‘Batman vs. Superman’ Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

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Superman Martian Manhunter JL Batman vs. Superman Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel – still known as Batman vs. Superman, until the world is told differently – is set to begin filming in Michigan this February, barely a month away. The only pieces of confirmed information about the film are new details about the shoot in Detroit and the reported $131 million production budget attached to – presumably – the filming in that state.

As always, the rumors are more fun – whether any of them end up to be true or not – and just in the last few weeks alone we’ve seen a whole new spate of them as DC and Warner Bros. get ready to establish their own Cinematic Universe. Is Denzel Washington involved? If so, will he play Lex Luthor? The Green Lantern? Or is Dwayne Johnson playing GL? How big of a role will Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman have?

And if potential Justice League members like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are making some kind of appearance, what about some of the other DC characters who are major JL members, like Aquaman and Martian Manhunter? The inclusion of Lex Luthor appears to be a lock, but what about the identity of a suspected second villain? Batman on Film has addressed a slew of Batman vs. Superman questions and rumors, and while many of BoF‘s answers are really just opinion and speculation, some of the information sounds fairly legitimate and intriguing.

For instance, is Lex Luthor really in the film, and who is the additional villain? According to BoF’s Jett Ramey (framed as a response to readers’ questions):

Yes. And sorry, I’m not at liberty to reveal the ID of the other villain at this time…but the character is highly rumored to be in the film.

What about the casting of Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa? Will he play Martian Manhunter or (a miscast) Aquaman? According to Jett:

Nope and nope. Neither of those characters are in this film.

Batman Versus Superman 2015 jmattisson Fan Art Batman vs. Superman Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Fan Art by John Mattisson

BoF also denies that any Bat-villains will make an appearance. From the sound of it, that’s about it for the hard information. The film’s reboot of Batman, the rumored involvement of the John Stewart Green Lantern and the confirmation of Wonder Woman’s role has led some fans to wonder how much room is left over for Superman and if this Man of Steel follow-up is a Justice League movie in disguise. BoF responds to this particular question:

Based on all my intel…NOPE. It’s a Superman film – a Superman film that just so happens to include Batman and Wonder Woman – but a Superman film nonetheless.

BoF has additional insight on other issues, such as the size of Wonder Woman’s role in Batman vs. Superman “on par with Scarlett Johansson’s first appearance as Black Widow in IRON MAN 2.”  There is also a rather novel take on WW’s ancestry – which is complete and utter speculation, but interesting to note:

…the “Amazons” of this cinematic DCU will be descendants of those “ancient Kryptonians” who attempted to set up Kryptonian outposts throughout spacedom thousands and thousands of years ago. Furthermore, I say that Wonder Woman will be powered-down, if you will, relative to Superman because these Amazons have evolved and adapted to living on Earth for hundreds of centuries.

Probably a stretch, but given screenwriter David S. Goyer’s extensive tweaking of the traditional Krypton mythology, it’s at least plausible. BoF goes on to answer other fan questions, such as which source comics would inform Ben Affleck’s Batsuit – they mention the Kingdom Come and Batman Beyond suits as possible inspiration (we’ve heard differently, and should point out that Batman on Film loves Batman Beyond and turned out to be off-based when predicting that the beloved futuristic animated series would serve as a jumping off point for DC’s Batman reboot).

Batman vs. Superman Batman Drones and Robin Confirmed Batman vs. Superman Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

So could Jason Momoa be playing Doomsday, after all? There is no hard proof, but this new information is a strong clue that this could be the case. And what about the notion of Batman controlling drones from the BatcaveBoF is all for it (even if the reader wondered if it could be a “rip-off” of the Iron Man series), since Batman is usually always a step ahead of everyone; hence, the use of bat-drones could form his method of dealing with Superman – the need for which he would have foreseen.

Several of BoF’s other reader questions had to do with the likelihood of Ben Affleck taking on solo Bat-films after Batman vs. Superman, and just how many films he might be contracted to appear in. There is no way to know the details on these points, but both answers could depend on the success of BvS. Given the level of fan anticipation involved – and this before any significant portion of the film has been shot – the film’s success is nearly a given, and the more we hear about Affleck’s approach to and respect for the role, the more it sounds like Affleck is in this for the long haul.

What do think about this Batman vs. Superman news, Screen Ranters? Should Martian Manhunter or Aquaman be included? Are bat-drones a good idea? Sound off in the comments!


