‘Man of Steel’ Supersuit to be Redesigned for ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Man of Steel new 52 superman Man of Steel Supersuit to be Redesigned for Batman vs. Superman

The last two weeks have seen a flurry of updates to director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel – still known to the world at large as Batman vs. Superman

Starting with the news that Gal Gadot of the Fast & Furious franchise will appear as Wonder Woman (joining returning Superman Henry Cavill and new Batman Ben Affleck), we’ve had other news on the highly anticipated continuation of the DC Cinematic Universe: Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa may join the production (as Doomsday? Bizarro Superman? Martian Manhunter?), Warner Bros. is looking at Joaquin Phoenix for an undisclosed role, and Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio will rewrite David S. Goyer’s script for the sequel.

With production set to begin in February 2014, there is a question as to just how much of Man of Steel screenwriter Goyer’s script can or will be changed. At this point, all of the pre-visualization of the look of the film will have been locked down, including a new design for the rebooted Batman’s outfit. We have our own ideas of how the new Batman could look, but what about Superman’s Supersuit? As it turns out, his Man of Steel look is getting a redesign as well.

Man of Steel superman Man of Steel Supersuit to be Redesigned for Batman vs. Superman

Batman vs. Superman costume designer Michael Wilkinson talked to Cinemovie.tv about the retro outfits he designed for the 1970′s-set American Hustle, and briefly discussed his new looks for Batman, Wonder Woman and how he is “tweaking” Cavill’s Superman costume. Wilkinson did not say anything specific on what has been changed in Supe’s look from the original film, but he did talk about how far along the new film’s preparations are, stating:

“We are now in the stage where we’re refining our designs with the last series of camera tests and doing our final tweaks in preparation for shooting.”

As we have pointed out, Superman’s costume has undergone a long evolution over the past 75 years. The updated look of the Supersuit for Man of Steel was the most radical big-screen departure from its predecessors, and reflected DC’s redesign of the character in the post-New 52 comic book era.

The most noticeable change in the suit’s design was the loss of the red trunks, but every aspect of the Man of Steel costume had a function, from the “S” symbol as the crest of the House of El (a carry-over from the Richard Donner films) and meaning “hope” in Kryptonian to the suit itself serving as an undergarment for the Krypton battle armor.

It’s very common to see superhero costume adjustments and redesigns from movie to movie – Marvel’s Iron Man franchise might be the most consistent example of this – but the changes to the Batman design in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy had a purpose. It’s unclear if the same can be said for the Batman vs. Superman redesign to Superman’s look, especially with the plot details still firmly under wraps.

Injustice Superman costume Man of Steel Supersuit to be Redesigned for Batman vs. Superman

As for just what the “tweaks” might be, the only other major approach to the Superman look other than the New 52 redesign is that of the Injustice: God Among Us video game, which features no real departures from the Man of Steel costume other than a scalloped collar (which is oddly reminiscent of the Starfleet uniforms from the later seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation) and a slight armored-plating look. Could this version of the iconic costume be an influence?

As shooting of Batman vs. Superman ramps up in early 2014, expect glimpses of the new Superman outfit to find their way online in due course – but any “tweaks” are bound to be upstaged by the redesigned Batman and Wonder Woman costumes. As always, stay tuned for further updates.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Cinemovie.tv

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  1. As long as they don’t add the stupid collar from the New 52 suit, I’ll be fine with some changes.

    • wow, this si embarrasing, I actually like the collar

      • +1

      • I like it also.

    • Nothing’s wrong with collar from the New 52 suit. Live a little bit! The something a new is not that bad!

      • The collar seems authoritative and regimental, which I guess he could see himself as a soldier of Earth protecting it from invading forces. Jor-El’s militaristic influence could help with that, crafting him into the kind of character people expected, despite his inexperience fighting.

    • i love the collar for supes. i hope dc never use pre 52 costume for all their character and disgusting red trunks for superman or black trunks for batman

  2. Jesus christ this movie is going to be big

    • Like a turd from a Great Dane. ;)

    • So many people are gonna complain about this movie after they see it.

