‘Batman vs. Superman’ Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

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Superman Martian Manhunter JL Batman vs. Superman Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel – still known as Batman vs. Superman, until the world is told differently – is set to begin filming in Michigan this February, barely a month away. The only pieces of confirmed information about the film are new details about the shoot in Detroit and the reported $131 million production budget attached to – presumably – the filming in that state.

As always, the rumors are more fun – whether any of them end up to be true or not – and just in the last few weeks alone we’ve seen a whole new spate of them as DC and Warner Bros. get ready to establish their own Cinematic Universe. Is Denzel Washington involved? If so, will he play Lex Luthor? The Green Lantern? Or is Dwayne Johnson playing GL? How big of a role will Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman have?

And if potential Justice League members like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are making some kind of appearance, what about some of the other DC characters who are major JL members, like Aquaman and Martian Manhunter? The inclusion of Lex Luthor appears to be a lock, but what about the identity of a suspected second villain? Batman on Film has addressed a slew of Batman vs. Superman questions and rumors, and while many of BoF‘s answers are really just opinion and speculation, some of the information sounds fairly legitimate and intriguing.

For instance, is Lex Luthor really in the film, and who is the additional villain? According to BoF’s Jett Ramey (framed as a response to readers’ questions):

Yes. And sorry, I’m not at liberty to reveal the ID of the other villain at this time…but the character is highly rumored to be in the film.

What about the casting of Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa? Will he play Martian Manhunter or (a miscast) Aquaman? According to Jett:

Nope and nope. Neither of those characters are in this film.

Batman Versus Superman 2015 jmattisson Fan Art Batman vs. Superman Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Fan Art by John Mattisson

BoF also denies that any Bat-villains will make an appearance. From the sound of it, that’s about it for the hard information. The film’s reboot of Batman, the rumored involvement of the John Stewart Green Lantern and the confirmation of Wonder Woman’s role has led some fans to wonder how much room is left over for Superman and if this Man of Steel follow-up is a Justice League movie in disguise. BoF responds to this particular question:

Based on all my intel…NOPE. It’s a Superman film – a Superman film that just so happens to include Batman and Wonder Woman – but a Superman film nonetheless.

BoF has additional insight on other issues, such as the size of Wonder Woman’s role in Batman vs. Superman “on par with Scarlett Johansson’s first appearance as Black Widow in IRON MAN 2.”  There is also a rather novel take on WW’s ancestry – which is complete and utter speculation, but interesting to note:

…the “Amazons” of this cinematic DCU will be descendants of those “ancient Kryptonians” who attempted to set up Kryptonian outposts throughout spacedom thousands and thousands of years ago. Furthermore, I say that Wonder Woman will be powered-down, if you will, relative to Superman because these Amazons have evolved and adapted to living on Earth for hundreds of centuries.

Probably a stretch, but given screenwriter David S. Goyer’s extensive tweaking of the traditional Krypton mythology, it’s at least plausible. BoF goes on to answer other fan questions, such as which source comics would inform Ben Affleck’s Batsuit – they mention the Kingdom Come and Batman Beyond suits as possible inspiration (we’ve heard differently, and should point out that Batman on Film loves Batman Beyond and turned out to be off-based when predicting that the beloved futuristic animated series would serve as a jumping off point for DC’s Batman reboot).

Batman vs. Superman Batman Drones and Robin Confirmed Batman vs. Superman Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

So could Jason Momoa be playing Doomsday, after all? There is no hard proof, but this new information is a strong clue that this could be the case. And what about the notion of Batman controlling drones from the BatcaveBoF is all for it (even if the reader wondered if it could be a “rip-off” of the Iron Man series), since Batman is usually always a step ahead of everyone; hence, the use of bat-drones could form his method of dealing with Superman – the need for which he would have foreseen.

