Batman vs. Superman Artwork Revealed at ‘Man of Steel’ Fan Event

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Batman Superman Movie Logo Batman vs. Superman Artwork Revealed at Man of Steel Fan Event

Man of Steel is coming out on Blu-ray, and to commemorate that event – and further tease the upcoming sequel Batman vs. Superman - Warner Bros. hosted live event in New York, hosted by none other than Kevin Smith and featuring Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, Lois Lane actress Amy Adams, and Superman himself, Henry Cavill (via satellite)

While many of the topics discussed centered on things like making Man of Steelthe controversial plot details, inspiration in filmmaking, iconic characters (and annoying fans), there was inevitably some talk about what’s coming next in Batman vs. Superman. After days of rumors about everyone from Nightwing to Wonder Woman being in the film, Snyder and Co. had some big questions to answer, and revealed some big announcements about the titan team-up that’s coming in the sequel.

Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill on set of Man of Steel Batman vs. Superman Artwork Revealed at Man of Steel Fan Event

Snyder and Co. did a fine job taking on issues like what the codex was all about, why Superman didn’t have a more developed fighting style, and the deeper mythology of Krypton, clearly showing that much thought and logic was put into the world of the film – even if the film itself didn’t detour into lengthy explanations of it all.

But eventually talk DID turn toward the future of the DC Movie Universe – specifically Snyder, Cavill and Adams’ next outing in Batman vs. Superman. It was admittedly disappointing that no real details about the film were revealed (come on, not even an official working title that we can all finally embrace?) – but Snyder did unveil some cool artwork that fans can win by donating to the We Can Be Heroes charity aimed at helping children in Africa.

See below for a sample of the artwork (credit to artists Alex Pardee, Jonathan Wayshak and David Correia);  head to the donation Website to find out more information about obtaining a print for yourself:


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Yahoo Movies & We Can Be Heroes

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  1. wonder woman should be played by Stephanie Reibel. Shes beautiful…can act…LOOKS LIKE AN ACTUAL WOMAN….not astickwith a head for dags sake..and yes she has somenice boobs. As a plus she is relatively unknown so we can all suspend disbeliefelike henry cavill..he IS superman…she COULD BE..wonder woman…

    • Not bad but she seems a bit too old.

      • Too old? She’s like, what, 30? Couldn’t find her birth date but she doesn’t seem much older. What she seems is a bit too white, though. Also, I dislike square jaws and big chins.

          • Well, duh! That’s 40-year-old Josie Davis. This is who we’re talking about:

            • Well then I agree about her square jaw. I also dislike that on women. That lady from Thor would look good for the part. Not sure of her acting skills, though.

              • Jaimie Alexander, yeah, if a bit too obvious after playing Sif. At least she’s not terrible acting-wise. I remember seeing her in Kyle XY, she seemed decent, even though it’s not easy to judge of an actress’ real potential with such a spaced out character.

                • Very true. I don’t see them giving WW a huge role anyway, so she doesn’t have to be an amazing actress anyway.

                  • A cameo in the Man of Steel sequel would likely mean an official cast for a Justice League and/or WW solo flick. So yeah they would still need someone who can act.

                    • I meant I don’t see them giving her a big role in a JL film for gender bias but yeah.

                      I’m sticking with Jaimie Alexander. Just give her a nice bronze tan.

    • I don’t care what anybody says…and age is not an issue when it comes to the only person worthy of playing Wonder Woman right now…

      Lucy Lawless.

      • LOL, age does matter but if she was the right age, she’d likely be perfect.


    • Shhh!!!

      …I’m trying to enjoy that visual…

      • :D

        • @ Paul Young

          Dude you rock!!!!!!

          Start here VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

          • BLAST!!!!!

            ROCK I CANT REPLY TO YOUR SMILE!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, listen up…

    You sound like a m0r0n.

  4. I finally watched Man of Steel and I have no clue what all the criticism was. I think it was written well and the cinematography and effects were pretty top notch. It got me excited for the upcoming Justice League universe and makes me believe DC can finally topple Marvel’s cinematic universe by having stronger storylines and better cinematography as opposed to Marvel’s “for the kids” route. I really do hope Wonder Woman has a cameo in Batman vs. Superman and I hope a better Green Lantern film is in development (a reboot for sure) that stars Idris Elba as John Stewart. The rest of the main Justice League characters can play roles in that movie. I don’t see the need for separate Flash, Martian Manhunter, or Hawkgirl movies.

    • Glad you enjoyed it and agree with not every hero needing their own movie. I think only the big 5 require one, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash and for the rest of the heroes you can just place them in the stories of those films. For example, Aquaman being the antagonist in Wonder Woman? Or the thanagarians (Hawkmen) being in Green Lantern considering it’s a space opera type of film. Green Arrow maybe or Cyborg maybe being in either a Flash or Batman film. Maybe Martian Manhunter in a Flash film considering he’s a detective and Flash works for the police force I believe, as a scientist anyway. It would make each film bigger and the year wouldn’t be littered with several DC films, just one or two with huge storylines involving several different characters. These films can honestly play as an event instead of just any another blocbkuster.

      • I totally agree. Although I’m not sure about Flash getting his own movie. Is his storyline even strong enough for an origin story or his fighting style interesting enough to carry an entire film?

        Wonder Woman can have her own movie but I highly doubt anyone can do it right.

