Flash, Wonder Woman & Other JLA Members to Appear in ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

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Wonder Woman and Flash in Batman vs Superman Flash, Wonder Woman & Other JLA Members to Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

It’s been a crazy few days for superhero movies and TV shows. Numerous rumors about Wonder Woman and Nightwing/Dick Grayson being in Batman vs. Superman have popped up; a TV show about DC’s Hourman was announced for The CW; Marvel and Netflix announced four new shows and a miniseries (about Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist); and Arrow star Stephen Amell hinted that he might appear in the future Justice League movie.

But the news tornado isn’t over yet – now we have word about more actresses being up for the female (possibly Wonder Woman) role in Batman vs. Superman, as well as the possible appearance of Flash and “several members of the Justice League.” Say what?

The newest report comes from Variety, which confirms that Olga Kurylenko is up for a female role described as “tall, brunette, athletic and exotic.” Now, which DC female character does that most accurately describe?

Other actresses up for the role include Elodie Yung (G.I. Joe – Retaliation), Gal Gadot (Gisele in the Fast & Furious series), and a possible fourth that has yet to be revealed – though Variety insists that it’s not Jaimie Alexander, who they claim is committed (contractually speaking) to Marvel. But if that’s the case, what were all those recent rumors about? And why was she goading them on?

Various Wonder Woman Costumes Flash, Wonder Woman & Other JLA Members to Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

It’s worth mentioning, as Variety and its sources have, that this female character could very well turn out to be some (relatively) run-of-the-mill love interest for Bruce Wayne. And frankly, there’s actually good reason to believe that’s the case – each one of these actresses has very thick accents that one doesn’t typically associate with Wonder Woman.

Though Wonder Woman is from the mythical island nation of Themyscira, she has never been depicted with an accent (besides an American accent, that is) and it seems kind of unlikely that Warner Bros. would build a brand-new multimillion dollar franchise around an untested actress whose grasp of the English language could be a barrier for American audiences.

According to Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter (via Bleeding Cool), while Wonder Woman WILL appear in the movie (as “Diana”), the actresses up for the “tall, athletic, exotic” role will likely not be playing Wonder Woman, whose part in movie will be insignificant – and possibly just a cameo.

Check out his tweets below:

Having said all this – though I do fall on the side that believes that these actresses are probably not up for the role of Wonder Woman, it does seem a bit strange that Zack Snyder and co. would include two very similar characters (in terms of physicality) in the same film.

If this movie will, at some point, briefly introduce “Diana” to the DC Movie Universe, why would producers want to steal her thunder with an equally tall, athletic, and exotic female character (with brown hair)?

Needless to say, it’s all pretty confusing.

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  1. I Wonder if WB/DC are planning the Justice League film after MOS 2 if this rumor is to be true. If so, am I the only one who think the studio seems to be rushing things a little?

  2. i belive this people are just inventing rumors, just for get clicks.

  3. For me, the lingering “character issues” from MoS aren’t really to do with Clark/Supes, who he is and how he finds his place in the world. Those are things that will unfold naturally telling whatever story they have in mind, not details that require “extra” attention in and of themselves. The lingering issues from first movie, imo, are the destruction of Metropolis (too huge an event to be wrapped up in MoS’s tiny denouement)and exactly how secret Clark’s secret identity is (lots of people seem to know; a big theme in MoS is trust). MoS didn’t leave adequate time to address these in its denouement, it just teased its sequel with the scene of Clark’s hire at DP and him crashing the spy drone. Seems like the natural place for sequel to pick up is his identity (which Batman easily sleuths) and the fallout of Metropolis destruction. If there are other JLA heroes in this universe, both of those things would be on their minds as well, since they are protectors of earth, so to speak. One possible story is all of these heroes’ (and a few villains) attempts to reconcile a “Superman” in the world and what to do about him. In this basic plot, there is plenty of room for a few more heroes; but Batman crosses the finish line first, after a few more heroes are introduced.

    • Also, in this plot, it *is* a Superman sequel, *not* a JLA movie, per se.

  4. I smell a clusterfeck of X-men proportions.

    • That summed up my thoughts nicely.

