‘Batman vs. Superman’ Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

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Superman Martian Manhunter JL Batman vs. Superman Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel – still known as Batman vs. Superman, until the world is told differently – is set to begin filming in Michigan this February, barely a month away. The only pieces of confirmed information about the film are new details about the shoot in Detroit and the reported $131 million production budget attached to – presumably – the filming in that state.

As always, the rumors are more fun – whether any of them end up to be true or not – and just in the last few weeks alone we’ve seen a whole new spate of them as DC and Warner Bros. get ready to establish their own Cinematic Universe. Is Denzel Washington involved? If so, will he play Lex Luthor? The Green Lantern? Or is Dwayne Johnson playing GL? How big of a role will Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman have?

And if potential Justice League members like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are making some kind of appearance, what about some of the other DC characters who are major JL members, like Aquaman and Martian Manhunter? The inclusion of Lex Luthor appears to be a lock, but what about the identity of a suspected second villain? Batman on Film has addressed a slew of Batman vs. Superman questions and rumors, and while many of BoF‘s answers are really just opinion and speculation, some of the information sounds fairly legitimate and intriguing.

For instance, is Lex Luthor really in the film, and who is the additional villain? According to BoF’s Jett Ramey (framed as a response to readers’ questions):

Yes. And sorry, I’m not at liberty to reveal the ID of the other villain at this time…but the character is highly rumored to be in the film.

What about the casting of Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa? Will he play Martian Manhunter or (a miscast) Aquaman? According to Jett:

Nope and nope. Neither of those characters are in this film.

Batman Versus Superman 2015 jmattisson Fan Art Batman vs. Superman Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Fan Art by John Mattisson

BoF also denies that any Bat-villains will make an appearance. From the sound of it, that’s about it for the hard information. The film’s reboot of Batman, the rumored involvement of the John Stewart Green Lantern and the confirmation of Wonder Woman’s role has led some fans to wonder how much room is left over for Superman and if this Man of Steel follow-up is a Justice League movie in disguise. BoF responds to this particular question:

Based on all my intel…NOPE. It’s a Superman film – a Superman film that just so happens to include Batman and Wonder Woman – but a Superman film nonetheless.

BoF has additional insight on other issues, such as the size of Wonder Woman’s role in Batman vs. Superman – “on par with Scarlett Johansson’s first appearance as Black Widow in IRON MAN 2.”  There is also a rather novel take on WW’s ancestry – which is complete and utter speculation, but interesting to note:

…the “Amazons” of this cinematic DCU will be descendants of those “ancient Kryptonians” who attempted to set up Kryptonian outposts throughout spacedom thousands and thousands of years ago. Furthermore, I say that Wonder Woman will be powered-down, if you will, relative to Superman because these Amazons have evolved and adapted to living on Earth for hundreds of centuries.

Probably a stretch, but given screenwriter David S. Goyer’s extensive tweaking of the traditional Krypton mythology, it’s at least plausible. BoF goes on to answer other fan questions, such as which source comics would inform Ben Affleck’s Batsuit – they mention the Kingdom Come and Batman Beyond suits as possible inspiration (we’ve heard differently, and should point out that Batman on Film loves Batman Beyond and turned out to be off-based when predicting that the beloved futuristic animated series would serve as a jumping off point for DC’s Batman reboot).

Batman vs. Superman Batman Drones and Robin Confirmed Batman vs. Superman Rumors: No Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, & More!

So could Jason Momoa be playing Doomsday, after all? There is no hard proof, but this new information is a strong clue that this could be the case. And what about the notion of Batman controlling drones from the BatcaveBoF is all for it (even if the reader wondered if it could be a “rip-off” of the Iron Man series), since Batman is usually always a step ahead of everyone; hence, the use of bat-drones could form his method of dealing with Superman – the need for which he would have foreseen.

Several of BoF’s other reader questions had to do with the likelihood of Ben Affleck taking on solo Bat-films after Batman vs. Superman, and just how many films he might be contracted to appear in. There is no way to know the details on these points, but both answers could depend on the success of BvS. Given the level of fan anticipation involved – and this before any significant portion of the film has been shot – the film’s success is nearly a given, and the more we hear about Affleck’s approach to and respect for the role, the more it sounds like Affleck is in this for the long haul.

What do think about this Batman vs. Superman news, Screen Ranters? Should Martian Manhunter or Aquaman be included? Are bat-drones a good idea? Sound off in the comments!


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman hits theaters July 17th, 2015.