        • My second favorite team-up from the DC comics is flash and green lantern. I think to differentiate thenselves from the competition they need to format different, even if only slightly. I wouldn’t do ANY solo movies until AFTER Justice League.
          Now don’t bite my head off, I don’t mean jump right in to JL. Do two or three team up movies leading to Justice League. Batman/Superman, with a Cyborg cameo introduction. Green Lanter/Flash with a Martian Manhunter cameo introduction. Wonder Woman/Aquaman with a Hawkman cameo introduction. Then Justice League.. Then solo movies to develop the secondary characters of each member of the Justice League. Then more Justice League, or whatever.

          Anyway, that’s how I would do it. Can’t wait to see how they do it. For better or worse, I’m all in.

          Ps. I said the same thing, Idris Elba as Jon Stewart. Great call. Another thing I would do, that most people hate, is find a place for Dwayne Johnson in all this. Maybe as Cyborg. Why? Because he’s the GD Rock, that’s why. Like him or not, he’s hot right now, his movies do well. WB would be wise to find a spot for him, and soon, before Fox, Sony, or Disney do. Not one of the bigger characters though, but if he pulls em in like he usually does, he might make a bigger character out of a lesser one, like RDJ did with Iron Man.

          • I remember when Rock said that if he could play any comic book character, he’d really love to be Lobo. It almost happened too.

          • I agree with going the team-up film route to lead into Justice League instead of solo movies.

            However, I’m not so sure about including The Rock. Including a major actor as a minor character might not go well and there’s no major characters in the DC Universe he could play. Perhaps Hawkman but that would probably come out a bit corny. He’s also not the greatest actor and often comes off as he’s TRYING to be serious in his serious roles. I don’t think he should play Cyborg. He just doesn’t seem the part to me.

          • Not gonna happen John Stewart sucks as a character.

    • Batman vs Superman is nothing but a cash grab. Batman used to be cool when he was just a guy in a bat suit who relied on his ingenuity. However, the modern Batman can survive anything and beat anyone. It takes away from his humanity. I really dont care how smart you are or if you have kryptonite, it’s ridiculous that Batman defeats a guy who can move planets.

      • Yes,I completely agree with you.Batman was awesome when he was just a human,a man fighting against crime.But now,he is horrendously overrated,capable (at least in the minds of fanboys) as being able to kick the collective asses of the DC and Marvel universes,someone who is always “prepared” blah blah blah….I honestly find it totally unconvincing when Batman defeats Superman or some other superpowered being.I like Batman best as a crimefighter (as in Batman-The Animated Series)

      • Every movie is a cash grab buddy just look at Marvel 10 years ago ALL of their movies are cash grabs that’s what the industry is about

        • Studios will always be doing it for cash, as for Goyer, Snyder and co, yeah I don’t think so. It’s obvious they love working on this character.

      • Your opinion is your opinion but its a little premature to judge something that you havent seen yet. You dont even know how things are going to unfold in the movie and you dont have the slightest idea about the plot. All you know as of right now is the working title of the movie. Save your judgments until youve seen the film.

        • We don’t even know the working title yet! Batman vs. Superman is only how it was nicknamed by us internet peoplez. As far as we know, it could still be dubbed “unnamed Snyder movie” by the execs.

          • Well, I agree, its a crummy title and hopefully only temporary.

            But that’s what I prayed for when I heard The Dark Knight Rises would come after The Dark Knight. Like seriously?

            But at the end of the football filming, the extras-casting lady does say something like “…and that’s the end of scene 53453 of Batman Vs. Superman.” I mean, she clearly says the title.

            I don’t know if its a code name or still a work in progress, but I’m a little worried right now…

            But they have two years to come up with something better. And who cares anyway – its freaking Batman and Superman.

        • Right?! We don’t know a THING about the movie that’s actually confirmed except that Batman is in the movie. We don’t know any plot details aside from a vague description of the type of Batman Ben Affleck will be playing.

          You can’t judge it yet!!!

    • If everyone had their way, Idris Elba would be cinemas version of Wolverine in that he’d be in everything. I like Idris and I think he’s a phenomenal actor, but the man can’t be in every comic property known to man.

      • Idk about Idris playing Wolverine or several other comic characters but those who know his filmography and natural demeanor would know he’s absolutely PERFECT to play John Stewart. If they got with anyone else, it should only be because he turned it down. There’s no reason for them to pass on the optimal actor to play the part.

        • You miss the point of that reference: not that Idra has or should play Wolverine but that Wolverine is in everything. Every X-Men film is Wolverine-centric even when he isn’t central to the narrative, and the guy shows up in every team you can think of in the comics (even to the extent that a writer made a joke about it by having Wolverine tell Cyclops that he can’t be in EVERY team… because at the time he was in two X-Men titles, his own, and part of active Avengers roster, which meant he was making 4-5 appearances per month).

          In context, Driis has shown up in Ghost Rider: SoV, has an active role in Thor, and everyone want’s him for everything else you can think of.

          Sure, I think he would make a fine Stewart, but he’s also 41 meaning he’d be mid 40′s before appearing in the film and you know how Hollywood is; they like those nice younger actors they cam mine a franchise out of.

          • Oh, okay. Gotcha.

            But as far as his age, it’s not like John Stewart is depicted anywhere as a young guy. But yeah, I get you. Hollywood doesn’t care about source material in most cases. :(

    • You don’t have a clue why was Man of Steel criticized?
      Well, how about the dumb scene where Pa Kent dies by saving a dog, and stopping Clark from saving him, because why-the-fu*k-not?

