‘Batman vs. Superman’ Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

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Batman Vs. Superman Movie Older Batman Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

There are some big, BIG movies on the horizon for 2015 - The Avengers 2Star Wars Episode VII - but right now, the one that has most people on pins and needles of excitement is the Batman vs. Superman movie that will serve as the sequel to Man of Steel. We know that the film will supposedly see The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel at odds with one another (before an inevitable team-up), and that the cause of that friction will likely be Batman’s distrust of (or anger at) a the fact that an god-like alien is engaging in unchecked (and poorly planned) battles that destroyed Metropolis.

Of course, within that reported narrative framework there arose the question of what version of Batman would we see in Batman vs. Superman; and, if a new rumor is to be believed, then the scenario that many fans (and bloggers) initially guessed at will in fact turn out to be the way the film introduces the world to a new Batman.

Batman and Superman movie mashup Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

According to Batman-on-Film‘s multiple sources, the Batman in Batman vs. Superman will be an older, already experienced Batman. How much older, do you ask? Well, the rumors state that mid-40s is the age range being sought – but for our own betting money, we’d say between mid-30s and mid-40s is the age range the filmmakers could pull from. The reasoning should be obvious, and is a topic we’ve discussed on multiple episodes of our Screen Rant Podcast:

The keystone was always Man of Steel; as we said way back: The development of DC’s shared universe rested entirely on MoS‘ reception. If MoS was able to make a favorable impre$$ion (and it  has) then star Henry Cavill would headline the franchise and an older, more experienced Batman would be introduced as a guide for the younger, still learning Superman. If MoS had tanked, then it could be written off as a self-contained story (a la Nolan’s Dark Knight continuity) and a new, older Superman could be cast as the wise shepherd for younger superheroes like Batman.

Obviously at this juncture, Man of Steel and Henry Cavill are locked in. And, with recent rumors that Zack Snyder is consulting Dark Knight Returns creator Frank Miller for advice on the Batman vs. Superman showdown, it’s believable that an older, wiser, Batman – an interpretation Miller explored and one we discussed in our own blueprint for bringing Batman into a Justice League universe - will be what we get.

Older Bruce Wayne vs. Superman Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

Batman vs. Superman in the ‘Dark Knight Returns – Part 2′ Animated Movie.

Unlike so many other websites, our previous list of potential new Batman actors already skews toward actors in the late-30s/early-40s range – actors who would also be affordable and available for what is sure to be a long-running superhero franchise (so, no to those Jude Law, Josh Brolin, or Jon Hamm theories – and let’s just put the Christian Bale talk to rest entirely). An older Batman (especially one going up against the likes of Superman) needs to be more sagely and strategy-minded – none of those flimsy gadgets or half-cooked scream loud and attack hard tactics seen in the Nolan films. For our money, actors like Hobbit star Richard Armitage or Fast & Furious 6 star Luke Evans convey that type of personality perfectly (Armitage in particular).

A perfect example of a Batman/Superman team-up done right is undoubtedly the three-part “Wold’s Finest” episode of Superman: The Animated Series that aired in 1997. Check out the clip below for example of how an older, more mature Batman keeps step with Superman, and why the worlds of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne (not just their hero alter-egos) tend to meld so well:

All in all, this reasoning is sound: Batman and Superman having a habit of really helping to inform the other man about who he is, what he stands for, with a nice bit of personal growth inspired by the other man. For Superman of the MoS continuity, this would mean learning to handle problems in ways other than brute force, confronting the death and destruction he caused, and getting a little be less naive about his stature and place in the world. For Bats, coming to trust Superman would pull him a little further out of his dark and cynical world view, would give him something hopeful to truly believe in, and would introduce him to the concept of having friends and relying on others. In short: using the right character setups and development, we could actually get respective Batman and Superman story arcs we’ve never really seen before (i.e. not origin stories!).


Batman vs. Superman will be released sometime in 2015. Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

Source: BoF & The Independent

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  1. So that would basically compromise the future Justice League movies with an old Batman PLUS any future Batman movies. Or maybe WB will just reboot the character AGAIN! Just brilliant…if true!

    • Hey.

      If that’s what it takes, I’m game. Batman movies are always entertaining

    • An older batman could be in the Justice Leagues movies if he is in his 30-40′s, what’s wrong with that?
      And if push comes to shove, there’s nothing wrong with rebooting Batman “AGAIN!” in the future. He’s like the James Bond of superhero cinema, it’s more of a reimagination than a reboot.

      • Or maybe… Batman Beyond :D

    • Why would it compromise? OldER doesn’t necessarily mean OLD.

      • “Well, the rumors state that mid-40s is the age range being sought”

        If you have a Justice League movie in 2017 plus lets say 2 sequels. That is at least 6 years. How are you then going to spin off a Batman film in 2019. Someone 40 now would be 46…then do (likely) three Batman films after for another 6 years. Warner Brothers MUST reboot before that to launch the Batman films and knowing their record they will.

