‘Batman vs. Superman’ Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

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Batman Vs. Superman Movie Older Batman Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

There are some big, BIG movies on the horizon for 2015 - The Avengers 2Star Wars Episode VII - but right now, the one that has most people on pins and needles of excitement is the Batman vs. Superman movie that will serve as the sequel to Man of Steel. We know that the film will supposedly see The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel at odds with one another (before an inevitable team-up), and that the cause of that friction will likely be Batman’s distrust of (or anger at) a the fact that an god-like alien is engaging in unchecked (and poorly planned) battles that destroyed Metropolis.

Of course, within that reported narrative framework there arose the question of what version of Batman would we see in Batman vs. Superman; and, if a new rumor is to be believed, then the scenario that many fans (and bloggers) initially guessed at will in fact turn out to be the way the film introduces the world to a new Batman.

Batman and Superman movie mashup Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

According to Batman-on-Film‘s multiple sources, the Batman in Batman vs. Superman will be an older, already experienced Batman. How much older, do you ask? Well, the rumors state that mid-40s is the age range being sought – but for our own betting money, we’d say between mid-30s and mid-40s is the age range the filmmakers could pull from. The reasoning should be obvious, and is a topic we’ve discussed on multiple episodes of our Screen Rant Podcast:

The keystone was always Man of Steel; as we said way back: The development of DC’s shared universe rested entirely on MoS‘ reception. If MoS was able to make a favorable impre$$ion (and it  has) then star Henry Cavill would headline the franchise and an older, more experienced Batman would be introduced as a guide for the younger, still learning Superman. If MoS had tanked, then it could be written off as a self-contained story (a la Nolan’s Dark Knight continuity) and a new, older Superman could be cast as the wise shepherd for younger superheroes like Batman.

Obviously at this juncture, Man of Steel and Henry Cavill are locked in. And, with recent rumors that Zack Snyder is consulting Dark Knight Returns creator Frank Miller for advice on the Batman vs. Superman showdown, it’s believable that an older, wiser, Batman – an interpretation Miller explored and one we discussed in our own blueprint for bringing Batman into a Justice League universe - will be what we get.

Older Bruce Wayne vs. Superman Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

Batman vs. Superman in the ‘Dark Knight Returns – Part 2′ Animated Movie.

Unlike so many other websites, our previous list of potential new Batman actors already skews toward actors in the late-30s/early-40s range – actors who would also be affordable and available for what is sure to be a long-running superhero franchise (so, no to those Jude Law, Josh Brolin, or Jon Hamm theories – and let’s just put the Christian Bale talk to rest entirely). An older Batman (especially one going up against the likes of Superman) needs to be more sagely and strategy-minded – none of those flimsy gadgets or half-cooked scream loud and attack hard tactics seen in the Nolan films. For our money, actors like Hobbit star Richard Armitage or Fast & Furious 6 star Luke Evans convey that type of personality perfectly (Armitage in particular).

A perfect example of a Batman/Superman team-up done right is undoubtedly the three-part “Wold’s Finest” episode of Superman: The Animated Series that aired in 1997. Check out the clip below for example of how an older, more mature Batman keeps step with Superman, and why the worlds of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne (not just their hero alter-egos) tend to meld so well:

All in all, this reasoning is sound: Batman and Superman having a habit of really helping to inform the other man about who he is, what he stands for, with a nice bit of personal growth inspired by the other man. For Superman of the MoS continuity, this would mean learning to handle problems in ways other than brute force, confronting the death and destruction he caused, and getting a little be less naive about his stature and place in the world. For Bats, coming to trust Superman would pull him a little further out of his dark and cynical world view, would give him something hopeful to truly believe in, and would introduce him to the concept of having friends and relying on others. In short: using the right character setups and development, we could actually get respective Batman and Superman story arcs we’ve never really seen before (i.e. not origin stories!).


Batman vs. Superman will be released sometime in 2015. Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

Source: BoF & The Independent

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  1. troll. ignore him

  2. One thing is for sure Lex Luthor is the next villain, not Doomsday not DarkSeid, not Ades, Lex Luthor and Brainiac.

    • As long as its Lex Luthor and another villain it will be ok. Hopefully Metallo

      • interesting, Metallo could be the bodyguard of Lex Luthor or something like that in the next movie so we could have three villains. Interesting idea to have Metallo in the next movie.

    • or Brainiac

  3. Metallo could be use to submit other heroes to Luthor, i pray that Metallo will be there. I cross my fingers.

    • In the Comics Lex made Metallo ( gave him his kryptonite heart) And hes not to powerful for Batman to help fight (his gadget would work on him). Bats has a history in comics and animation of saving Supes life from Metallo.

  4. Batman could even use is armor suit to fight against Metallo beside Superman in an epic fight.

  5. “If MoS had tanked, then it could be written off as a self-contained story (a la Nolan’s Dark Knight continuity) and a new, older Superman could be cast as the wise shepherd for younger superheroes like Batman.”

    Nope…if MoS had tanked, this would have been the end of the line for the entire DC movieverse. It’s as simple as that. With Marvel ruling the genre, WB/DC had this one shot and one shot only.

    Now they have to find a way to “reboot” Batman in a manner that neither offends the TDK fans nor to heavily draws from that backstory. I guess, this is what they’re gonna do with this “older and wiser” Batman thing. This Batman won’t be Christian Bale but he still COULD be the same character, an aged version of Batman who had his fair share of encounters all sorts of villains. It could even be the 90s Batman. Doesn’t matter, as long as they don’t actively rule anything out, this Batman could be any Batman we know…

    • @ smike

      I completely agree that if MoS had tanked WB/DC would be done as far as their shared movieverse goes.

