‘Batman vs. Superman’ Rumor: There Will Be Two Batman Costumes

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Jim Lee Batman Black and Gray Costume Batman vs. Superman Rumor: There Will Be Two Batman Costumes

Batman vs. Superman has been delayed until 2016, which means we’ve got two more years of hearing rumor, hearsay, and assumption leak onto the internet before “fans” and mainstream moviegoers finally get to experience Zack Snyder’s vision of the most epic superhero team up of all time.

The latest rumor concerns what may (or may not ) be the new costumes (plural) that Ben Affleck’s Batman will wear in Batman vs. Superman – along with our own speculation about what Snyder and co. could be going for.

If RUMORS are not your thing – if speculating and discussing comic book movies is not something you enjoy – then read no further. If you ARE interested, then by clicking through you acknowledge that your here to play in the land of hearsay and talk shop with other invested fans down in our comments section. None of the following has been CONFIRMED.

Jim Lee Super Alloy Batman Batman vs. Superman Rumor: There Will Be Two Batman Costumes

The multiple Batman costume(s) rumor comes by way of Latino-Review, which reports the following:

The more interesting thing I’ve heard is that Batman will actually wear 2 batsuits in the film, but where as Grey-and-Blue has already been designed and Affleck has worn it, the second Batsuit is more armored like the one in the Dark Knight Returns and Kingdom Come comics.

According to the source, the plating is silver/white. The plates are attached to a black undercloth. The plates doesn’t cover his entire body. We see the black undercloth at the joints. Supposedly, it looks incredible. Equally, or maybe even better-looking than the other suit and it’s leagues above and beyond Bale’s suit from what I’m told… I’m told you’ll see it in February/Early march.

This report puts yet another brush stroke on what is quickly becoming a pretty clear picture. First came Kevin Smith’s hints that Snyder had gone with a costume that’s never been done on film yet, but that comic books would love (suggesting a more classical comic book look instead of black body armor, like the movies). Next, came rumor that artist Alex Ross’s designs would be incorporated into the film (designs echoed by artist Jim Lee, who helped launch the contemporary New 52 Batman costume). Even Ben Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner’s claims that the new suit is hard to peel off lent certain credit to us seeing a gray spandex version of the Dark Knight.

Batman by Jim Lee 570x419 Batman vs. Superman Rumor: There Will Be Two Batman Costumes

Batman by Jim Lee

However, so far the talk has been of gray-on-black classic design; Latino-Review‘s report points to a blue-and-gray classic design. So that’s a discrepancy to keep an eye on. As for the armor claim: it makes sense, and here’s why:

From the start Snyder and David S. Goyer (whose script is being re-written by Argo’s Chris Terrio, by the way) insisted they were drawing inspiration from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, which climaxed in one of the most famous Batman vs. Superman battles, ever. In that battle, Batman had to armor himself up for specialized Superman combat, and logic follows he’d have to do the same in Batman vs. Superman.

There’s also the factor of Jim Lee. Right now, overwhelming evidence points to Jim Lee (either the man himself or his designs) being the basis for this new onscreen interpretation of Batman. If that’s true (remember, we’re only speculating here), then Lee has already sketched the classic costume (with both black and blue cowls) and a Batman alloy armor that sounds very much in line with Latino-Review‘s description:

It would make sense to have Lee – one of the main architects of DC Entertainment’s synergy-minded New 52 reboot – being the creative basis for the new Batman costume. Again: not saying that’s what’s DEFINITELY happening, just saying it would make sense and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Lee’s designs – or some variation of them – are where we could indeed be headed.

Armor, I think we can all agree, is a must. If BatAffleck is truly going to start out running around in something like the classic spandex costume, then part of the movie is likely going to involve Batman coming to terms that he’s on a whole new playing field with a guy like Superman around.

Nolan Batman vs. Snyder Batman 570x380 Batman vs. Superman Rumor: There Will Be Two Batman Costumes

“I am the Batman now!”

