs. Superman': WB Producer Reveals Robin & Batman Drones

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Batman vs. Superman Batman Drones and Robin Confirmed Batman vs. Superman: WB Producer Reveals Robin & Batman Drones

The Interwebs continue to sweep-up whatever Batman vs. Superman bits are trickling out of DC/Warner Bros.’ air-tight lockdown around the film, resulting in a whole lot of possibilities, but few confirmed facts.

However, that trend may be changing as of today, which brings much more solid evidence than ever that certain aspects of the film – which  have been the subject of rumor for the last few weeks – could indeed be true. But as tends to be the case, new answers lead to more questions….

A tweet from producer Daniel Alter (HitmanKane & Lynch) has seemingly confirmed the longstanding speculation that Batman will have an estranged sidekick (presumably Dick Grayson) in the sequel. But that’s not all:

Bat-drones, you say?

Ever since this movie’s announcement, we’ve known that director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer would be drawing inspiration from some Batman/Superman comic book storylines – the most notable being Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns finale, which saw the two titans go at it. (Snyder even used a quote from that battle to announce the film at the Comic-Con 2013). However, if the scenario Alter referred to is indeed part of the Batman vs. Superman storyline, it seems that the film will be borrowing from some additional sources as well – such as Mark Waid and Alex Ross’s seminal storyline, Kingdom Come.

In that iconic miniseries, we’re given a vision of an alternate future where the original Justice League has (for the most part) retired, due to the rise of a whole new generation of superhumans. Getting to the point: in the story, an elderly Bruce Wayne maintains control of Gotham City using an army of robotic Bat-sentries that he controls from the reclusive confines of his cave (a similar idea was more recently explored in the Batman Incorporated comic book). When superhuman battles begin to cause mass destruction across the globe, Wayne partners with Lex Luthor to form a coalition of non-powered humans to keep “Superman and his ilk” in check.

(See gallery above for Kingdom Come and Batman Incorporated concepts of the Bat-drones and Batman’s exoskeleton armor.)

Interestingly enough, that same storyline saw Wayne eventually don the sort of exoskeletal Batman armor designed for combat against Superman – could that be the costume that Kevin Smith recently gushed over?. Meanwhile in the Kingdom Come continuity, Dick Grayson had broken away from the militant Bruce Wayne and adopted a whole new superhero guise: that of Red Robin.


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  1. Can I please comment ???

    • @Drool – Sure. You know the rules.

      Paul Young – Moderator

      • One must appreciate a drool master who remembers his(?) manners, asking please. Nice.

        • There’s something to be said for humility, but also…it’s weird to ask if he can comment, when it was never about not being able to comment. It was about following easy, obvious rules when commenting.

  2. Not meaning to be argumentative, just wondering how ‘aged’ they intend to make Ben Affleck. He’s sounding awfully jaded and cynical for a 41-42-year-old crime fighter. I could understand this story if they’d brought back Keaton or cast a 50-ish lead actor.

    Still, the drones sound like a unique device.

    • I think it’s a genuine concern. Once again it seems we’re not going to see athletic batman, although we might get to see proper detective batman. But this movie is supposed to lead to JL, where Batman is a central character. Unless they’ll have him orchestrating things from behind the scenes instead of getting in the middle of the action.

      I suppose batman solo movies can use a younger actor if they want to tell stories about his formative years.

      • “I suppose Batman solo movies can use a younger actor if they want to tell stories about his formative years”

        They already did. Christian Bale was the lead. We don’t need any more younger Batman movies. If you wanna talk about how he met certain villains or how he became what he is now in this new continuity, just use flashbacks.

        • Yeah, a lot of people seem to forget that not even Burton’s Batman was an origin story. He was already Batman at the start of that film (although it was insinuated that he hasn’t been around for long). All the origin stuff was told through flashbacks and that worked just fine. I don’t think they’ll bother with origin flashbacks in the MoS sequel but I think we’ll see some flashbacks of him and Robin in action.

        • I don’t mind flashbacks but I feel the majority of the audience either knows who’s who before the movie is made or they figure it out from the marketing campaign or online. With the revamp of characters or circumstances, it sets up an entirely new lore that can, given the proper writing talents, be told within the story, especially when dealing with iconic, top-tier heroes and heroines. Plus, there’s the school of thought that not knowing every detail makes a villain more intimidating or a past more mysterious, thus lending to the energy of the unfolding story.

          • Exactly and I love the mystery of not knowing everything about a character for that very reason.

          • I agree with this too. Joker for instance. Never knew what he was going to do all the way to the very end. I’d like for it to be that way about Batman as well.

      • I think the issue here is “formative” years specifically. Personally, I would prefer “prime” years – where he’s already the capable multi-dimensional Batman. With more out-there villains. I think that’s what we really want. Scarecrow, Joker and Two-Face were amazing and perfect. Maybe we will simply reboot Joker down the line. But we want to see what Batman truly is – Nolan defined him as an in-depth person, now we deserve one where it’s the kick-a## guy doing martial arts, pulling off amazing feats against ridiculous comic-book villains, and being the master detective.

