Flash, Wonder Woman & Other JLA Members to Appear in ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

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Wonder Woman and Flash in Batman vs Superman Flash, Wonder Woman & Other JLA Members to Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

It’s been a crazy few days for superhero movies and TV shows. Numerous rumors about Wonder Woman and Nightwing/Dick Grayson being in Batman vs. Superman have popped up; a TV show about DC’s Hourman was announced for The CW; Marvel and Netflix announced four new shows and a miniseries (about Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist); and Arrow star Stephen Amell hinted that he might appear in the future Justice League movie.

But the news tornado isn’t over yet – now we have word about more actresses being up for the female (possibly Wonder Woman) role in Batman vs. Superman, as well as the possible appearance of Flash and “several members of the Justice League.” Say what?

The newest report comes from Variety, which confirms that Olga Kurylenko is up for a female role described as “tall, brunette, athletic and exotic.” Now, which DC female character does that most accurately describe?

Other actresses up for the role include Elodie Yung (G.I. Joe – Retaliation), Gal Gadot (Gisele in the Fast & Furious series), and a possible fourth that has yet to be revealed – though Variety insists that it’s not Jaimie Alexander, who they claim is committed (contractually speaking) to Marvel. But if that’s the case, what were all those recent rumors about? And why was she goading them on?

Various Wonder Woman Costumes Flash, Wonder Woman & Other JLA Members to Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

It’s worth mentioning, as Variety and its sources have, that this female character could very well turn out to be some (relatively) run-of-the-mill love interest for Bruce Wayne. And frankly, there’s actually good reason to believe that’s the case – each one of these actresses has very thick accents that one doesn’t typically associate with Wonder Woman.

Though Wonder Woman is from the mythical island nation of Themyscira, she has never been depicted with an accent (besides an American accent, that is) and it seems kind of unlikely that Warner Bros. would build a brand-new multimillion dollar franchise around an untested actress whose grasp of the English language could be a barrier for American audiences.

According to Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter (via Bleeding Cool), while Wonder Woman WILL appear in the movie (as “Diana”), the actresses up for the “tall, athletic, exotic” role will likely not be playing Wonder Woman, whose part in movie will be insignificant – and possibly just a cameo.

Check out his tweets below:

Having said all this – though I do fall on the side that believes that these actresses are probably not up for the role of Wonder Woman, it does seem a bit strange that Zack Snyder and co. would include two very similar characters (in terms of physicality) in the same film.

If this movie will, at some point, briefly introduce “Diana” to the DC Movie Universe, why would producers want to steal her thunder with an equally tall, athletic, and exotic female character (with brown hair)?

Needless to say, it’s all pretty confusing.

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  1. I think it will get confusing. Leave the Justice League out of it, and discuss it someday in the future. I’m getting sidetrack around the DC Universe fitting into BATMAN vs SUPERMAN.

  2. You mean… Might appear in Justice League?

    • Screen Rant


    • ^wrong. That’s exactly what this is becoming. I’m losing faith in DC studios.

    • it clearly says Batman Vs Superman……………………

    • Somnath Das

      batman and superman. forget vs.

    • @Justin:-
      I never had any faith in Warner Bros to begin with

    • They aren’t going to do it. Flash will be on TV already by then so they already have an established Flash character. The only character other than Batman and Superman that needs to be introduced is Wonder Woman. Green Lantern movie in 2016 and then they have everyone.

  3. Ben Mapp

    The film’s focus will be Batman vs Superman, but having the other heroes make an appearence together this early on might distance it from the Marvel movies more so as, for instance, the Justice League might already be congealing quite nicely together. Their first assignment being to deal with an extraterrestrial threat, namely a lone Kryptonian who accidentally helped destroy most of Metropolis. Maybe they’re being manipulated by Lex Luthor, especially if Wayne Enterprises is working in conjunction with Lexcorp on the restoration effort. Just my two cents!

    • Alan James

      thats not bad man, i liked that idea

    • Ben Mapp


    • Matthew Pluzhnikov

      Cut. Print It. That’s a Wrap. Give this man screenwriting credit, and the money that goes with it. All over-excited exaggeration aside though, that’s a pretty solid summary of a working potential plot. :)

    • Ashwin Sridhar

      f*** no. Superman helped create the Justice League. Your idea is just turning the Justice League into that superhero team Luthor assembled in Public Enemies. It’s stupid to do that.

  4. DC is cramming to catch up with Marvel…so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  5. Ok i know what people will say but I honestly read JLS… And that would be a good film. Batman kicking the hell out of them.

  6. This should just be called Justice League…

  7. Julio Camacho

    I’m not liking this. They need to build on it, not add so many at one time.

  8. C Albert Welsch

    Not going to see it. Don’t care. DC had me through Dark Knight Rises, lost me completely with Man of Steel. If Zach Snyder’s directing it, I’m not going to watch it. I’m through being fooled into thinking he can direct a watchable film.

    • Short Change

      U crazy Man of Steel was good!

    • C Albert Welsch

      You should write screenplays.

  9. Well they kind of gotta hurry up and introduce the new versions of those characters some how if they want to go up against the Avengers…might as well be now

  10. Short Change

    Great ideal!, Marvel is winning DC gotta catch up, If you’re doin a JL movie by 2015 then now is the time to bring out guns and the Man of Steel 2 platform is where to do it at!

  11. Zack Devlin

    How about we ll wait until the movie comes out to judge…

  12. Alan James

    this sounds to me that they’re gonna have a lot of appearances, like barry allen as a cop instead of him as ‘the flash’, throw wonder woman in there in something tight and revealing, i’m in

  13. Mike Hodges

    bad unless it’s brief cameo intoruductions

  14. There were the same rumours about Man of Steel. I prefer to be sceptical at this point :p

  15. Adrien Williams

    Make mentions, show videos alluding to, have Perry give a story to someone about a character, sure. But we shouldn’t get fully fleshed out characters in this film.

  16. As long as it is at the end.

  17. Good idea. Expand the universe. That’s the whole idea if you are going to set up the base for Justice League.

  18. Don’t matter. They gonna do what they wanna do anyway and 95% of y’all will still be front row in theaters .

    • Collin Avery

      those must be pretty big front rows…

  19. It’s not even true.

  20. Bruce Jackson

    The more I hear about this movie, the less I want to see it. This idea will only work if they show up in civilian ids, and save the costumes till a Justice League movie. I would be happy with a bunch of small cameos though.

  21. Ken Collopy

    As a tease of what’s to come. But not part of the main feature.

  22. Jimmy Holloway

    Remember back when this was supposed to be a SUPERMAN movie?

  23. Jeffrey Scott Burke

    Is every character going to kill someone? Hate this darker approach.

  24. William Pasillas

    I think it’s going to take away from the Batman vs superman concept. These 2 heroes are to square off with each other before reaching common ground. Sounds like they’re trying to make JLA happen too soon better to bide the time amd build up to it.

  25. But your talking about Zack Snyder here, a guy that is great at wrecking movies.

  26. Flash is the most powerful member of JLA and he is getting relegated to a cameo? Bullcrap

  27. Spiderman 3, anyone?

    • Kees Mc Luvin

      yea that movie was pushed to much, they couldn’t fairly fit the characters in that 2hr movie. thanks sony for ruining it

  28. How much is Warner Bros paying Screen Rant to promote there upcoming movie

  29. Maybe they can split the movie in two.