Flash, Wonder Woman & Other JLA Members to Appear in ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

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Wonder Woman and Flash in Batman vs Superman Flash, Wonder Woman & Other JLA Members to Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

It’s been a crazy few days for superhero movies and TV shows. Numerous rumors about Wonder Woman and Nightwing/Dick Grayson being in Batman vs. Superman have popped up; a TV show about DC’s Hourman was announced for The CW; Marvel and Netflix announced four new shows and a miniseries (about Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist); and Arrow star Stephen Amell hinted that he might appear in the future Justice League movie.

But the news tornado isn’t over yet – now we have word about more actresses being up for the female (possibly Wonder Woman) role in Batman vs. Superman, as well as the possible appearance of Flash and “several members of the Justice League.” Say what?

The newest report comes from Variety, which confirms that Olga Kurylenko is up for a female role described as “tall, brunette, athletic and exotic.” Now, which DC female character does that most accurately describe?

Other actresses up for the role include Elodie Yung (G.I. Joe – Retaliation), Gal Gadot (Gisele in the Fast & Furious series), and a possible fourth that has yet to be revealed – though Variety insists that it’s not Jaimie Alexander, who they claim is committed (contractually speaking) to Marvel. But if that’s the case, what were all those recent rumors about? And why was she goading them on?

Various Wonder Woman Costumes Flash, Wonder Woman & Other JLA Members to Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

It’s worth mentioning, as Variety and its sources have, that this female character could very well turn out to be some (relatively) run-of-the-mill love interest for Bruce Wayne. And frankly, there’s actually good reason to believe that’s the case – each one of these actresses has very thick accents that one doesn’t typically associate with Wonder Woman.

Though Wonder Woman is from the mythical island nation of Themyscira, she has never been depicted with an accent (besides an American accent, that is) and it seems kind of unlikely that Warner Bros. would build a brand-new multimillion dollar franchise around an untested actress whose grasp of the English language could be a barrier for American audiences.

According to Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter (via Bleeding Cool), while Wonder Woman WILL appear in the movie (as “Diana”), the actresses up for the “tall, athletic, exotic” role will likely not be playing Wonder Woman, whose part in movie will be insignificant – and possibly just a cameo.

Check out his tweets below:

Having said all this – though I do fall on the side that believes that these actresses are probably not up for the role of Wonder Woman, it does seem a bit strange that Zack Snyder and co. would include two very similar characters (in terms of physicality) in the same film.

If this movie will, at some point, briefly introduce “Diana” to the DC Movie Universe, why would producers want to steal her thunder with an equally tall, athletic, and exotic female character (with brown hair)?

Needless to say, it’s all pretty confusing.


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  1. Ummm, is this Batman vs Superman or The Justice League? Like make a decision already.

    • Do you mean make a decision or make an announcement. The film has already started filming, so I’m pretty certain they know what they’re making.

  2. Trying to compete with Marvel is making DC act weird.

  3. With the current leadership in place at DC every move they make is bad. All creative decisions there should be put on hold until new leadership is found and the old cut out like a cancer.

    • I could not agree more!

  4. Lol, if that’s the case , they should call it, ‘ Justice League’ and get it over with ..

  5. DC has HORRIBLE leadership. First of all, they focused on simply Batman and Superman for like a gazillion years instead of developing OTHER heroes with their own movies. They didn’t even TRY to create a connected cinematic universe (they never even mentioned Wayne Enterprises in Man Of Steel for even a second! Horrible mistake). They screwed themselves over with TDK trilogy because it can’t be a part of the cinematic universe and any other re-imagining of Batman will suck. Marvel is barreling ahead with TV shows, contracts for special mini TV series with Netflix, and their Phases; they’ve got like 50 movies planned AND they all seamlessly connect. DC needs to stop trying to compete with Marvel; they’ve lost the battle. It’s over. They need to make some good, well-thought-out decisions and then GET MOVING FAST. Every piece of news I get about DC makes them seem like they’re floundering and making random decisions and being totally erratic. SCRAP Batman VS Superman. Develop a Flash movie. A Wonder Woman movie. (Green Lantern was a fail but he can still be in the JL movie.) An Aquaman movie. Once these THREE movies are made, they need to then move onto the Justice League movie. I mean, for crying outloud, people have been demanding a Wonder Woman movie for years. She’s popular! DC could have made her movie by now and that would have been the first step towards the JL movie. Seriously, what a bunch of morons.