        All of which are fully encountered in his prime years. I agree – no more formative.

      • Then why is Affleck bulking up if it “seems” he’s not going to be athletic?

        • Who said he is bulking up? other than pictures round of Affleck looking like he has for years saying stupid things like “look whose been been going to the gym”.

          I know Snyder likes to use Mark Twight of Gym Jones to train his actors and WB made Cavill, Crowe, Shanon, Traue and probably others sign a contract stating that they would only eat what they were given.

          Whatever happens Affleck is athletic and I’m sure that was one of the many reasons he was cast.

          • Uh, if you’re referring to the pictures where he walked his daughter to her basketball game, he does look somewhat bulkier than usual.

            • He was 190 in The Town 3 years ago and has looked similar ever since, Affleck working out is nothing new.

              • I know but in those pics, he seems to be even more muscular. Anyway, are we gonna adlib about this or can we go back to the topic at hand?

    • Most cops get cynical after a year or two on the force in a heavy crime town. Batman would have been 15 years in or so in freaking Gotham.

    • Being Batman would be hard on a person, if it was happening in The Real World. He started in his late twenties, and now he’s 42… he would be very jaded, cynical, and physically worn out.

      However much they intend to portray him in this light, I guarantee you it will be to a lesser degree than it would be if there really was a person doing the Batman thing in real life.

  3. I don’t know this is starting to sound a little too crazy, but then again I’ve been a Jim Lee Batman guy. I just want to move past this point to get to the Justice League, but that is not to say that I won’t try to enjoy the hell out of this film.

    • Has it been stated that this will tell the tale of Batman & Superman’s first meeting? I presume it will, but what if there’s a League already in place and they stand divided over who will be the victor in whatever has put the two at odds? That said, the events of MoS would certainly put Batman in paranoia overdrive, justifying his drones and sidekick-reunions.

      • I would say there is no Justice League yet, just my opinion if only because Perry lectures Lois about how the world would react if they knew someone like Superman existed. A masked vigilante crime fighter is one thing but I think Superman is the first time this world has seen someone with such amazing powers.

        • I don’t disagree, but I also wouldn’t put it past them to pull a TDKR and say that this movie occurs several years after the previous film.

          • What were they supposed to do with Heath Ledger dead? I seriously doubt they’ll do that with this one.

            • I am assuming this continuity is not tied to the Nolan Batman universe.
              They will have a new Joker, Bane, Catwoman, etc…

          • But would they want to do that? That would jump the gun very far ahead which would be way too risky. (“Here’s Superman discovering who he is…and now here’s everybody else that you may or may not have already heard about or warmed up to. Enjoy.”)

            Also, there were several conflicts and open ends that needed to be addressed after MoS, so the audience needs that middle story to finish the rise to the “complete” Superman before we can expand. IMO

        • Didn’t you see the batman sign in the smallville fight that read in case of emergency call batman. He’s already there.

          • I have heard about this supposed sign before Cyborg. What exact part in the fight in Smallville can it be seen?

          • What’s cool for me is that when I close my eyes I see that sign so clearly, but when I open my eyes I can’t see it anywhere.

            What’s up with that?

            OH,wait, right; there IS NO “…call batman…” sign. That photo was shopped by who knows who…

            That explains it.

            err, except seeing it with my eyes closed.

            ***head down, leaves quietly…***

  4. It is amazing that the writers always try to mesh various stories instead of picking one and making a good movie. Each time they try to meld differing stories together it gets convoluted and leaves gaping holes. All they need is Bats vs Supes and one story line. There is a reason each of the stories were hugely successful.

    Instead they will piecemeal the story, then add Red Robin, then Luthor, then cameo of etc, etc, etc. Starting to sound like Spiderman 3/ X Men 3

    • I’d rather they mix different pieces of story together than have a panel-by-panel remake of a story we can easily take off the bookshelf and read again any time we want to.

      • Exactly.

      • thank you! besides, they’ve been doing that for films very well for several years now, using DC animation…I especially liked All-Star Superman…

      • +1
        Just adapting a comic book page by page is probably the worst thing you can do.

    • Yep, it’s starting to look like it’s going to be as bad as the Fantastic Four film that is being rushed by Fox.

      • The Fantastic Four movie we know nothing about other than cast speculation? That’s the one you’re talking about, right?

      • Oh great you again. None of this is official. And if it looks bad to you stay home.

    • ‘The Dark Knight’ combined The Killing Joke and The Long Halloween. That worked out pretty great.

      • @ Kofi

        Dude for pete’s sake put a ‘?’ at the end of the article title!


    • If they’re just gonna use a storyline that’s already been made, why bother? If you want that storyline, just go read it. I’m glad this will be something fresh.