An earlier rumor stated that at the start of the film we find Bruce Wayne semi-retired and enforcing order through a squadron of drones – which would establish the precedent for the Caped Crusader to have the sort of advanced tech array that could include armor and other anti-Superman weaponry. Just like in Dark Knight Returns. (See how I brought it all back around?)

Let us know what you think about these possible new Batman Costumes in the comments below.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Latino-Review

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  1. Ahhhh I can’t wait!

    • Me too…!!!!

  2. First off, great article Kofi. As much as I liked the costume from the TDK trilogy and the Burton films. I find that the gray/black color scheme is growing on me. I like the way Batman’s costume looked in the New 52 reboot, but more so in the book Batman: Noel( I read it recently and it’s a great read). If they go with that, I think it’ll be cool. The only thing I wish is that they would keep the idea of a memory-cloth cape from TDK trilogy( Batman always looked cool in those movies when he was in flight).

    I think the armor idea is great, yet Batman’s still at a disadvantage especially considering how powerful Superman was in MOS. But who knows, Batman is a master tactician and is brilliant with weapons/gadgets. There has to be a reason why he thinks he’s in a position to take on Superman.

    Mr. Glass


    @Kofi: In an earlier podcast you were talking about the animated movie “World’s Finest”. I couldn’t agree with you more about that being the best way to set up Batman and Superman. I have the movie and think it’s great.

    Mr. Glass

  3. Silver and white plating…

    I’m just going to go watch The Dark Knight Trilogy and cry myself to sleep.

    • Yeah I cry when I see that third one too. The silver and white are probably just metallic gleam.

    • If theres any one positve thing we can all agree on its that Snyder likes to put as many stuff seen in the comics on the silver screen, watchmen is a perfect example of that, i want to see what he and his crew of artists and set designers do with the bat cave, i mean if they want to set this batman apart from the Nolan Batman they need to show a different suit, a different batcave, batmobile, i keep looking back on how NiteOwls basement and costume were done as well the owlship in the film adaptation.

  4. Yup… And both costumes will have nipples on them LOL

  5. It’s good he has more than one set of Bat-briefs. I myself own more than one set of clothes as well.

  6. When it was rumored that batman was going to be sporting the more cloth suit, i pretty much figured that he will have different armored battle suits he could slip on over it. Much like superman suit was on krypton

  7. By the way it sounds awesome, and i would be a total supporter of the blue and grey!

  8. I tend to think a good bit like Snyder and Co it looks like.

    Before Comic Con ’13 when everybody was guessing what the next movie will be, I thought Batman and Superman would be marketing genius and a great movie to watch. MOS 2 would be too little, Justice League would be too much. What do they do? Batman vs. Superman.

    I didn’t want them to follow the Marvel game plan. I don’t need to see a solo Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, or Martian Manhunter prior to Justice League. If it is done right, no reason you cant do the OPPOSITE. Team up first (maybe a smaller version of the league) then branch out into solo, or just smaller team up, movies. What do they do? Seems like they are going to do exactly that.

    One of my biggest wishes for the DCCU as a whole was to somehow get Ben Affleck involved in the franchise. I DID NOT see him as being Batman, but I wanted him in the fold. What do they do? Affleck is the new Batman and locked into this thing now.

    I hate mid-credit scenes. I thought what WB should do is have cameos and easter eggs in each movie (ala the Joker card in BB) teasing at what is next. What do they do? Wonder Woman and possibly more cameos in BvS.

    When everybody was debating the suit, some wanted Nolan suit 2,0, some wanted classic Batman, some thought Batman Beyond might be the way to go. I thought, why not do all this? Give him more than one suit, specifically give him a Batman Beyond kinda suit for fighting superpowered foes. What do they do? Well, we don’t really know, but if this article is at all true it seems like once again I am getting my wish.

    Now all I need to hear is that Lex is the main baddie, with a very powerful henchman at his disposal and this thing will be shaping up exactly how I pictured it (with a few twists) prior to there even being an announcement.

