‘Batman vs. Superman’ Movie Is Further Along Than Fans Think

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Batman Superman Movie Logo Worlds Finest Batman vs. Superman Movie Is Further Along Than Fans Think

The rapidity of DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ production on the upcoming Man of Steel sequel has always been a curious thing.

The film exploded out of Comic-Con 2013 with the headline that it would be the Batman vs. Superman movie fans have been waiting on forever – and it didn’t stop there, either. Not even two months later we got the mega-shocker that Ben Affleck is playing Batman in the movie – information that the Internet is still reeling from. But all of this game-changing news, coming so rapidly, raised a serious question; namely, how was this thing coming together so quickly?

In 20/20 hindsight, the clues were always there: In the weeks leading up to Man of Steel‘s release, star Henry Cavill started openly discussing how cool a Batman/Superman team-up film would be.  As we joked on our Comic Con recap podcast, it should’ve been obvious to all that Cavill (working under the lock-and-stock WB media machine) would’ve never been out making such fanboy-stirring claims in public, if there wasn’t already fire under all the smoke he was blowing.

Seems that assessment was correct, because in a new interview with YahooBatman vs. Superman writer David S. Goyer comes clean about the fact that the film is already more developed than fans think:

“One of the things that has been fun for us, is we’re a bit a further a long than what I think people realize…”

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Batman vs. Superman Movie Is Further Along Than Fans Think

That’s certainly good news for people who have been worried that the turnaround time – a fall 2013 production start to the summer 2015 release date - was going to be too rushed, at the ultimate expense of the movie. Clearly, from Goyer’s words, work on this film has been underway for some time, most likely ever since we heard those pre-Man of Steel rumblings that WB was confident it had a hit on its hands and had fast-tracked the sequel.

Goyer’s claim is also likely to challenge those who were unabashedly cynical when the Dark Knight Trilogy/Man of Steel scribe recently claimed that the epic destruction caused during that controversial Man of Steel ending was something they had always planned to address in a sequel. Of course, the one major downside to all this progress on the movie is that if the story for Batman vs. Superman was indeed locked in as far back as late spring/early summer, it means that none of our great suggestions for the film’s storyline are going to be utilized!

The… “helpfulness” of the Internet masses is something Goyer definitely addresses, when discussing why you CANNOT engage the Web when it comes to writing your superhero movie:

“From a fan point of view, we’re conscious of that when you’re working on these things, but you can’t let yourself be paralyzed by that. At the end of the day you still have to creat something. And if you try and think, ‘Well what would the fans like’ then you stop being creative. It’s sort of like where does it end? You have to write the story that you want to write, and hope that people want to see it.”

….And therein lies the big gamble: Do Zack Snyder and Goyer have a Batman/Superman movie that people want to see?

Batman Vs. Superman Movie Older Batman Batman vs. Superman Movie Is Further Along Than Fans Think

Things started off promising with the movie being announced by a famous quote from Frank Miller’s seminal story “The Dark Knight Returns” - but Goyer’s script work remains a thing of much fan debate, in terms of quality. The filmmakers had enough gravitas in their story to pull in a star like Affleck, who – coming of an Argo Oscar win – doesn’t need to have this sort of aggravation in his life, so interpret that how you will. I personally choose to see the assemblage of talent as a hopeful sign that great things are in store for a movie that deserves no less than greatness.

There’s more to the interview with Goyer – including him talking about the challenge of executing a seemingly-absurd battle like Batman vs. Superman. Click the link below to watch the full video:


WATCH VIDEO: David S. Goyer Talks Batman vs. Superman



Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. This movie is going to turn into another Batman & Robin and kill the franchise. There isn’t going to be a Justice League movie for a very long time.



    • Even if it is a complete critical disaster it will still be a huge box office hit ala Transformers 2. Man of Steel wasn’t exactly met with rave reviews but it still made over 600 million worldwide so at this point I’d say a JL movie is practically a guarantee.