      Or the ending battle scene(s) which shows how buildings fall down over, and over, and over again.
      And just when you think it’s over… we have another battle with Zod.

      How about the stupid thing that made Superman kill Zod?
      Zod has cornered a family with his laser eyes… even though they could EASILY escape in the other direction or below it.

      How about the scene where Superman finds his suit… or better said, when he finds someoene else’s Kryptonian suit, which (somehow) perfectly fits him?

      • So you’re calling the movie bad because of a few nitpicks you have? I agree Clark’s adopted father’s death was stupid but the rest are just nitpicks or ignorable occurrences. Overall it was a pretty good film. No movie is without its mistakes and I’d say they did a great job.

      • None of those reasons you listed are remotely “dumb” or things that didn’t make sense. They were just things YOU didn’t like. You’re gonna have to come up with reasons far far better than that to completely rubbish MOS as a film.

        • Who said I was completely rubbishing Man of Steel?
          I was only saying the things that I think were bad about it.
          In fact, I think the film is somewhere in the middle – an average film, and that is what truly disappoints me.
          Commenter Wat said that he doesn’t know from where the criticism comes from, and that the film was written well.
          I dissagreed.

          - Pa Kent’s death scene sucks because of two things:
          1) He came back for a dog! A tornado is heading towards you, and you take tame to save your dog! Pa Kent has a son and a wife, but he risks his life (and loses it) to save a dog. That reminds me of that dumb scen from Independence Day, where many people are dying in one scene, but we are supposed to root for the dog to make it alive (and he does).
          2) In the old 1978 Superman film, Pa Kent died from heart attack. THAT is a GREAT thing! Why? Because Superman found out that no matter how strong or fast he is, he cannot stop death. In Man of Steel, he basically finds out that he could stop his father’s death, but didn’t, because of Pa Kent’s distorted views.

          - The ending battle scen bored me. It went too damn long, and it stopped being interesting. Did we really needed a tentacle defence system fight? I’ve never seen so many lit mobile phones in my cinema before. People were bored and were checking their phones.

          - I didn’t mind when Superman killed Zod, but dammit, the situation in which that happened was BAD WRITING. Zod is targeting a family, and Superman is holding him back. There were at least 3 ways in which that family could escape, but they haven’t because… PLOT CONVENIENCE!

          - Oh, how about all the Jesus refferences that were subtle as a sledgehammer? Clark being 33 years old, being called The Savior by his father, being in a cruxifix-postion at least 2 times…
          I have no problems with identyfiyng Superman with Jesus, but at least be subtle about it.

          - And what about the Kryptonian council decision concerning Zod?
          We KNOW that Krypton is doomed. Everybody is aware of that. Yet, when they are sentencing Zod & Co. they send them to the prison in space, OUTSIDE Krypton! And that prison is CONTROLLED by Krypton, meaning – when that planet exploded, the prison’s defences also stopped working – boom – Zod’s free. So why did the council decided that?!

          • @ Drvobradi

            ‘Sup bro!

            -The Pa Kent scene happened the way it did to illustrate his concern on the impact that his son would have on the world. Jonathan Kent was willing to die for his son, it was his way of saying: “You aren’t ready yet, and this is how far I’m willing to go to get that through to you.”
            It is even described in the narrative immediately following the scene. If you can’t figure out the story narrative, that’s your fault… not the story’s. If you understand the narrative and still don’t like it, again… that’s completely your problem.

            -As far as coming back for the dog is concerned, I think you need to get acquainted to human nature.

            -So, somehow you felt the end sequence was boring. Fine. You don’t need to add the silly conjecture about how the whole theater wasn’t paying attention. I can simply counter by saying the theater I was at was hooting and hollering and cheering. It’s pointless ramble that doesn’t add to anything.

            -Your starting to reach at this point with your “plot convenience” efforts. The movie comes out this Tues. All I can say is you need to observe that battle sequence again to understand just how off base you are on this.

            -The Jesus reference thing? Does it really bother you THAT much? Well okay. If you don’t like it you don’t like it. Nothing wrong with that.

            - As for Krypton… yeah… they were a bunch of fools. Again, described in the narrative.

            Considering the monumental task that this movie needed to accomplish, myself and most other TRUE fans to this genre felt that MoS was outstanding. Maybe you consider yourself a true fan, but given that your criticisms are on the nit-picky side and this seems like more of an attempt to troll the movie then to actually voice some concerns… whatever. It is what is is around here, isn’t it?

            • +1
              Also, imagine people finding out Clark’s secret. I mean Pete’s mother fully went to their house to ask about the odd incident involving the bus in the lake. Imagine that times the number of witnesses if Clark just super speeds into the tornado and makes it out, then once the news of that breaks out, times that by millions.

            • +1

              That guy had no real complaints for the movie, just very specific nitpicks he had about very specific scenes.

            • @Dr Mindbender


              1. A fair theory.

              2. It would be better suited if it was a small child, instead of Boomer… ahem, pardon me – instead of that dog.

              3. I wasn’t saying the whole cinema wasn’t paying attention – I said there were A LOT of phones being turned on (not by me, I take care of my cinema-etiquette). Still, I think the final act was too filled with non-stop action. I’m not even saying the quality of the action was bad, but that the audience was left without a breaher.

              4. I was only saying that Zod vs Family vs Superman was shot badly. The family clearly had room to run from his laser vision, especially since Superman was holding him.