Several of BoF’s other reader questions had to do with the likelihood of Ben Affleck taking on solo Bat-films after Batman vs. Superman, and just how many films he might be contracted to appear in. There is no way to know the details on these points, but both answers could depend on the success of BvS. Given the level of fan anticipation involved – and this before any significant portion of the film has been shot – the film’s success is nearly a given, and the more we hear about Affleck’s approach to and respect for the role, the more it sounds like Affleck is in this for the long haul.

What do think about this Batman vs. Superman news, Screen Ranters? Should Martian Manhunter or Aquaman be included? Are bat-drones a good idea? Sound off in the comments!


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman hits theaters July 17th, 2015.

Source: Batman on Film

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  1. I really hope they don’t go with some weak shoehorned connection between WW origin and krypton
    Also the that some have explained how it could be done in these comments is really overthinking it or at least makes it more complicated than any ‘casual’ movie goer will be prepared to go along with or care about – a byproduct of ancient kryptonian controlled genetics is not the way to introduce WW to a wider movie audience IMO
    Sure it might not take long to come up with such theories but the majority of the audience will not be that bothered to try and connect all the dots

    I’m not totally against the idea of kryptonians being distantly involved with the creation of another character – depends how they do it
    But dc needs to be careful with how it uses this umbrella explanation (krypton did it) – it is lazy and not necessary – they could say that aliens had a hand it one thing or another but if kryptonian is the excuse anytime anything extra-terrestrial or super-powered happens what will they do with the GL Corps will that just be full of kryptonians since they are the only race that had space exploration figured out (apparently)

    I’m just saying krypton doesn’t ‘have’ to be a factor with all the characters, why can’t some thing just happen to occur on the planet – Aquaman and flash for instance
    Flash can just think himself lucky to survive his accident at first – then reverse flash turns up and shows it to be science (right chemicals plus right amount of electricity)
    Aquaman or full Atlanteans could be naturally evolved – the planet is 70% water after all why wouldn’t some humans (supposedly the dominant species) evolve to be better in the water (especially after Atlantis sinks and the population becomes separated from those on land and develops some physiological differences as a result)

    • The thing is though Aquaman’s people are aliens that came years ago and hunted the dinosaurs to extinction in the DC comics, and if they want to make Wonder Woman have aliens involve because they think it’ll make more sense then just make the Greek Gods aliens that were the old Gods from New Genesis and Apokolips. That way they can tie in Darkseid and Orion to the movie universe.

      • i dont really have an issue with aliens being added into Wonder Woman, its the idea that the aliens in question should be/have to be from kryptonian origin
        like you say if the writers think having aliens in there will help make more sense then provided they do it well, i can get on board with that

        but i just think the ‘world/universe building’ suffers if all (or even every other) hero origin is tied to krypton – like it and earth are the only places in the universe

        • Same with me, mainly since they are way better alien races that exist in DC’s universe that would work better than Krypton.

          I’m hoping if the the Greek Gods are aliens they’re the Old Gods in Jack Kirby’s comic New Gods, mainly because that was Kirby’s intention when he wrote it and because it’s heavily implied in Wonder Woman’s current comic.

          Plus it’s a great way to tie in Darkseid.

        • I imagine Kryptonians could/might be the most human-like creatures (appearance wise anyway) than any other, which is why they’d be used as ancestors for Superman and Wonder Woman.

          Any slight deviation and we’d get Darkseid or any other number of heroes and villains that don’t look quite human.

      • Wha!!?? :O Is this from DC 52?

    • Nobody is saying Krypton has to be the umbrella explanation. That’s people jumping to conclusions. It explains Wonder Woman and Superman. That’s about it for the most part, that we know of.

      Who’s to say Flash just doesn’t have a lucky accident. And really, he creates himself through time travel so that’s science right there.

      The Lantern ring is already a known alien object from the Guardians.

      Batman’s origin is well-known.

      And if my current reading is correct, Aquaman and the Atlantians are a product of science. Ancient science from their advanced civilization that was cut off from the world when a meteor struck thousands of years ago, but still science.

