‘Batman vs. Superman’ Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

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Batman Vs. Superman Movie Older Batman Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

There are some big, BIG movies on the horizon for 2015 – The Avengers 2Star Wars Episode VII – but right now, the one that has most people on pins and needles of excitement is the Batman vs. Superman movie that will serve as the sequel to Man of Steel. We know that the film will supposedly see The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel at odds with one another (before an inevitable team-up), and that the cause of that friction will likely be Batman’s distrust of (or anger at) a the fact that an god-like alien is engaging in unchecked (and poorly planned) battles that destroyed Metropolis.

Of course, within that reported narrative framework there arose the question of what version of Batman would we see in Batman vs. Superman; and, if a new rumor is to be believed, then the scenario that many fans (and bloggers) initially guessed at will in fact turn out to be the way the film introduces the world to a new Batman.

Batman and Superman movie mashup Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

According to Batman-on-Film‘s multiple sources, the Batman in Batman vs. Superman will be an older, already experienced Batman. How much older, do you ask? Well, the rumors state that mid-40s is the age range being sought – but for our own betting money, we’d say between mid-30s and mid-40s is the age range the filmmakers could pull from. The reasoning should be obvious, and is a topic we’ve discussed on multiple episodes of our Screen Rant Podcast:

The keystone was always Man of Steel; as we said way back: The development of DC’s shared universe rested entirely on MoS‘ reception. If MoS was able to make a favorable impre$$ion (and it  has) then star Henry Cavill would headline the franchise and an older, more experienced Batman would be introduced as a guide for the younger, still learning Superman. If MoS had tanked, then it could be written off as a self-contained story (a la Nolan’s Dark Knight continuity) and a new, older Superman could be cast as the wise shepherd for younger superheroes like Batman.

Obviously at this juncture, Man of Steel and Henry Cavill are locked in. And, with recent rumors that Zack Snyder is consulting Dark Knight Returns creator Frank Miller for advice on the Batman vs. Superman showdown, it’s believable that an older, wiser, Batman – an interpretation Miller explored and one we discussed in our own blueprint for bringing Batman into a Justice League universe – will be what we get.

Older Bruce Wayne vs. Superman Batman vs. Superman Movie to Feature Older Dark Knight?

Batman vs. Superman in the ‘Dark Knight Returns – Part 2′ Animated Movie.

Unlike so many other websites, our previous list of potential new Batman actors already skews toward actors in the late-30s/early-40s range – actors who would also be affordable and available for what is sure to be a long-running superhero franchise (so, no to those Jude Law, Josh Brolin, or Jon Hamm theories – and let’s just put the Christian Bale talk to rest entirely). An older Batman (especially one going up against the likes of Superman) needs to be more sagely and strategy-minded – none of those flimsy gadgets or half-cooked scream loud and attack hard tactics seen in the Nolan films. For our money, actors like Hobbit star Richard Armitage or Fast & Furious 6 star Luke Evans convey that type of personality perfectly (Armitage in particular).

A perfect example of a Batman/Superman team-up done right is undoubtedly the three-part “Wold’s Finest” episode of Superman: The Animated Series that aired in 1997. Check out the clip below for example of how an older, more mature Batman keeps step with Superman, and why the worlds of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne (not just their hero alter-egos) tend to meld so well:

All in all, this reasoning is sound: Batman and Superman having a habit of really helping to inform the other man about who he is, what he stands for, with a nice bit of personal growth inspired by the other man. For Superman of the MoS continuity, this would mean learning to handle problems in ways other than brute force, confronting the death and destruction he caused, and getting a little be less naive about his stature and place in the world. For Bats, coming to trust Superman would pull him a little further out of his dark and cynical world view, would give him something hopeful to truly believe in, and would introduce him to the concept of having friends and relying on others. In short: using the right character setups and development, we could actually get respective Batman and Superman story arcs we’ve never really seen before (i.e. not origin stories!).


Batman vs. Superman will be released sometime in 2015. Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

Source: BoF & The Independent

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  1. I’m not understanding why the comic book movie fans media and this site included is clinging onto the fact that the TDK trilogy is not part of the MoS universe where clearly it is. The casting of an older batman is an obvious attempt to link the two. Sure they may not mention the events in TDK directly in the film, but when this film is eventually released, the press junkets will be out in force talking about the older batman character, leading your general movie goer to come tot he conclusion that this is the same character from the TDK series but a little bit older. And why not? Afterall TDK is really about Batman in his younger years. You also have the same people involved in this film that were involved in TDK and regardless of what Nolan says, or comic book movie fans like to think, The WB is not going to disassociate this Mos sequel featuring batman from a multi billion dollar maker like the TDK trilogy. If anything they are going to try whatever they can be it blatantly or otherwise to associate that series with this upcoming film to maximise success.

