‘Batman vs. Superman’ Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

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Batman Vs. Superman Movie Older Batman Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

There are some big, BIG movies on the horizon for 2015 - The Avengers 2Star Wars Episode VII - but right now, the one that has most people on pins and needles of excitement is the Batman vs. Superman movie that will serve as the sequel to Man of Steel. We know that the film will supposedly see The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel at odds with one another (before an inevitable team-up), and that the cause of that friction will likely be Batman’s distrust of (or anger at) a the fact that an god-like alien is engaging in unchecked (and poorly planned) battles that destroyed Metropolis.

Of course, within that reported narrative framework there arose the question of what version of Batman would we see in Batman vs. Superman; and, if a new rumor is to be believed, then the scenario that many fans (and bloggers) initially guessed at will in fact turn out to be the way the film introduces the world to a new Batman.

Batman and Superman movie mashup Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

According to Batman-on-Film‘s multiple sources, the Batman in Batman vs. Superman will be an older, already experienced Batman. How much older, do you ask? Well, the rumors state that mid-40s is the age range being sought – but for our own betting money, we’d say between mid-30s and mid-40s is the age range the filmmakers could pull from. The reasoning should be obvious, and is a topic we’ve discussed on multiple episodes of our Screen Rant Podcast:

The keystone was always Man of Steel; as we said way back: The development of DC’s shared universe rested entirely on MoS‘ reception. If MoS was able to make a favorable impre$$ion (and it  has) then star Henry Cavill would headline the franchise and an older, more experienced Batman would be introduced as a guide for the younger, still learning Superman. If MoS had tanked, then it could be written off as a self-contained story (a la Nolan’s Dark Knight continuity) and a new, older Superman could be cast as the wise shepherd for younger superheroes like Batman.

Obviously at this juncture, Man of Steel and Henry Cavill are locked in. And, with recent rumors that Zack Snyder is consulting Dark Knight Returns creator Frank Miller for advice on the Batman vs. Superman showdown, it’s believable that an older, wiser, Batman – an interpretation Miller explored and one we discussed in our own blueprint for bringing Batman into a Justice League universe - will be what we get.

Older Bruce Wayne vs. Superman Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

Batman vs. Superman in the ‘Dark Knight Returns – Part 2′ Animated Movie.

Unlike so many other websites, our previous list of potential new Batman actors already skews toward actors in the late-30s/early-40s range – actors who would also be affordable and available for what is sure to be a long-running superhero franchise (so, no to those Jude Law, Josh Brolin, or Jon Hamm theories – and let’s just put the Christian Bale talk to rest entirely). An older Batman (especially one going up against the likes of Superman) needs to be more sagely and strategy-minded – none of those flimsy gadgets or half-cooked scream loud and attack hard tactics seen in the Nolan films. For our money, actors like Hobbit star Richard Armitage or Fast & Furious 6 star Luke Evans convey that type of personality perfectly (Armitage in particular).

A perfect example of a Batman/Superman team-up done right is undoubtedly the three-part “Wold’s Finest” episode of Superman: The Animated Series that aired in 1997. Check out the clip below for example of how an older, more mature Batman keeps step with Superman, and why the worlds of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne (not just their hero alter-egos) tend to meld so well:

All in all, this reasoning is sound: Batman and Superman having a habit of really helping to inform the other man about who he is, what he stands for, with a nice bit of personal growth inspired by the other man. For Superman of the MoS continuity, this would mean learning to handle problems in ways other than brute force, confronting the death and destruction he caused, and getting a little be less naive about his stature and place in the world. For Bats, coming to trust Superman would pull him a little further out of his dark and cynical world view, would give him something hopeful to truly believe in, and would introduce him to the concept of having friends and relying on others. In short: using the right character setups and development, we could actually get respective Batman and Superman story arcs we’ve never really seen before (i.e. not origin stories!).


Batman vs. Superman will be released sometime in 2015. Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

Source: BoF & The Independent

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  1. I just want to know what makes Superman put the suit back on

  2. Ok, let’s put Bale to rest. But… Since Nolan is coming to produce it, how about a petition on line? For Bale’s return? Come on, this venture needs Bale! To work, Bale has to be on board. Please, Screenrant, you have the power to do this! Please try! Christian Bale is this generation Batman! Cast another would be confuse and a mistake! TDKR was one year ago…

    Oh well, other options: Wes Bentley, Richard Armitage or Karl Urban.