  2. kneel before Zeus
    we will have kryptonian lex luthor
    might as well call it the kryptonian league movie
    so everyone whose powers cant be exlpained will have kryptonian ancestry
    if they turn aquaman kryptonian.. now all DC movie can be killed with kryptonite

  3. Huh. I have no problem with the Amazonians’ origins.

    However, this shows that WW’s role is simply more than a cameo at the end, and I feel that’s pushing it.

  4. ‘Man of Steel II’ should be about Superman (progressing the first movie) and Supergirl (origin story), and their confrontation with a very powerful villain. Darkseid?

    I would separate ‘Man of Steel’ from the other heroes.

    • You actually might be on to something Marcus.

      This could be the reason why Marvel FOX has already blown their wad to be the first to say “Apocalypse.”

      • It hurts my head that by the time Darkseid is introduced, he might be seen as a rip-off of Thanos and Apocalypse by the average movie-goer.

    • We all know that.

  5. No Martian Manhunter or Aquaman?

    Well JJ Abrams kept denying the Star Trek Into Darkness villain was Khan
    Marion Cotillard kept denying she was playing Talia Al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises
    David Jaffe kept denying his company was working on a new Twisted Metal game
    Zack Snyder originally denied the Man Of Steel villain was going to be Zod

    You have to take everything with a grain of salt these days because it seems to be a popular thing to do nowadays when a rumor is true to flat out lie.

    • Same can be said about the actual rumor lol. Either way, this isn’t someone working on the film from what I understand.

  6. This movie could work if Wonder woman and her amazonian people are the villains and it’s up to supes, lex and bats to stop them.

    These women attack earth from their home world, either a planet or different dimension. They’re being manipulated by a greater force (DarkSeid).

  7. So with what they’re doing to Wonder Woman, does this mean if they decide to use Aquaman at some point that the Atlanteans will be descendents of Ancient Kryptonians that decided to settle under the ocean?

  8. This is just a journalist’s words, so I don’t expect any of this to be real unless it comes from the guys in-charge of the movie.

  9. Well interesting.

    People if they decide the amazons are decendents of the ancient kryptonians…so what. 20000 years is a long time. Whose to say the greek gods were intially decedents of the kyrptonians? It can be explained that their powers and skill have been diluted due to the blood beein diluted. We can still have the warrior race and magic…its all about the culture and understanding. Example in thor science is magic and magic is science.

    So I see no reason if they make the ancient amazons decendent from kryptonians that it would ruin the character. I see no problem with them saying ancient atlantis was also decendants of kyptonians that using their tech and magic adapted when atlantis sunk and 20000 years later are the atlanteans we know in comics.

    Honestly I’m glad their gonna keep it to superman batman and wonder woman I don’t want to ruin a chance at jl by half c**kin them into a sequal.

    I hope we get more in the coming weeks.

  10. This movie is going to suck.

    • Gordon…

      Actually, it’s just your pointless comment that sucks. As for all of the information AND “information” highlighted by the above article about the BATMAN ON FILM revelations (few) and speculations (many), WHY are so many of you getting so down/worried/panicked/turned off by what you’ve just read? Do you NOT understand the concepts rumor and guesswork? Speculation does not a film make, and we, the often overzealous viewing public know VERY little about the actual production of this film.

      Relax. Read. Listen. Learn.


      • I would say that most likely Gordon is going to be right. At least every information so far points in the direction of this movie sucking. Aquaman?? Martian Manhunter?? Kriptonian Wonder Woman?? I don´t even want to have Batman! I want a Superman movie that fills all the many holes that MoS had. How can we expect to have a good Superman movie when they pack it full of characters other than Superman which already had a horrible development in a previous movie dedicated only to him??

        • The only people who look at all information released and rumoured so far for this movie and think “this is likely to suck” are the kind of brainless wonders who post brainless comments on this site about how much the movie is going to suck rather than trying to figure out how they might make it all work and having a sense of awe that a movie like this is actually being made, especially Wonder Woman’s first ever big screen outing.