  2. If Bale’s gone The movie will b doomed!

  3. Explain to me the love for Richard Armitage? He played a minor part in Captain America as the Nazi who killed the Professor…and he is unrecognizable under all that make-up in the Hobbit. So why is he a top choice at all? He’s getting to Idris Elba territory of inexplicably being considered for parts he has no business being consider for.

  4. Two more options for a slightly older batman include Michael Easton and Colin Cunningham, both are 46.

    • How about my cousin Joe Schmo, from Blow, Oklahoma? He’s tall and can act, or so my other cousin told me.

  5. what about continuing the dkr arm and using Joseph Gordon Levet as Batman

  6. No Ryan Gosling please! If they’re going in the older route I can actually side with Josh Brolin, his voice alone is enough to qualify him for the part. Joe Manganiello isn’t experienced enough, but then again neither was Henry Cavil, so maybe. Richard Armitage is too shakespearian. Matthew Goode doesn’t seem very intimidating. Luke Evans doesn’t seem very aged compared to Cavil. Wow this is hard trying to picture someone else as Batman besides Bale, now I know why so many people still want him as Batman.

  7. it has to be a still young Batman due to Justice League. it would be cool to see Josh Brolin in the cape but not sure of how well he would look when doing fight scenes.

  8. Possibly another actor no one has considered for older batman….pierce brosnan.

  9. Josh Brolin is 45, how is he not a valid choice?

  10. I don’t know if batman will be older or not, actually i don’t care about that right now, or who will be playing batman. What i Think is that “Superman vs Batman” will be all about kryptonyte, or at least it will be an important element in the plot. If this happen i hope they use kryptonyte in a smart way.

  11. Michael Keaton, please?

  12. this “news” is one of the worst sign so far that WB has fallen back into their usual BAD to CRAPPY decisions pattern… using the DKR dynamic in the Man of Tomorrow was inspired..

    THAT however is where the creative inspiration should end..
    WB are forgetting that theyre starting afresh &need to be looking to the FUTURE..
    Batman CANNOT BE AN OLDER GRIZZLED VERSION.. if theyre gonna extend this into a possible Justice League mashup hows it gonna work when Bruce will likely be pushing 60 by the time they get around to it?

    one of the central ideas of Bats is that he is a phenom.. who at an abnormally young age made up his mind he’d dedicate the rest of his life to bwcoming the worlds greatest crimefighter.. that near psychotic determination/obsession &the fact that Martha &Thomas handed him some of the BEST Irish/English genes going make him not only not to be taken lightly at any point in his career.. but possibly the most dangerous man on earth (Kal Els own words)

    as such Batman can be anywhere from 27 to 34.. i suggest snyder takes Rorschach & Ozymandias mixes em in a barrel &that’ll be the ideal Bat for this franchise..

    i STILL think Luke Evans is THE perfect man for the job &the fact he played Zeus opposite Cavill in his breakout role offers a pretty interesting dynamic.. theyre around the same age.. but Evans has that innate “darkness” about him &even though theyre the same age he just LOOKS more cynical &like he could be evil if he wanted to but hes not.. which is the quality a dark knight has to exude

    but failing that Jon Hamm is the only other option.. (if they can get rid of that 10 oclock shadow hes had since he was 14)

    • Did not agree with your option at first but as I thought it i thought it through as much I would love it to basically all the best bits outa The Dark Knight Returns and think Armitage would an awesome Batman you are totally right they have to think of the longgame for the franchise. It would totally work with Batman been the same age.
      MOS version of supes is basically an amateur with incredible powers who hasn’t any training whatsoever where as Bats is a guy who been training all his life in martial arts, combat strategies, forensics etc etc. So he be like a mentor to supes after of course the kick ass fight they have to have and yes Luke Evans would be perfect.

  13. I think Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf would make an amazing Batman – he’s got the bulk, the chiseled jaw and is just perfect!!!! He’s probably too young if they are in fact going for an older actor but I think his name should be out there – I’d rather see a lesser known actor be cast than one whose already a big celebrity.

  14. why would they make and older batman?? doesnt make any sence, what about JL? will batman be old on that one too?? i dont get it, Supes and batman are supposed to fight togethere first and then they can do what ever they want!