Source: Batman on Film

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  1. I agree to those batman’s kingdome come and batman beyond armor.It really make more sense than the traditional suits with batman’s jaw still exposed.How about if superman punch him on the jaw area…

  2. I agree to those batman’s kingdome come and batman beyond armor.It really makes more sense than the traditional suits with batman’s jaw still exposed.How about if superman punch him on the jaw area…

  3. Yeah the Kryptonian are the source of everything does reduce it to a pretty basic concept. All powered people whether Amazonian, Atlantans, people with the meta gene.. Could all the explained in one fell swoop. Not saying thats preferable BUT for a 2 and a half hour long movie thats seeks to develops the characters and not dwell on their various origins.. Occam’s razor suggest they may ultimately go with it for the sake of streamlining things for the average viewers. Who knows.

    • Thank You, someone gets it.
      Its just an explanation, doesnt mean itll be a focus or greatly change things from how they are.

  4. Making WW an ancestor of krypton is like most others have said, lazy. The best way to do an alien WW would be another race that came to earth around the same time as the seed ship. Like others have also said bringing in new genesis for a darkseid tease would be epic. If they truly do make this a superman sequel and just set up tons of hints and clues of other races and characters in the universe than this movie will be b@lls to the wall epic. If they water down this movie to make it justice league lite or the justice league prequel than I feel like it’s gonna get more hate than IM3.

  5. It’s fun to be one of the first to voice the theory about Krypton possibly being partly responsible for the ancient stories of old.

    All you nay-sayers, don’t worry. I’m also 1,000 percent sure this is the angle that will be taken, just like the Batman-on-film guy. I’m also 1,000 percent sure that Krypton isn’t the only alien planet in the DCU, since the canon prequel comic directly references Thanagar.

    Jason Mammoa could easily pull off a believable Hawkman.

    • See, this is why I’m glad you’re here. You’re smart, you’re funny, most of all, you cut through the crap, tell it like it is and seem to be one of the handful who seem to know what they’re talking about while everyone else goes insane calling the movie a failure already.

      • Lol, you guys should rent out the pretentious suite together. It’s pretty disingenuous to brag someone up just because they agree with you and put others down that don’t. Still looking forwards to this movie but people like you two ruin EVERY DC article because you spam post everyone with the “my sh*t don’t stink attitude”.

        It’s fine to think what you want and it’s great that you agree here, but you are not the smartest people in the room, your taste is not the be all end all that you think it is. Finally, you come off as really losers because you think you’re the cool guys on the internet forum. Oh the irony in that is funny enough.


        • HA!

          Dazz, I never responded because I knew if your post was left alone eventually it would get tagged in a negative manner refuting everything you said.

          Sure enough, we have a winnner!

          Whatever you say, MovieB. I’m very sorry that you think it is pretentious of both myself, Dazz, and others to point out how disingenuous it is for people to spam post EVERY DC article with juvenile statements based on absolutely nothing.

          According to you, we “ruin EVERY DC article?” How’s that? By challenging questionable opinions? By daring people to have a discussion? By encouraging those who make statements to have arguments to back those statements up?

          That’s not called being pretentious: It’s called being an adult. You should give it a try sometime.


          • I’m not sure how anything I said can be taken as juvenile, but okay. I don’t like trolls so I have no problem with you hassling them but you attack other people for not liking the sounds of the movie so far and that’s not fair. People can be weary of rumours without being a “paid hater”.

            This is an internet forum and while I can appreciate that you want some people to go into depth with their opinions…. they don’t have to. You’re not judge and jury and nobody has to explain anything to you. It’s here where I get annoyed because some of your replies come off snotty and entitled as if people owe you an explanation. I think you’re a bit too paranoid that people are paid to be on here and post negatively.

            • Dude, it goes both ways, if people are “allowed” to rant, scream, cry and throw tantrums like man-children, then they SHOULD take the heat that comes with it. If a person presents a counter opinion in an adult way, they who are you to dismiss it as well? if you ask for respect, give it as well. People who go on rants should be called out. You are totally right when you say this is the internet, everybody has a right to an opinion, EVERYBODY, there’s no need to get defensive if someone calls you out, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen brother.

  6. *burps*

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters April 4, 2014


  7. There is a DC spin-off of Batman from the 1800’s who was either half or a whole vampire I would like to see a Batman that has supernatural strength, but still has the smarts and wits of the popular Batman. The Rock would make a perfect Martian Man Hunter or Cyborg. He could be a Lantern too, but a little too big. esley Snipes would be a good Green Lantern. Denzel will be the Green Lantern with a chip on his shoulder, don’t like it. I would like to see a GL and Aquaman of course.

  8. How about this:

    If the Amazons are descendant from Kryptonians, couldn’t the “Gods” just be purer Kryptonians?
    That the gods are pure kryptonians, as they have mated with each other, while some chose to mate with humans and therefore creating amazonians, atlantians etc.

    I would be ok with that I think – if done correctly, that is.

  9. Superman, batman, wonder woman, green lantern, flash,martian manhunter, nightwing. As for villians lex luthor, doomsday and a cameo by darkseid.

