Rumor Patrol: ‘Batman vs Superman’ Production No Longer Delayed?

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Ben Affleck Batman vs Superman1 Rumor Patrol: Batman vs Superman Production No Longer Delayed?

The past year has been a roller coaster for DC Comics fans. Months after Warner Bros. announced their superhero team-up, tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman, at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, the studio turned the Internet upside down with the announcement that Ben Affleck would be taking over for Christian Bale as Batman.

Then, just as Lex Luthor and Aquaman casting rumors began surface, the studio abruptly delayed the entire production nearly a year – to a new May 6th, 2016 release date. Now, just one day after Marvel Studios announced their intention to move Ant-Man into the old Batman vs. Superman date (July 17th, 2015), we’re getting word that Warner Bros. might not have delayed production on the film.

The new (albeit unconfirmed) report comes from Deadline who claim that the Fox TV Pilot The Middle Man, to be directed by Ben Affleck, has been put on hold – due to Affleck scheduling conflicts. News of the show’s delay doesn’t necessarily mean a change in the future Batman’s already busy schedule; however, Deadline goes on to assert that they have inside sources who claim Batman vs. Supermanproduction is not being delayed and the main players have been summoned to start work right away.

Batman vs Superman Delayed to 2016 Rumor Patrol: Batman vs Superman Production No Longer Delayed?

The report doesn’t elaborate, or speculate, on why Warner Bros. would change their mind a mere week after officially delaying one of the most-buzzed about movie productions in recent history. Had the change in release date been a result of scheduling conflicts with key players, Affleck’s choice to drop out of directing The Middle Man, to help grease the wheels on his turn as Batman/Bruce Wayne, would have made sense. Yet, the “official” reason Warner Bros. gave for moving the Man of Steel sequel into 2016 was to allow “the filmmakers time to realize fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story.” Putting filmmakers to work earlier than expected is likely actually in service of giving everyone “time realize their full vision” – not to get the film out earlier.

As a result, with no mention of scheduling conflicts in the original WB announcement, it’s worth taking this new report with a grain of salt – especially since doubling back on delaying production doesn’t necessarily mean that the final film isn’t still delayed into 2016. In fact, staying the original production course (not release date) would help ensure a better final film for 2016 – given that it would allow Snyder and his team plenty of time in post-production.

Of course, it’s possible that the original delay didn’t have to do with “the complex visual nature of the story.” Plenty of insiders (us included) have speculated that the delay might actually have been a way to consolidate resources and film both Batman vs. Superman and the rumored Justice League movie (which Gal Gadot’s contract confirms will be one of three planned Wonder Woman appearances) back to back.

Batman Vs. Superman Rumor Patrol: Batman vs Superman Production No Longer Delayed?

Should the return to production mean that the film could release in its 2015 date, it’s possible that scheduling of newly cast (read: unannounced) actors or some other variable threw a wrench in that back-to-back shoot this past week – and Warner Bros. is reverting to filming Batman vs Superman solo (and A.S.A.P.). Obviously, it’d be awkward for the studio to walk-back their announcement, and would give passionate comic fans another reason to doubt whether DC can pull their shared universe story off, but ultimately the biggest loser in the speculative situation might be Marvel – who would have to decide whether to move Ant-Man back to its pre-Batman vs. Superman delay spot on July 31, 2015.

As mentioned, at this point, Warner Bros. has yet to officially comment on Deadline‘s (vague) claims, and until they do, it’s safe to assume that the Batman vs. Superman release date is delayed – even if production is no longer on hold. That said, we’ll update you if we here something official either way.


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Batman vs. Superman is currently scheduled for May 6th, 2016.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. This is the problem with speculation based articles: assumption interpreting more assumptions. Does the author have any indication that there’s a correlation between the filming dates and the release date? No… they cite no such connection… it’s completely assumed. If they read the Forbes article on the 2016 reschedule they’d understand that a setback of mere weeks would set their release back almost a year because of the limits on the blockbuster season. August movies rarely make as much as July movies do, but a well hyped may film can do well. The filming is still taking place this spring but that doesn’t mean it can be released in 2015 and make good money considering what the film is costing (a lot).
    The lesson here is that people like to overreact.