    • We’re not the director/writers/producers, so really there’s nothing we can do but speculate and critique the film when it comes out.

      Regardless of all the differing opinions people have on MoS, Goyer, Snyder, etc… at least we are getting a live-action film involving the two heavyweights and leading to a Justice League and probably expanded universe. Also, considering all of Snyder’s work in the past and MoS, the fight/action sequences will probably be fantastic once again.

      So, I say, sit back and enjoy the 2-year ride until it comes out.

      • Who are you?

      • And I agree with your statement fully.

    • Using parts of loved stories to craft a new one that has some twists and turns? Yes please.

      Recreating a known story exactly as it is in the comics? No thanks.

  5. Sounds good to me.

  6. Red Robin huh? The burger franchise better get right on those marketing opportunities lol.

    Is there a reason why Dick Grayson can’t simply appear as Dick Grayson in the film? Without a superhero alter ego that is. Same with Diana, if she does appear in the movie. Does she HAVE to be Wonder Woman?

    Having them appear as their non-superhero selves gives fans some nice easter eggs and bits to chew on and discuss while leaving open lots of possibilities for future movies without overloading Batman vs Superman with costumed superheroes.

    • You DID notice that Superman wanst even Superman in the Man of Steel right?
      I am guessing you are dead on about how Snyder will handle alter egos.

      One line I do not want to hear again: “I’m Batman”

      Let them just do their thing, people and media should be making up the names.

  7. eh, i don’t know. They look to be trying a lot but will any of it work?
    That’s a BIG GIANT MAYBE. Most times less is more. If you think I’m lying look at Transformers1-3 they threw the kitchen sink at us and those movies suck badly. they are a mess.

    i may see it because i’m certain the previews will be col of the new batsuit(which i’m certain will be blue and grey)but if i’m a little fickle and wait past opening week i’m sure word of mouth will make this movie seem retarded. that’s the only reason i may see it opening week.

    but my interest level is dropping gradually.

    • Yet a fave movie around here is The Avengers, which also threw everything in to much $uccess.

      What’s the difference here?

      Plus Transformers 1-3 was all style and no substance. A weak plot with terrible scripting and poor acting just to give people something to watch between the giant robot fights.

      • i don’t know. whatever. i liked MOS but I’m just not feeling this movie. Sorry. just my personal opinion. Don’t shoot me.

        • No problem at all, just pointing out the similarities between both movies.

          Personally speaking, I didn’t like MOS all that much but I’m excited about this one.

        • to me it was also a GREAT MOVIE but… MoS 2 seems to be more around batman than supeerman we haven’t heard anytihing but batman,batman here batman suit drone nightwing or robin but don’t get me wrong i still going to be at the first presentation just don’t like th way it’s going + common we alrady had a broken batman we don’t need a tired and weary bat

          • We already know everything we need to know about Superman though, what more you could say? What could be different about him other than trying not to be so reckless like he was in the first movie?

            Batman however, well he needs the attention because it’s a new take and they have to establish that to make people finally let go of the Bale movies and embrace the wider world being established here.

            • to be fair he wasn’t that reckless other than the fight scene with Zod. All the destruction was caused by the terra forming machine and he was too busy trying to destroy it at the other side of the world. Even in his fight scene with Zod I don’t think there was any casualties as people were already evacuated. The only problem I saw was the millions of dollars in property damage but hey same thing happened in Avengers but nobody gave a crap.

              • A one man alien mega force comes to earth, wrecks a town or two and then murders one of his own as an introduction to earthlings. Some might call that reckless. Pa Kent … not pleased.

                • You’re right. Why not let Zod kill the innocent bystanders. Letting people die when it could be prevented, yep thats Superman.

                  • Please note the definitions of ‘reckless’ and ‘necessary’ are not the same. :)

                    I didn’t particularly agree with having Supes kill Zod, but I do recognize that in that moment it was all he could do to stop him.

                    • And Superman did technically kill Zod in Superman 2 when he threw him into that chasm in the fortress of solitude. So it’s not COMPLETELY out of character.

              • millions of dollars in property damage…?

                Try billions kiddo.
                From the brief view the city will survive because it looks massive in scope. But it looked like 9/11 times 15. A good portion of the city is just gone. But I’m certain in the next installment they will probably never even acknowledge the damage done. That is unless lex kicks up a fuss because it seems most of the damage was done to his property.

                • um, it’s been stated by Snyder on more than one occasion that the damage from MOS will be addressed in the sequel. During the live fan event he estimated that around 5000 people died. That kind of death toll will not be ignored.

                  • i don’t watch that stuff. i like movies and i write them but i don’t follow junkets. You’d know better than i i guess.

                    • Snyder and Goyer have stated it quite a lot of times and considering you’re on an article like this, it’s hard to believe you didn’t already know.

            • @Dazz – exactly what I was saying the other day! You know *shakes finger musingly* I think I like you.

        • How about we wait until we actually know anything about the movie before we start formulating opinions?