  10. I don’t like this realistic thing too much; it’s gonna constrain them too much and it would very damn hard for them to make an expanded universe the way Marvel is doing one. They’re gonna have to create other intelligent lifeforms, different dimensions, etc.

    Otherwise EVERYTHING supernatural would have to come from Krypton. i.e. Martian manhunter, aquaman, braniac, darkseid, doomsday, wonderwoman, hawk guy, green lantern, etc.

    It will kill the franchise. Now that Man of Steel will no longer be a Nolan-type of movie they need to take it up a notch.

    • +1,000,000

      I agree with you Dude. This realism, realistic approach IMHO, is what is hurting the DC films. It seems like they are just twiddling their thumbs and walking on egg shells, because they are scared they are going to offend the realistic fanatic comic book fans, who want everything real in the DC universe, because of the Nolan films (to those folks I say get over it, THEY WERE JUST MOVIES). It just slows down the process for Warner/DC to move forward like Marvel. They just need to follow Marvel’s approach and call it a day. As you said before, Warner/DC needs to take it up a notch and quit worrying about the realistic approach.

      • -100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
        Your both wrong

        • Eddie Van Halen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Slash

        • Agree with Cody…… Last thing I want is an Avengers clone….. That would destroy all the good that Nolan has done for the DC brand after the mess of Batman & Robin, Superman Returns etc etc…. I’m hoping that they stay on this course.

          • I’d hated for DC to be a Marvel clone. But you gotta admit, Marvel has done a lot right.

            Not only have the movies been brilliant…they have invigorated comic book sales. Iron Man is now a proper success as a comic. The recent Thor arc with Malekith sold well. More than anything Guardians of the Galaxy is a Top Selling comic book. There is synergy. If DC goes ahead with this…then they’re literally turning away new comic book fans who want to know more about the character, before and after the movie.
            In the comics, Wonder Woman is the current God of War. Its sheer stupidity pissing of manyy Wonder Woman fans and the possibility of new fans. All for the sake of playing it safe.

            • DC doesn’t get to make these decisions, WB does.
              And I don’t think they care about comic sales.
              Why would they, one hit movie nets you more than total comic book sales for the year.

              • Which is short term thinking. These are the days of synergy. DC would get a sizable base of new comic book fans. And comic book fans don’t just buy comic books. They buy merchandise. So they can have a movie out every 3-4 years and sell some stuff…but comic book merchandise and a stronger base is an important consideration. Think in terms of per person contribution. Each person who goes to see the movie will buy a ticket. They might buy some merchandise from this movie. If the comic book version is similar to the movie version, then that same person buys back issues. Then a part of that section along with the movie stuff..buys comic book merchandise. Per person contribution…and thereby collective…is increased potentially exponentially.

                • On another note……. DC needs to be gritier and not use useless Lasers in shooting

                • You seemed to miss my point,

                  The DC movies are made by WB.
                  The comics are made by DCE.

                  DCE does not have any say in how the movies get made, WB has the rights.
                  WB does not care how many comics DC sells because they make nothing from the sales of DC comics.

                  The ENTIRE comic book industry made less than a billion dollars last year, ONE good comic book movie can do that. The merchandise has a higher ratio of the movie version than the comic book version.

          • Define an Avengers clone…. A group of super powered beings that band together to defeat a common foe. Thats The Avengers, Fantastic Four, The Defenders, Xmen, Justice League, Legion of Super-Heroes, Outsiders, etc….

            I dont understand what Nolans supposed self contained Batman film universe has to do with a course that needs staying on.

            Fact is Nolans Batman universe was not supposed to contain any supers, aliens, unbelievable villains etc. Yet here we have a man from another planet with super powers. So you have already gone of course from Nolans universe.

            What Nolan did with Batman and the way it was portrayed was a three and done. That worked well for Batman. It worked well because of the main character.

            Now you are attempting to bring in characters that have powers beyond us earth mortals.

            Instead of creating a unique (based on their history) blend of science, fantasy, mythology, etc. it appears they are tying it down all for the sake of reality.

            My question is what is wrong with following the comic book blue print? Would you have an issue with an island of female warriors, based on Amazonian myth, hidden from the general public until they find they need to get involved with the current world? A large alien from the planet Mars that can shape shift? A hybrid of human and Atlantean origin?

            Just because Batman was successful within Nolans universe does not mean that template can be (or should be) used with all DC characters.

            Or when you say Avengers clone do you just mean each character getting their own movie coming together at another point?

            • “My question is what is wrong with following the comic book blue print? Would you have an issue with an island of female warriors, based on Amazonian myth, hidden from the general public until they find they need to get involved with the current world? A large alien from the planet Mars that can shape shift? A hybrid of human and Atlantean origin?”

              My question is, what makes you so sure that what we get will deviate that far from that foundation?