    • The majority of the article is about just that: “Putting filmmakers to work earlier than expected is likely actually in service of giving everyone “time realize their full vision” – not to get the film out earlier.”

      Only one paragraph focuses on a few conditions under which they might be motivated to try to push the film out under its original release date – but even that is, repeatedly, reinforced by saying a release date change is ultimately unlikely.

    • I view this site everyday but I must say, it has been producing articles discussing rumors from sites with poor records, or writing huge articles and making shocking headlines with materials that’s taken out of context, like this one. The quality has dropped over the last few months.

      The Deadline article talks about how production is not delayed thus Affleck has a schedule conflict with his Fox commitment, nothing it reported indicated changes to the release date. This site makes a spin and spend length speculating how WB might bring the release date back. Seriously?!

      SR used to report facts or at least report accurately and discuss, not making far fetched headlines and draw hits. This article just make more people think this project is a mess, when Deadline is reporting something totally different.

      I am disappointed in you SR.

      • The problem with reporting nothing but facts in the movie industry is that there are long lengths of time in which no facts are available. In the mean time, I don’t see an issue with discussing rumors and taking a few lines out of context and turning it into a “what if” discussion as long as it’s made known that the topic at hand is indeed a rumor or hypothetical (which they always do). This isn’t BBC – most of us are fanboys to some organization/franchise (marvel/DC/star wars/star trek etc) and discussion of rumors (and geek battles about who is best) is part of the appeal of this site.

        Just my opinion.

      • Greenlite: “Deadline is reporting something totally different.”

        Deadline: “While Warner Bros. recently pushed the release date for the movie from 2015 to 2016, word is that production is not being delayed and the main players have been summoned to start work right away.”

        Screenrant: “News of the show’s delay doesn’t necessarily mean a change in the future Batman’s already busy schedule; however, Deadline goes on to assert that they have inside sources who claim Batman vs. Superman ‘production is not being delayed and the main players have been summoned to start work right away.’”

        Wow, Greenlight, how could I ever become a great critical reader like you?

      • I disagree. I like that SR reports these rumours and takes pains to spell out exactly to what extent a rumour should be believed. Knowing the rumours that are going around is part of being in the know when it comes to what’s going on with anticipated movies. I’d much rather they do this, than to suddenly find out elsewhere about a supposed rumour and not know what to think. Some other sites just report the rumour, full stop. SR IMO tries to inject a little common sense and opinion into it, and as someone who doesn’t work in the movie industry, I appreciate how they try to explain the logic behind movie productions a little bit.

        • Exactly, that’s the reason we write up some of these rumors (and we pass on a LOT of them). Our readers are out there hearing the same things we’re hearing – and it causes a lot of confusion. In this case, readers were dropping us reports that Batman vs. Superman (the film) was no longer delayed – so we felt like it would be useful to offer our take on it: i.e. a return to production does not mean a 2015 release date.

          I discussed the (unlikely) possibility of returning to 2015 because rumors that were spreading were leading with that part (not the production part) – so it was worth briefly weighing in on why something “could” have changed but I repeatedly stated we did not think that’s the case.

          I totally understand why people get tired of all the rumors but no one is more tired of the back and forth than those of us that attempt to report on these divisive and long-in production movies – especially since we do try hard to sift through as much of the garbage as we can before weighing-in. That said, sometimes flat out ignoring rumors and speculation is more harmful than good – since we can help our readers know what to think/know what these things really mean.

      • The very first word in the title is “Rumor.” May I humbly suggest that if you don’t like rumors, don’t read the articles labeled “Rumor,” then proceed to whine about rumors in the comments. Just a suggestion :)

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  2. This makes no sense whatsoever. BUt I can tell you this. All the fanboys and girls on this site and every other site will be there opening day to see this movie. Because Curiosity is at an all time high. THis movie hasn’t even got a title yet it’s the most talked about, most debated, most controversial superhero movie ever. Personally I can’t wait to see it.

    • WB/DC start a very deep and calculated game with Disney/Marvel. atleast all these incident indicate that. and they play this game brilliantly and successfully. it works!