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman hits theaters July 17th, 2015.

Source: Batman on Film

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  1. I like the Idea of Wonder Woman’s new Origin but
    HOW the F**k they are going to use ARES in her own movie.
    and I really want him to be one bada*s villain.

    • Maybe it’ll be a Gods vs Aliens deal, where the immortal god Ares is wreaking hovac of ancient Greece and the Kryptonian (Kara?) saves the day and only Diana’s line is decendant from a Kryptonian/God coupling while the rest of the Amazons are more aligned to the faithful Greek/WW mythos.

    • Ares could be a genetically modified Kryptonian whose life purpose (like Zod) is to command an army, he goes rogue and somehow his lineage (after Kara Zor-El’s foray into the human world somehow brought human DNA into the Kryptonian creation…thing) causes him to gain strength from conflict rather than a star.

      You know, I could probably figure out any possibilities they may attempt to bring these characters crashing into the real world given time to think (I started on the bottom of page 1 if you’re interested with the Aquaman/Wonder Woman theories we could be looking at).

    • They could make the kryptonians as the 12 olympians who overthrow the original kryptonians(titans) or some other alien race(like monguls people or new gods).

      These kryptonians then use the new god tech from defeating them and become mystical.

      Theres just loads of ways to play with the fiction.

      • “There’s just loads of ways to play with fiction.”

        Best thing I’ve read on these boards in a while. So true… so true.

  2. The WW twist me see interesting at face value, but beyond that it’s dumb. They would completely ruin who she is. If they are descendants of kryptonians, then would she even be living on an island of women, because that would seem highly illogical, that only women are descendants and not men, so therefore would she still be this feminist character? Probably not. Her going from an island of woman to a world filled with men is a huge part if her story, learning to adapt. And secondly wonder woman. Thirdly, what are they going to do if they do a WW film, who are going to be her villians because her best ones only work because of the magical aspect of the Greek mythology. And lastly everything about WW world is held together by the Greek mythology. By not doing that, she isn’t WW, she’s more like a parallel earth WW which I don’t won’t. If marvel can have Thor fit in their universe and now they are doing Guardians of the Galaxy (galactic aspect) and have chacters like iron man, then there is no reason DC can’t either.

    • I said this already on page 1 but…

      * Descendants of Krypton start a conflict on Earth

      * A female leader puts an end to it and in her anger, sees all males as threats to the peace and stability of their people, thus ensuring that their genetic program sees only females born in their society to prevent future conflict and aggression

      Simple. Easy. Solved.

      • And that original krypts name? Gaia. bam.

        Or the males are just being evolutioned out, like in real life, but faster, due to kryptonian dna blah de blah blah.

        Or theyre just delegated by females for mating, kept in small number and relegated to only a small part of their island, which would bring up the whole female dominated society Diana grows up in.

        Just so many cool ways as I said.

        • Kryptonians didn’t conceive naturally though so if Diana is descended from them, all they’d need to do is clone an ancient male’s DNA over and over again if they need male DNA to create Amazonian life.

          They wouldn’t need fully functioning, living males amongst them.

          I’d also imagine the World Machine shook their underground Themyscira enough to warrant investigation into the world for the first time in millenia, hence her appearance now.

          This is the only way that makes sense to me at least anyway. Anything else just seems like it’s trying too hard to find something that isn’t really there. Then again, I don’t do speculation, I try to imagine how I’d do things if I was in charge of making it all work and find the most logical way of fitting the pieces together.

          • Im talking ancient krypts, ones who explored off world before their society became reclusive and used machines for birth.

            • I’d assume those would be older than Kara Zor-El and way, way before Amaonian times.

              I’m basing this on the fact that Doomsday was born of similar birthing methods and killed over and over for thousands of years to breed hatred in him. I’d assume Amazonians also genetically engineered their own race without existing males but males did exist at one time or another (I liked your theory further down the page, maybe Ares is one of the original male Amazonians, wanting to rule over their society again after being forcibly ejected when they decided to be a female only society? Could explain his recurring villainy and he could have modeled himself on the god that humans worshipped at the time).

              • Id bring in Kara a different way.
                Id tie her to Brainiac, who is an ancient technological being gone awry and is collecting specimens of various rare species and inccorporate their abilities into himself and Kara is one of them and is stored on his ship.
                Brainiac comes upon earth, on the tail of tracking kryptonian ships(Zods), and seeks a male and probably one of the last krptonians, supes, for more kryptonian resource, and detects the many varied super humans on earth.