              Do you know ANYTHING about Zach Synder? Say what you will about the guy, but if you are familiar with WATCHMEN and MoS he doesn’t stray too far from the source material, and makes it a point to keep the important core things intact.

              Wonder Woman can still be the daughter of Zeus, and the leader of an Amazonian race… even if Kryptonian influence is a factor.

              • I think the problem is that its change for all the wrong reasons.
                It will definitely change part of the core of Diana’s character. And with movies like Justice League Dark and the Constantine project headlined by Goyer himself….we know that DC will have fantastical elements in their universe. There is no need to tie with with the Kryptonian sci-fi stuff just for the sake that it somehow makes it easier to digest. If WW is a daughter of Zeus, and pretty much everyone knows who Zeus is…then it will just end up confusing people more. Everyone KNOWS the greek gods. Its old mythology. Surely that makes it Easier to understand. And not everything has to be Sci-fi. Specially now that we know that DC is going for fatastical elements all-ready. And its lazy. So Superman is frm Krypton, WW is from Krypton, Aquaman is a kryptonian……….where does it stop? All you need is for someone to introduce Kryptonite in this universe..and most of the major heroes are dead….Its an idea that is so obvious…so seemingly safe…so lazy for a picture that aims to be a cut above the rest.
                And its such a huge deviation from the comics, in which she is currently a God herself. I mean, Wonder Woman as a character is kickass. So if she’s portrayed by Gal who looks nothing like her comic book counterpart…its no big deal. But her origin, her being a part of Greek Mythology…has a hand in formation of most of her villains….cheetah can’t come in, ares is hard to explain… It just cuts off soo much stuff.

                Its a bit like Michael Bay trying to make the Ninja Turtles aliens…just because he thinks that the public would believe that more. That was a terrible idea. This is pretty similar. Bay was quoted as saying almost every thing about the turtles would remain the same…..except that they were aliens. And that was the same. Lazy. You have to find a way to do her origin right. I trust Snyder. Which is why i’m glad that these are still, just rumors.

                • You must really hate Thor then. Thor is no longer a God either, in the MCU.

                  Her mythology doesn’t have to be changed, and no where does it say that “everyone is going to be from Krypton.”

                  Zach Synder is a passionate DC fanboy. Given his track record, I’m more than just confident that he won’t change things beyond recognition or to any point that does any type of injustice to these haloed characters.

                  • I love thor. And here’s why… He’s constantly….constantly..being referred to by his godly origins. His movie poster Said “GOD OF THUNDER”…..They had one or two throwaway lines about their magic being similar to earth science. But Loki is soo clearly a god. Frigga was soo clearly magical. And no one questions it.
                    The point is that if you;re not gonna make the effort to portray WW’s origins faithfully…and simply tie to Ancient Krypton…what’s from stopping you. People here have already suggested that Aquaman could be explained similarly. Its really easy to do…to the point that its too obviously lazy.
                    Add to that…there really is no need. If people buy flying aliens…they’d certainly buy mystical land in time….greek gods and mythology. And if DC’s so confident that no one would buy that…then Justice League Dark & Constantine are already not looking that good. If you’re gonna be going for the fantastical elements of the DC universe..why not now? Marvel has a movie out about a talking racoon and a tree. They saw this as an opportunity. DC sees this as an impossible challenge. So they tinker.
                    I have great faith in Snyder. I loved MOS. I would pick it over IM2, IM3, Cap…. But Snyder can get it wrong if the story isn’t right (Suckerpunch…which I didn’t mind the fist time…but was such a forgettable movie….and most of the world hated it).

                    Again..glad this is just rumors.

                    • “I love thor. And here’s why… He’s constantly….constantly..being referred to by his godly origins.”

                      Yeah, ummm… have you seen the Thor movies?

                      It is brought up more than once that they are in fact NOT GODS. Odin himself says so.

                      Also, possibly putting a Kryptonian spin on the origins of Greek Mythology is the opposite of lazy: it’s damn clever.

                      Explaining a story line as, “yeah, y’know they are Greek Gods. Gods exist, just go with it.”
                      ^^^^ Now THIS is lazy. There is absolutely, positively NO THOUGHT put into that.

                    • @DrMindbender

                      Did you happen to catch the poster.? With the Giant “GOD OF THUNDER”? Did Marvel shy away from the word God? Black Widow said that these people are basically Gods. Cap disagreed. That’s cool. I’d be fine with a Wonder Woman portrayal in which its ambiguous. She believes them to be who they’re supposed to be.

                      Where’s the need though? Why link Ancient Kryptonians??? So Superman would no longer be the last Son of Krypton. He’d have a bunch of other Kryptonians to hang out with. And DC’s already gonna be doing JLD and Constantine. So why change her origins? It doesn’t add anything to the character..only takes a part of her away.

                    • LOL. So you haven’t seen the Thor movies then, just the poster?