    But please Screenrant, put this pleed of mine in consideration: Petition “Bring Bale back”!

    • shut up about Bale. Also, learn English. “Cast another would be confuse and a mistake!”

      • Shut up? Leave the dude alone. Let him dream. It’s like being a kid all over again. I for one will help with your online petition. What harm could it do?

    • I am with you John. Tell me where and what to do.

    • + 1000

      • -2000

        And nothing against Bale, thought he was great in The Fighter, but that Batman needs to just stay there. We want a Batman more like the comics and the animated series for the shared universe…

    • Batman is bigger than Bale or anybody for that matter. I’d thank and then forget Bale. There are many others who are equally if not better suited to be Bats.

      • That doesn’t mean you’ll give out iconic roles like Batman to every Tom, Dick and Harry out there like falafels, just because some of them bear loose resemblance to the character face wise. That doesn’t mean you should keep changing Batman after every 3 movies. Batman has been replaced enough. If Batman is bigger than Bale, then fine, go invest in George Clooney or Val Kilmer. Why the heck did Batman Forever and Batman & Robin poop ?! People could have watched it for the sake of “Batman” or the Bat-Family.

        Christian Bale, at the advent of this era, has been confided in as the ideal Batman. The Nolan’s trilogy has spun Batman’s tale from epics like Year One, The Long Halloween, Knightfall, in the most grittiest and practical way ever. Did comic-writers stop Batman after Knightfall or No Man’s Land or The Dark Knight Returns???! NO!!!

        Nolan’s trilogy has enlightened the general populace for a decade and the longest running portrayal aside Jackman as Wolverine. Fox could have ditched Jackman aside after X-Men III because it was “The Last Stand” and opted for Uncanny and Ultimate reboot. But they didn’t. And Christian Bale has grown in us as Jackman’s Wolverine has.

  3. Luke Evans for Batman

  4. I could see either Michael Fassbender (my number one choice) or Karl Urban. I would be happy if either one got it.

    • My vote for Karl Urban. :-)

  5. They need to introduce kryptonite somehow to make the Fight an even one. Even if Bruce builds a Batman/Iron type suit(as in TDKReturns) Supes will still eventually own him. He has to fight a compromised Supes(as in TDKR) and have availability of kryptonite. Yet while the fight is even Batman should get the best of him because quite frankly…Supes can’t fight(at least compared to Batman). ;)

  6. Hopefully they take more of a World’s Finest approach and not a The Dark Knight Returns approach just because them fighting for a plot of a movie is confusing to people outside of fanhood I know because I’ve asked a hum h if people at my gym

  7. I morphed the plot of The Dark Knight Returns so it fits with Nolan and Snyder’s universe. Could the two universes finally be connected in 2015?

    NOTE: Snyder has stated that they will be borrowing elements from The Dark Knight Returns for the movie, so I based my treatment heavily on that storyline.

    Before I begin, I must mention that Bruce is 40-years-old in The Dark Knight Rises, which takes place in 2016. I was told that Man of Steel takes place in 2013 (unsure of Superman’s age), but I believe they could easily retcon that date and move the film to 2023 (read on to find out why that is necessary.) Alright, so here it is. Let me know what you think.