                Also Martian Manhunter is stored on the ship

                As well as Starro

    • To be fair…Marvel used “Ancient Alien Astronaut” as an explanation for Asgardians. If anything, the problem is that it apes the Marvel approach, and ruins a chance for just straight-up gods, and it seems a little too limiting to make them just Kryptonians. Makes Kal-El less of the “Last Son of Krypton” if there is a whole race of ‘em on Earth.

  3. if this all adds up to fact, I’d prefer they work off of wonder woman as the descendant of gods that she is. her heritage adds a different wrinkle to the proceedings rather than just tossing all super heroism aside as a byproduct of kryptonian ancestry. I sure could be speaking too soon, but some variety won’t sink the product. powering her down? yet batman is supposed to stand toe to toe with a near god? like, huh? hope this is all just hot air.

    • People who accepted Greek myths as being real as the actual Greeks did wouldn’t be too hard to believe. I’m willing to bet that the Amazonians can be found somewhere near Greece, possibly a cave system on an island that leads to an old Kryptonian ship that crashed thousands of years before and still resembles the ancient Greek cities during the times when they had men amongst their society and worshipped at altars for Zeus and the other gods.

      As I said before, the lack of power could be genetic to prevent them being overly aggressive.

      All you gotta do is just think and it’ll come to you. It’s easy, I typed all the above (and my other posts) as the thoughts came to me, no thinking required.

      • I could buy the explanation you gave dazz, but I wonder what purpose would it serve to power wonder woman down if this story is true, and by how much? would it be her ” magical ” abilities, for lack of a better term, or the basic super power set, be it strength, flight, healing, stamina, etc. if this occurs, what would she be left resembling?

        • I assume she won’t be as strong or fast because the males would have terrified them enough to keep those powers but lessen them. Sort of like an athlete training to be lean and fast rather than bulky and powerful.

          Plus if Themyscira really is in an ancient Kryptonian ship in an underground network of caves and tunnels under a Greek island, our sun wouldn’t affect them the way it did to Kryptonians exposed to it (to answer the comment below mine, posted by Cruzcontrol).

          In other words, she’d keep her traditional powers but she wouldn’t be an equal to regular Kryptonians like Superman. Maybe they realised the sun was making them stronger and that was genetically removed too but still making them stronger than normal humans?

          What purpose would it serve?

          I’d make her a damsel in distress and just as she’s about to be saved, she destroys her captors and gets angry that anybody ever thought she was “some kind of weak woman in need of a man to save her” (in her words in my fantasy script that’s being written in my head as I type this).

          Bait and switch deal. Make her seem weak but then show her as more than capable of handling herself. Show the audience that the male characters are dumb for even thinking she needs their help to make it out of whatever situation she’s in.

          It’s like that scene in Watchmen when thugs thought Silk Spectre II would be easy prey for a mugging/assault but she broke their bones easily in a fight and proved herself more than capable of dealing with the situation.

          • yeah I wouldn’t wanting to see her just taking huge leaps instead of flying full out. just resembling a human having taken next generation performance enhancing drugs.

  4. A powered down WW from Krypton? WTF?!? Powered down because of her time on earth?!? That doesn’t make sense, if anything that would power her up… FAIL if true…

    • Its powered down because she has less pure kryptonian dna, her amazonians have been around a long time and are biologically adapted to earth.

      Whereas Supes and Zod were pure krpts born on kryptons

      • That would explain the power down, but why? Are the gonna use the krypton thing to explain all super humans? It’s just ass and smells like Goyer trying to copy the Asgardians are aliens from Marvel…

        • ……….or MoS copying Spidey/Hulk/X-Men (in terms of Clark early life at least).

  5. Okay so just my sudden thoughts but I hope they get to Snyder or a Dc exec by grapevine as I find it an awesome way to tie in everything.

    Ancient kryptonians land on Earth
    New Gods are there and ruling earthlings as gods but unjustly
    These new gods are recalled as the ancient Titans/Babylonian and various other gods
    The kryptonians overthrow them and gain their technology, one of which makes them immortal

    These krypts become the greek/roman gods

    Some mate with humans but see that their offspring, hercules, perseus etc, create trouble for regular humans whos society is evolving and starting to not favor the gods. So they keep them on an isolated island and use tech to hide it from the world. The gods also go into hiding but keep watch over their land.