  3. How about they announce July 17th, 2015 as their new release date. Slide into ant man’s old spot

    • hahaha, very clever if that’s why they reacted the wya they did. (assuming the rumour is true).

      They can now call it Man of Steel: Battle for the summer 2015 release date

  4. Problems, already? Boy this movie is starting to raise red flags that it’ll be bad.

    • You must be new to movies because ALL films have issues and problems. No red flags have been raised here.

  5. Just give it a November 2015 release date that way they have plenty of time to shoot, Never thought one project will be so complicated

    • I feel like I`m high on some s***, DC should move to Fox

  6. ……idk anymore what to think.

  7. Oh for gods sake, just cancel this god forsaken production already or make a simple Man of Steel sequel movie. All these ridiculous rumours about a movie that’s possibly 2 years away, I don’t care if your a DC or Marvel fanboy but you gotta admit stupid rumours about this project every second day are completely pointless and simply annoying at this stage,

    Oh my Gaaaaawwwwddd, batman is gonna have 2 suits, and he’s Ben Affleck, (lets get mad) Wonder woman is in it, (but she’s too skinny, lets go fu**in berserk) Night Wing will make an appearance, the script is been rewritten for the seventh time, Walter White is, oh no wait, Joaquin phoenix is now gonna be Lex Luther, bruce wayne’s love interest will be such and such along with a new Alfred and Commissioner Gordan while it’s all really a Justice League movie which will feature Aqua Man while its really Superman versus batman versus the god damn Shredder from the turtles,,, aaaahhh,,, who give’s a s**t, lets throw this movie into the back of our minds and only report on it when some official news is released.

    • If there was a way to like this I would like it 1000 times. Well said sir, well said.

    • “lets throw this movie into the back of our minds and only report on it when some official news is released.”

      That is not so easy to do when you have been waiting 30+ years to see this movie.

      • Amen

        • Double Amen.

  8. I hope this movie lives up to the hype that is being thrown on it. Both of them. MoS2 and JL. I’m excited and very interested in this movie. It’s like that dude that says he can cure a disease and all the investors are waiting on the presentation. You know some of the people in the studio are a bit nervous which is not a bad thing sometimes.

  9. *chuckles to himself*

    You lot are just making this up, are ye not? There is no spoon and there is no ‘Batman v Superman’ movie. We’ve all been had. SR are co-conspirators with WB and DC. I just fear for this place when all is revealed on April 1st.

    It was all the brainchild of one Mr. Outlaw…

  10. Frankly, I think DC’s idea is to film early, meaning right now — THIS YEAR — as the article claims, for the purpose of being able to create a sequel to BvS also THIS YEAR, and perhape 2 other related films in 2015. That would be 4 made films in 2 years. Then all DC would have to do is release them one at a time (all similar to what peter jackson did with LOTR). If DC does it this way this actually gives them time to create more movies while the ones made earlier are playing in the theaters.


    • That’s how it appears to me too. Comic Con should be interesting this year *fingers crossed for announcements*

    • Nope. I think they’re gonna take their time with this. They’re filming so early so they can polish it up and tweak it and do reshoots if they want to. I don’t think there’s any evidence to show that they’re gonna film 4 movies.

      • I think so too, they want to film as scheduled but allow alot of time for post production. Although its HIGHLY unlikely a release date change could happen but that may be a longshot, still Im just glad there is movement again lol.

      • Yeah I think that is the case as well. Them filming waaaaay early will not only give them time to polish and tweak the early made film(s), but will also still allow them to make other films as well; and simply roll them out. Don’t forget Jackson did this with LOTR, which were successful films and also based on a book, just like these movies will be since the characters’ owner is making the film. It may not be 4 films made in 2 years; I was just throwing a number out there. However, it could be 3, which could and will add to the amount of time DC could/can have to polish/edit, and make another film. This is not rushing it at all (as I DO NOT WANT THEM TO RUSH ANYTHING), but balancing and utilizing one’s time wisely, which is what I would like to believe they are doing.