        • Key word – RUMORS. Also, the rest of that quote – “…but for our own betting money, we’d say between mid-30s and mid-40s is the age range the filmmakers could pull from.” Mid 30s would be perfect…then he’d be mid-40s, into his 50s by the end of those (likely) 3 batman spinoffs…which would actually be just fine…

    • Bear in mind Robert Downey Jr is 48 and look how well his character’s been received.

      • Bear in mind he’s played the SAME CHARACTER through all the movies. Why the hell can’t Bale do the same? Why is this such a god-d*** issue with people!? PAY THE MAN!

        • It’s not. Bale has moved on, so should you.

          Is it really so surprising to think that he doesn’t WANT to play the role anymore? The guy is filthy rich and probably doesn’t want to get roped into playing the same role for ANOTHER 10+ years. People sometimes want to do *acts shocked here* OTHER things and considering how rich he is already, I don’t think offering him more money is gonna change his mind.

          So it’s not about wanting him to, it’s about BALE not wanting to.

          • +1

        • It’s not about money. Not this time anyway. What Nolan and Bale have in common here is that they’re smart. Their Batman was and is a CONTAINED AND SEPARATE universe. It was designed that way. And too fine a point can’t be put on this, that design is one of the reasons it is so great in the first place. Personally I don’t see why this is so difficult for some people to understand. The expanded DCCU films that have started with MOS are intent on bringing the comic book universe to the screen. Nolan’s Batman universe is not a comic book universe. It’s more a gritty crime drama universe with Batman characters in it. I loved it, respect it for what it is, and an eager now to see comic book Batman onscreen. Snyder and co, they also love the Dark Knight movie universe. And luckily for us, they clearly respect it enough to not completely destroy it’s magic by trying to force it into this new direction to appease a handful of fans that simply just don’t get it.

        • Would you rather have an actor who only took the role because of the amount of money WB offers him? Or an actor who’s not only interested in the role itself, but the source material as well?

      • Iron Man isn’t a physical role–Batman is

  2. I agree with the mid-30′s to early 40′s range.

    Even if Justice League is put on hold for another time, you don’t want a new Batman to be Dark Knight Returns-esque. Because then people will flip wondering why Bale isn’t there.

  3. I don’t know. WB is taking a huge gamble here on their last superhero franchise and they have to go up against Star Wars and Avengers 2 during summer 2015.

    I still say they sideline batman and do a braniac storyline to push superman to his limits.

    Or, they make a Man of Steel 2 for Summer 2016. Because if you read any of the comics the only reason why batman can fight superman is because superman holds backs too much.

    • Of course he holds back. Why would he want to kill Batman?

      • Then it will just be a filler movie–will hardly test superman’s limits, which is why they should also make a Man of Steel 2 for 2016. Otherwise it’s not fair to steal a movie from him like that.

        And I really want to know what reception this film will get if all it is is Superman playing around with a gullible batman.

        • That’s actually a good point and that’s also the reason why I really DON’T want this film to be superman VERSUS Batman, but Superman WITH Batman. Responsible heroes don’t start fighting each other, and it’s almost always boring when they do. Hell half of the hero/villain fights are too boring because a lot of it is circle jerking.

          Now I’m fine if Batman and Superman clash a bit to smoke each other out that can yield some cool and iconic scenes, but if this film is about Batman fighting Superman, then that’s lame as [expletive deleted]. There’s no descent reason Superman wouldn’t just super speed Bruce into a metal vault and leave him there unless [insert kryptonite angle]. I’m WAY MORE of a fan of Batman than Superman, but not to the point where the fanboy in me will need degrading depictions of Superman so Batman can come out on top. And no, I didn’t like Dark Knight Returns either. I still don’t get why people like a 60 year old Batman anyway.

          I want a team-up movie damnit. The best our world has to offer with the best of Krypton. A monster duo that can take on insane odds! Brainiac, Luthor, Batman villains, throw the whole friggin deal at these two. Just go all out and deliver the most epic superhero film to date featuring THE two most iconic heroes America has ever produced…. Please.

          • I think it will be as you said, a team-up with some clashing aspects. It’s likely just that Batman Vs Superman is an easier title to market than World’s Finest, due to it being easier to follow. Imagine if Batman Begins had been called The Dark Knight, as if that were the first title. It would likely put off a general audience, as they wouldn’t know necessarily Batman is known as The Dark Knight. So not everyone will know World’s Finest means Batman and Superman.

            • 1) I hope so
              2) Superman vs Batman is NOT the title, not in anyway confirmed by anyone. Goyer joked about it once.
              3) Man of Steel = Dark Knight in terms of title, and it worked out fine.

              I still think The World’s Finest is the best title (if it does end up being what we think it will), because it’s most iconic and it might actually lure more people in, as opposed to less. Especially if they’ve seen even one poster for it (hire good marketing please WB/DC).