  3. Lame, they shouldn’t retweak it because it’s already perfect. However, I do understand for story line purposes the suit could be damaged and thus he would be forced to tweak it.

  4. I am all for change as long as it helps to make the movie better in some way.

  5. Its going to be minor tweaks that nobody will really notice. No superhero costume of the past decade as stayed the same from film to film. Even Spider-Man’s costume changed in Spider-Man 2 from Spider-Man 1 but really minor. Thor’s costume is different in all 3 movies he’s in. But personally, I hope it is more in line with the New 52 design, old school fanboys will gripe about that but his New 52 design, along with all the Justice Leagues designs are awesome.

  6. I’m assuming it’s more of a lighting thing being the main reason for the tweaks with a minor reason being a slight update like the red belt-like stripe around the waist (unless somehow his original suit gets damaged in a fight early on and he needs a new one that can hold up since he doesn’t have armour to protect himself or the suit from tears etc).

    Either way, I liked the New 52 and the Injustice looks so I’m good either way if it’s based on them.

    • I think we all want new ways to protect from tears and sadness.

      • There’s a shampoo for that.

  7. PLEASE get rid of the silly assed waist, leg filigree and the bracers of uselessness.

    Then give us back the red belt that was needed to break up all the ugly blue.

    • +1 for the comment.

      + another 1 for the hilarity. :D

  8. The article is a bit off. The picture they show from Injustice is showing the new 52 skin, and the armored look and collar are part of the new 52 design. The Injustice design had the sides of the “S shield” attached to the cape for the (good) Superman and had a completely different outfit for the evil Superman.

  9. Be cool if the “tweeks” are recognized in the movie as Ma Kent’s doing.

    • I guess anyone who went through what she did would be tempted to become a crystal meth dealer too. Those darned blue collar tweakers…

      • Hehe.

        “Calm down Tweek. Here, have some coffee…”

        • Ma Kent’s new reality show, Baking Bad.

          • HA!

            • Well done.

  10. Sandy, the red belt is the most noticeable change (and improvement) from the Injustice design. The Man of Steel version doesn’t really have a real belt and there’s no red there. Breaking up all that blue would be prime.

    • That’s why I think we should assume he’ll get that red along the waistline so he’s not wearing a big blue onesie because I think if I first met Superman in person, I’d take one look at him and probably laugh and ask which slumber party he had to leave to come fight me.

      • He wouldn’t fight you. He’d crush your ass into powder.

        • But as a supervillain, I wouldn’t think that, would I?

          Can’t be a good villain unless you wrongly assume you can beat the hero.

        • If you’re a human being, and superman comes to Earth … and you think you can beat him…

          Then you need therapy.

          • Everyone who dresses up in their onesies – superman, batman, flash, and all the villains – need therapy.

            As well as Lex Luthor, I suppose?

            And Hercule from DBZ.

    • Rob, I think the article should be updated so the pic reflects the main Injustice Superman costume. The pic uses is just the New 52 skin as it appears in the game, but isn’t the normal Injustice suit.

  11. The costume needs some red where the so-called red underwear used to be. However, it is unclear how he would make a change to the outfit. I don’t think he has access to a Kryptonian ship anymore or the Jor-el program.

    • US government fabricates a similar material for his new outfit?

      • Something tells me that they aren’t going to warm up to Superman quite enough to be his official seamstress for his shenanigans.

  12. The suit is perfect. As long as the tweaks aren’t exaggerated, good on them.

  13. I, for one, hope they brightened up the suit’s color pallete. If Superman & Batman are gonna be sharing a screen together, there needs to be contrast, both in terms of personality & visual aesthethic, which won’t work if both characters’ costumes have dark, muted, pale colors.

    • The ironic thing is that to me, the modern scenes in MOS looked drab and dreary to put across how bleak things were while the flashbacks were full of hope and optimism and therefore had a much brighter colour palette.