    After Superman’s battle with Zod, Metropolis is not only in ruins, but starting to show signs of a slow but sure nuclear winter. Analysts predict the terraforming machine caused this, and concerns are rising as the entire U.S. is slowly enveloped by the apocalypse. Looters run amok, crime is rampant, and the U.S. is struggling to hold it’s image in the international scene. Lex Luthor blames this on Superman, brainwashing Americans into hating Supes, creating riots whenever he is spotted. The government tells him to lie low because of this. Meanwhile, retired, 50-year-old Bruce Wayne watches the chaos unfold in front of him.
    He is forced to don the cape once again, as Robin/Nightwing/Skinny Batman (Joseph-Gorden Levitt), has moved on to Somewherefarawayland (Titans/Nightwing movie?). Bruce begins to restore order to Gotham. However, the Joker has recently awaken from a catatonic state in Arkham, which he was in ever since he entered. After hearing the news that Batman has returned, he escapes, and promptly begins a killing spree. Batman finally fights the Joker, and after being stabbed repeatedly, is forced to break his neck. Bruce does this in a way so he does not kill the man, but the Joker finishes the job, framing Batman for murder. This puts all the deaths under Batman’s name, making the general public also hate and fear him (Incredibles-esque, eh?). The U.S. tasks Superman to kill the Bat. This will Rocket Supes’ popularity and make him a “hero”. Seeing as Supes is the governments ally, restoring the glory to him is a win for them. However, Supes is conflicted because he vowed never to kill again, but at the same time, cannot let this madman continue his rampage. Oliver Queen (Green Arrow, Stephen Amell IRL), who is a friend of Bats, warns him of the U.S.’s plans.

    Bruce already has a personal distaste of Superman. In his eyes, this alien destroyed Metropolis and committed murder. He’s no good. So, when Supes tries to reason with Bats in Gotham, Bruce brings along an prototype exosuit Wayne Enterprises has been developing for the military, along with other gadgets, to give him equal footing when he attacks Superman. Additionally, he grabs a strange pill before he leaves… Although Supes is also weak from flying through the terraforming machine in MoS 1, he still manages to overtake Batman, but just before Arrow appears and shoots him with a kryptonite-tipped arrow. However, Batman then falls and dies from a heart attack, due to the exertion from his prototype suit. Superman uses this distraction to escape. Meanwhile, a very old Lucious Fox detonates a bomb that destroys Wayne Manor and the Batcave, which was planned by him and Bruce. It then becomes public knowledge that Bruce Wanye was Batman, however all of Wayne Enterprises cash has been withdrawn and its stocks sold.

    Bruce’s body is claimed by a “distant relative” (Oliver Queen), and a funeral takes place, in which Clark Kent shows up. Clark hears a faint heartbeat, and a puzzled expression is shown on his face. He then looks over to Oliver, his expression changes to that of knowing, smiles, and nods. Oliver nods back. Later that knight (haha pun), Oliver is shown digging Bruce’s coffin out of the ground, and helping Bruce to his feet. He had swallowed the pill he brought to the fight, which slowed his heart rate down so greatly that it appeared he was deceased. He and Oliver walk through the tunnels beyond the Batcave, where Superman is seen standing. Cut to a scene of Luthor making a deal (Superman has joined the Bat and become our enemy! We must stop him!) with the President and the General from the first movie, and BAM, you’re set for a Justice League movie.

    WHY THIS BENEFITS THE DC MOVIE UNIVERSE: Audiences love familiarity. This merge allows A-list actors such as Joseph-Gorden Levitt and Gary Oldman to return to the universe, along with a very, very solid universe to use when competing against Marvel (WB can boast this universe started back in 2006, when Batman Begins was released!). Additionally, a retired, 55-year-old Batman is EXACTLY what the Justice League needs. A young Bats only has strength to show. Bale’s Batman lacked wisdom, but that’s okay, as he was young and inexperienced. Batman’s age is his ally. He is by far the smartest, most calculating member of the League.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Bale isn’t coming back, but we wouldn’t need him to, because this Batman has to be considerably older. We just need an older actor that resembles Bale. The same holds true to the Joker… We wouldn’t be able to cast Heath even if he was still kicking, because he’s too young for this role.

    • A for effort man but you lost me with your bad grammar and your inability to accept that the Nolan-verse is a stand alone piece. Also, I don’t believe that Snyder said anything about borrowing elements. His quote from comic con was “we’re not adapting this thing, but it is the thing that will help us tell that story.” To me that means they’re just going to use the type of conflict between the two heroes to set the stage. This isn’t the Dark Knight Returns in live action. Your idea is also way too much to put into a single movie. There are too many things wrong with this pitch to list off so I’ll just say no. Not a good idea and not gonna happen.