          Honestly, if people like you want to think this film will suck then maybe it’s not the kind of movie you’re looking for? Maybe there’s another pointless Seth Rogen attempt at comedy being released around the same time that you can spend your hard-earned cash on instead, throwing popcorn down your gullet as you guffaw at the latest semen-related joke?

          • Man, I´ve never seen you give an argument to defend your opinions other than insulting. If you prefer to wait and see good for you, but let us not trust too much the sequel of an already bad movie which, in addition, every news we have of it point in the opposite direction of solving the problems of the first movie.

            It is likely going to be a bad movie because they intend to repeat all the mistakes of MoS and add some new ones. If you have a sense of awe about bad movies I´m sorry, but that´s not my case. Is funny how do you speak about Seth Rogen films as if Man of Steel were any better (is not that I like Seth Rogen movies, but I don´t like MoS either).

        • Well, Jorge…

          You are welcome to agree with a trollish comment for which no support, whatsoever, is provided, but that does not cast you in a particularly intelligent or sensible light.

          THAT is sad.

          For my part, since I have so few FACTS about the film, I can only form my initial opinion based on the miniscule ACTUAL information with which we’ve been provided…that opinion, formed thus, is resoundingly positive. However, as I do not KNOW, I will simply maintain my HOPE for an amazing film…you know, like real fans of the genre and the material do.

          Just something to consider…

        • So, because it has stuff YOU don’t like, you assume it’s going to suck?

          I like Denzel. I like The Rock. I like Affleck. I’m at least interested in seeing how the new Wonder Woman does.

          So I say this movie is going to be fun.

  11. I saw this coming of course is not a JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE !!!

  12. Y’know why comments get manufactured to try and sway public opinion?

    Because DC is better.

  13. Wow. Just wow.
    They take the most anticipated female superhero character and trash her backstory about coming from a race of women-only (PS: not connected to Supes) to give her a new backstory where she is the watered down descendant of the guy that just destroyed Metropolis.
    Talk about a let down for the people who were looking to have her come to the big screen for the first time with her own story of female power.
    PS: If she and her people were already on this planet how come they were not up in the Artic when the spaceship was discovered? Plot holes are starting with this backstory and I don’t like it.

    • You mean why are they not standing there 20,000 years later in the uninhabitable desolate arctic circle?

      • Even though I get what you’re saying, I just wanna point out that the arctic circle is not uninhabitable – I grew up a little more than 60 miles north of it!

        But as a previous inhabitant – I would totally get why the Kryptonians would leave their ship there and go south to let’s say…South America.

  14. While I like rumors and accept them for what they are, one thing I can’t stand is people constantly treating them like they’re already part of the movie and they need to be answered right away. For example, ‘Jon’ above me doesn’t seem to understand that there has only been ONE movie released and ONE event that occurred, nothing else has happened so far. People are prematurely judging a movie that hasn’t even started filming yet and already claiming there are plot holes because of a rumor. It’s ridiculous and kinda depressing. Pointing figures like a child because you can’t get something exactly your way ugh.

    • IMO what is “ridiculous and kinda depressing” is that instead of ‘contributing to the topic’ you choose to belittle the people constructively giving their opinion to the topic.

      • I don’t consider knocking something down and stating false accusations (Superman destroying Metropolis? Did you watch the movie?) contributing to a topic. As well as not even giving reasons for that way of thinking, the only thing I took away from your comment is if it isn’t exactly the same as seen in comics, then it’s trash. Then you continue stating the film has plot holes despite this being a ‘rumor’ and the film not even begin shooting. Your comment is the very opposite of being constructive. And if you’ve read previous comments, I stated an opinion on the matter quite ‘constructively’.

        • ColdSc…

          VERY well stated…if half of these people would bother to WATCH the films and/or READ the articles they constantly criticize (or, worse, use to back up their ceaseless prattling), we would effectively return to some semblance of the engaging discussions of “olde”.

          C’est la vie…

      • @Jon

        ColdSc contributed to this article.