      • Avengers had Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Fury and Loki, with all but Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye having been firmly established in stand-alone movies. So it worked as a team-up movie. If you were a Hawkeye fan you were disappointed because he didn’t get to do much in the movie.

        Xmen 3 had Wolverine, Prof X, Magneto, Storm, Phoenix, Mystique, Beast, Cyclops, Rogue, Iceman, Juggernaut, Pyro, Shadowcat, Angel, Colossus, Multiple Man and a few others I’m probably forgetting, with many of them only appearing in Xmen 3.

        Xmen First Class gave us Prof X, Magneto, Mystique, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Beast, Banshee, Havok, Azazel, Angel Salvadore, Darwin and a few others. The thing with First Class though is that people seem to agree that the parts where the focus was on Xavier and Erik Lensherr were the best parts of the movie, while the rest of the “let’s throw superheroes at the wall and see which ones stick” were the weakest parts.

        So the difference with Avengers and Xmen 3 is that the Avengers took their time in establishing most of the characters for the team up in other movies. Xmen 3 had the first two movies to build things up but it didn’t do a very good job of it. Then they just threw in a ton more of characters into the blender for 3 and hoped it would work. First Class made a similar mistake as Xmen 3 but redeemed itself by having a good portion of the movie focused solely on Xavier and Erik Lensherr.

        Coming back to Batman vs Superman, I’d much rather see only Batman and Superman vs whatever adversary they choose be the focus, in the same way Xavier and Erik Lensheer carried the movie for First Class against Sebastian Shaw. I’d hate to see Robin and Wonder Woman be trivialized much in the same way Hawkeye was in Avengers if they go the route of Batman vs Nightwing / Red Robin vs Wonder Woman vs Superman vs whatever other villain they’re going to use.

      • Dazz, isn’t one of your favorite movies from this summer Pacific Rim? Because the way you described Transformers is pretty much Pacific Rim in a nutshell.

        • I can’t speak for Dazz, but I personally felt Pacific Rim had far more going for it than The Transformers franchise combined.

          • @Jason

            That’s how I feel too. Pacific Rim cared about the characters, cared about the plot, the action made sense and wasn’t gimmicky for the sake of epic explosions that made no sense other than to have people say “wow, see how that building exploded?”.

            Transformers was just a cash cow to sell toys and didn’t care about putting a terrible franchise on the big screen as long as it made money,

            Pacific Rim felt like the people involved genuinely cared about making a great movie and having fun doing it.

            • It’s a term I don’t like to apply to films very often but Pacific Rim was clearly a labour of love for Mr. del Toro whereas Mr. Bay merely has a reputation for gratification through destruction. I still watch (most of) his movies but he isn’t the storyteller or the genuine risk-taker that has made up Guillermo del Toro’s career. Pacific Rim was absolutely a story about humans coming together to fight off a threat by using robots. Transformers was humans getting in the middle of a robot war and spouting off corny lines and bathroom humor. I’ve never watched a del Toro movie where I didn’t feel like he loved being able to share a story to the delight of his audience (hit or miss).

              • That’s why del Toro has such a cult following, his movies may not be huge hits but at least he gives everything he has into making them.

                It’s a major reason Nolan is also respected the same way and if this movie is a success, I can see Zack Snyder turning a few people that haven’t liked his movies that much (myself included) into fans for the exact same reasons.

                • I’d agree with that statement. I remember being at ComicCon years ago when Zack Snyder and, I think, Malin Akerman presented a panel for Watchmen. This would have been around 2007. I only knew him as the director of 300 but sat and listened because it was evident that the chance to make movies thrilled the man and he was committed to giving it his best. I’ve never seen Sucker Punch and I didn’t like Watchmen but he certainly has a style all his own. I look forward to seeing what he does with Batman and feel he has an understanding of female heroes that will lead to a respectable and memorable introduction of Wonder Woman, should that actually occur.

                  • Queen Gorgo in 300 might as well have been Wonder Woman’s mother. Her and Xena are great models for her – at least that’s what I’m looking for. Their/her strict sense of duty with an experienced/patient view with men makes for a great buffer for any sexual male-female pitfalls that most writers fall into. It would be a great way to make a strong female lead on screen.

                    Also – Olivia Pope, maybe later on and within her own country.

                    • Could be cool. The last comic book movie Lena Headey starred in was Dredd after all and she was a great villain in that.

        • Yes, but its cool to bash Michael Bay movies. It’s not as cool to bash beloved foreign film directors, even when they go Hollywood and make dumb giant robot movies.

          • When Michael Bay makes shallow movies with no love put into it whatsoever and no soul then yeah, bash him and his films without mercy.

            I’m not an anime fan but I loved Pacific Rim because it had the heart and soul spilling out into the crowds who lapped it up.

            Who cares of he’s “foreign” or not? Besides, I find it ironic that some US audiences lap up Transformers so readily yet avoided Pacific Rim and called it a “dumb robot movie”.

