Batman vs. Superman Artwork Revealed at ‘Man of Steel’ Fan Event

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Batman Superman Movie Logo Batman vs. Superman Artwork Revealed at Man of Steel Fan Event

Man of Steel is coming out on Blu-ray, and to commemorate that event – and further tease the upcoming sequel Batman vs. Superman - Warner Bros. hosted live event in New York, hosted by none other than Kevin Smith and featuring Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, Lois Lane actress Amy Adams, and Superman himself, Henry Cavill (via satellite)

While many of the topics discussed centered on things like making Man of Steelthe controversial plot details, inspiration in filmmaking, iconic characters (and annoying fans), there was inevitably some talk about what’s coming next in Batman vs. Superman. After days of rumors about everyone from Nightwing to Wonder Woman being in the film, Snyder and Co. had some big questions to answer, and revealed some big announcements about the titan team-up that’s coming in the sequel.

Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill on set of Man of Steel Batman vs. Superman Artwork Revealed at Man of Steel Fan Event

Snyder and Co. did a fine job taking on issues like what the codex was all about, why Superman didn’t have a more developed fighting style, and the deeper mythology of Krypton, clearly showing that much thought and logic was put into the world of the film – even if the film itself didn’t detour into lengthy explanations of it all.

But eventually talk DID turn toward the future of the DC Movie Universe – specifically Snyder, Cavill and Adams’ next outing in Batman vs. Superman. It was admittedly disappointing that no real details about the film were revealed (come on, not even an official working title that we can all finally embrace?) – but Snyder did unveil some cool artwork that fans can win by donating to the We Can Be Heroes charity aimed at helping children in Africa.

See below for a sample of the artwork (credit to artists Alex Pardee, Jonathan Wayshak and David Correia);  head to the donation Website to find out more information about obtaining a print for yourself:


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Yahoo Movies & We Can Be Heroes

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  1. Remember it’s for charity, people.

    • +1…that’s probably the only thing excusing the poor artwork.

    • I’m sorry I can only go as high 200 on this piece

  2. The concept art strikes me as inspired more by Tim Burton than Zack Snyder.

    • Marilyn Manson.

    • Sorry, you ever seen his paintings Rock?

      • Yes, I can see where you’re going there Doc.

  3. neat!

  4. It´s a terrible idea. You are going to have to (suspend disbelif)2. First you have to belive there is alien with godlike power on earth and then he needs help from the dude who got bitchslapped by insane joker and steroid freak bane … it´s not going to be fun. WB is destroying to franchises with one stone.

  5. Booo! Well, I certainly didn’t expect them to reveal anything with respect to BvS (or SvB, whatever), but a little something more would have been appreciated.

    The first pic/artwork (from Jonathan Wayshak) is more interesting than the rest. The rest are a little…strange.

  6. It’s not even about the Batman from the movie, It’s for the DC Comics “We Can Be Heros” (I support it).
    There was no announcement!!

  7. I was really hoping for a title as well, but the artwork is awesome and I loved the explanation for the codex and Zack’s talk about how well thought out the mythology of the movie is.

  8. Cool

  9. i really hope thats fan art

  10. The first two artworks are really awesome I find. I like the Q&A session and I’m glad they addressed some of the concerns a lot of the audience members had. But I have to admit, I’m somewhat disappointed with the lack of announcements lol. I got to a point where I was actually expecting something, what with several huge rumors and rumblings about something being announced at the Q&A.

  11. WTF last one was special superman-get back on the bus

  12. If the art work represents the direction Snyder is going with than 2 things are confirmed, Batman’s costume will definitely go the Noel rout which I think will look dope and there will definitely be a physical confrontation that will be sure to be EPIC!

  13. first pic is epic 2nd looks like bat v supes at a crack off 3rd- refer 2 previous comment noooo

  14. very arkham , like in the games

  15. like in the arkham games

  16. Did my boy Marilyn Manson paint those?

    The one in the middle, I like how you can stick the emblem behind it. Methinks it was used as a template.

    • skills for spotting that

    • If they used a better version of that picture for the poster that would look pretty sick. The S in the middle with the capes as the wings but than Superman vs Batman could actually be the title but who knows… Good observation though.

  17. They looked pretty amazing. I’m going to pay for the first one they showed, which looked epic.

  18. This Artwork Makes Me Less Excited

    • It’s artwork created for charity with maybe influences from the upcoming movie’s concept art, which is generally very sketchy and basic looking rather than given the high quality you obviously expected.

      Honestly, without the colour, these images could be used for storyboarding due to the low quality.

    • My impression is this is independent concept art
      and not anything being generated internally
      by artists actually working on prototypes.