        So far, you haven’t, you’ve just provided more ignorance and lack of understanding, as well as a defensive nature when someone with seemingly more brainpower than yourself comes along, sets you right and you see that as a threat that needs to be put down.

        What constructive opinion have you EVER given to these articles? None from memory and even those who comment on here regularly who I just can’t stand, who I disagree with constantly, even they manage to post at least one meaningful and constructive comment once in a blue moon.

    • And Wonder Woman being Kryptonian is not even a rumor, it’s just this guy’s speculation on the matter. But that part I do hope it’s not real and is just speculation.

      • Why? Why is it sooooo awful if her origins get tied to Krypton?

        Ancient Alien theory suggests that the stories of “Gods” originated from truth, just in that they were from other planets… not actually Gods.

        It makes A LOT more sense then a woman molded from clay…

        New comment page in 5…4…3…

        • Also, I found the Kryptonians appeared far more mythological than ‘alien’. I mean the architecture, costume designs and symbols depicted in Man of Steel all scream out the past times of Earth more so than a completely separate alien world. Plus, like someone else already stated, 20 000 years is a long time, anything can happen within that time. The Kryptonian descendants could’ve easily adopted the Greek myths in that time.

          • They don’t all have to be from Krypton either. Could be a mix of Thangarians aswell.

            Thanks to the MoS prequel comic, we know for a fact that Thanagar exists in this universe.

            • They referenced Thanagar in the comic? Noice!

        • She’s not made from clay anymore, she’s the the daughter of Zeus now in the New 52. Why is it so bad if her origins have any ties to aliens? It’s not, at least to me anyway.

          Why tied to Krypton? because it makes her more of a supporting Superman character.

          Plus it makes more sense for the Greek Gods to be from Darkseid’s planet and New Genesis.

          • She can still be the daughter of Zeus. The only thing that would be changed is the details behind who Zeus actually was.

            Keep in mind none of this is confirmed and is speculation based on the open pod in the ancient scout ship.

            • I know it’s all speculation right now, I even said so in my first comment you replied to. I’m just saying it would be better if Zeus was one of the “Old Gods” from the planets New Genesis and Darkseid’s home, Apokolips, instead of an ancient Kryptonian.

              • Agreed.

                • …uh yeah me too. I don’t think they will tie EVERYTHING to Krypton… but some Kryptonian influence makes a lot of sense mixed with other “god-like” beings from other worlds.

                  *removes monocle*

                  *rubs eyes*

  15. Late to the party here, but I have to say that I am expecting Wonder Woman’s (Amazon) origin to be tied to the ancient Kryptonians. To me, that makes perfect sense in the context of these new films. I do not believe that we are going to see the more purely fantasy-based elements of the DC universe, because the idea is for this to have a strong connection to reality.

  16. If Jason Mamoa is a casting lock as a Supes villain, can he have a line “Crown for Kal”? By far his best line in “Game of Thrones.”

  17. I’m liking this more and more with each rumor.

  18. if the amazon’s are descendants of kryptonians, how would they explain the magic lasso? ancient kryptonian tech? lol. tying the kryptonians to the amazons is a real bad idea imo.
    twisting the origin story too much is bad.

    • The descendants would’ve been on Earth for 20 000 or so years so they can encounter anything within that time, maybe for example a little magic. Plus they wouldn’t have that much tech left if the ship is the only one that arrived to Earth. Either way, I’m hoping they don’t do the magic lasso, I always found that just plain weird aha.

    • Between Kryptonians and the Magic Lasso (or especially the Invisible Plane)…I pick Kryptonians.

      • Yeah, the whole magic lasso and invisible plane never swung well with me. They can definitely do a ‘version’ of the magic lasso though. Maybe Wonder Woman uses it to choke the truth out of people aha. Instead of the invisible plane, I’m not sure what else they’d use to go back and forth from the island.

  19. I really hope they go with the animated series approach to introducing Martian Manhunter and use him as part of the plot of the Justice League movie!

  20. I think I will stop. This “universe” appears to be a mess. I have always said why mess with it if it works in the books.