              I can’t think of any title with Superman and Batman in it that could work to be honest.

              • Was he joking? I didn’t see a clip, just read the words.

                • He said jokingly on the Superman anniversary panel “we haven’t decided whether we’re gonna call it Superman vs Batman or Batman vs Superman yet [...].

                  First of all, this will be MoS2, no way in hell they’d name Batman first, it just wouldn’t fit. Second of all, he said it in a joking tone. I really think this is nothing but a working title because they have still yet to write the film…

                  • @Silrian

                    So I guess you missed when they confirmed it was Batman Vs Superman then after Comic Con?

                    And like mentioned already, nobody outside of reading comic books knows what World’s Finest even means. The “Vs” title lets everyone know what the movie is about and will get more of an audience than World’s Finest would.

                    Unless you’re one of those people who assume the entire world reads comic books just because you do.

                    • I can count on two hands how many comics I’ve read in my lifetime (when it concerns superhero comics)….

                      And yes, I missed that. However, every story I can find on the net about alleged confirmation is solely based on that one same quote Goyer gave. Even if he wasn’t joking (like I think he was), I still think they should, and still think they will change it.

              • Hmmm. Heroes fighting each other initially and banding together to fight a big threat… where have I seen that before? Oh, yeah, that’s right… the Avengers. So much for DC doing it their own way.

                • It is their way. I’ve always found the characters of the DC Universe to have much more interesting concepts.

                  Like Green Lantern: he can summon up anything he can think of and use it as a tool or a weapon.

                  Or The Flash: he’s the fastest being in the universe, can vibrate through objects, and time travel.

                  Heck, even Aquaman: he can summon some of the most dangerous animals on the planet, has the strength of Superman, and has control over the conditions of the largest portion of the Earth: water, also meaning he can summon insanely dangerous storms.

                  • Because powers = good character.

                    • They are good characters. You probably haven’t been reading DC’s work lately. Not surprised

                    • I’ve always thought that DC had the best villains and Marvel had the best heroes.

                      I’ve read Aquaman’s New 52 stuff so far (The Trench and The Others) and having never read Aquaman before, they were ok and make him the badass he should be, I guess I was just underwhelmed that nothing much seemed to be happening across both books until midway through The Others.

    • An “older” Batman is a must. If he is going to teach Superman a thing or two he has to be experienced. He also must be a master detective and planner for it to work. Brainiac is a villian for the entire Justice League, not someone you unleash in the sequel.
      I hope this means they will hint at Robin or Nightwing but not show him and keep it open for future appearances.
      Lastly, I still think Lex Luthor will be a big part and be running for president. That will be an interesting casting call as well.
      This movie is going to be awesome.

      • I too like the idea of an older Batman for multiple reasons:
        1) older = more experienced = smarter = more believable when he takes Supes down
        2) I cannot think of many actors in their 20′s who can pull of Batman, but many in their 30′s and 40′s who can
        3) Allows entrance for a future Nightwing and Batman Beyond series

        • No Batman Beyond!

  4. How long do they intend to keep batman actor around ? Older is nice in comics and self contained media but we re talking about a shared movie universe here…it s a bold decision…I really hope they have a gameplan because I feel more and more like wb dc is making it up as they go…They have greater character and stories, but it will bring them only so far: They can’t keep up with marvel if they are so amateur.

    • Keep up with Marvel?

      I’m sorry, but DC is doing pretty well for themselves outside of theatrical films. WB sure, you can lash out at them for whatever you lash out about to begin with, but DC? They’ve got genius animated films, a top selling video game franchise with one being called one of the best video games of all time, a fresh new universe in their comics, and the reputation of the DCAU still lives on.

      So really, why need to “keep up with Marvel”? It’s not like anyone is going to stop the DC logo and go “Well, that’s not worth my time”.

      • *see, not “stop”

      • Exactly. Let’s just say the “average” observation is that only the movie world exists.

        Let’s just say the “average” observation doesn’t take into account why all the Marvel properties are split up over several studios, while the DC properties remain at one studio: Marvel went bankrupt. DC never has and never will go bankrupt, and they have Superman and Batman to thank for that.

        • +1,000

        • Well they actually have WB to thank for that since they have been a part of WB for over 50 years now. Even if Batman and Superman had never done well, WB wouldn’t have closed DC down.

          • Yes they would have. If the DC property wasn’t turning a profit… of course they would have sold it.

            • When I said, “done well” I was referring to the movies, not the comic division.

      • @Spartan

        You should read Mindbender’s post just above yours.

  5. Honestly, I don’t need to see another aging Batman. I want to see a batman in his prime. Kicking @$$ and taking names for many years to come.

    IMO they should look at the mid thirties age range. Old enough to have plenty of experience (and who’s been in the field for quite some time when we first meet him), but still young enough to do all the awesome things Batman does – not TDKRises age.

    • “The Dark Knight Rises Again and Beats Up Superman” ;)

      • Been watching a bit of HISHE hm? ;)

    • Ala Michael Keaton’s Batman version of Batman fighting Superman!