      • My suggestions for Batman are .
        Hugh Dancy – who could play the detective side of batman really well as he showed on Hannibal .
        Benedict Cumberbatch- who I think if he worked out and gained some weight he would fit bats to a t .
        Luke Evans – who as screen rant has mentioned would be good as well.

      • I admit I don’t have the BEST grammar in the world, but it isn’t BAD by any stretch…

        Why must the Nolan-verse be standalone? It seems silly to just pack that up and continue on as if it never happened. Snyder’s universe is very similar in style and tone.

        That’s just what I said: He’s using the template of TDKR to tell the story. Borrowing elements. I never said he was adapting it.

        It could fit into one movie easily. Granted, it will take some effort, but WB could pull it off.

        Please list the major cocerns you have with the treatment.

        • It’s a MOS sequel – Joker should not be in it. He should be in Justice League, if anything.

    • In MOS supes states to the general that he has lived on earth for 33 years. so to add to the Jesus allegory supes is 33.

    • Loosely based, loosely based, your text look like a direct adaptation.

      • Did I ever once say “loosely based”?

        I thought so.

  8. I don’t care for this idea, period. Batman would be more interesting as being inexperienced, similar to the Batman: Earth One storyline. Geoff Johns should handle the D.C. films’ connectivity, become their Joss W. or Mark Millar.

  9. Jim Caviezel is the man to go. Plus he’s basically already doing Batman in Person Of Interest.

  10. I don’t want to sound boring here but I was just looking forward to seeing MOS2 with Superman taking on say Lex and Brainiac, a small cameo for Batman is all that’s needed, Then for MOS3 bring on Doomsday where Superman needs some serious back up and teams up with Batman, I just feel Superman needs his own trilogy at least, one movie in and he has to share the screen with Batman, He just had a trilogy all for himself! and I don’t like the idea of an older Batman either, does that mean Bats was first? no way! Superman started it all not Batman, look I love Batman as much as the next person but this should be Supermans time in the sun..

    • @ Chase

      While it would be nice to give Superman his own sequel, they’re trying to build a shared universe. If they gave him a full trilogy before a JL movie Cavill would be 40 by JL1 and then what are they gonna do for the next (hopefully) 2 JL movies? I imagine the studio wants something similar to what Marvel is building and for that to happen they’re going to have to introduce more heroes. While it’s true that Superman came first, I don’t think the writers want to give the impression that Batman only exists BECAUSE OF Superman. I don’t think they want him to come on screen and be like, “hey I saw you on the news so I put on this costume.” Also, Doomsday is a top tier villain. He should be saved for later.

  11. Oneiros…I know what your saying but I just think the role for Batman in the sequel doesn’t need to be so big, to much to soon imo, especially if they call it Superman vs Batman, they should keep that separate for a worlds finest, just still call it MOS2 with Batman in it, and also why just Batman? why not say introduce Aquaman or Martian Manhunter as well? that would be cool, and yeh your probably right about Doomsday, but I think that having him in the third one isn’t too soon, then again I’m just impatient I think lol, to see Superman take on Doomsday on the big screen would be epic beyond words, His fight with Zod took out a city, its scary to think what would happen in a fight with Doomsday..

    • Yeah a fight with Doomsday would be pretty awesome. I hope they do it eventually. If they introduce Cadmus soon we’ll probably see Doomsday. As for introducing more characters in this movie, I think they’ve said that there will be references to other characters like Wonder Woman and Aquaman. I think that will probably come from Batman. I can see them playing it like he’s been watching all of these “meta-humans” but none of them have caused any damage until Superman. Hopefully we’ll get a sense of a larger world with this movie.

  12. I love that part in that cartoon. Superman needs his super powers to see who Batman is, but Batman simply uses his brain and figures out who Superman is, lol. Yes, that is the Batman I want to see on the big screen. Not this whole brawn over brains crap we’ve been seeing…

    And again, with an “older” Batman, Karl Urban definitely checks all of the boxes…

  13. Carl Urban for next batman plox

    • Karl*

      But yes, I agree, definitely Karl Urban is my number 1 choice for the next Batman…


  15. If they do go for an older Bruce Wayne, my casting vote goes to Guy Pearce.

  16. Peter dinklage is the next batman

  17. I really hope this is a rumor. Having an older Batman means they would need another Batman to break out on solo movies since they would go for the trifecta for JL and that will take at least 6 years from the first to last.
    I really don’t want to see a mid 40′s Batman. I want an acrobatic one. Why can’t you be a genius and 30 yrs old? When we have geniuses who are younger all the time in the real world. I really hope this is not true. It would be nice to have one great Batman for a decade or longer who wont need a cane again.