    Ares is one of these but doesnt want to stay in hiding and wishes to rule over man again.

    This will also then bring in Darkseids hatred of kryptonians and make it personal hatred for supes and all of earth.

    • Also poseidon is one of those olympians and settles his own society underwater with new god tech and his people adapt to life down there and become the atlanteans, eventually giving way to Arthur Curry aka Aquaman.

      • I like your ideas, I’ve been wondering how they would incorporate the idea of gods and magic and such into a grounded film universe, and that seems like a good way to go about it

      • I don’t like the idea that every character would have a Kryptonian heritage. Wouldn’t that make them all loosely related? And it also makes for boring story telling if EVERY dynamic character has Krypton to thank for his/her special abilities.

        I understand that Wonder Woman’s Greek God mythos cannot possibly fit into the grounded MOS universe, but this plan (if true) is not the direction I’d take. But with filming to begin in less than a month, I have to wonder what (if any) any ideas were floated around?

  6. I really hope Hans Zimmer returns….One of the best things about MoS was the soundtrack…

  7. I’d rather they keep the diana story, of which there are quite a few versions to choose from. But even if they don’t…kryptonian decent? So, superman came to earth from krypton, leading zod out to search for him to come to earth bec. supes activated a beacon in the spaceship. These 2 kryptonians destroy a city and cause mass havoc.

    Now, in atlantis, we have a bunch of other kryptonians and WW is also of kryptonian origin. Some here have suggested that aquaman’s family could be another sect of kryptonians who chose to live underwater.

    After seeing 15 mins of MOS on krypton, I dont want anything to do with krypton anymore; unless it supergirl. If just WW and Batman make appearances in this movie, then we’d have two of the most powerful superheros of kryptonian decent in WW and Superman.

    I really think they could include greek mythology without tying it with Krypton. It seems like such a weird way to “ground” the character. On top of that, powering down WW.
    If you’re gonna drastically alter origins and change power levels…then just use different heroes all together. Minor tweaks, of course…go for it. But cmon..

    • The kryptonian thing is just a backdrop explanation for everything, itd be weird to just have mystical god beings without explanation, especially when its a way to bring in a lot of other mythos, it just works better for films and a intertwined universe.

      Also they arent powering down wonder woman, he means she and the amazonians wont be as strong as supes or have his varied extra powers(heat vision etc), which they never were or did.

      • I dont want the kryptonian thing to be the backdrop explanation for everything. It just seems lazy. How did aquaman get his powers..? Kryptonian. How about WW? Kryptonian. And…Superman? Kryptonian.
        Lets make it the default explanation. Life on mars was started by ancient kryptonians…which evolved to Martian Manhunter. Parts of Ancient Krypton came to earth with the ancient kryptonians. Flash could have his powers from some kryptonian minerals that got supercharged with lightning.

        Why is it weird to have mystical god beings without explanation..? We had aliens without explanation. And give some explanation. Not in this movie, but in WW’s own movie. How cool would that story be. A hidden island protected by powers that no one understands, and the reasons for diana and the Amazons for reveling themselves.

        • Whelp too bad cause thats what your gettin.

          I think its the evolution and variety of powers and cultures thats interesting, with kryptonian ancestry being the source for metagene that will stick it altogether.

          Much better than, hey magical greek gods are real, they dont do anything except for this one island.
          Also it makes one wonder if every other religious deity is themselves real, so where are they what happened to them, was jesus real, is the christian god real in this universe, did he get rid of the greek gods, are the norse gods real, they should be and if so why isnt thor in this world.

          See its just better to ground it in science, not religion, and scientifically speaking, alien life can exist, so it makes it more plausible and logical than mystical being from but one mythology of many mythologies of earth, and more unifying if used in such a way.

          • Firstly, no one really knows what we’re getting. At this point, this is rumor territory.
            And if you think variety and culture is interesting…then why are we sticking to one culture…and that too…kryptonian??

            Also, you can extrapolate religion and god and jesus from almost anything. If you’re watching a movie about Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman…COMIC book characters…and you’re thinking if there is a christian god in this universe….then you’re kinda missing the point.

            I dont think its better to “ground” it in science. Nor would it be “grounding” it. An alien from another world and a man in a Bat suit is not supposed to be realllly plausible. And this is DC. They have an intergalactic green lantern force, religious figures like the Phantom Stranger….and tons of crazy dark stuff with Constantine and JLD. Is greek gods really that strange when compared to all this??