  6. Nolan may have made his trilogy to be self-contained and to exist outside the DC universe, but ultimately DC and WB own those movies. So they can, and probably will, simply use the Batman from the trilogies that most people are familiar with.

    So this makes perfect sense. A lot more sense than rebooting Batman. The only hurdle is that they’ll have to go with a different actor. Frankly, I don’t think that even remotely justifies a reboot. Just go forward as if Batman was the first SH and build from there.

    • Mmm…

      Not sure if I like the idea of Batman being the first superhero. Just doesn’t feel right.

      • You don’t like it?!

        Well, someone call WB/DC quick and tell them to scrap that plan!!!

        ACW 007- I didn’t like MOS at all. Not a DC hater. I love the DK movies enormously. Also, I don’t really like the idea of DC moving forward with DK as a template for how the whole “universe” is. But I also don’t think DC cares what I think. I just think that’s what they are doing.

        • Wow, Nostelg-O, you seem really butt-hurt over someone disagreeing with your opinion.

          • Um. Not really. Feel free to disagree.

    • @ Nostelg-O

      I agree!

    • I am okay with loosely continuing that Bruce Wayne/Batman from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight which round out the caped crusader’s first year. The character also turned 30 in Begins I believe. So if they state the character around 35 then the character had 5 years worth of experience that can ultimately put the character through enough change and updates to a version that can fave and stand next to Superman

  7. Jim Caviezel. Older but looks younger.
    Can be badass while still showing heart.
    And already working with Jonathan Nolan.

    • Wes Bentley, literally has Bruce Wayne’s features, just got cast by Nolan in Interstellar. Is unknown enough to not bring a lot of baggage star-power stuff.

      If he can handle the physicality, I’m all for him.

      • I am not familiar with Wes and I checked him out.
        He does look like a Bruce Wayne/Batman and
        the Nolan connection can only help.

        • Yeah I saw he was in Hunger Games, which I didn’t see. Dunno if that gives bad press. But I was kinda happily surprised when his casting by Nolan was announced. If an actor is good enough for Nolan, he’s good enough for me!

          And the fact that not many people know him (well, or at all) is a pro imo. Although he clearly does have experience as an actor. He has an air of mystery to him, which I miss with most other names mentioned and what Batman needs in this film imo. Where Bale gave the inside-out relatable Batman, the MoS Batman should be almost eerie and ungraspable. A dark vindicating shadow that is opposite to Superman’s place in the sun.

        • Watch “American Beauty” (also has Thora Birch in it) to see how well he can play intensity…

          • I am overdue to see that movie, Archaeon.
            I actually passed when it was released.

            • It wasn’t “Citizen Kane” or “Vertigo”, of course, but I quite enjoyed as a bit of thoughtful entertainment.

              I’ve jokingly told my friends before that it was the scariest horror film I have ever seen…Growing up in suburbia, I knew (or, at least, knew OF) people like many of the characters. ;)

              • I think it won the Oscar as I recall.
                Not sure why I passed on it then.
                I now ordered it to finally see it.

                • I love American Beauty so I’d recommend it.

                  Nevertheless, not much Batman about Bentley in that role, but it does show he’s a good actor. I just think he nails every category for me. But he did just recently open up about a drug past so I’m not sure whether he’d be physically up for the role.

                  I just like someone like that to tackle down Batman, someone who’s not a name everybody is shouting around. Someone who’s more mysterious and could surprise the audience as much as Superman himself. Then again, I want the opposite of Bale’s Batman this time. A very cerebral, mysterious detective tech-ninja. I’ve seen the brutal soldier-like Batman from Bale, I want a Batman with a lot of finesse. That’s why I’m not in anyway happy with Frank Miller’s involvement and the TDKReturns-esque rumors going on.

                  If they don’t completely go the other way from Nolan’s films, I think it’s a heavily missed opportunity to re-do the character.

                  • “cerebral, mysterious detective tech-ninja”
                    Sounds like a good template for a makeover.

    • +1

      Became one of my choices too. He’s great in Person of Interest.

      • Jim is my first choice actually.
        He is great in Person Of Interest.

  8. “What kind of a world do we live in where a man dressed up as a BAT, steals all of my press….” Clark Kent start of MoS2 lol

    Late 30′s Early 40′s Batman is perfect, wise and clever, been in the game long enough to be hitting his stride, still in peak physical condition.

    Maybe even have it as 2 or 3 years after MoS so Bruce has all that time to observe Clark, learn ALL about him, plan and prepare.

    Don’t forget Clark cause a LOT of damage and has more death on his hands than just Zod.

    The public are going to be sceptical of Superman and Bruce, well he aint gonna stand for someone THAT powerful ambling about for too long which out checking them out and seeing if they can be brought down if it becomes necessary.