        Also we are still in the first month of 2014, and the average amount of time it takes to make a film is 3 months (so it’s not like we are anywhere in the 2nd half of this year, which would mean DC would not have enough time to do what both you and I speculate they are doing. And (I know I should never start a sentence with “and”… sorry) according to the article they are looking to film RIGHT NOW, which would give them loads of time to polish/edit the film, and make at least 2 more films, then polish/edit those films, and still be ready for a BvS 2016 release.

    • What do you mean “not bad at all”, you pulled everything you just said out of your butt and then compliment DC on it? Bwahahaha. I’m sure they delayed to get this moview right, not so they could make three more. Yikes.

      • HAHAHA. I just said that, combined with the fact that they could use the extra time to make more films. They can do both if they are filming now, which the article affirmed. All of this, however, is just speculation. We don’t know yet. Nevertheless, with them filming now, they have at least 28 months. As I said before, the average amount of time to make a film is 3 months. Do you honestly think that they are going to use the remaining 25 months (which is more than 2 years), editing one movie? I don’t think so. 25 months gives them more than enough time to make more films and edit them and, as I stated before, still be on time for a 2016 release of BvS.

  11. This movie should release in 2015. That’s plenty of time. You know….cuz I don’t want to wait that long.

  12. I don’t care when this movie will be released…I just can’t wait to see this movie go down the drain and suck!. I can already see that this movie will be a major disappointment to us DC fans. Damn! :/

  13. I dont know what to think anymore If they make it this year I will be happy. If they wait I will accept it. But I’m starting to lose faith in what they are doing. They should announce something.

    It’s not hard just follow the world’s finest formula. The only thing that can screw it up is if they go outside the box when noone wants that.

  14. Them sly dogs!!! It seems to me Marvel vs DC is more important than the US government….now that that has been said, DC is trying to make Marvel scared. The only way DC can(think about) doing is changing release dates to beat Marvel in the film industry. Well, it will not work. Marvel faced this before but not this way, not with DC. Dc needs to pull up their big boy pants, secure their script. Film the freaking movie. Have ESTABLISHED characters play in them. Instead of everything being a rumor. HECK we don’t even know if Batman will have 2 suits for crying out loud! DC, imo, should stop worrying about Marvel, and do their OWN thing for once. That is where they fail. They worry so much about competition they forget what super hero film making is about and who it is for, it’s about telling a story or message in a new way, and it’s for the Fans of all. DC, heed these words and pull your head outta your butt, settle these ludicrous rumors, film your movies, release some awesome set photos, show some great trailers, and STOP competing with Marvel!!!! It’s the only way one will win. Is if they stop fighting each other, and just go with the flow. Let’s face it, we all cannot stand unproven rumors, why, cuz they’re FREAKING rumors!!!! Who starts them? Fanboys, why isn’t DC saying anything about them? Because they know, they don’t know what the heck they’re doing! They sit back to much watching the enemy. My fingers hurt now, i hate mobile SR :(

  15. Remember when DC announced the justice league in 2015 to go against avengers 2 really early last year? Well that got dropped and then B vs. S popped up then rumor mill and confirmations went crazy and we found out its production was actually further along then we thought. Then all the other character rumors popped up and it was starting to look more of a justice league intro movie. It could be possible that the 2016 date is put their for the justice league and given that theirs seems to be a lot of high profile actors that they could be doing both films shot at once and adding the extra release date of 2016 simply some of the media spotlight off the production of the film. Who knows I’m excited for B vs. S and I just want to see it when it happens whenever that is, only time will tell

  16. Well one things for sure DC has all the attention!! No one seems to be talking about anything Marvel: Avengers 2, Guardians ,Antman, or Cap2. So I guess there is a method to their (DC) madness.

  17. I wish DC would make a Lgion of Super-Heroes movie. (or)
    I wish Marvel would make an Imperial Guard movie.

  18. Everyone wants Batman to get into a fist fight with Superman. (while useing cryptonight) That idea about fighting Superman with cryptonight has become so cliche’, it’s ridiculas. I don’t think you would need Batman to do that. I’m guesing the producers would have more going on.