            I mean…if you want to make a movie about a “grounded” female from an ancient kryptonian race …. make it about someone called julie or cyntia or whatever… If you want to make a Wonder Woman movie…..Make a Wonder Woman movie. You only have to look at the response to the new52 WW comics. Now, WW is actually the God of War. And it has been portrayed brilliantly.

            DC should try to find a portrayal that makes it work. And its not impossible. Not to the comic book fans. Not to the wide public. Its lazy.
            That’s what I feel towards DC. They shy away from such great characters and bow to what they think is what the public wants. And consequently…they’re average. MOS was a step up. This one….not too sure about this.

            • I think your missing/missed the point.

            • And Im done debating with you as you dont seem to have any good points against it, other than “waaaaaaaah” or “nooooo” babying, Ill just say if its what they want for their version of the story theyre telling then its probably for the best, and you should get over your baby comic book purist mentality.

              • Of course you’re done debating with me.
                But its sad that u see this as a debate and winning.
                But just to reiterate, you’re ideas about a kryptonian fulled universe are lazy. I think it would be a move that would piss of most of the fan base. And there will be a MAJOR disconnect from the comics.
                They didnt mess with Superman’s origins. Nor did they mess with Batmans. Nor did Marvel mess with their superheros. There were tweaks..certainly. But this would change the core of the character.
                You just dont get it.

              • Also..i’m not really a comic book purist. I’m fine with them changing lex’s ethnicity. I’m fine with them having an older seasoned bataman. Fine with the casting someone to play WW who looks nothing like the comics.
                And that’s because Lex’s ethnicity has no part to play in his character. He’s a near genius level ego-maniacal super villain. That could be any ethnicity.
                Gal Gadot doesnt look like WW….so what? Wonder Woman isnt about the looks. She’s a kick ass character.
                But her greek heritage, her mythology, her powers, her lasso, her villains….everything is based on her origin. That’s where I have a problem. By changing an origin so drastically….you end up changing the character itself.

        • So you’ll be ok with accidents that will give ALOT of people superpowers when they should be dead because of chemicals, lightnings, etc.
          You’re ok with mystical beings conviniently have the same strength level(Shazam, Black Adam, Wonder Woman, Hercules, etc) as Superman.
          But you’re not ok with everything explained as some people throughout the centuries have genes changed because of kryptonian dna?

          Magic still will happen in DCMU because of Justice League Dark. But if you think about it magic could be just some energy source(just like its viewed in the comics by some like Lex) and some people with special genes could use it in one way or another. There will also be some mystical beings ofcourse.
          But at this point in time having core members as purely scientific creatures wouldn’t be as cheesy. You know there is a problem of bringing up WW movie because people won’t buy tickets to see yet another story about Greek God’s child(how many Hollywood already made at this point and 2 Heracle movies to go this year?). Atleast WW MUST have different roots to be accepted by the public(movies are not politics, people can decide whether movie will be successful or not).

          • But that’s exactly my point. As comic book fans, we’ve been okay with radioactive spiders, aliens, magic, a mutant gene, etc..
            A tonn of stuff.. And all of that has been portrayed on the screen..and it’s been fine…worked quite well..
            Why is it now that we have to “ground” things..? I mean was MOS a “grounded” movie? Alien fighting Alien…who look exactly like us even though they developed millions of light years away ?
            And if we except that magic will be there in the DCU because of the Justice League Dark Movie…. so then why does Diana’s origin have to change??????
            Just because movies are being made on Hercules is hardly a reason.

            • Comics are one thing and film is another, I dont think you understand what works for one doesnt necessarily work for the other.

              • I get the two are different. But if you’re making movies about COMIC book characters, then you change their origins, and you mess with their power levels, then what do u have left? You might have a character calling herself wonder woman. But in reality…you got something completely different.

              • The point that Anim was trying to make that you keep missing is related to this comment…….

                While it doesn’t necessarily work, there is also nothing to say what’s in the comics CAN’T work.

                SO the point is, making everyone Kryptonian is just over simplified, lazy writing. Sure it’s a clever twist on the surface but not trying to make the more traditional origin work and defaulting to “Krypton” wipes the WW canon in it’s entirety (including what they JUST did in the new 52).

                Why are we calling her Wonder Woman anymore if she doesn’t even match the NEW version? It’s plain stupid.