    Cap vs Iron Man, Iron Man vs Thor, Bats vs Supes, Avengers vs X-Men we love it when HEROES go up against HEROES.

    Why, because the conflict seems more really, both sides will feel that there position is the right one for the good of EVERYONE.

    Baddies, well there just being baddies…. zzzzzzz

    This could be really, really good. Would be nice if they got someone in to help with the script though, Goyer is alright but some of his dialogue is a bit clunky.

    • Amen to dialogue polish. It can’t be that hard.

      • Seconded. It amazes me how little effort seems to be put into writing good dialog for these huge films. It is a lot simpler than visual effects, and can make a real difference in the reception and box office returns.

    • “Don’t forget Clark cause a LOT of damage and has more death on his hands than just Zod.”

      I am kind of tired to explaining this to people. Could you just rewatch the movie? Clark didn’t kill anyone but Zod in that movie, there were no casualities in their final battle nor in Smallville.
      Sure it would be worse then s**t quality but unfortunetely movie finished its showings on the big screens.

      • The buildings would like to have a word with you.

        If no one was harmed in the destruction, Metropolis is full of Speedsters and that’s just one big giant foreshadowing towards The Flash ;)

        • People are more important ;) They weren’t even there.

      • I thought you were going another direction when I first started reading your response.

        Watch the movie again, people died.
        Superman caused collateral damage to be sure in his fight with Zod but everyone must remember the destruction on Metropolis mostly resulted from the Black Zero Ship working together with the World Engine.

        • I didn’t want to write everything again and agin and again…in all details, in short:

          People that died in:
          Smallville. Soldiers – he couldn’t save them was too busy with big guy, no civillians was hurt.

          Metropolis. People died because of Zod’s machine. They said it few times World Engine would be still working and terraforming the planet, just not as fast. And since it brings home environment there by the time he’d deal with kryptonians more people would die and he wouldn’t be able to stop machine at all.
          The fight with Zod was fast so maybe some people didn’t notice but it started in are close enough to already destructed territory, including the falling building. Now what many might miss is that evacuation that was happening. There was a whole scene for that. And don’t forget TV translation. Metropolis people were on their way out. For some reason there were some people here and there but you could clearly see they were unhurt. Clark tried to take the fight off the streets anyway, it was Zod who pushed him closer to people. Now, i don’t understand the eason behind hiding in the building when some alien stuff is attacking but you could clearly see that Metropolis is HUGE. So sure, people couldn’t completely avacuate but they weren’t hurt anyway.

          I agree that they could put a moment of Clark checking the buildings before fight in there like he does in the comics and simple assumption that everyone could evacuate in time is not good enough. But he is Man of Steel not Superman, so its ok. He was reckless at the very beginning of his carrier, atleast in new 52, and damage property was his second name.
          In the movie he is the guy for the job. He does that in 1 day. Before that he saved people here and there without much thinking, he was just a guy who could help and could stay a myth to everyone any time he wishes, no pressure at all. Now he will have responsibility, and that should shape him in Superman. But thats the stoy for sequel not origins.

  9. Karl Urban keeps looking better and better for this.

    • His name should be in the hat.
      Gerard Butler, Zack alum, another.

      • @ Robert Palmer
        Of all the names mentioned the only one that would make me scream “oh god no!!!” is Gerard Butler.
        Other than RockNRolla and 300 he makes me cringe.

        • Because of the Zack connection he probably is being glanced at.
          I did love Gerard’s Phantom, a film with a personal meaning
          for me and I will always be thankful for his portrayal.

    • Karl Urban for Katar Hol, the MOS pre-comic already references the thanagarians.

    • He is busy so i don’t think he could he has star trek 3 and is in a tv series almost human and he is Dredd

    • Adversaries not combatants.

      • What’s a “mute” point? I know what moot point means, but not what you said. Thanks for that, though… it gave me a chuckle.

        • Did you see the episode of “My name is Earl” where they argue over which is the correct way to pronounce it? Funny stuff

        • Perhaps Bats discovers what the Kryptonian atmosphere on Zod’s ship was comprised of and develops it to use against Superman?

        • no one likes a gramma nazzi. seplt rong on porpoise.

    • Moot, not mute. That is all

    • You have taken some grief over mute vs moot.
      However, mute is the sense of unspoken
      or unexpressed is good English.

      • *in* the sense

  10. this movie will be BS..

    • very true… BS…. Batman/Superman

      • YES.

        A big, steaming pile of it.

  11. I have been wanting Xander Berkeley to play Thomas Wane for a while now, but if batman is going to be old, I say he would be perfect. Since Xander Berkeley is a bit older than what is being hinted at I am also going to offer up Victor Webster. His work on Mutant X and Continuum makes him a good fit for a comic-book movie. He also has the well known batman square chin.

    • Exactly. The role needs to be far away from Bale yet also have future potential. Ergo a younger and probably more gifted Batman then Nolan’s is best suited. Bale was great, but his was a very specific and fairly unseen Batman. He was flawed and the film’s in a way all were about his flaws.