      • Even though MoS made 600 million, it underperformed when you take into account it’s budget along with the additional $150 million in advertising, all which is almost equivalent to what was spent on Avengers. Which means that MoS needed to make a billion to be considered a success, don’t take my word for it, this information comes from the president of Warner Bros. himself.

        I mean why do you think they added Batman to a Superman movie so soon when Superman’s barely gotten his foot off the door? Simple, Batman is a cash cow, Superman not so much. Even MoS tried piggybacking the success of the DK trilogy by adding Nolan’s name to add some credibility, so adding Batman is just another desperate by WB to further milk Batman due to their inability to handle other properties.

        • It would need to make a billion to be considered a ‘great success’ like The Dark Knight Rises, Avengers and Iron Man 3. In my opinion, Man of Steel got unfairly treated by critics. It’s not the most mind-blowingly perfect film ever, but it’s at least a 7/10.

          For WB/DC, this confirmed that they do (fortunately) have a bankable franchise-worthy character other than Batman. Superman and Batman are the best-selling comics for DC, as you’d expect. You add Batman because it makes sense on every level. Everyone wants to see this movie! Even if you’re saying you don’t, you at least want it to be good! It makes Justice League happen a bit sooner! It’s pretty much guaranteed to make a ton of money! Amy Adams!

          Plus, an older Batman being introduced means we can get to stories further on in his (comics) career that haven’t seen the light of… film? If we ‘meet’ Batman in this World’s Finest film at a stage where the first Robin has left to become Nightwing, it leaves the door open for a number of stories.

          Man of Steel’s un-Dark-Knight-Saga-ish enemies means we might have the weirder Batman foes like Clayface and Mr Freeze. The time gap means we can have The Killing Joke and Death in the Family (first and second Affleck solo films?) which are a couple of great stories that cinema-goers are missing out on because most cinema-goers are not comic book readers.

  2. Dazz now a credible writer, lol. I dont think any real bonafide writer would be on this thread unless they were lonely and needed attention. Anyway goyer is not exactly being truthful.
    1. Warners was not sure mos was not going to be a big hit so no post scenes were done to setup next movie.
    2. Amazingly warners gave up on cavill even though when mos is matched with
    iron man 1 as a kickstarter film, mos beat im worldwide.
    3. Ben afflecks presence is meant to boost box office sales even though i firmly
    believed cavaziel and brolin would have been older looking and better actors as batman.
    4. Marvel is beating them ugly, single hero movies leading up to team movies and now the avengers is spinning off single hero movies. And warners doing another mos movie and a flash movie but no ww,glantern,aquaman. Just jump
    in freaking middle and hope it works. Warners dc is looking in disarray like the
    nfls tampa bay buccaneers.

    • the very lonely like to spew bait posts like this. anything go to get response.
      you win.
      someone acknowledged you on the internet, which seems to be the only place you can be acknowledged
      just don’t hurt anyone when they let you out

    • Hmmm….wonder what other JLA character Bronlin could play and look good? Or thinking DC heroes in general, and being that I want a Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) and Hourman team-up, perhaps he could play Hourman (Rex Tyler) (slight resemblance to character facially in early comics, say, the 60s or 70s)?

      • I’ve seen you post this multiple times, and while it would be cool, movies aren’t going to operate like comics in the sense that there will be little hero team ups all the time. It’s a reasonable idea marketing wise, but a lot of the heroes you want aren’t popular enough to make the cut for a live action movie.

  3. I love a good post-credits tease as much as anyone, but that us not actually a requirement, even if a sequel is already planned. Marvel does it and it’s great, Fox did it with the Wolverine.

    The optimist in me hopes that WB actually has this planned out quite extensively and have just been playing their cards close to the vest, in case they get derailed or something. I think that BvsS/MOS2 will be pretty good; whether it’s fantastic, that’s the question.

    Frankly, he most confusing thing is all of the DC television news – when is WB going to tell us what parts of their TV projects, if any, will coexist wih the films?