  15. cmon they should get a young agile batman cause their not gunna fight the whole movie and eventually taem up and later form a justice league. also the batman reboot thatll be out in 2016 will show him in his second hero year.i am begging u DONT MAKE AN OLD BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Man Of Tomorrow

    Henry Cavill – Kal
    Luke Evans – Bruce
    Leonardo Dicaprio/Idris Elba – Alexander


    opens with shadowy figure in a white suit &black gloves &Black Mask on the phone.. we see him holding an ipad/device with several different skype call windows from the heads of all global crime/terror cartels (MS13, Yakuza, Triads, Eta, Vor etc) they all seem to be reporting to this man..
    after dismissing the Cartel bosses when he recieves an incoming call.. he speaks one word “KnightFall”

    scene cuts to a large Metropolis shipyard, a huge wayne shipping/industries freighter is shown pulling into drydock.. a shadowy unrecognisable figure watches the scurrying actions below.. the ballied up goons below are moving something into a large warehouse on the dock..

    as the guys are unloading the stolen WayneTech.. bats sytematically takes them out with ease.. only for a piece of his tecdh to start transmitting a staticy message from the CrimeLord.. “end of the line.. bat” a serious of explosions go off &we see external shot of the large warehouse complex blowing up then a high powered grappling wire bursts through one of the skylights attaching itself to one of the numerous crane systems &yanks a shadowy batlike figure through the fire tomb below.. due to the explosion he makes a rough landing on the masses of trailers.. he immediately shakes it off when a “man” seemingly falls from the sky.. with enough force to leave a huge dent in the trailer he lands on.. the large man has what appears to be a gun metal grey skull/mask &his eyes glow a faint green &has a myriad of modifications that Bats recognises as Kryptonian in nature.. (hes also been tracking black market krypto tech trafficking after the “event”
    ..if this was a human.. he’s not anymore, his frame is heavily augmented sharp metalic cybernetic noises coming from his joints… Batman gets to his feet brushes the firey debris off his shoulder glares at him &plants his footing as if to say.. “lets go”
    the runs towards him Bats does not budge studying his every move as he approaches when he gets close he throws a batch of quick &devastating punches none of which touch Bruce who evades them all runs up his knee/shoulder &kicks him in the back of the head.. it doesnt even budge the metallic man…. bats says his name which seems to confuse his opponent momentarily.. but the programming reasserts itself &he attacks again.. this time he adapts quicker to Bruces moves &gets in a hit sending him flying.. Bruce
    gets up realising direct attacks wont work.. he charges at the cyborg and after a brief melee they seperate &the half man machine realises he has several small devices something to his midsection theres a concentrated explosive boost that sends him hurtling hundreds of feet into the air by the time he lands batman is gone… opening

    later we discover the name of the shadowy figure in white is thought by batman to be one Joseph Rothul. AKA The Black Wraith a near mythical crime figure said to be CEO of an internationally spanning crime synidicate that controls all major crime networls in the world.. basically the “illuminati of crime” AKA intergang.. batman suspected the legend had ties with humanitarian/philanthropist former mayor of metropolis multiple Times man of the yr &self proclaimed Man of Tomorrow Alexander Luthor who bats theorised to be his chief launderer or atleast complicit in dealings with the so called “God of Crime” but as we enter the story all links have lead to dead ends.. forcing the detective to rethink his suspicions that Luthor might be connected…………. 12min opening scene closes & we open to Kal El flying.. flying faster than hes ever flown..

    Kingdom Come

    Luke Evans – Bruce
    Henry Cavill – Kal El
    Jessica Biel – Diana
    Joel Edgerton – Barry
    Ryan Reynolds/Nathan Fillion – Hal