      MoS’s Batman can only work if they seek out the very edge of what a human could do without superpowers. That, with all due respect, in most cases requires a Batman in his absolute prime, or just BEFORE it to build it up. Not after it.

    • The point of rebooting Batman is to reestablish the character outside of Nolan’s version. That and Bale won’t reprise the role. Good thing too. Nolan sorta wiped his a$$ with the Batman canon (Bane. I rest my case.)

      • +1 He does kinda talk like his animated voice actors!

  12. RDJ is like 50 years old and doing great as Iron Man… So it’s really not that far fetched

    • Well, to be fair, it’s not RDJ doing all the punching and kicking, it’s his suit most of the time, and while he did do a lot more stunts in IM3, he also seriously injured himself which caused principal production to shut down for a while.

      They need to get someone to play this character for the long run. We’re talking Justice League, Justice League sequels, solo Batman films. For at least another 10 years (hopefully).

      • The good thing about Batmans mask? Hides the face. Much like they don’t need Downey in an actual Iron Man armour, they can put a stunt man in the Bat Suit. Problem solved. But if being old stops people from doing action, someone might want to have a word with Arnold. Find the right actor, even if hes 40, they can be Batman for the next 20 years if needed.

        • Or Stallone! RAMBO was Epic!

  13. *see

  14. I’m not for an already older Batman. It sounds like too much of a shortcut. I’m not saying that I want the character rebooted with ANOTHER origin story, but I am not game for a Dark Knight Returns interpretation (yet). That should be in another sequel or something. This shouldn’t be a trashy Vs movie. Just have Batman be a year 2 version; not very old, yet experienced. Introducing him as an oldy just seems like an excuse to not give him character development. Besides, I would like to see more solo Batman flicks. He has the greatest rogues gallery and story lines to draw from that would be great to see.

  15. Watch the Clip from the Animated series.

    A) Older Batman can totally work.

    B) This Movie will not be BS.

    • Of course. And my favorite episodes of Superman: The Animated Series BTW.

    • Kofi Outlaw the voice of reason!

        • Why are you writing like that lol?

        • You Marvel fanboys are a cancer to this entire genre.

          • DR. MINDBENDER

            Foolish DC fan boys that pump up and defend bad cbm from WB (MoS)are the cancer to this genre and will be it’s ultimate undoing.

            • Jason Seaver

              Wow. So because Marvel Studios made two great films, that gives you a sense of entitlement.

              It is a shame that we still live with individuals such as yourself walking about and putting down those you consider inferior.

              And this is just about genre movies. I hate to see how you act and live outside of this realm called the internet.

              Best of Luck.
              Archer –>

            • Yeah because a movie called “Age of Ultron” without Hank Pym in it makes sense!

            • Well the word “fan” does come from “fanatic” and a fanatic by it’s very definition is one of extremes.

              So I would hope most of us are fans in title and spirit only and not “true” fans. :)

        • @Movie Man

          Or should I say “Marvel Fanboy”? Those who use the term “DC Fanboy” in the same context as you did are nothing but “Marvel Fanboy”.

          You are thus guilty of the same condition of which you accuse Kofi Outlaw: Judging something obviously through a highly biased and narrow perception.


          You say “what a joke” and claim the film already will be “very bad” and that “Kofi Outlaw will [be] the only reviewer to go give it 4/5″ without seeing the final film.

          I smell irony. Sad irony. You already give the film a bad review without having seen anything- and accuse that Kofi will make a bad judgement.

          Movie Man: You are the joke. I almost feel sorry for you.

          Good Day,
          Archer –>

    • Well, if not for the fans, the comic book industry probably wouldn’t have survived to see this day and age, filled with billions of possible profit in media and merchandise. As much as we whine and complain, we also give the most support.

      That said, there is a lot of unnecessary complaining. Some have valid concerns (I like to think that that includes mine ;)), but there’s definitely those that just complain for the sake of complaining. And frankly, even if these movies turn out amazing, they probably still won’t be satisfied because they go in looking for things to not like.

      … So um, yeah, that’s my biased view on that ;)

      • Lol, how did this end up here.
        … This was supposed to a reply to a later comment.

    • True

  16. I like this decision of having Batman experienced and established. I may not go as far as getting who is 45 years old though, maybe 35-40.

    If the rumor is true, I wonder how much advice Frank Miller will be giving.

    • Hopefully All-Star isn’t still running loose in his brain

      • Haven’t read the comic book but the animated movie was one of my least favourite so I’m hoping Frank Miller isn’t still thinking bout that either.

        • Oh, he wasn’t in charge of Superman.

          Frank Miller was in charge of Batman. And he basically ruined the character big time

    • someone who is*

  17. Remember people this is just a rumor. Last week there was a rumor about the 25 year old kid from Teen Wolf screen testing with Cavil for Batman. You can’t take these casting tidbits seriously (I mean people are saying Josh Brolin for Batman not even considering that his ex wife plays Superman’s mom and will be in the movie smh).