    • I am anxious for this film, hoping it is good, but caould see it go either way….very good or very bad. Bats couldn’t lick Supes with an Aardvark’s tongue, but he could be the advising angel on the shoulder, so to speak, offering guidance. I would rather see a Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Flash (Barry Allen) team-up flick. Maybe GL and F against Sinestro and Professor Zoom (reverse-Flash). The basic groundwork is already there from Green Lantern #1, and Professor Zoom can time-travel to get him into the present day to mesh with the others in a big evenly-matched slobber-knocker, perhaps hoping to evilly alter fate and influence his own future to his liking. If you wanted to increase this scope even further, to a 3 on 3 match, bring in Time Commander for the baddies, and Doctor Fate for the goodies. This accomplishes a couple things: it gives those of us who want GL#2 an even bigger sequel movie of even grander scope, plus it introduces another JLA hero and more powerful villains. It saves DC/Warner money on doing GL #2 plus a Flash movie (2 in 1), and it makes a lot of money and exposure at the box-office plus also in spin-off products, DVDs, etc. IF DONE CORRECTLY, a can’t lose situation.

  4. *1) Not every film with a sequel coming has to have a post-credits scene.
    *2) I hate how typing on my phone results in “the” constantly coming out as “he” and so forth.

  5. So if you start filming a movie a year and a half before it comes out…thats rushed?

  6. Was soooo looking forward to Man of Steel back when it released. But when i saw it, i was perplexed. It was such a Not so Superman i have grown up to watching in animated series or the comic series.

    Nolans Batman worked even though it had many changes because he had preserved the core values of Batman, seen throughout the batman series comics.

    That was not the case with Man Of Steel.

    That left me with such a bitter taste that i have literally no intentions of catching the Batman created by same set of ppl who created Superman.

    • @ Jayanand

      MOS looked little too much like TDK trilogy didn’t it? Sorta Batman Begins like. I was looking forward to seeing Superman on film again but like you, not in the way the same set of people involved from TDK trilogy’s tone having Superman be copy of that.

      • MOS didn’t work for me at all, and I think the DK approach has run it’s course. It didn’t work for Spider-man or Superman IMO, and frankly I don’t think it could work further for Batman. Nolan really walked a razor’s edge and just made it to the finish. I sincerely hope DC is plotting a new direction. The current one will come crashing the moment they venture into other characters. Batman v. Superman will probably make a lot of money, but again fall short of expectations. But if it’s not really good, DC will have another semi-disappointment on their hands.

    • I felt the same way but Goyer’s earlier explanation of how he deliberately crafted the zod execution gives me great hope that they’re creating superman, not simply telling another superman story.

      superman in MOS absolutely wasn’t the Superman from lore, but he might develop into him…

    • Yeah, those douchrbags ruined Superman, how dare they to trun him into a much moré interesting character with layers, a complex Story facing actual dilemas that male his work much harsher! I want him as a plain, boring god-like character that can do anything he wants like in the Dorner films.

      • Interesting? Layers? Complexity? What movie were you watching? Superman was wooden & one dimensional and couldn’t even express more than 2 facial expressions. The only dilemma was “Superman should do something!” “Should Superman do something?”, and when he finally did something he carelessly wrecked a city in the process without any repercussions. The only layers the movie had was half baked Jesus metaphors that had the subtlely of a trainwreck on a plane.

        Christopher Reeve actually gave Superman a personality and charm which made him endering. The Donner films dealt with Superman’s dilemma of what it means to have so much power and that he may not be able to do everything he can (deus ex machina ending aside). All MoS did was appeal to teenagers who think muted colors and somber tone equals edgy & srs.

        • Yes…layers and complexity. MOS was a simple film in terms of its story. However, in terms of emotion and philosophy, it proved to be so much deeper than most other CBMs. It reflected on the nature and responsibilities of possessing and using power, on family, and on being different and what that often entails in modern society. Cavill played both Clark and Superman (and, by natural extension, Kal El) quite effectively and well, capturing moments of humor just as perfectly as he illustrated realizations of both lonely and tragic truths…and the pure joy gleaming on his face when he first took to the air was wonderful.