      I also hope they use the elements of Nolan’s trilogy that worked and bring in some of the more sci-fi stuff that made the 90′s cartoon so successful. I’d like to see an older Batman but not an old Batman. I want him to still be a physical match for most villains but rely more on his wit. He’s a jack of all trades kind of character. There’s no need for him to not be both physically and mentally impressive.

  6. Let’s just hope the movie will be loosely based on the TDKR. They should base this on Superman/Batman public enemies, a part of the Dark Knight Strike Again don’t get me wrong only a part of TDKSA to introduce other superheroes.

    • And of course a part of Superman Unbound.

  7. Afterall maybe Metallo maybe not.

    • All we can do is hope for it.

      • I got some doubt on metallo, i’m not so sure on this.

        • Lex made him so it would fit in with the story. He’s not to powerful for batman (Robot strength) but deadly to Superman. And some of his gadgets would work on him. And Bats saving Supes from Metallo and stopping Luthor would start their friendship.

          i guess you could do the same thing with Brainiac Bats tech could help him defeat him. I just hope its more than just Lex Luthor.

          • I hope you’re right, i hope it’s the right path.

  8. Yeah, older Batman. Thats exactly what i am hoping for. My favourite choice would have been Russell Crowe. He would totally be up to it. He showed it in Man of Steel. His performance as Jor-El was epic. Unfortunately he is Jor-El, what makes it impossible for him to portray Batman too. Too bad, that would have been amazing

  9. Superman/Batman Public Enemies and The Dark knight Returns should be their main inspiration for this movie. Although TDKR already is an inspiration. The only thing i think they are adapting from TDKR is the Superman/Batman fight scene and their rivalry. I think their Batman should be based of Arkham games and DCAU version, that would be great

  10. Anson mount for older, wiser, yet physically imposing, menacing bats!! Straight up!

  11. Pls cast Anson Mount for older, wiser, yet physically imposing, menacing bats!! Straight up!

    • Anson Mount is not physically imposing, he is 6′ tall (at best) and maybe 180lb. That is in no way imposing!

      • Considering the average man is 5’10″, 6′ is fairly imposing. Now, if a person is sorta stick-like in relation to their height then yes, that’s not the same as facing off with Dwayne Johnson.

        I love Anson Mount but Batman is traditionally more bulky than how he seems to be built.

        • Just saying, Hugh Jackman is a skinny and not very physically imposing man. Neither is Tom Hardy. But when you give them a good workout…dang. Anson Mount is good looking enough to be Bruce Wayne, and intense enough to be Batman. Get him an extreme workout and he’d be the perfect Batman. My second choice is Richard Armitage.

  12. Pls cast An son Mount for older, wiser, yet physically imposing, menacing bats!! Straight up!

  13. cast Anson Mount for older, wiser, yet physically imposing, menacing bats!! Straight up!

  14. cast Anson Mount for older, wiser, yet physically imposing, menacing bats Straight up!

  15. Richard Armitage mentioned in the article, could be an authoritative new Batman.
    Richard has the look, the build, the voice, can act and is overdue for a breakout role.

  16. “I want attention, give me attention!!!”

  17. The only thing that was said was that Snyder was meeting with Frank Miller and people are already confirming names and confirming that is a older Batman. We won’t get any clear answer until NYCC.

  18. I hope this does not happen. I was never liked the idea of a old” batman….

  19. Well, here’s a thought: If Batman is a bit on the “older side, does that provide a better opportunity to bring in a Nightwing-type character? Of course, maybe that is something that won’t happen until a ways down the road, because if they do go on a big trip building a cinematic universe, things could get cluttered quickly.

  20. There are two logical paths to be taken here:

    You either reboot the character and start anew, fresh, and with a young(er) Batman who can learn, who we can learn about and who can totally distance himself from Nolan/Bale completely.

    Or you keep Nolan’s world, you set Man of Steel after TDKR, you keep Bale, and he becomes your older Batman.

    These two approaches could both equally work quite well, both would be logical from a general audience’s perspective and I’d be fine with both if they do it well. I call BS (pun unintended) on any other path to be honest… Just does not make any sense to me.

  21. I would like too see Luke Evans as TDK it would be interesting. The casting of Batman will make or break the film and how they adapt him and the MOS fighting on the big screen.

  22. Gabriel Macht from Suits has Batman/Bruce Wayne down and would be perfect for the role.

    • Yup. He got the looks and physicality.

  23. an older batman? Hmm let’s see.. OMG Adam West returns to the role

  24. I smell ‘cheesy factor’ all over this. I’ll wait for a trailer before becoming too excited. With the failure of the first MoS movie, don’t be expecting another TDKR hit. This will most likely flop judging buy the name and it’s predecessor.

  25. However it’ll turn out, WB is pretty shrewd to roll an MOS sequel and a (pseudo-)Justice League movie in one intriguing package. Fast tracking at it’s finest. This is a MUST catch.

  26. I’m hoping for Anson Mount myself. Honestly, I hope Warner Bros gets someone to help Snyder. Like a Spielberg to Lucas or something.
    MOS was good, but the pacing and editing and shaky cam was a huge detractor for me. Snyder has good ideas, but they need refinement IMO.

    It would be nice to see Superman get a lil bloodied the next time he throws down with someone that’s on an equal playing field.

    I’m going to hope for the best, but ultimately I think Warner Bros is moving too fast.

  27. Worst possible thing they could be doing is getting the advice of Frank Miller for anything other than how not to make a superman/batman movie.

  28. Actually MOS still made more domestically and double world wide what BB did! Just saying!