                    • LOL. So you just read the first line of a post and move on?

                      The main thing is…there is no need for this lazy explanation.
                      It would be hilarious if Kryptonite was introduced….
                      Or the scene where superman runs to diana’s family as he share’s their ancestory….No more Last Son of Krypton…There’s a bunch of them basically of the same decent..yea!

                    • @Anim – What Mindbender is saying that in the actual Thor films, Asgardians are actually an alien race they aren’t gods, they state that magic is science which in a way it is, its just something that hasn’t been explained by science, so the amazonians can have all their magical equipment with little explanation its just their background will be alien rather than somehow gods exist.

                    • @JZ1988
                      And my point is there is no need for that. Its not that the Greek God’s origin will be alien…it will be Kryptonian. That’s the big deal. So Superman isn’t the last son of krypton. Diana and Clark share the same ancestors. That’s a big change. And wholly unnecessary. What happens when Kryptonite is introduced? Why is this so drastically different from the comics ? What does this actually add to the character..? Nothing…Only changes it….DC’s already gonna be having JLD n Constantine..so the fantastical elements will be there anyways. What’s the point of alienating a ton of fans by changing the origins?

                    • i hv read soo many of these posts
                      the onli thing is that none of this information is factual
                      a lot of speculation

                      personally, the main point is that changing wonderwomans origin does not bring anything new to the character. while that could be interpreted as it cant change much, one has to see about the reasons for a change this big.
                      sups and wonder woman will technically be of kryptonian heritage. the original quote clearly says decedents. that voids to some extent the loss of krypton for superman and makes the whole movie sci-fi. but for no good reason.

                    • I prefer an ANIME Justice League with Goku (obviously) as the lead.

                    • ^^^^^ Not me…

                      On a separate note… Goku rules! Hope someone makes a good Dragon Ball Movie

                    • Oh yeah, they already made a good Dragon Ball Movie, DRAGON BALL EVOLUTIOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!

              • My question is what makes you so sure they wont deviate far from that foundation?

                Do I know anything about Zach Snyder? No I have had a few invites to his place for bon bons but had to pass.

                However his movie resume is hit and miss. Compound to the equation he only has 6 movies directed/co-written I can still say wait and see as he has nothing proven especially with writing. (not knocking directing)

                He did not write Watchmen he only directed it so he had no chance of straying from the source material.

                MoS he did not write so how could he or couldn’t he stray?

                I mean a director directs what was written…. while I know they have influence usually by the time it hits the director the writing has been ‘approved’ and completed.

                Now he is co-writing BvS. So IMO he has no clout as a writer to stray or not to stray from the source.

                The question was not if it could work having her with a kryptonian heritage it was WHY when you have a heritage/foundation already built?

                Im not saying dont tweak it or slightly modify it to fit ‘now’. Im saying why deviate to such an extreme when there is no need.

                • “Im saying why deviate to such an extreme when there is no need.”

                  And I’m saying there is nothing that says anything will get deviated to any extreme.

                  I’m saying that Zack Synder’s comic book movie track record should do nothing but inspire confidence that this will not happen.

                  “MoS he did not write so how could he or couldn’t he stray?”

                  Having Superman kill Zod was Zach’s decision, meaning he didn’t stray at all from the source material, as Superman has killed Zod more than once in the comics. That’s just one example, but it’s far and away the best example I can give.

                  • Having Wonder Womans origins deviated and possibly having connections of all supers (rumor I know) to be kryptonian is mo extreme espeically when there is no need.

                    Having Superman kill Zod was Zach’s decision.

                    I would like to read about that. I was under the impression it was from Goyer making it a point that he was not Superman until the end of the movie…..

                    I think it was written by Goyer and Zach supported it.

                    We talked to some of the people at DC Comics and said, “Do you think there’s ever a way that Superman would kill someone?” At first they said, “No way. No way.” We said, “But what if he didn’t have a choice?” Originally, Chris didn’t even want to let us try to write it. Zack and I said, “We think we can figure out a way that you’ll buy it.” I came up with this idea of the heat vision and these people about to die. I wrote the scene and I gave it to Chris and he said, “OK, you convinced me. I buy it.”

                    Goyer says I came up with the idea, I wrote the scene.

                    “I’m saying that Zack Synder’s comic book movie track record should do nothing but inspire confidence that this will not happen.”

                    As a director…. sure. I would not blame a director for the issues in writing if there were any. If Im the writer and you are the director and I write Spiderman to be a genetically enhanced monkey who are you as the director to change that if it is already approved? (being a little light here)

                    So I say again until he has proven himself as a writer of comic book movies there is nothing you can say about the story and Zach Snyder being all of that as he has not proven himself.

                    Im not saying he cant or wont im saying from all these rumors it looks fairly poor/bland/questionable…..