            Also, one of my fave movies is Armageddon so…make of that what you will.

  8. As long as the drones have more screen time than the stupid Iron Man 3 sentient suits, lol. But this is exciting news. A militant Batman sounds cool but I hope they don’t go super crazy like Frank Miller did in All Star Batman and Robin. That was a bit much.

    • ….but w/the drones,won’t this fall into the same problem of IM using the sentient IMs? Why he doesn’t use them all the time?

      • Tony keeps on suiting up because he’s a rock star who loves the action too much. Anyway, we don’t know yet what these drones will exactly be. They can be Bat-bots but they can also just be surveillance drones like the real world police is using.

  9. My guess is that Man of Steel will end up being the best Superman movie and any sequels will be disasters. First, give Bruce Wayne a cameo and give more ground for the story of Clark Kent to develop. Then, at some future point bring in more interaction between the two characters. Second, major mistake to bring in a host of other characters. The one thing that made the Dark Knight series so successful (at least in my thinking) is that it was kept as realistic as possible. The Clark Kent character should be done the same way. However, it appears that they are going to drop the ball really big on this one.

    • +1

    • But each of Nolan’s Batman films integrated a large amount of secondary characters from the comics and still made it feel organic and not forced like say, Spider-man 3. Think about it…

      Batman Begins- Lucius Fox, Commisioner Loeb, Carmine Falconi, Victor Zsasz, Dr. Crane/Scarecrow, Henri DuCard, Ra’s Al Ghul

      The Dark Knight- The Joker, Boss Maroni, Harvey Dent/Two-Face

      The Dark Knight Rises- Roland Daggett (from the cartoon), Bane, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Talia Al Ghul

      • Speshlk37 gets it. Tom and Bald Bull seem to have not understood what they’re doing now and what they did with MOS.

    • What “Host” of other characters are you refering to?

      One Semi-confirmed tweet about Robin?

      OH… you think the Flash, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Robin, Cat-woman, Talia Al Ghul, and Vicky Vale rumors are ALL true?

      Maybe. Probaly not though. I say Batman SHOULD have a damn robin. Especially if they are not cramming him, but rather he somehow serves the story.

  10. I thought this was supposed to be a Superman sequel, but it’s evidently that this should be a separate entry from the Man of Steel franchise. Superman is clearly a supporting character in this movie.

    • Not really. Based on everything Snyder and Co have said, this is definitely a Superman movie. MOS successfully established Superman, so there naturally won’t be as much speculation about him. However, seeing as they are introducing a new movie version of Batman and we know DC/WB is setting up Justice League, the speculation is obviously running rampant. Believe me, once the trailers start coming out, it will be clear who is the main character of this movie.

      • +1

    • You’ve already seen the movie?

      Oh… you haven’t? You just don’t possess the ability to differentiate between what the movie will be and what people are talking about? The fact that people are excited about Batman being on the same screen as Superman, and a NEW Batman at that, has led to wild amounts of speculation on Batman is lost on you? Can’t quite figure out that people just aren’t TALKING about the Superman aspect much because we have already been introduced to that character?

      Was I TOO sarcastic there? I think I may have overdosed a bit.

  11. BRAVO WB ! With one hit destroying man of steel AND the new batman ….

    • If by “destroying”, you meant “improving on a lacklustre Superman movie while expanding the DC Movie Universe” then I agree.

      • All DC cares about is adding batman to make millions. I wanted a true solo sequel to man of steel with a decent villain. To bad DC is money hungry and the fans are desperate for anything.

        • This is a true solo sequel though. He’s not teaming up with anybody (at least, for a good portion of the movie by the sound of it) and it’s building on the plot threads they left dangling in MOS.

          I wouldn’t say DC are money hungry because of this, seems like they’re running a business correctly and supplying the massive demand from fans that wanted to see an expanded universe that leads to a JL movie. Can’t do that without introducing other characters that populate the world Goyer etc have created.

  12. #! How old is this BatFleck? I was exited for this film as I thought it would focus on SUPERMAN vs Batman. Not BATMAN and friends…
    #2 Why are their so many ad ons and non confirmed?
    #3 Why will there be no Batman reboot first? In my opinion they should have kept Nolan’s Batman

    • 1. No idea. Late 30s/early-mid 40s maybe? It’s also not “Batman and friends” either, it’s “DC universe building 101″.

      2. To provide more characters and possible plots going forward so they have more to expand on in sequels and future solo movies. Non-confirmed is exactly what it means. People speculate and guess until WB confirms it. All movies have that.

      3. Why do we need a Batman reboot? Everyone knows his basic history now (parents shot by Joe Chill, grows up wanting revenge on crime, becomes a vigilante).

      Why should they have kept Nolan’s Batman? The entire crew and cast involved in those movies stated they were done after TDKR. That was it. The end of that Batman and his stories. You can’t keep a version of Batman that’s retired to Europe after faking his own death.