              5. You missunderstood me. I didn’t like the lack of SUBTLETY concerning Jesus references.
              Here’s an example:
              - Jor-El holds baby Kal up and says something about him being the Savior.
              That’s fine.
              - Next scene: we see a bearded and semi-nude Clark ”sacrificeing” himself to stop the oilrig people from dying.
              Okay, not bad…
              - Next scene: after he saves everyone, he floats in the water, in the crucifix position, even resembling Jesus (as I previously noted).
              It’s starting to become a little less subtle, but still OK.
              - Next scene: we are being said that he is 33 years old (like Jesus)…
              …the subtlety starts to sink.
              - He is again called a savior a few more times, and is again mentioned of having 33 years (I think two more times!) in case the audience didn’t get it the first time…
              …it isn’t subtle anymore.
              - When Superman is escaping from Zod’s spaceship, he drifts towards Earth, once again assuming the crucifix-position, like the first time wasn’t enough.

              There were probably more of examples that I can’t remember (Clark being in a church comes to mind).
              All I’m saying is that the comparison is GREAT, but they didn’t have to beat you with a stick, saying: ”DID YOU GET IT? HUH? DID YOU GET IT?!”

              6. They were a buch of fools? Oh, come on, you can practically patch any plothole in any film by saying: ”the characters were dumb”.

              7. I don’t consider myself a Superman fan, let alone a super-fan.
              I don’t like Superman, and I was HYPED TO THE MAX for this film, because I said to myself: ”If anyone can make me like Superman, the people who worked on The Dark Knight Trilogy can, with the wonderfully visual director at the helm.
              I wanted to love it, I wanted to like it, but it disappointed me, in the end.
              I would rate it 5/10 or 6/10, which means it isn’t bad, but I really expected it to be at least 8/10, if not more.

              8. Oh, come on!
              You had to pull out the troll-card, did you?
              Read my posts again.
              Come on, read them.
              They are argumented and gramatically correct (at least for a not native-English speaker) posts, that have no desire to start a flame war.
              I was just answering to a guy who said that he doesn’t know why some people don’t like this film.
              He might disagree with me, but now he at least knows why some people don’t like it.

              My posts aren’t trollish or inflammatory, but are only a piece of a regular moviegoer’s mind.

              How are some of the major plot points (Kent’s death, Zod’s death, Zod’s release) nitpicking?

              And seriously, is there ANYTHING you don’t like about Man of Steel?
              At least one thing?
              Surely, there must be something.
              You are attacking me as a nitpicker, when in fact, I only want to see a good film, and no film is without mistakes or plot holes.
              If the rest of the movie is good, than a plot hole can be overlooked.

              For example:
              In my opinion, The Dark Knight is a better film than The Dark Knight Rises, so every crappy thing or plot hole in TDK doesn’t bother me, while in TDKR, they DO bother me.

              • PS
                My posts are not that big as it seems.
                The ”problem” is that I like to divide sentences with ENTER rather than with SPACE.
                So my post mostly look a bit longer than usual.

              • Of course I don’t like some of the stuff in the movie. That goes with EVERY movie. I didn’t like the moral lesson his adoptive father decided to pull to cause his death but it worked for the movie. And I agree, the family had adequate room to escape or even duck but didn’t. However, again, it worked. They were ignorable for the overall product we were given.

                The whole point of my original comment is that the entire movie is wrongfully criticized, not that it was perfect and lacked less than ideal situations.

              • You know what is really cool about speech patterns?

                No matter how hard you try to disguise yourself, they will always show up.

                Especially since we both know what is happening here, and we have engaged in conversation for over a year now.

                …and just like I have told you countless times before…

                I see you. I know your game.


                (BTW, keep testing me… and I might just spoil the fun with your regular “personas.” Going so far as to create counter avatars? Creating your own controlled opposition? Yikes dude. I really, REALLY hope you are working for somebody. Otherwise, your dedication is terrifying.)

                • Wait, what?
                  What speech patterns?
                  Dude, I don’t have an idea who you are, nor I’m following this site for a year.

                  I had only one other nickname on Screenrant, and that is Korabljenik.
                  And what does ”counter-avatar” means?!

                  Dude, look at this:
                  IMDB member for more than 3 years, under this same name.




                  All my profiles, all under the name of Drvobradi (it means Treebeard, by the way).

                  Also, I don’t know what #slantrant means – it’s probably some Twitter thing, but since I don’t have a Twitter (nor a Facebook), I can’t tell.

                  I’m just a foreign dude with an opinion – but it seems that is all what takes to be labeled a troll.

                • Wait, what?
                  What speech patterns?
                  Dude, I don’t have an idea who you are, nor I’m following this site for a year.

                  I had only one other nickname on Screenrant, and that is Korabljenik.
                  And what does ”counter-avatar” means?!

                  Dude, look at this:
                  (cannot post outside links)
                  IMDB member for more than 3 years, under this same name.

                  (cannot post outside links)

                  (cannot post outside links)

                  (cannot post outside links)

                  All my profiles, all under the name of Drvobradi (it means Treebeard, by the way).

                  Also, I don’t know what #slantrant means – it’s probably some Twitter thing, but since I don’t have a Twitter (nor a Facebook), I can’t tell.

                  I’m just a foreign dude with an opinion – but it seems that is all what takes to be labeled a troll.

                  • ^^^

                    Thank you for this. “Just some dedicated fan” has now been ruled out.