    Some changes worked and made sense.

    A lot more seems to be making this a mess. Not to include the casting.

    I will just wait I guess and see what happens however it just appears DC/Warner is clueless when it comes to super powered beings.

    • ^^^ And I base this logic on absolutely nothing. – Aknot

      Care to go into any detail as to exactly WTF you are talking about?

      I’m not “attacking a different opinion.” It is perfectly reasonable to ask for someones argument behind such statements.

      • @Dazz also… didnt want to make two posts. Feel free to jump to the last paragraph for the TLDR….

        Im talking about my opinion. I think, I have, seems to, I will just wait.

        What is not to understand that I dont think I will enjoy the apparent direction this film (universe) is going in?

        Lets start with the casting of WW. Read some of my previous posts. I dont think she is the WW that I know, (from the books) or even a close representation of what the, not a, Wonder Woman is.

        Now I read this apparent rumor and find reasons why she can be….. of small stature and still be powerful. She is from Krypton.

        Lets go into the casting of or not of Lex, GL, etc and so forth.

        Now in defense of my post above I do say it is all apparent… meaning I know it is rumor however as proven sometimes rumor comes out as fact.

        Now lets finish up with I will just wait I guess and see however it appears they are clueless.

        Add all the rumor up and thats what you get. Me saying forget this I will wait and see what comes out of this but it appears (based on rumors) that they are clueless.

        Im not saying they are making a mistake they will fail, Marvels cool DC drools. Im saying from everything I have read I think it will be less than what it could be if they would just stay with (within reason) the source material.

        Im saying I think I will wait until it comes out to see what happens. So yes Dazz that is exactly what I am saying. Its on me based on what I see/hear what they might be doing.

        Dont give me they are who they are they know what they are doing…. I can list a few movies that come to mind that people should ahve known what they were doing and just messed it all up. Air Bender, Crystal Skull and GL all come to mind….

        I haven’t dismissed it, completely. I said I would wait and see. I would never say I am not going to see a comic based movie. Im a comic fan be it DC/Marvel Dark Horse etc. I just take what I know about characters and scratch my head wondering WTF they don’t stay (again within reason) with the source material.

        As for what I base this on you have covered it quite clearly. Casting and mythos.

        Im sorry if my post was not clear that I was going to wait and see what this offers. I cant pass final judgement on something until I see it. I would rather have me thinking it is going to be utter crap watch it and be surprised (MoS did that still didnt think it was as good but it was better then I thought) then get all hyped up for a stinker.

        I really feel for you (and your wallet) if you had to watch a series of four movies thinking it would get better….. I watched the AoS premier and realized I didnt need to watch anymore. I knew going in based on the cast I was not going to like it but gave it a chance. If you cant get me out of the chute its a loss I have better things (and shows to watch) with my time.

        TLDR….. Its my opinion, that this movie, based on rumors, casting, rumors of casting, rumors of story, and more rumors, will be a travesty of what it could and should have been. I have not watched it yet, and will, when it comes out. I reserve the right, when it does come out, to eat crow if it is better then what i expected.

        Hope that clear up my opinion based on some fact and rumors.

        • No it doesn’t. You said you weren’t going to mention casting… then your argument was completely about the casting.

          I was looking for your argument behind these statements:

          “This “universe” appears to be a mess.”

          “…it just appears DC/Warner is clueless when it comes to super powered beings.”

          I want to hear your reasoning behind those statements, especially the last one.

          • The mythos of Wonder Woman being kryptonian, Wonder Woman being powered down, a new GL, Doomsday as a possible which would be watered down, two low budget DC properties within the same universe a year, Batmans apparent ‘age’, drones, Superman cant fly to the moon.

            Now you also have two separate Universes as I believe the Arrow verse is not going to be part of the DCFU as it stands now. So we lose out on possibly having any Arrow appearance or characters there of crossing.

            Again this is all based on rumor and such which is why I said I will wait and see. However it appears they DC/Warner (not just DC as they get it right in the books) appear clueless.