          I think the question is: What film were YOU watching? Sadly, you seem to have been sleeping through the excellent film so many of us DID see.

          • Seriously, what emotion? No one in the cast could emote, everyone acted like a robot, I thought Michael Shannon was supposed to play the emotionally disconnected alien, not the entire cast. I haven’t seen this lifeless of a performance since the Happening.

            Cavill played quite possibly the worst Superman on screen yet, he was so boring and could barely count as a character. What I saw was neither Superman, nor Clark, nor Kal. All I saw was a whiny misanthrope brooding over non-issues because hack screenwriters think that’s what constitutes as a “serious” and “dark” character.

            What was he brooding over anyway? That kids picked on him when he was young? Oh noes, that’s pretty much 75% of kids. He’s in his 30s and he’s still brooding over such trivial things? I guess WB thought if they make an immature character he could appeal to the age demographic of teenagers who’d find this deep.

            This movie is the most childish interpretation of the character ever made. It’s the little kid that’s trying WAY too hard to be “adult” in the most superficial ways possible. By listening to “grown up” music with cuss words in it, and wearing darker/muted color clothes more, and having this “mysterious brooder” affect about themselves and making up some trite backstory about how the reason his antisocial ass doesn’t talk to anyone is because “never understood” and “doesn’t trust people anymore” because Blahedy Blahedy Humanity Are Stupid Evil Jerkfaces Wah Wah Cry Cry.

            Man of Steel is just another generic action flick of its time; where some boring emo that’s afraid of having emotions as a “realistic character.” Once again, it’s that little kid that tries too hard to act “tough” and “cool”. They end up just being uninteresting and shallow.

            All the things you mentioned were done much better in the Donner version, because for one thing they got the actors to actually act, while giving them personality in order to properly connect with the audience. You see, that film was focused more on being a GOOD film rather than try to copy the formula of another film (Batman Begins) in a sad attempt to piggyback off its success.

            • Odotry…

              I ask AGAIN: What film were YOU watching? I’m not sure how you missed the great deal of emotion in the film, especially shown by Cavill throughout the story. As for childishness, it’s no accident that “Superman: The Movie” starts with a child opening up a comic to start the film…I don’t see where you get “childish” anywhere, either. Cavill’s excellent portrayal and MOS’s amazing & mature presentation of the mythos were very appropriately ADULT.

              It’s a shame you missed the ACTUAL film…

    • I personally preferred the MOS approach to the Superman character, I just thought they didn’t go into enough depth as to what it is to be Superman, there was too much action (you need some, unlike Superman Returns, but not as much as MOS had, though) and not enough time dedicated to Clark imo. It’s like they have the foundations of a good Superman, but didn’t build on them enough to make him an interesting enough character, and now they’re including Batman in the sequel it doesn’t feel like there’ll be much time to do that then, either, so as a whole the character is underwhelming, even if the film is more than acceptable, to me.

  7. Did anybody else watch the video and notice that Goyer is tatted the eff up?! My dude has a three quarter sleeve, at least on his right arm!

  8. What I find funny is how this is news to some. MOS made 175 plus million before it hit the theater’s on product placement alone not including the biggest opening weekend ever for that month with over 125 mil. That’s 300 mil 3 days in and since over 660 mil and still rising world wide not including merchandise.
    sorry to hurt your feelings but if you didn’t think they new there would be a sequel you’re dumb or ignorant. They knew what they were doing and they know where this is going, a billion plus and the road to the justice league with their new director. Well played, well played

  9. off the subject, but can someone explain why in hell wouldn’t cavill’s superman be able to fly to the moon, as per goyer’s recent comment?

    • Yea, Chris Reeve did it, Terence Stamp did it, even that nuclear man did it, what gives?

      • “Fly to the moon”….wish Obama could do it!

        Pow-Zoom-trip to the moon, Alice!

        • Oh, and for those who plan to criticize my last comment, here’s a moon for you….(betcha wish ya had a webcam, me buckos!)!!