  18. batman reboot alarm is going off…supes asks bruce for help (because of his major cool industry of super cool and far fetched gadgets)to fight lex luthor
    batman helps. supes kills lex batman gets angry they fight batman gets his butt whipped. batman gets rebooted using the batman from this movie. Batman starts his personal vendetta thus villians attack him because of the lex luthor thing. :P

    • They’re not stupid enough to make Supes kill again. They barely got away with killing Zod, only really being accepted because it means something for development (not much, but it establishes things) so making him needlessly kill again would be stupid on WB’s part.

      • Needlessly kill?

      • not really

  19. I just hope he’s not too old so they can keep him for more movies. I’m just glad this Batman is most likely going to tie in more with the comics. I love the Nolan Batman movies but I’m glad to hear we’re going to get a more strategic, cunning, tech savvy and hard hitting Batman like from the comics. And we better be getting Nightwing at some point.

  20. Any older Batman?


    WB\DC sounds like they’re making it up as they go. This movie is just sounding worse and worse.

    Just make MoS2, have Superman fight Brainiac, and bring in Batman in a after credits scene. This whole talk of Batman fighting Superman is foolish. I’m a DC fan through and through, but I’m losing faith in any DCCU.

      • I think Zack is reveling here he
        would have preferred a straight-up
        Man Of Steel sequel without Batman.
        Something I would have wanted myself.

        • “revealing’ and certainly not reveling :D

          • Now that you mention it it does sound like early on he seemed like he was only focused on just developing Superman. I think you are right!

              • I think one of the best things you can do when you are establishing a franchise is have the first movie set up the next one. Like with Batman Begins the Joker card and the discussion about escalation perfectly led into and set up the Dark Knight. The same with the Harvey Dent fabrication, sets up the Dark Knight Rises.

                If Snyder was NOT thinking about a Superman Batman team up when he made Man of Steel, that could lead to problems with the story telling. For example why didn’t Batman intervene when Zod attacked? The world was about to be destroyed! What was he waiting for?

        • Do not take this as me contradicting what you are saying. I actually don’t disagree with you but in fairness to Snyder they are viewing this as a sequel to MOS so technically it is MOS2. But every indication suggests that it was a somewhat last minute decision to add Batman into the mix.

  21. Wow. So we finally get the most epic superhero team-up of all time on film, and so far all that so many so-called “fans” seem to be doing is complaining.

    Again: Why even bother making these films for “the fans” anymore? Just make it for the people who hardly know the characters (and complain a lot less) and rake in more $$$ for your trouble. Because “the fans” are never satisfied….

    • That’s a good point. Honestly, people have such a decided idea of what should happen in their CBMs. It’s bad for the business of CBMs, because one decision can turn off millions of dollars in hardcore fans. People need to loosen up about it.

      • People needa be a bit more open minded. Like you said, several have a fixed image in their mind preventing them from enjoying a movie to the fullest.

          • Batman is not the Gladiator of the DC universe, I don’t get why everyone thinks he is.

            Extremely crafted in hand to hand combat, but it’s not like he is the Hulk and wants to prove he is the strongest of them all.

            • I know. That’s only thought of because TDK trilogy spawned the whole “Because I’m Batman” deal, so people who aren’t massive comic fans think Batman is God, but he’s just popular with a strong trilogy.

          • Nice, I do think Batman can beat Superman as long as he has the jump on him with everything planned out and going his way (there’s still a good chance Superman can pull through though). If it’s a fair fight, I’d obviously have to side with Superman. Batman is human after all, no matter how smart he is, Superman is practically godlike in his powers.

    • Well said.

      I don’t get why everything HAS to compete with Marvel. The way I look at it, I grew up watching the DCAU and I’m going to see this movie because I like these characters together. Why people have an issue with just enjoying a movie like this is beyond me.

      • ACW 007

        Seriously, don’t you ever get tired of defending WB & DC and all the stupid foolish things they do? I mean, do you work for them or what?

        It’s like you’re always wiping their butt in every post.

        • Well, for one, I happen to like MOS. So that probably makes everything I say irrelevant.

          Secondly, so what if I support WB and DC? Why does it matter? I’m not liking Marvel’s Phase 2 so far and I like where MOS is going with everything.

          It’s also been my secondary dream to write for DC or become an actor/voice actor for one of their films. Yes, I grew up when the DCAU was just beginning and it made me want to support them because even today, I love their content.

          But even in another reality where a Superman/Batman film flops, it doesn’t change my mind about them. These specific heroes had an influence on my life and I want to support them as long as the quality doesn’t stray.

          The quality isn’t straying because I buy the animated movies and video games, the comics and graphic novels, etc. If that means nothing to you, then don’t bother replying to me.