    • I guess you missed the Wayne Enterprises satellite in “Man of Steel,” and I rather enjoyed “Green Lantern.” I agree with a lot of your other comments, though…

    • Kees Mc Luvin

      agree that’s why Marvel(Disney) > DC

      • Bah. DC has always had more interesting characters than Marvel, especially the ones that Marvel ripped off.

    • While I do agree that Marvel has the jump and how they laid it out made even a non marvel person such as myself interested; I’m still a Super friends vs the Legion of Doom kid.

      I already know these characters. Even the bad GL movie was still something; I would have loved for Flash to show up in that but anyway…

      MOS was excellent in my opinion and yes I remember when Supes I & II came out. If they get a decent story and back fill it and “whet” my appetite for more I’m game.

    • This man speaks the truth.

  6. Bad…but that’s just my opinion…

  7. Art Barron Jr.

    Do we even have a confirmed title yet ?

  8. Tookie Thomas Walker

    Great idea, it a small JLA all you need is a green Lantern

  9. Cory Morr

    If other members are in Batman and Superman, than it’s not Batman and Superman it’s the Justice League. This going to fail.

  10. Cory Morr

    Where’s the Martian? I have first dibs on the beer mug. LOL

  11. This could be done right, in my opinion, to set up a JLA movie or even just movies for the other characters. You have the movie mostly about Supes and his dealings with Louis and himself, have Bats stalk him/intervene in his life as Bruce throughout the first half of the movie. Nightwing, taking a liking to Supes, warns him Batman is after him, leading into some background on Bats and Nightwing/Robin. Meanwhile Lex is planning to take out Clark, Batman and Superman have it out, Lex attacks, they come together to stop the threat. This makes Batman realize Clark has potential if handled correctly leading to the ending/post credits scene where Batman and Clark walk into the Watchtower.

    • This is all well and good, but why would the JLA only have Batman, a mere human, actively go after Superman and observe him? Martian Manhunter can more easily sneak up on the Kryptonian due to his built-in phasing/invisibility stealth mode. In this regard, Batman would be a liability, effortlessly detectable by his target. Don’t you think? That’s why I’m opting for the “The Justice League doesn’t exist yet” approach. They should take their time when it comes to laying the groundwork for a solid, serious cinematic universe.

      • I’m not necessarily saying the JLA is formed yet, or that Batman is observing Superman with anyone’s knowledge, beyond Nightwing who has spotted him. I was thinking that Batman has an idea for some sort of JLA, maybe after meeting Wonder Woman previously, and is scouting Superman as a possible threat to the world after the destruction of Metropolis. Then, after they take down Lex, or whoever/whatever he sends to kill Superman together, he realizes he can mentor Superman, to at least keep and eye on and him and stop more collateral damage, for this team. Just an idea, since they seem to be differing from the comics, it’s a different story I would like to see.

  12. I think it’s worth a shot, provided they do it right.

  13. Gary Burch


  14. Wonder woman and flash please.

  15. I think your all putting to much negative stuff into this. The bigger picture, if its going to be a intro to the Justice League, that there wont be any interaction with any of the JLA characters. It could be something as easy as “The Batman” who is always looking and watching everything as usual, trying to keep things in his control, watching his “Brother Eye” monitor, keeping tabs on Superman, and at the same time looking at several other monitors and seeing glimpses of other heroes in action. That’s where we could possible see Flash, Green lantern, Wonder Woman and even Booster Gold in action.
    Something like that would let us all know that the world of super heroes, the DC Universe does already exist, and Batman is watching them, keeping his eye on them. That’s all we need to see, to let us know that those heroes are on their way to being seen a lot more in the future. It would be the perfect way of giving us that small taste of excitement of things to come. ‘
    Makes sense doesn’t it?

  16. Why are all Marvel fans so scared that DC will succeed at their movies? Btw did anybody notice that Avengers was laughable and had absolutely NO story. Oh and guess what Marvel released some……..a lot of bad movies, anyone remember Elektra, Daredevil, the Ghost Riders, Iron Man 3, Xmen 3. Don’t get me wrong DC released bad movies too but embrace the wonderful comic movie time we live in before Marvel saturates the market too much and we get no more movies