    Which is why I guess I don’t understand all the hate. They seem to have played every card perfectly thus far. With the sole exception of the year delay. I agree that I want them to take their time and get it right, but I also think they should have had this one ready to go before MOS even hit theaters. No more 2 or 3 year gaps WB, c’mon now!

    • Sorry for the wall of text.
      I did not intend that to be so long!

    • All the hate is from the part that you didn’t see coming – Batfleck. Directing? okay, good… but as the Bat? NO. I try and try and just can’t get comfortable with that.

      It is the same kind of casting decision that landed Halle Berry in the role of Storm, apparently made by someone without the deeper understanding of the character who is only familiar with the surface or “look” and none of the nuance. He CAN’T be not Ben Affleck enough to be Batman. The fact that the discussion is now mostly about the costume and not the plot tells me exactly the superficial and shallow but packed with eye-candy feature that it is setting itself up to become.

      And that is where I lose faith in the film overall, because the lack of understanding that must be present to make such a casting decision is going to come through in the script and everything else. This movie is shaping up to be a money grab, doing all the things that will bring the audience in for exactly ONE viewing in mass droves, thereby driving box office success, at least initially, but the substance will be severely lacking, I fear.

      It will be a spectacle, surely, possibly even in 3D and jam packed with CGI explosions and special effects and it will ultimately suck because it will be utterly 2D in terms of the actual conflict with the characters and their development. It will be produced like its a high budget action film when the reality of the comic root material is all character driven.

      It was never spectacular fight scenes that made the comic heros heroic, it was their inner turmoil and emotional struggle that made them what they are. This is going to be what we lose in this mega production that thinks Affleck is a proper choice for Bruce.

      • You took the words right out of my mouth. I thought MOS was poorly cast (Henry Cavill, really?) and done as well. They had some nice ideas, but in the end, the action was too much for me.

        What made the Nolan-Bale trilogy so great was the connection to real stories with universal themes and a very relatable hero.

        Whoever is devising this thing had better know what he’s doing, because it’s going to be exceptionally great or an epic failure that kills two franchises at once!

        My guess is that it will be the latter. I haven’t seen or read a single idea that I have liked yet in this whole fiasco. It’s just plain stupid…all of it.

        I understand that Nolan’s was a realistic universe, whereas this storyline will necessarily be set in an alternate.

        But the idea of even making this movie this soon is a bad idea in my mind.

  9. “… Zack Snyder’s vision”… his last vision was Sucker Punch – this movie is doomed.

    • His last vision was Man of Steel.
      This movie should be fine.

      See what I did there? I didn’t act like some know-it-all DBag and used the word “should” instead of “will” or even worse “is.”

  10. All swell. but hey! wait a minute… Didn´t Kevin Smith say the costume is nothing like an armored a la TDK trilogy? I hope Kevin is right.

  11. Am I wrong in saying its very “Iron Man” inspired? Hope they steer away from that.

    • Not sure you can say its Iron Man inspired, not unless Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns was Iron Man inspired.

      Batman uses armor when needed. Always has (at least since the 80s) and always will.

    • IMO yes. Yes you are.

  12. Hooray for the black and gray suit! Now if only the can make Superman’s suit a little lighter.

  13. Can’t wait for the nipple suit! So excited. Maybe this time they’ll have a crock enhanced version as well.

  14. This is so gonna rock.

    I’m one of those that feels a break from the matrix-y black costume is a good thing. Jim Lee’s designs, if faithfully rendered and properly shot on film, will set the bar incredibly high for superhero costumes for years to come.

    I had my doubts when I read of the silver/white armor plating but looking at these figures here… I think it’ll look AWESOME!

  15. I was rereading smallville season 11 detective and I got to say I saw batmans armor in there and it made me think it might be similar to that. Some of the armor was more chainmail like in apperance with several black plates and equipt with several gadagets.