                    Hence the reason I said this universe seems like a mess.. or it is starting to look like a mess.

                    Again my opinion. I hope im wrong and I hope it works…….

                    • @Aknot

                      Define an Avengers clone…. Several single movies leading up to a kids movie….

                      I dont understand what Nolans supposed self contained Batman film universe has to do with a course that needs staying on… Nolan was involved with MOS

                      Fact is Nolans Batman universe was not supposed to contain any supers, aliens, unbelievable villains etc. Yet here we have a man from another planet with super powers. So you have already gone of course from Nolans universe….. Natural progression, neither did Ironman….

                      What Nolan did with Batman and the way it was portrayed was a three and done. That worked well for Batman. It worked well because of the main character….. Batman is in the new movie

                      Now you are attempting to bring in characters that have powers beyond us earth mortals….. No longer Nolan’s movie but you can not deny the influence

                      Instead of creating a unique (based on their history) blend of science, fantasy, mythology, etc. it appears they are tying it down all for the sake of reality….. Slow moves in this direction and the viewed would not flinch.

                      My question is what is wrong with following the comic book blue print? Would you have an issue with an island of female warriors, based on Amazonian myth, hidden from the general public until they find they need to get involved with the current world? A large alien from the planet Mars that can shape shift? A hybrid of human and Atlantean origin?… Why do all comic book readers feel they have a god given right to these movies?? I am not a comic book reader and enjoy both Marvel and DC movies, its you people that cause the arguments. Bloodsport and Catch Me If You Can were ‘based upon a true story’. Blueprints are blueprints, if comics were so good surely they would outsell all books 1,000,000 to 1… but they don’t and only 1% of the earth read comic books, this is something you really do not seem to be able to grasp. WB and Disney would be bankrupt appealing to the 1% movie audience….

                      Just because Batman was successful within Nolans universe does not mean that template can be (or should be) used with all DC characters…. Again, Nolan was involved in MOS

                      Or when you say Avengers clone do you just mean each character getting their own movie coming together at another point? I mean a childish movie full of jokes, no blood, no death really (other than Coulson)… Its a kids movie, not that I didn’t enjoy it of course but on my second watch the Avengers Assemble was pretty poor…

                  • Video wont load at work. I will check it out when I get home (not that I dont believe you you provided it I need to at least look at it)

                    I pulled my quote from a magazine interview.

          • Couldnt respond directly to your response to me.

            I understand The Avengers clone remark. What I dont understand is why you think keeping to the true origins as portrayed in the books would make it ‘a childish movie’ (paraphrase).

            Are you saying you cant keep WW story serious as it is written in the books? Are you saying you cant keep Martian Manhunter serious?

            I can think of a ton of stories that use single characters (Killing Joke) or multiple characters (Identity Crisis) that were anything but funny and or childish.

            1%???? 1% of who? Could you please provide a link or some other proof to back up your claim? Not saying you are incorrect its just I know Japan reads a lot of comics…. and overall im sure there are more people that have read Amazing Spiderman then some Clancy books. You have to remember it (comics) is a periodical.

            You people…. 😀 I actually can not remember the actual last time I picked up a comic. Even when I read a book and see the movie I always question why when ‘silly’ stuff is changed.

            As for arguments…. I dont think this is an argument. I asked you to further articulate on a statement you made. Pointing out why there is no problem in keeping to the book (within reason). This is what The Avengers did.

        • lol

          Okay, so Martian Manhunter will have to be some kryptonian that accidentally got trapped on Mars and was mutated into becoming that green creature. Okay, gotcha!

        • They are just movies, WAKE UP bro.

      • I agree. But my problem is that its lazy writing. DC just thinks it knows what will work with audiences. But it just doesn’t work out for them. I cherish the differences between the Marvel movies and the DC movies. But “grounding” it in Kryptonian sci-fi is the most obvious rout they can take. Its lazy. And it changes a critical part of the Wonder Woman heritage. There can be no room for the lasso. No room for manyy of her storylines. Her motivations, her upbringing…that alll changes. And so does the character. It simply wouldn’t be Wonder Woman.
        Wonder Woman is certainly not defined by how she looks. But her heritage, her origin…that’s a major part of her character. If they change that…then its like Robert Downing Jr. playing Sherlock. Its not a bad thing. Its quite enjoyable in some parts. Its just..not Sherlock Holmes.
        I’m glad these are all rumors at this point. You can say that it’ll be easier for mass audiences. I don’t think mass audiences are looking for easier to digest…or more believability…the suspension of belief has already happened when we talk about aliens with green rings and flying aliens with capes…Wonder Woman certainly has a place in this universe..and with a proper origin.
        We already know there will be magic in the DC universe. Justice League Dark is in development. Constantine as a project is being developed by Goyer himself. Marvel’s Kevin Fergie has spoken about his love of Dr.Strange and how this magical element is something that Marvel will be exploring. DC has a chance to do this well and really expand on this in a cool way. They should stop being scared…take a shot..and develop it well.