                    The other options aren’t scary, just extremely disappointing… and also becoming more and more obvious.

                    • That’s it – I honestly don’t understand what you are saying (or writing) anymore.
                      I don’t know what options are you referring to, I don’t know what is becoming more and more obvious, and I really don’t know why I even bothered to start a discussion, if the people around here clearly don’t want a discussion, but a flaming war.

              • I just want to point out, the two scenes depicting Supes in crucifix pose. I was just imagining how it would look (where my arms would be) if I am 1. Floating in water 2. Floating out of a spaceship in space. There isn’t a lot of arm placement where it would be natural. Cross your arms, arms at the side, behind the back, these are all unnatural positions.
                Imagine for a moment, someone who knows nothing about Christianity. That pose wouldn’t at all look out of place.
                2 cents.

              • So while we’re talking about possible holes in MoS…

                What about the key to the “Scout Ship of Solitude” ?
                I mean, the crystal was Kal’s only way of turning the thing ‘on’ and talking to Jor-El, but don’t they send it away with his baby ship at the end?

                I mean, what? Did I miss something, or is there not going to be any more Fortress of Solitude? I get the whole modernizing thing, but cmon…


          • man of steel was EPIC in the world of supehero movies, better then any batman movie ever and better then any MARVEL movie including avengers! Ivebeen watching Superman movies since the first movies, the only thing I did not like is they made him weak in some cases where he should have been un defeatable, after all he is SUPERMAN, the biggest mistake is usng SUPERMANS new platform to make batman relevant avengers. AVENGERS KILLED batman at the box office and ith a better movie 20x better! Its supermans time to shine again, let BATMAN RIP!!!!

            • The Avengers didn’t kill Batman at the box office….they both passed the billion dollar mark but one made like 2 million more since when is that killing something?

              • Ummm… 2 million?
                The Avengers made around 400 million more than The Dark Knight Rises.

      • @Drvobradi

        Logic doesn’t come naturally to you I assume?

        Jonathan was protecting his son by telling him to stay out of harm’s way and not use his powers in front of people in case the people there ostracized him. He was also trying to save a beloved family pet, who wouldn’t? People have drowned trying to save their pets from rivers.

        Buildings fall down and the fight continues. What’s your point?

        Superman killed Zod because he had no choice. The family were clearly too scared to move and didn’t want to risk him killing them as they tried to escape if they did try to move from where they were. They were cornered.

        • Also, the guy shoots lasers from his eyes, dammit! Whichever safety the family could supposedly escape to means absolutely nothing. All Zod had to do was to look right where they were for instant zap, and Superman holding him couldn’t prevent it one bit. Zod was clearly trying to force Kal-El to kill him.

          • *loads revolver*

            *aims at head*


      • Did you not get the part about Clark not saving him because Pa Kent felt the world wasnt ready for him yet? Did you not get that Pa Kent would rather die to protect his son than to have him objectified and treated like a science project?

        And, you have two supermen battling eachother in a crowded city full of skyscrapers. What did you think would happen?

        Superman had to kill Zod to prevent anymore mass fatalities.
        He killed one to save thousands more.

        The suit thing is common sense…Not even gonna jusitfy that.

        You cannot be that closeminded to not see all of the things I just mentioned.

        • ”’Did you not get that Pa Kent would rather die to protect his son than to have him objectified and treated like a science project?”’
          Ah, yes – the government would have captured a poor and defenceless Clark, who would have no means to defend himself or escape.

          As for the ”world is not ready” – who said Clark should have completely reveal himself as an alien being?
          He could have saved his father, and when the people ask him: ”How did you do it?” he could have said something about it being a miracle, how God directly helpe him/his father or something.
          What, do you think people would say: ”Nope, you’re a superpowered alien, for sure!”

          Also, I said before that I think the whole thing about Pa Kent dying is better handled in the old 1978 Superman.
          He died of heart attack, scarring Clark who realised that even with his powers, he can’t stop death.

          ”’And, you have two supermen battling eachother in a crowded city full of skyscrapers. What did you think would happen?”’
          1. Better direction/editing, with less monotony.
          2. Have a longer scene AFTER Superman vs Terraforiming Device battle (and all those other action scenes that were happening during that battle) where there isn’t any action (about 10 minutes worth), and THEN start the Superman vs Zod battle.
          It would have more impact, and it would be less tireing.

          ”’Superman had to kill Zod to prevent anymore mass fatalities.
          He killed one to save thousands more.”’
          Okay, this PROVES that you HAVEN’T read what I was writing.
          What I did mind, however, is a badly shot scene where Zod’s targeting a family with his laser eyes and Superman is holding his head. The family is cowering, even though they CLEARLY have an escape route.

          ”’The suit thing is common sense…Not even gonna jusitfy that.”’
          A common sense?
          A common sense is to find an exactly matching suit in a palce that is NOT connected to yourself?

          ”’You cannot be that closeminded to not see all of the things I just mentioned.”’
          Talk about closed-mindedness – you didn’t even read my posts properly.

          • Again, we’re brought back to my original comment where I said the film didn’t deserve criticism and your response where you only name specific nitpicks when I meant the film as a whole lol

            • Nitpicks? You’re right. An incoherent plot, pretentious dramatization, a lack of understanding of the character, unlikable characters, a misguided script, relentless lack of originality, shameless product placement and bland acting aren’t much to complain about.

