‘Batman vs. Superman’: WB Producer Reveals Robin & Batman Drones

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Batman and Red Robin in Kindom Come Batman vs. Superman: WB Producer Reveals Robin & Batman Drones

With numerous rumors pointing Dick Grayson appearing in Batman vs. Superman (in some form or fashion) and a modern world where drone use is a convoluted knot of ethical questions, it’s easy to believe that this angle could be used for the new vision of Ben Affleck’s Batman. The question is: Will fans embrace the approach? And more importantly: Is this an effective relaunch of The Dark Knight?

For my own part, I would say that – if true – this is certainly a different take on Batman than we’ve ever seen before on film – and I’m not one to automatically dismiss it for being so. In all of this rumoring about additional characters or Justice League tie-ins, it’s the core story of the battle of wills and ideologies between Batman and Superman that I’m most interested in (and I’m probably not alone in that sentiment).

Taking all that into account, it would be interesting to see the sort of Batman we saw in Kingdom Come: more isolated than ever, more militant than ever, and totally distrusting of handing humanity’s fate over to a superhuman regime. The details would certainly be different in Batman vs. Superman but the core is there: How Superman’s destructive debut pushes Batman to a militant stance of defending normal humans from irresponsible superhumans… before coming around to trust the Supes, and even gain inspiration from him to retake his mantle and be a greater hero than he’s ever been (or something…). And then they form the Justice League.

Batman vs. Superman in Kingdom Come 1024x388 Batman vs. Superman: WB Producer Reveals Robin & Batman Drones

Superman vs. Bruce Wayne in ‘Kingdom Come’

Moving away from that for a second: Kingdom Come‘s influence could also be a prime way to launch Dick Grayson into the movie universe in a new and unique way, via his Red Robin persona (it would be the option that very few people saw coming, for sure). The advantage of Red Robin is that the character is all at once iconic and new, containing equal measures of Batman and Robin in its design. From a storytelling point, if Batman were no longer on the streets, Red Robin is a logical step for Dick Grayson to take in order to maintain the legacy of the Batman; it would also be a hell of a lot easier to sell to non-fanboys (“Hey, Robin’s all grown up!”)  than Nightwing and Blüdhaven and all of that. Finally, it’s also an effective way to use Dick Grayson in the film continuity while still saving the character of Nightwing for the Arrow TV continuity (as has been recently rumored).

It must be mentioned that while working with WB, Alter is NOT an official producer on the actual Batman vs. Superman movie, so there is room for error in his assertions. Still, in the rushing river of Bvs.S rumors coming at us daily, this is one of the more solid rocks of information we’ve been able to grab onto….


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015

Source: Twitter (via CBM)

Comic book art is property of DC Comics. Batman Kingdom Come armor image via Lukkemonster @DeviantARt

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  1. At least we didn’t have Bee Gees impersonators in the roles of Zod & Co like in Superman II.

    • Ironic that the Bee-Gees biggest hit was “stayin alive”

      Because non of them did.

      Where was the outrage then when Supes killed a powerless Zod?

      • There was no internet back then. Now flaming for little to no reason seems to be the new thing in the World Village.

        Seriously though, all 3 Gees are dead now? I thought there was one remaining.

  2. Am I on it? Not being a smart ass, I’m actually curious.

    I don’t do the online message board thing much, not sure if I follow correct etiquette. Really don’t want to come off as a twat.
    I do know I may comment a bit too much, but I gotta admit, I am really looking forward to this movie and need my daily fix.
    Gonna be a long two years.

    • I’m betting he’s talking about Daryl.

  3. Is something wrong with you that you can’t respond to someone like a sane, civilized human being?

    • Daryl has been reported and is now gone.

      • Most of you have my email address. If you see something like that pop up and I’m not immediately on it, please feel free to drop me a line. I’ll purge it just as quick as I can.

        Paul Young – Moderator

  4. It seems like they could be rushing the Kingdom Come storyline. In that Bruce was really old and beat up, and it referred to a lot of established history from the comics. I can’t see Ben Affleck as all that old, even though he’s in his forties. And they want to imply a long history with a Robin character? All at the same time this is a new iteration of Batman.

    • Nah… not rushing anything. Incorporating is a much better word… but then… that’s not your game is it? ;)

      • What game is that? Waldo Waddling?

      • I’ve enjoyed the versions of future Bruce with the drones and him training others (or at least the ending of TDK, didn’t care for “returns” at all). But that’s as a long time comic reader who likes a fresh idea, not a general audience member.

        Yes, these ideas are built on a long comics history. And yes, Ben Affleck is young enough looking to play Batman, and not so much an aged version. It just seems to me that DC/WB is trying to get the best of both worlds. They want a world-weary Batman with an extensive history, but they also want a Batman who can suit up and fight like a young Batman in a JL movie.

        Just not sure about that. Might be better to hold some of that cool stuff for later. Seems like they could do a lot with a different Batman, Batmobile, etc.

        • Sky is the limit right now with DC, isn’t it?

        • There are people who are world-weary at 15, you don’t have to have grey hair for that. Plus, good make-up (as in “NOT like Weyland in Prometheus”) does wonders.

        • You can be tired and worn out at 40 years old. You don’t have to be Bad Grandpa to be beat up and sick of what you’re doing.