  19. If you think about it it really isn’t all that surprising if the original production schedule is still the same.
    Changing a release date is one thing but changing the entire schedule is another beast all together. A production has to lock up a crew, cast, locations, build sets ect, ect, long before a frame is shot and if you cancel or change those plans it would end up costing quite a bit of money that I’m sure the studio wouldn’t want to spend on what already is an expensive movie.
    Also, lets not forget Man of Steel was scheduled to release in December of 2012 before being moved to last year for pretty much the same reasons as this movie has been moved.
    Yes, that movie was already being shot when the change was made but isn’t it better to realize this beforehand?

    I’m not 100% defending WB/DC because it’s undeniable that they have muffed a few opportunities over the years but as plenty of people have said before about this movie and plenty of other films I’d rather them take the time to get it right rather than rush and we end up with a bad movie.
    With something as big as Batman/Superman they really have only 1 chance to get it right. If they produce and release a bad movie it will be quite a long time before they can attempt it again.

  20. Have to admit, my initial thought when I saw this headline was “WB are trying to terrify Disney into thinking their movie has been moved back to its original date, see how they react”.

  21. Will you look at all these rumors surroundin me every day
    I just need some time….some time to get away from
    From all these rumors…I can’t take it no more

    • I’m just trying to get mine… you best get yours… so what are all these rumors for?


      “Who dis is? P? Yeah dis P!”


    • Wow, where did you dig this song up from ? This is so old when it came out MTV was still actually playing music videos…..

  22. I’m not one to judge on delayed production schedules. At worst I’m cautiously optimistic. But usually I’m confident that this movie will break all records, give us the Superman we’ve all been craving for, shut up all the Batfleck naysayers and encourage all Christina Hendricks-types to consider a breast reduction due to Gadot’s tremendous performance(OK, only two of these predictions are supposed to be serious).

    What I’d love to see in this team-up is Bruce and Lex as business partners and later on rivals, Batman investigating Superman and taking him off guard, Superman blacking out several times for unknown reasons, which makes it seem as though he’s an actual threat, Bizarro being used as a means of tarnishing his public image, Batman figuring this out and helping Supes over his Zod-trauma. Ideally, Bizarro would look identical to Clark so that he can truly face ‘himself’ and muster up some forgiveness for what he did to the last of his kind. It should be left open, though, whether Luthor is indeed involved in the creation of Bizarro. I’m not sure whether other genius scientists from DC comic lore could step in and fill these big shoes. Any suggestions?

    What I would like to see after that:
    JLA: Amazo, somehow created or unleashed by none other than Randal Savage
    JLA2: Brainiac/White Martians, entailing the infection of the general population with something that either kills humans, turns them into metahumans or downright monsters/abominations
    JLA3: Mongul, luring them the League to Warworld or somehow kidnapping them, as a means for Darkseid to figure them out completely, including their weaknesses
    JLA4: Legion of Doom, opponents tailored to our heroes’ shortcomings (Superman vs. Black Adam due to magic, Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah due to her inability to stop fighting [Justice League Doom would be an inspiration here], Batman vs. Deathstroke due to the latter being just as proficient a martial artist as the Dark Knight, but with the boost of superhuman abilities etc.)
    JLA5: two parter – first Doomsday killing Superman; then Darkseid starting to invade Earth; Luthor feels guilty about his nemesis’ death, does everything in his power revive him thereby achieving redemption; they take out the army but Darkseid is just too powerful for them to defeat – several of the Leaguers either fall or are incapacitated, the last shot of the movie being Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman charging the foe in a last desperate attempt to save Earth (then it would cut to black).

    • JLA: White Martian Invasion- The league has to stop an alien invasion of white martians, that seem to be unstoppable, but Superman has been getting blackouts throughout the movie and keeps getting short visions of a secret military base. He describes it to Batman and Bruce had been doing research about what they do there and when Superman and Batman get there it’s White Martians disguised as security give them a hard time and then Batman has enough Sh*t and blows the door off to reveal MMH and they have a small battle and then MMH gets better because they have been torturing him and then he tells them how to defeat the things (it’s be more BA but I got tired of typing this plot, it basically follows the story of the 3 part JL Origins episode of Justice League).