    • I think Goyer meant the story wouldn’t allow for that, not that he was incapable of doing so. He was fine in space outside the ship. I imagine he could fly to the moon. Or maybe he meant that he hadn’t developed his powers that way yet. Maybe he requires more experience.

    • I’m pretty sure he means that the moon would be a cop out.

    • In MoS version of superman it’s a combination of the yellow sun and earth’s rich atmosphere that gives him his abilities. No rich atmosphere on moon means he can’t fly there.

      • Like I said, maybe he just hasn’t developed his powers to the point where can go without the rich atmosphere for a while. In All Star Superman, it’s shown that he is getting stronger (albeit dying in that story) so perhaps Cavill’s Superman will also get stronger and develop new abilities.

        • I believe All-Star is based on the pre-DC crisis Superman, who had virtually unlimited powers like space and time travel, etc. Since the eighties they’ve tried to tone his powers down.

      • Already told it few times. Kryptonite particles are in Krypton’s atmosphere(its the only way everything in the movie make sense), Earth doesn’t have those + weaker gravity + younger star.

        Notice how he struggled to fly and was just jumping. And then notice that he and other kryptonians are using their hands and legs for flying, control the fly and accelerating. Then notice how Superman even at the end still uses the same technics while we saw Zod doing different approach for take off.

    • Because what most people are forgetting with MOS is that he just learning to use and able to use he powers / abilities. The Superman you’re all used to is the older more mature Supes (and maybe that’s why they’re bringing Bats into it, to help him mature / grow), they keep saying that throughout the movie, you will stumble, you will fall, etc… Nobody, not even Superman is born perfect and knowing everything!!!

  10. I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. I am optimistic that it’ll be a good movie.

  11. Need to see this new bat suit ASAP!!

  12. I agree with Goyer and find myself EVEN MORE excited for the potentially great film the fans AND the audience, at large, will receive. If those making films do NOT kowtow to the very vocal, often narrow-minded, frequently annoyingly moronic minority of “my-way-or-naught” fanboys, we ALL will get many more, much better films.

    Snyder, Goyer, Affleck, Cavill, Zimmer: Do it!

  13. I agree with Goyer and find myself EVEN MORE excited for the potentially great film the fans AND the audience, at large, will receive. If those making films do NOT kowtow to the very vocal, often narrow-minded, frequently annoyingly m0r0nic minority of “my-way-or-naught” fanboys, we ALL will get many more, much better films.

    Snyder, Goyer, Affleck, Cavill, Zimmer: Do it!

    • Oops…pardon the double post. :P

  14. I’m so glad that I’m not a Superman fanboy. I actually enjoyed MOS more than any other Superman movie (Yes, I’ve seen them all since I was a little kid). I wasn’t thrilled about Shannon from Fashionable Male playing Batman, but this team hasn’t let me down yet. Bale as Batman kinda sucked, but the Dark Knight trilogy was much better than anything that’s come out of Marvel’s camp. I would still prefer to have another stand alone Superman film… and would love to see Kevin Spacer return as Lex, although I know it will never happen.

    The fact that people are so bent out of shape over the massive destruction in MOS just makes me laugh. It’s Superman fighting an alien force that’s bent on destroying Earth, what did you expect?? The action scenes are epic and I think they hit the nail square on the head.

    • If my world was being invaded by an alien force, I sure as heck would try to take them all out decisively and definitively. I am hopeful MOS will be good, as I will buy the DVD when it comes out (just bought the old Flash TV show and Iron Man 3 on DVDs. Watching those will be my projects for my next couple days off).

  15. *Spacey

  16. I got this update when I went to the mall recently and every t-shirt had a Batman or Superman logo on it.

  17. Goldilocks, I loved The Flash TV Series, that is the next WB/DC movie I really want to see next. I was showing my wife that series, great stuff!