        • i agree,but to an extent.
          i would not like it very much. but if zack wants to do it, maybe it could work. maybe it will be a distraction and take some of the shine off the movie. we will know more soon.

      • The could still use a mature, scientific approach the way they did with superman’s powers; his cells absorbing the radiation of the sun to give him that power. But they have to stretch it further than everything supernatural originating from Krypton. This is no longer a Nolan version of Superman but it could be 50/50.

  11. “Some call him a SAVIOR…Others, an ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORIST. He is FEARED, and JUSTLY, by those who would DEPRIVE the beasts and birds of their SANCTUARY.

    His name is HAWKMAN.”

    ^^^ Kingdom Come

  12. actually, this bit of news is a surprise disappointment to me. with all this news of characters that may or will be featured in this movie, the one that they could have slipped into the kryptonian sic-fi storyline almost seamlessly would have been martian manhunter (or green lantern) in the role of intergalactic bounty hunter seeking to “clean up” the mess that is being caused by the fallout of krypton’s destruction. that and jason momoa already has the strangely cro-magnon alien look of the manhunter. just paint the guy green and you’re all set.

  13. I think WB is protecting some sort of reputation to themselves.They might be thinking that they haved done all those light and fun movies in the past,just like the past superman and batman films.Some of them are good but some are also ridiculous because of putting to much fun.Maybe they thought that it’s time for this CBMs to evolved and become more sci-fi/realistic.Marvel was still in the first step,eventually,they are going to adapt WB tune in the future.

  14. The WW Krypton angle does make some sense, if only because WW was always a close approximate of Superman in terms of overall power level. Plus, it sets up a bunch of other heroes for a consistent origin story.

    It also removes deification from the setting, which I guess is a good thing. Actual gods and godlike aliens don’t mix all that well.

  15. This is getting out of hand. Ok marvel has a good thing going we ALL understand that.

    The dark knight triology HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DCMU! This has been said over and over and over and over. We will not have christian bale as batman nad he is not coming out of his death with selina kyle as a wife or lover or whatever. Is daredevil part of mcu? No. Is the original spiderman have anything to do with amazing spiderman? No. Ben afflecks batman will nat be the same batman from tdk. Its a FACT said over six months ago!

    Now as to the issue with martian manhunter and aquaman and gl and ww. Now what is the name of the alien race that introduced the meta gene on earth? It is easier to say that the kyrptonians who landed introduced the meta gene. Now several of those people affected by this could have been the greek gods. And the first Amazon was gifted from the gods. Now everyone is saying no magic no aquaman no blahblahblah! First magic is a focus as del toro is still adament to get jld which as anyone knows is magic. The kyrptonians have proven that they can manipulate genetics and we saw strange creatures on their homeworld. Maybe this will help explain how the atlanteans adapted after the sinking of atlantis? What was magic to them could have been basic gentic manipulation via old kryptonian tech? Does that make them kryptonian? No. Does a woman who was raised in an isolated society with incredible strength and ablity to fly and utlises powerful weapons make her a kryptonian because some where along the line the gods mingled with a kyrptonian and has affected the amazon race? No.

    What this is simply saying is that the meta gene may have been awoken via kyrptonian influence but in 20000 years we have seen the cultures adapt in there own ways and develpoe new skills like magic and flight and so on and so forth. Mm is still a martian and gl is still an interstellar galactic force. So metas on earth have a different orgin….as long as it makes sense is it really gonna matter how the greek gods became gods? Or how the atlanteans developed their adapatable traits?

    To the common veiwer no.

    • Thank you for this. I was thinking the same thing–you just said it better.

  16. I knew it!! Kara Zor El will begin the race of Amazonians!!! I FREAKING KNEW IT!

  17. Hawkman FTW.



    • Yep…it is a pretty cool love story…

  18. ne thin I notied about the abve picture. DC heroes sure like to use capes!

  19. …..why must we keep saying this….

    This article is one persons speculation! No where in the article does it say that they are looking to do this. And if they do think about it….are humans today exactly the same as we were 20,000 years ago? What if someone who had kyrptonian dna had a child with one who didn’t? What happens..not a pure kytptonian but some similiar powers? What if they used the tech and genticlly started human evolution…..what if darkseid decided to say I love earth and sing kumbaia?

    Look if they do this but keep the mythos I’m fine with it. Look at it this way. Marvel is deviating from source making ultron tony starks creation. Scarlet witch and quicksilver have a complete new orgin…I think that if they szay the greek gods are decendent from krypton it won’t be a big change and in honesty we could use the argument about who made the gods? Are they aliens or a new evolution? It could bring some interesting storylines to play.