    • I see a lone TV in the wild west that continues to play this movie and sing, “Every cowboy has a sad sad song…”

  5. I bet it could very well be for the role of Sasha Bordeaux, Bruce Wayne’s bodyguard.

    • You might be right my friend. I just read up on her and she fit the bill.

    • Just looked her up and the actresses seem like they’re all aimed at her physicality, and the love interest also fits.

  6. I don’t have a problem with it it just gets us closer to a justice league movie. I’m sure their appearance will just be cameos if they are even in it. Im still more interested in who the villains will be because Lex luthor is not enough.I just hope its someone good that will bring action like metallo, Bizarro, or brainiac, not the Toyman or Mr Mxyzptlk.

  7. What about Grant Gustins flash?

  8. maybe WW, the Flash, etc. will show up in the background on a TV news report to demonstrate the explosion of meta-humans since the arrival of Superman

  9. I’m calling it – Jaimie: Diana cameo; Olga and the rest: Talia.

    Nightwing: small expository cameo, perhaps when Bats leaves Gotham for Metropolis. Probably just one scene.

    These rumors don’t necessarily point to a clusterf*ck of Spider-Man 3 proportions. Snyder/Goyer could just be aiming to establish that these characters exist within the universe and set them up for future films à la TASM 2. Which so far has Electro, Rhino, Norman Osborne/Green Goblin, Harry Osborne/Venom(?), Black Cat(?) + Ravencroft Institute. Also, Mary Jane who has since been cut, not to mention Gwen’s imminent death. Not worried at all that individual story arcs in Batman vs. Superman may suffer. I trust Goyer.

    Most anticipated film of 2015. Looking forward to this more than Star Wars and Avengers.

    • Not familiar with Sasha Bordeaux but was she ever a love interest to Bruce Wayne? This is an older, “tired and weary” Dark Knight, I would expect his personal life to reflect this. Talia is the mother of Bruce Wayne’s son.

    • WW, Flash, etc. post credits? Thor 2 button scene had the Collector from Guardians of the Galaxy. Establishing the macguffin for that film. Batman vs. Superman was further in development than what people realized. Man, it’s all leading to JLA.

    • I agree with them just establishing the characters. If the rumor ends up being true, I think it’s just simple cameos to say, “Hey, these characters exist.”. I also think it’d make sense story wise, the world DID just come off an alien invasion, I’m sure, like Batman, everyone would be interested to know who this Superman is.

  10. Cool nicert

  11. All of these are just rumors. The Wonder Women might happen but the whole Nightwing character, Flash isn’t happening. This has already been reported as “a fan rumor” by numerous sites. The same site that started the rumor also said that Gustin would play the role of The Flash in the movie as well along with Affleck making a small appearance in Arrow. After the Affleck comment I already knew it wasn’t a creditable source

  12. I don’t see the problem of incorporating Wonder Woman, Nightwing and maybe even The Flash. But the important thing in adding them in the story is their significance and purpose to the story.

    Is Diana going to be in it for just a cameo? That’s fine but they need to keep it a cameo. And people shouldn’t act like they had to develop her further or something, this ain’t her time to shine (yet). I’d say let Diana work for the CIA and observing the world that changes rather than stepping in the light right away, now that wouldn’t work.

    As for Nightwing, maybe Batman can’t handle Superman alone and needs the help of him. Rumor has it that they had a fight and haven’t spoken in years. So this could also be about forgiveness and to do what is necessary. But I don’t think Nightwing is really needed. Can’t Batman handle it himself? 😛

    As for The Flash, Barry could work at LexCorp or something. But I don’t think he should have his powers yet.

    So I’d like those things of Diana and Barry to be really small but not only to let the fans know (look! she’s going to be wonder woman and he the flash!) but that the audience has seen them and that the roles they have in BvS makes sense in a sequel.

  13. I think DC is missing a HUGE opportunity if they don’t use Arrow (and later Flash if it makes it) TV shows as a platform to tease and or set up a JLA movie. It wouldn’t have to be major plot points, just passing references. Star Trek TNG famously did this by bring in Spock to confide in Picard on “that incident way back when” to generate interest in Star Trk VI.