  18. Scott Adkins.
    He could do it, I reckon.

    • Oh but wait, he’s not a good actor you say…

      Well Bale is a very good actor, but in my opinion his portrayal of Batman was rubbish. He just acted like he had laryngitis. If the Joker had fed him a throat lozenge, he would have come unstuck.

  19. Bring back Michael Keaton!

  20. Note there is a mild inaccuracy in this report. ‘Man of Steel’ did not exactly tank but it got mainly poor reviews and it looks like it will not make any or much money for anyone since Forbes estimated it needed 800M worldwide to break even and it has not a prayer of reaching that. Check out the all-time US box office list adjusted for inflation and you will find that while slightly more successful than ‘Superman Returns’ , it is never going to catch Chris Reeve’s ‘Superman’ or even get near it. So Warners are playing safe by ensuring Batman (a much more successful franchise) comes along for the ride.

  21. jensen ackles for batman!

    • He would be good. I’d still prefer a Bruce Wayne with dark hair but I’m more concerned about the character in costume than out of costume so I’d be col with Ackles. I still wanted him for Captain America over Chris Evans.

  22. One thing is for sure the narrative for a young actor is too complicate. Superman have to find Batman. Batman can’t be active. They will have to introduce Batman again. This could overshadow Superman. It’s a team-up film not a Batman film. With an older actor you don’t have to introduce Batman.

    • That’s ridiculous. A one-year old Batman requires as little or as much introduction as a one who’s been on the job for ten years. There’s not in the least bit an issue with a Batman who hasn’t been on the job for more than a few years. In fact, it’s more logical, because if he was on the job for so long, it’s weird he wasn’t mentioned in Man of Steel.

      “You will give the people hope, an ideal to strive towards.”
      “Hey buddy! Been doin that for yeaaars now, copycat!”

      It’s ridiculous. They shouldn’t force a TDKReturns story onto this franchise and it feels like that’s what they might do. Batman should be almost as new as Superman is, because that’ll create an interesting dynamic between the two, and it’s also logical Batman would feel threatened in what he does if he’s still fairly young as Batman. Whereas an older Batman would be way too established too pick a fight with Superman. The reason old age Bruce does is because he goes berserk over the fact that he feels he’s been batman his whole life and nothing’s changed. But that’s not near as old as the Batman they introduce here. He’s going to have to tag along in this franchise for a while and I see no sense in having him start off in the endgame of, or even past his prime. None, whatsoever.

  23. The Batman franchise is bigger than the Superman franchise, Superman is the first Superheroes but he don’t have the same impact on the silver screen than batman.

  24. I think they could cut the confrontation between superheroes against villains in too. They could follow some part of the Superman unbound DVD Superman should go on the spacecraft of Brainiac and get caught by him and in a second film they should finish the confrontation.

  25. Karl Urban for Batman.

  26. Since Superman is 33 a Batman that’s 35 will be ok. A Batman in his 40s is kind of old especially if they are gonna make more movies.

    I’m hoping for

    1. Mos2 Superman/Batman
    2. Justice League/ Darkseid
    3. Green Lantern Corps Movie/ (fight the yellow or red lanterns)
    4. Stand alone movies of whoever goes over well in JL movie ( they can introduce other heroes in the stand alone movies)
    5. Mos 3 Doomsday
    6. Superman / Batman Public Enemies
    7. JL2 / Crime Syndicate or Justice lords, Legion of Doom, Amazo

    They would have to realize they can make more than 1 movie at a time.

  27. Wouldn’t this lend more credence to the possibility of the Nolan-verse Batman being used? Not necessarily Christian Bale, or even JGL, but another guy in the same suit with the same backstory and experiences of the Dark Knight Trilogy?

    • no

  28. Seriously?