          • Drvobradi:

            1. Turning himself into a hunted animal for acting too rashly would be downright stupid, as Pa Kent fully understood. Life on the run ain’t no life. Sure, Clark could defend himself, but he wouldn’t. Even though he’s an alien, Clark was raised on Earth and as such, he’s just as human (and definitely more humane) as you and me: he’d rather let himself get trapped than hurting the people chasing him. Similarly, where would he escape to? He’d be hunted wherever on Earth he’d try to hide and even if he was willing to leave his foster planet (which he isn’t), he can’t fly in space (yet).

            2. Yeah right, like it would be believable! Besides not everyone believing in something as abstract and unprovable as the concept of a god, if you remember correctly, Pa Kent was only moments away from being swallowed by the tornado, so Clark would’ve had to use his super-speed in front of everyone. There clearly was no time for doing things differently. And did he even have super-speed yet? I’m not sure.

            3. It’s not better, it’s different. Both scenes are learning experiences but the lesson learned is not the same. It doesn’t mean one is lesser than the other.

            4. That’s just your opinion. I, for one, didn’t find the showdown monotonous or tiring one bit. It was the very first time we actually saw what a battle between two such overpowered beings in the middle of a city would result in, and I had a blast (no pun intended)!

            5. Okay, this PROVES that you HAVEN’T read what I was writing (see? I can do that too!). Only 4 comments above this one, I added something to Dazz’s reply that would’ve prevented you from blindly repeating such a silly thing. The family clearly DOESN’T have an escape route.

            6. “Not connected to yourself?” How so? I’m sorry but doesn’t the ship belong to the house of El, just like Kal? Also, why are you assuming the suit isn’t adaptable? It doesn’t exactly look like plain cloth. For all we know, its honeycomb structure could very well contain some advanced tech that adapts it to its wearer. Hell, even plain cloth can stretch!

            Before claiming people don’t read your posts properly (which amounts to the pot calling the kettle black, see point #5), maybe you should try THINKING properly.

            • - So you’re saying that people who would see a superfast human who saves his father from a tornado would say:
              ”Nah… it wasn’t God’s magic that did this… it was probably a superpowered alien from another planet.”

              - Then we disagree about the family’s escape route.
              I haven’t met a single person with whom I talked about (in real life) which DIDN’T say: ”Yeah… well, the family could have escaped easily.”
              The only difference is that the people are either loving the film or not-

              Now, funny thing… a new HONEST TRAILERS for MAN OF STEEL has come up.
              The first comment (with most LIKES) truly proves my point(s):

              By J Wraith
              ”’I have never seen fans of any movie as hysterical, angry and unbalanced as “Man of Steel” fans.
              If you DARE to criticize ANY aspect of this movie you better be prepared for a PMS hissyfit.”’

              • 1. No you fool. They wouldn’t know WHAT to think, hence why he’d be hunted. For the sake of finding an answer to what he is.

                2. Yes yes, we know. The family easily could’ve escaped. “Frozen by fear” is arguable. It’s hard to tell since no human has been in the situation where two super powerful aliens are destroying their entire city, then said aliens crash into the building you’re in and the bad one fires LASER EYES at you. I dunno, maybe I’d be frozen in fear too. Maybe I’d chance the fairly easy escape route. I don’t know. It’s never happened to me or anyone on this planet.

              • (sigh)

                Wat has perfectly summed up point #1. As for the so-called escape route, you apparently STILL haven’t read the comment I posted 2 days ago, or you haven’t understood it. Alright, let me reformulate : Laser is light. Light travels at 300,000 kms per second. Across only a few meters’ distance, it would hit its target in roughly one or two microseconds tops. Therefore, Zod would only have to look right at the family to kill them instantly. This means that no matter which way they’d try to escape, it couldn’t work. They’d die without a doubt. Do you understand now? There. Was. No. Escape. Love for the film has nothing to do with it, this is pure logic and common sense.

                By the way, that “honest” trailer of yours is actually very biased bullsh*t made by haters who apparently have serious comprehension issues. Oh, and the comment by J Wraith truly proves nothing, really. If you dare to criticize any movie, you better be making sense.

                • Ok, man, then tell me – why DIDN’T ZOD JUST MOVE HIS EYES FOR A FRACTION OF AN INCH?!
                  I’ll tell you why – it’s a PLOT HOLE.
                  According to your theory, the fact that Superman is holding Zod’s head would have NO IMPACT on his laser shooting, since he would be able to move his eyes to the right, and the family would be toast, right?

                  Wll, look at this clip:

                  Zod is OBVIOUSLY shooting STRAIGHT lasers from his eyes.
                  Meaning that he is MOVING HIS HEAD in order to move the laser beams.
                  Come, please, enlighten me – why doesn’t he just LOOK a bit to the right with his EYES?

                  As for the Honest Trailers, it isn’t a biased b*******, it’s called COMEDY.
                  Honest Trailers often do films that the LOVE, such as Avengers or the Dark Knight:
                  You see? They say those are awesome films, even though they bash them.
                  I’ve posted the video of Man of Stell Honest Trailer not to prove a point that the film has flaws, but because:
                  a) of the that comment about MoS fans
                  b) It’s funny
                  c) and it’s on our current topic
                  Honest Trailers have ridiculed some of my all time favorite films, and I still think they are funny.

