‘Batman V. Superman’ Rumor: LexCorp Will Be a Young & Edgy Company

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Lex Luthor city Batman V. Superman Rumor: LexCorp Will Be a Young & Edgy Company

While filming on the recently subtitled Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is moving along nicely, rumors continue to swirl around the film about everything from who’ll be in it and who they’ll be playing to just what we can expect to see from the sequel that will eventually lead into a full-blown Justice League movie, also to be directed by Zack Snyder.

As one of the most anticipated films of 2016, the latest talk on Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice centers on Emily Blunt possibly playing Catwoman, while another rumor suggests that Detective Jim Gordon might make an appearance, as well. Meanwhile, fans have been going crazy in the last few months over the first looks of Ben Affleck as Batman, the Batmobile and Gal Gadot (sort of) as Wonder Woman.

And our next sneak peek may come sooner than we think. Batman News is reporting from a supposed source close to production that filming on Batman V. Superman is heading to LexCorp next week, a place being described as a young, edgy company a la Google. So basically, imagine a really cool modern style building with extensive amenities and employees that are smart and intimidating. Like, say, ones that might be found at the offices of Facebook?

Jesse Eisenberg in Now You See Me Batman V. Superman Rumor: LexCorp Will Be a Young & Edgy Company

If the above rumor is true, it makes sense now why Jesse Eisenberg, who starred as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, was chosen for the role of Lex Luthor. He already has that young evil genius thing down pat. And with the scenes at LexCorp to be shot on June 12th and 13th (with Eisenberg supposedly in attendance), we should know soon enough how Luthor will be played and most importantly whether or not he’ll be bald.

Also, if Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is going with a younger, more ambitious Lex Luthor, who it appears is still on the rise to power, then it’s possible that the character will continue on into the next film (or at least another entry down the line). As Warner Bros. hopes to replicate the success of Marvel’s cinematic universe, it’s only right that they try to establish a sense of continuity that will take their DC movies to that next level.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you happy with this vision of LexCorp and Lex Luthor as a tech mastermind rather than a powerful businessman? Or maybe he’ll be both? Let us know in the comments.


Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled for May 6th, 2016.

Source: Batman News

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  1. LexCorp can’t totally be a tech company because they had the LexCorp logo on trains and other industrial stuff. I’m sure LexCorp will have it’s fingers in almost every type of industry to make it convenient for all films (a la OsCorp, Stark Industries). I hope there’s a corporate espionage element between Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp, that would be somewhat interesting.

    • Exactly the point I was trying to make. As we’ve seen so far a Lexcorp oil taker was destroyed and cargo trucks for the mega corp were also seen about. How can Lexcorp be the youthful and edgy company when taking all of this “old money” into account? How could Zuckerberg… errr Luthor build up a software or social media app company and build it to the point he can buy into oil and other forms of manufacturing when it’s clear in the real world Zuckerberg the obvious inspiration isn’t that rich himself? There has to be a piece of exposition somewhere to explain this in order to fit in the cameos. The fans know what Lexcorp already is thanks in part to those visual snatches. To forget that or push it aside just to be hip and cool is a sour move and sabotages the continuity you’re trying to build with your everexpanding DC Cinematic Universe.

  2. I hope he is both, the tech genius and the power-hungry businessman i.e., and maybe a mad scientist too, not hoping for that though. Oh yeah, not a single hair on his head :)
    And I really, really hope they introduce kryptonite, coz I read somewhere that Snyder is not a fan of it, and has no plan to introduce it, though not introducing it would be kind of illogical, coz how else does Batman hope to outlast Superman, even with his 2nd power suit.

  3. Lex is a genius, not purely either a businessman or tech genius. Why would one even make such a preposterous statement. As it pertains to the movie/story, I certainly hope that he is both as that has always been for his case. The business part to supply him with wealth and notoriety, up to the presidency, and the tech is to abuse people :)

    I have zero faith in a much younger Lex in the same frame as Superman and Batman.

    • I would have compleat faith in a young Lex v. older Superman and even older Batman as genius knows no age. Look at Marius from Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire series, he still is a child, The General from Batman (a child military gnius)and Luke Rattigan from The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky from Doctor Who (Series 30)he looks like a teenage Tony Stark. Being a younger antagonist may throw off Clark and (initally) Bruce but I think it’s a cool new approach to a character who he himself has many iterations over the decades.

  4. Personally, I’m not somuch concerned with the casting as much as I am that they make Luthor a credible threat in this movie. None of the other big screen portrayals have ever done him justice and this is the chance to get it right.

    • I think stealing two missiles by outsmarting the US Military, plus incapacitating the Man of Steel with Kryptonite in the first Superman film made for a very credible threat. See past the campy angle and it’s there.

    • How would you make him a credible threat? He already is one because he’s a well known and possibly beloved public figure with a major global company beneath him and a genius intellect.

      Meaning that if Batman and Superman can get past his tech inventions (battle suit for example), he also has major influence so anyone threatening him will be seen as a threat and targeted by police and possibly military to stop these vigilantes from harming an influential business figure.

      Where’s the lack of credible threat there?

  5. I agree, this people at WB think they are reinventing the wheel. Everyone knows that Lex Luthor is not only hungry for power but knowledge. This guy might have the look of an evil nerd but he lacks the intimidating presence that Lex has. This guy will be just obnoxious!

    • I take it you assume that an “intimidating presence” means a 6’8 bodybuilder then? It’s not the height of a man but the level of violence within him. Think I quoted that right, may be a paraphrase.

  6. Young and edgy was a given with the casting announcement.

  7. Lex is always one step ahead so its going to be different to see. Jesse Eisenberg will have a lot to prove as I still don’t see him as Lex.

  8. So on top of being dark and gritty the movie will also be young and edgy. For the sake of the movie I hope it doesn’t try too hard to be eiher. Don’t get me wrong both can work very well but too much of it can make your movie a joke.

  9. The reeks of Geoff Johns and Earth 1. The version of Superman fits the demographic.

  10. Well, here we go. I hope this all works out in the end but so far I have my doubts. Like a friend said, this movie will either be great or fail because it’s a new interoperation of the comic source. I have a feeling we might get a film that will split half of its fans again in which half like the new approach and the other will feel it’s not the heroes/villians they grew up to love

  11. You mean it won’t be like it was in thousands of comics written by hundreds of writers over the past 75 years?! Boycott!

  12. Young and edgy?

    So they are going to be run of the mill like everyone else then?

    Too bad.

    Should be old and set in their ways and really be different for a change.

  13. Don’t just stand there…bring in Brainiac (and wouldja believe Bizarro? Hee-hee!).

  14. I hope that at the beginning of the film Lex has all his hair, and at the end with all the destruction it gets partially burned and so he decides to shave it all off

    • I like that…:) hope it all turns out that way….

  15. Yoooo what if Eisenberg is really playing Luthor II and his father is in prison or something and then Luthor II breaks him out and Luthor I retakes control of his company and declares war on Wayne enterprises and Superman causing Batman and Superman to combine forces and whoop Luthor I who escapes to make it to the solo Superman movies. Just wishful thinking lol.