    And if DC used the established TV characters (and actors) for Green Arrow and Flash, there would be two characters the movei wouldn’t ahve to waste time establishing. And at the same time, the movie could spark interest in the tv shows.

    Very win-win for DC!

  14. Bottom line: This is no longer a sequel to MoS 2 but rather I’m Batfleck and I can do whatever I want with the film. That makes me wonder if that is the reason Nolan wanted to leave the sequel.

    • You really think Ben Affleck is making all these choices to expand the universe and not Zack Snyder, David Goyer, and Warner Bros.?

  15. He said he would be involved in the process. That is one of the reasons why he accepted the role. Well, that and the big paycheck.

    • Yeah, he’ll be involved because he wants a Batman he can portray to the best of his abilities and doesn’t want to just read someone else’s lines. He’ll want to be involved in creating the character’s lines.

      To even assume or outright blame him for decisions WB, Snyder and Goyer are making then you’re delusional and looking for any excuse to pour scorn on the man.

    • Nolan is still executive producing. Haven’t I already told you this multiple times before? And to blame Affleck for these kinds of decision makes you either delusional or still butthurt about Affleck being cast as Batman so you spew any nonsense that enters your mind for the simple reason that it’s against Affleck.

    • promises.

  16. Honestly, at this point, I think Olga will appear briefly as Talia, mention a son then disappear (scene during a ball similar to the one in TDKR when Bruce talks to Selina about not letting her keep the pearls?).

    I don’t know what the actress is called but she was a lead in Low Winter Sun and looked pretty much exactly like Renee Montoya if they want to introduce that character, either in the movies or in the Gotham Central show (although I think she was mainly a cop in Metropolis wasn’t she?).

  17. Yes this almost proves my theory that they were testing for talia al ghul.

    • what a mess this is turning into, a jumbled mess that DC can’t even clean up because they are too busy being unproductive and slow.

  18. This starting to look messy.

    • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9………………………………………………

  19. Sounds to me like DC/Warner is just scrambling to catch up to Marvel as best as they can! The’re using MOS2 as a shortcut to get to Justice League. It’s not really MOS2, it’s more like a prequel to a Justice League film that hasn’t even been made yet!

  20. I’m sorry for Superman. I’m sorry for Mr. Cavill, so much effort into making the first film work to get to this mess. Don’t worry people, chill out. You will get the Batfleck you deserved.

    • What mess?

      Did you like The Avengers?

      It’ll be like that, only not a team movie and made by WB/DC. And hopefully, way, way better in quality.

      • Here I am wondering why DC hasn’t made a justice league movie yet and they keep saying it’s going to happen and marvel has already jumped into making a second avengers.# glad to be a marvel fan.

  21. BLA! BLA! BLA! …I`ll wait when the crew start the process, sick and tired of these rumors

    • Then stop reading them!

      • do you have ANY idea

        • question mark

  22. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa

    ~Had to let that out, it was cathartic~


  23. I see this working only if it is at the end of the movie after everything is wrapped up in the main story. Superman and Batman take care of the main plot but discover something bigger that will require a JLA. The two of them approach the other heroes at the end of the movie in very brief teaser scenes.

  24. I have a feeling that rumor or not Diana, and Barry Allen will be spectators of the events taking notes eventually reporting their findings of a batman and superman back to Jon at jla head quarters… Kind of like Coulson and his scouting out the avengers…

  25. This latest incarnation of Superman left the starting gate like a race horse with advanced muscular dystrophy. The only thing that got it as far as it has were its succession of admittedly impressive special effects. If not for those, this movie would have sank to the bottom of Hollywood’s cinematic cesspool to settle alongside that other nose cringing turd, ‘Superman Returns’.

  26. My question is, are they still talking about doing a shared universe? And if so are they going to use the Flash that DC is introducing on Arrow?

    • …Yes, of course. We’ve known that since they announced Batman vs. Superman.

  27. I am not too thrilled with these actresses playing Wonder Woman