          • So your cool with everything is from Krypton? How did the Grand Canyon get made? Krypton… Why is the sky blue? Krypton… Why did that baby get born with webbed feet? Krypton… It’s just lazy storytelling from Goyer and crew if true…

            • Its only explaining wonder woman and maybe some other super beings, not everything, stop being a fussy whiner.

              • You’re the one whose whining. You seem to have a certain idea of how the movie should be. In my opinion, its a lazy idea.

        • Well, that’s what they do in the Ultimate Marvel universe. Just replace Krytonian heritage with The Super Soldier program, since a lot of people got their powers by some variation of that experiment. Black Panther, MVP/KIA, Spider-Man, etc. All Super Soldier products.

          Heck, you can even go by the idea that science is just another name for magic. I think it does help a bit to tie everything together if you have one, known source (Kryptonian heritage.)

    • Yeah, I’m with Anim with this one. They’re sacrificing storylines down the line if they go this route, especially those revolving around Wonder Woman. They’re also sacrificing other characters down the line in this shared universe they’re going for by going this route. Dr. Fate, Zatanna, Etrigan, Aquaman and Atlantis, and especially the world revolving around Sandman which includes a whole slew of fantasy elements such as angels and demons, including Lucifer. You also have some of the rogues gallery of various characters that might also be sacrificed.

      I was hoping one universe would just step forward and not be afraid of magic/fantasy. But alas both Marvel and DC seem gun shy and seem to be going sci-fi fantasy route.

      I don’t know. Did Marvel say they’re going to do Dr. Strange or no? What about the rumored Sandman movie? Is that going to be connected to MoS universe?

      • Just because they’re not doing it now, doesn’t mean magic can’t be introduced later. I mean, WB already has Justice League Dark on deck, and that’s nothing but magic. Whether that is it’s own universe itself, or ties to the MoS-verse I can’t say, but they can always be connected later and even retconned in the other universe.

        With that said, the only characters in immediate danger anyway are Wonder Woman and Aquaman. We’re still a long way from Fate, Zatanna, and especially Etrigan.

  8. all this is why I have to remind myself this is just hearsay and rumors at this present time. I shouldn’t get too worked up over this man…

    • Ya…fair point. And if WW’s role is similar to a cameo or a small role, then surely they don’t have time to go into details about her origin. I’d rather they don’t.

  9. Why cant DC/WB get there act together and make a separate Aquaman movie! get James Cameron to direct it, he loves the water lol, if they have big plans for Aquaman then lets see it, if done properly an Aquaman film would be insanely good..

  10. If they really are changing wonder woman and removing all magic then I guess captain marvel, black adam, doctor fate, zantanna ant other magic type characters either have no chance in hell showing up in the new dc movieverse or black adam is a suddenly another ancient kryptonian. captain marvel is kid that uses a necklace to transform into a kryptonian, And the other magic stuff is just super duper nanobot science.

    • Unless science is magic.

  11. Wonder Woman an ancient kryptonian. LOL
    Oooook then.

    • Oops, I meant ‘descendant of’ but still, LOL.

  12. I like what I just read. It´s fair.

  13. The alien explanation seems to be the most viable/simple for mass consumption. Stargate(the movie) made Egyptian gods alien. Besides, we’re talking about comic book characters who have been through more changes than a school lunch menu. My question is: are we going to be speculating which of the superfriends they should kill off 5 years into the new DCMU?

  14. What if the island is in the Bermuda triangle? That’s why ships are never found again. It’s a good twist, interesting. Descendants less powered because they mated with humans.

  15. I dont think the bat drones would be a very good idea. I know it is something batman has done in the past but so soon after Ironman 3 i think it will feel ripped off no matter what goes on with them. I know they arent designed to hold a person but a small robotic army is a small robotic army pilot or drone based. I don’t think they should make Wonder Woman a Kryptonian offshoot. It would rob her of her identity. I sincerely hope they dont muck around with the origins too much. I think they know better. Look at TMNT for example. too much outrage to really do it.

    Id still watch them whatever they do to it but I’m going to see them a lot more times the more faithful they can be. All this kryptonian tinkering would be a fantastic way to ruin the properties. I think the BoF guy is way off base here. I hope.

  16. @dazz

    You bring up some good points, but you’re forgetting something from MoS… Artificial reproduction wasn’t being used when Kryptonians established outposts, so all Kryptonians part of such outposts would be naturally concieved (as well as possible Amazonian descebdants…). So sorry, no genetic planning. No single-purpose-existence Ares.