      That’s why we have a new Batman.

      • More than that, TDKT was good INSPITE of that Batman, not because of him. Nolan is what made those movies great.

        If I had to sit through one more flick with the “BatGrowl” I would probably have to find a new favorite Superhero.

      • That said, Miller’s Dark Knight did “strike again” after having faked his death.

      • lol thx Dazz :)

  13. It sounds to me like they might actually be headed in the right direction. We’re all focusing on the Batman stuff because that’s what’s most fascinating. We don’t know what this new Batman is gonna be like so all that news is blowing up. Maybe all this Batman stuff is just going to be seen in passing. We don’t really know. I loved Nolan’s Batman (although Rises was a bit of a disappointment) but it seems like Snyder’s Batman is a little less grounded in reality, which to me is a good thing. If he tries to give us another ultra-realistic take, I think it’ll miss the mark and seem tryhard as they attempt to avoid all the marks Nolan hit. I don’t need a superhero movie where everyone’s apologetic about being a superhero. I wanna see the superheroes I get in my comics. And based on what Kevin Smith was saying, I got my fingers crossed for a big screen version of quintessential modern day Batman we got from Jim Lee. As for Robin, I’m hoping Dick Grayson will be Nightwing, not Red Robin. I like Red Robin fine, but if Dick wants to distance himself from his former mentor I doubt he’d operate under his old title. And Nightwing’s everybody’s favorite, let Tim Drake be Red Robin. Why make such an unnecessary change in canon? Especially when it would be a disappointment for Nightwing fans. It’ll be like a slightly less terrible version of what they did with the Mandarin in Iron Man 3.

  14. Does that mean Batman Inc. will be in the movie too? Will Damian be in it?

  15. Remember when DC tried to emulate Iron Man success by making a Hal Jordan have a Stark like personality… Yeah. So I guess the title will be Superman vs BatIron Man 3.

    • What a stupid comment. I feel ashamed that my name, too, is Aaron..

  16. @ Everyone

    Taking the time to post on this article means you are very interested in this movie, and regardless of what your post says all you are doing is identifying yourself as a ticket buyer.

    Carry on.

    • hahhaa

    • lol what? You mean I can’t even make a negative post and then not go see the movie?

      Hate to break it to ya but I’ve posted in plenty of movie threads and then NOT gone and seen the movie. People can be interested in a movie initially and then, learning the direction it was taken, not want to see it anymore.

      On topic……if this movie gets any stranger/bloated, I may very well decide to save my money. After all, that’s the only way I can let the movie makers know I didn’t like what they did.

      • …Except you can’t know you didn’t like what they did until AFTER you saw the movie.

        • Uh, sure I can. All I have to do is continue to read SR articles about upcoming additions/details for the movie to help me decide or not. It’s called making an educated decision.

          • No, because that so-called “educated” decision will be based on reports and your preconceived opinion, not on your actual appreciation of the movie. If you don’t see it, you can say you don’t WANT to see it but you can’t honestly say you don’t LIKE it. See the difference?

            • Funny thing….that’s EXACTLY what I said in my OP.

              Here lemme quote it for you….”learning the direction it was taken, not WANT to see it anymore”

              I highlighted the important part but those were my words.

              I did use the word, “LIKE” but only in the context of the direction the movie maker took the movie, not the actual seeing of the movie.

              See, I can split hairs too. 😉

              • That’s not splitting hair, that’s being 1) accurate in your choice of words and 2) willing to think for yourself. If you settle for a reliance on overall impressions based on trailers and second-hand reports, I’m sorry but you can’t possibly know whether you’ll like the movie or not. There are movies you’ll reluctantly see and end up pleasantly surprised and conversely, movies you’ll be eager to see only to feel disappointed afterwards.

                And please spare me your hypocrisy about your use of “like.” Your words: “that’s the only way I can let the movie makers know I didn’t like what they did.” Not “the impressions I got” but “what they did.” They don’t write the reports and they don’t tell you what to think. They make movies, period.

                • And lo’ and behold, I WAS accurate. I used the words YOU chose in my OP.

                  It sure as hell is splitting hairs though to use the fact that I used the word “like” and twist it to mean I was talking about liking the movie which I CLEARLY had just stated in the sentence above I wouldn’t WANT to see.

                  All I was doing in the previous post was clarifying my point since you obviously thought it read a different way. Not being hypocritical in the least.

                  (and for the record I CAN like or dislike choices made in making a movie w/o actually seeing it)

                  • I’m not twisting anything. On the contrary, I’m setting things straight. I didn’t chime in for the sake of arguing with you but only to help you realize your mistake. Now if you insist on keeping your blinders, fine, that’s your problem. Over & out.

          • @mongoose

            Want some ice????

    • I’m positively fine with buying a ticket, unless Jaimie Alexander is cast as Wonder Woman; at which time I intend to hit Dazz up for the price of admission. 😉

      • Haha. Yeah, I’ll be the guy handing out pre-paid movie tickets then.