          • @Ultimate ACW: 007 Reloaded

            Fantastic response all around. Good Luck!!! :)

            @Jason Seaver

            Don’t you ever get tired of bashing WB/DC? Seriously, it makes you sound like you are wiping Marvel’s butt ;)

    • Been thinking the exact same thing.

    • LOL EXACTLY! I can’t believe some of the backlash this movie is getting. This is Batman and Superman on film together!!!! Just the idea alone has pumped

    • At least WB is taking an initiative and launching DC Cinematic Universe. They are starting it in a gramd way in my opinion.

      • +1

        It’s like punching their way through the wall making a grand entrance into the shared universe. Talking about this just gets me that much more excited lol.

        • “Punching through the Walls to make a grand entrance in Shared Universe” that is the best line I heard about this.

        • Perfect way to describe it, and suitable considering Man of Steel ;)
          I can’t wait to see how this hare and tortoise race turn out

    • That’s why IM3 made it over a billion.

      It wasn’t money coming from the fans. It was money coming from the “people who hardly know the characters (and complain a lot less).”

      And the people who were still riding the Avengers “wave.”

      • THANK YOU!

        I have been saying forever that you just can’t make movies aimed at only fan boys who are in TINY minority in the grand scheme of things. You have to make it accessible to the masses… otherwise you risk alienating them and movies wind up not being as financially successful as studios expect. But they are the ones who fill internet sites and express what they want to see. But that does not mean that is what the broader audience wants to see which is why the build up that Marvel used was so important. In the various other movies that featured the Marvel shared universe it built interest in the average movie goer and it just also happened to also be something that fan boys wanted to see. The Superman Batman team up has NO build up since it is basically a sequel to ONE movie.

        • So they can’t POSSIBLY make movies that will both please the masses and satisfy the fans hum? Sounds like lazy writing to me.

    • @ Kofi

      The most epic superhero team up of all time already happened last summer, it was called The Avengers.

      The Avengers is THE bar all other team up movies are measured against, without question. Whatever this Batman vs Superman turns out to be, will not be the best team up, that’s silly. It probably won’t even be in the top five movies of that year with everything else coming out. Star Wars, Avengers 2, Pirates 5, etc. They picked the wrong story for the sequel and the wrong year to release it.


      • You’re certainly stating a lot of things without any reasons for why they’re true. I agree that the Avengers is the best superhero team up on film so far (isn’t it the first and only one?), but to discount a film knowing next to nothing about it is simply arrogant.

        • ignorant*

    • Yeah it amazes me too that people have been wanting this movie since the first Keaton Batman movie and people start complaining. I like the idea that WB/DC is going with and I have said it before that Batman should be older. People are acting like 30s Batman is that old!

    • @ Kofi

      You think this is bad now? Give it a year. Wait ’til we have a trailer. Every page for this movie is going to be flooded with “fans” just doing whatever they can to completely s**t all over it.

      • +1

        Sadly. That’s why I don’t read comments on sites other than Screen Rant.

  22. WHY ?! So they really want to the route of DKR, i’ve read they even talk with Miller. Jeez, this is stupid. Now we’ll have moronish Superman and over the top Batman, like he wasn’t at the top to begin with…

    There would be no chemistry between the two, no playful jokes midbattle and so on. F**k You Warners!

    So if all rumors are true we’ll get less character development that was expected from part 2 on: Superman as Clark, Lois, Perry, Jimmy, Lex! And ruin potentially good MoS2 because Batman sells better and thus Batman-centric story will occure.

    Add Joker to the mix to ensure that noone will get any character development. Now, for MoS there wasn’t much because of how plot went but in sequel we kind of expected to see another Dark Knight but we’ll get the flop. Thanks.

    Bye Justice League. Waiting reboot already. F**k you Warners!

    We don’t want experienced Batman. We want to see his quick thinking with unknown enemies. We want enemies like Clayface, Penguin, Killer Croc etc while Joker will make HAHA with Harley Queen, Harley Queen people ! with huge ass hammer. We want Poison Ivy, we want BatWoman somehwere down the road after few sequels. We want Cat Woman not Flat Desk Woman of TDKR. We want Batman!

  23. why is every one Bit$h about an Old batman. in the cartoons he was in his 40′s and even in newer batman films he is around in 30′s so who cares BRING IT ON !

  24. People stop making Iron Man RDJ comparisons. IM isn’t even close to the physicality the role of Batman requires and RDJ was already complaining about the physicality of his role in Iron Masn 3 (not a diss, I can sure as hell understand that suit is horrible to wear).

    Iron Man is a scientist in a suit. Batman is the friggin greatest Ninja alive and with all due respect to Nolan’s fantastic films, I want that to be shown on the big screen for once damnit.

    I WANT BATMAN IN HIS PRIME! Next to Cavill’s godlike Superman.

  25. Does anyone think Joe Manganiello the werewolf from Trueblood could pull it off as the new Batman? He was up for MOS role before Henry Cavil got the role.

    • #Batmanganiello

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