    • But why was that artificial reproduction chamber in the spaceship Clark finds?

  17. originally i was looking forward to this now they is just too many characters and it sounds like it will mainly be about superman even though it should be about both of them this film is just a disaster

  18. I’ve been thinking about this a bit now and I have some ideas I would like to share.

    1) I would like Wonder Woman’s world to be heavily based around and influenced by Greek myth.
    2) Wonder Woman’s arrival in “Man’s world” could be both linked to the world engine AND the God of War, Ares, gaining strength from both man’s wars with each other over the past several decades but was just recently supercharged by the war between 2 super Kryptonians duking it out.
    3) Wonder Woman’s origin doesn’t need to go too in depth, back story can be told quick and fast in her own movie, an wispy voice over saying “The God’s this”, “Hera that”, “My people believe yadda yadda”, along the lines of the opening of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. Without drawing a definitive line in the sand that says Greek Gods are aliens or Greek Gods are actual Gods, they’re just shown from Diana and her people’s perspective.
    4) Whichever way DC/WB decide to go, I do hope that they at least try to keep as close to the mystical/magical elements of their characters as they can. Man of Steel set up a grounded universe BUT with no mention of other super powered beings they are not tied down to a strictly sci-fi style. Harry Potter is a decent example of an entire magical world existing within and alongside our realistic ‘Muggle’ one. Characters like Shazam or Wonder Woman could easily keep their magical origins without ruining the science of Man of Steel.

  19. I know it’s just rumor but I like the idea of the “Amazons” being ancient Kryptonians. It could fit the current universe they’ve created and you would not need much time to explain Diana’s origin. As far as adding more characters that Bats and WW? Add any one else and you have a JL film. Or we will see a lot of small roles to characters we will see in detail later. Who know’ s?

  20. Think a better route could be a hybrid of the two worlds, sci-fi and fantasy. Diversify Themyscira. I always disliked Themyscira because everyone seemed to be obsessed with fighting and whatnot from what little Wonder Woman I’ve been exposed to; they all seemed to be Spartan-ish in their way of life. There was little diversity. Maybe have them have some magic as well as having confronted Kryptonians and took some of their tech. They could have learned to manipulate the tech and developed some type of cloaking to hide their world from the rest of mankind as well as set up a device to mimic the conditions of Krypton in some limited form that forced the Amazons to evolve. They could also do something along the lines that the Amazonians and Atlanteans were once united against those early Kryptonians but their paths diverged or something. Show that schism in an exposition in a movie with Aquaman.

    Or if they really want to go the sci-fi fantasy grounded style…Then they could have the Greek gods and whatnot be another group of aliens, not Kryptonian, that came to live on Earth. Then the Kryptonians come and there is a power struggle. Stuff happens and the children of the two could be the Atlanteans and Amazonians. Or one group are the remnants of the Kryptonians while the other are the other aliens. The two sides both come to some peace treaty where they decide to independently exist separated from each other as well as avoid mankind. Then Diana could be a curious child who wants to venture out from her confined place to venture out to the world and does so in defiance. Atlanteans maybe get a whiff of her out in the world being with mankind and seemingly violating the peace treaty. Then they could have some conflicts there that spills over to mankind making Superman and others intervene.

  21. All I want is Martian Manhunter. It doesn’t have to be in this movie but he HAS to come in at some point! Please don’t crush all my hopes and dreams WB/DC!

  22. Jeez, play the ancient aliens role with the decedents of Krypton? I’m pretty sure someone around here called this one back in June…


    • decedents? DECENDENTS. *sighs*

      • This is at least evidence that they had some kind of plan and were paying some mind as to where the story could go. I think it’s a logical move to reconcile Wonder Woman’s abilities without breaking continuity within the established universe,

      • I think the word you’re looking for here is “descendants”.

        • BLAST!

  23. Alright some of you guys got Definitive Points and they can work as Sci-fi Origin story as for grounded world.
    But general People will not put their mind in the complete explanation about Wonder Woman’s origin on different side this will Confuse them more(Are Atlantian’s there brothers and sisters).
    You can still do the magical stuff in real world just look at the Thor’s intro something like that will explain everything for General Audience and they will understand it and Comic book fans will be happy too.it will not bother General People if they make her as God(Zeus is badass for GA cause they have seen him in so much movies now).
    if you Agree with me I think you will understand the Logical Difference about this Krypt Origin and how it will hard to make everything related to them.