  17. While WB has said that the Dark Knight trilogy movies are not connected to the new Justice League movie that has been established, it sort of seems that’s not true. The Batman in Batman vs. Superman is described as an experienced and older Batman. After the trilogy, Batman is experienced and at the beginning of Dark Knight Rises, we all know that Batman is older by the way he is shown. So in a way, they tie into the new DC Cinematic Universe. I’m not liking the idea though that Batman won’t fight much and that there are going to be Bat-Drones. It just doesn’t feel right since the Justice League hasn’t even formed. And the thought of Red Robin isn’t exactly something that should come into play, just yet.

    • Just because Batman is old and seasoned in the new film and that’s where we left him in Nolan’s films does not at all say they are meant to be the same versions. Dick Grayson’s presence alone negates the connection. Expect to see a very different take on the Batman mythos in Superman vs. Batman than what was established in Nolan’s version.

      • Yeah, also Nolan’s Batman is not just seasoned, he’s also very much retired in Europe and presumed dead, not still semi-active with drones patrolling Gotham.

  18. If everyone is okay with Dick Grayson being Red Robin because it’s a “fresh idea” and saying if you want to see proper stories then to go read the comics; then why is everyone so butt-hurt about Mandarin? Hypocrites…

    • Part of the reason, for me anyway, is that the Mandarin thing just felt like a wasted opportunity. They could have used him for future films maybe some Masters of Evil but they turned him into a joke. The other reason is that they treated the classic Mandarin like a joke and the entire purpose of the Trevor Slattery reveal was just for the sake of another gag. Not because its a story from the comics, or a unique turning point for the series, the entire purpose of that Mandarin reveal was for another forced gag. Thank god for Ben Kingsley because without him it would have terrible.

      • They can still use him, whether it be Killian still alive, Slattery a deception of Kingsley’s real-Mandarin-after-all like it was speculated after the news broke of him getting a One-Shot, or an entirely different idea.

        Anyway, Red Robin already exists in comic form, the Mandarin as treated in IM3 was a complete invention that defied all the expectations of the fanboys and, like any religious zealot would tell you, you don’t mess with their dogma or else!

    • Hope you’re not speaking for me as I loved Iron Man 3… But that’s not what we’re talking about.

      I still believe, probably completely foolishly, that they are going to still find a way to link this to the previous trilogy.

      Don’t care what any exec or star has said, warners would be crazy to hard reboot batman completely for the general audience.

      We still know almost nothing about DC’s shared universe… I’m sure many unpredictable surprises will be thrown at us in the coming months. The Bat-Drones (if true) are an awesome idea. Not just for the movie but toys and some really cool video-game potential.

      • Does EVERY thread have to become a discussion about Iron Man 3? It’s time to move on now I think.

        I’ve not read any posts speculating what the plot of BVS might actually be… any educated guesses from any budding screenwriters here?

        • Bruce Wayne talks to Lex Luthor about the destruction and death caused by the alien threat and Bruce is extra cautious because of his satellite being destroyed. He used that to keep tabs on everyone but has become so jaded about the crime-fighting scene that he’s resorted to sending out drone versions of Batman in his stead, not only for his own protection after the escalation (ie Superman) in population threats but also because something happened (Jason Todd?) that caused him to become even more distant and wary of going head to head with even lowly criminals wielding crowbars.

          Superman first comes across Batman as a drone and easily pummels it, realising it’s a robot as Bruce watches through the drone’s eyes and tries to figure out weaknesses (physically, psychologically) through the clash between Superman and the drone.

          Red Robin/Nightwing bumps into him during a patrol in the cape and cowl after deciding he needs some air and perching in one of his favourite spots in Gotham’s skyline and despite the issues between them, Dick reminds Bruce that the best way to go about things is to meet them head on, something Bruce taught him back in the day.

          Bruce then works on a mech suit inspired by something he saw at LexCorp (which will eventually become Lex’s battle suit) and meets Superman head on until Clark asks why he keeps fighting him and the two come to a realisation that they’re not enemies, Clark even showing his human side by telling Bruce this heartfelt speech about wanting to make things right after the chaos he helped create in Metropolis and the burden that one of the people his blood is linked to tried to ruin his real home, Earth.

          Something like that maybe?

          • @Dazz
            I Love that One! :)

          • @Dazz. Awesome idea, love it

      • If this new Batman is connected at all to Nolan’s trilogy, I’ll wear a crotchless Batsuit to work for a whole day. Face the facts. This is a completely new take on the character. New Batsuit, Batmobile, Dick Grayson and all.