  18. I don’t think the biggest worry about the movie is Affleck, it’s that it is molded after one of the most over-rated, difficult-to-adapt graphic novels out there. Loved Year One, but the Dark Knight Returns has no human element. Think this was a bad choice, echoing the bad choices made to create DKR

    • Affleck is already in the hot seat so all we can do is wait to judge his actual performance when this movie comes to theaters.hopefully he pulls it off.

  19. “Do Zack Snyder and Goyer have a Batman/Superman movie that people want to see?” It has Superman and Batman in it. At the same time. Hell yeah, people want to see it!

  20. This movie will make history I cant wait. I just wonder what other DC movies they have planned and what movie Superman/Batman will lead into?

  21. Dammit I’m too excited for this movie!

  22. I still say they get out of this stupidity before it’s too late.

  23. I can get the explanation given here over his limited cosmic ability, I just hope there is gradual development to his power set over time, and not that they will look to sell a superman who is confined to earth. the guy is supposed to be a cosmic name taker, ass kicker.

    wouldn’t do us viewers any good to see a DC universe film where the guy is crapping bricks at the thought of going through a wormhole to parts unknown, and even plastic man is eyeballing him.

  24. The fact that Goyer’s name is a writing should an indication of how s***** the movie will be the same way Bay’s attachment to the new TMNT is dooming it to failure. Outside of Blade I & II, & the DK trilogy, his filmography is nothing but stinkers, and even those I listed suffer from some notable flaws like awkward dialogue and their fair share of plotholes.

    Coupled with Snyder’s limited imagination and Cavill’s awful portrayal of Superman, the only thing this bomb in the making has going for it is Affleck’s star power and the brand name of Batman (though both have had their extreme shortcomings, particularly the former).

    I’ll stick to Superman/Batman Public Enemies, now that’s an awesome movie.

  25. I noticed that most people who criticize MOS don’t really know all about the superman myth as much as they think they know…

  26. I’ve been a Superman fan for as long as I can remember, but Man of Steel really made me contemplate whether or not I can remain a film fan of the iconic hero. Zack Snyder and David Goyer made that movie a travesty. They didn’t want it to be attached to any of the previous movies or tv shows, but then must have relied on fans to know the origins of Superman and the cast of characters in his life, because they didn’t bother explaining anything about anyone else in the movie. Character development was mainly on Zod, and a little on Kal-El/Clark Kent. It was a poor excuse of a story, but hey, story doesn’t matter when you can make something visually good, right? Just my opinion, but Zack Snyder and David Goyer should be removed from the future installments of Superman. And while not everyone will agree, even Bryan Singer did a better job with Superman Returns than Snyder and Goyer did with Man of Steel.

    I guess this is my long-winded way of saying that when it comes to Superman Vs. Batman, I’ll stick with the animated The Dark Knight Returns until Man of Steel 2 comes out on blu ray and can be rented from a Redbox. I just don’t trust Zack Snyder or David Goyer to create a good Superman movie.

    • MOS was not a travesty by any definition. I found it a fantastic modern introduction to the mythos.

  27. 1. this movie will be epic
    2. affleck is going to do great
    3. eat my shorts
    4. everybody hating on affleck will watch the movie and eat their own shorts that night


    5. EAT MY SHORTS!!!!!!!!!

  28. my greatest concern here is that DC has relied to heavily on batman and superman to do all the promoting but mostly batman who seems to be the life raft character of their entire franchise.Batman is great but eventually DC is going to have to bring in less familiar characters to the big screen if they want to compete with marvel in a foot race.DC has had it ups and downs( man of steel movie ending) but they really need to get their act together or they could go down the drain.

    DC has alot of great characters but they aren’t using them to their advantage, for example here are some DC characters that could have great live action movies.

    -teen titans
    -legion of superheroes
    -captain marvel/shazam
    -static shock
    -the flash
    -metal men
    -red tornado
    -wonder woman
    -martian man hunter
    -red hood
    -batman beyond
    -captain atom
    -black canary
    -court of owls
    -the outsiders
    -the atom
    -booster gold
    -new blue beetle

    :and that’s just scrathing the surface of possibilities DC has.