                  • Sorry… wrong link for The Dark Knight Honest Trailer:

                  • It always amazes me how people can sometimes be THAT blind to the obvious… The hole’s not in the plot but in your logic. Zod shoots straight lasers because, well, usually people have a tendency to look straight ahead, especially when they focus on something. That doesn’t mean he can ONLY shoot straight. Why he doesn’t look right at them is just as obvious: he’s baiting Kal-El into killing him. He’s giving him time to realize he has no other choice than betraying his own ideals in order to end Zod’s rampage. Are you enlightened enough now or do you need further spoonfed explanations that should’ve been unnecessary?

                    Maybe you should stop wanting so hard to hate this movie and finally see it for what it is instead of what you’re making it out to be.

                    As for the comment about MoS fans, I could say the exact same thing about its bashers.

                    • Hating it?
                      Ummm… you probably haven’t seen my comment up there where I said I would give Man of Steel 5/10 or 6/10.
                      That’s an average/middle rating – far rom hate.

                      The fact that I’m TALKING about it means that I was passionate about it, and that I wanted it to be perfect.
                      For example, I hate Freddy Got Fingered – that’s an easy 1/10 from me.
                      But I will not discuss about it because… well, what is there to discuss?
                      It’s a s***** movie, and that’s it.

                      But Man of Steel ISN’T a s***** movie, that’s why I talk about it – because I think it could have been amazing.
                      However, I think there are a lot of flaws in it, which need to be adressed.
                      I’m attacking its flaws, rather than praising the things it did good, because I really think it could have been a great film, if it was polished a little.

                      As for the good things – there are many.
                      For example, the scene where young Clark learns to control his powers with the help of his mother’s voice is AMAZING (I wanted more of those).
                      The fact that we finally saw Superman punching is a welcome change (as well as removing his signature red trunks).

                      So yeah, there are a lot of things that I like about it, but the people (critics, fans and average moviegoers) sometimes need to be pretty vocal, because they want to see some things FIXED in the sequel.
                      So I’m only hoping that Snyder, Goyer and Nolan learnt from their mistakes, and that Superman vs Batman would have more good things from Man of Steel, and less bad things.

                    • Alright, you don’t hate it, I get it. However, every single thing you deemed a flaw has been addressed either by me or the others, leaving you with zero valid criticism. Sure, the film is not perfect, but none is. Even a masterpiece like 2001 has flaws. The fact is, Man of Steel is a good action movie and arguably the best Superman film to date.

                    • You’re right. An incoherent plot, pretentious dramatization, a lack of understanding of the character, unlikable characters, a misguided script, relentless lack of originality, shameless product placement and bland acting aren’t much to complain about.

                    • Product placement is sadly pretty much mandatory in blockbusters nowadays, so it would be rather unfair to blame it on them. The rest of your “criticisms” are very vague, opinionated and based on zero factual arguments, hence dismissed.

  5. I am certainly not trolling. I just dont think Zach Snyder is the right choice for the job. Why not let some other talented directors come in and share their visions? Zach Snyder is not a good enough story teller to take on this massive project by himself. I love DC with everthing in me. I want it to succeed. I dont think putting all of their eggs in one basket with Zach Snyder is the right decision.

    • One thing you can’t deny though is that he’s great with big action scenes, and with WB hiring Ben Affleck (who’ve gain more fame as a director) don’t be surprise if they co-direct Justice League.

      • Damn, imagine Affleck and Snyder both directing Justice League. That would be amazing.

        • Affleck could direct the drama and Snyder the action. Works for me. Could be tricky to pull off seamlessly, though.

    • BS. Zack Snyder is one of the most visually arresting film makers out there. You just have to make sure a good script is in his hands.

      Look at how he does adaptations. He doesn’t tweak the look much, he tends to attempt to stay true and re-create striking imagery similar to comic book art. Which means with Zack Snyder, and maybe very few else, I can expect the actually see BATMAN in a movie. For the first time, ever.

      How are Fans of Batman not thrilled by this?

      • That’s the thing, visually, Snyder’s brilliant, just keep him away from the script.

  6. LOL!! Funny how people think concept art should look pretty.

    • Aha so true. It’s supposed to capture feeling THEN start making it ‘pretty’.

  7. Charity!! Why not help the F-ing kids in this country?
    It is 35 degrees here in Detroit, there are kids sleeping on the streets and under bridges! But lets donate to help the kids in Africa?? It is at least warm in Africa. Can’t they hunt some damn wildabeast or something? the only thing you can hunt here are crack wh**es and smack addicts and that is not good eatin for a kid!

    But yeah Zach lets Donate to help African children! JUST HELP THE KIDS HERE FIRST!

    • @Scooby

      I’ve said the same thing for years now.

      We have telethons and such where most of our money goes to Africa and while they need help, it’s a well known fact that a large majority of donated money goes to warlords and tyrannical leaders of those countries rather than the people who actually need that money for food, shelter, clean water etc.

      I honestly believe that we should help our own nations out with homelessness, poverty, hunger and give cash to those and other charities (cancer, mental health, Alzheimer’s, animal charities and many more) within our own borders while we do something to end the reign of despots in the African continent.

      Only once they’re gone can we give money to Africans.

      Britain gives billions per year in charity donations to India and it came to a point either last year or the year before when they actually said “we don’t need any more donations, we’re fine” yet our cash still went to them anyway.

      Priorities need to be straightened and evil people done away with from seats of power and tried in whatever local courts are available.

      • Exactly Dazz, Maybe I said it too bluntly for some people and I could have handled that part better but you hit the nail right on the head!