            You can reference Nolans Batman if you like but he is not a super. MoS was ok but it looks as though they are trying to hard to make it all work too fast. If you fail on the foundation you will have your house crumbling. They are over thinking this and making it a mess IMO from all indications.

            • You don’t think you are jumping the gun a bit making statements based completely on rumor?

              You don’t see how you contradict yourself by saying “I said I will wait and see” when that isn’t at all what you are doing?

              You can’t double back and claim you will “wait and see” and then finish your post with “They are over thinking this and making it a mess IMO from all indications” when you are basing that statement off of rumors and your personal dislike of the casting.

  21. Hopefully this rumor is not true. Wonder Woman and the amazons being descended from aliens is fine, but those aliens being tied to Krypton is a bad move and makes the possibility of a future appearance by Supergirl kind of unnecessary and irrelevant. Why bother introducing Supergirl if the main DC female superhero is reimagined as a powerful Kryptonian. Also if the amazons are depowered Kryptonians that evolved on Earth, wouldn’t that make Supergirl(a pure Kryptonian) more powerful than Wonder Woman? Hopefully, the writers find a way to balance the elements that work well on film with the myth-influenced, female-centric warrior elements fans love about the Wonder Woman character from the comics.

  22. DC needs to stop paying attention to Marvel, so they can take much more meaningful steps forward. Nolan’s reboot was a success because it was focused.

    “Man of Steel” should solely focus on the Krytonian cousins. Villains should be Brainiac, Darkseid, and Luthor. I can clearly see a Luthor/Brainiac vr. Kal-El/Kara Zor-El movie.

  23. Supergirl will never be introduced in the movies… (Other than in flashbacks) The comics preceeding MOS made it clear that she was in the seed ship 20000 years ago. She’s the survivor. She’s ostecibly the one that would have (if the rumors pan out) created a new hybrid race of krypt/humans whom over the millenia might have created the greek myths etc. the amazons would be their decendants. Maybe even the Atlantans. Being hybrids etc, they’d have some of supes powers but not his heat vision or weaken to kryptonite. Amazons and atlantis could be different due to genetic drift do to obviously different selective pressures brough upon thei societies and environment. we can speculate some more of course, I do enjoy. Been trying to get this convo going for months on the boards lol finally.

    Do like the possibility as some as stated that other aliens races could have had influences on early humans, Tanagarians, New Genesis etc.

    This does kinda remove the fantasy/magic aspects but is that truly bad? How convoluted would it get having to explain away everything, sure to fans we get it.. But to the average movie patron it could get confusing fast.. Already getting it from my friends with regards to what the heck to post credit scenes are showing with marvel film (Thanos, weird collector/Benicio del toro lol). At some point for the sake of keeping things on the rails some sacrifices must be made to the inherent complexicity found within the shared universe.

    When WW is kicking ass or Aquaman is calling in a giant title wave.. Will we really care that their Profion may not be “by the book”.

    DC tend to mess with their continuities a little more and with all the standalone batman books that tweak and reenterpret the characters I would have thought knowing the cinematic universe is its own thing and not a paint by numbers deal, that the fan would accept change more readily. Hopefully by the time a trailer comes around in 8 mths etc that wil be the case. Personally I’d much rather have these characters on the big screen than not at all.

  24. I don’t mind WW being a descendent of aliens, but I dont think it should be Kryptonian either. Thats just a lazy way of saying everyone with superpowers has a ties to Krypton so they should all be affected by Kryptonite also.

    If they are gonna have GL then that should prove there are other races of aliens in the universe, use one of them. Id rather them use a New Genesis connection, to tie in Darkseid.

  25. I called the Kryptonian/Amazon angle a while back. They can still go in any number of ways to tell the Amazon story. There could be splintering of different factions which influenced various religions. Were there ever other aliens who visited Earth in the past and mated with the Kryptonians to create a hybrid race? Here’s to hoping they give us a good story.