    It could work.

  16. Either Bruce uses Kryptonian armor or none of this makes sense.

    • Yep, something like this must be on the cards. As soon as WB announced that Batman was appearing in the sequel to Man of Steel, I postulated just how they could possibly fight. Then I thought, actually, I bet that Batman recovered Zod’s armour from that building site and somehow reverse engineered the technology of it…enhancing it with certain additions on perhaps even Kryptonite…

      We shall see I guess…

      • Good theory but i doubt this new superman is dumb enough to leave alien tech lying around for some random billionare to pick up, or the ship even, i mean at the end of man of steel he has no fortress of solitude, but i figure if was strong enough to beat the dubste- i mean world engine, then he should strong enough to lift that entire ship and busted WE parts and make a home out of that. I keep reading these rumors and i think Bat’s armor will be more like the one he wears in arkham origin, but more slim, they can put in the same material supermans outfit is made out of, but with a different pattern and feed audiences the imagination that its super advanced kevlar.

  17. The more I think about it (which is way too much) two suits is brilliant.
    You do one to appease the fans, a more classic Batman. Some form of grey and black and shadow.

    Then you do an armored suit for bigger threats, and now you have creative freedom to come up with something cool without reinventing Batman as a whole. Just go for it, full bad a$$. Cross Batman Beyond with The Dark Knight Returns with Kingdom Come with some cool new original ideas. Pimp my Batsuit.

  18. My bet is that Bruce Wayne began working on a way to defeat Kryptonians during the invasion of Zod.

    No way he just comes into this cold and completely unprepared.

  19. I’m a HUGE superman fan but this new batman suit is literally the one thing I’m most excited about at this point lol I NEED to see it!

  20. whatever u do bring with deep color suit.

  21. Very excited for this movie. It definitely sounds, at least to me, like an armored suit will be reminiscent of the Dark Knight Returns suit that Bruce used in battle with Supes. I really hope they go this route.

  22. He’ll probably have his normal crime-fighting batsuit, a heavily armored batsuit for special occasions and maybe a batsuit integrated with kryptonite supplied by Lex Luthor used for fighting a certain someone

  23. So the grey & blue is all but confirmed? Very excited to be honest.

    • If you dont care about it, dont read the damn article. Simple.

  24. Please no gray and blue suit. The black and gray suit would be better. Use the original. It’s what batman wore in JLU, and in BTAS, and the later batman toon that came out in the late 90s. Also, I think Affleck will be the only actor who would look both like bruce wayne (face and build since I read somewhere that he is working out for the role) and batman (under the cowl). The issue I have is that if he really is playing batman, he will be taller than superman when it should be the other way around.

    • Oh yeah, we can’t forget that batman wore the grsy and black suit in THE BATMAN toon that came out in the early 2000s. Isn’t he also wearing that same G & B suit in the digital toon, too, that’s out now?

    • Ben is 6’4 , and Henry is 6’1. Theres only a 3 inch difference, and if need be, they can make Superman appear taller. Movie magic.

      • I just said that. By the way. 3 inches is a huge difference because it is very noticeable, especially in the movies. The thing is if they portray them properly (height-wise), with that “movie magic” you spoke of (which was absent during all of hugh jackman’s appearances as wolverine on the big screen…but that’s another story) I’m fine with it. But if they don’t, it’s no good. Imagine batman being taller than superman.

        • That was another reason I never liked Cavill as a casting choice: his height, or lack thereof.

          Superman is supposed to be 6’4, just like Christopher Reeve was. I also believe George Reeves, Brandon Routh and Dean Cain were all 6’2 – 6’4.

          If anything, Batman is the shorter one. He’s just tall enough to be taller than “average” and thus command respect as a billionaire businessman and be an imposing figure in street fights, but not too tall.

          Sorry…I’m selling on this.

          My guess is that WB spends close to $250M making this film, gets it’s money back in the first weekend, and then word gets out about how horrible it is.

    • possible*