      JLA 2: Brainiac comes because, the white martians were interested so why wouldn’t he be? He begins taking civilians in Metropolis and has a force field around the earth so no heroes can get in and for the time being the Green Lanterns are OUT, this is so that they can keep the character development good, and use MMH in his place and GL will get a movie the same year. Basically he is invading and tests a sample of a serum that morphs human DNA and turns a group of college students into a demon-esque girl named Raven, A really hot chick and she chooses the name starfire, Cyborg joins in because they went to his college and he feels a sense of security with them, and then Nightwing joins the team too because they need a leader and Batman doesn’t play with teenagers he didn’t raise. An there you have it the very distorted formation of the Teen Titans. They defeat brainiac and get the citizens of Metropolis back in an epic battle.

      JLA 3: Nobody has invaded the world in a while, and the Justice League is pretty bored until “Lex Luthor” comes to their dimension and gets arrested you know the crime syndicate story. Well, they have to go back to Earth 3 and help Lex take down the Crime Syndicate, and the movie is just epic like the animated version. Batman and Owlman have that awesome battle and makes the crowd go wild. Also they don’t kill these guys they scatter them on different dimensional earths but they will return.

      JLA 4: two parter – first Doomsday killing Superman; then Darkseid starting to invade Earth; Luthor feels guilty about his nemesis’ death, does everything in his power revive him thereby achieving redemption; they take out the army but Darkseid is just too powerful for them to defeat – several of the Leaguers either fall or are incapacitated, the last shot of the movie being Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman charging the foe in a last desperate attempt to save Earth (then it would cut to black). (just as you had it)

      Some of my concepts are terrible yes, I know but I made them up on the spot haha and I REALLY want the Teen Titans but if they don’t use the greek gods how will they use Raven? So, I changed it and I really like the story with Brainiac changing people into metahumans.

  23. *lol* I meant Vandal Savage, of course.

  24. The main thing here is Zack Znyder was directing this movie,and it’s gonna be 2.5 hours of CGI action with no character development.Your wasting your time anticipating this movie.The only way to make this movie good is perhaps to change the director.

    • Your comment shows you did not actually WATCH MOS, so your opinion means less than nothing. Next time, you really might actually want to be able to back up the blather spouting from your fingertips… ;)

      • Seriously, did YOU watch MOS? how can you defend all the plotholes ini that thing. The plot had more holes in it than a mexican highway.

        • they weren’t necessarily plot holes as much as dumb things…. The Dark Knight had some and The Avengers had plenty that isn’t an argument to bash it.

        • Dude alot of these Superhero movies have plot holes, whats your point?

          If you didn’t like it then fine but there are ppl who did enjoy it. The movie didn’t make over 650 million dollars by itself :)

        • iamgmo…

          OF COURSE, I watched “Man of Steel”…THAT is why I responded to your defendant buddy the way I did. Didn’t that seem apparent from my wording? It really should have… ;)

          Did YOU watch MOS? WHAT plot holes?

  25. i know he played a big role in the dark knight but i sure wish aaron eckhart could play the next batman…who’s with me on that?

  26. So the delay has been belayed?

  27. It seems like the talk leading up to the production of a movie and the shooting of the project last longer then the actual run of films these days. By the time a movie like this one is in theaters half of the conversation will then be about what trailers are playing before it for other movies that are not finished yet. Hooray for advertising, it works……

  28. “That said, we’ll update you if we HEAR something official either way.”

    Sorry, I just had to point this out.

  29. For those that have seen JL:War, does anyone else think this is the movie they are going after?

    Superman: new suit
    Batman: new suit (armor)
    GL:bringing back RR or Joaquin Phoenix
    Flash: No idea
    WW: GG
    Cyborg: Jason Mamoa (note the football scene already shot)
    Dwayne Johnson: Darkseid
    Silas Stone: Denzel Washington
    Shazam: prolly going to go with Aquaman I’d think

    • Now that I think about it, they could be going with Shazam and looking at Adam Driver…

    • Highly unlikely as that would prompt too many comparisons to The Avengers movie.