  19. what’s up with batman’s face in that first pic; all scrunched up, he looks like a dirty old man

  20. I think the only clue from this concept art
    that might point to a reality is I do think
    we shall be seeing grey in the Batsuit.

    • that’s what I thought

    • I think another clue is how the Bat is always looking like the frightening monster in each art piece. A direction I’m hoping Snyder and co take with this Batman, bringing back the fear factor.

      • I definitely want to see an intimidating
        Batman with simply his presence.
        Fingers crossed we will.

  21. Not a very good fan….

  22. I was expecting big breaking news…
    And the artwork is… not cool (especially the two feat. bat and sup).

  23. The live event was hosted in Los Angeles not New York.

  24. If anyone watched the whole Q&A, what did you guys think about young Clark at the end of the film with the cape idea? I didn’t really understand it when watching the movie, every kid use to do it because they were imitating Superman. But I thought Snyder’s idea of him wearing it because it felt ‘right’ and how his Kryptonian heritage is sort of ‘in’ him was really cool. Initially I thought Snyder was just making things up when answering aha but now that I think about it, it makes sense and is kinda heartwarming. Especially with Pa Kent’s reaction to it, without really knowing what it’s about.

    • Also, Snyder mentioned the death toll (5000) of all the destruction that too place and it makes sense realistically, it’s an alien invasion after all. But another thing I can see is that it can also be a good reason for Superman to actually feel like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Five thousand is a ridiculous death toll so that’s definitely going to stay with him throughout his career.

    • Clark wearing a cape as a little boy while playing seemed perfectly normal to me because a lot of children, even in our real world, wear capes to represent themselves as King Arthur or Hercules or…whichever hero they hold in their hearts and imaginations.

  25. I watched the Live event, it’s for charity and has nothing to do with the movie.

  26. s anyone else worried about that fact that WB is allowing Zach F-ing Snyder create the entire DC Universe? MOS was fine, but not great. They gave him the power to reboot Superman, now they are also letting him reboot their entire Batman franchise. Why? He didnt do that great of a job with MOS. Now before everyone jumps all over me let me clarify: He did good rebooting the character of Superman, but did not do a good job directing the movie. And now Wonder Woman? Nightwing? Thats 3 major heros and one minor hero. Also, what the f*ck is NIghtwing being involved for anyways?that Zack Snyder will have a hand in creating. I dont like it. I am really worried that we are going to get a sub-par mediocre Justice League movie because WB is not taking its time. They are too interested in the money aspect. Thoughts?

    • Yeah stop trolling. We get it. You’re pissed

    • Since I found MOS excellent, I simply do not share your concerns.

    • Although I do have my concerns I won’t really make a judgement until we get a trailer. I agree with you though with MOS being good but not great. I think if this is a set up for a Justice League movie then they need to take their time and get it right because 2015 is going to be a competitive year and they can’t afford to mess things up

    • I think MOS was very good, not great, it had its holes but what movie doesn’t?
      I also do not share your concerns! the way I see it is FINALLY, they are finally letting SOMEONE, ANYONE do what they should have been doing yrs ago! At least Zach Snyder has the balls and the brain to do it! Also MOS was probably the most visually stunning movie in a VERY long time, so what are you so upset about? WHO would you rather see running the show over there at DC? WAIT, LET ME GUESS, Christopher Nolan? Am I right!
      Yeah I thought so, I do think $650 million speaks for itself and Snyder deserves the shot at getting this DCCU off the ground.. Maybe, Just Maybe he knows what he is doing by introducing Nightwing, Diana/WW, Batman, some rumors even say the Flash may pop up, Give the guy a shot, because out of all the “great” Directors out there NONE have done what ZS has done!
      Successfully reboot Superman and actually have it a success! Do you wanna bet that this BvS with some cameos of these other superheros hits the 1 billion dollar mark? If it does not I think it will be very close to it.

    • Mos was fine, in fact it was good. The hate for this film is uncalled for and is in direct correlation to fanbois.

  27. I really did enjoy MOS I thought they did an excellent job rebooting Superman. I know they are incorporating Batman and possibly Wonder Woman, Flash, and now Nightwing. I have no problem who they add to the movie as long as the story still focuses on Superman since it is a sequal to MOS. But to see a brief cameo from WW, Flash, and Nightwing would be very nice too see. I think they had this planned out for a while now, not like their going around like “Oh lets add so and so.” Pretty excited to see what the movie will be like honestly

    • I think the movie will plant some seeds for future films, that’s all and that’s a good thing. To tell the audience there’s more ahead. The rest of the film, I’m betting will be solely about Batman, Superman and the rest of Metropolis.

  28. I know it’s only for charity but, blargh. You can blindly choose a dozen artists from deviantArt who can draw 100 times better.