    Also really you are all over reacting saying MARTAIN MANHUNTER will be kryptonian. You are crying over broken eggs with out the chicken laying the egg yet! Relax. Relize that this is one mans veiw. No hard facts say that they will do this. This is pure rumor moving to make people get rilled up.

    I prefer to imagine that the kryptonian came across a tribe that looked down upon her for being a woman and she fought back. Thus inspireing the women of the tribe to rise against the males. Thus become the first amazon. She then taught a student who after her mentors death( remember that it took zod and crew time to adapt to the planet) and took her sisters to a place were hera saw an opertunity to gain a strong group of female warriors and then blessed them.

    Look kryptonian influence that keeps the mythos the same. Mm, gl corps, aquaman, all magic character will not need to fear that the rich history will change

  20. My biggest issue with this kind of thing is by tying everything to Krypton you limit, or create issues later on, with many of the more mystical side of the DCU i.e. Ares and the rest of the pantheon of mythology that WW brings in. The public already buys wonder woman – since Linda freaking Carter.

    That said the MCU has done a good job blurring the science/magic role of Thor so who knows. Wait and see.

    • I guess they could go the alien route, granted they DON’T make her a descendant of Krypton. Just let her be an Amazon, which happens to be the name these alien creatures assigned themselves. They could have got rid of the (inferior) male gender to reach their evolutionary peak.

      With such an in-depth mythology fleshed out beforehand by Snyder (remember, he was able to provide a rich, detailed answer to the question of genetical engineering on Krypton he [or maybe Goyer/Nolan] made up – just watch the video interview posted her by another user in which he, Adams and Cavill talk to Kevin Smith) they simply cannot go wrong.

      They will be able to explain the much-dread invisible plane away as advanced alien tech with a stealth-mode. The lasso of truth could be watered down to a certain extent – just drop the ‘truth component’ and make it an inescapable lasso. Furthermore her race could stem from a planet with infinitely higher gravity, which would grant them superhuman strength and agility as well as flight planet Earth. This would create a certain connection / parallel between her and Superman by pure coincidence.

      And I think it was Black Pegasus who suggested that their Gods could turn out to be transcendant, possibly noncorporeal beings who just assume different forms to interact with their people. Ares would be a creature fueld by anger and hatered, emotions the Amazons managed to keep in check throughout several millennia. But the arrival of Zod somehow shattered that harmony and set Ares free. Why not make him the first JLA villain with a special focus on Wonder Woman. Giganta could assist him.

      And of course their should be a connection between Ares, Brainiac and Darkseid. But I’m just spitballing here – business as usual.

  21. Batman beyond suit makes the perfect choice for the new batman/superman movie. The point of the batman beyond suit was to enhance physical abilities making Wayne super strong and making him able to fly. The suit was created because he was getting old and had to find a way to continue to be batman. Which is the role Ben Affleck is playing an older Bruce Wayne. Also by doing this is opens up a whole new direction that you can go into with the new batman series, keeping the franchise from getting burnt out. As for all of the other super Heros I think it would be a wiser Choice to leave them out because now they are trying to throw so much in at once without explanation. That’s why these other characters would be better off with their own movie first.

  22. No surprise they intend to downplay WW powers.

  23. Why would any of those characters make an appearance….it would almost be a waste of time to make a Justice League movie. I don’t want Green Lantern, or Aquaman till the time is right….its supposed to be a Superman movie…right?

  24. I think they should add the Flash into the story line either now in “Super man vs Batman” or in the later future film “Justive League”.He’s been having a lot of positive remarks by Grant Gustin’s portrayal of the character in Arrow.The character itself has so much potential.

  25. @kevin, dude you called it several pages back. the batman on film guy tweeted today, the 6th, that this was all pure speculation on his part. as you noted, and he says it himself, he stated as such in his responses.

    • let me amend my post. the BoF guy, from my interpretation, doesn’t make it all that clear in the article above that this is just speculation on his part, as I reread the story. pretty clear in his retweet.

      • Like I have said on many of these threads and many more. It ain’t officical unless we get wb or synder to say it is. Now I’m sure a lot of people are feeling really silly over a rumor they blew out of control. Now let’s move on to real information.

  26. Metallo, from the New 52:

    “John Corben is under the command of General Sam Lane. Corben is seen enlisting in what appears to be a military project co-opted by Lex Luthor, General Lane, and young scientst Doctor John Henry Irons to go against Superman called “Project Steel Soldier”. Corben is seen in the “Metal 0″ suit.”

    Replace General Lane with General Swanwick and this would be a way to introduce Lex Luthor, Metallo, and Steel in MOS 2 as villains and one future hero.
    As of now, my money is officially on the MOS 2 villain duo being Lex and Metallo.

  27. Doomsday will be the second villian, and he will be created by Lex from the vial of Supermans blood that was taken in the first film while on Zods ship.