    Onside Note how you are going to introduce one of the Main thing related to WONDER WOMAN which is LASSO OF TRUTH(without that there is no WW).
    ***will kryptonite effect WW if they use this theory

    • @SumitSJC – stop using THOR as an example of “magic” being used in the Marvel films. If you paid close attention, Magic was thoroughly explained away in the first Thor movie. Thor and his people are just ancient aliens with the technology to travel through intergalactic space. Their genetics are superior to earth humans which explains Thor’s abilities. Thor and Odin have traveled to earth in the past to fight wars against the invading frost giants. Ancient Earth Humans at that time saw them as Gods because that was the only why their feeble minds could process the abilities of the Asguardians. In the Marvel Film Universe, magic was indistinguishable from science to early humans.

      So the question is; how does DC/WB achieve this with Wonder Woman and her Gods.

      • Magic was not explained away. It was said that magic and science are one in the same. I took that as “Magic and science are both advanced arts/practices. Humans separate the 2 but Asgardians see them as the same. Magic is just a different type of science for them but has mystical unexplained concepts to most” Asgardian’s have been around so long and been to so many worlds that magic is as normal as science and just a form of science. Plus, in science, there are always things we can’t explain. That is the magic part of science.

        For instance, the fact that Mjolnir has a spoken spell on it so only someone who is worthy can hold it and Mjolnir is able to fly on its own through space to come back to Thor is a combination of the 2. If Marvel wanted to, it could explain that there is magic (a type of science in the eyes of non-humans)

        Marvel is going to be doing a Dr. Strange movie. It’s going to be hard to try and sell to the people that he is the Sorcerer Supreme who practices magic through a bunch of artifacts that are actually “science projects.”

        • It couldn’t be that hard. If it was, we may as well start calling a nuclear bomb a magic trick that makes things disappear and save people the trouble.

          • Not sure if you are agreeing or not.

            I was saying that I do not want a movie about Dr. Strange (a sorcerer) who’s magic and spells turn out to be science.

  24. WW should stay away from being half kryptonian…
    they say man of steel 2 is a superman movie because now everything and anyone came from krypton…
    unless it is well written
    i hope they wont make an everything from kryton tale for every DC hero
    it is just lazy
    if thor and ironman can coexists
    why cant superman and wonder woman

    • @Emma Frost – read my previous comment. THOR is NOT a God in the Marvel films! His mythos was explained away by science in the first Thor movie. Early ancient humans referred to Asguardians as Gods because they didn’t have an explanation for the advance technology which allowed Odin and Thor to travel to earth at the time. Thus the great MYTH of Thor was created by neanderthal humans who walked the earth thousands of years ago.

      • So does WB/DC figure “Well if it worked for Thor, it will work for Wonder Woman.”?

      • Uhmmm it was explained in the comics back in the 70′s… The movie didn’t cover new ground on Asgardians being aliens… How about DC coming up with their own original idea about magic and gods?

  25. Dumb. If they are going to use any other Krytonian, DC should just bring Supergirl into the movie. Forget Wonder Women. I would have trashed the Superman vrs. Batman concept. I would have made “Man of Steel II”.

    This movie is going to crash and burn.

  26. …the “Amazons” of this cinematic DCU will be descendants of those “ancient Kryptonians” who attempted to set up Kryptonian outposts throughout spacedom thousands and thousands of years” ago-end quote

    What the hell ? I don’t like this one bit. Makes no sense

    • Right. Because a woman made of clay makes more sense.

  27. As more and more information comes out, the dumber and dumber the movie begins to sound.


  28. Should be pointed out that Mr. Jett is speculating on the origins of Wonder Woman part, in the exact way most keen eyes and bright thinkers did when discussing the open pod from the ship that has been on Earth for over 10,000 years.

    Right now, I’m most excited about getting a peak at the new Batman in the new Batsuit, which we should have VERY SOON! :D

  29. As much as i love justice league, isnt this movie supposed to be a sequel to MoS? I dont mind the inclusion of batman but let this movie be about them trying to coexist.
    Have the JL movie be a separate movie but still with ties to this movie. Introducing every character you can think of will give this movie too many story lines to follow.
    I agree that WW should remain amazonian and not have ties to Krypton but thats just my opinions. If aliens can exist, then why cant ancient greek mythology be real?