    • All the costumes have had pleated capes or are you refering to the way it is attatched

  14. Nothing’s wrong with small tweaks ala Spiderman and Thor’s suits as they slightly changed from movie to movie.

  15. The only real change I’d make to it would be a slightly shorter cape – cutting off no more than 4-6 inches – and I’d make the blue a little more bright and vibrant.

    • Chopping the cape is an iffy proposition to me. One of the main things that always bugged me about a lot of the visual interpretations over the years is artists making his cape too short in a very dorky way. I was very happy when they went longer for the film. You can imagine how my head came off when I watched the All-Star Superman animated film… great movie, terrible cape.

      • The cape is really a character all its own, really… The way it takes over the motion whenever he is standing and observing his surroundings. Iv’e always thought of that as a symbol in it’s own right: a symbol for durability.

      • I agree. Plus, I kind of like the idea of a shorter cape being kept for Shazam/Captain Marvel. I think it would fit him better.

  16. you would think he would have more important things to do than tinker with his suit…

    • He’s the costume designer. It’s his only job.

      • I think he was talking about superman.

      • Holy ch@t Superman is a costume designer? Explains a few things if you ask me.

  17. No No No!!! Please do not cut the cape. Having the longer cape makes the costume. The problem with the Donner suite other than the red underware was the cape was way too short. Love the long cape. I can see them lighten the suite somewhat and add the red where the belt would be. If they stay with the concept of every aspect of the suite has a purpose how can the really change it. It’s not like he has access to Kryptonian tech anymore or should I say Kryptonian El tech anymore. The command key was lost and I don’t believe there are anymore ships buried anywhere. Guess we will have to wait and see.

  18. How about Batman defeats him w/ Kryptonite and afterwards he gives superman new uniform that can block the Kryptonite effect? I don’t know. but one thing is for sure.. cannot wait for this movie!!!!

    • on that note,did anyone notice that the suit was changing its tone i.e getting brighter in one scene and darker in the other? maybe coz of the sun’s radiation perhaps?

      • semi-reflective material with many little surfaces that would reflect light differently based on angle of viewing.

      • It was done with a silver muscled undersuit with a Semi-translucent blue outer suit so it looks different in different light

  19. I agree the new 52 looks stupid, the collar makes him look like superboy instead of superman.

    • Or Superpriest.

  20. Bring back the tighty reddies.

  21. If they add a collar, it’ll be functional, an anti neck snapping feature. The suit was fine as is in MOS, as long as they don’t go overboard a small tweak is fine.

    • Superman: Add the collar.

      Seamstress: No, Superman.

      Superman: Add the collar!!

      Seamstress: It looks stupid.

      Superman: I don’t CARE if it looks stupid! Do I look like I care if it looks stupid?

      Seamstress: …

      Superman: …

      Seamstress: …..

      Superman: …..! >:-C

      Seamstress: No…

      Superman: THAT’S RIGHT! I DON’T! I snapped a man’s neck the other week. Snapped it in half! And it cracked in my arms and I felt it and it was gross. I don’t want that krap to happen to me. It’s nasty! Add the collar.

      Seamstress: Wait you think that a little collar’s going to..?

      Superman: >:-C

      Seamstress: Right away Superman…

      Superman: And where are my red undies?

  22. Eh. How many superhero costumes have ever not been tweaked from film to film? Christopher Reeve Superman, X-Men or Fantastic Four, maybe?

    I do like the MoS costume, other than the weird ‘belt’ that is not really there.

  23. As long as there are no nipples on the suits, Batman, Superman or otherwise….

  24. What’s the bet Ma Kent will sew a golden ‘S’ onto the cape? I think that would be a nice touch. Clark could be adding to his suit, becoming the hero “Superman” for Earth by wearing a costume rather than wearing Kryptonian under armour to fight other kryptonians, if you understand what I mean.

  25. As long as they trim back the chest hair this time it’s all good

  26. Jason Momoa as VANDAL SAVAGE!!!!!!!!!

  27. “Can we get some underwear over here?”

    • You shart your pants again?