    MB Jordan – Victor

    Jason Momoa – Orin
    Alex Skarsgaard – “King of Atlantis”/Marius

  17. I see this coming from a new angle. More tech as apposed to bruit force. Lex with his massive wealth starts rebuilding Metropolis and has his people take any alien tech to his secret lab, from the ship that is left behind he finds Zods key and then tries to get Bruce Wayne to join him in figuring out the tech. Bruce says no because he knows that Lex is a bad person and the tech is not from Earth. Superman is also trying to collect all the tech from the ship and discovers that some tech has ended at Wayne Enterprises and goes in to take the tech back. This is where Bruce first meets Superman but does not try to force the issue lets Superman take the tech but Bruce had placed bugs on the alien tech.Batman follows Superman they begin to fight Batman is overwhelmed but realizes that superman was weaker when he was around some of the alien tech and figures out that the radiation from the alien tech is what caused him to be weaker not death type weaker but weaker. Batman retreats Supperman being weaker does not pursue. Lex finds a way to activate Zods key and discovers a form of AI attached to the key it is released into the internet where it starts to play havoc with human defensive and offensive weapons and other robotic systems(this part could actually be Lex being tricked into releasing it or a plot where the AI and Lex plan on Doing something together). The alien AI Starts to take over and calls itself Brainiac. Lex discovers that it was a central intelligence system of Krypton which latched itself to The last ship leaving Krypton knowing the planet was about to be destroyed the prison ship Zod and his people were on. Lex finds out the the alien AI is also played a part in the destruction of the planet because it was created to help Krypton conserve its resources and monitor the planet changes and to be an early warning system but being an intelligence decided to do its own thing which is what it is doing now with earths systems. Batman follows Superman to Metropolis thinking he has something to do with the rogue AI and they begin to fight Batman defeats Superman by using a Radiation producing weapon designed just to stop him. At the same time Brainiac has taken over much of the worlds computer systems and has started creation of a nano tech machine to take over the planet. Batman realizes that Superman has nothing to do with the AI and the two decide to join forces to stop Brainiac Batman using his Tech and computing skills Superman using his ability’s. They defeat Brainiac by creating a virus that removes him from earths computer systems but not from the nano tech machine. A battle ensues they both barely live but the world is now a safer place. After returning back to Gotham Batman informs Superman that the AI originated from Lex Corp but there is no proof. Superman goes to Lex and tells him that he knows that Lex caused the AI to be released Lex denies the accusation and Superman leaves. Lex goes down to his secret lab where you find that he has Zods body in a tube and beside that you see many failed cloning specimens. Lex asks the doctors how much longer they say a few more months the camera pans to show A doomsday looking creature. The End

  18. My choice of a Batman who is a few years older (3-4 years) and therefore a bit more experienced and like an older brother is MATT BOMER :) He is the wiser, protective older brother in Texas Chainsaw Massacre and did it very well.

    An older, wiser uncle-like ( not a father figure old but 8 -10 years older and a bit cynical) would be Richard Armitage.

  19. I think they should try out Mel gibson for batman , cause he can get pretty crazy and flips his lid. Look at braveheart ! I think he could play a real dark meesed up batman

  20. Just because Snyders talking to Frank Miller doesn’t mean jack s*** about what age batman will be and I think they’re using that to jump ahead to a lot of conclusions.
    Am I the only one who remembers year one? Cause that was brilliant and, well butter my arse, younger batman by frank miller. Brilliant character piece.

  21. Thomas Gibson would be a good choice to play a slightly older/experienced Bruce Wayne/Batman in my opinion

  22. Regardless of how much money M.O.S made, it was a P.O.S film. It consisted of a bunch of explosions lumped in with characters who were less than interesting. Unfortunately, Snyder, unlike Nolan, is a “blow things up first and character development later” kind of director. The Dark Knight films will always be celebrated as true works of art, where films like MOS, Spiderman, Avengers etc… will be remembered as cool movies for their time, but never really made a lasting impression.

  23. Personally I am not stoked on the title of Batman Vs. Superman (or vice versa). I’m totally OK with Batman making an appearance or even having a fringe role, but to have them both share the screen and do battle seems a little lost on me. At least at this point.

    • I just want to make a point that you can relate to, but how exactly will superman vs batman add to the new justice league movie? i don’t really see it happening.

  24. it’s ben affleck

  25. If you want someone older, grizzled, with years of scars from fighting Mickey Rourke is your man.

  26. In my opinion doing a dc shared universe or a superman and batman movie is a terrible, terrible idea. TDKR and MOS were so monumental in scope that it would be not smart to dilute them by mixing the characters like in cartoons, low grade comics or marvel movies

    batman and superman are too iconic to benefit from mixing them. They deserve their separate worlds at least in the movies

  27. I think Dexter aka Micheal C. Hall should be Lex Luthor

  28. I loved the Dark Knight Trilogy and despite not being a big superman fan still went to see it as I remember the old ones from being a kid. I liked it but a bit of action/dialogue could have been snipped and still the film would have been great.

    Why has it not been suggested Adam West to play as Alfred also the actor from breaking bad who played Jesse Pinkman would make for a decent Robin/Knight wing.

    So… Stiller as Batman, hmm will give this film a missshh.