        As I said, I don’t think it is a bad thing to help, it’s just that we need to take care of our own first! I know you cant help everyone! some ppl don’t want the help and are perfectly happy where they are at! But kids? NO KID should EVER be sleeping on the streets, EVER, that is just not acceptable.
        For ppl to believe we should help Africa, or any other country before we help our own citizens are just completely IGNORANT about the world we live in.

        Anyway Thanks for the support!
        I do appreciate it.

        • OK sorry my bad the way you said it just made it seem like you didn’t even care about the kids in Africa as if they had it easier but now that you and Dazz cleared it up i agree we should deal with our problems first and then help others once we are stable ourselves.

      • Urgency requires you help the most in need first. And sorry but even though there are problems in western countries, african people’s predicament is far more terrible.

    • There’s several homeless shelters and similar places around the country to help those in our country who are less fortunate. Children in Africa are on their own surrounded by poverty, starvation, and disease. They have nowhere to go. Stop being ignorant.

      • He’s not being ignorant though and homeless shelters rely on donations but if the attention is taken from them, they can’t help as many as they should.

        The only ignorant people here are those who think we should focus on helping Africa when the reality is, we should help everyone in every country, no matter what.

        I think they just use the Africa thing because it seems more appealing than “buy this concept art to raise money for a retirement home for leukemia sufferers in Wisconsin”, y’know? Helps some people ignore the problems on their own doorstep because they refuse to believe anything like that could happen in their back yard.

        Neither myself or Scooby are saying “ignore Africa”, we’re just saying that while you stated that Africans have nowhere else to go, neither do a lot of homeless and hungry people in first world countries.

        Everyone help everyone.

    • Please. Stop. Trolling.

  8. That’s some ugly- ass art. How ’bout some art that depicts two titans, as Batman and Superman should be depicted?

  9. HAHAHA wow, like THIS was supposed to get people excite for the lamest of superhero movies. Nice try Snyder.

    • Did you read the article? It’s for we can be heroes charity. Trolls like wha!

  10. The charity angle is great, but IMO that is some pretty lame art.

  11. You don’t know what a doo-rag is, do you?

    • ^^^^^^

      END HERE

      :D :D

      • DOUBLE BLAST!!!!!


        *shaking fist*

        @ Waldo


  12. Still sad Bryan Cranston STILL isn’t Lex Luther. :( :( :(

  13. MOS was alright in my book. The main problem with superman is superman himself. When you create a hero with all these powers, there are going to be a lot of “why didn’t he do this” or “I don’t understand why he couldn’t do that”. In cartoons and comics that’s all passable but for cinema, those are legitimate plot holes but you also have to take into consideration the human aspect of reacting to events. No hero is perfect their first time out. But again it almost felt like certain things happened for the sake of the story.

    Everyone has their own opinion and the flaws of any movie are your perception. People will defend their view but ultimately everyone is wired differently. Your truths are just opinions in the eyes of another. MOS was far from perfect and you only hope for a good product with batman vs superman. Keep in mind this is a new batman which will be different from Nolan’s. So not only do they have to build up to both heroes, it’s also a batman reboot. That is a lot to tackle.

  14. I just want to point out, the two scenes depicting Supes in crucifix pose. I was just imagining how it would look (where my arms would be) if I am 1. Floating in water 2. Floating out of a spaceship in space. There isn’t a lot of arm placement where it would be natural. Cross your arms, arms at the side, behind the back, these are all unnatural positions.
    Imagine for a moment, someone who knows nothing about Christianity. That pose wouldn’t at all look out of place.
    2 cents.

  15. After seeing what Superman did and went through in Man of Steel, any physical confrontation between Superman and Batman will destroy the movie and destroy the believability factor that DC has been working on so hard.

    That said, what I would really like to see, and the way it seems to be shaping up is a battle of the minds. That is the kind of movie I like. That is what made Man of Steel work so well and grounded it even though it’s a story about an alien that can fight like Thor.

    Man of Steel humanized Superman…it was an incredible accomplishment.

    • Agreed. Instead of some noble perfect pretty boy who shows up to save the day, he has an actual moral code and conveyed inner conflict and emotion. Man of Steel did a wonderful job.

    • “any physical confrontation between Superman and Batman will destroy the movie and destroy the believability factor.” Not necessarily. Kal-El had to unleash his full power to fight Zod. He knows that his strength would tear a regular human to shreds if he didn’t restrain himself. Also, Batman has his intelligence, combat training and tech for him. The Dark Knight Returns, the inspiration behind this movie, shows that though he’s physically no match for Supes, Batman can hold his own against him under certain circumstances.

  16. lessons should be learnt from Batman and Robin to not try an overload a film with too many characters that are do not have space to grow in the story… Conversely lessons should be learnt from Watchmen of how to do this properly with an ensemble cast… In conclusion I hope Batman vs Superman is more Watchmen than Batman and Robin… Is Wonderwoman and nightwing actually going to be in it or is it all just rumour and fanboy bs?

    • Still rumors for now but I don’t care about having WW or NW. I just want Bryan Cranston as Lex Luther. That’s all I need. I’ll be happy then.

  17. who you calling tard dickmo

  18. New Cinema Sins – Man of Steel.
    (relax, MoS fans – it’s only a joke. As they say – no movie is without sin)

  19. I’m glad they were able to find the money to hire my 12 year old cousin to draw some pictures for this movie.