          Spend 2 seconds thinking about what real life would be like as Batman. He’d get worn down in a few years.

      • I think a 40 something Batman could be worn out. But again, in the comics these are referring to he is very obviously older. Plus they all assume a long history from the comics, and they were for a comic reading audience familiar with the history.

        I’m just wondering how much implied history a general audience can comfortably accept. It’s a lot for general audiences to take in with it being a new Batman, look and all. Then added to that this new Batman has a long history, an old relationship with a former partner, and he’s using robot drones.

  5. Still hoping they use the Batman Beyond suit somewhere in there.

  6. Tonight I re-watched the first four Batman movies.
    It was a great reminder of why I call him “Joel Stinkmaker.”

    • You actually sat through both BF and BAR?

      I’m impressed.

  7. First off, I want to say Kofi did a great job on the article. I liked hearing about Batman controlling drones (Though I hope they’re not actually drones like the ones in the picture).

    I am somewhat concerned that Batman might be having a sidekick in the film. My main problem is that when you’ve got a story that deals with the consequences of MOS, plus the introduction of Batman going forward: Wouldn’t a side-kick(plus whatever issues are between the side-kick and Batman)take more away from a movie that’s supposed to revolve around Superman? We don’t really even know who the villain might be for “Batman vs. Superman”. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how all of this plays out.

    Mr. Glass

    P.S. I want to add that Kofi was spot on about Batman/Superman: The world’s finest animated movie. Initially, I was on the fence about adding Batman to a sequel to MOS (I’m a Batman fan, by the way). I agreed with Ben, that Superman needed at least one more film where he was the sole superhero, before adding Batman. Then, I watched World’s Finest about a week ago , and I couldn’t help but think that it was great way to incorporate Batman into the world of Superman. If “Batman vs. Superman” turns out to be anything like World’s Finest, I think the movie may very well be better than “Man of Steel” (Which I loved).

  8. The problem with Man Of Steel, apart from the over use of CGI (the first 15 mins was a sprawling mess), was that the main character, Superman, was not interesting at all and was far too serious. Christopher Reeves provided light comedy when he was Clark Kent; Bale’s Batman was interesting when Bruce Wayne tried to convince the world he was a reckless billionaire playboy. I hope that this film injects a little fun into the franchise.

  9. Just had a thought.
    How can Batman be semi retired AND Detroit be Gotham?

    I am from Detroit, if Batman retired with Detroit in the shape it’s in, he didnt do a very good job!

    • I personally think/hope that Batman will have receded into some great depression and given up after some tragic event that questioned his role as Batman (Jason Todd?). In that case, Gotham would be a mess… unless he finds another way to indirectly keep Gotham in check (via drones?)…. but then, Gotham wouldn’t be like Detroit (no offense), but what if the drones aren’t doing a good job?

      Hm… (separate train of thought) What if they are completely different drones…
      OMAC Project, anyone?

      Aside from the pure awesomeness of that idea, if they went further with it, setting up for something like Infinite Crisis would be a great way to respect the different variations of each of the characters. Like, it could allow them tie in the Christopher Reeve Superman or Nolan Batman or even Arrow so instead of being a completely separate universe, we see that Snyder’s is just one of many in a DC Multiverse. I don’t know, I’m just a fan…

      But anyways, the “Jason Todd-Depression” theory could explain how he might be tired and weary at a normally active age, and prove to be a strong and original foundation for his tension with Nightwing (who refuses to stop fighting).

      • I was moslty making a joke, but you make some good points.

        Not a shared DC UNIverse, but rather a MULTIverse.

        Could get confusing for fans though.

        • Fans have been accepting Thor’s nine realms just fine and Fox is about to unleash a possibly mind-boggling time travel story with two versions of their characters at once. Doctor Who’s doing better than ever with the hype surrounding the 50th anniversary special, so I really wouldn’t worry about the DC multiverse getting confusing. This could be a great idea.

          • Yeah! Also, it would be a great way to make peace with pro-Bale and pro-Reeves fans, by showing them that their heroes aren’t being “replaced”. Plus, it would just be fun.

            More than anything, it would strengthen every separate movie/TV franchise DC has ever done (the old Batman movies, Hourman, Gotham, Smallville, Arrow/Flash, Lois/Clark, the cartoons, the old live-action tv shows) by showing how they are all related. With a solid script and a way to faithfully recreate the old actors, the box office sales would be through the roof.

    • Batman could create a primitive Brother Eye in the new movie after realizing Superman and him can’t be everywhere at once. But later, the failure of the OMAC system could lead Batman to realizing the need for real heroes rather than machines, leading to the creation of the Justice League.

      Or maybe the OMAC system failing is what triggers the action of the new movie, and shakes up Batman enough for him to realize the need for him to return after Superman eventually decides to helps him defeat his own creation.

  10. So after reading this tweet, I got my hands on a copy of Kingdom Come out of curiosity, and although I did enjoy it, I also think this isn’t the way to go introducing a new Batman. He should be an established vigilante. He should wear the Jim Lee suit. Maybe he’s been taking a break for a few years and returns when Supes shows up, but no way should there be drones involved. In fact, I take it back. Bats should be out in Gotham beating up criminals. We already have a football game; why invoke TDKR any more?