        • You’re probably right, but I can’t let it go. I’m sure I’ll stop sulking at some point between now and 2015

          • I agree. It is a hard reboot. I still think it’s a mistake, though. Not necessarily from a what’s best for the character perspective (though I think that too), but because for the average film-goer, someone who doesn’t check Screenrant every couple days or read interviews with Christopher Nolan, the reveal that Batman is not Christian Bale will be pretty disorienting. I know people like to decry the fact that Hollywood panders to the lowest common denominator, but it IS for a reason. My sister for example, didn’t understand that Wayne was NOT dead at the end of TDKR, no matter how much I tried to explain, and forgot every character’s name except Batman. She has seen all three movies, and could not remember at all who Liam Neeson’s character was while we were in the theater! Most of my non-nerd friends didn’t know there was a Batman vs. Superman coming. I think that WB has really overestimated how well versed their audience is.

            • I liken movies to comedians.

              They tell you a joke at the start of a show then repeat a part of the gag 90 minutes later for another laugh from those who remembered it originally.

              I forget which comedian said it but he explained that kind of routine rewards those who pay attention (although he said it in a less respectful manner).

              I guess the same can be said for TDK trilogy and other sequels. It’s a fine balance between reminding people who may have forgotten a few details without annoying people who do remember it and have to sit through an unnecessary scene to bring people up to speed while also providing a payoff to the initial setup established a movie or two earlier.

              They also have the opportunity to reward comic book fans who know the characters while introducing them to fresh audiences.

            • Your sister sounds like she’s not paying much attention to what she’s watching. Also, 90’s Batman was impersonated by 3 different actors and people didn’t seem to be disoriented one bit.

              That said, I’m almost hoping now for this Batman to be connected to Nolan’s trilogy, if only to see Speshlk in a crotchless batsuit!! XD

    • Mandarin was executed poorly as a film character.

      Felt like a villain out of a Roger Moore Bond film

  19. I would rather it be Dick Grayson as Nightwing only mentioned, and the current Robin being Tim Drake

  20. This is kinda cool, but also seems like they are throwing ALOT of Batman in this movie… I just want to see a SUPERMAN sequel.. but this is starting to turn more and more into a Batman return movie, it’s kinda off putting… if they want to make a new Batman movie then they should go ahead but if they’re not going to focus on Superman in his sequel then I don’t know if I want to see this… I guess I’ll wait till first footage comes out otherwise… this movie is losing points with me, as a Superman movie at least…

  21. Wow, Batman drones. Sounds good but I am also worried. The more things come out the more worried I am. Having WW, Nightwing, Superman with Batman is fine but I’m afraid of them making Batman look fragile rather than the Batman that is feared. Hopefully it turns out great but consider me a concerned fan

  22. some ways it sounds good some ways i keep thinkin back to the house party protocol

  23. just finished watching MOS again on blu ray. i’m really excited to see how they incorporate batman in this universe.

  24. I like where they’re going with this movie. I kind of understand it too. I think they’re adding Batman because Henry Cavill’s Superman isn’t strong enough to build an entire cinematic universe around. I’m not trying to start any Marvel vs. DC fan war to the death, but look at what Marvel did with their universe. They built everything around Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man because the first movie was such a success, both financially AND critically. Maybe they had plans for a solo Superman sequel, but Man of Steel didn’t reach the level of success expected, so they had to change plans. I just hope it’s a cool movie.

    • The sequel with Batman was in plans far before Man of Steel was released as well as Affleck’s casting. Henry Cavil can definitely hold a franchise if you ask me, I thought he was great in Man of Steel.

      • Yes, Cavill was great as Kal-El, but maybe ScreenWriter means that Superman’s boy scout persona might lack a little flamboyance compared to RDJ’s Stark. Undoubtedly Batman’s grittiness will give him a little more depth.

  25. I personally don’t know if I like what I’m reading about this movie. batman drones is not what I’m interesting is seeing (I already got drones in IM3).

    Also am not too thrilled about them stealing from Kingdom Come. If they do that then they won’t be able to make it into a movie trilogy in 10 years (and I would REALLY like to see Kingdom Come the movie)

    • ……Batman drones is not what I’m interested in seeing.

      Wow, I must have been half asleep when I wrote that.

      edit button please!

  26. I could see some pretty epic stuff with Batman drones fighting Kal-El and Bruce Wayne and Lex working together at first as well but Red Robin is just lame Nightwing is much better and it can lead to Young Justice options as well. Even though no one really knows what this movie is going to look like when it’s all said done, one thing is for sure they are going BIG! I just hope it will be well written cause I wont have to worry about it looking good!

  27. And we haven’t even got a wind about the villain…

    • Maybe they could have a “pick a side” theme? Batman fans see Superman as the villain, Superman fans see Batman as the villain?

      Then Lex comes along and makes everyone hate him in a single scene. Maybe has a piece of matte background stuck in his teeth from all that scenery chewing.

  28. Not digging this at all. Batman Inc. and Bat-Drones are my least favorite aspects of Batman comics. I was hoping we’d finally getting Detective Batman along with some new gadgets. But Bat-Bots…this is starting to smell like Ironman. Let’s not go there, please.

  29. eh….not what I was hoping for exactly…